After 2030 Comes 2060

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has long-range plans for his country, and its relationship with the EU, which may or may not align with those of the New World Order. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report.

After 2030 Comes 2060

by László

2060 — yes, you read that right.

The reason why I find the following article interesting is that Viktor Orbán seems to have proven to be a sort of insider in the NWO (a Young Global Leader). For example, one of his strategic goals listed below, “Continuous modernisation of the economy”, may or may not be a synonym for the technological introduction of Agenda 2030 in Hungary. The development of self-driving cars, “sustainability” and “smart cities” are all official government strategies. Whether these will be gradually forced on the population the way the globalist rulers want, or will be subverted by us Hungarians, is another question.

Also, his reference to China as a good example of doing “capitalism” is rather chilling for me — because once up and running, such a system will override the personal motives, however benevolent they may be, of those who launch it.

All in all, the “leaked” information puts a lot of things into perspective regarding the Hungarian national strategy and the destiny of Europe.

PM Orbán’s Predictions and Strategy till 2060

The governing party Fidesz held its annual informal meeting, for the 21st time, on the 10th of September, behind closed doors. Some of PM Orbán’s predictions and long-term strategies have leaked out, Index claims.

Excerpts from the article published by Index, entitled “Viktor Orbán’s Speech In Kötcse has Leaked Out”:

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Silenced in Slovenia

Back in 2020 I was interviewed by the Slovenian magazine Demokracija, which published the text online in the original English, and translated it into Slovenian for the print magazine. At that time the editor-in-chief of Demokracija was Jože Biščak, with whom I have corresponded occasionally since the time of the interview.

Mr. Biščak and a colleague have recently been convicted of “public incitement of hatred, violence or intolerance” for a satirical piece published in Demokracija. The were given suspended sentences of five months and six months in jail (a Slovenian-language account of the case may be read at the website of the state broadcaster RTV Slovenija).

The following article from Demokracija describes what happened to Jože Biščak and his colleague Aleksander Škorc:

No more freedom of speech in Slovenia! Former Demokracija magazine editor Biščak and external collaborator Škorc convicted for satirical writing!

by Peter Truden

The hearing in the Škorc commentary (gloss) case concluded at the Ljubljana District Court (Slovenia). The former editor-in-chief of Demokracija Jože Biščak and the former external collaborator of Demokracija, Aleksander Škorc, were sentenced to suspended sentences at first instance for satirical writing. The ruling is not yet final, as an appeal has been announced.

Aleksander Škorc’s December 2020 entry entitled Surpluses 5 was a gloss, a stinging and satirical note about how if the government can’t deal with illegal migration, God will. God will not stop at illegal migrants, but will deal with all the bad people on Earth, regardless of race. Judge Primož Štancar found this to be an affront to human dignity. In his opinion, it did not matter whether it was written in a satirical manner or not; a criminal offence had been committed under Article 297 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia.

Aleksander Škorc was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment suspended for a probationary period of two years, while Jože Biščak was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment suspended for a probationary period of two years. The fact that the former editor-in-chief Biščak received a higher sentence than the author of the gloss suggests that the trial itself was politically and ideologically motivated because of the satirical note. The main targets of the pogrom were the Demokracija magazine and the SDS party (co-owner of the magazine), which have a clear rejection of illegal migration, Jože Biščak wrote on Twitter.

Here [are excerpts from] the closing address by Jože Biščak:

Dear Mr. Judge, Prosecution, my lawyer Mr. Cerjak, Mr. Škorc.

In mid-December 2020, at the height of the media pogrom against Demokracija magazine, Mr Škorc and me, I wrote a commentary. ‘Grateful to God for what happened’ was the title. I wrote that I was grateful to God that I had seen and experienced what I would never have believed possible. Then came the denunciations. Then the police knocked on my front door. Then came the indictment. Then came the trial, which ends today.

I would like to express my astonishment at two things. The first is that it has really come to this. I honestly thought that the prosecution would not prosecute us. But I have already experienced such a minor pogrom before. Mr Branimir Štrukelj sued me civilly because I wrote in a comment that I would spray the trade unionists with bug spray. Of course, that was a metaphor, it was not meant in any way that I would take a really huge can of spray and go after Mr Štrukelj. Mr Škorc also played with words, which is a necessity for the column he was writing for (but not the rule, of course). And it was clear even then that it was a gloss, and it was clearly labelled as such. But it remained as it started. As I recall, Škorc’s writing was first published on the social network Twitter. And if I remember correctly, it was posted by one of the employees of RTV Slovenia. Certain parts were underlined in red, and this post then spread with lightning speed. Of course, nobody wrote in which section of the magazine it was published. This reminded me of a case in the US, when a website
reported that CNN presenters use a washing machine drum instead of a teleprompter. What followed was comical. A number of fact-checking websites have labelled the information as false. Even Facebook has come forward and threatened to block the website. They later apologised, saying that they should have known that the information was published by the satirical website BabylonBee. In my case, what happened was this: before I could explain that it was a gloss, that it was the fifth part of a whole, the campaign was already so big that it could no longer be stopped. It was a pogrom straight out of Saul Alinsky’s textbook.

