Sweden Democrats Are Losing Their Leper Status

Gates of Vienna has been in the SD’s corner for many years. It is heartening indeed to see them rise, both at home and in the EU Parliament. These people have paid in blood and tears for their slow but sure progress.

Maybe they ought to replace their flower with the image of a tortoise…I’ll see if the Baron has one to hand.

Surreal Soviet Judiciary in the U.K.

Here is Ezra Levant’s report from today’s events in Cambridgeshire’s court at Tommy’s Trial. What he experienced is disturbing in the extreme:

What chance do regular working-class Brits have when their tongues are cut out by their betters?

I pray Ezra makes it back to Canada in one piece and on time. Evidently, he scared those itty bitty policemen.

Never was I so glad to be an American.

Emmanuel Macron Intends to Stop Hate Crimes on the Internet

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron has recently taken measures to crack down on hate speech on social media. The French government now requires platforms such as Twitter to deliver offenders’ IP addresses to the police and the courts so they can be found and prosecuted, and remove the offending material tout de suite.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report from French TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Amy Mek Interviews Vlad Tepes About YouTube’s Jihad Against Him

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Vlad Tepes’ YouTube channel was abruptly shut down by Google.

He has other platforms, of course. The most recent one is BitTube. And his
BitChute channel has an archive of all his videos for the last couple of years, so nothing important has been lost.

But the YouTube channel had a huge number of subscribers, giving Vlad an enormous reach. Which, given the politically incorrect nature of his material, is probably why YouTube decided to take him down.

The following interview with Vlad by Amy Mek serves as an instructive sequel to Matt Bracken’s report on his latest Facebook suspension. This is the Brave New World that dissidents are forced to inhabit here in Techno-World.

NOTE: There are problems with the audio in this clip — Vlad’s voice is much quieter than Ms. Mek’s. I advise you to turn up the volume so you can hear Vlad properly, but be prepared to hear a much louder voice when Amy Mek speaks:

Learning to Love Big Brother

If you want to retain your posting privileges on Facebook, you’d better not link to any videos by Tommy Robinson. And don’t post any photos of him. Make sure you don’t like anything by him. And don’t even mention his name, except to tell all your “friends” that he’s a horrible racist and fascist and you hope he gets his face gnawed away by tapirs.

Matt Bracken didn’t follow that advice, and look what happened to him:

Here’s what Matt says about this latest installment of his Facebook ordeal:

On February 27, I posted the YouTube link to Tommy Robinson’s powerful new documentary “Panodrama” on Facebook. (If you have not seen it yet, I cannot recommend it highly enough.) Shortly after the video’s release, Tommy Robinson’s account was deleted by Facebook and Instagram. Tommy had already been banned from Twitter for his earlier thought crimes.

Taking their PC restrictions a major step further, Facebook is now banning or suspending anyone who posts supportive links or messages about banned thought-criminals.

In my case, this means I am now on my eighth 30-day suspension from Facebook in the past year and a half. I was already permanently banned from Twitter for posting an anti-burka meme that did not even mention any religion.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com. For his previous essays, see the Matthew Bracken Archives.

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Or so the Gruniad delightedly reports – but I’m not going to give them a link for their tediously predictable smear. This “far-right extremist, blah blah” has been silenced yet again by the vast extremist left-wing machine. So for those whose MSM tunnel vision leaves them unable to see reality, enh. Make yourselves comfortable in Plato’s Cave.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So TR has to build a workaround yet again. Do these monoliths-in-a-bubble think they rule everything? If they really were in charge, Hillary would be in the White House now.

Any predictions about the future are difficult at this point, but one thing is for sure: Tommy/Stephen won’t be silenced on this side of life’s curtain. He and Trump share some commonalities, including the ability to rise from the ashes again and again. A genetic Resurrection feature.

In addition to the demo yesterday (links from commenters are invited and welcome), Tommy has that three-part series on YouTube. I’m slowly making my way through it, still on Part One.

You can pick up Parts the Second and Third further down on the sidebar.

I’d wanted to get more background on this series, but when The Totalitarians struck, it seemed best to go with what I have in the queue.

Any Brits who can fill in the blanks, any who were at that demo (yesterday? Sunday?), please chime in.

