How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vax

Our Hungarian correspondent László alerted me to a report in Hungarian state media that Slovenia had mandated a “certificate of immunity” for people who work from home as well as those who travel to the workplace. I asked our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški whether the story was accurate, and here’s what he said:

It is true for some. The government wants people who work in core government jobs (army, police, ministries, government agencies) be vaccinated or have a certificate of immunity. It is not a general requirement. People working from home in the private sector or broader public service jobs can still do self-testing.

László went ahead and translated the Hungarian article, and sent his take on what he thinks the Hungarian state media are up to in their manipulation of the Slovenian news:

This article is as much about Hungary as it is about Slovenia — so it is more about the global propaganda factory than any specific country. Blikk is a tabloid, and the target group for the article is less-educated Hungarians. (Corona news is never news in the MSM; it is propaganda.)

So this article is a good example of regional-level Corona-propaganda machinery. The headline refers to Slovenia as ‘our neighbours’ to induce what I call the ‘near-comparison effect’ in its Hungarian audience. Also the lie by omission your fact-check has revealed serves to brainwash Hungarians by making them believe that the ‘immunity card’ is mandatory for everyone working from a home office in Slovenia, not only for government employees.

The point is to manipulate the Hungarians by making them feel that ‘their neighbours’ (whom they compare themselves to) are in deeper trouble than they are, and thus make them (the Hungarians) accept the ‘less strict’ Hungarian NOW oppression without rioting. In other words: the Powers That Be are slowly cooking the frog while feeding him ice cubes.

The translated article from Blikk:

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An Epidemiologist Speaks Out About the Vax

The following video features an audio clip from the call-in radio show Clay and Buck, which draws on the late Rush Limbaugh for its inspiration.

The featured caller in the clip is an American epidemiologist who calls into the show while he is in Canada. He has some very well-informed things to say about the experimental mRNA medical treatment that masquerades as a vaccine against COVID-19. Subsequent callers include other healthcare professionals who express their agreement and tell their own stories.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

A transcript of the audio is available here.

Get the Jab, or Lose Unemployment Benefits

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian tabloid Heute:

Only €237 minimum income for vaccine opponents

Those who refuse vaccination are now even threatened with the cancellation of the minimum income. It is to be reduced gradually — to a limit of €237 per month.

Vaccination refusals are not only threatened with the loss of unemployment benefits , the minimum income can also be cancelled. These plans became known on Saturday and made headlines not only in Austria, but also in Germany. As it says in Profile, there is already a step-by-step plan on the table. If someone refuses to take work, “in a first step we will automatically cut salaries by 25 percent,” said the spokesman for the Vienna State Social Councilor Peter Hacker, Mario Dujakovic.

Then there are gradual cuts by 50 percent and at the end by 100 percent. Children, retirees or physically handicapped people should not be affected, but people who are able work but refuse jobs because they have to be or would have to be vaccinated may be affected. According to the magazine, this is around 46,500 out of 128,000 subscribers in Vienna. Full recipients would then remain at €237 per month — the residential component of 25 percent of the minimum income, which remains unaffected by the sanctions.

AMS blocks unemployment benefits

Der Standard reported on Thursday that there are new restrictions on the unemployed from the Ministry of Labor under Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP). If they reject a reasonable position only because they would have to be vaccinated against Corona for it, their remuneration, specifically unemployment benefits, should be blocked. The same applies if you do not even apply for this reason.

According to Heute‘s information, the background is that the AMS repeatedly has to deal with people who refuse a job because they do not want to be vaccinated against Corona. The AMS therefore asked the Ministry of Labor how to deal with these people. In doing so, reference was made to the current legal situation by means of a letter (not by decree, as initially assumed).

45,000 Deaths Within 72 Hours of Being Vaxed?

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea whether the number of vax deaths cited in the story below is accurate. First of all, the author (who is not a native English speaker) has misinterpreted the 45,000 deaths within 72 hours of “vaccination” as being for Hawaii alone, which is obviously absurd. The lawsuit was filed in Hawaii, but the figure is plainly meant to refer to the whole of the USA.

I spent some time looking around the web for other articles about the lawsuit. All the mainstream reports that mention it consisted of “fact-checking”, and (surprise!) concluded that the figure given was false. Those numerous fact-checks made my spider sense tingle, because we’ve all seen what the professional fact-checkers have identified as “fake news” in the last few years, and especially in the last nine months. And I know for certain that the adverse effects of the “vaccine” are being deliberately under-reported, as Mr. Green says — I’ve seen multiple independent reports attesting to that fact.

