A Swedish Look at Tommy Robinson

The following documentary about Tommy Robinson was made by the Swedish dissident website Samhällsnytt under the direction of Kent Ekeroth, who did the interviews and narration. Mr. Ekeroth is an anti-Islam activist and a member of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna).

The Swedish portions of the video have been translated and subtitled in English, except for the wrap-up at the end, which is only summarized. The English portions of the footage are not included in the transcript.

In this video Tommy is given an extended opportunity to explain himself and narrate his experiences in the EDL, with the media, and in prison. It includes excellent footage of Modern Multicultural Luton, which has been thoroughly Islamized. It also excerpts from earlier videos of Tommy going back almost ten years.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Railroading of Tommy Robinson

The following video is a report on Tommy Robinson by Lars Andersen, a Danish vlogger and former police officer. Mr. Andersen discusses Tommy’s speech at the Free Press Society and his interview on Danish TV, both of which were published here earlier this week.

The subtitled video of the Deadline interview with Peter Münster referred to by Mr. Andersen was posted here last September.

This video is an excellent fisking of the Danish MSM. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Or so the Gruniad delightedly reports – but I’m not going to give them a link for their tediously predictable smear. This “far-right extremist, blah blah” has been silenced yet again by the vast extremist left-wing machine. So for those whose MSM tunnel vision leaves them unable to see reality, enh. Make yourselves comfortable in Plato’s Cave.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So TR has to build a workaround yet again. Do these monoliths-in-a-bubble think they rule everything? If they really were in charge, Hillary would be in the White House now.

Any predictions about the future are difficult at this point, but one thing is for sure: Tommy/Stephen won’t be silenced on this side of life’s curtain. He and Trump share some commonalities, including the ability to rise from the ashes again and again. A genetic Resurrection feature.

In addition to the demo yesterday (links from commenters are invited and welcome), Tommy has that three-part series on YouTube. I’m slowly making my way through it, still on Part One.

You can pick up Parts the Second and Third further down on the sidebar.

I’d wanted to get more background on this series, but when The Totalitarians struck, it seemed best to go with what I have in the queue.

Any Brits who can fill in the blanks, any who were at that demo (yesterday? Sunday?), please chime in.

Though Tommy is younger than we are, he’s had the same puncture points, the same epiphanies as we have. He mentions a few in the first section – 9/11 (I would include 7/7 in London which had a huge impact on me), the horror of Beslan, Lee Rigby, etc., ad nauseam.

What I Did on my Winter Vacation

I’m calling it “winter” because the forecast calls for snow here tomorrow.

I arrived home earlier this evening (actually, it was yesterday evening, but I’ll refer to it as today, because I haven’t been to bed yet). Before I even talked to Vlad tonight, he had already been tipped to the RT video below, which shows the interruption of an event — which I attended — by a trio of social justice warriors. You can even see me in some of the footage because I was sitting in the front row, directly in front of the guy who started shouting at the congressman:

RT got the name of the event wrong, and included almost nothing of the real discussion (just a tiny bit from Tommy Robinson), so I’ll explain what it was: It was a panel discussion entitled “De-Platforming, A New Problem”, sponsored by the Middle East Forum and hosted by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC. Daniel Pipes was the moderator, and in addition to Rep. Gosar, the panelists were Tommy Robinson (by video link), Anne Marie Waters of For Britain, Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London, and Ezra Levant of Rebel Media.

In one of the bitter ironies of our time, a group of lefty activists attempted to de-platform the panel of a discussion on de-platforming. In his remarks during the event, Mr. Levant referred to that type of action as “3D de-platforming” — physical disruption, noise, threats, and even violent attacks to prevent people from speaking.

Tommy couldn’t be there in person because his visa didn’t come through in time. I must emphasize that he was not denied a visa; the process simply wasn’t completed in time. The fact that Monday was a federal holiday helped make sure of that. But he and the MEF assure everyone that he will get here eventually (if the Home Secretary allows him to leave, that is).

I’ll have a lot more to say about today’s event and its interruption as soon as I get the time to write it up.

I arrived home too late to do a news feed, so there will just have to be a really big news feed tomorrow (later today).

Polish Interview With Tommy Robinson, Questions Subtitled in English

Last week we posted this excellent Polish interview with Tommy Robinson, which I now know was recorded in London on May 6, 2017. As I pointed, the questions are in Polish, and the answers are in English.