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Sweden Turns to the Right?

Yesterday’s general election in Sweden was widely seen as a referendum on the unprecedented level of immigrant-based violence that has swept the country in the last few years. The migration-critical Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) were expected to make their best showing yet in the voting.

The new Muslim party “Nyans” seems to have siphoned off a significant number of votes from the Social Democrats. If the Right Block forms a government, it will be largely due to Nyans. The socialists have always taken the Muslim vote for granted, not seeming to realize that such arrangements are always temporary. As soon as Muslims form a large enough proportion of the population, they switch their vote to Allah.

The chart at the top of this post shows the preliminary results of the voting from sometime yesterday. I tried to find a more recent version, but was unable to track one down.

The parties shown in the chart are, from left to right:

  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet)
  • Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna)
  • Greens (Miljöpartiet)
  • Centre Party (Centerpartiet)
  • Liberals (Liberalerna)
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna)
  • Moderates (Moderaterna)
  • Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

As of 5:30 this morning (Swedish time), the Right Block (Liberals, Christian Democrats, Moderates, Sweden Democrats) had 175 mandates, and the Left Block (Left Party, Social Democrats, Greens, Centre Party) had 174 mandates.

Fredrik Reinfeldt: ‘I hate the Sweden Democrats’

So not only is the Right’s margin razor-thin, but the coalition will be headed by Moderaterna, the Moderates. Long-time readers will remember the way Moderaterna’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt relentlessly demonized the Sweden Democrats until he resigned in 2014, and even after that.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Sweden Democrats will be in the government for the first time, which is not a negligible result.

Some projections showed the Moderates as having more votes than Sverigedemokraterna, while others showed SD in the lead.

The final result will not be available until Wednesday (September 14).

Many thanks to LN for translating the material below. The first three translations are articles from Fria Tider:

The Sweden Democrats will be the big winner of the election

September 11, 2022

There will be a red-green election victory this year, according to SVT’s polling station survey. However, the margin is only 0.6 percent and the only clear winner is SD.

The Sweden Democrats got 20.5 percent in SVT’s poll, which is a sharp increase from the 17.5 percent election result in 2018.

The Moderates got 18.8 percent in SVT’s poll but only 16 percent in TV4’s poll from earlier in the day. In the TV4 poll, the Sweden Democrats received 21.3 percent support.

“It’s just surveys so far, but we are hopeful,” says Henrik Vinge, SD’s group leader in the Riksdag, to TV4.

At the same time, there are reports that not everyone has been able to vote and that polling stations have been closed under the noses of people who have been queuing. Foreign media write with concern about how the elections in Sweden were handled this time.

Here are the reports of tampering at the polling stations

On social media on Sunday, many have testified that there is tampering with ballots in polling stations around the country.

As usual, it is mainly the Sweden Democrats and other anti-immigration parties that are described as targets of the suspected cheating.

In a high-profile thread on Twitter, Bulletin reporter Isabelle Eriksson describes how not only SD’s but also several other parties’ ballot papers were missing when she went to vote:

Ballot papers from the re-migration party Alternative for Sweden were also reportedly hidden or turned inside out in some polling stations.

In previous elections, the ballot papers have been left completely open in the polling stations, so that everyone in the room could see which ballot papers were taken. After strong criticism from the European Commission, Sweden finally changed this and in today’s elections the ballot papers are screened. But in many polling stations, you have to carry your ballot papers from the sealed-off area to get an envelope, so that others can still see which ballot papers you have chosen.

Nyans party may have cost Social Democrats election victory

September 11, 2022

The immigrant party Nyans seems to have taken a very large number of the Social Democrats’ votes among immigrants in so-called vulnerable areas.

The pile for “other parties” has increased very sharply in the ghettos, according to the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections.

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The Philadelphia Address

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a European take on the notorious speech given by our Dear Leader in Philadelphia on September 1.

The Philadelphia address

by H. Numan

Normally I don’t write about American politics, but in this case I feel I have to. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Emperor Palpatine Biden deliver his speech. It’s definitely one for the history books. Not for its eloquence; that would be the Gettysburg Address. Not for its brevity. That honor goes to Roosevelt with his declaration of war on Japan. Certainly not for its literary qualities. Churchill holds that honor. No, it was the most divisive speech by any US president in history. An open invitation to please revolt, so we can finally arrest you all. A weird address full of contradictions.

