Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/31/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/31/2011Hundreds of thousands of protesters remain on the streets of Cairo, despite the curfew and the presence of the army. The military has in fact issued a statement supporting the aims of the protesters. President Mubarak shuffled around some members of the cabinet, and offered to meet with representatives of the opposition, but it looks to be too little, too late: tomorrow a million people will reportedly march on Cairo.

In other news, a federal judge has declared Obamacare unconstitutional. Meanwhile, in the latest Swedish opinion polls, public support for the Sweden Democrats has risen 1.7%, to 6.3%.

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It’s Official: Obama is Ready to Accept the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood logo and Hassan al-Banna

This is disgusting. We all knew it was coming, but still — to see it here in black and white at last…

From the San Jose Mercury News:

U.S. supports role for ‘non-secular’ groups in Egyptian government

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Monday for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organization, in a reformed Egyptian government.

The organization must reject violence and recognize democratic goals if the U.S. is to be comfortable with it taking part in the government, the White House said. But by even setting conditions for the involvement of such “non-secular” groups, the administration took a surprise step in the midst of the crisis enveloping Egypt for the past week.

This is the first rub — and there are a lot of rubs in this deal.

Anyone who has studied the Muslim Brotherhood, or Islam in general, knows that a believer is not just permitted to lie, not just encouraged to lie, but required to lie if the action in question is required. It is mandatory for believers to work to establish the rule of sharia in any Muslim state. Therefore, when necessary, it is mandatory for believers to lie in order to achieve that end.

The Muslim Brotherhood will be more than happy to “reject violence”. No problem!

The article continues:

The statement was an acknowledgment that any popularly accepted new government would probably include groups that are not considered friendly to U.S. interests, and a signal that the White House is prepared for that probability after 30 years of reliable relations with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Monday’s statement was a “pretty clear sign that the U.S. isn’t going to advocate a narrow form of pluralism, but a broad one,” said Robert Malley, a Middle East peace negotiator in the Clinton administration. U.S. officials have previously pressed for broader participation in Egypt’s government.

This is the same form of “pluralism” that came to Iran in 1979. How long did that last? And what sort of “singularism” eventually emerged?

It doesn’t take a genius to predict what Cairo will look like in ca. 2013.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said a reformed government “has to include a whole host of important non-secular actors that give Egypt a strong chance to continue to be (a) stable and reliable partner.”

Really? What are they smoking in the White House these days?

Gibbs said the U.S. government has had no contact with the Muslim Brotherhood because of questions over its commitment to the rule of law, democracy and nonviolence. But the Brotherhood is not listed on U.S. terrorism lists, as are the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations.

This is either the stupidest or most disingenuous comment ever to emerge from the White House press office. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood. It is known as the “Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine”. Its status as a franchise of the MB is officially established in its own covenant, as pointed out by Dr. Andrew Bostom earlier today.

The new official narrative about the Muslim Brotherhood is now being constructed. Like its subsidiary Hamas, it will have a “military wing” and a “political wing”, and we gullible Americans will work to strengthen the political wing, which will do all the usual good deeds — feeding children, building schools, running social services.

They’re good little socialists, those Brotherhood guys! And naturally they have no interaction with or control over those evil terrorist dudes in the military wing.

In addition to its political efforts, the Muslim Brotherhood runs social and economic programs that help fill the gaps in Egypt’s public services.

This is deeply pernicious stuff. And how about this?

It rejects the possibility of a woman or a Christian being president of Egypt, and would press for stricter adherence to Islamic codes.

Will the human rights crowd pass judgment on that one? Want to hold your breath?

U.S. conservatives such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have warned about its rise, and many draw comparisons to the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. But others contend that fears of the Brotherhood, which has been suppressed for decades by the Egyptian government, are overstated.

Well, we’ll find out who’s right before very long.

The stupidity of American political leaders is unsurpassed. It seems that they never, ever learn. And they can’t see something that’s right there in front of their eyes.

Andrew Bostom on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Dr. Andrew Bostom appeared earlier today on America’s Morning News Radio with John McCaslin and Amy Holmes. He was asked to supply some background on the Muslim Brotherhood, and did so with his customary expertise. He also had occasion to voice his emphatic disagreement with Ralph Peters about what is happening now in Egypt.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing the audio track from the program, accompanied by some appropriate video footage:

Pat Condell in Swedish

Below is a Swedish-subtitled version of Pat Condell’s latest video (the original, with a transcript, is posted here). Because of the “Blogger bug”, the video is placed below the jump. There’s also a complete Swedish transcript.

Many thanks to the Kebbe for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Om du kritiserar Fredens Religion, blir du sannolikt anklagad för ”hatfullt tal”
0:04   av människor som fortsätter anklaga och hota dig så målande och vämjeligt
0:08   som deras klena fantasi tillåter, och ändå är det du som blir den skyldige till hatfullt tal.
0:13   Och om du har otur att leva i speciella delar av Europa,
0:15   blir du också åtalad som en kriminell.
0:17   Den som trodde att Danmarks erfarenhet av Karikatyrerna skulle
0:21   uppmuntra landet att räta på ryggen skulle bli bestört att höra att
0:25   Danmark är det senaste europeiska land att åtala sina egna medborgare
0:28   för att tala sanning om De Konstant Kränktas Religion.
0:31   Denna vecka står Lars Hedegaard, ordförande för Tryckfrihetssällskapet, inför domstol i Danmark
0:36   för att referera, helt rätt, till relativt höga siffror av våldtäkter inom familjer i islamisk kultur.
0:42   Som de flesta vet, våld mot kvinnor och flickor är en av de saker
0:46   som gör islamisk kultur klart mer underlägsen västlig kultur.
0:49   Inte ”annorlunda”, utan betydligt mindre civiliserad.
0:53   Ändå vill de danska myndigheterna att folk ska låtsas
0:55   att islamiskt våld mot kvinnor och flickor inte existerar,
0:59   för annars skulle de kanske behöva göra något åt saken.
1:02   Och det är det sista de vill, för det skulle betyda upplopp på gatorna
1:05   och barrikader och brinnande bilar och allt det andra,
1:08   och danskar på resa i muslimska länder skulle också kunna bli attackerade och dödade.
1:12   Så de låtsas hellre att det inte händer och kriminaliserar de som säger att det gör det.
1:16   Det är mycket säkrare för dem att offra sitt eget folk
1:19   därför att då vet att det inte blir upplopp och ingen blir mördad..
1:23   I denna rättegång, liksom i de andra skådeprocesser som pågår
1:27   i Holland och i Österrike, är Sanningen inget försvar.
1:31   Därför att detta handlar inte om att etablera sanningen eller upprätthålla den,
1:34   vilket Rättvisan är ämnad att göra, det handlar om att kuva Sanningen
1:38   för att blidka hotet från muslimskt våld, vilket gör det till en akt av kulturell terrorism.
1:42   Och det är förenligt med det faktum att vi inte hört ett ord om det här från
1:46   västliga media, den s.k. ”fria pressen”, som tycks vilja behålla detta som deras lilla hemlighet.
1:52   Om inte för internet, skulle ingen känna till att denna rättegång pågår,
1:55   och heller inte den i Österrike för den delen.
1:58   Att kränka är nu ett brott i flera europeiska länder.
2:02   Har ingen inom västmedia någonting kritiskt att säga om detta ö.h.t..,
2:06   eller är de alltför korkade och självbelåtna för att inse att de här lagarna också hotar
2:11   pressens frihet, tillika vanliga människors rätt att uttrycka en hederlig åsikt?
2:15   En av de mest förödande lögnerna i vår tid är lögnen om alla kulturers lika värde,
2:20   när dom tydligt, synligt, bevisligen, inte är i närheten av att vara jämlika.
2:24   De är knappast från samma planet, så ojämlika är de.
2:28   Men vi går på äggskal över detta i Väst, därför vi är så genomsyrade av
2:31   post-imperialistisk skuld, som vi av någon anledning valt att betrakta
2:34   som en dygd, och inte som en förlamande förbannelse.
2:38   När man tillåter miljoner av människor att immigrera från ställen
2:41   där de stympar sina döttrar som vore det självklart,
2:44   där de dödar dom utan att blinka p.g.a. av en snurrig tanke om heder,
2:47   och där våldtäktsoffer behandlas som kriminella, behövs det inget geni
2:51   för att förstå att man då också kommer att importera dessa värden och attityder,
2:54   om man inte tar steg för att förhindra det.
2:57   Och det är nåt vi effektfullt misslyckats att göra i Europa.
3:01   Faktiskt har vi uppmuntrat det här genom att gynna separatism och ghettoisering
3:05   i form av vår gamla vän, multikulturalismen.
3:08   Och som en konsekvens
3:10   är islamiskt våld mot kvinnor och flickor en ful realitet i Europa.
3:14   Och den som använder lagen för att försöka kväva diskussionen om detta
3:17   är inte upplyst eller tolerant eller liberal, det är skamligt och dumt,
3:21   fegt, och oförlåtligt. Det är kulturell förorening på en kriminell nivå.
3:27   Och om du lever i Europa, så kommer dina barnbarn att betala priset.
3:30   Och de kommer att förakta dig, och alla andra levande i dag, för att låta det hända.
3:34   Vår civilisation skapades ur en smältdegel av olikartade idéer, uttryckta fritt,
3:41   det är den magiska hemligheten. Det är den gyllene kvalité som gjorde oss till vad vi är
3:45   och gjorde vårt samhälle till det mest utvecklade i mänsklighetens historia.
3:49   Och vi har ett ansvar att upprätthålla denna standard, OAVSETT VAD,
3:53   med hänsyn till kommande generationer.
3:55   Trots den lavin av ”rättigheter” som vi blivit dränkta i under senare år,
3:59   att smita undan denna, är en rätt som vi inte har.
4:02   Därför att utan rätten att säga din mening, är alla andra rättigheter värdelösa.
4:06   Yttrandefrihet är INTE en ägodel för denna generation av ryggradslösa kohandlare.
4:11   Den är en inre och oundgänglig del av vår identitet liksom Koranen är för muslimer
4:17   Och ingen har rätt att inskränka eller ändra den, oavsett vem som menar sig vara ”kränkt”.
4:24   Den som insisterar att vara kränkt är välkommen att odla ett tjockare skinn
4:28   eller åka och leva någon annanstans.
4:30   Och om de inte gillar det kan de dra åt Helvete,
4:33   och det inkluderar alla offentliga åklagare och den häst som de red in på.
4:39   Fred!
4:41   Får jag säga det?

Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his Acquittal

This just came in:

Copenhagen, January 31, 2011

As my ancient forefathers, the Vikings, would have said: It is always good to fight. It is better to win.

My detractors — the foes of free speech and the enablers of an Islamic ascendancy in the West — will claim that I was acquitted on a technicality, namely that the judge in the Court of Frederiksberg resolved that my supposedly offensive comments on the violations against little Muslim girls were not intended for public dissemination.

That is absolutely true. The judge chose to the way out provided by my capable counsel.

However, the public prosecutor has been privy to the circumstances surrounding my case for a year — and yet he chose to prosecute me. Obviously in the hope that he could secure a conviction given the Islamophile sentiment among our ruling classes.

My acquittal is therefore a major victory for free speech.

I have no doubt that the massive support I have received from freedom fighters around the world has been instrumental in securing my acquittal.

This outcome will encourage people all over the West and beyond to speak up.

The battle for freedom is far from lost.


Silencing Those Who Say There is a Problem

“We have constantly been told that this is an enrichment of the country. [They think] problems do not really exist. Problems only exist to the extent that people say there is a problem. So in other words, they want to silence critics because they think — or claim at least — that if they could shut up people like me, the problems would go away.”

As most readers know, Lars Hedegaard, the Chairman of the Danish Free Speech Society, was tried last week on “hate speech” charges for discussing the disproportionate incidence of family rape among Muslim immigrants in Denmark. The verdict came in today, and Mr. Hedegaard has been acquitted of all charges.

This is indeed an occasion for Counterjihad activists to pop the champagne corks. We should, however, retain a measure of our sobriety: this is a partial victory at best. The acquittal of Mr. Hedegaard was based on the fact that his words were not intended to be public, and were thus not covered by the law — the offense defined by the “racism” statute applies solely to public speech.

This law remains on the books in Denmark. Anyone who publicly repeats what Lars Hedegaard said, or says something similar in public, is likely to face the same charges, and may well be convicted and fined.

And this is in Denmark, mind you — a country we all associate with freedom of expression.

Below the jump is a video of an RT interview with Lars Hedegaard. It was released today, but recorded before the verdict was issued:

Hat tip: Henrik.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 3

Below is the third installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1 and Part 2.

Note: In his second installment, Mr. Seiyo originally designated this as a three-part series. However, the project grew as he progressed, and there will be a fourth installment.


The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 3 — Round stones rolled down a mountain

by Takuan Seiyo

In the 5th chapter of The Art of War, Sun Tzu and his interlocutor Du Mu say:

It is the nature of a stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.

First, you must wake up. The ground is no longer level. It’s a slope, and you are being swept down that slope like so much dead weight of fallen leaves in dark November twilight. The ruling elite is doing the sweeping, and various spiky strands of the broom stand out: the Muslim janissaries contracted by the nominally Judeo-Christian elite, the Mexican reconquistadores and the rest of the imported underclass, the Black racist demagogues and criminals, the red-diaper Jewish society improvers, the red-flag French intellectuals and their university franchises, the Social Christianity clerical comrades, the Hollywood useful idiots, the purposefully forgotten Chicom strategists, and so on. But none of this would have worked, had it not been for the slope.

The slope was built by your own people: white middle class evaders of “divisiveness,” nice people to boot. Hogs at credit troughs, consumers of Chicom cheap con, suit-wearing minders of this quarter’s profits, evangelicals with God bless decals, Bushites not Shiites, country club Republicans who thought the business of America is business, national demographics are a market, and the teaching vocation can be left to bitter Gramscian malcontents on a long march.

The slope is stacked against you. It’s about 9 to 1. The GOP is a useless diversion, the conservatives in clueless confusion, the Tea Party too pansy, the teachers Comintern saboteurs, the generals beribboned cowards trading truth for another star on the collar of he, she or heshe, the economists lapping milk from the saucers of the financialists, the government determined to immanentize the eschaton while China grabs the market for the cyclotron. Even if your side were hard stones, you would be rolling in the wrong direction.

Only the hard truth can turn into rolling stones. Comforting lies turn into a pile of dry autumn leaves. “Strength in Diversity” turns into peonage to homogeneous China and dhimmitude to tribal Dar-al-Islam. Jock worship and self esteem in schools end in generations of know-nothing spoiled morons. Paper fiat money becomes Ponzi confetti. “Conservatives” end as outplayed liberals. A smooth latte messiah turns into the broken cane of America the lame. Empire on credit heads for the trashcan of empires.