Nick, a native Polish-speaker, kindly volunteered to translate the questions into English, and Vlad Tepes turned them into subtitles:

Video transcript (questions only):

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Tommy Robinson: The Polish Interview

Before he left England for last weekend’s National Independence Day march in Poland, Tommy Robinson was interviewed by the Polish Counterjihad site Euro Islam. The video below is a little peculiar, since the questions are asked in Polish, and then answered by Tommy in English. He was obviously getting a translation during the out-takes, but we don’t — there are no subtitles, and as far as I can tell, no CC. So the non-Polish viewer is left guessing about what the questions were.

It’s an excellent interview, covering a wide range of topics from the founding of the English Defence League through Tommy’s imprisonment all the way to current events in the UK and Europe.

What comes through most strongly is Tommy’s struggle to accept the likelihood that he will be killed for doing what he does. He reminds us that if we aren’t willing to die for what we consider important — especially our children’s future — then our lives are all but pointless.

Victor Davis Hanson

This is a class on World War II (or the Second World War, if you prefer). It was taught by Victor Davis Hanson, a classics historian who writes extensively about the destruction of his home place in California, a vineyard that’s been in his family for four generations. Sometimes his stories sound like events that could only happen in some dystopian future. But then, California has always bragged that is is the future, so there you go.

The lecture gives me hope because it means that at least at Hillsdale College, history is still being taught. Dr Hanson teaches there in the Fall semester.

No doubt some of our readers will object to his point of view. That’s what makes history interesting, i.e., divergent points of view. I have my own disagreements, but I try not to let perfect be the enemy of good enough. And Hanson is good enough indeed.

Tommy Robinson: Assault Case May Be Reopened

None of us thought the totalitarian British state was done with Tommy Robinson yet, and now it’s been confirmed: The Crown Prosecution Service is considering retrying Tommy for the “assault” in prison.

One thing that should be noted about the article below: it wasn’t simple boiling water that was going to be thrown on Tommy; it was boiling water with sugar dissolved in it, which in prison argot is known as “napalm”. The sugar adheres to the skin, and makes the resulting burns much more severe and painful. That’s what his Muslim assailant intended to use on Tommy.

From The International Business Times:

Tommy Robinson: CPS Investigating Possible Retrial of Ex-EDL Leader for Assault Charge

Tommy Robinson could be dragged back to court to face a charge of assault after prosecutors said they may seek a retrial. The former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) had been accused of attacking a fellow inmate in 2015 while serving a sentence for mortgage fraud in Peterborough Prison.

Robinson, who now helps lead anti-Islam group Pegida UK, appeared in Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on 14 April for trial, having crowdfunded £24,000 for a legal defence from his supporters. The case against the 33-year-old, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, collapsed after Robinson’s QC successfully argued the trial could not continue because of failures in providing evidence.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) this week told IBTimes UK the case has now been passed to its appeals team, however, which is looking into whether the body “should seek a judicial review” of the judge’s ruling.

No decision has yet been made but a CPS spokesperson said should it decide to appeal the judge’s decision, there could be a retrial.

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ESW in Dallas: “Europe is Careening Over the Multicultural Cliff”

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has just returned to Austria after an extended visit to the United States, where she was invited to speak by various anti-Islamization groups in different cities.

On April 21 Elisabeth spoke in Dallas, Texas at an event sponsored by the Dallas chapter of ACT! For America. She was introduced at the event by Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West. Below is the prepared text for her speech.

(L-R) Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Rabbi Jon Hausman, Dallas, April 21 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for inviting me to speak to ACT! for America here in Dallas, Texas. These are perilous times we are living in. Advocates for freedom on both sides of the Atlantic need to stand together!

For the past nine months Austria and the rest of Western Europe have undergone a profound transformation, one that will inevitably change the face of Europe permanently. I refer, of course, to the migration crisis, which began in earnest last summer, and is continuing as I speak to you. As the weather warms up and spring gives way to summer, we may expect the crisis to intensify even further. More than a million immigrants arrived in Austria and Germany via the “Balkan route” last year, and at least as many are expected to come this year — probably significantly more.

These migrants are generally referred to by our political leaders and the media as “refugees”, but this is hardly the case. Not only are most of them from countries where there is no war to flee from, but they are also overwhelmingly young Muslim men, of fighting age. In other words, the current crisis is actually an instance of Islamic hijra, or migration into infidel lands to advance the cause of Islam. The hijra goes hand in hand with jihad — once enough Muslim migrants have settled in the target country, violent jihad can begin.

