The Only Good Thing About the BBC is They’re Bad Liars

The photo above is an obvious fake. I’m an untrained amateur, but the image is clearly a digitally modified composite using several layers (at least two or three) that have been sloppily merged.

It accompanied an article about Ukraine that was published yesterday by the BBC. The article itself is irrelevant; it’s just the usually boilerplate propaganda one expects from the MSM. What interests me is the photo.

The background is a shot of a sunlit field at midday during springtime. The foreground is probably composed of two distinct layers: the soldier shooting the grenade launcher next to a pile of dirt, and the pile of branches close to the camera. At least some of the fire and smoke associated with the firing of the weapon has been created digitally.

The soldier and the branches in the foreground were evidently photographed under a floodlight at night or during twilight. The pile of dirt beyond the soldier was outside the main glare of the floodlight, and was thus lit only by the blast from the grenade launcher — that is, backlit in orange and red.

It’s that last point that makes the image such an obvious fake: the pile of dirt does not share the same light source as the field beyond it. The technician who was assigned the job of creating the digital fake was either inept, careless, or untrained in the digital manipulation of images, or some combination of all three. It was a slipshod production, and Reuters and the BBC just let it slide on through.

But there is a fourth possibility: the composite image may have been created with deliberate incompetence, as an insult to the reader, as if to say: “We hold you in such contempt that we insult your intelligence by presenting you with this obvious fake. Deal with it.”

It brings to mind the well-known quote from Theodore Dalrymple:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

As I said, I’m an amateur when it comes to digital manipulation, but even I could do better than the Reuters snoid who made this image. It took me just a few minutes to adjust the light on the upper surfaces in the pile of dirt to make it more plausibly in agreement with the sunlit field beyond:

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Fear Itself

** UPDATE **

To clear up any misperceptions about what I wrote below: I mean no criticism of Western Rifle Shooters Association. Far from it. The site is a news aggregator, one of the best around. It doesn’t peddle fear porn, but it links to some people who do. As do I. We both think it’s important to link to all kinds of information, both alarming and reassuring.

My major beef is with sites that predict the occurrence of dire events within a specific time frame, then turn out to be wrong, and never have to account for their failure. Some sites that predicted hyperinflation no later than 2010 are still predicting it. It’s always going to happen within the next six months. When it eventually does happen, it won’t prove that they were right. You can wake up every morning and predict a major asteroid will strike the Earth tomorrow. Eventually there will come a day when a major asteroid does strike the Earth. But that won’t mean you were right.

And no, it’s not like a weather forecast. Weather forecasting is well understood to be an inexact science, subject to stochastic indeterminacy. Both the forecaster and the audience know that. But the doom-mongers who make specific predictions about dire events that will occur within a specific time frame make those predictions from a position of assumed inerrancy. And then, when they turn out to be wrong, they just move on to the next one, never revisiting their error or attempting to explain it.

On the other hand, I have no quarrel with writers who simply state what they think is most likely to occur. “I think X will probably occur, and here’s my reasoning. But it’s also possible that Y will happen; I just think it’s less likely, for these reasons.” And, if they’re wrong, they acknowledge it, and try to figure out where their logic went astray.

That’s the honest way to deal with the inherent stochastic nature of future events. But it doesn’t tend to generate as much eye-bulging fear in its audience, which makes it less profitable.

WRSA’s response is here.

A few weeks ago Vera, who is a long-time and regular commenter at Gates of Vienna, left this comment on the news feed:

I don’t know where to post this, WRSA now mostly posts stuff without discussions underneath, so I’ll post it here. They have been an amazing resource all these many months of madness. But lately, I am having a hard time following. They seem to have bought into the mainstream narrative of scaring the crap out of everybody, all the time. If there has been a day of late when some mushroom cloud did not feature, I haven’t noticed. And NC Renegade is the same. Endless stories of bloggers and others who have made a career out of screaming doom at all and sundry.

THIS is alternative media?!? If it bleeds, it leads? If it scares you, we’ll hit you over the head with it until kingdom come? I am revolted. MSM works hard to keep the panic going. Why are “our people” jumping on that bandwagon, have you asked yourselves?

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

I replied to her with this:

Yes, scaring people 24/7 seems to have become a major tactic used by the Empire. For that reason, I think it’s not a good idea to join in with all the hype about whatever the current doom might be.

