Thanks, Wokies!

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on the Eurovision song contest, the Hamas occupations on university campuses, and their political ramifications in the Netherlands.

Students at the University of Amsterdam, 2024

Thanks, wokies!

by H. Numan

Behind the dikes life goes on. The formation of a new cabinet proceeds, as expected, at a glacially slow pace. But I have to give my sincere thanks to our extreme left-wing wokies and terrorists in Gaza. Without them, the PVV party would be nowhere. Our elections followed the genocide on Israelis by Hamas. The reaction of the left-wing parties was what gave the PVV the edge: pure and unmitigated anti-Semitism. It’s very popular in left-wing circles to root for the underdog (unless that’s Israel), but most Dutch were honestly disgusted. It wasn’t the only reason why the PVV won by a landslide, but it sure played a major part in it.

Have they learned? Of course not! They never learn; they are socialists. Simple as that. Their motto is repeat, repeat and repeat. Anti-Semitism is again in vogue. Again, it used to be in vogue 90 years ago, also by socialists. The Left excels in finding morally questionable fashion trends, such as grooming infants, castrating boys and racism. Black lives matter? Nope. All lives matter. Say that in the University of Amsterdam, and you’ll get lynched.

Speaking of the extreme woke University of Amsterdam: they did their best to help the PVV gain many more votes on 6 June. That’s when we’ll vote for the European clown show, known as the European Parliament. Normally voter turnout is lower than for provincial elections. Most people (including me) prefer watching paint dry. It’s more fun, and actually accomplishes something. Do remember that the European Parliament has absolutely no powers whatsoever. None. The EU is controlled at a level higher, by the heads of government of the member countries. The Euro parliament is window dressing, nothing more.

This election would normally rather irrelevant, but this time it’s different. Thanks to the Hamas supporters at the University of Amsterdam! Last week they occupied a university campus, demanding (and getting!) a list of names of Jews, Israelis (other than Jews) and Israeli companies who work for and with the university. The dean, spineless as he is, gave it to them. The demonstrators were, of course, masked and dressed with Palestinian scarves. They didn’t stop there. They occupied the campus, and set up tents and barricades to enforce their demands.

It turned so vile that police had to act. Which is saying something, because the mayor of Amsterdam is Femke Halsema, an avowed Palestinian supporter and — let’s be honest here — an anti-Semite. The riot police were sent in with big shovels to dismantle the barricades in order to remove the demonstrators. It’s a well-known fact that Dutch police officers are polite, easygoing and have trauma bears (teddy bears for little children) in their cars. But when in riot gear, they don’t pussyfoot around. From what I’ve seen, they didn’t.

As you might expect, the general public resented the occupation, and everybody woke cheered it. It did not sit well with the electorate, either. The PVV wasn’t doing great in the polls for the Euro elections. PVV voters are simply not interested in it. Now, after the very vocal support for Hamas by our nation’s finest and future leaders, the PVV doesn’t have to worry about a thing. The polls completely turned around.

The left-wing parties took great care not to denounce their unruly followers. Frans Timmermans, leader of the PvdA-GL combo, did not denounce them, but indirectly supported the poor oppressed innocent people of Gaza who were persecuted to the point of genocide by bad evil capitalist Israel. Geert Wilders couldn’t ask for a better promo, even if a genie gave him three wishes. Most people are simply disgusted. This is close enough to the coming elections, so it will matter.

Wait for it; there’s more!

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Is Race a Social Construct?

Karl-Olov Arnstberg’s latest Sunday essay is below; many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for the translation.

The translator includes this prefatory note:

Karl-Olov Arnstberg, born in 1943, is a Swedish ethnologist (former professor of ethnology at Stockholm University), author and debater. He has written several well-known books, including Typically Swedish. Prof. Arnstberg is known as a debater and commentator on issues related to, among other things, political correctness, the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, cultural Marxism, and a critic of Sweden’s migration policy.

Prof. Arnstberg’s essays are posted at the blog Invandring och mörkläggning. A list of his previous translated pieces is at the bottom of this post.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Before I get to the translation, I’d like to offer a few remarks on the question of the biological basis of race.

The issue would not be so contentious if it weren’t for racial differences in intelligence. Discussing that aspect of the debate (without simply pre-emptively refuting it) is a career-ender for anyone in academia, the media, or politics.

