Danish Days

Steen has posted an excellent selection of photos of Fjordman taken during the latter’s exile in Denmark.

Now that Fjordman has given permission for photos of him to be published, I dug through my image archives to see what I could find. I have a fair number of photos taken between 2007 and 2013, the last time I was in Europe. It fills me with a kind of nostalgic melancholy to look at them, since I know I’ll never see Denmark again, given that that I won’t be getting the “vaccination”. Even if I could somehow hop a catamaran to cross the Atlantic like Greta Thunberg, the Danish immigration authorities would still want to see my vaccine passport before they’d let me in.

A lot of the photos in my archive can’t be posted, because they contain other people who have yet to go public, and I don’t feel like trying to pixelate all of them out. However, I picked out a small selection to post here.

Steen took this photo of Fjordman and me in Copenhagen after one of our Counterjihad meetings in 2009:

Not all the photos are from Denmark. This one of Fjordman with Tommy Robinson was taken at an event in London in 2011:

Fjordman and Tommy Robinson, 2011

You can see Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in the left background.

As he mentioned in his post on Thursday, Fjordman spent some time in the USA in the spring of 2012 during the trial of Anders Behring Breivik. While he was here, he went to several wine tastings:

Fjordman at a wine tasting, 2012

In the process of digging through various folders, I came across a couple of screen shots of the letter that Anders Behring Breivik wrote and sent to major media outlets in the fall of 2013:

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The Wickedness of Wikipedia

Ten or fifteen years ago Wikipedia was a biased progressive outfit, but still in general a fairly reliable source of information. Despite their ideological preferences, its editors actually did try to be fair and objective much of the time.

Not any longer. Wikipedia, like most other major online resources, has abandoned any pretense of balance. If a topic has any current political relevance (and what doesn’t these days?), Wikipedia suppresses any information that doesn’t fit the Narrative.

Wikipedia’s co-founder caused a stir recently with his remarks about the unreliability of the resource he helped develop. Below is a Swedish take on Larry Sanger and the leftward march of Wikipedia.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Founder: “Do not trust Wikipedia”

July 18, 2021

Wikipedia’s left turn has now gone so far that no one should trust what is written in the digital encyclopedia. That’s what Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger says, reports the Daily Mail.

Larry Sanger — who co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 with Jimmy Wales — comes forward with harsh criticism in an interview with the site Unherd.

Last year Sanger caused a stir when he stated in a blog post that Wikipedia’s neutrality policy is now “dead” because the content on the site is so politically rigid.

Also on Swedish Wikipedia, there is a group of left-wing activists who angle the content of articles concerning political issues to the detriment of their opponents. Since right-wingers do not have the strength to create accounts on the site and oppose this, left-wing activists can continue with their behavior.

Larry Sanger tells Unherd that he no longer trusts the encyclopedia he once created himself.

Left-wing activists have distorted English-language Wikipedia to the point that many articles can now be considered pure propaganda, he states.

When asked if you can trust the encyclopedia, he answers: “You can trust that Wikipedia will give you a reliable establishment point of view on almost everything.”

Sanger takes as an example the way articles about left-wing politicians such as Joe Biden are cleaned up on critical issues, and the Republican perspective is notable in its absence. However, articles about politicians on the right like Donald Trump are full of criticism from a left-wing perspective.

The corruption scandal surrounding Joe Biden’s son Hunter can hardly be read about at all on Wikipedia, the founder further points out.

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July 22, Ten Years On

Ten years ago today Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people in Oslo and on the island of Utøya. Of all the Counterjihad activists who were impacted by the political blowback from the attacks, none was more affected than Fjordman. Below are his remarks on the occasion of the anniversary.

July 22, Ten Years On

by Fjordman

Sometimes life can be very strange. When I was eating lunch in my small basement flat in Oslo on July 22, 2011, I did not anticipate that in a few hours my country would be rocked by a brutal mass murder. And I certainly did not expect that these events would also turn every aspect of my own life upside down.

Suddenly and without warning, I was thrown into the epicenter of an international media storm. Less than two weeks later, I had evacuated my home and fled from Norway out of serious concerns for my safety. At this point, I was publicly accused of being a possible accomplice to mass murder, and the suggested brains behind an international terrorist network. If my life in the summer of 2011 had been the script for a film, it would have been rejected as being too improbable to happen in real life. Yet all of this did happen to me, plus a lot more. All because of the actions of a man I have never once met in my entire life, not even for a cup of coffee.

Ten years later, things have calmed down somewhat. I have managed to reestablish a reasonably stable personal life. However, this is a new life in a new country.

I quietly moved back to Norway in 2017, to see whether it was possible for me to have a normal life there again. The answer was no. Three and a half years of applying for jobs turned out to be futile. I got no job whatsoever, not even as an unskilled laborer in factories, butcheries or the fishing industry. I applied for such jobs, too, not just for work in offices or shops.

In early 2021, I therefore decided to leave Norway again, for the second time in less than ten years. It is unlikely that I will return in the foreseeable future for anything other than short visits.

A decade of smears following the July 22 attacks by Anders Behring Breivik has left its mark. Norwegian media still publish new articles suggesting that I inspired mass murder. New comments are still being published on social media claiming that I have the blood of children on my hands. Not every month, fortunately, but from time to time.