Other than a few bloggers and writers who toil in unpaid anonymity for 20,000 readers, the only people with significant public following who are able even to identify and express all those issues in cogent prose are clouded by mind afflictions of the sort discussed in Part 2. They are either conspiracy junkies or tenants at the junction of the Paleocon/ White Nat spectrum. They show a keen perception of the political facts and no perception of their own mind afflictions. Such people cannot lead others successfully out of the wilderness.

On the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the Paleocons are silent on Islam and jihad and agnostic about Holocaust and Hitler. “White Nats” simply deny the former and adore the latter. Patrick Buchanan, who can write masterfully about America’s suicide by immigration, by NAFTA or by surrender to its Black minority pillagers (e.g. “A Brief for Whitey”) is also an admirer of the Nazi tool Charles Lindbergh, a defender of accused Nazi criminals, and a World War II revisionist more on Hitler’s side than on Churchill’s [1]. Paul Craig Roberts, who can write superbly about America’s hollowed-out economy and the madness of Empire (e.g. “Spinning Unemployment in a Collapsing Empire”) can’t put two paragraphs together before launching into a tirade about the evils of Israel and its American lobby.

Some conspiracy hounds also present useful facts and good ideas, but wrapped in questionable theories. Not much is gained by the 9/11 truthers’ unprovable assertion that the U.S. government had pre-wired the towers with explosives. I doubt that it did, but it had prewired the Unites States for 9/11 anyway. It did so through its insane immigration and border policies, refusal to recognize the hostile nature of Islam, demented Affirmative Action that places Muslims and racially favored incompetents in the center of the intelligence and defense establishments, and other PC inanities like the “wall” between the FBI and the CIA.

We will not go here to the left side of the anomie, i.e. the quixotic intellectuals, the for-profit prole noisemakers, the failures seeking revenge on society, the mass media nitwits and agent provocateurs, the demagogues egging on minorities from the lands of soulful indolence or dusty terror. It’s not important anymore to understand why they believe and do what they do. The essential fact is that there are now two irreconcilable peoples in America: the Equality People and the Freedom People.

We identified the demographic composition of the Equality People in Part 2. Committed to denying and reviling any truth that requires discrimination between human individuals and types, they share a psychosis of obsessing over any mote in White eyes, and ignoring large beams in Colored eyes. They are pragmatic Socialists, meaning that they support Big Business capitalism that privatizes the oligarchs’ profits, socializes their losses, and exacts payoffs large enough to keep playing pols in power, and favored Equalitan client groups in cushy jobs at the ambitious top or just in spending money at the indolent bottom.

The Freedom People are liberty-loving Constitutionalists. They detest world-improving busybodies and grasp that it’s the equality and nondiscrimination silk memes in which the postmodern Western state wraps its iron fist of coercion. They are not necessarily Libertarian, for that is an ideological strain oblivious to the large swathes of Reality where laissez faire leads to ruination, and a good government is inescapable. Unlike the Libertarians, the Freedomians recognize that what was best about America came from a specific American people. That people was 90% White, construed by Anglo-Saxon-Scottish ideas and norms of conduct, and largely led by Anglo-Protestants.

The Freedomians are countryside dwellers, small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, soldiers, cops and firefighters, people who revere the U.S. Constitution, and a few eccentric intellectuals like the late Samuel Francis, hounded to an early grave. There are few nonwhites, as those are the clients and protégés of the government and paragons of the Equality People. There are few Jews or Nordics. The Jews, living like the Episcopalians but voting like the Salvadorans, share a cultural obsession with social “injustice,” even if ancient or biogenic in the underdogs and therefore of no proper concern to social improvers. The Nordics, even if secular, are heirs to a deracinated Christianity based in misconstrued and sometimes mistranslated Biblical words taken out of their historical context and fashioned into self-abnegating do-goodism. WNNPs (White non-Nordic Protestants) seem to be the paramount ethnic stock of the Freedomians.

The ruling oligarchy, which comprises the enormous powers of the government and Big Business, is firmly with the Equality People. The Freedom People are therefore vastly outmatched. Since they are shut out of the government no matter which party rules, all they can do is watch how their country self-destructs for the sake of providing the nourishing manure with which the hegemons bolster the rise of the New World Order with its global serf topsoil and Made in China sprinklers. As well, Islamic Morlocks are imported and unleashed on the NWO Whites, to provide a pretext for an oppressive police state.

The recent case of a lefto-anarchist devil-worshipping psycho pothead mass murderer who shot a Democrat Congresswoman is illustrative. The same media platforms that now falsely blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the “climate of hatred” had routinely expressed death and dismemberment wishes for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party (and Bush, Cheney etc.). Having gratuitously dragged Sarah Palin into this, they now turned around to proclaim, “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story”.

Politicians and pundits on both sides, and Mr. Obama shamelessly so, abused the occasion to pontificate about political “extremism” and “our” pride in the American democratic process that effects change at the ballot box, not through violence. However, one actually observing what’s going on perceives that the democracy circus has left town decades ago, and all this noise now is palaver over weed control in the windswept plaza where the tents were once pitched.

We can no longer effect change at the ballot box; that’s a gross perversion of the truth. An American electorate that elects an Obama is too far gone, anyway.

When the ruling elite is free to import tens of millions of voters for itself who are a like a millstone on the taxpayer-serfs, and to deploy taxpayer-funded thug organizations like ACORN to sway elections, and to refuse to prosecute club-wielding Black Nazi thugs, and it has an exclusive claim on the enormous powers of academic indoctrination and MSM persuasion, and it has bound the opposition in a purpose-designed net of racist “civil rights” and “hate speech” legislation, and that entire intertwined cabal harangues its critics ceaselessly with kneejerk labels like “racist” and “divisive,” democracy has died and voting is just an empty ritual. How much more so when the putative opposition fields phony figureheads from the Nixon-Ford-Dole-Bush-McCain mold, and the rulers keep digging a financial, monetary and demographic hole for their people and protect crony bankster malefactors whether it’s a Texas hold ’em capitalist or an Afro-socialist in the White House.

Nor is the democracy sham confined to the federal level. Steven Malanga revealed the array of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys that state and local politicians have used to circumvent budget restrictions enacted in 32 states. The willful undermining of the people’s vote amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars of funds slushed into off-budget enterprises, swept from promised useful uses to political payoffs, shifted from funded accounts into depleted ones, shafted as interest-free loans forced on the taxpayers, sold for some cash now instead of larger receipts later, or simply stolen from citizens’ personal bank accounts on the pretext that they are inactive and “unclaimed.” This heedless spending binge has resulted in a $6 trillion state and local government debt. That’s on top of the separate road to fiscal and monetary ruin pursued by the federal government also against the explicit wishes of the voters[2].

Clio, the muse of history, has at last submitted the bill for decades of madness and corruption. The mandarins at the money spigots then activated a pump to keep the leaky tub afloat while they are still at the tiller. Notable financial experts outside the ruling elite did diagnose that as a systematic cover-up of the worst corruption and control fraud in America’s history, if not the world’s [3]. All that just buys time and wherewithal for the illusion of “growth” to persist while bankster bosses strap on their golden parachutes and the governing pashas their silver ones. When the deluge comes, the banksters will have already settled in their penthouses in Singapore and spreads in Aruba, their assets parked in yuans, gold ducats, and forward wheat options. And the pols and bureaucrats complicit in all this will have already finished their cadence and retired. Their fat pensions, successors’ salaries and preferred social clients’ stipends can be paid in NWO Ameristan shekels even after the dollar is toast. It’s only the nebbish Freedomians, the core of the Middle Class, whose net worth and jobs will have evaporated.

