Swedish Mass Arson Attacks — An Islamic State Connection?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here’s an update from our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg with more information of the coordinated mass car-burnings that took place across Sweden the night before last.

Swedish mass arson attacks — An Islamic State connection?

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Swedish security services have been studying CCTV footage as well as videos posted on YouTube and other forums that show the mass arson attacks against a number of Swedish towns and cities during the night of August 13. A number of suspects have been identified, and two 20-year-olds have already been detained. As further suspects are identified, police raids in the immigrant ghettos may be expected.

An unsettling aspect of the attacks was their military-style precision and co-ordination, indicating a degree of sophistication beyond the scope of the usual chaotic ghetto riots and car-burnings that have become a feature of modern Sweden. The Swedish security police, Säpo, believe there are large numbers of potentially violent Islamic extremists in the country, many of them having fought with the Islamic State in the Middle East. According to a Säpo spokesman there were an estimated 200 Islamic extremists in Sweden in 2010, but after the last few years’ massive immigration from Middle Eastern war zones their numbers are now estimated to be “in their thousands.” According to the spokesman this situation is “the new normal” for Sweden and the presence of returned Islamic State fighters as well as rapidly growing Islamic extremism in the ghettos represent “an historic challenge.”[1]

An alternative for the August 13 attacks that cannot be ruled out is that Islamic State operatives may have been involved in their planning and execution. Police believe a number of the perpetrators are no longer in Sweden and may be making their way back to the Middle East. An identified suspect who had already fled Sweden has been arrested while trying to enter Turkey. He will be extradited back to Sweden to face charges as soon as this can be arranged with the Turkish authorities.[2]

The Swedish government has been put in an extremely difficult position by the arson attacks. The general election is less than one month away, and the main ruling party, the Social Democrats, are rapidly dropping in the polls as the nationalist and anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are rapidly rising. It was already likely the Sweden Democrats would emerge as the largest party in the Swedish parliament, and the arson attacks will only increase this probability. They have brought a new dimension to the pre-election situation and presented Prime Minister Stefan Löfven with an impossible dilemma. He has to be seen as strong and taking effective measures against the arsonists, but any large-scale police action in the ghettos will inevitably trigger riots on a scale not seen since the Stockholm ghetto riots of 2013. This would make a very bad situation even worse as the world’s eyes, and Swedish voters’ eyes, are on television images of pitched battles and burning cities. This is something Mr. Löfven definitely does not want, but may have to face up to.

It is going to be a very interesting run-up to the election in Sweden.


1.   www.svt.se/nyheter/inrikes/sapo-tusentals-radikala-islamister-i-sverige
2.   www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vast/en-misstankt-for-bilbranderna-gripen-av-turkisk-polis

For previous essays by Svenne Tvaerskaegg, see the Svenne Tvaerskaegg Archives.

Swedish Cities Hit by Arson Attacks

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this report on the wave of arson jihad that has been sweeping through culturally enriched neighborhoods in Swedish cities for the last couple of days. In addition to his suggested YouTube search, I recommend searching for images and videos using the word “bilbrand” (car fire), followed by a the name of a Swedish city. You’ll find some amazing photos that way.

Swedish cities hit by arson attacks

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

A wave of terror struck Sweden last night (August 13) as a series of co-ordinated arson attacks broke out simultaneously in towns and cities across the country. In what was described by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven as resembling “a military operation” gangs of black-clad and masked youths exploded flashbangs and torched cars in Falkenberg, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Lysekil, Kalmar, Malmø, Trollhättan and Uppsala. Shocked Swedes stared from their bedroom and living room windows in horror as gangs of youths, described by eyewitnesses as “immigrants” and speaking the slang associated with immigrant ghettos, assembled in parking lots across the country and then, as if at a given signal, went on the attack. Car windows were smashed and firebombs hurled into vehicles, turning the evening sky bright red as cars burst into flames, sending plumes of smoke across towns and cities in scenes reminiscent of the Stockholm ghetto riots of 2013. Police and fire brigade services responding to the attacks were pelted with stones and flashbangs, hindering attempts to extinguish the flames.