Being quoted in Breivik’s confused compendium/manifesto is by far the greatest curse of my life. Nothing else even comes close. But perhaps it is possible to be cursed and blessed at the same time. I was also blessed with being surrounded by kind people. Both old friends and new friends alike.

I was homeless for some time. Friends in Denmark referred to me, only half-jokingly, as a political refugee from Norway. My first temporary home was with my friend Steen Raaschou in Copenhagen. He was exceptionally patient, and allowed me to occupy his sofa for months at a time. I also stayed for a while with professor emeritus Bent Jensen and his lovely Russian wife Tatjana. In the spring of 2012 I spent several months in the USA, and never lacked a bed to sleep in. My friend Ned May from Gates of Vienna helped me with this arrangement*. Not all of those who helped me probably want to be named. But they know who they are, and they have my gratitude.

In 2011, I had a part-time job in Oslo, working with young people suffering from autism. After the massive and extremely negative media focus on me in July and August of 2011, it was impossible for me to keep doing this job. Frankly, it was probably dangerous for me to even stay in my old flat. So I suddenly no longer had a job or steady income at the same time as I had to spend money on lawyers.

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A Summer of Madness

Ten years ago I walked this street; my dreams were riding tall.
Tonight I would be thankful, Lord, for any dreams at all.

— Robert Hunter, from “Mission in the Rain”

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack in Norway. On July 22, 2011, a man named Anders Behring Breivik detonated a truck bomb in central Oslo next to government headquarters, killing eight people. While police and emergency services were dealing with the aftermath, Mr. Breivik drove to the island of Utøya, where a summer camp for Socialist Youth was being held. There he methodically shot and killed sixty-nine teenagers with a high-powered rifle. When police finally arrived at the island, he calmly surrendered.

Anders Behring Breivik was a neo-Nazi, but that fact did not emerge until several years later, when he wrote a letter to multiple media outlets and admitted that his declared affiliation with the Counterjihad movement had been a strategic misdirection, to spare his Aryan nationalist comrades from persecution. That part of his letter to the media was widely ignored, and was never publicly reported by any major outlet. To this day he is widely identified as an anti-Islam ideologue.

Before he committed his atrocities, Mr. Breivik had arranged the media distribution of his manifesto, or as he preferred to call it, “the compendium”. It was a lengthy, rambling treatise. It contained some of his own writing, but most of it consisted of extensive quotes from various English-language writers, the most prominent of which were Fjordman and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Those writers and others mentioned in the manifesto became the focus of a media frenzy beginning the following morning. Progressive pundits applied their usual pseudo-syllogism to the Utøya massacre:

1.   Breivik admired Fjordman.
2.   Breivik massacred innocent people.
3.   Therefore Fjordman was at least partially responsible for the atrocity. Q.E.D.

As I mentioned above, the Butcher of Utøya did not really look up to Fjordman; his admiration was a feint. So even the pseudo-syllogism was wrong. But none of that mattered; any information to the contrary was ignored by the left-wing media. Fjordman became an object of universal loathing. In Norway he was Public Enemy #1, in some ways eclipsing Breivik himself.

Up until that time Fjordman had only published his essays under a pseudonym. Beginning on the morning of July 23, the press and internet sleuths began an intensive effort to unmask him. It was only a matter of time before his real identity was uncovered, so after retaining counsel and making himself known to police, he outed himself via an interview with the tabloid VG. After that he fled the country and went into hiding.

And it’s a good thing he did: there were calls for him to be arrested and tried as Mr. Breivik’s accomplice, despite the fact that the two had never met, and Fjordman had never advocated violence in any form. But Norwegian public opinion did not bother itself with such trivial matters as facts and the truth. The slaughter on Utøya required a scapegoat, and Fjordman was chosen for the role.

He lived outside of Norway for a number of years, and only returned when the risk of arrest had diminished. However, he was unable to find work. Any prospective employer who was aware of who he was would refuse to hire him, and if he somehow found a job, even a menial one, he would be discharged as soon as his employer became aware of his identity. Now, ten years after the attack, he is living outside the country again, since he is unemployable in his homeland.

And, regardless of Mr. Breivik’s admission that his admiration for Fjordman was a ruse, Fjordman is still widely known as “Breivik’s mentor”.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I won’t go into the Breivik affair in great detail, since this is primarily a reminiscence about the effect the atrocity had on Gates of Vienna and the Counterjihad in general. To learn more, check out the archives for the period from July 22, 2011 to ca. November 2011. Or look up the relevant items in the Fjordman Files. The trial of Anders Behring Breivik sucked up a lot of our blogging oxygen in the spring of 2012; see Circus Breivik for a relevant sample.

Because Gates of Vienna was the main venue for Fjordman’s writings, and was mentioned repeatedly in the killer’s manifesto, this site was put under the media’s klieg lights beginning the day after the massacre. We were thrust into a prominence we had never seen before (or since). It was a hideous kind of fame that I would never have asked for — they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but my experience in the summer of 2011 makes me vehemently disagree.

In the first few weeks we received hundreds (maybe thousands) of emails. Some of them were simply requests for information, but they were mostly hate mail, sometimes in Norwegian and Swedish. Various media outlets wanted to contact Fjordman, and I dutifully passed the messages on to him, but he didn’t respond to any of them.