The replacement of 1970 meritocracy with post-1985 anti-White discrimination, and of the White-dominant melting pot with a grab stew of every race and nationality, are a catastrophe of equally dire consequences. 9/11 was Reality’s tap on the shoulder relative to the humongous corruption and control fraud in U.S. immigration policies, and it too resulted in gobs of wasted money to construct a cover-up. The DHS and TSA farce (addressed in Part 1) is just a way to stick all Americans with the severe punishment for the gross errors or intentional sabotage of their ruling elite, just as money printing, bailout and “stimulus” are in the financial domain. As to Affirmative Action and transfer payments to “People of Color,” daily newspaper stories, if vetted consistently for racial indicators, provide regular reference points of the downward trajectory.

Right away, we can dismiss all the good advice that well-meaning patriots dispense. The enormous power of the ruling oligarchy, backed by over 50% of the population, will not allow such admissions of monumental error and malfeasance as would be needed to change course in a radical way. We cannot deport illegal aliens, legal felons or legal sleeper jihadis. We cannot amend the Constitution to end Third World immigration or birthright citizenship. We can wake up some people but not the nation to the essential incompatibility of Islam, let alone Muslims. The anti-jihad movement is noble and commendable, but it only addresses the tuberculosis of the AIDS patient. Even if the TB be cured, the AIDS and its other lethal consequences will remain.

We cannot end NAFTA, send Puerto Rico off and tell Hawaii we own it, and to shut up. If we win hugely in a plebiscite, one Body Snatcher judge is enough to overturn the will of the people. Ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws is a pipe dream, and declaring English as sole official language is too little too late. We cannot end the global economy sham or the Western voluntary dhimmitude plague. We don’t have the votes and even if we had them, we don’t have the leaders whom such votes might carry into successful tenures in the seats of power.

What we have is the OODA Loop, the firewood under the cauldron, the round stones rolling down the mountain. Following “Observe” is “Orient.” “Orient” means, first, recognizing that old categories are now obsolete. It’s not Right or Left, capitalist or socialist, White or Black, “White” or Jew, Catholic or Protestant. There is only the Freedom People and its hostile co-dweller, the Equality People. The latter’s government and global business sponsors provide the main jaw in the crushing vise.

Progressives are bona fide Equalitans, but it would be a mistake to consider Conservatives as ipso facto Freedomians. It’s necessary to observe that there are vastly different ethnic and occupational ratios in these two peoples, and to orient strategic action toward those differences. In that lies the opportunity to achieve something that would pass Sun Tzu’s muster.

The answer, as many have said, lies in separation, but it has only something to do with the common advice that “Whites” move to “Red” states and so save White Majority America. The small issue lies in liberty-loving Constitutionalists being able to achieve self-government and conserve what remains of America. But there are much larger issues at stake. In the balance hangs the future of Western Civilization.

The globalist elite treats the issue of Third World Immigration to the West as one of goodness and (faked) unavoidability, with the Good Guys — themselves, of course — versus the troglodyte racists. They treat the issue of the rise of China and the sinking of the United States as yet another change of guard among Superpowers, necessary to maintain overall prosperity (whatever that means). But neither subject is remotely like what it’s presented to be.

The streaming of tens, and soon hundreds of millions of sub-90 IQ hostile aliens to America and to the rest of the West entails a certain lowering of the overall intelligence of the populace in a technological epoch when intelligence and education are the main economic resource. It also portends the end of hope for the return of democracy in America [4], for a sub-intelligent people can sway only to the rhythm of demagogues’ bribes and manipulative verbiage. Moreover, nonwhite immigration spells a blow-up of the remainder of social capital and a crippling of any possibility to continue the life of ease, prosperity and peace that White Man’s lands have enjoyed between 1946 and 2001.

As to the ascendance of China, it ought to be obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tunes. The idiotic myopia of America’s globalist oligarchs of a generation ago was to assume that as America pumps prosperity into China, China would inevitably become “westernized” and “democratized” — and gelded, like the West. But China has its strengths that the West has forsaken: its racial homogeneity and pride in its history and culture. China is taking from the West what it needs to rise as China. Barring the unforeseeable, by 2050 China will have become the world’s dominant economic and military superpower. It is the Chinese values and interests that will be planted firmly in the West, and not vice versa [5].

This essay is devoted to some of what’s salutary in the Orient and is worthy of study and some form of emulation. We have no space to dwell on the revolting, but the preceding paragraph ought to chase sleep from the brows of the knowing. There are other similar conundrums: for instance the certainty that the United States is becoming Mexicanized, with all it portends, and that Eurabia is a growing reality.

A world whose values trickle down from China, whose Europe rises to the call of the muezzin and whose America is run by Afro-revanchist dialectic theoreticians and Afghan-American civil rights lawyers according to Mexican political methods is not a world into which a White person still in possession of his brain wants to be born. It’s this — the highest possible stake — that hangs in the balance; not silly little things like whether Newt Gingrich is electable or Pennsylvania reclaimable for the GOP through conservative Whites’ resettlement.

The task is not to achieve a White majority. The U.S. already has a White majority. Europe has a huge White majority. It’s useless. At issue is a complete undoing of most cultural developments of the last 53 years or so, and a revision of much of Christianity’s and political theory’s evolution of the past 100 years. It’s been a long and interesting road, but it’s now obvious that it ends in a sheer drop: Kali Yuga .

Look now at the symbol at the head of his text. It represents the Great Tao, the eternal unifying principle of opposing cosmic forces that make up the Universe. It’s a Chinese concept commonly associated with the philosopher Lao Tse (6th century BC), but probably much older than that. Yin — the female element — and Yang — the male element — are each charged with a momentum ready to displace the other but still containing its germ. A dynamic balance results, a unity of opposing forces that make all atoms spin and all phenomena manifest.

In the cosmos, antigravity — the universe- expanding force first intuited by Einstein — is the Yin element, as is any other centrifugal vector. Attractive gravity, or any other centripetal force, is the Yang. In nutrition, acid is Yin, alkali is Yang; overdo the one or the other, you’ll get sick. In combat, the light initial tug (as discussed in Part 1) is Yin; the resulting slam into the ground is the Yang. Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (among thousands of his own and other masters’ observations on Yin/Yang) wrote: “The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, Yin and Yang.

The healthy human body’s pH balance is about 7 on a scale of 14, which is another way of describing a salutary Yin/Yang equilibrium. Overdo the soft drinks, alcohol and other sugars, starches, cigarettes, drugs, pills and stress, and you are in for Yin toxemia, i.e. a pH of 6 or lower that is a sure road to major illness. Cancer — the ultimate growth syndrome — is the quintessential Yin disease.

Similarly, a once-healthy society that has binged for 45 years on distending its population with tens of millions of imported aliens, puffing up inclusion and tolerance into a gigantic obsession, dilating the voting franchise, growing prodigiously claimed rights and entitlements, swelling the welfare rolls, pumping its money supply, inflating enormous asset bubbles, exploding the inventory of risky investment instruments, amplifying the growth of doctored profits and faked GNP statistics, overcommitting internationally, overstretching its military, overlawyering, over-regulating and overtaxing its citizens (but not its banksters) and metastasizing its media into 1000 channels of garbage is mired in a toxic Yin bog with no understanding of what it has done to itself. When you add to this the feminist revolution, the feminization of all walks of life, the 510 clucking hens among the 535 members of U.S. Congress, the metrosexual president, the coed dorms, female military, tranny police sergeants, gay (gay???) homo wives, 6-ft. reed-thin men with nipple rings and ear plugs, Oprah, Hillary, shop-till-you-drop, meek impotence at home versus millions of unnamed “youths” in Eurabia and America or bandits abroad like the NorKor commies — it’s Yin accelerating Yin, whirling to breakdown and destruction like a malformed flywheel too heavy on one side, spinning at 100,000 RPM.