Though Tommy is younger than we are, he’s had the same puncture points, the same epiphanies as we have. He mentions a few in the first section – 9/11 (I would include 7/7 in London which had a huge impact on me), the horror of Beslan, Lee Rigby, etc., ad nauseam.

One Tiny Little Glimpse Into the European Soul

Children of the DDR in the ’70s

The video and article below concern the daycare system that was used in the German Democratic Republic (DDR, commonly known as East Germany) until the fall of the Wall.

Note: When I was editing the text, I had a lot of trouble picking out a phrase (adjusted from the translation) to render the all-week overnight daycare that was standard practice in the DDR. The Germans have a phrase for it, but we don’t have an equivalent, as far as I know. So the phrase I coined — “weeklong daycare” — was simply the best expedient I could think of.

Nash Montana, who translated the material, includes this explanatory note about German TV programming:

German TV is keen on reenactments of dramatic scenes, so every scene in this video is reenacted. It’s not real, but just for dramatic effect.

On TV they re-enact entire court cases from family and criminal court. For instance, the “Judge Judy” equivalent on German TV has every case re-enacted — it’s really horrible, not just because of the bad acting but because it’s literally made for 3-year-old children. It’s the worst form of brainwashing I have ever seen, and it happens every day on German TV.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Deutschlandfunk Kultur, also translated by Nash:

The weeklong daycare center kids of the DDR

By Lotta Wieden

Many children in the DDR spent their childhood in weeklong daycare centers, often with far-reaching consequences for their adult life. Research that indicated the negative aspects for the development of these children was suppressed in the DDR. Today, the affected children and new research are working out the consequences.

Most of the children are between 40 and 60 years old now. How many were there really? We will never know. To this day there is very little information about this topic. But it is generally believed that in the DDR territory in the years between 1949 to 1989 hundreds of thousands of babies and small children were given to these centers to be taken care of.

The DDR in the ‘50s affirmed that the construction of the socialist society had begun. The six-day work week was the rule, for mothers too. Article 7 of the still-young Constitution said: “Men and women have equal rights. All laws and decisions which are against women’s equal rights are hereby suspended.” But equal rights were only for women, and only at their place of work. And the question of who was going to care for their children was one that hit single mothers especially hard.

Until 1965 the DDR functioned under the six-day work week rule, even for mothers

Research under pressure

Within five years, so the Constitution said, the DDR had to establish 160,000 kindergarten seats, 40,000 daycare seats, and 60,000 care seats for babies and toddlers. As a consequence, the number of weeklong care centers alone for babies and toddlers rose from 2,500 in the year 1950 to about 14,300 in the year 1955. Ten years later in 1965, Statistics show 37,900 for weeklong care centers for children under the age of three. And the entire massive expansion was accompanied by an equally massive daily propaganda machine. Until the mid-’60s these toddler weeklong care centers were propagandized as equal, if not the better alternative, to familial care.

The mid-’50s the East Berlin Humboldt University began with the first scientific examination into the development of care center children of the DDR. The leading doctor is Eva Schmidt-Kolmer who later became the director of the Institute for the Hygiene of Children and Youths in Berlin. She had documented the development of more than 1,700 children between the ages of zero and three. The random sample group had 440 weeklong care center kids in it. It was examined how well children could orient themselves and move about in a room, and how far their speech and vocabulary and their social skills were developed. The results of that examination revealed grave deficits among the weeklong care center kids in all of the tested subjects.

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Henryk Broder Speaks to the AfD in the Bundestag

Henryk Broder speaking at a Danish Free Press Society event in 2015 (photo © Steen)

Many thanks to JLH for translating the transcript of Henryk Broder’s speech published in Die Welt:

Address Given by Henryk Broder to The AfD

January 31, 2019

(On January 29, 2019, the AfD in the Bundestag had invited Broder to speak. He accepted the invitation “despite the misgivings of my attorney and my wife.”)

The Speech:

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for inviting me. I have been to the Bundestag often before, most recently at the committee on petitions. But I have never given a speech to a party in the parliament. My first choice would have been the Greens. I would even have come by bicycle or rowboat. But the Greens have not yet reached the point where they would invite someone like me. For that, I would have had to start separating my trash, heating sparingly and using less water. I don’t do that.