So make of this what you will.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from a German news site. The translator notes: “The embedded video has more emotional power than the article in itself, in my opinion.” See the original article for the embedded video, which is in English:

Mass death in paradise: Hawaii records 45,000 COVID-19 vaccine deaths in 72 hours

A group of lawyers filed a giant class action lawsuit against the US state of Hawaii. One of the hired lawyers made a statement at a press conference and named the unbelievable number of 45,000 vaccine deaths in 72 hours as the reason for the lawsuit.

by Günther Strauss

Renowned Hawaiian lawyer Michael Green made a name for himself last week with a class action lawsuit against the US government’s vaccination campaign, to which he is demanding an immediate stop, and wants claims for damages. The lawsuit is now also joined by around 1,200 employees of the Hawaiian healthcare system — paramedics, nurses and doctors — who have been campaigning for weeks against the “indirect vaccine requirement” imposed by the governor and mayor of Honolulu. It is believed that thousands more citizens will join Green’s lawsuit in the US island state alone.

According to the plaintiffs, contrary to the official figures, there are now 45,000 fatalities in the USA alone as a result of the experimental Covid vaccinations. The US portal quotes Green as follows:

“The tests we saw by doctors across the country show that nearly 45,000 people who received these vaccinations were dead within 72 hours,” attorney Michael Green said at a news conference Thursday.

In addition, it is completely unnecessary to test asymptomatic people, as required by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — because they could not spread the virus, either.

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Still Waiting for That Curve to Flatten

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the mysterious fact that the number of Wuhan Coronavirus cases in the UK is much higher this year than it was during the same period last year, despite the fact that massive numbers of people have been “vaccinated” (with an experimental mRNA treatment that the government says has no adverse effects):

For links to previous essays by Paul Weston, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: Steen.

Booster Trouble

A nursing home in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is reporting a significant rate of serious side effects (including death) from booster shots of the experimental mRNA treatment against SARS-CoV-2.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Oberhausen: One dead and two resuscitations after a third vaccination

According to the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, there have been numerous serious complications in an old people’s home in Oberhausen after 90 booster vaccinations against Corona, including one death and two resuscitations.

“A total of nine out of 90 vaccinated people are seriously ill, most of them with cardiopulmonary problems,” writes Dr. Arno Theilmeier, Chairman of the Mönchengladbach Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, in a circular on Tuesday to colleagues who are making the rounds on the Internet (see below).

This means that ten percent of those who have been vaccinated would be “seriously ill” and three percent would have died or been resuscitated. The incidents are worrying because “there is currently neither a drug approval by the EMA ( European Medical Association ) nor a STIKO recommendation for these booster vaccinations!”

“I would like to ask you to make a medical decision yourself whether you prefer to wait for approval or a recommendation, or whether the third vaccinations are now so urgent for your own patients that you have to do them without a recommendation,” says Theilmeier.

“It is irritating that the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is apparently not concerned about serious illnesses in ten percent or death or near-death in three percent of people vaccinated with the third dose, but rather focuses on the liability of doctors,” said the deputy group leader of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany], Beatrix von Storch. ”This document is the perfect task of any medical ethics. A policy that directly or indirectly forces people to expose themselves to such a risk is fundamentally wrong.”

The WDR [Westdeutscher Rundfunk, regional public broadcaster] reported on the issue on Tuesday — but without mentioning the dead person and the two resuscitations.

Corona Fascism in Slovenia

Earlier today our Hungarian correspondent László sent this note about the Coronamadness in Slovenia:

Yahoo fails to mention what Hungarian state TV claims about Slovenia: if you are unjabbed, you are a de facto pariah in Slovenia, effective from today. If you have no “immunity card” or a negative Covid-test not older than 48 hours, you will be excluded from the following services: buses, trains, gas stations, banks, post offices, shopping malls, hairdressers, cosmeticians, restaurants, hotels, events, healthcare facilities, employment offices, social administration centres, public administration offices, GPs, nursing homes. You can still buy food without the Corona-papers.

Imagine: if this is true (please check it out with locals), you can travel only by bicycle because you cannot even refuel your car or motorbike, and you cannot get on a train or bus. You cannot enter a bank… You cannot buy clothes. If you are fired for being unjabbed you cannot get unemployment benefits. You cannot visit your sick relatives in the hospital. You get no healthcare! etc. Life becomes nearly impossible there without the Mark of the Beast.

