Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor

Rebel Media has put up a hilarious exposé of the ongoing beat-down of Tommy Robinson by the toffs in Britain. Sure, Muslim criminals are in charge of the beatings and attempted murders, but it is the media class and their treasonous political-class allies who have permitted and encouraged this persecution of one man to continue for six long years. It’s utterly shameful.

British toffs hate yobs. TR is the quintessential yob, chav, hooligan — and he has proudly claimed as much in his book, Enemy of the State. Thus, the ire of his betters becomes permeable to us outsiders if we take this peculiarly English trait of top-down class hatred into consideration. The toffs are angry that Tommy Robinson rises like cream to defend ancient English traditions and values — traditions and values that are their purview. I would imagine that many of them see Tommy natter on and consider his earnestness as being akin to watching dogs dance: one knows they can be taught to do so, but since it is not the natural behavior of dogs their performance is amusing. Tommy’s getting up on his hind legs? Not so funny. He ought to know his place.

Language warning on this video. This comedic performance of a painful truth couldn’t have been done without Mr. McInnes’ clever application of Lutonese as a counterpoint to the stuffed shirt-vowels. Those who look down their noses with utter indifference to the horrific situation the political class has created for the lower classes. Lawless brutal Muslims are given free rein against British citizens of a certain sort, and with impunity. So in this instance the story can’t be told without the inclusion of the Lutonese lingua franca; it is pertinent to the point Mr. McInnes is making about the cruel betrayal by middle- and upper-class Britons. But, no, that doesn’t mean Lutonese will become Gates of Vienna’s lingua franca. In the comment threads our same old free speech strictures still apply.

Disclosure: I’m posting this video not only because he perfectly describes the class chasm in Britain, but also to point out an image they use in the course of the video:

First to explain why images are important to me.

For decades, painting was the B’s raison d’être. Since his eyesight went bad, I can no longer kid myself that “maybe things will change and he can return to painting”. That’s not going to happen in this life. His oeuvre is finished. So I comfort myself with the images he creates for Gates of Vienna — that recent one of Erdogan and the goats is a good example of what I mean, but they run the gamut from funny to chilling and all the points in between. Thus when he received word of the fundraiser for Tommy’s legal representation, the first thing the B did was the first thing he always does: to create an image to represent our part of this endeavor. Or, in this case, he retrieved an image he’d made years before.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when it caught on in other places. And when I saw it in this video — the banner collage of Tommy images appears about five minutes in — well, as Tommy might put it, “I was dead chuffed, I was”. It eased the loss…

I still wake up in the morning with a lighter heart knowing Tommy’s safer than he’s been in years and those toffs are being exposed for their perfidy. What’s not to love? But to have added to that the Baron’s “painting” for FREE TOMMY? Lovely indeed.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

America has parallels to Britain’s class distinctions, but they aren’t quite the same nor so deep-seated.

In America the closest parallel we have is the Northern disdain and/or amusement about all things Southern: our accents prove our lower IQs, our cuisine is lower-class, and our guns and religion are proof of our primitive, lesser culture. But the capstone is surely our quaint tradition of moonshine.

In reality that last cultural remnant, the pushback against ‘gummint revenooers’ began in the North. It was a crucial historical hinge in America’s early twining of federalism and taxation. George Washington himself headed up the military as he rode, while President, against the Pennsylvania farmers’ Whiskey Rebellion.

Ironically, Southern America is closer to the old honor culture, the Cavaliers, of England. The Commonwealth of Virginia is based on a similar tradition of unwritten rules. Thus, we Rebels are likely to have greater sympathy for Tommy’s plight simply because we understand more clearly what it is to be a yob.

Only we call them rednecks.

20 thoughts on “Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor

  1. Here in the various People’s Republics of Northern California, nobody is likely to have heard of Tommy Robinson [a couple newspaper word-searches got zero hits.] I’ve tried to correct the situation. This article will be added to my emails. I appreciate what he has done, and your writings on … an impressive range of interests and issues.

  2. Yes it is classism, not quite as simple as just ‘class’, those of us with working class roots, whose parents took advantage of the (British) emancipation of the working class in the first half twentieth century, have a better understanding of what is going on.

    The ‘socialism’ of that time recognised that there was potential for betterment in the working classes that could be released through better education, and so the ‘Grammar Schools’ were opened to all by virtue of the 11+ examination.

    However, the Socialists shut this door to betterment in the 1970’s, once more trapping the intelligent working class in a goldfish bowl as socialism dropped ‘the workers’ and adopted ‘anti-racism’ (immigrantism) as its primary stance.

    TR is the epitome of the ex-victim, one who has been abandoned for the more lucrative (and fashionable) form of ‘race’ orientated virtue signalling. But as an ex-victim, he raises pangs of guilt in those who abandoned their first ‘love’, and left them to the wolves.

    Socialism has always been the toy of those who could afford to be socialists, i.e. the middle classes and above, thus the currently abandoned chavs et al, give them those acute feelings of guilt, but there are no carrots to be won for supporting the likes of TR, and it would therefore be better if he was put away for a long, long time, out of sight and out of mind.