I don’t even believe in climate change; there has not been a day in history when the climate didn’t change. Climate change is as new as the perpetual sequence of winter, spring, summer and fall. The only thing that is new is that the climate has become a fetish for the enlightened who believe neither in Jesus, Moses or Mohammed. The Brit, Gilbert Chesterton — creator of Father Brown — had it right when he said: “Since people no longer believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing; they believe in all imaginable nonsense.

The worldwide hype about a 16-year-old Swedish girl who considers herself the second coming of Joan of Arc has proven this again in recent days.

But that is just by the way, a warm-up. Back to the beginning. Just as I wonder why you invited me and not Richard David Precht[1], you are wondering why I accepted the invitation.

It’s quite simple. You wanted to see whether someone who can write as well as I can can speak as well — in the cave, or perhaps the hell[2] of the brown-spotted lion, the snake pit of Reaction, the darkroom of history. And besides, you wanted to know if I am really as congenial as I appear on television.

A number of you may never have seen a living Jew in his natural state, and are waiting to see if the room will be filled with the odor of garlic and sulfur.

I, on the other hand, like doing something I have never done before. Recently, for the first time, I was on a crusade — and I liked it. On my bucket list to accomplish before my 75th birthday are a visit to a swingers club, a journey to the center of the Earth and a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad with Florian Sibereisen[3] as my personal butler.

A visit with you was not on my bucket list. Nonetheless, I was happy to accept the invitation. When does a Jew have the opportunity to appear in a room full of Nazis, Neo-Nazis, crypto-Nazis and para-Nazis?

Besides, I am only doing what the federal president recently counseled. We should come together, become better acquainted, speak with one another, in order to strengthen the cohesion of this society.

That is exactly what I am doing. I am a bridge-builder, a conciliator. I advocate a diverse, open and tolerant society where no one is excluded. I do not judge the people around me on the basis of ethnicity, skin color or religion; rather — to put it plainly — whether they accept opinions other than their own. I am tolerant to the point of self-denial. There is just one group of human beings of whom I will not be tolerant — the intolerant, who appoint themselves as the measure of all things, and either deny me eternal life in paradise if I wish to follow them, or promise me a place in hell if I deny them.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the introduction. Now the main part.

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ESW Files an Appeal With the European Court of Human Rights in Islam

On January 22 lawyers for Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff filed an appeal of her “hate speech” conviction with the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights.

Before I go any further, I must remind readers that Elisabeth incurred enormous legal expenses to put together and file this appeal with the ECtHR. To contribute to Elisabeth’s legal defense fund:

Elisabeth’s seminar on Islam was infiltrated by a leftist journalist in October of 2009. A year later she was indicted in an Austrian court for her “hate speech” about Mohammed. She was eventually convicted, and appealed at various levels, until finally her conviction was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in October of last year.

In other words, the entire process has consumed a full decade of Elisabeth’s life.

So far.

To help new readers get an idea of what happened here’s a timeline of events:

January 2008   ESW began series of three-part seminars on ideology and effect of Islam, particularly in Europe. At first, attendance was about ten people per session. Later it increased to 35.
October 2009   Infiltration of leftist magazine journalist in two seminars.
November 2009   The story broke in NEWS magazine. ESW was reported to the authorities.
February 2010   Interview with Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.
April 2010   ESW submitted extensive written answers to questions from Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.
October 2010   ESW was informed via NEWS magazine of indictment and impending trial.
Nov. 23, 2010   First day of the trial. 2.5 hrs of intensive questioning by the judge
Jan. 18, 2011   Court reconvened, new charges of “Denigrating the teaching of a legally recognized religion” introduced by the case judge. No verdict; the trial was adjourned until February 15th.
Feb. 15, 2011   Verdict:
    On the original charge of “incitement to hatred”: Not guilty
    On the new charge of “denigration”: Guilty
Dec. 20, 2011   Verdict upheld by the appellate court, noting that her statements constituted “an excess of opinion” punishable under Austrian law.
Dec. 11, 2013   Verdict upheld by the Austrian supreme court, noting that Article 9 (freedom of religion) of the European Convention of Human Rights overrides Article 10 (freedom of expression)
Oct. 25, 2018   The European Court of Human Rights upheld the decision of the Austrian Supreme Court.

For a fuller account, see the ESW archives. But I must warn you: there’s a lot of material in those 123 posts.