Doom may indeed descend upon us. Who knows? But major alternative media sites have been predicting imminent doom since at least 2008, when hyperinflation and financial collapse were said to be imminent. They were all wrong back then by at least fifteen years. Why should we believe them now?

My advice: “Be patient and watch calmly.” Plus: “Keep Occam’s Razor close at hand.”

Since then I’ve thought a lot more about the issue.

For many years it’s been obvious that the populace is being professionally scared. By that I mean that the government, major corporations, and the media deliberately contrive to frighten the general public. Agents of the state act in collusion with private interests to gin up fear among the citizenry in order to serve their own purposes. It’s a well-established principle of authoritarian and totalitarian governance that frightened citizens are easier to control and manipulate.

In recent years we’ve been subjected to a barrage of fear porn on various topics, beginning with the “pandemic” in early 2020. The scary stuff is delivered serially, with each new frightening topic emerging in the media just as the previous panic begins to wane. First COVID, then when that started to fade, monkeypox. Then came the danger of nuclear war. And through it all was woven the perennial favorite, “climate change”, the fear of which is supposed to make us give up the internal combustion engine, live in “smart cities”, and eat the bugs.

The Powers That Be seem to be keeping their options open on various other scare stories, such as UFOs or new, improved pandemics. There’s obviously a need to hold a frightening new crisis in reserve, ready to be trotted out when needed.

There’s no denying that the legacy media are deliberately pounding their audience with fear porn, day after day. But Vera is right that the alternative media are doing the same thing, albeit with a different set of preferred scary topics. Hyperinflation, mandatory vaxing and/or chipping, transhumanism, and the abolition of cash are among the most popular frighteners. And the alt-media occasionally overlap the MSM on some fear-inducers, such as the possibility of nuclear war.

The media agents of fright, whether mainstream or alternative, rely on the short memories of their audience. I remember when the climate fright first got going, back in the early to mid 1970s. But before we were told to be scared about “global warming”, the fearmongers wanted us to lie awake nights worrying about a “new ice age”. They’re hoping we’ve forgotten all that, but the archival records are available for anyone who cares to look them up.

The PTB are also hoping we’ll forget the terrifying predictions which laughably failed to come true. The coming eco-dystopia in the 1980s, for instance — John Brunner was one of its most notable proponents in The Sheep Look Up — never materialized. Pollution didn’t kill all marine life in the 1990s. The world’s oil reserves weren’t exhausted before the year 2000. Lower Manhattan still isn’t underwater, thirty or forty years after the first alarming predictions were issued.

We’re not supposed to remember any of that stuff. And I’m pretty sure most people don’t remember it. But I do.

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Fountain of Youth

So many conspiracy theories have become facts over the past three years that I no longer rule anything out. My inner skeptic remains active, but I’m at least willing to mull over some of the more outrageous tinfoil-hat ideas that cross my desk.

The following report is about as fringe as they come, straight from QAnon Central. Nevertheless, I won’t rule it out. Everybody should read it, follow the links, research contextual material on the topic, and make up their own minds.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Uncut News:

Ex-drug dealer makes shocking statements about adrenochrome on French TV

The former drug dealer Gérard Fauré was invited onto the French TV show “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” on channel C8 to talk about drugs. On the show, the essayist made a shocking statement: He claimed that celebrities use adrenochrome to stay young.

Fauré supplied prominent French people, including celebrities and politicians, with drugs. In 2016 he began publishing controversial books about the secrets of the people who bought his drugs. These include sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, child abuse, child trafficking and murder.

A lunar moment yesterday in TPMP, when Gérard Fauré, former celebrity dealer, mentions that Celine Dion would sacrifice children by drinking their blood. He was quickly interrupted when he wanted to make revelations about Emmanuel Macron.

He also said several celebrities regularly use adrenochrome, citing Celine Dion as an example. Fauré claimed that her mysterious illness was due to excessive consumption of adrenochrome.

One of the guests asked him where the children used to make adrenochrome come from. Fauré replied that in France 58,000 children are kidnapped every year and only two-thirds of them are recovered.

He added that he testified in a case involving a woman who wanted to sell her daughter to an adrenochrome laboratory in Dijon. He called Yves Saint Laurent and others in the fashion world “pedo criminals”.