The number of comments at Gates of Vienna (which was still on blogspot at the time) rose into the hundreds for each post, many of them from obvious trolls and provocateurs employed by one or another state intelligence service. They soon became unmanageable, so we reluctantly closed the blog to comments for a couple of months. When we reactivated them, we made them subject to moderation, and they’ve been that way ever since. It’s frustrating and annoying for commenters to have to wait to see their contributions appear, but otherwise Dymphna and I would have been unable to cope with all the trolls and provocateurs.

By the beginning of the week following the attack, media outlets started contacting me. They somehow managed to obtain my phone number, and I received calls from newspapers in Norway and the UK. Needless to say, I declined to say anything to them.

During our fifteen minutes of lurid fame we were mentioned in The New York Times and The Washington Post, among other illustrious publications. The following report from the NYT told its readers that Anders Behring Breivik had commented on Gates of Vienna several times:

What they said was quite true. Fortunately, I had already been alerted to the fact by a European contact, who told me the pseudonym that had been used by Mr. Breivik, so I was able to track down all his comments. Some people urged me to delete them, but that’s not the way we do business here at Gates of Vienna. First of all, nothing ever disappears completely from the Internet; it can always be found in the Wayback Machine or other web archives. But more importantly, I don’t believe in hiding the truth, whether it makes me look bad or not. So I collected all of the Butcher’s comments and reposted them.

Other things published by major media outlets, particularly the British tabloids, were not as accurate. The Washington Post published my name and something about me that was completely, factually false. I sent them an email demanding that they retract and correct their error, but I knew that nothing would happen. All I could do was post about what they did and ridicule them. If I had been a famous movie actress or best-selling novelist who could afford to retain high-powered lawyers, I might have had more success. But the WaPo knows it has nothing to fear from minnows like me.

Other papers, especially the tabloids, published even more ludicrous falsehoods about Gates of Vienna — who we were associated with, where we got our funding, etc., etc. And they asserted various bogus things about other people in the Counterjihad whom I knew personally — so-and-so is funded by the Koch Brothers, or the Mossad, or whatever. Just absolute nonsense.

That summer taught me not to believe ANYTHING that I read in the media unless it is corroborated by multiple independent sources and has a breadcrumb trail that leads back to verifiable facts. Which doesn’t leave much. Reading media news reports has become a form of entertainment for me, like reading mystery novels or watching The Simpsons.

The general effect on the Counterjihad was catastrophic. A lot of sites, especially those in Europe, closed down for good. A number of Counterjihad activists I knew personally soiled their breeches and fled the field at the first whiff of grapeshot. I must admit that I became exasperated with them — I said, “You knew how serious this work was when you got into it. What did you think we were doing, playing tiddlywinks??”

However, in retrospect, I’ve had to acknowledge that they did what they had to do. Unlike me, most of them had day jobs. They stood to lose a lot if they were exposed. Some of them had families to support. I can’t judge them. They dropped out of sight, and I haven’t heard from them since.

A few people urged me to shut down Gates of Vienna. But my Scots blood comes to the fore at such times, and my natural response is defiance. I said, “F**K THAT S**T!” [emphasis in the original] and soldiered on. It was a rough time, and I didn’t get much sleep for the first couple of months. But we weathered the storm.

On the whole, however, it was a major setback from which the Counterjihad never fully recovered. The resistance to Islamization has never returned to the level of July 21, 2011. Freedom of speech has been eroded even further, and sharia is now de facto in force in much of the West.

Dymphna and I always thought that Anders Behring Breivik’s machinations had been guided and assisted by a certain three-letter agency with the assistance of Norwegian intelligence. His “compendium” was obviously in large part not his own work, and his selection of “mentors” was exquisitely chosen to do maximum damage to those who opposed Islamization, at the exact time when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the thick of collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood in what eventually became known as the “Istanbul Process”. Resistance to Islam was a thorn in her side, and Anders Behring Breivik helped remove it.

I don’t think mass slaughter was part of the plan, however — the Norwegians would never have co-operated with such an operation. I think the intention was to let Mr. Breivik put together his scheme, and then roll it up at the last moment before it was executed. There would have been a prominent arrest, followed by maximum media publicity for his manifesto.

However, just before the plans matured, Wikileaks released a damaging series of documents showing some of the things [agency name redacted] had been up to in Europe, which forced them to shut down their presence in the American embassy in Oslo and withdraw Mr. Breivik’s handlers. The Butcher of Utøya was then let off his leash, and the rest is history.

Whether mass slaughter was intended or not, the plan was a great success. The Counterjihad was hobbled, the spread of sharia proceeded apace, and the Obama administration became a servant of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Biden administration is, in effect, Obama’s third term.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Before I close these remarks, I’d like to address an appalling issue that has emerged surrounding the mass murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik. When it first came up it was very distressing, but I’ve had ten years to get used to it. Now it’s just something that I have to endure whenever the topic is broached on this site.

In those early days I was shocked by the number of people who supported Mr. Breivik and considered him a hero for what he did. And I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and Aryan supremacists, but more mainstream people who oppose mass immigration and hate socialism. Every time I post something about the Butcher of Utøya they pop up again and express their admiration for him.