This is not an entirely novel analysis for the West either. Already in 1935 Arnold Toynbee explained history in terms of circular Yin/Yang rhythms. His A Study of History published in twelve volumes over 20 years sought to explain how civilizations came to exist, flourish, and wane. Toynbee applied his model to 26 civilizations, showing the five stages through which they all passed: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration. Universal State — the stage in which the West is now — emerges when the elite, whom Toynbee called “Creative Minority,” ceases to be creative and degenerates into merely a “Dominant Minority” that forces the majority to obey without deserving obedience. Disintegration is next.

Although Toynbee referred specifically to the Yin/Yang Chinese concept, his emphasis was slightly different from ours here. He saw in Yin tranquility and stability, in Yang action and upheaval, and in history phases alternating from the one to the other. My focus is on Yin as the expansive and feminine force, on Yang as the contractive and masculine force, and on their proper equilibrium. What is clear, through the one prism or the other, is that the West is at the peak of perhaps the biggest Yin wave in history. What follows is disintegration through a wrenching Yang upheaval.

A social environment fit for the happy and productive existence of sentient beings is one in which Yin and Yang are balanced. Adolf Hitler dragged Western civilization onto the second of the mutilating peaks of Yang that, before 1914 -1944, had not been scaled by Westerners since Roman times [6]. It was inevitable that subsequently the West counter-swing like a giant pendulum through the point of equilibrium and far into the Yin zone, just as it had before, into Christian martyrdom in Rome and meekness of Rome. What was not inevitable and should not have happened is that the immersion in Yin continue unabated since 1945. A Yang balancing should have started around 1969 already.

An Eastern sage or even a random Chinese general laughs his head off watching the feminized West flapping around in its menopausal Yin ways to hold back super-Yang barbarians on the streets of Antwerp, Luton or Cleveland, or in Afghanistan and Somalia. America is so far gone that it releases Talib mass murderers upon capture while capturing and jailing for 40 years heroic American soldiers whose gonads and fighting instincts still function properly. Invoking recently the swift, brutal and effective actions of Korean and Malaysian commandos against Somali pirates, Richard Fernandez wrote: “The wonder weapon of the Koreans, though less potent than that used by the Malaysians was that they were neither European nor American.”

They who would turn the tide, at least for the Freedom People, must perceive the magnitude of the historic, nay, cosmic forces at play. And to have a chance at restoring balance and glory to Western civilization, they must beware of those who, moved by atavistic forces beyond their ken, push from the current extremes of Yin into Hitlerian extremes of Yang. Without understanding that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the White race, and that the Holocaust did happen as commonly beheld and worse, one is deprived of the understanding of the sources of the current Yin abyss, and consequently cannot redress the counter-calamity in an effective and lasting way.

Inventing a golden past that never was, falsifying history to right a grave current imbalance is an awful crime not as much against the dead and the hostile as against the living and allied. To revive Christianity, without which a Western Renaissance is unthinkable, it’s necessary to stop lying about the roots, branches and charred stumps of the faith’s history. It’s necessary to perceive Jesus as a Jew who came with a redeeming Yin message at a historical peak of Yang in both the Roman and Jewish cultures: the former then embodying the heights of sadistic brutality and militarism, and the latter the depths of religious fanaticism and pharisaism. The current Church is an embodiment of Yin too, as is the majority of diaspora Jews and other Progressives — but it’s Yin at the peak of Yin in the surrounding society. What was a redeeming force in the past is now the potion of impotence and eclipse.

To understand why Christianity is so harmfully Yin it’s necessary to acknowledge, not whitewash, the past crimes, wars, errors and excesses of the Church and link them causally to the inevitable backswing of Reformation, Enlightenment and pervasive defection of the faithful. What we are seeing in all the Christian denominations is their own backswing into extreme Yin in tacit or express repentance for Christianity’s extreme Yang that ended 250 years ago. It’s too much, too late, and totally useless now. But useless as well is deluded “conservative” Christians’ blaming the Protestants, the Masons, the philosophes, the Jews, the Enlightenment and Vatican II for all this.

Perhaps the most important intellectual and spiritual task for people who would save the West is to understand that the current meme of “Judeo-Christian” values and the clerics’ prattling about the affinity of Abrahamic religions is merely a symptom of the yinnization of Christianity and its Western cradle. Western civilization can be balanced and healthy again when it has recovered all five of its cornerstones. They are the pantheist-pagan, Greek, Roman, Judaic and Christian.

It’s because of the Church’s early extirpation of the pantheist-pagan foundations of European culture that the vital connection to the soil and the happiness and rootedness that come from venerating native Nature’s beauty and bounty have vanished. Had that been preserved, as it is in Shinto, the peoples of the West would not have fallen so easily for materialism, nihilism, psychoanalysis, do-goodism, multiculturalism and all the other stupid isms — all shadow plays in the skulls of solipsists cut off from ways of experiential knowing.

Little has remained of the Greek and Roman foundations, though the Church did preserve the intellectual achievements. The Greeks had a love of aesthetic, moral and intellectual perfection without which one is so much the shabbier. Had any traces of the Greeks’ educational system remained, with its emphasis on forming the human character along noble ideals, banksters and thieving CEOs could not have reached the top of the social pecking order, and a different class of people would be sitting on the benches of Congress. As for the Romans, they had patriarchy and veneration of tradition and wisdom over the flash of youth, and sanctity of the family and rootedness in the past. Rome was gone when those were gone, but they are now missing in us too.

One option remains for the Freedom People — a people that’s defeated, scattered, betrayed, leaderless, caught in the net of a government working entirely for the other side regardless of which party holds the power. That option is, to gather and start something new. Not in 34 states as enumerated in Part 1, but in fewer than ten.

This is not the project for the conventional or fainthearted. It must start from an unshakeable certainty as strong as the religious zeal that moved the Puritans and the Amish across the Atlantic Ocean to initial pain, hardship and disappointment. It’s no less than crossing the perilous prairie in a Conestoga wagon. It must start from the conviction that the entire slope must collapse on which the NWO round stones now crush Whites committed to preserve the civilization of Whites. And the realization that the Freedom People themselves prop that slope with their virtue, labor and taxes.

(to be continued)


1. I find Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis persuasive in this matter, which does not mean that I prefer all of his ideas over Buchanan’s.
2. Karl Denninger of MarketTicker has listed additional inscriptions on the tomb of America’s democracy here.
3. Latest rot disclosure here), latest control fraud here.
4. Europe’s democracy is already passé, gone, in a coup d’état of the EU ruling elite.
5. Martin Jacques even wrote a book about that, When China Rules the World; The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (Allen Lane, 2009), but no book can halt a steamroller that’s been tearing along for 30 years.
6. The West had suffered the Yang storms of Genghis Khan in the 13th century and, before him, Attila in the 5th. But they and their hordes were Asian.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2011Despite the curfew and the presence of battle tanks on the streets of Cairo, the protests in Egypt continue. The military raised the stakes by buzzing the center of the city with F-15s, and a military helicopter was observed circling Tahrir Square. Hosni Mubarak is still hanging on, although Mohammed El Baradei insists that today must be the president’s last day in office. Families of foreign diplomats are being evacuated, and many foreign businessmen have left the country.

In other news, China’s real estate market continues to overheat. Demand for real property is so high that prices are going through the roof. Economists warn that the country may be in the midst of a giant real estate bubble, which is bound to pop sooner or later.

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M-80s for a Mosque in Dearborn


You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that this is going to be trouble: an old white guy tried to blow up a mosque in Dearborn. has this report:

A 63-year-old Vietnam veteran has been charged with threatening to blow up one of America’s largest mosques.