When Fauré started talking about French President Macron, he was cut off. After the show, he was attacked in the media. The French media regulator Arcom launched an investigation. Several government officials also spoke out in favor of not renewing the license of the television channel C8.

The broadcaster distanced itself from Fauré’s statements.

Afterword from the translator:

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Rumblings by Thor?

Since the horrific earthquake in Turkey and Syria earlier this month, there has been much discussion in the fever swamps of the Internet about the possibility that the temblor was artificially induced as a weapon directed at Turkey (or Syria).

The following brief article presents some of the visual evidence supposedly supporting that theory. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Uncut News:

A blue flash was seen in the sky before the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Social media users have posted images and videos of a blue flash that is said to have appeared in the sky near the Turkish-Syrian border on Monday night before the earthquake struck.

The images showed a blue glow as the ground shook. The phenomenon was observed for example by residents of the Syrian city of Latakia.

Hala Hassan of Damascus University’s Higher Institute of Seismic Research told radio station Sham FM that there is no explanation for the blue light, but that changes in the electric and magnetic fields in the atmosphere occur before an earthquake.


New severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have resulted in deaths and injuries. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the already hard-hit Hatay province. According to reports, buildings and bridges again collapsed in several cities.

After the severe earthquake of February 6, there were many thousands of aftershocks. Numerous aftershocks were also felt after Monday’s earthquake.

Afterword from the translator:

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Toxic Disaster in East Palestine

On February 3 a Norfolk Southern train derailed just outside of East Palestine, Ohio, close to the border with Pennsylvania and not far from Pittsburgh. Five of the derailed cars were carrying toxic chemicals, including vinyl chloride, some of which leaked and caught fire. A huge explosion was a distinct possibility, so residents within a mile’s radius were evacuated.

In order to forestall a potentially catastrophic explosion, emergency workers created a “controlled explosion” by deliberately draining toxic chemicals into a containment trench and then igniting them. The resulting massive fireball was alarming enough; Lord only knows what an “uncontrolled explosion” would have looked like. An enormous plume of black smoke could be seen for many miles, and was even visible from space.

Two days later, after the blaze had died down, residents were advised that it was safe to return home.

This kind of story is not normally in my remit here at Gates of Vienna. However, the horrific aftereffects of the explosion are not receiving much coverage in the mainstream media, and need to be propagated through other channels.

The toxic chemicals that were released combined with each other, creating a brew that included phosgene and hydrogen chloride, among others. The former can be used as a chemical weapon, and in fact was used for exactly that by the French army in World War One. When combined with water, the latter becomes hydrochloric acid.

Numerous other toxic chemicals were released; lists of them may be found in some of the sources below. They can cause neurological damage, and down the road may be expected to contribute to the development of cancers. They are said to have entered a tributary of the Ohio River, and are flowing in that direction.

Large numbers of fish have been turning belly-up in local streams, and authorities are collecting them for testing. Some people report that their pets have died suddenly. One woman said all her chickens died at once.

This could turn out to be the equivalent of the Bhopal disaster, or even Chernobyl, for the Eastern United States.

A final twist to the story: Norfolk Southern resisted and successfully lobbied against high-tech enhancements to their trains’ braking systems that might have prevented the derailment in East Palestine:

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Evil or Stupid?

Last week, in one of our Skype groups, a non-American participant said:

I’ve seen this quote: “The US has two parties: the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.” Is it any wonder the stupid party is losing a** over teacup over and over again?

I replied:

I understand the sentiment, but it’s worse than that. The Republicans are also evil, but pretend to be stupid. They don’t need to win elections to reach their goals; they just need the system that rewards and enriches them to remain in place and stable. They get just as rich when they’re the opposition.

They have to pretend that they hold conservative principles and want to win elections, but it’s all a charade. Any Republican who intends to move up in the hierarchy has to forget all that. In the end, it’s about money and power and perks and getting laid (whether hookers, rent boys, or little kids).

All the rest of it is pretense.

It’s very demoralizing to realize what’s going on. But once you start seeing this stuff, you can’t go back to not seeing it.

It took me a long time to reach this cynical position. I wanted to believe that the Republican Party presented a viable opposition, and for many years I resisted the nagging sense that the whole thing was a charade. Even after I came to loathe Republicans, I still clung to the forlorn hope that the party could somehow overcome its deficiencies and mount a real challenge to Democrat hegemony.

The presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 were the final nails in the coffin of that hope. I meant it when I responded to my liberal friends who referred to me as a Republican:

“I’m NOT a Republican — I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

But now I’m not even sure that the Democrats are worse. After all, they don’t try to hide their true nature. They no longer pretend not to be Marxists. They’re fully up-front about wanting to raise taxes and increase spending. They make no bones about their intention to control our lives in minutest detail. They proudly wave the banners of racial discrimination and sexual perversion. What you see is what you get.

Republicans, on the other hand, pretend that they are conservatives, when they are just as enmeshed with the globalists and the international financiers that are ushering in the New World Order. And they pretend they want to win elections, but ever since 2016 we’ve been able to see that they really don’t. Right now the Republican establishment is simply committed to making sure that Donald Trump does not win another election, no matter what it does to their party. As long as the current power-sharing system remains intact, and they keep their places at the trough, the party that holds power is irrelevant.

It’s plain that Donald Trump is seen as the greatest threat to the existing system, and must be stopped at all costs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So how do the recent midterms fit into all this?

First of all, it’s completely clear that the voting systems are now fully rigged. The Democrats control the process in major urban centers, and have developed multiple interlocked strategies for generating the votes they need to put their candidates over the top in all races they deem significant.

Earnest Republican commentators are having a hard time with the results. They aren’t yet ready to see what is right in front of their eyes, so they take the midterm results at face value. This forces them to conclude that their fellow Americans are ignorant, uninformed, and unfathomably stupid. Which is depressing, so now they’re depressed (I’m thinking in particular of the gentlemen at Power Line). For some reason they aren’t able to grasp the fact that the system is rigged.

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Fade Away and Radiate

Ever since early 2020 the dominant theme in popular culture has been: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

For the last few months we’ve been inundated with propaganda about nuclear war.

After the Corona craze had run its course, we had a brief interlude of monkeypox hysteria, but that never seemed to develop the momentum necessary for a full-blown panic. So now we’ve moved on to the Ukraine crisis, and the evil Vladimir Putin, as a source of doom-and-gloom media histrionics.

The nuclear war theme emerged fairly soon after Russia invaded Ukraine. There was a big push to paint Mr. Putin as threatening to use nukes, even though he never did any such thing. At the same time we started to see “what to do in the event of a nuclear attack” PSAs in various major American cities. And the mainstream media kept up their fear-mongering with various nuclear-themed reports — retrospectives on the Cuban Missile Crisis and other incidents of nuclear alarms during the Cold War, analyses of what a nuclear blast would do to this or that major city, how to deal with radiation poisoning, etc.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that a nuclear war is very unlikely, although I expect a “radiation incident” fairly soon, possibly even before the midterm elections.

The reason I say this is that the globalists of the New World Order, as exemplified by the World Economic Forum, are obviously not anticipating any nuclear attacks. They are ramping up their push for digital central bank currencies, social credit scores, 5G technology, the Internet of Things (and Bodies) and other long-term projects that involve intensive electronic infrastructure. That’s how we know they’re not planning for the grid to go down. They must have mapped out a way to keep enough juice flowing to at least keep the cell towers functioning, even during the horrific energy shortages that lie directly ahead.

Since the globalists, the media, and the top levels of the Western political apparatus are all in league with each other, we may assume that the nuclear war scare is in fact a feint.

I have a theory about the reason for it.

First they make sure the populace is terrified of a nuclear attack.

Then a “radiation incident” of some sort is arranged. Probably in Ukraine, via the false-flag use of a tactical nuke, perhaps, or an “accident” at one of the nuclear power plants, most likely the one in Zaporizhzhia.

As a result everybody in the West, especially in Europe, becomes frantic about radiation poisoning.

Then guess what happens?

Surprise! Pfizer and other pharmaceutical giants devise injections that mitigate the effects of radiation disease!

Rolled out at warp speed in just a few weeks. Administered by medical workers fitted out in radiation suits. Everybody is urged to show up at designated injection sites and get their “protective shots”.

They get everybody trembling in fear over the radiation, and then they provide the magical solution: yet more injections.

Compliance with the “booster” regime has fallen off to less than 25% in most countries, so something else is needed. A radiation incident is just the thing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The push for more injections has been intense and obvious since late 2020. The big question is: WHY?