The full text of ESW’s appeal to the ECtHR is available here in PDF format. In the text below, I’ve formatted the first 38 points for HTML. Those sections are the most interesting part of the document, but the rest is well worth reading. The appendices containing opinion pieces from major media outlets are particularly notable. Elisabeth has no support at the governmental level, but opinion writers — even liberal ones — are largely behind her.

Before you lay into all this in the comments: Yes, I’m aware that these proceedings are truly Orwellian in nature. I’m aware that the European legal structure is appallingly oppressive. And I’m very aware that Elisabeth would never have been put through a legal ordeal like this in the USA. It just wouldn’t have happened, not even under Obama.

However, European laws, and Austrian laws in particular, are what she is subject to. And that’s the framework within which her lawyers must craft their arguments.

The rest of this post consists of excerpts from the appeal document. The footnotes and footnote references are not included.

Note: The acronym ECtHR is used to refer to the European Court of Human Rights, while ECHR is reserved for the European Convention on Human Rights.

Also note: The title of this post contains a sardonic reference to the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. It is not the actual name of the ECtHR.

1. Facts

1   The applicant was convicted of publicly “denigrating a person who is an object of veneration”, namely “Muhammad” the Prophet of Islam, in a way likely to arouse justified indignation, in violation of Article 188 of the Austrian Criminal Code.
2   The contentious remarks were made during a series of lectures entitled “Basic Knowledge on Islam” at the Institute of Education of the political party “Bildungsinstitut Freiheitlichen der Partei Österreichs” (FPÖ, the Austrian Freedom Party), which had thirty participants.
3   The applicant was alleged in substance to have said that Mohammad had pedophile tendencies (he “enjoyed doing it with children”) because he married a girl of six (Aisha) and consummated that marriage when she was nine – which is, according to the majority of traditional hadith sources, an accepted fact.
4   The applicant had not been advocating violence, hate or discrimination against Muslims. Quite the contrary, the Courts acquitted her of the initial charge of Incitement to Hatred (Article 283 of the Austrian Criminal Code).
5   A criminal case was initiated by the Prosecutor of Vienna, following a complaint from a journalist.
6   The Regional Court of Vienna on 15 February 2011, distinguishing between child marriage and pedophilia, considered that the applicant intended to wrongfully accuse Muhammad of having pedophile tendencies, that her remarks were not factual but offensive value judgments, beyond permissible limits, made without the intention of approaching the topic objectively but to denigrate Muhammad. Sanctioning such remarks was considered “necessary” to protect the religious sensibilities of Muslims and “religious peace” in Austria. The applicant was ordered to pay 480 euros or serve sixty days in prison in default of payment.
7   The Court of Appeal of Vienna, on 20 December 2011, rejected the appeal of the applicant, saying her remarks showed her intention to denigrate and ridicule Muslims unnecessarily, exceeding, according to the Court, the permissible limits of freedom of expression regarding religious belief or a person who is an object of worship.
8   The Supreme Court, on 11 December 2013, upheld the judgment of the Court of Appeal. It held that the interference pursued the legitimate aim of ensuring the protection of religious peace and the religious feelings of others. It concluded that in this case the remarks were not intended to help open a serious debate, but simply to defame Muhammad and portray him as unworthy of worship. A criminal conviction was therefore considered necessary in a democratic society within the meaning of Article 10 of the Convention.
9   By judgment of 25 October 2018, no. 38450/12, the Fifth Section of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) held that the applicant’s complaint was admissible, but that there was no violation of Article 10 ECHR.

2. Legislation concerned

2.1 Article 10 ECHR

10   Freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and one of the basic conditions for its progress and for each individual’s self- fulfilment. Subject to § 2 of Article 10 ECHR, it is applicable not only to “information” or “ideas” that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb. The ruling of 25 October 2018 constitutes an ideological straitjacket in that it proscribes the mention of factual occurrences. Yet the quest for and treatment of historical truth indisputably involve freedom of speech. Article 10 ECHR protects not only the substance of the ideas and information expressed but also the form in which they are conveyed. This freedom is subject to the exceptions set out in Article 10 § 2 ECHR, which must, however, be construed strictly.
11   According to the generally accepted jurisprudence of the ECtHR, people involved in public life can legitimately be the subject of more critical remarks. To this category of “public figures” belong also legal persons and communities such as religious communities.
12   The right to freedom of expression can however be restricted when it is necessary in the spirit of a democratic society.
13   This necessity requires an essential social demand for a restriction of this sort. The exceptions to article 10 section 2 ECHR are therefore to be interpreted very narrowly.