Roger Stockham, of Imperial Beach, CA, was arrested Jan. 24 in the parking lot of the Islamic Center of America. Police found a large quantify of class-C fireworks, including M-80s, in the trunk of his car.

Wait a minute — this is a 170,000 square foot mosque. It would take a lot more than a trunkload of M-80s to blow up a building of that size.

But we’ll put that quibble aside for a minute and continue with the article:

He has been charged with one count of a false report or threat of terrorism and one count of explosives-possession of bombs with unlawful intent.

If convicted, Stockham could face 15 years in prison on the fireworks charge and up to 20 years on the terrorism charge.

He was arraigned Wednesday and is being held on $500,000 bond.

According to local reports, a bartender in a Detroit bar overheard Stockham threaten to damage a mosque in Dearborn. The bartender followed the suspect outside and copied down his license plate number. He then called Detroit police who called police in Dearborn.

Detroit police then sent out an alert. Stockham was arrested in the mosque’s parking lot. About 500 people were inside at the time.


Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said announcement of the arrest was delayed out of fear of copycat incidents.

The delay makes sense. As it happens, however, it was CAIR that forced the chief’s hand. According to the Press and Guide:

The story was first reported by The Press & Guide Saturday night. Though the incident happened almost a week ago, information wasn’t made public until Saturday when the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan issued a press statement on the incident.

“We thank law enforcement authorities for their quick and professional actions in this troubling incident,” said Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter. “The increased number of bias incidents targeting American Muslim institutions must be addressed by local, state and national authorities.”

Now the picture is becoming clearer: CAIR needs these M-80s to be an attempt at a major terrorist attack in order to confirm its assertion that racist, Islamophobic sentiments are on the increase in the United States.

And what about Roger Stockham? Why would he fill a trunk with M-80s and make the long trek to Dearborn?

Well, it seems that Mr. Stockham may be a couple of laceholes shy of a fully tied shoe. The Press and Guide again:

Police said Stockham has a lengthy history of mental problems and crime.

According to published reports, Stockham previously has been implicated in a bombing plot. A 1985 Los Angeles Times article said Stockham was arrested that year at Reno Cannon International Airport for planting a pipe bomb and carrying an unregistered firearm. The newspaper said Stockham, 38 at the time, had a history of criminal and mental problems and was being sent to a federal penitentary [sic] for evaluation of symptoms reportedly caused by post-traumatic stress related to his service in Vietnam. The article doesn’t mention what the outcome of the evaluation was.

So the man is a Vietnam combat vet with PTSD. Normally the MSM would be greatly sympathetic towards the poor fellow. The narrative would describe him as “troubled”, and reporters would examine the negligence of the Veterans’ Administration in allowing one of its charges to deteriorate to this level.

However, to his great misfortune, Roger Stockham messed with the most untouchable special interest group in America: Muslims. This puts him beyond the pale.

Forget “troubled” — enter the “deranged loner”. In the cloud around this news story, expect these additional keywords: militias, Tea Parties, right-wing extremists, Second Amendment, and Sarah Palin.

Wait and see. Tomorrow, when the news bureaus are fully staffed, and all the Homeland Security apparatchiks are behind their desks again, the full-court press will begin.

Leftists and Mujahideen on the Streets of Toronto

On January 29 an Egyptian Freedom Support Rally was held in Toronto to show solidarity with the protesters on the streets of Cairo. Not surprisingly, the event was massively infiltrated by an unholy alliance of the far Left and Islamic extremists. Also not surprisingly, the major Canadian media failed to report on this aspect of the rally.

Blazing Cat Fur has posted a report on what happened, and has also made up for the gross negligence of MSM by creating his own YouTube report based on photos and video from the event:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Whose Tent?

Girl fightOn Friday night I broached the subject of pragmatic and temporary alliances among diverse anti-jihad groups who may disagree with each other on many other issues, but share the primary goal of resisting Islamization.

The paradigmatic problem is the rift between the BNP and other groups in Britain, including the English Defence League. Imnokuffar, one of the commenters on the second thread, voiced a sentiment that seems common among BNP supporters: they feel the BNP has been treated so badly in the past that they want nothing to do with any other organizations:

Theory is great but it must inform action. The problem is that those constructing the tent will define who enters it and for what reasons they are allowed to enter.

So for instance my party the BNP would never enter the tent if it were to be merely “tolerated”. We wound find such toleration to be insulting and demeaning to our members. I think that other groups labeled as “far right” would hold the same opinion though of course I cannot speak for them.

I am not going to enter a tent full of people who have already branded me a racist, a bigot and a fascist but who have decided to hold thier noses in the name of the common good. [emphasis added]

Bewick, whose comment was the original seed for the post, spoke up for the contrary point of view:

Your stance, Imnokuffar, is the problem. You won’t enter the tent because of a perceived slight. Doesn’t that make you exactly the same as “offended” Muslims?

If you would prefer that your female grandchildren (even daughters) must wear a burka , be treated as 2nd class citizens, possibly be forced to become sex slaves then feel free in your tunnel vision. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I despair and thank God that I’ll be gone by the time this nightmare matures. I would so wish that Islam really was a Religion of Peace but it isn’t.

BNP members often express scorn for the English Defence League. To an outsider such as myself, a temporary alliance of expedience between the BNP and the EDL would seem natural and desirable. Although the two groups differ on the topic of race, among other things, they are in broad agreement on the most important issues that face them: the rapid Islamization of Britain and the need to reverse the suicidal policy of mass immigration. Those issues are so urgent, and so potentially catastrophic for the English nation, that it would seem prudent for the two organizations to overlook their differences on other issues and combine forces to resist Islam.

Since the BNP is a political party, and the EDL is a community action organization, there need not be any great rivalry between the two groups over their general functions, which could complement one another. Differences of political opinion on topics other than those of Islam and immigration could be reconciled through the normal sausage-making process that goes on within any political coalition.

Yet it is not to be — the BNP seems staunchly opposed to the EDL, even though the distaste may not be entirely mutual.

Looking at the broader picture presented by Imnokuffar, it’s clear that much of his antipathy towards potential allies is motivated by the feeling that his party has been treated in an “insulting and demeaning” manner.

But why should that be the basis for a decision on whether or not to forge temporary and pragmatic alliances with other popular groups?

Why not put aside feelings of personal slight and calculate the most expedient course of action?

Which approach does more to improve the long-term electoral prospects of the BNP?

To be open to a coalition does not imply that one should be indiscriminate in forming such alliances. Each possibly ally should be assessed individually to determine whether its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

As an example, consider the earlier post about Douglas Murray, Maryam Namazie, and “One Law For All”. Ms. Namazie’s group is blatantly Communist, which means that its participation in any alliance should be regarded with the utmost skepticism. Communists have an extensive track record of entering alliances with the long-term goal of co-opting their ostensible partners and then overpowering and destroying them when their usefulness is at an end. Simple prudence would favor avoiding any alliance with any Communist group, no matter how temporary it might be.

And Mr. Murray, conservative or not, is himself prone to flinging the “racist” or “fascist” epithets fairly indiscriminately at anyone who seriously attempts to grapple with a solution to the imminent destruction of Great Britain by its rapidly growing Muslim population. If I were a British anti-jihad activist, I might well be reluctant to enter the tent with him — I would never know when he might turn on me as a “fascist”.

However, such calculations need to be made on a case-by-case basis. Is this person or group likely to be accommodating within a Counterjihad alliance? Can we expect cooperation, or are sniping, sandbagging, and infighting the more likely outcomes? Do our potential allies have assets to offer the coalition that outweigh their liabilities? And so on.