Many Swedes filmed the carnage in parking the lots outside homes and high rise apartments and have posted graphic videos of the nights attacks on YouTube.[1]

This attack marks a serious escalation of immigrant violence in Sweden in its scale, martial-style co-ordination and precision as well as choice of target. Attacks with automatic weapons and hand grenades against police stations are not uncommon in Sweden, and many police stations are under permanent armed guard, but this time the attack was aimed at ordinary Swedes and their property. It is hard to understand what its purpose may have been. The Swedish general election is less than one month away and the attack is bound to win votes for the nationalist and immigration-critical Sweden Democrats party, something that would seem to be against the interests of the immigrant gangs who control the ghettos that surround just about all Swedish towns and cities today. But provoking ordinary Swedes and further polarizing Swedish society might well have been their purpose. There may be powerful Muslim fundamentalist elements in the immigrant ghettos who want to bring conflict to a head and provoke a civil war in Sweden.


1.   www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sweden+car+burnings

For previous essays by Svenne Tvaerskaegg, see the Svenne Tvaerskaegg Archives.

Rinkeby Police Fortress Under Attack

Here’s the latest news from Modern Multicultural Sweden: While Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was busy hunting down Nazis, “youths” attacked Rinkeby’s new police station.

Rinkeby police fortress under attack

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Building work on Sweden’s new police fortress in the ghetto of Rinkeby has been interrupted after an attack early on Tuesday morning (August 7). At 1:31am a car smashed through the gates and onto the building site. The car’s masked occupants leapt out of the vehicle, set it ablaze and hurled flashbangs at security guards.

Stunned guards called for police re-reinforcements, who quickly arrived but were met by a hail of flashbangs and rocks. The fire brigade had difficulty extinguishing the blaze because of the risk posed by exploding flashbangs in the burning vehicle. The attack is believed by police to be in retaliation for a narcotics raid in the Rinkeby ghetto earlier in the evening. It is a clear warning to the police to stay away from Rinkeby.[1]

The new chief of Sweden’s National Unit for International and Organised Crime has called Rinkeby a “war zone” and the high-tech police station under construction there is intended to be an important pivot in the battle by the authorities to bring Rinkeby back under the control of the Swedish state.[2]

Building work on the police station is not an easy job, and it was difficult at first to find a building firm that would take it on. None of Sweden’s largest builders were interested, as it was considered far too dangerous, but a building firm was eventually found and work is slowly progressing under round-the-clock police protection.[3]

When the station is ready it will be an armored fortress, with bulletproof windows, steel plate-reinforced walls and surrounded by a security fence. It is officially designated as a “protected installation”, a classification used by the armed forces for military installations, and it will be secure against sabotage and terrorist attack. Taking photographs of the station will be punishable by a five-year prison sentence.

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Swedish Prime Minister: Hunting Nazis Will Be My Priority

Stefan Löfven is the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the prime minister of Sweden. As you probably know, his country is rapidly descending into chaos due the massive influx of violent, unemployable Muslim migrants. Ahead of next month’s elections, the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration party, is putting up the hardest fight the Social Democrats have seen in many decades.

So what is Mr. Löfven’s most important platform plank? Basically the same as Antifa’s: Hunt down all the Nazis and get them off the streets.

I don’t understand Sweden; I never have. But maybe he’s right. Maybe promising to fight the Nazis will gain him lots of extra votes and help him win the election. Maybe this is the most important issue for ordinary Swedes, when they take a break from being beaten or raped by migrants.

It could be true. I mean, this is Sweden, after all.

The prime minister is standing in front of a “Pride” flag in this video, and appears to be pitching his spiel to LGBTQRSWXYZ voters. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Pennies From Heaven, For a Whole Week

This post was first posted on July 30 and was a “sticky” feature for a week. Scroll down for more recent posts, including death threats for a Dutch Muslim mayor, the latest repression of the Copts in Egypt, coverage of Tommy Robinson by the Hungarian media, “cuddly justice” in Germany, a report on Muslims in northeastern India who are being made stateless, and last night’s news feed.

Summer Fundraiser 2018, Day Seven

Dymphna’s Sunday Update: What Is Love’s Worth?

Okay, y’all. Time to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park. Inflation will be here any minute (or so they tell us), so might as well part with your denarii while they’re still meaningful, right? That’s one way of looking at twisting your arm.

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The song I chose for my final Fundraiser update has a back story. Be patient; the nuances are complicated.

When I was five years old, I went to live in a girls’ “home”. St. Mary’s Orphanage was set up after the Influenza Epidemic of 1918, but by the time I arrived generations later, it had long since morphed into an institution for girls whose parents couldn’t keep them for one reason or another. It was the end of May when I got to St. Mary’s and it would be five years before I went home for good in August of the year I magically turned ten. Ten is the legal age for being a latchkey kid.