The flu shot was never pushed anywhere near as hard as the series of mRNA jabs. I’ve never in my lifetime seen anything like the propaganda blitz that we’ve been subjected to on behalf of the experimental “vaccine”. Somebody really, really wants to see more needles in arms.

The evidence for the harmful effects of the mRNA treatments is now undeniable. They are especially contra-indicated for small children, and now the CDC has just given its imprimatur to a new regime that will, in effect, force parents to have their kids vaxed in order for them to attend public schools.

Somebody wants needles in arms VERY badly.

I think we can rule out the possibility that top-level health authorities are motivated by the medical well-being of their citizens. It’s fairly clear now that they’re pushing these injections despite the fact that they have been proven harmful.

After browsing various paranoid postings in the deplorable alternative media, I see three possible explanations for this demonic campaign:

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Pimpin’ for the New World Order

As a follow-up to “No Fear of Cyborgs!”, our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on the latest biometric banking technology being promoted in Hungary.

He includes this note:

The speed of introduction is amazing — judging by that, we are only years away from the CBDC. sponsored the dishonest advertisement in question, which is being sold as an article. It turns out that fintech is a sort of “Davos tech”. But then who sponsors That is the billion-digital-dollar question.

Pimpin’ for the New World Order

The Grinning Hookers of the Great Reset

by László

You will read below a brainwashing ad for biometric payments, camouflaged as an article, published by the Hungarian globalist mainstream media outlet Index. The format is that of a regular article, and unsuspecting readers are informed only at the end of the piece that they have actually read an ad.

So first you get duped by a dishonest ad, then you get hooked by the alleged convenience of the payment methods decades later, and you won’t have any idea why.

The article claims that in the future you will be able to pay with a smile. And if, I might add, you will eventually not be able to pay without a smile, then all dissatisfaction in the society will easily be eliminated, won’t it? This is how the dystopia of “you will own nothing and be happy” is taking shape.

“It may seem counterintuitive to expect security from sharing sensitive personal data, but our unique identifiers are the perfect way to prove our identity,” the central tenet of the article claims.

Sacred gaslighting! It is, of course, not “counterintuitive”: it is foolish and dangerous as hell. But, most importantly, it is the very way our liberty will be taken away from us.

The planned transformation of society is taking place in the minds of the populace, which are being hijacked in the manner Yuri Bezmenov described. In ten to fifteen years’ time such brainwashing pieces will long be forgotten, only the ‘mystery’ will remain: “why almost nobody resists the totalitarian new world order.”

Why, oh, why…

That’s why. That’s why the smilin’ hookers of the Great Fascist Reset will betray us all and steal our liberty. But it will not be their fault.

It is long-term subversion at work: the media pimping for the New World Order.

The translation of the propaganda of

In the future, you won’t need cash or a debit card to pay — a smile will be enough

We don’t even realise it, but we rely more and more on our unique physical features for our everyday purchases. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay have made wallets redundant for a lot of people. And the ability to validate payments with your fingerprint or facial image has played a huge role in this. So let’s take a closer look at what else the world of biometric payments has in store.

People’s payment habits have changed enormously over the last hundred years. Cash has been replaced by a range of debit cards, and online shopping and mobile payments have also gained momentum. But whatever method of payment we choose, we always need to have some way of proving that we initiated it. Biometric payment solutions are opening up new possibilities in this area.

Biometric payment solutions look at people’s unique physical and behavioural distinguishing characteristics. In fact, it’s more about identification than payment. That’s because services compare their existing databases with the biometric data they receive during the payment process and approve the transaction based on the match. The most commonly used biometric identifiers are retina and iris, finger and palm prints, and facial images, and there are also behavioural identifiers such as gait, keystroke patterns and intonation.

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Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You

Our Hungarian correspondent László analyzes the use of the threat of nuclear war as psychological warfare within the West.

Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You

The Nuclear Threat is Naked

by László

The “nuclear psyop”, which I have written about in several instances on Gates of Vienna (here, here, here and here), is becoming more and more obvious, as the Daily Mirror tabloid mirrors the ludicrousness of the Corona psyop by writing about a Putin in bad health hiding in a bunker while talking to shamans about a tactical nuclear strike he would order (or something like that).