It should be quite clear by now that the jihad phase has already begun in Western Europe. The most recent instances were the massacres in Paris and Brussels, which were acts of jihad carried out by Muslims. Some of the terrorists were in fact “refugees” who had pretended to be “Syrian” and came in with the migrant wave.

And all of them were fighting jihad in the way of Allah, as instructed by the Koran.

I could take up my entire time slot tonight talking about the European migration crisis, and never do more than scratch the surface. However, I’d like to discuss one aspect of the crisis that is very important: the manipulation by the mainstream media of the news about the migrants.

A single example from a beach in Turkey will help give you an idea of what is going on. The image that sparked Western interest in the crisis was the widely-publicized photograph of the dead toddler on the beach in Turkey. That photo is an example of media manipulation. Not about the fact of the baby’s death, but what was done with his little body once he was dead. There is now ample evidence that the body was moved and arranged in place so that the most heart-wrenching photo could be taken. Furthermore, the father of the child was not a poor helpless refugee trying to escape to freedom, but an accomplice of the people smugglers who piloted the boat, who irresponsibly brought his family with him.

For journalists working for Der Spiegel or Le Figaro or The Guardian or CNN, the media narrative is more important than the truth. And the media narrative was (and is) that poor innocent refugees are drowning because they are left to die by evil Europeans.

Those facts about the incident never made it into public consciousness. Not like the image of the pitiful corpse at the edge of the waves — that’s the kind of story that the Western media love to dish out, especially when it promotes the media narrative. It’s also the kind of story that Western audiences love to lap up — it’s what Gates of Vienna, the website I’m associated with, calls “Dead Baby Porn”.

Dead Baby Porn tugs the heartstrings of well-meaning Westerners. It reinforces all their presuppositions about current events. It gives them a vicarious frisson about the poor, suffering child. And, in their response, it makes them feel morally superior when they join the clamor to open their country’s borders to the unfortunate “refugees”.

The media feed the public a steady stream of photos and videos that feature pitiful migrant women and children. We see them looking through the razor wire towards “freedom”, weeping, cooking their food over a campfire, and being pushed back by border guards. Yet these images are so misleading that they constitute disinformation.

The ugly fact is that the overwhelming majority of the “refugees” are healthy young men who either have no wives and children, or left them behind to seize the opportunity for hijra into Europe. They come from Afghanistan, Morocco, Eritrea, and Pakistan, but they acquire forged or stolen Syrian passports so that they become “Syrian”, and thus qualify for VIP status in the flood of refugees.

We are being deliberately manipulated. The Western public is being manipulated into supporting the migration of fighting-age Muslim men into Europe. They are being manipulated into joining the crowd of starry-eyed people holding up “Welcome Refugees” signs in European train stations. And they are being manipulated into paying for all of it through their donations to various NGOs whose mission is to aid the “refugees”.

Yet their donations do not cover the entire cost. It’s a very expensive proposition to send refugees from Anatolia to the Greek islands, and then through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria to Germany. It’s not just the payment to the people-smugglers who take them across a few miles of the Aegean and dump them just off the beach on Lesbos, although that is expensive enough. From there they are carried by ferry to the mainland, housed, clothed, and fed. When they continue their journey, they ride on buses and trains almost the entire distance — they walk only a few hundred yards to cross each border, getting out of a bus in one country and boarding another one in the next.

This is yet another way in which you, the Western public, are being manipulated by the media. All those photos and videos of endless columns of refugees walking along dusty roads carrying their children and pathetic belongings — those are not representative of the migrants’ journey. A typical shot would show hundreds of young men sitting on buses with air conditioning and upholstered seats. But you don’t see many of those, do you?

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Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor

Rebel Media has put up a hilarious exposé of the ongoing beat-down of Tommy Robinson by the toffs in Britain. Sure, Muslim criminals are in charge of the beatings and attempted murders, but it is the media class and their treasonous political-class allies who have permitted and encouraged this persecution of one man to continue for six long years. It’s utterly shameful.

British toffs hate yobs. TR is the quintessential yob, chav, hooligan — and he has proudly claimed as much in his book, Enemy of the State. Thus, the ire of his betters becomes permeable to us outsiders if we take this peculiarly English trait of top-down class hatred into consideration. The toffs are angry that Tommy Robinson rises like cream to defend ancient English traditions and values — traditions and values that are their purview. I would imagine that many of them see Tommy natter on and consider his earnestness as being akin to watching dogs dance: one knows they can be taught to do so, but since it is not the natural behavior of dogs their performance is amusing. Tommy’s getting up on his hind legs? Not so funny. He ought to know his place.