Imnokuffar mistrusts “those constructing the tent”. Well, who is constructing the tent? As a general rule, no one in an established and successful organization wants to hand over control of tent-formation to another group.

Under current circumstances, however, the proper course is for the tent to form itself. No one group need be the controller — different groups could come together as equals and agree to mutually acceptable terms for cooperation and coordination. All participants could decide to put aside their mutual antipathy for the time being for the sake of their common objectives.

Consider what is happening right now in Egypt — no one constructed that tent. It formed quite spontaneously, when the time was right. The Muslim Brotherhood did not create the insurrection, but it is shrewd enough to exploit it for its own purposes, just as the Communists would.

Consider also the various traditional branches of Islamic zealotry. The Shiites and the Sunnis hate each other more than do the BNP and the EDL (or even the BNP and Labour). Yet they often work together for the cause of jihad. Hamas is a Sunni organization, yet it is armed, funded, and at least partially controlled by Iran, a Shiite theocracy. The two factions are willing to put aside their ancient and substantial differences to make common cause against the infidel. After the kuffar have been totally defeated there will be time enough for a Sunni day when the Shiite hits the fan — or vice versa.

We need to learn from the Islamic example. Throughout its history, Islam has successfully expanded by exploiting the differences between groups of non-Muslims, who are as fractious as petroleum in a refinery tower. Pitting infidel against infidel has been a winning strategy for Muslims ever since the 7th century.

Not to raise a big tent over the shared goals of the Western Counterjihad would be a catastrophic failure. If we can’t put aside our feelings of insult and resentment for the duration, and make common cause against our common enemy, we are likely to meet the same fate as the formerly vibrant Christian nations of the Persian Gulf, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor.

And this time there’s no guarantee that there will be a 21st-century equivalent of Jan III Sobieski to turn back the tide at the gates of Paris, or Oslo, or Sydney, or Ottawa, or San Francisco.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2011The riots in Egypt are continuing apace. More than a hundred people have now been killed. President Hosni Mubarak has appointed two military officers as his prime minister and vice president. The Cairo Museum was looted, and the mob beheaded two of the infidel mummies. Police have disappeared from the streets, and ordinary citizens have formed vigilante groups to protect their property and their women.

In other news, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany warned the countries of the European Union that debt is their biggest enemy. She said that if the euro falls, Europe will fall.

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Pat Condell in Hungarian

Below is a Hungarian-subtitled version of Pat Condell’s latest video (the original, with a transcript, is posted here). Once again, to avoid the “Blogger bug”, I’ve placed the video below the jump, followed by the complete Hungarian transcript.

Many thanks to dzsihadfigyelo for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Pat Condell: A szomorú valóság Európában

0:00   Ha kritizálod a „béke vallását”, akkor biztos lehetsz benne, hogy „gyűlöletbeszéddel” fognak vádolni
0:04   olyan emberek, akik olyan szemléletesen és undorító módon vádolnak és fenyegetőznek, ahogy
0:08   a gyenge fantáziájuk engedi, mégis téged fognak gyűlöletbeszéd miatt bűnözőnek tartani.
0:13   És ha nem vagy szerencsés, akkor olyan részén is élhetsz Európának, ahol
0:15   ezért be fognak perelni.
0:17   Bárki, aki azt gondolta, hogy Dánia karikatúrákkal kapcsolatos tapasztalatai
0:21   arra ösztönzik az országot, hogy ne adja be a derekát, elcsüggedve hallhatja, hogy
0:25   Dánia a legújabb európai ország, amely azért üldözi a polgárait
0:28   mert kimondták az igazságot az „állandó sértődöttség vallásáról.”
0:31   A héten a Free Press Society elnökét, Lars Hedegaardot állították bíróság elé,
0:36   amiért utalt az iszlám országokban tapasztalható viszonylag magas családon belüli erőszakra.
0:42   A legtöbb ember tudja, hogy az egyik dolog, amely miatt az iszlám kultúra
0:46   egyértelműen alacsonyabb rendű, mint a nyugati, az a nők elleni erőszak.
0:49   Nem „más”, hanem egyértelműen kevésbé civilizált.
0:53   Ugyanakkor a dán hatóságok szeretnék, ha az emberek úgy tennének,
0:55   mintha az iszlámban nem létezne nők elleni erőszak,
0:59   mert különben valamit tenniük kellene ez ellen.
1:02   És ezt akarják a legkevésbé, mert ez zavargásokat,
1:05   barrikádokat, és gyújtogatásokat eredményezne,
1:08   és lehet, hogy a muszlim országokba utazó dánokat megtámadnák és megölnék.
1:12   Ezért inkább úgy tesznek, mintha ez nem is történne, és bűnözőnek tekintenek mindenkit, aki ezt kimondja.
1:16   Sokkal biztonságosabb a saját népüket elnyomni,
1:19   mivel tudják, hogy emiatt nem fognak zavargások kitörni, és senki sem fog meghalni.
1:23   Ebben, csakúgy mint a másik két kirakatperben, amely jelenleg
1:27   Hollandiában és Ausztriában folyik, az igazság nem számít.
1:31   Mivel ezek nem az igazság kiderítésésről, vagy felfedésésrők szólnak,
1:34   amit a bíróságoknak tenniük kellene, hanem arról, hogy elhallgattassák az igazságot azért,
1:38   hogy csillapítsák a muszlim erőszakot. Így mindez egy kulturális terrorizmussá válik.
1:42   És ehhez hozzájön még az a tény, hogy erről nem hallunk semmit a
1:46   nyugati médiából, az ún. „szabad sajtóból”, amely úgy látszik, ezt titokban akarja tartani.
1:52   Ha nem lenne internet, akkor senki sem tudna erről a perről,
1:55   vagy arról, ami Ausztriában történik.
1:58   A bírálat bűncselekménnyé vált több európai országban.
2:02   A nyugati médiában nincs ezzel kapcsolatban senkinek mondanivalója?
2:06   Vagy annyira hülyék és engedékenyek, hogy nem ismerik fel, hogy ezek a törvények
2:11   a szabad sajtót is fenyegetik, és nem csak a hétköznapi embereket, ha őszinte véleményt akarnak nyilvánítani?
2:15   A legártalmasabb hazugság az, hogy minden kultúra egyenlő,
2:20   annak ellenére, hogy világosan és egyértelműen látható és bizonyítható, hogy ennek köze sincs a valósághoz.
2:24   Annyiban hasonlóak egymáshoz, hogy ugyanazon a bolygón vannak.
2:28   De ezzel kapcsolatban nagyon diplomatikusak vagyunk, mivel annyira tele vagyunk
2:31   poszt-imperialista bűntudattal, amelyre
2:34   szűzi erényként tekintünk, ahelyett, hogy megnyomorító átokként fognánk fel.
2:38   Amikor embereket milliószámra engedtek be olyan országokból,
2:41   ahol magától értetődő dolog, hogy megcsonkítják a lányaikat,
2:44   ahol azonnal megölik őket a „becsület” nevében,
2:47   és ahol azokat, akiket megerőszakoltak, bűnözőnek tekintik, akkor nem kell géniusznak lenni ahhoz, hogy
2:51   kitaláljuk, hogy ezeket az értékeket és hozzáállást velük együtt importáljuk,
2:54   amíg lépéseket nem teszünk azért, hogy megakadályozzuk ezt.
2:57   És ez látványosan nem történt meg Európában.
3:01   Éppen ellenkezőleg, ezt támogattuk a szeparatizmus és gettósodás segítségével,
3:05   régi jó barátunk, a multikulturalizmus égisze alatt.
3:08   Ennek eredményeként
3:10   a nők elleni iszlám erőszak kellemetlen valósággá vált Európában.
3:14   És bárki, aki a törvényeket arra használja, hogy az erről szóló vitát megpróbálja elhallgattatni,
3:17   az nem felvilágosult, toleráns, vagy liberális, hanem szégyenletes, buta,
3:21   gyáva és megbocsájthatatlan a számára. Ez kulturális szennyezés, amely a bűnözés kategóriájába esik.
3:27   És ha Európában élsz, akkor az unokáid fogják ezért megfizetni az árat.
3:30   És meg fognak vetni ezért, és mindenki mást is, aki ma hagyja, hogy ez történjen.
3:34   A civilizációnk a szabadon kinyilvánítható ellentétes elképzelések olvasztótégelyében keletkezett,
3:41   és ez a titka. Ez tett minket azokká, akik vagyunk,
3:45   és a társadalmunkat az emberiség történelmének legfejlettebb társadalmává.
3:49   És ezt kötelességünk megőrizni a jövő nemzedéke számára,
3:53   BÁRMI ÁRON!
3:55   A jogok ellenére, amelyekkel az utóbbi években rendelkeztünk
3:59   ez az egy, amelyet nem hagyhatunk elveszni.
4:02   Mivel ha nincs jogunk elmondani, amit gondolunk, akkor az összes többi jognak nincs értelme.
4:06   A szólásszabadság nem egy gerinctelen megbékítő generáció tulajdona.
4:11   Lényeges és velünk született része az identitásunknak, mint ahogy a muszlimoknak a Korán.
4:17   Senkinek sincs joga ezt korlátozni, vagy megváltoztatni, függetlenül attól, hogy ki állítja azt, hogy „megsértették”.
4:24   Bárki, akit zavar, hogy „megsértették” az vagy növeljen vastagabb bőrt,
4:28   vagy éljen máshol.
4:30   És ha ez sem tetszik, akkor menjenek a pokolba,
4:33   és ez vonatkozik az összes ügyészre és arra a lóra, amin lovagolnak.
4:39   Béke!
4:41   Ha mondhatok ilyet.