It isn’t contentious that there are racial differences in, for example, athletic prowess. That’s because blacks are generally more accomplished in that area — not just in basketball and football, but also track and field and other athletic pursuits. And it’s also OK to find racial differences in, say, musical ability, because blacks are generally the ones with a better sense of rhythm. Not to mention better dancers.

But racial differences in intelligence? Uh-uh, better stay away from that. Otherwise you may never work in this town again.

More than fifty years ago, in (I think) 1972, I wrote a term paper on race and intelligence for a college course in physical anthropology. I drew on the work of Professor Arthur Jensen, who was in the process of being cancelled, even at that time. The Southern Poverty Law Center referred to him as the “father of modern academic racism”.

And for all I know, he really was a “racist”. But what difference does that make, if his data were good? If he didn’t falsify results, or leave out potentially contradictory information, and if his methodology was sound, then it doesn’t matter whether he considered non-white races to be inferior.

But Dr. Jensen got cast into the Outer Darkness, as have so many other people who have dared to point out what the data indicate about persistent, measurable difference in intelligence between racial groups that can be distinguished by genetic differences. In the fifty-two years since I wrote that paper, a huge mass of additional data has been accumulated, augmented by computer-assisted DNA analysis and other tools that allow researches to drill down into the differences among the races. Race-based differences in intelligence are now undeniable, but the entirety of polite society denies them, anyway, because the implications are simply too awful to contemplate.

I don’t have a job to get fired from or a career to be ended, so I can say what I want about these matters.

The general breakdown is this: Ashkenazi Jews are the most intelligent people on the planet. The Chinese and the Japanese are a few IQ points behind, followed by Northern Europeans and then Southern Europeans. After that come North Africans, Middle Easterners, and South Asians, and then American Indians. At the bottom are sub-Saharan Africans and Australian Aborigines.

These are statistical differences. They have nothing to do with differences among individuals. If Joe Biden and Thomas Sowell were ever to share a podium, we would see a brilliant man and a moron side by side. But it wouldn’t be the black man who was the imbecile.

There are geniuses and simpletons in every racial group. The differences lie in where the bell curve of IQ peaks for each group.

As a matter of interest, the curve for Europeans has longer tails — that is, Europeans have the greatest numbers of outliers when it comes to intelligence. There are more geniuses among whites, and also more idiots. The effect is also more pronounced among males than females — white men are more likely to be super-geniuses, and also infra-dolts.

If these differences in intelligence were ever to be generally accepted, it would simplify the making of public policy. Affirmative action would no longer be needed, and the relentless attack on merit-based employment practices could be abandoned. Every person could be educated and employed based on his or her demonstrated capabilities.

Unfortunately, that world is a remote dream. Human nature being what it is, I expect the current denial of reality to continue, and even get worse.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now for the translated essay by Prof. Arnstberg:

Is race a social construct?

by Karl-Olov Arnstberg
May 12, 2024

For as long as languages have existed, the peoples of the world have probably had words meaning ‘people who are different from us.’ It has been common to refer to one’s own tribe as humans and everyone else as non-humans. Some of the world’s oldest books, such as the Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ and the Indian Vedas, contain racial divisions. The term race entered the English language in the late 16th century and was originally used to refer to people with a common origin and culture. In Europe, it became popular to group races based on skin colour — white, black, yellow, brown and red.

In the 18th century, the naturalists Carl von Linné [Linnaeus] and Johann Blumenbach divided populations into races based on morphology, i.e. visible physical differences such as pigmentation, skin shape and skeletal type. By the mid-19th century, scientists had realised that the different races were not only morphologically different but also had different personalities and intellectual characteristics. These differences made it possible to create a hierarchy, with whites at the top and blacks at the bottom.

This racial theory coincided with the colonisation of the New World by Europeans. In both South and North America, the invaders displaced and in many cases exterminated the original peoples. In the New World, they imported black Africans and incorporated slavery into their social systems. The consequences were devastating even after slavery was abolished.

In anthropology, the early 20th century saw a scientific backlash, not only against the idea of a racial hierarchy, but against the very idea that races exist at all. Its most prominent spokesman was Franz Boas, a pioneering anthropologist and fierce opponent of what he condemned as ‘scientific racism’. One of his students, the British anthropologist Ashley Montagu, emotionally ratcheted up the rejection in his book Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race, first published in 1942. Since then, it has been translated into many languages and published in many editions. It states that ‘Race is the witchcraft of our time, demonology.’