I’m not going to tolerate such comments, and will delete them when they appear. You might as well spare yourself the effort. If you want, you can visit Storm Front and similar sites and make your remarks there, where you’ll get a sympathetic reception and find a lot of people who agree with you.

I’m familiar with the arguments that people make to justify their opinion: Mr. Breivik was targeting future socialists, who would otherwise have grown up and entered politics and invited even more of the Third World into Norway. But that’s a specious line of reasoning, in my opinion. The mass slaughter only hardened public opinion against those who oppose mass immigration, and made it even more difficult to restrain such immigration. Killing all those kids inspired no sympathy for the Aryan cause; it had the opposite effect.

But that’s just the practical, utilitarian argument against it.

Mr. Breivik’s strategy was a recapitulation of one of the major trends of the 20th century: the mass extermination of entire classes of people. For him it was Young Socialists. For Hitler it was Jews, gypsies, communists, homosexuals, and the feeble-minded. For Stalin it was counter-revolutionaries, “wreckers”, the bourgeoisie, kulaks, and Ukrainians. For Pol Pot it was the intellectuals. For the Hutus it was the Tutsis. For Muslims it was Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other infidels.

What all the architects of those atrocities have in common is that they considered it morally justifiable, and even laudable, to engage in the mass slaughter of people based on their membership in a particular class — a race, a social class, an occupation, a nationality, etc. Individuals meant nothing. Those who engineered the massacres were not required to determine whether their victims were guilty of any crimes, or even subscribed to a particular ideology. They were members of a class, and for that reason they deserved to die. Men, women, children, invalids, the elderly and enfeebled — all had to go.

That is a pernicious mindset, and I’ll have none of it. It was the bane of the 20th century, and we’ve no business extending it into the 21st.

I know the counter-arguments — we’re in a war, and war sometimes requires us to do horrible things, etc., etc. If we want to win, we have to grit our teeth and do what is necessary.

Well, if that’s what it takes to win, then I don’t want to win. I’ll go down to defeat rather than jump into that particular boxcar to hell.

Kurt Westergaard R.I.P.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from the Swedish alternative news site Samhällsnytt:

Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has died

by Almgren

The well-known Danish artist Kurt Westergaard has died at the age of 86. Westergaard became widely known when his illustration of the Muslim prophet Muhammad was published in Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

As a cartoonist at Jyllands-Posten, Kurt Westergaard became the embodiment of freedom of expression in Denmark, Berlingske writes in a obituary of the artist. His cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad created one of Denmark’s biggest foreign policy crises ever, Ekstra Bladet recalls.

Westergaard has described himself as “a culturally radical half-hippie who advocates peace, space for all and good coexistence.”

In addition to creating a foreign policy crisis, Westergaard’s drawing made him an object of hatred for Muslims around the world. According to information, a price of several million kronor was put on his head, the newspaper writes. He was soon forced to live under the constant protection of PET, the Danish security and intelligence service.

Attacked in his home

On January 1, 2010, a man with a Somali background broke into Westergaard’s home and attacked him with an ax and a knife. Westergaard escaped by locking himself in his bathroom, which the authorities refitted as a security room.

Police were quickly on the scene and shot the attacker in one leg and arm, after he also attacked them with his weapons. The man was sentenced to ten years in prison and then deported for life. Following the assassination attempt, Westergaard’s PET bodyguard protection was further expanded.

A couple of years later, a 29-year-old man was also arrested. This after making a bomb threat against Westergaard.

Westergaard was born in Døstrup in North Jutland. Before he started as a cartoonist at Jyllands-Posten in 1983, he had worked for several years as a teacher of German and a school inspector. At Jyllands-Posten, Westergaard continued to work as a subscriber until his retirement in 2010.

“I want to be remembered as someone who fought for freedom of speech. But there is no doubt that there are those who instead remember me as a Satan who insulted the religion of a billion people.”

Westergaard fell asleep in silence after a long illness. He leaves behind a wife, five children, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Och, Weep for the Puir Wee Bairns!

After the heartstrings of the Western world had been sufficiently tugged by the migration-loving media, the 572 “rescued” “refugees” from the Ocean Viking were finally allowed to land in Sicily.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Successful pity tour: Ocean Viking is allowed to unload 572 people looking for supplies in Italy

The pity tour (tension, exhaustion, heat, seasickness, psychological cases) of the Ocean Viking crew and the show à la Hollywood were worth it; the 572 guests on board can be unloaded in Italy. As Welt.de reports, the migrant ferry has already reached and docked the port of Augusta in Sicily. After the Corona tests, those looking for supplies are allowed to leave the ship, including 183 minors, of which 159 are children and adolescents unaccompanied by adults, and two severely physically disabled children as well as a pregnant woman.

Before the redeeming news of the allocation of a “safe haven” came, the tear glands were vigorously activated. Every hour the situation on board would worsen and the psychological cases would increase. A man even jumped overboard into the Mediterranean because he felt that he could no longer withstand the uncertainty. The food rations would also no longer be sufficient.

A video shows how desperate and exhausted some of the guests were on board; well, the impression can also be deceptive.

The following video from minute 0:31 shows the man who jumped into the water because of the uncertainty and was picked up again.