What’s a semi-fascist? Someone who is almost a fascist? Or more like a semi-truck, a kind of super fascist? You tell me. Biden is rambling about the dangers of MAGA Republicans, but seconds later about their dwindling numbers. It can’t be both at the same time. On and on he rambled.

Then the backstage. This was not sleepy Joe going off teleprompter. It was carefully planned, organized and executed. Who was the director? Leni Riefenstahl? Nope, she is dead. Steven Spielberg? George Lucas? I doubt if those two would want to destroy their reputations for that. The chap who directed it was definitely a Star Wars fan. Only two things were missing: Lord Darth Biden didn’t wear a black cape with a hoodie, and the Imperial March wasn’t played.

Riefenstahl would certainly have liked the blood-red backdrop and the two security unit members supplied by the US Marine Corps. Security unit translates to Schutzstaffel in German. That was, I think, a first in US history. A president delivers an address with two marines prominently visible in the background. I have great respect for the USMC, but they should have declined or at least complained. They didn’t. That really hurts their reputation. I’m definitely not the only who finds this… ‘a bit unusual’.

Normally when Biden goes off-prompter, the White House hastens to rectify the damage. Not this time. Highly unusual, it was Biden himself who — sort of — retracted his words a bit, a couple of days later. No, he didn’t mean all Republicans. There are some good Republicans too. For him, that’ll be RINO or dead republicans, of course he didn’t say it out loud. When asked ‘what exactly is a semi-fascist’ his reply was: ‘you know’. Really weird, the White House supporting the president’s words while the president carefully backpedals.

Which brings me to the question: what exactly is Biden up to? Not much good, that’s for sure.

I’ve witnessed several coups here in Thailand. Twice much too close for comfort, to be honest. Those coups didn’t come from thin air. No general (or activist leader) ever got up, heard the birds chirping, and thought: what a great day for a coup! Far from it. It’s dangerous, can easily backfire and you never know for certain you have won. Until you have, of course.

Biden has a deadline to meet: 4 November. Vilifying 50% of the population mere weeks before the election isn’t going to help him. This kind of sowing discord needs to be spread for much longer to have any effect. It might be an act of desperation, but I really doubt that. It’s too carefully planned and orchestrated. I worry about what comes next.

So let’s focus first on what is going to happen after 4 November, as most people think it might. Biden’s party loses by a landslide. The House and Senate become Republican, with a substantial majority. Biden will be impeached as soon as the new members are sworn in. Together with him, most of his cabinet. Certainly the top of the FBI and the DOJ. Hunter Biden will almost certainly be arrested, unless he flees the country. Very likely the Clintons and a certain Mr. Hussein will have to explain a lot.

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Socialism is the Loser of History

Many thanks to LN for translating this essay by Karl-Olov Arnstberg from the Swedish blog Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle: Postmodernism and truth

September 4, 2022

Of the classic questions of philosophy is how we are able to know anything about existence and being (ontology).

Does reason provide an objective view of the world? In Plato’s cave analogy, a group of people sit chained in a cave, their faces turned towards the cave’s interior. Behind them is a wall, and behind the wall burns a fire. Between the wall and the fire walk people, holding up objects above the wall. The fire casts shadows on the cave walls, and these shadows are all the prisoners in the cave can see, and they spend their time trying to make sense of this blurred reflection of existence. Many people are also familiar with the French philosopher René Descartes’ short sentence Cogito ergo sum, which means “I think, therefore I exist”. Everything can be doubted, but not that one thinks. At least that we can know that we exist.

A century on, the Enlightenment’s answer to the question of what we can know about reality is to put our faith in reason. Our senses are what tell us about reality. Those usually placed in the display window are Voltaire, Diderot and the encyclopaedists of France, but I would rather highlight three English geniuses, because it is England that will be the cradle of industrialism and therefore of our modern age. The three names are Francis Bacon as an empiricist and scientist, Isaac Newton as a physicist and mathematician, and John Locke with his writings on empiricism, reason and liberal politics.

Soon there was a counter-movement that argued that reason was not at all sufficient to understand existence and the world. Reason does not provide answers to existential questions. What about belief in God, in traditional values such as duty, sacrifice and solidarity? Moreover, reason is irreducibly subjective. People are not at all in agreement about what their minds tell them about the world. Take the Indian sutra that has spread around the world as the Buddha’s parable.

A king has brought an elephant to his palace and asks the city’s blind men to examine it. As the men feel each part of the elephant, the king asks them, one by one, to describe what an elephant is. One man has felt the elephant’s head and describes it as a pot, another has felt its ear and describes it as a basket or a sieve. One has felt the tusks and describes a coulter, and another has felt the legs and talks about tree trunks. They have all experienced the elephant in different ways and cannot agree.