As László suggested, I asked our Slovenian correspondent Andrej Turjaški to confirm the report. Here’s what he said:

In brief, it is true. But it also needs a longer clarification to understand it.

Disclaimer: I got the jab.

Just as the pandemic was starting in March 2020, the new coalition was suddenly formed in Slovenia. So a new government was formed. Instead of a left government, led by the demi-intelligent comedian Marjan Šarec, a center-right one was formed with a prime minister named Mr. Janez Janša, who is a staunch opponent of communism.

Even before the new government was formed there were protests against it fueled by NGOs and media. Media in Slovenia are 90% leftist, and they constantly attack everything the government does. So the left politicians and media started to undermine measures that were taken in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Nothing that the government did was right. This, coupled with the fact that Slovenians don’t exactly abide by the laws and bylaws, meant that protective measures were mainly on paper but were not enforced. This all led to a dramatic increase of new Corona cases at the end of August and beginning of September, so the government indeed decided that enough is enough, and that percentage of vaccinated people has to increase. Currently the percentage of fully vaccinated population is just under 50%.

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We Have to Lie to Them, Otherwise They’ll Never Take the Vax

During an “hot mike” moment in Israel, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz inadvertently revealed their government’s ongoing mendacity about the “science” behind its policies concerning COVID-19 and “vaccination”.

This is something that most of us have known to be true for a long time, but still, it’s startling to hear it discussed so openly and so plainly.

Many thanks to Rachel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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No Vax, No Pay!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from

Coronavirus news: loss of wages for unvaccinated people! Federal states decide to stop payments

In the case of quarantine, unvaccinated people face massive loss of wages. The Infection Protection Act makes it possible to suspend the entitlement to continued wages in certain cases. The first federal states have already decided on the loss of wages.

In Germany, almost 62 percent of the population are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. But in order to get through the months ahead, the willingness to vaccinate has to increase. The pressure on the unvaccinated is increasing: Normally, employees continue to receive their wages if they cannot work due to an officially ordered quarantine. But for those who have not been vaccinated, there could soon be no longer any entitlement to continued payment of wages. According to Bild, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn spoke out on Wednesday for tightened measures.

However, appropriate regulations must be made by the federal states. For Spahn, it is understandable if unvaccinated employees are no longer entitled to continued wages in quarantine. “In the end, it is the taxpayers who finance the wage replacement benefit — for someone who could have been vaccinated,” said the Federal Minister.

“We have the means in hand to inoculate ourselves back to freedom and normalcy,” emphasized the minister. It is true that the vaccination is the personal and free decision of each individual. But it is also a question that concerns others. “I don’t see why others should pay in the long run if someone doesn’t opt for the free vaccination if they could.”

Infection Protection Act regulates the right to continued payment of wages

The Infection Protection Act regulates the right to continued payment of wages in the case of quarantine. According to the regulation, this entitlement may be waived if the quarantine could have been avoided by being vaccinated. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the federal states have paid €458 million for continued wages.

Baden-Württemberg is now the first federal state to take action. From September 15, unvaccinated people will not receive any compensation in the event of quarantine. From October 1st, this should also apply in Rhineland-Palatinate. And Hessen also wants to join. This is different in Bavaria: here, compensation should be decided in each individual case. Some federal states even require a nationwide regulation.

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It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

The Final Solution to the Wuhan Coronavirus is upon us. Our Israeli correspondent MC has some thoughts about our dystopian future.

It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

by MC

“Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Above: Memorial plaque at the Institute of Anatomy in Strasbourg. Translated, it reads, in part: “In memory of 86 Jews murdered in 1943 at Struthof by August Hirt, professor at the Nazi Reichsuniversität in Strasbourg. Their remains rest in the Jewish cemetery in Cronenbourg… Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Islam sees death as an important part of life, but to an atheist, death is a termination of all things, and all achievements. Thus the fear of death becomes a potent part of life itself, and thus experimental medicine, designed to keep us alive, becomes a source and excuse for planned terror in and of itself. Not only must medicine cure us, it must mitigate symptoms and prevent the disease spreading. To achieve that last, however, it is obvious that everybody MUST participate.

Covid-19 is not a universal killer, and it seems the younger and healthier you are, the less effect it has. For those under 60 it is on a par with a regular flu attack even if the ‘long haul’ symptoms are tiresome.