Happy Rebellion Day

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

I want to make sure to include as many “extremist” keywords as possible in this post so that it can be flagged as the work of a dangerous insurrectionist by the Department of Homeland Security.

What began on July 4, 1776 is commonly referred to as “The American Revolution”. However, it’s important to remember that our ancestors rose up in rebellion against the British Crown in order to reclaim their ancient liberties as Englishmen. It was an armed struggle against tyranny, and was considered a treasonous insurrection by King George III. If it had failed, the people we remember as our Founding Fathers would have been rounded up and hanged.

So let’s hear it for rebellion!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

VDare refers to the Fourth of July as “Juneteenth for white people”. I like that phrase — it has a certain ring to it.

I saw it this morning at WRSA, and later decided to include it in this post. When I consulted Google to search for the link, it was nowhere to be found.

So I switched to DuckDuckGo. I still couldn’t find it, but wow! What a difference in the result sets between the two search engines. The first two pages of the Google search showed me nothing but sycophantic celebration of the Juneteenth phenomenon, plus articles about systemic racism, the legacy of slavery, and etc blah yak. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, presented me with plenty of dissident points of view on the same topic.

Google has become completely overt in its censorship of political incorrectness. There is the Narrative, and only the Narrative — nothing else is allowed to appear.

George Orwell famously wrote: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” But now that our dystopian future has finally been realized, a more accurate vision of forever would be represented by the image at right.

Imagine being a white person in that future — forever.

Since Critical Race Theory is now the dominant ideology in the Permanent Government, the media, Hollywood, the academy, public education, and most major corporations, that’s what we white people have to look forward to. There is no place for whites in that future except to be ground into the dust, assuming they are allowed to survive at all. The ideologues of the new regime make no secret of their plans for us — they’ve told us that “whiteness must be exterminated.”

So why are white people putting up with all this malevolent nonsense?

I have no answer to that question. Some sort of collective madness is abroad in the land. Whether it will abate before whiteness is in fact exterminated has yet to be determined.

The Jihad to Join German Public TV?

The Socialists and the Greens in Hamburg want to bring Islamic zealots into the supervisory council for German public television. Bear in mind that this is hardly a marginal position: the Greens will almost certainly be part of the new government when Angela Merkel’s party (“The Union”, CDU/CSU) collapses after the next general election.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Resolution in Hamburg: SPD [Socialists] and Greens want to bring Islamists into NDR broadcasting council

by Björn Stritzel

You spread anti-Semitic and Islamist agitation — and now representatives of these associations are supposed to control the television program of the NDR [Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Northern German Broadcasting]?

The government parliamentary groups SPD and Greens have submitted an application to the Hamburg parliament calling for the “NDR Broadcasting Council to be geared even more closely to the diversity of society”. The application states that the city of Hamburg has already committed itself in contracts with the DITIB regional association Hamburg and the Shura to “work in negotiations on the state media contracts to ensure that these religious communities are represented accordingly on supervisory boards such as the NDR broadcasting council.”

The Broadcasting Council is the highest supervisory body of North German Broadcasting. Here, of all places, are Islamists supposed to move in?

Ditib, the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion [Turkish: Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı; German: Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion], is subordinate to the Turkish religious authority Diyanet. Their representatives repeatedly attract attention with anti-Semitic attacks: The Diyanet recently tweeted while Hamas terrorized Israeli civilians with rockets: “The baby killer Israel must be stopped as soon as possible.” The “Islamic Center Hamburg” (IZH) is also represented in the Shura, the “Council of Islamic Communities in Hamburg”. According to the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the IZH is an important institution of the Iranian mullah regime. “The position of the head of the IZH is traditionally occupied by a supporter of the Iranian state doctrine and the Islamic revolutionary goals. He is considered the representative of the revolutionary leader Khamenei in Europe.”

Mohammad Hadi Mofateh (55), the current head, is, according to the intelligence agencies, a “well-trained representative of the current regime in Tehran” who served in the terrorist revolutionary guards. While IZH officials used to support the anti-Semitic Quds March, which called for the destruction of Israel, it was canceled last year due to the corona situation. Instead, according to the Protection of the Constitution, a “Shiite extremist with close ties to the IZH” held an online event on Quds Day. The LfV Hamburg has been reporting on the IZH for three decades because of “the knowledge about efforts against the free democratic basic order”. And such Islamists should now control the broadcasting council of the NDR?

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From Pinkwashing to Blackout

Ten years or so ago, when I was covering the cultural enrichment news from Sweden, I learned about a strange practice that Swedish TV news engaged in to protect the privacy of suspects in incidents of violent crime: not only did they pixelate out the faces of the alleged perps, but they lightened the skin tone, to make it seem like the thugs were ordinary Swedes. And this was done when police were actually seeking help from witnesses in finding the suspects. It made no sense whatsoever; it was completely insane. But that’s Sweden for you.

The practice was known as “pinkwashing”, although since then the same word seems to have taken on a different meaning. Nowadays it refers to the practices of corporations and other large organizations that pander to LGBTQÖѾ people while not really doing anything substantive. I don’t know what Sweden’s beige-pixelation technique is called now.