As the American political scientist Charles Murray notes in his book Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class (2020), he thereby set the rhetorical tone for today’s academic orthodoxy.

In the 1970s and 1980s, scientists’ aversion to the concept of race was given new ammunition in the form of two claims, based on research:

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We’ll Always Have Malmö

An earlier and considerably smaller protest in Malmö

The Eurovision song contest is being held this week in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, which is one of the most Islamized cities in Europe. The participation of an Israeli contestant in the pageant has been inflammatory for those culture-enrichers, and not just the local ones from the Islamic ghetto in Rosengård — Muslim protesters have come from far and wide to decry the Zionist presence in Malmö, and they have been supplemented by native European Gutmenschen who also happen to be Jew-haters.

Thousands of protesters have been gathering outside the venue every day, prominent among them Greta Thunberg, who has metamorphosed from a chic climate waif into a chic keffiyeh gamine, and draws a lot of media attention in the scrum on the cobblestones.

Below are two articles about this week’s antics in Malmö, both translated by Gary Fouse. The first was published yesterday by Nya Dagbladet:

Tens of thousands expected to demonstrate against Israel in Malmö

Today, two pro-Palestinian demonstrations are being organized in Malmö against Israel’s participation in “Eurovision”, in which the organizers believe there will be about 25,000 participants. A bit later, there will also be a pro-Israel demonstration to “support” the Israeli artist Eden Golan, and on Malmö’s streets there will be heavily armed police from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

At 4pm, pro-Palestinian demonstrators will march from Stortorget [Grand Square] to Slottsparken [Palace Park], and organizers of “Stop Israel” report that about 25,000 participants are expected. An hour later, another similar demonstration is organized in the city district of Hyllie.

“We will act quickly, setting limits, and we have a low tolerance. On the other hand, we have a high tolerance for freedom of speech,” says Police Commander Petra Stenkula to TV4.

At 6pm, there will be a “counter-demonstration” held at Davidhallstorg [Davidhall Square], where the stated purpose is to support the Israeli artist Eden Golan, who is taking part in the evening’s semi-final. Heavily armed police from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are on-site, but report that as of this time they have not received any information that indicates there will be violence.

“There will be a lot of police seen in the city,” says the police spokesman Filip Annas to TT [news group].

Want to throw Israel out

It can be noted that hundreds of demonstrators are arriving in Malmö from Denmark in hired buses, and even more are expected to cross the sound by train.

“Our primary task is to see that the public gatherings are carried out without disturbances, and should there be disturbances, we naturally will deal with them,” explains Annas.

Pro-Palestinian voices, thus far without success, have long demanded that Eden Golan and Israel be thrown out of the music competition, referring to Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza and what is described as a genocide directed against the Palestinian population there.

The second report was published today by Samhällsnytt:

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The ‘Holy’ Connection

Our Israeli correspondent MC presents an overview of the current culture wars, which seem to be approaching their climax now in the Gaza Strip.

The ‘Holy’ Connection

by MC

It has become very obvious over the past few months that a new Nazism has taken hold. Worldwide.

Occult Nazism has always been more popular than Marxism, which is a top-down movement achieving power by revolution and the exclusion of dissidents. Nazism, however, is a bottom-up movement achieving power by a democratic vote (and maybe a little voter fraud on the side) but usually aligned with public opinion (suitably softened up by unceasing propaganda).

In the current climate, many Nazis don’t actually realize that they are Nazis. They do as Nazis do, say the things that Nazis say, and think they are warriors for ‘social justice’. Their ignorance of history is astounding.

In a democracy, once the vote is counted, the loser should retire into opposition whilst accepting the outcome as the will of the people. But if (when) that stops happening, there is no longer a democracy, and we slip into an ‘-ism’ of some sort.

We see this here in Israel where we have been betrayed by those who (at the behest of Brandon) want to topple the democratically elected Netanyahu government. We have IDF generals so distracted by politics that they failed to respond to reports that Hamas was planning something big on October 7th.

President Trump won in 2016, but the opposition claimed the election was not legitimate (yet provided no proof) and proceeded to harass the administration with tactics from the political gutter.