Language warning on this video. This comedic performance of a painful truth couldn’t have been done without Mr. McInnes’ clever application of Lutonese as a counterpoint to the stuffed shirt-vowels. Those who look down their noses with utter indifference to the horrific situation the political class has created for the lower classes. Lawless brutal Muslims are given free rein against British citizens of a certain sort, and with impunity. So in this instance the story can’t be told without the inclusion of the Lutonese lingua franca; it is pertinent to the point Mr. McInnes is making about the cruel betrayal by middle- and upper-class Britons. But, no, that doesn’t mean Lutonese will become Gates of Vienna’s lingua franca. In the comment threads our same old free speech strictures still apply.

Disclosure: I’m posting this video not only because he perfectly describes the class chasm in Britain, but also to point out an image they use in the course of the video:

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Tommy Robinson on Trinity Channel: “The Biggest Problem I Face is the State”

Yesterday evening, after the court case against him was dismissed, Tommy Robinson was interviewed at length by Trinity Channel, an American Christian broadcaster. The topic was “The Islamization of the United Kingdom”.

Now that Tommy’s legal entanglements are over (for the moment), he is able to speak out freely about the persecution he has suffered at the hands of the British state. In this excerpt there are details about what happened to him that I hadn’t heard before. He also talks about the defense fund that was recently set up to pay for his legal representation — which you, the readers of Gates of Vienna (among others), helped make a reality with your generous donations. Thanks to your contributions, Tommy Robinson is a free man today.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Update: This is the direct YouTube link for the above video.

The full video is recommended viewing. In addition to Tommy’s segments, Nonie Darwish is interviewed about sharia and the Islamization of the West.

Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal

This appeal was posted on April 7, and will stay on top until Tommy’s court date. Scroll down for more recent material.

Update: Progress reports on the appeal are being posted separately. Scroll down for more — looks good so far!

I never thought I would be using these “Free Tommy” graphics again, but here we are, five years after his first court case, appealing once again to our readers to help Tommy Robinson’s legal defense.

Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive.

I’m told it will cost more than £10,000 for him to engage competent legal counsel. He does not have that kind of money, so please help by clicking the graphic on the right, or this link.

We can’t possibly raise that amount through this site alone, so I ask you spread the word by email, on forums, or on your own website.

A few details on his case…

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Shazia Hobbs is the author of The Gori’s Daughter. The following guest-post concerns her trepidations — as a mixed-race young woman who grew up in Scotland — about Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League. Her decision to follow Tommy on Twitter evoked a negative reaction from people who felt that she was siding with “racists” and “right-wing extremists”. This essay is a response to her attackers.

by Shazia Hobbs

Shame on everyone who has smeared Tommy Robinson — and made us feel too ashamed to listen to his warnings about grooming gangs. Yes, I believe he should be applauded for taking a stand against the grooming gangs when everyone else was silent. In a society where political correctness has gone mental, and we are all scared of being labelled racist or Far Right, for daring to have an opinion on Islam or mass immigration nobody else was speaking up.

The name Tommy Robinson for me has always conjured up images of skinheads, swastikas and Dr Marten boots. The EDL — I was led to believe — were similar to the BNP, and the BNP put the fear of God into me.

I am the child of an interfaith relationship, the daughter of an immigrant. I grew up with racism from both my Pakistani side and my white Scottish side. The racism from the Pakistani side was less frightening than the white, because it was verbal. On the white side it got physical. I remember occasions when I was out with my white mother. I remember being spat on with screams of ‘f***ing paki lover’ at us. At school I fought the boys who dared call me and my siblings ‘smelly pakis.’ At home we had our windows smashed and graffiti painted on the garden walls, saying ‘Niggers Out’ and ‘BNP.’

So you can see why the BNP scared me and why the EDL would scare me, given that I assumed they were just a new incarnation of the BNP. The EDL undoubtedly attracted some unsavoury characters with roots in the BNP, the National Front, Combat 18 and skinhead football casuals, even though Robinson repeatedly made it clear that he didn’t want them in any way associated with the EDL (he even received death threats from neo-Nazis). These EDL “supporters” were scary and frightening people, for those of us with brown skin. Unless you have grown up with racism then you cannot understand the fear of being picked on purely for the colour of your skin. You get used to the looks and you get used to subtle (and not so subtle) racial prejudice. You never get used to the fear, though.