Swedish media seem to have abandoned the practice, anyway, and moved on to a complete blackout on any information about the ethnicity of the perpetrators of violent crimes.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

How TV4 stopped the reporting on sex offenders’ ethnicity

Stockholm: Now Nyheter Idag can reveal that TV4 stopped a comprehensive report about sex crimes during the We Are Sthlm Festival 2016. Email correspondence between police and a TV4 reporter shows that young men with a foreign background were behind sex harassment against young girls. The TV4 boss who stopped the reportage refused to comment on the decision. “I’m not interested,” he said to Nyheter Idag and closed himself off in the basement of his residence.

In January 2016, Nyheter Idag revealed that the Dagens Nyheter newspaper covered up sexual abuse against young girls at the “We Are Sthlm” Festival, which took place six months earlier, in 2015. DN received verified, first-hand information that young girls in the audience were subjected to sex attacks, but chose not to publish the information.

The disclosure by Nyheter Idag on the cover-up of sex abuse was sensitive and prompted extensive debate, not the least of which was that some of the girls were as young as 12. DN’s decision not to report the sex abuse could be a consequence of the fact that many of the perpetrators were unaccompanied Afghans. That explanation was received by Nyheter Idag from the informant who first was in contact with DN.

In August 2016, the national economist Tino Sanandaji published an internal police report on his blog with information about the perpetrators’ background. Police authorities said that a “large problem group” was a youth gang of about 50 persons.

“These are so-called refugee youths, mostly from Afghanistan. Many of the gang were arrested for sexual molestation,” police authorities wrote.

TV4 reporter maps the ethnicity of the suspected sex offenders

After Sanandaji published the police report, TV4 began a survey of the 2016 festival, in which young girls continued to be subjected to the same type of sex abuse. The TV4 reporter Helena Gissén asked for information from police on the suspected perpetrators’ ethnicity. At first, it was slow. In an email dated 1 September 2016, she requested a reconsideration of a decision in which police blacked out information.

“We have received partially-blacked out copies of all crime reports connected to the 2016 We Are Sthlm Festival. We request a reconsideration of the decision to black out information regarding those suspected of sexual molestation in connection with the festival,” wrote Gissén to Carl-Gustav Wrangel of the police authorities.

“We particularly wish to get information as to interpreter and language needs, citizenship, and nation of birth,” continued Gissén.

In an email to police authorities on 23 September of the same year, Gissén also inquired about the birthdates of the suspects. She further requested, from the police investigation into the We Are Sthlm Festival the previous year, the same document that Tino Sanandaji published on his blog.

When Nyheter Idag spoke with the now-retired policeman Carl-Gustav Wrangel, he said that Gissén, “was quite anxious,” to get access to the ethnicity of the suspected perpetrators. He was then operating under confidentiality rules in the police and remembered the correspondence.

“That leaves a little bit in the air since people want to know if it was a foreigner or migrant, or if it was an asylum-seeker who was the perpetrator. Or if it was an ordinary Swede. That is what everyone wants to know. There I was quite clear in saying that I do not give out that type of information.”

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We Are Afraid!

As a counterpoint to my post from earlier today about Würzburg, the video below features a persistent geezer who keeps obtruding himself on camera behind a TV reporter who is in the midst of uttering platitudes — “that the events not lead to division among people”, etc. — about last week’s jihad attack in Würzburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following description (also translated by MissPiggy) accompanies the video at Politically Incorrect:

During a live broadcast of the Tagesschau on Sunday, a citizen of Würzburg did not miss the opportunity to voice his protest against the conditions in his city and the appeasing reporting of the media — in this case the BR [Bayerische Rundfunk, Bavarian public TV] reporter Alexander von Ammon — in front of the Würzburg Cathedral, on the knife murders by the Somali.

“We are afraid, we are afraid,” the elderly gentleman shouts again and again in front of the running camera and does not let himself be stopped even by passersby who act as law enforcement and want to push him out of the picture. Even though the older gentleman comes across as a bit crotchety, he says forthrightly what many are thinking. Every week about 50 knife attacks are recorded, but they get no attention from the mainstream.

Not every knife attack ends fatally; often it is “only” a threat. And yet this should be enough to warrant that people’s fears be taken seriously. Würzburg has shown in a dramatic way: Anyone can become the victim of such an attack, and anyone without exception.

Video transcript:

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Prison Time for a TV Tax Refusenik

The following article concerns a German citizen named Georg Thiel, who is currently languishing in durance vile for the heinous crime of refusing to pay the state broadcasting fee. It’s the equivalent of the “licence fee” for BBC in the UK, except that the latter applies only to citizens who actually own televisions. In Germany you have to pay the broadcasting fee whether you watch television or not.

Mr. Thiel didn’t own a TV or a radio, and made the logical decision not to pay a fee for a service that he didn’t use. The functionaries of the German administrative state viewed Mr. Thiel’s refusal as an act of rebellion, possibly the equivalent of the crime of “domestic insurrection” as it is now understood here in the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America.

I couldn’t find any news articles in English about the case of Georg Thiel, but here’s one in German.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this opinion piece from Politically Incorrect:

Anyone who trusted the Führer still had to go to the gulag

by Wolfgang Prabel

On Thursday there was a disturbing entry in Die Welt: “Those who trust democracy do not need to go to prison.” It was about the GEZ [TV tax*] refuser Georg Thiel, who has been languishing in the dungeon for months because he does not watch television and does not see the need to pay for it.