2020 was an obvious fraud, but the Constitutional safety net failed to work and America has its worst administration ever, making even President Carter look good in comparison.

In the UK the so called ‘Conservative’ party turned socialist years ago. Everyone is so frightened of being called a ‘racist’ that those who should be ensuring equality are blinded by skin colour bias. Having allowed Islam into the country, the pols are now too timid to deal with the fallout. Islam does not adapt; it only settles and colonises. Islam is not a “religion of Peace”; it is a particularly insipid form of religion-based socialism unafraid of using violence and terrorism to achieve its nefarious and deceitful aims.

Islam targets peaceful societies, identifies their weak points and uses any means to divide, colonise and settle. They are the ‘settlers’ colonising and inflicting their opinions (and authoritarian religion) on the surrounding indigenous peoples — or killing them, exactly as it says in the Koran.

So Islamic groups in UK are much more dangerous than, say, Mosley’s Union of British Fascists in the interwar period. Mainly because the government lacks the will to deal with it. They will happily lock up Tommy Robinson on trumped-up political charges, but will not deal with the real problem of the Islamic invasion and occupation.

The political fantasies of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are much like the Nazi fantasies of ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ (the national community of Aryans) and ‘Lebensraum’ (living space a.k.a. the invasion and occupation of Eastern Europe).

‘Socialism’ is state control of the economy, and DEI creeping into business is exactly that.

Even if obfuscated by SJWs claiming a moral high ground.

SJWs have discovered that if they slither through the moral sewer of ‘ends justifying the means’, they can sling their venom with impunity by inventing new political mountaintops of their own, and skin colour politics is their Annapurna. Their Everest is race-based Socialism (Nazism), but is always obscured in the clouds.

A ‘socialist’ is one who wants to control other people and force them to obey a set of ritual and religious-type laws as dictated by their own ‘socialist’ beliefs. Socialists believe in ‘socialism’ as a secular humanist-based religion, and also that the unbeliever is not fit to live in their society.

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Those Randy Germans Are at it Again!

The culture-enriching pool gropers are at it again in Germany. Only this time the lusty youths are being pinkwashed in the official propaganda, so that it looks like blond blue-eyed Hans and Heinz are the ones doing the groping, and their puir wee victims are little nappy-headed immigrant girls.

The image above is from the current propaganda campaign, while the two images below are from our earlier reporting in 2016. The conceit is the same — that putting up instructive posters will deter Ahmed from groping and raping little girls in the public baths — but now the depicted perps are those nasty Aryan boys.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Unser Mitteleuropa. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Dark-skinned victims of white grabbers! Campaign against sexual harassment in Cologne’s public baths.

A campaign against sexual harassment in Cologne’s public baths has just started. This can no longer be surpassed in terms of naïveté, stupidity and denial of reality.

“All children and young people have the right to feel comfortable in the swimming pool. With our joint campaign we would like to convey to them that getting help is not snitching or betrayal, but rather courageous!”

The creators of the latest Cologne swimming pool campaign against sexual harassment use these empty words to celebrate their work. The new Cologne network for the protection of children and young people from sexual harassment in swimming pools — including “Zartbitter (Bittersweet)” and the Cologne Child Protection Association — is “unique in Cologne in this form of cooperation” and makes “an exemplary contribution to this,” says the company to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

The only thing that is unique about this campaign: the naïveté, stupidity and denial of reality of the creators documented in it.

Noticeable: On the posters “Stop, groping forbidden” and “Pushing is not funny”, the girls, i.e. the victims, obviously have a migration background, have dark hair and obviously also darker skin. And naturally: The disgusting butt-grabber is of course a German organic potato with blonde hair and light skin. And even on the anti-push poster, it takes a blonde villain so that people even dare to put him alongside a dark-haired accomplice.

These posters describe the complete naïveté and obsessive political correctness with which German politicians and many others view the problem. A reality is depicted here that has not existed in German outdoor pools for a long time, comments the blogger Anabel Schunke on X.

Not the first attempt to combat sexual harassment in outdoor pools in this shamelessly relativizing stupidity. Eight years ago, full-blooded do-gooders came up with the insane idea that women should stick adhesive tattoos on their bodies to deter perpetrators. [The crime statistics have shown that this doesn’t work so well. As if anti-rape stickers will stop some guy from an Islamic country who has a “sexual emergency” while following his prophet’s command towards infidel females… yeah, right.]