I will not stray further into the catacombs of pre-modern philosophy, but what I want to say is that the truth about our existence is and remains an unsolved problem. As John Ajvide Lindqvist writes in his new novel Reality: there is no way to prove that the world was not created five seconds ago and that everything we think we remember is a fabrication put into our heads by an alien entity. There is no way to know.

The 20th century is the century of reason, and the advances are amazing; liberal politics, democracy, free markets, scientific progress and technological innovation. But industrialism also builds a class society. It gets its counter-movement in the form of communism, which believed that the contradictions of capitalism would lead to revolution. Eventually, the exploited workers would have had enough. As we all know, that was not the case. In the First World War, the proletarians chose not Marx, Lenin and socialism but nationalism. The lesson for the communists was that revolution would not come by itself. The proletariat needed the support and guidance of an intellectual elite. Such an elite was built above all by the Frankfurt School.

The First World War also led to a different and revanchist movement. Today we see communism and national socialism as two extremes — one on the left, the other on the right. Moreover, we classify Marxism as sophisticated and intellectual, while Nazism is the ideology of the rabble-rousers. However, it wasn’t really that simple in 1930s Germany. The Nazis also had an elite and a respectable academic tradition with philosophers like Schopenhauer, Herder and Nietzsche. Marx, in a corner, was also involved.

The two ideologies were siblings. For example, both Goebbels and Mussolini were socialists in their political thinking. In The Road to Serfdom (English first edition 1944), the Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek writes that when students, after studying on the Continent, returned to England, they were unsure whether they wanted to be Communists or Nazis. On the other hand, they were quite clear that they hated capitalism. The big difference was that National Socialism put the nation and the people first, while Communism focused on the class and the proletariat. Neither ideology had anything whatsoever in common with democracy. The Communists were committed to the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Nazis to the Aryan race, i.e. the dictatorship of the German people.

Since Germany was the great loser of the Second World War, Nazism perished as an ideology. The second sibling, as we know, survived — even though its days were numbered. The first attack came in 1956 when the Hungarian uprising was crushed, the second in 1968 with the Warsaw Pact’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. Soviet power exposed the totalitarian core of communism, in all its horror. Then, when East Germany collapsed in 1989 and the Soviet Union a few years later, the saga of communism should have been over. It should be as ideologically dead as Nazism.

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Let’s Play WW3, Fellow Puppets!

I’m not on social media, so I wasn’t aware of the latest Twitter fad, which is to post a single significant word (or phrase). Our Hungarian correspondent László sends his analysis of what’s going on.

Let’s Play WW3, Fellow Puppets!

World Leaders Mischievously Declare War on Russia, in a Twitter Flash Mob

by László

The Hungarian mainstream globalist media outlet Index posted an article that claims they spotted a chain of coordinated Twitter-messages by world leaders. The Hungarian MSN also published the Index article. I have not yet found anything about it in English:

World leaders, ministries and other officials posted strange messages on Twitter on September 2. The words “freedom”, “respect”, “victory”, “democracy”, “justice”, “solidarity”, “rule of law”, “arms” and “diplomacy” appeared on social media. But Turkey, somewhat contradicting the concept, simply posted “Turkey”.

The list of words resemble the style and content of well-known global deep-state themes, and taken together they seem to convey the message that “We are ready to somewhat openly declare war on Russia, while blaming Russia for it”.

My more detailed “translation” (in italics) is below — anyone who follows politics could provide something similar:

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, also posted just one word: “Freedom”. = “We are ready to ruin Ukraine in order to “free” it from the Russians who dare to interfere in the Democrats’ business there. The show must go on.”

During the afternoon and into the evening, the number of similar posts multiplied, and we show which politicians and officials shared which words in their posts:

  • Olena Zelenskaya, wife of the Ukrainian head of state — Truth. = “We can justify this; the opinion of the voters and the life of our citizenry is of no value for us. Go ahead.”
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain — Ukraine. = “As a US vassal state we are ready to ramp up the conflict in Europe.”
  • President of Poland, Andrzej Duda — Solidarity. = “You can count on us, boys and girls, because our population is against Russia. We are in. Polish blood is cheap, so do not worry about our support.”
  • Joe Biden, President of the United States — Democracy. = “We will not stop until the world communist revolution led by the US deep state leaves no morsel of liberty anywhere in the world.”
  • German Chancellor Olaf Sholcz — Respect. = “We do not respect the wish of our voters to stay out of this mess, as we are the underdogs of the US deep state mafia to whom we are now publicly pledging allegiance.”
  • Dmitro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine — Arms. = “We are prepared to push all our people into the meat grinder. No questions here. Will fight to the last Ukrainian.”
  • German Ministry of Justice — Rule of Law. = “We do not know what it means; Mr. Soros told us to put this down. But it probably means that “rule of law” justifies any violence against those who resist the test run of the world government called the EU.”
  • US Department of State — Diplomacy. = “Don’t worry, guys, we will pretend that we wanted a diplomatic solution, so it is only Russia to blame for what is coming. And please get the doublespeak: after all, war is the continuation of diplomacy, isn’t it?”