    This too, is true of Conservative socialists, those who have betrayed true small government conservatism, lured by the siren song of the Rhinemaidens (ReineFraus) and their rheingelt (or maybe Gulfgelt).

    Nobody likes a supposedly diminutive character who has the temerity to point out that the king is in the all together, and I was dismayed when those (Times but ex-Guardian) journalists who should know better, condemned Tommy to the gutter.

    Britain has its problems with the not so neo-Cons too.

  3. If any reader has not read Enemy of the State, I urge you to do so. It is just how things are here in Britain. I personally complained to my local Councillor that his Planning Committee had not done any favours for the citizens of King’s Lynn (small town in west Norfolk) in granting permission for a mosque (at this stage merely a Prayer Room in a disused pub). A few days later I was visited by two officers of Special Branch. The SB is part of the police and security services who monitor extremism and subversives. At least I did not suffer the 5 am knock on the door. I have a go at my MP on a regular basis. She believes that all acts of “terror” are committed by a small group who have hijacked Islam. None so blind etc etc. It is because of Tommy and others like him that there is hope. Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel will not, after all, be the headlight of an approaching Islamic train and that traitors to their country like Cameron, Merkel and the rest will ultimately be taken down.

    There is a vague feeling here that “the lamps are going out all over Europe …. ” but we SHALL see them lit again in our lifetime.

    As per the motto of the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia “Sic Semper Tyrannis “.

    Do what you need to do in America. Unless drastic action is taken, Britain and Europe are doomed.

    • Doomed and worst of all what’s left is damned. The very tiny extremist elements of Muslimdumb, (perhaps no more than a few million misrepresentatives of the ideology of peave) can’t believe their good fortune. Just go to any kufar neighborhood and knock on doors looking for murder, rape, robbery victims. Like an ISIS buffet.

  4. Can I reiterate – the charge of mortgage fraud was trumped up, just as the other charges were. Tommy’s crime was to lend the deposit on a house to his brother-in-law, who then committed the fraud by overstating his income to obtain the loan. There’s no reason why Tommy should have known about this.

    Over-stating income to obtain a mortgage is very common and, if ever discovered, doesn’t usually result in jail, especially when someone is involved only tangentially. Some years ago a leading British politician directly committed mortgage fraud (involving a much larger sum on money). Although he – temporarily – lost political office, he was never prosecuted.

    So, everyone, when you hear that Tommy was incarcerated for ‘mortgage fraud’, please bear this in mind.

    • I should add that then putting someone convicted of a white collar crime in a high security prison alongside violent lifers is probably without precedent.

    • Consider this: a couple of years ago one of the more respectable newspapers (I think it was The Telegraph) estimated that more than 1 million people in Britain had committed this kind of mortgage fraud. For decades it’s been in the interests of governments to keep the property prices in the UK insanely high (there are apartments in parts of London where people would not have lived rent-free 30 years ago, yet these apartments are now beyond the reach of graduates with mortgages). That is how insane it is. We have people living 8 to a room; houses where people have taken down the bricks in their attic and have rented out the space (illegally) in other adjacent attic space; whole swathes of London where people are living in garages, like a Rio shanty town but without the warm weather (journos keep quiet about this shanty town as where else are their cut-price domestic staff to live).

      Thus, for decades governments ignored this “mortgage fraud” and the housing crisis which goes with millions of unsanctioned immigrants.

      Indeed, one prominent gay, socialist MP carried out this kind of mortgage fraud. Neither he nor his backer were prosecuted. The gay MP was instead turned into a Lord.

      The middle class have deserted the battlefield in Britain (with a few honourable exceptions, like Anne Marie Waters and Paul Weston). From 2009 onwards, it was the working-class who showed they were not going to give up our civilisation without a fight. And for that, the British elite showed it was prepared to treat these impudent proletarians far worse than it treats the jew-hating, gay-hating invader terrorists.

      IIRC it was not Tommy’s brother, but his mother who the Stasi were going after. The Stasi had 2 trials of Tommy back to back. The first was for tax evasion (they locked up his funds for 3 years while the case against him was manufactured). Their tax evasion case failed, and within a week or two, the “mortgage fraud” case began.

  5. A well reasoned and well written article. Having been reared in England in the 50’s and 60’s by upper middle class people I fully understand and agree with the sentiments
    echoed here. There used to be condescension shown towards foreigners – unfortunately
    this has morphed over the decades into a full blown acceptance of their cultural differences – the consequences of which were so succinctly described in Enoch Powell’s prophetic “Rivers of Blood” speech. There is a culture of disassociation among the British upper classes (particularly the conservative – so called – Government and the Judiciary) that is dismissive of the reality of Tommy Robinson and the suffering lower-classes – suffering as a result of gung-ho, poorly thought-out policies and absolute refusal to back down, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of moral, societal and cultural destruction! Happily I left the UK just before the country entered the EU (so beloved of Obama and the power-lords in Brussels) and came to Australia. But here the same fate awaits us unless we man up and face our demons – right now this is
    looking quite improbable, I’m sorry to report.