2.2 Article 9 ECHR

14   Article 9 ECHR protects the right of every person to practise his religion freely.
15   It is possible for two freedoms of the ECHR to clash. In such cases, the national authorities are obliged to carry out a particularly precise balancing of interests.

2.3 Balancing Article 10 ECHR and Article 9 ECHR

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The Wanton Slaughter of Free Speech in America

Long-time readers will remember Michael Hansen, a.k.a. “The Dane”, a Danish-American documentary maker who produced two ground-breaking movies, Killing Europe and Killing Canada. He was scheduled to show the latter film in Canada, but the venue cancelled the showing at the last minute. Ironically enough, he was then booked to speak in Ottawa about what happened to Killing Canada, and the implications for free speech, but that appearance was also cancelled at the last minute.

His experiences in Canada prompted him to examine the state of free speech in the USA. The result was a movie called Killing Free Speech. He showed an early version to local representatives of the border patrol officers’ union in San Diego, and they liked it so much that a screening was planned for the national organization in Washington DC. However, when word got out about what was happening, that showing was — you guessed it — cancelled.

Late last year Mr. Hansen released his final version of the movie. You’ll see quite a few familiar faces among those interviewed for the film — Bill Warner, Jim Hoft (of Gateway Pundit), and Diana West, among others. My favorite parts were his interviews with Antifa members and anarchists, and especially his trip to the southern border to talk to border patrol agents and see for himself the sorry state of our border security.

Here’s what he said about his movie in his press release:

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Michael Hansen.

I just put out a movie called “Killing Free Speech”. It’s about the Left’s attempt to control the narrative through an all-out assault on free speech. Its operatives range from Antifa in the streets to politicians in the upper echelons of the Democrat Party.

One consequence of this process manifests itself in what is happening at the border, and, more importantly, the false narrative being pushed by the Left about the border issue.

In my movie I accompany the border patrol on location and let the facts speak for themselves.

The border patrol union liked the movie so much that the San Diego chapter arranged a screening for its agents and those of other law enforcement agencies. They also wanted to set up additional screenings for local chapters of the border patrol union in Texas.

However, after the media heard about the event, these were the headlines…

Now as to their claims of white nationalist… I’m not sure if they are referring to this guy this guy or that guy.

…It is completely fake news — in the articles they never actually identify who these alleged “white nationalists” are.

Other than proving the movie right about the fake news media, why did these “journalists” do it?

Because they wanted to shut down a movie that actually gives the border patrol a voice about the realities at the border.

Sadly enough, the media articles accomplished their intended purpose. The national border patrol was put under so much pressure that any additional screenings were taken off the table. Thus, for the time being, the media have been able to silence the border patrol.

Which brings us to the government shutdown and the border wall.

Why is the Democrat Party so dead set against the border wall that they are willing to shut down the government?

In my movie, border patrol agents demonstrate that a border wall will work.

Because of this, I have decided release my movie to the public for free viewing until we get the wall.

Now, making movies isn’t cheap, and I am not Michael Moore with millions of dollars of Soros funding. I did this all by myself, so please make a donation. Your contribution will allow me to make another movie for the 2020 election.

Thank you.

Given the current dire condition of political discourse in the USA, Michael Hansen has decided to make Killing Free Speech available for free viewing on YouTube. I highly recommend watching the entire documentary:

Mr. Hansen also wrote an article for Jihad Watch about the attempts to suppress his movie:

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The Lügenpresse Refuses to Acknowledge Murder by Culture-Enrichers

In the wee hours of last Saturday morning, three German teenagers were pushed onto the tracks of a station in Nuremberg, directly in front of an approaching train. Two of them were run over by the train and killed instantly. The alleged perpetrators of the act were two slightly older teenagers of non-German ethnicity.

Despite the fact that the killers’ actions were deliberate and intentional, the mainstream media obfuscated what happened, saying that “the boys fell onto the tracks after a scuffle.” The event was described as a “tragedy”, rather than an atrocity. And the murderers were referred to simply as “Germans”, because they were born in Germany.