Yes, it was a long, long time, but it was the best my mother could do in the circumstances. As an immigrant, she wasn’t entitled to welfare. As a middle-class Irish woman, I don’t know if she could have borne the (self-inflicted) humiliation, but the law precluded her having to make that choice. And by the time she put me in Saint Mary’s we’d been through nightmares of temporary placements.

Back then, Florida had a small Catholic population at somewhat less than two percent. The nuns and priests were mostly from Ireland: what American would live in Florida’s climate and what Irish clergy/nuns could resist the temptation of living in America? So they came and suffered. Thus the majority of professed religious people I knew growing up sounded more or less like my mother. The few times I heard an American accent coming from one of them, I was certain they weren’t kosher.

St. Mary’s was part of the city parish which served Catholics mostly of Italian descent, and, during the week, working people who dropped in for daily Mass on their lunch hour. There was a school going all the way to 12th grade for the whole parish not just St. Mary’s, and a church with the number of priests needed for a full regimen of Masses, plus a rectory to house the priests. The teaching nuns from the school lived at St. Mary’s and took their turns raising us while they were at it. This whole plant took up a square block.

When I was six, a Dublin-born priest came to live at the rectory. I thought of Father Doyle as quite elderly, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. When you’re six, most adults look old. At any rate, he took a particular shine to me because I was so obviously Irish to the bone — to the freckle, that is, many of which dotted my face and arms. Like my mother, Father Doyle was Dublin-born-and-bred. Like my mother, he enjoyed making me laugh — I was usually searching for a reason to laugh. I was a perfect audience.

Father Doyle found out my weakness for Waldorf salad, so he’d have the rectory housekeeper fix it for me. Oh, heaven! The nuns, of course, didn’t approve of this “special” relationship, but a priest outranks a nun, so there you go: Waldorf salad on Wednesdays after school. And Saint Valentine’s Day cards with little girls with freckles on the front. [No, there wasn’t any funny stuff. Just a lonely old man homesick and longing for home but unable to afford the fare, so I was the substitute.]

The good father liked American popular music, though he was a better listener than performer, but his lack of talent wasn’t an impediment. He’d often sing along with the Big Girls (any girl over the age of ten was officially a Big Girl). Back then, genres weren’t so rigid as they are now; “country” music and “pop” were played on the same stations. One song he used to sing to me was “If I Had a Nickel”. He only ever sang the first few lines, since they were the most entertaining.

One cold, overcast morning — January 18th, to be precise — the nuns told us in chapel that Father Doyle had died in his sleep during the night. I was inconsolable for days. Not all the threats of punishments could quell my tears. No threats they could devise compared with my utterly bereft sense of loss. Children are resilient and eventually I quieted, but I never forgot Father Doyle. Every January 18th I recall our brief friendship, healing on both sides. He was only forty-seven when he died, and it would be many years before I considered that “too young”.

The first two lines of his song stayed with me, too, but it wasn’t until the advent of YouTube that I found the song, in its earliest versions:

If you read the comments on that song, you’ll notice that many people came looking for it because they remembered its fragments the same way: a song their father or grandfather sang, one they thought had been made up especially for them. It is a child’s song, I think, because of its simplicity.

I’ll bet each of my children remember that song. I sang it to them as babies — it makes a good lullaby. Maybe that’s why some of them became musicians?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Saturday’s denarii arrived from:

Stateside: Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia

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Canada: British Columbia and Ontario

That’s it for the Summer Fundraiser! Sometime tomorrow the Baron will include an overall summary in the wrap-up post.

Summer Fundraiser 2017, Day Five

The Baron’s Saturday Update: I shoulda learned to play them drums

This was supposed to be Dymphna’s update, but she’s feeling poorly this morning, so I’m filling in. Part of the reason for her indisposition is Tommy Robinson’s situation — since she suffers from PTSD, Tommy’s suffering resonates with her to the point that her symptoms flare up.

For today’s money-themed video, I’m using the one she would have posted herself if she were well enough. But before I get to that, I’ll recapitulate what we’re doing here for readers who had to work all week and are just checking in for the first time this weekend.

This is our quarterly effort to wheedle you into donating money to help keep this site alive for three more months. Inflation is a scourge: what began as “Pennies from Heaven” on Monday became dollars by midweek, and they’re now twenties, as can be seen from the graphic at the top of this post. What will the image be tomorrow…?