  6. There is another aspect to this, connected to the one you correctly mention, and it is that many people employed by local Councils tend to turn into right little ‘jobsworth’s and ‘little Hitlers’.

    If any of the people they are supposed to be serving, aka the annoying riff raff, sometimes known as the public, ever try telling them that they are wrong about something, or that they are not doing their job properly, or that something needs to be fixed because it’s just not right, then the aforementioned transformation takes place.

    So that’s the immediate layer of resistance faced by someone like TR, or indeed anyone else who wants to stand up and speak out against what is happening in their own communities.

    I recall someone wrote an alarmingly funny essay here at GoV not long ago about their experiences working for a Council down in London, I believe it was. And we should all remember the fellow down in Leeds who got handed his P45 a couple of years ago, because the Council he worked for didn’t approve of his thinking. These things do happen, and one can only imagine the attitude of some of the people employed by the Council in Luton. Didn’t they organise a ‘diversity day’ and pay for buses to take members of the local Islamic community to a football match? I seem to remember reading about that not long ago … so yes, there is definitely the class thing, but there is also the Council thing. That’s Britain today …

  7. A great summation, for “This is your Life”. I trust that program with Tommy as the star will roll many years hence in Tommy’s old age.
    Very many great pertinent points being made.

    Tommy Robinson and all his supporters are on a roll. With what Tommy has done for us, with that firm steely resolve, should for many of us be motivating to see what we also can do.
    Each in our own way, learning about islam, the very reason and core of the problem.
    Free speech to be kept and used, to push and prod, to bring awareness and knowledge about islam through all stratas of society. To be an unrelenting force, talking, discussing, debating islam, exposing its evil manipulative aims and controls, running with its cover mates of PC&MC etc..

    Thanks be to Tommy, and all who support him.

  8. I am a self employed skilled manual worker who mostly works in domestic households. There are those customers who I see a distinct shift in attitude towards me when I, as a test, mention that I have a 2.1 MA (Hons) in Modern History. All of a sudden I am on an intellectual and social par with them. Why am I doing such work ? Is often the question. Freedom I often reply….and with it I have come to realise I can say what the hell I want and not have to curb my views if I so wish. I am able to hear many views and I assure you the tide is turning. People are beginning to question what is going on. It has also enabled me to hear from the mouths of muslims their views on killing the jews and hanging gays from lamposts thus confirming my conclusions about Islam.
    But back to the video. The intellectual classes strive for justice ,equality , multiculturalism ,killing the rich , lifting the poor out of poverty and peace on earth with all men. But God forbid a white working class male has a different view to them . The red neck ned is a man to be despised. They fight for him yet despise him at the same time.Especially if he is no good at grammar an spellin. That really proves he has nothing worth listening too.

  9. I’m not quite convinced by Mr McInnes’ accent, but never mind.

    When Pat Condell tweeted the (very good) news of Tommy’s release, someone added several old tweets, allegedly from Mr Robinson, which were plainly racist. They were taken down very soon after, without explanation or rebuttal. I don’t use Twitter, so couldn’t pursue the matter; can anyone shed any light?

    • TR may indeed have been “plainly racist” in his statements…if you consider Islam a race. But he’s had black kids in his world for his whole life. And I don’t care if he was a card carrying member of the KKK. I once belonged to the Southern Poverty Law Center in my guileless youth. I really believed they were gonna make a difference.

      GoV’s not the venue to seek for erstwhile “racism” in TR’s past…

      • Yes to your comment. Thank you Brits for giving me insight into your situation. Thank you, Dymphna, and the Baron for providing this space.

        The Gates of Vienna – where any idea can be brought up, examined and debated, where there is room for the mind to grow as Tommy’s has, and where consciousness, compassion and intellect are valued.

    • I’ve had it to the back teeth with the concept of racism. And I’m married to an Asian, with almost all my siblings being in marriages which are white/black. I’ve known Tommy personally since 2010, and never heard him say a racist thing. Ever.

      One of the reasons why the working class EDL were able to continue unbowed for so many years, despite having more vilification than serial killers and paedophiles, is because so many people in the EDL had family members who were not white. So, screaming “racist” at them was water off a duck’s back. Unlike the people screaming it, most of the EDL had probably been eating and drinking with blacks or asians many times between EDL demos.

      If Tommy was racist, why was the EDL started by a mixture of white men and black men? The video from the BBC news programme is STILL on the BBC website, since 2009.

      EDL had 4 leaders: Tommy and Kevin, Guramit (an Asian) and Joel (half Jamaican, half Irish). They were all incredibly loyal to each other.

  10. I’m sorry, but the biggest lie going in the US is that we are a “classless” society.

    The US has very clear social strata, but nearly the entire populace has been brainwashed into denial of this reality.

    • I noticed that even from Europe. We are all taken for suckers in one form or another.

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