In the following video, an author and former police inspector named Tim Kellner describes what actually happened. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from Politically Incorrect (also translated by Nash) goes into more detail about the cover-up by the Lügenpresse of what really happened in Nuremberg:

Nürnberg: A Turk and a Greek push three 16 year old Germans onto the rails — two are dead!

By MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER — This went through the social networks on the Internet last weekend like a wildfire: At the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion, three young boys from Franken were pushed onto the rails in the night of Friday to Saturday. Two of them were run over by the oncoming train and killed. Every citizen with enough common sense immediately asked themselves what specific cultural identity the offenders might have. The Relotious-infested mainstream media spoke deceitfully of “Germans”, in order to cloak a migration background. Further drivel about “accident” and “tragedy” was put out there: the three 16-year-old’s “fell” onto the rails.

But BILD on Monday morning uncovered the bone-hard truth: The murderers, or at least the manslaughterers, who pushed the three German guys onto the rails, were a Turk and a Greek who were merely born in Germany. The highly interesting article, from which the picture here on my article comes, is viewable on BILD with a monthly subscription of €3.99.

We want to know where these criminals come from who keep making our country less and less safe. Because most often they are Muslims, and that is not really a surprise when you know the ideological regularities of their “religion”. A Turk and a Greek don’t become automatically “German” just because they were born here. It’s exactly the same reason why a cow that is born in a horse barn doesn’t automatically become a horse. While we don’t want to compare people with animals, the principle is the same. A migrant only then becomes a real German when he internalizes our identity, our culture, and the values of our country.

The two victims, Luca and Frederic, were two real Germans. They came from Heroldsberg, which is eleven kilometers northeast of Nürnberg, and they were very popular in their hometown. Last Friday night the two high school students were visiting the Nürnberg dance club “Nightlife”, and around midnight they wanted to ride home on the train. At the train station, after meeting a third friend, they got into an argument with the Turk and the Greek. According to the police, the fight started for a ridiculously inane reason, which led to a highly aggressive reaction by the two offenders.

Bio-Germans do not normally react like this. It is much more the explosive mentality of Orientals, frequently and distortingly called “southern”, which is already amplified through their Islamic hatred against all non-believers, that leads to such extreme acts of violence. The Turk is with almost absolute certainty a Muslim. And since the Greek is his friend, he was either strongly influenced by his friends’ attitudes, or he was a Muslim himself as well. After all he could be a West Iraqi Turk, or he could be Albanian with Greek citizenship. 500 years of Ottoman Islamic colonial rule has even today left devastating tracks in Greece.

On December 20th, 2007, it was also a Turk (Serkan A.) and a Greek (Spyridon L.) who almost beat to death Bruno N., retired Director of the Hermann-Frieb School in Schwabing, at the Munich Arabellapark train station, simply because he indicated there was a no-smoking policy on the train. While beating him they called him “filthy German”. After their trial they smirked and showed everyone the middle finger. [Translator’s note: They were given 12- and 8-year sentences.]

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A Potpourri of Political Insanity

One of the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the staging of grotesque anti-MAGA theatrical productions on Broadway and in other urban enclaves of Progressives in the United States.

Based on the following article, a similar process is underway in Germany concerning the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). This is a review from the Swiss Daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung of an anti-AfD production that recently opened in Dresden. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Theater Against the AfD: At Them With a Roar

Premiere in the Dresden State Theater of “A Nasty Surprise.”
A grotesque aimed at the AfD. And unfortunately also at the audience.

by Daniel Haas
January 28, 2019

This piece is played with a megaphone. Although there is actually no megaphone. But that is the acoustic effect. Bellowing, ranting, wailing, all at maximum volume. The idea appears to be: When the circumstances are jarring, protest must be even more jarring.

Premiere of “A Nasty Surprise” at the Dresden State Theater. Full house. Tension. It is a grotesque aimed at the AfD and beyond, at the new rightists and the zeal of their identity politics. The director and PR team had reckoned with disruptions. It wouldn’t be the first time AfD followers disturbed a premiere.

But nothing happens. No uproar, no scandal. And you would have to say that interrupting shouts or other disturbances would have disappeared in the general tumult. “A Nasty Surprise” — staged by Volker Lösch — drowns itself out. Whatever there is of extreme political attitudes in Germany, “A Nasty Surprise” scrambles them into a potpourri of political insanity.