Sweet, brave camaraderie!

…shameless clowns.

Who. Writes. Their. Scripts?

There is a good chance that the handlers of these nasty puppets are taking the mickey out of us. Judging from my own reaction to it, I would say that this is a wartime PR-stunt used as a propaganda weapon. The mysterious chain of messages smells of a childish boy-scout-like Commie performance. They want us to do exactly what I am doing: to start guessing what our almighty rulers are up to.

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Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone

When the Great Reset is complete, you will own nothing; you will rent it. And doing so will make you happy.

Our Hungarian correspondent László examines the role that Nokia is playing in ushering in this Brave New World.

Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone

by László

Another example of how Agenda 2030 is being injected into our societies in insidious ways, in many areas of life. The Hungarian article below (my translation) is about an upcoming “green phone rental” programme in Europe, in which you will not own your phone and you will be happy.

Your Schwabian happiness will stem from the fact that you will be among those lucky ‘early birds’ that unknowingly spearhead the introduction of the social credit system. In the framework of the Nokia device-leasing agreement you will receive some sort of bonus points, called ‘Seeds’, that you can ‘spend’ on sponsoring ‘humanitarian’ and ‘environmental’ programmes. That will allow you to virtue-signal with your shiny badge of caring for the Universe — i.e. your naïve inclination to join the revolution of ‘green’ Communism and Fascism:

Nokia mobiles will be available for green rental

September 1, 2022

The manufacturer wants customers to keep their phones as long as possible.

Electronics manufacturers have long been talking about their supposedly green and sustainable initiatives, but customers certainly don’t perceive much of these directly. In fact, all that has happened in recent years is that gadgets have become increasingly difficult to repair, even managing to make replacing phone batteries an expensive and service-intensive hassle, when not so long ago the option of replacing batteries at home was a given.

Nokia-branded smartphone maker HMD Global made an unexpected announcement at the IFA 2022 exhibition, claiming it would redefine phone ownership with its eco-friendly Circular service. This will allow customers to rent handsets directly from the company instead of buying them, with the option to cancel at any time after three months of loyalty.

The leasing programme is environmentally friendly in that customers receive Seed Points that can be spent on environmental or humanitarian activities every month, and the longer they keep the phone, the more points they can earn and distribute.

The manufacturer wants customers to keep their rented phones as long as possible.

With the points they receive, subscribers can sponsor tree planting, waste collection or charity activities, among other things, with Unconnected, Ecologi and Clear Rivers being the first to be supported. Once the points are redeemed, HMD will transfer financial support from the monthly fee to the beneficiaries.

It is not yet clear how the points will be distributed, but HMD says that Ecologi can plant 17 trees from a single point received.

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Throwing Robert Habeck Under the Bus

The energy crisis in Germany is severe, and getting worse all the time. The coming cold season looks to be disastrous for the general public, with unpredictable (but likely unpleasant) political consequences for the current government. Scapegoats will undoubtedly be required, and it looks like Economics Minister Robert Habeck may well be the first one.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Pretty words are not enough”

The crash of Robert Habeck


These are tones that are rarely heard from the government factions about their own minister. But now there is apparently no stopping the SPD and FDP when it comes to Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens). The politician, always celebrated in the media, has become the target of massive attacks from within his own ranks.

The reason is the completely unsuccessful gas surcharge, with which consumers have to support energy multinationals. Now it turns out that even healthy companies can use it to further increase their profits. It was actually intended to save gas importers from bankruptcy.

The first to open fire on Habeck was SPD leader Saskia Esken. Last week she called for the gas surcharge to be changed and repeatedly referred to the responsibility of the Minister of Economics. Next failure: To save his head, Habeck wanted to lower the sales tax on the levy, but overlooked European law. Consequence: The EU banned him from taking this step.

Habeck styling himself as a victim is the last straw

When Habeck complained that things had — literally — “spoiled the day for the last 48 hours” and presented himself as a victim, numerous journalists jumped on the bandwagon and felt sorry for the minister. In the traffic light coalition*, however, more and more politicians were getting frustrated with the self-portrayal. In the case of Habeck, the others are always to blame, it was said. SPD parliamentary group leader Dirk Wiese put it in a nutshell in the Bild am Sonntag: “The Habeck principle works like this: appearances ready for film, technical implementation questionable and in the end the citizen pays for it.”