I have been told I am a whistle-blower for writing my debut novel, The Gori’s Daughter, because the book exposes the flaws in the Pakistani community. Many in the community are not happy with my book, but thankfully many more applaud me for having the courage to write about the community honestly.

Some in my community have also said that I am a BNP/EDL dream, which filled me with self-loathing. How could anyone suggest that the BNP would love me when I had grown up being hated by these very people? Such sentiments were strange and horrifying.

This is the reason I gave Tommy Robinson such a wide berth, and why I couldn’t even bring myself to follow him on Twitter — even though he was being retweeted onto my timeline on a daily basis, often by people I felt were my allies. I was too scared to even read his tweets or watch any of the videos that he featured in. I didn’t follow him because I didn’t want to be labelled a white supremacist, bigot, racist or even patronising racist terms such as coconut. This is Twitter peer-pressure at its strongest and its most pathetic.

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Tommy Robinson: Un Exemple Pour Encourager Les Autres, Part 1

What follows is a brief excerpt from Tommy Robinson’s book, Enemy of the State. Just a few pages, since I have to type them out by hand. No cut-and-paste here, unfortunately.

In this post I’d planned to cover the whole of his solitary confinement during one of the imprisonments…which sometimes turned into moveable feasts as they booted him from one prison to another (one time sending him on to the next nick in a taxi. This dangerous Category A prisoner in a cab, for heaven’s sake?!).

However — just as I do — Tommy has many tangential things to say, so he takes the long way home. It must be an Irish thing. Ya think?

Thus this becomes instead a preface to his time in solitary.

As my health permits, I will be transcribing and posting further excerpts. When I heard they’d charged him yet again, with a court date on February 3rd, I tried to think of something, anything, I could do to motivate his fellow countrymen to take action against this horrific travesty.

Since we have neither money nor influence, this is my way of coping with my own anguish over the systematic torture and injustice this man has endured. I keep thinking of his mum…

What is being done to Tommy by the deeply evil legal system under whose boot he is being crushed ought to make the stones cry out for justice.

The section below is from Chapter 15, page 209 ff [with my italicized remarks in brackets].

You are only supposed to do a maximum of 72 hours in solitary confinement, when you are imprisoned in the British penal system, before your case is referred to the Home Secretary for consideration.

I described earlier how I did that first stretch in Bedford prison as a young man, saying that I reckoned I could handle it. You find a group of blokes you can relate to, talk to, hang with. There are basic comforts, exercise, activities, a television to watch, a reasonable representation of a social life. I suppose you could say.

Solitary confinement, being what they call ‘down the block’ is very different indeed. When that case for illegally entering the USA arose, and because of the threats against me, I was usually asked if I wanted to ‘go on the numbers’, which meant did I want protection? That in turn meant did I want to be sectioned with all the various perverts and paedophiles, kept away from the general population?

No, I did not, thank you very much. If it meant risking my life in and amongst Islamic terrorists, so be it. I wasn’t choosing to get myself locked away with all those weirdos. I’d rather take my chances. It was an old-fashioned Luton-pride thing, I suppose. [NOTE: and a smart thing, too. The ‘justice’ system would have forever stamped his file “PERVERT” and told all the media. Any protestations to the contrary would never have made it into the pages of those same media.]

Down the block, you are caged in a room pretty much like a police cell, which is meant by definition to be for temporary confinement. A concrete ‘bed’ with a thin plastic mattress on it. A toilet. And that, my friends, is that. Once a day you can go out for a shower, make a phone call, then walk around a square metal box with no daylight whatsoever for half an hour, because solitary tends to be underground. [NOTE: Whenever I pictured Tommy in prison in my mind, he was underground in a lone cell. I didn’t find out until much later that this was literally true, rather than my mind’s ‘metaphor’ for what they were doing to him.]

It’s a punishment for someone who has not shown themselves fit to be treated like a normal prisoner. Is it designed to drive a man mad? It sure is. And if not, it’s meant to take him as close to the limit without resorting to torture. That’s why there are strict rules about isolating people until they start trying to claw and eat their way through the walls — or top themselves. You’re supposed to be limited to a 28-day stretch in solitary. [my emphasis]

The blokes who effectively ‘live’ in solitary confinement, because of being a danger to themselves to anyone and everyone including themselves are not human beings in the way most civilized people would recognize the term…

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