So we have to put up with unbelievable panic and hysteria because atheists need to ‘do something’. The idea of an ‘act of God’ is a blasphemy to them, and sanity must be sacrificed on the altar of control and safety.

King Canute demonstrated to his sycophantic courtiers his inability to rebuke the tidal flow. He was honest about his limitations and accepted that some things were just, well, ‘acts of God’. Which is how we have always coped with epidemics, and the great majority of us survived, time and time again.

My mother used to talk of how nasty diphtheria was; I think some of her classmates died of it. I can only imagine how traumatic that must have been, but this lady also lived through the blitzing of Portsmouth (UK) by German bombers for whom the dockyard there was a legitimate target.

She was about 13 years old at the time.

Here in Sderot we get blitzed with 40 kg missiles. My mother had to get used to 250 kg bombs.

Their attitude to diphtheria was fatalistic, and they did not let it ruin their lives. By the time I came along, the diphtheria menace was almost eradicated. Better food (school lunches) and better sanitation had made our immune systems stronger. The DTP vaccine came later — when diphtheria was no longer a menace.

We were left with measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough. I had them all; none were dangerous, and they left my immune system primed for the rest of my life.

The COVID vaccine may or may not be effective; it seems to be in dispute. But here in Israel the ‘breakthrough’ cases — and there are a lot of them — are mainly amongst the elderly, those who got the vaccines early. We will see how that situation unfolds…

Are we seeing the consequences of men playing ‘god’, of a ‘King Canute’ who actually believes he can stem the tide? It sure looks like it. Flu epidemics, left to their own devices, tend to fizzle out within three months. It is like scratching the measles spots, which can cause even more complications, and mRNA vaccines are not calamine lotion…

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The Devil Wears Green

The unvaxed are terrorists. They must be brought to justice. So say the Greens, the Reds, and all the other varieties and flavors of totalitarian despots.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The devil wears green — Volker Beck: Vaccination refusals terrorize society — time for mandatory vaccination

Former Green member of the Bundestag Volker Beck is attacking those who refuse to be vaccinated and appeals to the court virologist [Jester] Drosten, who criticizes the vaccination quota and recommends communicating the urgency of vaccinations in Germany.

Volker Beck, who always demands tolerance and stands up for human rights, took the lead from the pharmaceutical lobbyist, who brought an unsuitable test to market, and posted a tweet asking himself: Against which wall did the grasshopper run into?

Those who refuse to vaccinate cause restrictions on freedom and economic damage for everyone.

In the process of weighing up, I come to the conclusion: it is time for an #implementation. An irresponsible minority must not terrorize society.

What qualifies Beck to make these deranged statements, who appeared as a pink majorette, was caught with crystal meth, and wanted to exempt sex with twelve-year-olds from prosecution? Is he so far removed from reality that it would explain the [bovine effluent]?

The government is causing the restrictions on freedom and the economic damage, so that the irresponsible minority sits in Berlin, terrorizing parts of the population with excessive measures.

The COVID Favelas of the New World Order

The shape of things to come is now becoming visible, as exemplified by the public apartheid imposed upon the unvaxed in the Hungarian city of Kaposvár.

Many thanks to László for translating this brief article from the online magazine

Protective measures against the virus with barriers in Kaposvár (photos)

In Kaposvár, barriers were used to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated at an event in the main square. The result was of course that many of the vaccinated people preferred to stay outside with the unvaccinated, so the organisers could not avoid mixing. The pictures speak for themselves.

See the original article for more photos.

As I write this, President Joe Biden is poised to address the American public about his “six-pronged plan” to fight the Coronadoom through vax mandates and other measures. He is expected to announce a “vaccine” mandate for all federal workers and contractors. That’s a tougher policy than the one he announced in July, which was a vax or test-and-mask requirement for federal workers.

Back then he had harsh words for the vaccine-resistant:

Biden, seemingly fed up with persistent vaccine resistance among many Americans, delivered a sharp rebuke to those who have yet to get shots, saying “they get sick and fill up our hospitals,” taking beds away from others who need them.

“If in fact you are unvaccinated, you present a problem to yourself, to your family and those with whom you work,” he said bluntly.”

At the same time, he expressed sympathy for people who have received their shots and are “frustrated with the consequences of the minority that fail to get vaccinated.”

The “vaccine” serves to divide people into two distinct groups: those who obey authority, and those who do not.

The groups are self-selected.

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