Other politicians from the SPD and FDP are now demanding that the minister submit a revised version of the gas levy by tomorrow’s government meeting at Meseberg Castle. Suddenly Habeck looks like a schoolboy who hasn’t done his homework.

His obvious incompetence is now being talked about quite openly: both SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil and FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr accuse him of “technical errors”. These should be “eliminated by the cabinet meeting,” demanded Dürr in Bild. The gas levy should “under no circumstances lead to extra returns for companies”. The fact that the FDP accuses a Green of enriching large-scale industry does not happen that often. Dürr warned that Habeck had to be careful not to “make the energy crisis better for worse” with his interventions.

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Criminal Lunacy All Across the West

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the dramatic increase in excess deaths in the UK beginning in early 2021. The explosion in mortality stands in stark contrast to the “plague year” of 2020, which was much less deadly:

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.


From across the pond — which is drying up now, and will soon be a puddle — our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a digest of the overlapping crises that current bedevil the political class in the Netherlands.

The government on summer vacation


by H. Numan

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy.
Fish are jumpin’ and the water is low…

I paraphrased George Gershwin’s song to fit our modern times. It’s summertime, and life behind the dikes is worrisome. I’ve got two news stories for you this time. Let’s start with the summertime scare.

We have to be scared into the desired global warming behavior. What used to be normal, a fun time, is now presented as a horror, evidence of global warming. Well, it’s just summer. A bit hot, that’s all. Nothing unusual. However, that is not how the Dutch media present it. Worry! Be afraid! The sky is falling!

The weather maps — you may have noticed it elsewhere, too — are intentionally rigged. In the past a weather map showed sea in blue and land in green. The weather was shown with symbols, plus the temperature. Nothing scary about it. That won’t do in our global warming times. So the weather map today is different. The map is red with temperatures as gradients of red, from light red to black. That’s better! Now people will be worried sick.

Next, a lot of attention is given to the Rhine River. It’s going to run dry, we’re told. Sorry to disappoint. Remember geography in 6th grade? Allow me to refresh your memory. “There are two types of rivers: glacier- and rain-fed rivers. Glacier-fed rivers tend to have less fluctuations. Whereas rain-fed rivers run highest in spring and autumn, after the melt and rains. During summer and winter they tend to have much less volume. Examples are the Rhine (glacier-fed) and Meuse (rain-fed) rivers.”

In other words: nothing to worry about. It’s completely normal for rivers to run low or dry during a warm summer. There is nothing unusual with the unusual. During summer, the Rhine always runs lower. The Meuse occasionally runs dry, or close to it. That’s not a sure sign of global warming. Just a hot summer.

The media also acts as an overly protective mother. People are warned to stay indoors. Which is fun, because Dutch houses are not designed for really hot weather and don’t have airco. Relax, take it easy. As long as you stay indoors. You’ve been locked up during Covid, you know the drill by now. Wear insanely strong sun blockers, if you have to go outside. Don’t forget to hydrate. Because global warming!

I’ve got (real) news for you, folks. Yes, the climate is changing. Nothing usual, it always does. But not as globalists tell you. The KNMI (Dutch weather bureau) keeps weather data religiously. Nothing will ever be deleted. But… they are more than happy to exclude what they don’t like, and sanitize the remainder so it fits the desired narrative. For example, they exclude temperature readings before 1890 in their calculations ‘as they are irrelevant’, that sort of thing. They don’t delete it, they merely ignore it. What’s left is data that proves global warming.

A Dutch scientist, Syp Wynia, had a look at KNMI data, but from a different angle. He looked at the prevailing wind direction over the last century and the consequences. His conclusion? The prevailing wind direction is now south-west most of the year. It used to be the prevalent direction during spring-summer-autumn. In autumn-winter, the wind changed to the northeast, bringing cold fronts from Russia.

Over the last 40 years, he found much less wind comes from the northeast. What are the consequences? Northeasterly winds bring cold dry weather. Southwesterly winds bring warm wet weather. During summer not much changed, but our winters are about 20% wetter than 40 years ago, and not as cold. Cold winters with snow and ice are now rare. Temperatures hover around freezing or a few degrees above zero. And it rains a lot more in winter. That raises the annual temperature considerably in coastal Europe. As you can see, no carbon emissions are involved. Actually, we have no idea why this happened. Even if we eventually discover why, that doesn’t mean we can change anything about it.

The next piece of news is our very wobbly cabinet. There isn’t just one crisis they have to survive. A plethora of crises has to be managed, right now. Tossing money at it or looking the other way won’t work this time. I doubt prime minister Rutte and his cabinet can do that. Here’s a selection of the most urgent problems. Not all of them, mind you. That list would be way too long:

1. Inflation is sky high and consumer trust at a record low.

Inflation is at the highest level in four decades, and consumer trust is completely gone. Everybody now realizes the worst is yet to come. Winter is coming!