The absurdity of this sort of propaganda has become as apparent as it was during the height of the Corona hoax. “Putin did not even need his own children from his mistresses — a girl and a boy, whom no one is going to evacuate.”, claims the Mirror. The whole article is a laughingstock.

I do think that “They”, once again, underestimate the so-called (tabloid-reading) ‘simple people’ — the working masses — who often have a more grounded sense of reality than their highly-educated (indoctrinated / intellectually arrogant) peers.

This latest amazing fantasy in the Mirror comes after a lot of similar but less Babylon Bee-style, i.e. somewhat more serious-looking, propaganda in the recent days. Some examples:

OK, you are saying, but what would the purpose of such a nuclear psyop be? Well, I think it is “nudging” again — that is, mass-behaviour modification, in order to achieve herd humanity towards the New World Order. Another excuse for tyranny.

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What is it That We’re Not Supposed to Learn?

According to The Washington Times, President Biden said he’s “not sure” whether he’ll be visiting Highland Park, Illinois, the location of yesterday’s Independence Day parade massacre.

That tells us that there’s something about young Robert Crimo that the Powers That Be don’t want us to know. If he were a neo-Nazi, or an Islam critic, or a Trump supporter, they’d send Biden and his life-support entourage to the scene as fast as possible for major photo ops and sound bites.

My conclusion: There’s something about this kid we’re not supposed to find out. Maybe he’s trans, or Antifa, or a BLM supporter, or some combination of all three.

Another indication: try an image search on Google for “Robert Crimo III”, and you’ll find almost nothing. Try the same thing on DuckDuckGo, and there are plenty of pictures of the kid in all his dysphoric weirdness.

Google is actively suppressing images of him. There’s something about him they don’t want us to know.

The media reactions to the slaughter are suspiciously muted. There’s talk of gun control, but under the circumstances, not all that much.

This is definitely a case of the dog that didn’t bark in the night.

MissPiggy is on the job, digging for more information about Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III. If she finds anything of interest, I’ll let you know.

The Forbidden City

Chances are, anyone who is having the problem described below is unable to read this post.

I’ll explain what happened: Late Monday night I started to get reports on skype and by email that people were getting a “403” error when they tried to access Gates of Vienna. The actual text of the message varied, depending on the browser and operating system, but it would look something like this:

You don’t have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Since I am a technical dunce when it comes to website mechanics, I consulted with Vlad Tepes and Henrik Clausen about what was happening. They looked into it, and it seemed that a crucial setting on the site was disabled for some reason, and needed to be enabled. Henrik enabled it, and over the next 36 hours people reported back to me that they were once again able to access Gates of Vienna. So everything was fixed.

But only for about 36 hours. I started getting messages today from the same people, and also additional ones, that the same error message was popping up when they tried to visit this site. It’s only happening in Europe and Israel, as far as I know. I’m getting no emails from the USA, Canada, or Australia about the “403 Forbidden” message. Countries affected include the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, and Israel. And probably others that I’m forgetting. But not on this side of the Atlantic.

I consulted at length with the hosting service, and the setting that Henrik enabled was still enabled. They can’t recreate the problem, since they’re in the USA. So there’s nothing more they can do unless I can give them specific instructions about what needs to be changed.

Something is fishy here. One time could be just a random glitch, but twice? And all within less than 48 hours.

My paranoid intuition says that when whatever it was the major ISPs in Europe tried to do two days ago failed — that is, when Henrik enabled the setting. So they decided to try something else to accomplish the same purpose. I don’t believe this is a coincidental, accidental malfunction — I think it is deliberate.

But then, I’m paranoid.

So… If you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances that report this problem, please explain what I have posted here. And most of the significant content I post is also posted at Vlad’s place, so they can go over there to stay somewhat up-to-date.

I don’t think this is an issue in the USA because not many people are very interested in what’s going on in Europe. I don’t report on Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Barr, or any other facet of the impeachment circus. I leave that to the specialists, and that’s where all the American traffic tends to go.

But this blog has a wide readership in Europe. Or rather, had — I think my European traffic is probably significantly reduced by now.

Conspiracy Theories? We Have Them A-Plenty

Ever since J. Christian Adams, a career Department of Justice attorney, resigned in 2010 (during Obama’s first term) due to his own unwillingness to turn a blind eye to Eric Holder’s highly charged racialist program within the DOJ, I’ve been wondering when the corruption would be called to account. But it never happened. It never happens in the Democrat Deep State…unless, like Sidney Powell, you know where to look.