And even five years ago it didn’t stop the Mohammeds and Abduls from declaring German outdoor swimming pools their personal hunting ground and infidel girls and women fair game.

Afterword from the translator:

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Say Their Names

The following video from France uses the culture-enriching stabbing death of a young man named Matisse as the jumping-off point for a list of other victims, identified by name, who have met their demise at the hands of immigrants and their descendants.

The listed names represent only a tiny fraction of native French people who have been killed by culture-enrichers. Mainstream media outlets do their best avoid reporting on murders committed by migrants, but those who read French can discover many of the incidents by monitoring local news outlets, which are more open in their reporting of such matters. (The same is true here in the USA, where news of the most horrific immigrant violence may be found on the websites of local TV stations.)

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Full-Blown Tyranny ca. 2030

Below is Paul Weston’s latest take on the degraded dystopia into which formerly Great Britain has deteriorated:

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: Steen.

The Play’s the Thing

Concerning the events of the last 24 hours: the Iranian attack on Israel resembles an extravagant theatrical production. Just look at all the media hoopla about an operation that didn’t kill or seriously injure anyone.

Iran was behind the Hamas attacks last October 7. It has also been behind the recent Hezbollah attacks on northern Israel, which have driven thousands of people from their homes. Those two operations (and many others) show that the Iranians can be very effective at harming Israel when they want to.

Conclusion: the mullahs didn’t really intend to do any serious damage to Israel last night.

I’m not sure what the motivation was for all the theatre, but I’m convinced it’s theatre. Mark Steyn has reached similar conclusions. And so has Sundance at Conservative Tree House. (That last link features some plausible speculation about what’s behind the scrim.)

Everything I say here is pure speculation. I’m no expert. I don’t know what’s going on. I just know there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Whenever I encounter indications of skullduggery, the first question I ask myself is: Cui bono? In this case, the answer is not at all obvious. There are, however, some data points that are worth examining.

According to The Jerusalem Post:

Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be “within certain limits.”

Turkey, which has denounced Israel for its campaign on Gaza, said earlier on Sunday that it did not want a further escalation of tensions in the region.

The Turkish source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken to both his US and Iranian counterparts in the past week to discuss the planned Iranian operation, adding Ankara had been made aware of possible developments.

So the USA gave the green light for Iran to attack Israel “within certain limits”. And what might those limits have been? Based on what eventuated last night, it seems that Iran was enjoined not to cause significant Israeli casualties or do serious damage to the infrastructure of the Jewish state.

Those are pretty hard terms for a jihad-based entity like the Islamic Republic of Iran. Why would the mullahs agree to such humiliating restrictions?

After all, the Israelis did severe damage to Iranian honor by attacking that building in Damascus and killing major Iranian assets. Iran was honor-bound to mount a decisive response against Israel. They needed something to that would make faithful Muslims take to the streets all over the world, shouting with joy and handing out candy. But they also knew that if they were effective in their actions, Israel might do them significant damage. The Jewish state is quite capable of doing grievous harm to Iran. Doing so might trigger World War Three, with mushroom clouds waiting just over the horizon, but Israel can certainly nobble Iran if the situation is dire enough to require it.

Knowing all this, the State Department made Iran an offer that would allow it to salvage its international honor without ushering in Armageddon. Presumably the panjandrums at State also had enough leverage to persuade the Israelis to go along with the dirty deal.

So that’s a possible explanation for what Iran got out of the deal. What did the USA and its British mini-me get?

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Culture-Enriching Knife Attack on a Little Girl in Wangen

A Syrian culture-enricher stabbed and seriously wounded a 4-year-old girl in the German town of Wangen. Because the perpetrator carried a Dutch passport, he is referred to as a “Dutchman” in many mainstream media accounts of the incident.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Syrian migrant stabs 4-year-old girl in supermarket

April 4, 2024

A foreigner stabs a little girl in broad daylight in tranquil Wangen. The 4-year-old had to undergo an emergency operation. Now further details about the attack have emerged.

Wangen. On Wednesday in Baden-Wuerttemberg, a 4-year-old girl was attacked and badly wounded by a Syrian migrant. According to what is now known, “the man suddenly attacked the 4-year-old girl and wounded her with a knife,” the police reported. The attack took place in Wangen in the district of Ravensburg.