2. Gas prizes are crazy high.

Not for the reason you think. Gas prizes are high everywhere; that’s not it. The reason is how the Dutch government charges for it. The Dutch natural gas rates are the highest in the world. But for Dutch consumers only. Belgians pay half the price the Dutch pay for natural gas. Where do they buy that cheaper gas? In Holland! The government hitched the prices for natural gas to the international oil prices. For Dutch only. Internationally they’re more than happy to give a very steep discount. That worked when the prices were low and we had plenty of gas. Now that we’re running out of it, and prices are higher than the Eiffel tower, it doesn’t. More than a million Dutch are staring at real poverty.

3. Not enough houses.

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RBB: A Family Affair

Below is another article in the “Nice Work If You Can Get It” series, this time focusing on the corrupt use of taxpayers’ money by the employees of German public broadcasting.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Nepotism and lies: RBB [Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcast] has been paying employees who have left the company salaries for doing nothing for years

The public ulcer seems to be hemorrhaging: the affair surrounding RBB boss Patricia Schlesinger is expanding. Internal documents now incriminate the longstanding administrative director and new director Hagen Brandstätter. It seems that employees who have left the public self-service shop have been paid for doing nothing for years.

The news site Business Insider — operated by Axel Springer SE — not only brought down the top parasite Patricia Schlesinger, but is now also revealing a secret bonus system. After Schlesinger’s departure, RBB is said to have promoted the wife of legal director Susann Lange to the management board, despite internal criticism. Susanne Lange’s wife, HR manager Sylvie Deléglis, was responsible for the bonus system, from which the RBB executives benefited like leeches. Only recently, due to Schlesinger’s departure, the head of human resources was promoted to Administrative Director. The lesbian couple is now jointly on the management board.

Nepotism also seems to be an essential element of everyday work at NDR, which is affiliated with ARD. There, the partner of the director of the broadcasting center in Hamburg, Sabine Rossbach, has received up to €50,000 a year for “external advice” since April 2018. As Business Insider further reports, the Public Broadcaster — i.e. the compulsory fee collector — has been paying salaries to retired employees for years for doing nothing under the responsibility of the impertinent and aloof Mr. Brandstätter. People familiar with the process confirm to the intelligence service, under assurances of anonymity, that internal plans are in place to continue this practice in some cases until the beneficiaries retire. [No wonder they need to squeeze more money from the people all the time.]

In the meantime, new anomalies come to light every week, all of which prove how the public broadcasters are leeching off the money of the contributors and have long since made the shop their prey. It is the management team and not the little cameraman who, in shameless self-enrichment, stuff their pockets full. Apparently one has gotten rid of all control mechanisms. “Forcibly financed broadcasting is morally and politically finished,” sums up the AfD Politician Wolfgang Wiehle. It is a system — funded with €8.4 billion from compulsory contributions in 2021 alone — that has degenerated into a largely uncontrolled self-service shop for decades.

Afterword from the translator:

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The Nuclear Protection Racket

Who is hyping the threat of nuclear war, and why?

According to the UN, the “World is ‘one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation’,” as reported in an RT article.

This prompted our Hungarian correspondent László to dissect the threat and attempt to translate it from “Deep State” into English.

The Nuclear Protection Racket

by László


The United Nations, a de facto World Government body, has now threatened humanity with nuclear annihilation:

“World is ‘one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation’ — UN chief. Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that humanity faces the greatest risk since the Cold War”

“Miscalculation”, I think, means that the only organization that can calculate OUR safety FOR US the right way, is a higher power above all of us. Something like… the UN.

The full-blown Nuclear Psyop has now taken off, after George Soros cheerfully heralded it back in March when I wrote on Gates of Vienna the analysis below about his article:

“‘_If one decodes the word “risk” in this context, it translates into the globalist intention of floating the horror of a kinetic “WW3” above the head of humanity, with the implicit threat of nuclear escalation. You know, “It is not the thing yet, it is not WW3, it is the risk!” In this framework what Soros’ article is doing is no less than psychological warfare, and very similar to the Corona psy-op.”

Told ya so.

Since Soros has announced “WW3”, not much has changed in this regard — it is just that “they” are now turning the “risk-meter” up a bit more, in order to ramp up fear.

The UN chief gives the game away when he blames “disunity”:

“Geopolitical tensions are reaching new heights. Competition is trumping cooperation and collaboration. Mistrust has replaced dialogue, and disunity has replaced disarmament.” [my emphasis]

Nuclear “disarmament”, of course, will not take place in the foreseeable future — it is just gaslighting to create an excuse for giving the UN more power.