Dymphna’s Excellent Medical Adventure, #463

So I was standing in the hall the other day minding my own business when all of a sudden my knee just gave out and I went hurtling to the floor. Well, okay, I more or less slumped but at the moment of impact I felt like a thrown object. As I lay there, probably in mild shock, what flashed through my mind was the Zippy cartoon strip in which he is found as a stow-away on a big ocean liner. The captain angrily has ol’ Zip tossed into a small rowboat in the middle of the ocean. His reaction, quintessential Zippy, is to look back at the ship rapidly disappearing over the horizon and declare, “first I was in a big boat, now I’m in a little boat”. So I looked at the rug, whose pattern I could now observe quite minutely and said to myself, “first I was standing up, now I’m lying down”.

I lay there for a while studying the rug and considering my options (made a mental note to clean the rug if ever I were vertical again). Obviously, the Baron was upstairs and wouldn’t hear me if I yelled; anyway, even when I’m mad I’m not a good yeller. So my choices were to either wait until he wandered by or…to attempt to get up and see if any body parts rebelled more than usual. [The last time I was in the hospital (a few years ago now), the physical therapist showed me how to sit down and the floor easily and how to rise again. Because of fibromyalgia I had to re-learn something I’d taken for granted when I was a “normie”.]

After poking about a bit and not discovering any pain I did those p.t. moves and was up on my feet, seemingly none the worse for the fall. My ‘trick’ knee, acquired a few years ago whilst caught between a ladder and a fig tree, had simply buckled without warning. Even though the shredded meniscus was promptly removed, that knee has never done anything like that before. However, as my son observed, once one gets older seems like most injuries are the result of earlier injuries. Hmmm…so the slings and arrows simply repeat themselves?

For the next several hours I was fine. Good thing, too, since it was a snowy night and the roads weren’t so great.

As time went on, my left side, up past the abdominal quadrants doctors divide your torso into and into my ribs, began to ache. The pain increased enough to warrant a discussion with whichever doctor was on call. We went over symptoms – no fever, no nausea, the pain didn’t move toward my back, etc. (in other words, no apparent injury to the spleen) – and decided it was safer to wait it out until office hours the next day rather than risk a long, dark trek to the Emergency Room during bad weather.

By the next morning the pain was a bit more intense. After the doctor’s physical examination of my rib area, it was a good deal worse indeed. So they did some lab work and everything seemed okay – e.g., white blood cell count was normal. My blood oxygen level was a tad low, which was a concern, so they took more blood for the bigger lab and said they’d get the results and call me today, even though it would be a Saturday.

Well, they didn’t like whatever it was they saw on the D-dimer blood test this morning. My doctor called, saying she’d arranged for a look-see at the hospital to rule out a pulmonary embolism.

That’s one way to bring your Saturday to an abrupt halt.

Thus we had to go into town after all, but at least it was daylight and at least we got to skip the ER terminal tedium before being sent eventually to radiology to get a CT of the chest/rib area to rule out pulmonary thrombosis. The “false positives” on this test are rather high, so I wasn’t concerned…umm, make that “I wasn’t too concerned. As we’ve learned to do over the years for all the various hospital/medical procedures, we packed up coffee, food, reading materials, and my pain medicines. I bought along Wretchard’s book to while away the time since we’d certainly have to wait for the test and then wait again for the radiologist to come down to read the test and then wait some more while he conferred with my family doctor.

But there was no waiting for this one. All testing procedures should be so smooth. The longest part was a brief spell (we spent the time in the hospital cafeteria. Both of us enjoy food we don’t have to cook ourselves so the baked chicken and salad were just fine with us. Hospital food is good. Really.). When we got back to radiology the doctor had come and gone and everything was okay. No clot lurking in my chest; we were free to go home.

Home?! Not hardly. If we have to go to the Big City where there is real latte and Lowe’s and an Indian food store, we weren’t going home without a few geegaws. Poha at the Indian store, plus paneer and coconut oil and whee! – jaggery! Lowe’s was particularly exciting: zipping around on the electric cart trying not to hit anyone as I picked out a new trash can and a lamp shade and some foaming sealant for the storm windows. Our last stop was Starbucks, amidst the Beemers and hybrid cars. Unfortunately for the Baron I didn’t realize the latte was a sharesie until it was all gone. Oops.

We resisted getting every single thing on the “Next Time We Go to Town” list. My limited energy always calls a halt to foraging expeditions anyway, but I was extra careful not to push it this time and end up with a two-day fatigue. I didn’t even go to Whole Foods for organic chicken livers (for pâté) or to wander the store looking for free cheese samples. That place is much easier to resist if you never walk through the front door in the first place.

Our family doctor had left a voice mail while we were gone. She was very relieved the pulmonary embolism was indeed ruled out. All I have is a severe contusion on that part of the chest wall. No bones were hurt in the making of this crisis, thank heavens. As the Baron remarked when we got to the front door, “all in all that was definitely a very minor blip on Dymphna’s health radar”.

Indeed it was a minor blip. A small trip amongst the many we have Taken to Town for Applied Medical Indignities. As they say in the Midwest, “it could’ve been worse, thank you”.

So it’s back to doctor’s orders: bed rest (some), pain medication (more than usual), liberal plasters of Lidoderm as often as allowed, and repeated applications of Wretchard’s book till I’m done.

Thanks, y’all for the kind notes and comments. Reading them makes me feel better! I’m so glad we’re home now and the Baron is back where he should be: sitting in front of the computer reviving his carpal tunnel syndrome.