Incidentally, the author of the entry shot an argumentative buck when he compared the GEZ with a tax in his entry. The broadcast contribution is not a tax, but a contribution in the financial constitutional sense, according to the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of July 18, 2018. This legal opinion is hair-splitting, but the Welt entry shows the argumentative confusion in Merkel’s power machine.

It is of course completely absurd to link trust in democracy to the consumption of forced television. Democracy is supposedly a twin of freedom. Two examples from the 20th century on the connection between trust and personal freedom:

Many of Stalin’s victims were devout Bolsheviks, but their trust in Papa Stalin was of no use. Even so, they were sent to the gulag to be worked to death and ended up as polar bear food. Even if a Jew had professed his loyalty to the Führer, it wouldn’t have done him any good. Trust in the prevailing ideology does not protect against dungeons, concentration camps and gulags.

Thiel wrote a letter to the only political party that “does something” for him. The AfD published his letter on social media on Thursday. “In the coming plenary we will give the other parliamentary groups the chance to commit to a modern broadcasting that does not take political prisoners,” commented AfD MP Sven W. Tritschler, who recently visited Thiel in prison. “We continue to fight for Georg Thiel and countless other citizens who no longer want to be ripped off by state radio.”

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The Strange Case of the Disappearing Flu

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I’d like to address the issue of epistemology as it concerns the Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2, a.k.a. COVID-19.

It has become clear over the past eighteen months that something fishy is going on with the COVID-19 hysteria. The current writhings of Dr. Fauci are only the latest in a series of indicators that something massive, dishonest, and baneful is being perpetrated by our political leaders and the permanent administrative apparatus of governments (commonly known as the Deep State). However, the details of what has been done, and the motivations for doing it, remain hidden from public view.

There are certain facts that we ordinary peons may become aware of, but most of our dissident analysis — which the media routinely label “misinformation” — must remain speculation. I read a lot of assertions about the machinations of the Powers That Be concerning the Wuhan Coronavirus, but a closer examination generally reveals that those assertions are not facts, but rather conjectures. Conscientious writers identify their speculations as such, and apply Occam’s Razor to the data at hand to describe why they believe their conjectures to be true. Others simply assert their speculations as fact — the coronavirus represents an attempt by the globalists to enslave the populace, or exterminate 95% of the human race, or bring the whole of the globe under the control of the Zionists, etc. Some of those things may be true, but none has been established as a verifiable fact, not as far as I can determine.

So what facts do we actually know about the origins and purpose of the worldwide Coronamadness?

The data I will present below are simple statistics, drawn from official sources at the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The manipulation of the data on recorded Corona deaths is a fact: there are enough well-attested instances of bogus, exaggerated, or misattributed instances of death from COVID-19 to establish as fact the inaccuracy of the death counts. Unfortunately, we don’t know the actual, verifiable statistics on such deaths; we can simply be certain that the official statistics have been artificially inflated. The real numbers may be 25%, or 50%, or even an order of magnitude lower than what is shown in government statistics. We just don’t know.

Some dissidents assert that COVID-19 does not actually exist, that the virus described as such is a hoax. I don’t find that assertion credible. There was a large spike in deaths caused by severe respiratory symptoms in March and April of last year. That spike is attested not just by government records, but by numerous anecdotal accounts and alternate sources of data compiled by people who are dissidents and do not subscribe to the Corona hype. Furthermore, there is a large body of writing by microbiologists, virologists, and other experts in the field — many of whom are also dissidents and do not follow the WHO line on the disease — who have studied the virus and analyzed its genetic structure. Therefore, I accept as a premise that the virus commonly known as COVID-19 exists, and that it has been responsible for an undetermined number of deaths.

However, I believe that the official response to Corona is by and large a hoax. This is true not just in the United States, but across the globe. My focus is USA-centric, but as far as I know the same deductions could be applied in all countries infected by what I call the Coronamadness. The populace has been misinformed and massively lied to by political leaders and administrators entrusted with protecting public health. One hopes that someday there will be a public accounting for this gross dereliction of duty, but I’m not holding my breath.

So we know we’ve been lied to, and the truth is something different, but we don’t know exactly what it is. There are, however, official statistical indicators that something distinctly hinky is going on.

I have been wrestling with the CDC’s own data (specifically those of the National Center for Health Statistics, NCHS). There is an intractable issue with the two different datasets I investigated, but I decided to go ahead and publish my analysis after full disclosure of what the issue is.

I wanted a dataset spanning the years 2018-2021 that listed deaths caused by influenza and those caused by COVID-19. Unfortunately, I was only able to find two separate tables, one for 2014-2019 and another preliminary one for 2020-2021. The former includes a column “Influenza and pneumonia (J10-J18)”, while the latter has two columns, one for “Pneumonia Deaths” and another for “Influenza Deaths”. I tried combining the two separate numbers for flu and pneumonia, but that produced a total that was so out of line with seasonal statistics for 2014-2019 that I assumed it was not the relevant figure. I decided to use “influenza and pneumonia” as my flu figures for 2018 and 2019, while using just “influenza” for 2020-2021. I realize that the former two years are therefore probably showing higher numbers than they should be — you can see a drop in the graph from December 2019 to January 2020 — but I can’t find an alternative that would reconcile them. Any reader who is adept enough at navigating the CDC website and finds a full, comprehensive dataset for 2018-2021 is encouraged to send me a link*, after which and I will redo my calculations and post a new graphic.