The translation of the above paragraph from ‘Deep State’ to English will surprise no one: the global geopolitical theater is about the agenda of the One World Government — the only organization which, they imply, will be able to handle “disunity”. It, of course, means the subordination of all those dangerous nations with all their uncontrollably free people to a central power. (The world-war theater includes Russia, on a side note, as Russia is in on Agenda 2030 as well.)

So in this context the “nuclear threat” is a protection racket. A terrorist one, on that note.

Before someone interprets this as saying the nuclear threat was unreal:

No, it isn’t. A professional protection racket includes your restaurant getting destroyed a bit, so that you take the mafia seriously.

This translates into tactical nuclear strikes — the golden middle way to the optimal level of the desired controlled destruction with the highest psychological impact. Smaller-scale, limited tactical strikes that demolish whole cities may cause enormous fear in the entire world population; while the only ones who would know that it will not be escalated will be those who run the theater.

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The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo

An Austrian doctor named Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was recently found dead, and the coroner ruled her death a suicide. She left one or more suicide notes, but the authorities declined to divulge their contents. Dr. Kellermayr vigorously promoted mandatory experimental mRNA treatments to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. She said she had received many death threats as a result of her advocacy, and the authorities identify the treatment of her as contributing to her suicide.

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends the following essay about the death of Lisa-Maria Kellermayr and its exploitation by the architects of the Austrian branch of the New World Order.

The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo

The Intimidating Story of the Doctor Who Was Intimidated to Death by Those She Intimidated

by László

English-language sources I found [ NY Post, AP News, San Diego Tribune] somehow fail to mention that the Austrian doctor who reportedly killed herself was a vehement advocate of general mandatory vaccinations.

Most of those alleged “death threats” against the frontmen of the jab-coercion occurred at the same time in many countries. Yet up to now, most of those criminal cases seem to have remained mysteriously unsolved, as I have seen hardly any police reports about any further investigations, let alone charges laid.

Anyway, the past “death threats” evaporated among the ever-turning cogs of the propaganda machinery of the New Normal, only to re-emerge many months later to suggest that, out of the blue, those threats have now scared someone to death. Thus it is only natural that the prosecutors “would not divulge” the contents of the suicide notes.

Provided that the deceased Austrian doctor really committed suicide, her demise may or may not have had anything to do with her job. But if certain circumstances in her job influenced her mental well-being in any way, it may also have happened because of the tremendous inner conflict caused by her promoting a mandatory poison jab — in the event she had had that something in her called “conscience”.

Also, she may indeed have had to face social repercussions and social exclusion after doing such a nasty, anti-human job. People around her may have told her that they would not put up with forced jabs. And few people can handle it when they have to face up to their own wrongdoings and become an outcast in the eyes of many.

So could it be that her own actions hit back so quickly? Considering the evil of what she had done to others, it would not be surprising. Actions have psychological consequences, too.

But this is all mere speculation. Because with a dearth of facts one can only speculate — and become a much-despised “theorist”.

The only truth that you can learn from these pieces of “news” is that effects have no causes any more — except for the ones the mainstream media and politics attribute to them.

And how far are we from having little people branded as “terrorists” if they resist state terror? Not too far.

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What’s Missing From This Picture?

The examples below (posted a little while ago at Vlad Tepes) are illustrative of the way the Western media would report on the massacre at Tiananmen Square if it were to happen today.

Wong Wing, a 30-year-old flight instructor, died suddenly today while away from his home. He is survived by his family, which is his wife and son. He will be missed.

Hu Flung Pu died suddenly this afternoon while seeming to attempt to direct traffic. He is survived by his wife and son and will be severely missed.

Wai So Dim passed away suddenly today while cleaning treads on a government vehicle. No cause of death is known and his family, which consists of his wife and son, are dumbstruck by his sudden passing. He was young and in the peak of good health.

No Pah King mysteriously passed away while just standing still this afternoon enjoying the sunshine. He was known to be in excellent health and people near him at the time say he was an excellent runner. He is survived by his wife and son who expressed deep understanding at Mr. King’s passing. He will be missed.

Hu Yu Hai Ding was discovered dead and mysteriously flat today at a government park. Cause of death not known but there has been an increase in reported deaths of people who are far flatter than is recommended for good health. Hu Yu was 19 at the time of his passing. He is survived by his mother and father, and wife who is expecting a son. The government has issued a warning not to stand near anything that may cause a person to become flatter than normal.

How Long was reported missing today after his wife found him covering a large section of a well-known public area. No cause of death is known but it has recently been determined that being young, healthy and athletic with no bad habits actually can be very bad for your health.

Low Fat, a 22-year-old nutritionist died suddenly today while sunning himself on a large concrete square. It is now said that sunshine and fresh air can be worse for your health than cigarette smoke and factory air. He is survived by his wife and son.