No, I didn’t know of her either, but I sure plan to follow what she has to say as this plotting is unloaded on a sickened American electorate. Can They manage to kill off the first capable president we’ve had in more than a generation??

This is a woman after Diana West’s own heart. Mine, too. She not only knows American jurisprudence, but she knows where (some of) the bodies are buried.

From her book page on Amazon from 2014 [five years in, and it’s still selling]:

Sidney Powell was an Assistant United States Attorney in three judicial districts under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties. She represented the United States in 350 criminal appeals and represented private parties in another 150, all resulting in more than 180 published decisions. She was the youngest Assistant U.S. Attorney when she began practicing. She is an elected member of the American Law Institute and the past president of the Bar Association for the Fifth Federal Circuit and the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice is a book she prayed she would never have to write. It’s written in the style of a legal thriller to be enjoyable and understandable to non-lawyers, but it is the true, behind-the-scenes insider perspective on major litigation during the last decade. If you think you know the truth about what happened to Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch, Enron, and former United States Senator Ted Stevens, think again. You won’t know the truth until you read LICENSED TO LIE. It tells a very human story that every informed citizen, lawyer, and judge should know. The foreword to the book is written by Judge Alex Kozinski, one of the most brilliant legal minds in the country. He is the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but he wrote the foreword in his personal capacity.

She also writes for the New York Observer…and her opinion pieces have received over 16,000 facebook posts, countless tweets, and other methods of “sharing.” […] They include 1. All the President’s Muses 2. Holder Protects Corrupt Prosecutors 3. War on Wall Street 4. Meet Emmet Sullivan (the IRS Judge who scheduled a hearing for July 10); 5. One Two Punch (IRS faces Two Federal Judges), and others. Her news articles and opinion pieces may be found here. These outstanding stories have been picked up multiple times by the Drudge Report, Investors Business Daily, Breitbart, Fox News, Greta Van Susternen, and countless other blogs and reporters. She is the only published authority on federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, former White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, and now Mueller team special prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, and others.

She has been featured on Fox News, the CATO INSTITUTE (broadcast on C-Span), NewsMax TV, and countless radio shows. She has spoken on the topic of prosecutorial misconduct for two federal judicial conferences and numerous bar associations. Her website is here.

This book has over nine hundred customer reviews, overwhelmingly five-star, and they have continued to accrue over the five years since the book came out.

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How Many Genders are Fluid?

Dr. Turley discusses where Trump is headed with queer theory. [Hint: to the trashcan where they keep busted ideologies]

This isn’t the first roll-back on the fluidity wave theory of genders; that happened in May. Back then, the website Buzzfeed ran with a scary headline, “The Trump Administration Just Rolled Back Rules That Protect Transgender Prisoners”. Here’s part of it:


The Bureau of Prisons now “will use biological sex” to make initial determinations in the type of housing transgender inmates are assigned, according to a notice posted Friday evening that modifies the previous policy.


The shift comes after four evangelical Christian women in a Texas prison sued in US District Court to challenge the Obama-era guidelines, and claimed sharing quarters with transgender women subjected them to dangerous conditions.

Their complaint alleged housing transgender women — whom it calls “men” — along with the general female population ”creates a situation that incessantly violates the privacy of female inmates; endangers the physical and mental health of the female Plaintiffs and others, including prison staff; [and] increases the potential for rape.”


Wel, duh. Only those who believe they’ll never go to prison would feel Obama’s policy was a good idea. The lemming Left can only ‘feel’, their ability to reason has long since atrophied.

The New York Times opinion piece (or was it labeled ‘news’ again?) only speaks about a “leaked memo”. It provides no text in the bumpf and no link to the original. That’s because they have an inside source who would be fired from the Permanent Bureaucracy for doing something illegal, and leaking memos to the press is illegal.

My opinion? To continue the metaphor, lock the two sexes into legal concrete and let the deeply frivolous go play with themselves. Especially the pitiable beta male who “married” another guy, the latter claiming his ‘gender’ is canine and has a whole schtick to go along with his delusion. Fido needs a psychiatrist – or a dad who tells him to grow up. So does his “husband”.