A witness was able to disarm the attacker, who possesses a Dutch passport, and notify security forces. “The girl was immediately operated on and is now in stable condition,” the police state. According to initial findings by the investigators, there is no prior relationship between the child, who was with her mother, and the migrant.

Mayor shocked

The attacker was to be brought before a judge on Thursday. Whether the man was already known to police in Germany, a police spokeswoman, in response to an inquiry by Junge Freiheit, could not yet say.

Mayor Michael Lang was shocked. “That a child is suddenly attacked is something that shocks us all and leaves us unbelievably affected and dismayed.” The independent politician says that he knows the family of the victim. About 25,000 residents live in Wangen.

Jihad Attack at Antwerp Central Station

The video below is a follow-up to yesterday’s report about knife jihad in Antwerp. This clip seems pretty pointless to me, but I suppose it’s the best we can expect from the Belgian MSM.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The translated article is here.

Video transcript:

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Whose Face Will Be on the Trillion-Dollar Bill?

Some of the things that President Biden and the Democrat Party have been doing over the past few months are pretty bizarre, considering that this is an election year.

Hispanics and even blacks are shifting away from the Democrats. Young people — the parti-colored Zoomer TikTok generation — are increasingly drawn towards Donald Trump. The way things are going, there won’t be enough dump trucks available to haul in the “found” ballots required to put Joe Biden over the top on the night of November 5th. The Democrats are virtuosos at rigging elections, but even in the dystopian twilight of 21st-century America, elections can only be stolen at the margin. The race has to be at least somewhat close in order to pull off an effective steal.

The Democrat apparat seems utterly unconcerned with making sure the race is a tight one. One unpopular policy after another is being pushed — open borders, criminals released without bail, the promotion of sexual perversion, the war against the internal combustion engine, uniformed soldiers with pink hair mincing around in high heels…

And, to top it all off, there was the “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday. Don’t they even want to win the election?

Well, maybe they really don’t.

I’d been thinking along those lines for a while, and then last week I happened to read something similar at ZeroHedge, an essay saying that they’re going to let Trump win.

These are the key paragraphs:

Let Trump back in, and fight him on home turf — in the maze of the executive bureaucracy. Some of his backers have announced their intention to become politically competent in the event that he wins — but compared to the alternatives, that’s a very manageable risk.

More importantly: let Trump hold the bag for the all-but-guaranteed economic calamity of the next four years. The regime could skate for another decade if they succeed in pinning the collapse on a dangerous, erratic right-wing upstart. [emphasis added]

Everything I say here tonight is pure speculation. I’m not an expert on any of these matters, and especially not on financial issues. I’m just a reasonably well-informed layperson who reads a lot of information from diverse points of view.

It’s undeniable that the country is headed towards some form of fiscal calamity. As I mentioned last month, money-printing is being taken to new extremes:

I swore off making specific predictions after the previous great fiscal crisis in 2009, when my prognostications were so completely wrong. I never would have thought they could keep the racket going for another fifteen years, but here we are. The Powers That Be have managed to do a lot with derivatives and real estate bubbles.

But the debt graph can’t keep going up with a steadily increasing slope — it just can’t. Someday the pyramid scheme will come crashing down, and the chickens will come home to roost. Based on the current debt acceleration, it won’t be much longer. It might take a week; it might take a decade. But the chickens will be roosting relatively soon.

The thing is, the people who keep the Ponzi scheme afloat know exactly what’s coming. They know the money-printing tactic will eventually stop working. It’s a complex process, what with cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, derivatives, paper and digital “futures” of precious metals, and now the BRICS alternatives. Keeping those plates spinning must surely be a tricky business.

And the people in charge know that a collapse of the dollar will eventually come. In order enrich themselves fully, and assure themselves an unbroken hold on the levers of power, they will need to time the crisis carefully. At exactly the right moment they will topple the pillars supporting the dollar-based economy, after having thoroughly prepared the replacement system that will be built on the smoking ruins of the old one.

So which patsy will be nominally in charge when the house of cards comes tumbling down? Who will preside over the Great Collapse?

Whose face will be on the Zimbabwe-style trillion-dollar bill?