I imported each dataset (in CSV format) into a Microsoft Access database, filtered out the rows and columns I didn’t need, and combined the result into a single table. I copied a query built on that table into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (which has better chart-producing capabilities) to make the following graph. The total Corona deaths are (I assume) grossly overstated, so much so that I had to magnify the flu data eight times to make the two series of comparable magnitude, so that the seasonal variations would be clearly visible:

(Click to enlarge)

The dataset used to make the graph is included at the bottom of this post in text form.

What might we conclude from examining the two very different datasets represented by the blue and red lines in this graph?

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A Little Bird Told Me

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends his analysis of a news report on the long-awaited escape of the bird flu from the avian community.

New virus-psyop: China confirms first human case of H10N3 bird flu (The New York Post)

by László

I analyze this new and pretty obvious virus-psyop below.

“First human case” — You only name the first element of a sequence if you know that there will be more. So this naming is a psyop already. The word “case” is very suspicious: will it become also asymptomatic, like Covid “cases”?

“the risk of community transmission is low — health officials said Tuesday” — OK, but who asked? Why would you think it is not low? Why would you make it public other than to create fear? Also the word “community” is related to Communism — exactly what they are building in the West by curbing individual rights and freedoms for the sake of the “community”. If you do not take the jab you are already the enemy of the community i.e. communism. A psyop clue again…

The 41-year-old man, a resident of the eastern city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized April 28 after developing a fever and other symptoms, the National Health Commission said. — the implication here is that younger people are affected, unlike with Covid. “Fever” makes it look serious, and the “other symptoms” are mentioned but not detailed to engage our imagination in a way that will create fear. Gaslighting for scaremongering. The Bogeyman can do more than you can imagine… The best horror movies do not show many tangible details at the beginning, in order to ramp up fearful imagination. The mention of the National Health Commission aims to make it look official.

“He was diagnosed with the H10N3 strain of bird flu on May 28, but now is in stable condition and preparing to be discharged from the hospital.” — they are trying to tell us that: it is a serious fact because he has been “diagnosed”. It is flu so it can be as dangerous and contagious as the Corona. The word “stable condition” is normally used in very serious or life-threatening cases, often on the occasion of an accident or disaster; so they want to suggest that he had been indeed very sick — but it is an obvious lie because they never mention in the news that his condition had not been stable before in the first place. They also want to suggest that this new virus may be dangerous to us personally because he is in a hospital. And this new thing could overburden the hospitals even more than Covid.

It’s unclear how exactly he became infected with H10N3, but health officials said it was a case of “accidental cross-species transmission.” — it is clear that ‘unclear’ is a self-contradiction: they do not know how it happened but they know that it has been ‘cross-species transmission’… It is gaslighting because it leaves the game open for the ‘human-to-human transmission’ version and other horrible guesses; and it is very similar to the bat psyop.

“‘The risk of large-scale transmission is low,’ the commission said.” — the second reassurance about some improbable horror. They just want to brainwash us into the fear of “large scale human transmission”: the subliminal mind does not understand “NO”; therefore these sentences target the individual subconscious for fearmongering, and the collective mind for predictive programming. The subconscious mind will take transmission as a real threat, as it cannot handle the parameter (low). Usually, what the mind concentrates on, it subjectively blows it out of proportion — therefore in the people’s subsequent dreams the parameter will immediately be “high”; especially if one has believed the Corona-psyop in the first place.

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Being Green Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

The article below discusses the sleazy (and casual) corruption of the Green candidate for chancellor in Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube.

The translator notes:

A party that was founded by a pedophile and former Nazi has not changed one bit when it comes to self-enrichment.

The translated article:

Brandner: “Nothing with squeaky-clean woman — Baerbock ‘forgot’ to report income to the Bundestag”

The green candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock (the Goblin), has belatedly registered additional income from the years 2018 to 2020 with the Bundestag. That came to light today. These are allegedly special payments from the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party of between €17,500 and €37,000, which had been received but not declared. The exact amount is not known, as MPs are divided into different levels. Baerbock specifies level two special payments once (2018) and level three twice (2019, 2020).

Stephan Brandner, Deputy Federal Chairman of Alternative for Germany [AfD]:

“When the subject was raised in the Bundestag in March of this year, it suddenly occurred to Ms. Baerbock that she had completely forgotten to register her extremely generous special payments with the Bundestag. I’ll pretend I believe that… Apparently the candidate for chancellor got cold feet when the impacts on her questionable courses came closer and closer and it was foreseeable that the media would take a close look at her. However, how could it be otherwise, the media chorus remains: Baerbock is after all the darling of the standardized media. She is fond of believing that this is just another minor shortcoming, although there is a need for clarification. Of course, it can happen that you forget to report something to the President of the Bundestag. But amounts which would represent full annual incomes for ordinary citizens? That also shows how unworldly and detached the GREEN Crowd is.”