Höcke, Gauland, Poggenburg

Eight of those somehow left behind by history, the losers in the Wende, victims of Treuhand,[1] fans of conspiracy theories and concepts of ethnic/national renewal move the action. Together, they set sail in an iron steamboat. The ideational compass is the “bluebook”—a collection of quotations from rightist-nationalist popular songs.

Höcke, Gauland, Poggenburg. Anyone who has uttered scandalous opinions is given voice. “Political Correctness lies like a blight on the land,” is quoted from “Preacher Höcke”, and that is the salvation utopia for this traveling band. That you can escape the left-liberal mainstream if you hew closely enough to the commandments of radicalization.

At some point the thing gets out of hand. The veneer of German brotherhood develops cracks. The ship’s company dissolves into rich and poor. The sausage and sauerkraut diet weakens both body and soul. Paranoia spreads, driven by a cadre of informers. Ultimately, common cause is made with representatives of the Islamic State. Swinging their machetes, they have boarded the boat. After a skirmish, however, they prove to be ideologically compatible. The finale shows them all steering for a landing in the Saxon legislature among shouts of “Heil Allah.”

Saxony, like Thuringia and Brandenburg, is attuned for the elections. The legislative election takes place on the first of September. The latest polls predict that the SPD/CDU coalition will lose its majority. The AfD meanwhile is at 25%. The fear of a coalition of CDU and AfD expressed by democratic spirits at the State Theater is understandable, but ultimately senseless. A blue-black coalition is now off the table, since National Intelligence has made the AfD a surveillance test case.

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Keep Smiling

For those of you who have been snowed in without the Internet for the past week, the graphic above is a reference to Nick Sandmann. He is a student at Covington High School, a Catholic institution in Kentucky. He went on a school field trip to D.C. on January 18 to attend the March for Life. Afterwards, while waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for the bus to take them home, he and his classmates (some wearing MAGA hats) were accosted and mobbed by the Black Hebrew Israelites, plus a Central Casting Injun and faux Vietnam Vet named Nathan Phillips, a.k.a. Tom-Tom McCoot.

The incident would have faded into the mists of history if the mainstream media had not glommed onto it and used a carefully edited piece of video to promote the fake news story that Nick Sandmann had disrespected the Injun. The fact that full videos of the entire event were widely available meant that the fake story was quickly and thoroughly debunked by the alternative media. That didn’t matter to the MSM, of course — they had their story about the white-privileged WAYCIST Catholic boy, and they were sticking to it. The only thing that might have an effect on these snoids would be a major lawsuit — which is still a distinct possibility.

Now, a week later, a meme poster has surfaced using the iconic image of Nick Sandmann wearing his stoic smile. A post on VOAT (dated January 25) says:

Stand Your Ground posters go up TONIGHT while the news cycle is still hot. WHO’S IN?

The people putting up the posters have been referred to as “sandmen”, which seems apt. The ones taping them to the wall in the photo at WRSA are wearing face-coverings and gloves. That takes care of the facial recognition scanners and the fingerprints, but what about gait recognition? If the rumors are to be believed, the intelligence services can now identify a person simply by his manner of walking. If you’re planning on putting up these posters, I recommend devising an extension for one of your boots, making you walk with an oddball limp.

Keep smiling, boys!

The Death Rattle of Identity Politics?

UPDATE, edited.

There is a gofundme collection site to pay for protection for the kids who are being threatened, particularly Nicholas Sandmann. The amount of money raised to pay expenses for security will determine how long the boys will have protection. From the page:

…threats to Nick and his family are in the thousands to the point where Covington Catholic school disabled incoming calls and canceled school. This boy was a target and I am calling for Americans to help funding for his security and well-being.

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Dr. Turley thinks the attacks on Covington Catholic spells the end for identity politics. This is his most recent video on the subject of the Covington boys.

As I said in his comment section, he was right to point to 1984‘s felony, “facecrime”. That’s what the loony lefties, who often descend to 1984 dystopian levels, are claiming the boys committed.

However, the loons are sprouting ‘leaders’ like Occasional Cortex and Elizabeth 1/392% Native American Warren. They make Bernie Sanders look sane but their “popularity” numbers are YUUGE. Never misunderestimate stupidity.

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Here’s the Covington School’s choir singing a by-now classic anthem. At my request, her brother sang this at my daughter Shelagh’s funeral. It always moves me, no matter which verses are chosen.

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