For a long time I thought Brandon was being set up as the fall guy. He was always obviously a disposable president, a non-re-electable senile geezer who could be pushed aside when he was no longer needed. The people who crafted his policies and wrote his speeches clearly didn’t try to make him more popular. I assumed that when the time was right, he would be gently eased out (and Kamala, too, although that part would be tricky), and a substitute such as Gavin Newsom or Big Mike installed to run in 2024, someone who was at least plausible enough that the election could be rigged on his behalf.

But it never happened. And the scripts that Brandon has been following have been so damaging to him that it’s obvious that his handlers don’t really want him to win re-election. It is intended that he go down in flames, taking the Democrat Party with him.

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Goodbye, Cruel World!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this essay from Politically Incorrect:

Is there a risk of German mass suicide after Putin’s victory?

by Wolfgang Hübner

Petra Gerster was a presenter on the Böhmermann channel on ZDF for many years. She has been retired since 2021 and is now approaching her 70th year, as blonde as ever. Since there is a strange view in Germany that talking dolls who present the news also understand something about world politics, Gerster, who comes from a CDU political family, was recently able to make the following statement at the “Sunday regulars’ table” on BR (Bavarian Broadcast) television: “Personally, I am more afraid that Putin will win the war than detonating the atomic bomb.”

The Bambi award winner has not only proven that she is always available for the increasing war preparation activities of her regular station. With these words she also highly recommended herself for membership in the “Putin Bäh!” association of Strack-Zimmermann, Hofreiter, Kiesewetter and Baerbock.

So there are still real tasks and challenges waiting for the older ZDF lady. And if the detonation of an atomic bomb by Vladimir near Gerster were to actually prevent all of this, it no longer presents a frightening prospect for her at her advanced age.

But what will Gerster do if Putin wins the war? What then will all of those do who placed such expensive bets on his defeat at taxpayer expense?

Will there then be desperate mass suicides again in Germany, like in those unfortunate weeks and months of Nazi Armageddon in the spring of 1945? Will we then be robbed of valuable members of our Western elite and somehow have to deal with the Moscow beast on our own? Frightening questions!

Afterword from the translator:

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Boy vs. Man

This is a little exercise in compare-and-contrast. A lot more could be said on the topic (two topics, actually), but we’ll start with this simple comparison.

First, French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron, who really, really seems to want a direct military confrontation with Russia. From Sky News:

Europe should prepare for war if it wants peace, French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

In an interview on French national television, Mr Macron said Vladimir Putin’s Russia was an adversary that would not stop in Ukraine if it defeated Kyiv’s troops.

“If Russia wins this war, Europe’s credibility will be reduced to zero,” Mr Macron said.

He added: “If war spread in Europe, Russia would be to blame.

“But if we decided to be weak, if we decided today that we would not respond, it would be choosing defeat already. And I don’t want that.”

He went on to say Europe’s security was “at stake in Ukraine”.

Mr Macron said it was important for Europe not to draw red lines, which would signal weakness to the Kremlin and encourage it to push on with its invasion of Ukraine.

But he refused to give detail on what a deployment to Ukraine might look like.

Mr Macron also reiterated his position on sending Western troops into Ukraine should not be ruled out but added that today’s situation did not require that.

“We’re not in that situation today,” he said, but added that “all these options are possible”.

Europe’s security is “at stake in Ukraine” only in the sense that interfering with what Russia considers its existential security issues is VERY bad for the security of the EU.

Time was, European political leaders (think: Bismarck) had a very well-developed sense of Realpolitik, of what was possible, and what might be accomplished within the constraints posed by the strengths and weaknesses of the competing great powers. But nothing remotely like that is in evidence today. Western leaders seem to fall all over themselves to strike a match next to the pool of gasoline that the Ukraine war represents.

There is a lot of speculation about why Mr. Macron is engaging in this flagrantly inflammatory rhetoric. One theory holds that he (and other EU leaders) are aware that the USA is about to cut its losses and bail on Ukraine, leaving the Europeans holding the bag. The collapse of the Ukrainian project will have devastating political consequences for the European Union, the full ramifications of which are not yet visible.

OK, that was the boy. Now consider one of the few adults on the European political scene.

The following report gives a representative account of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from the point of view of the Western establishment — specifically, the media component of the Deep State known as The Washington Post. For many years I have assiduously avoided reading the WaPo, but I suppressed my gag reflex long enough to read this article in order to get an idea of the Conventional Wisdom on Mr. Orbán.

Some excerpts:

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