[An aside: During the reign of Hussein it was announced that Andrew Jackson’s gloomy mug was to be removed from the twenty-dollar bill and replaced with the face of some politically correct chick of color — Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelou, somebody like that. Does anyone know what became of that innovation? Obviously Mr. Trump will not be replacing Mr. Jackson anytime soon. But maybe The Donald was able to put the brakes on the Modern Multicultural $20 Bill.]

Anyway, your job is to drop a Trump or two (or six! Live dangerously) into the tip cup on our sidebar. Or, if you prefer, you can use this new direct PayPal link.

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A Summer Weekend in Sweden

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this grim report on the culture-enriching changes experienced by native Swedes during their summer excursions to the beach.

A summer weekend in Sweden

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

A heat wave has been shimmering over northern Europe for the last few weeks. Temperatures in Sweden have been soaring, hitting daily highs of 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and more. And it is the height of the holiday season, so many families are spending their days at the beach, picnicking, sunbathing and taking dips in the sea or in one of Sweden’s hundreds of cool, blue lakes.

Unfortunately, a pleasant day at the beach in modern, multicultural Sweden isn’t what it used to be. Gangs of immigrant youths are invading many of Sweden’s beaches and making life very unpleasant for Swedish families enjoying themselves there. Last weekend the summer idyll on the beach of Lannabadet in central Sweden was shattered when a gang, according to police, “ran amok” across the beach screaming, shouting and threatening sunbathers. When the gang started attacking children and pushing them into the water one woman spoke up and asked them to stop. She soon had to back down when the gang turned on her, calling her a “Swedish whore” and threatening her and her daughter. The police were called and managed to calm the situation, but the woman who spoke up and asked the gang to stop says she will never visit Lannabadet beach again. She says the biggest disappointment for her was the attitude of the other Swedes on the beach. No one came to back her up. While the gang were assaulting Swedish children they sat passively on their blankets looking scared. Some turned their heads away and pretended not to notice.[1]

It is easy to condemn the cowardice of the Swedes in not standing up to the gang, but the price for intervening can be high.

Another and more serious incident took place two days later on the beach of Långö near the town of Karlskrona. An immigrant gang showed up and started terrorizing the beach, eventually turning their attention to two young people, and began to harass them. Scared for their safety and wanting to get out of a dangerously escalating situation as quickly as possible, they telephoned their father to come and pick them up. Their father happened to be a high-profile local politician and an eager multiculturalist who has worked all his political life to bring the benefits of multiculturalism to Karlskrona. When he arrived at the beach he applied all his political skills to defuse the situation. It would be best for everyone if conflict could be amicably resolved. People can have their differences but with good will everyone can live together in peace and harmony in the new, multicultural Sweden. His words of conciliation were to no avail.

The gang turned on the father. Shouting “F***ing Swede” they kicked him to the ground and gave him a protracted and savage beating in front of his terrified children. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital with fractures to his skull and jaw, but his injuries were so severe the local hospital had to transfer him to the nearby city of Lund for an emergency operation.

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Nina Drakfors: Swedish Politicians Must Put the Welfare of Their Own People Before Anyone Else

Nina Drakfors is a former Social Democrat in Sweden who woke up to what is happening to her country — or, more precisely, what is being done to it by its own political leaders and the globalist elites who are pushing for the erasure of national borders.

She originally gave this talk at a meeting in Copenhagen at the invitation of the Danish anti-sharia group For Frihed.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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YouTube Banishes Alternative for Sweden

The dissident party Alternative for Sweden (AfS) came into prominence early this year. It owes its recent rise in part to the dissatisfaction felt by some supporters of the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats, which was perceived to be taking an insufficiently strong stance against mass migration and Islamization. The more popular the AfS has become, the more vigorously the Powers That Be have worked to suppress it. The most recent action against it was the closure of its YouTube channel.

Many thanks to K. from Germany for translating this article from the Swedish dissident website Fria Tider:

AFS: YouTube Has Permanently Deleted Us

23 July 2018

YouTube has permanently deleted the channel of the Alternativ för Sverige [Alternative for Sweden, AFS], the party confirmed on Monday. The party is accused by YouTube of “agitation against a population group” [hets mot folkgrupp] because they uploaded a clip about a SVT news anchor who speaks broken Swedish.

The nationalist party Alternative for Sweden was informed today that YouTube on Monday morning has permanently deleted the party’s official channel on the service.

The reason given was a video clip the party had linked to regarding a news anchor for SVT who spoke Swedish badly.

Under the video clip the party had published the text: “News anchors should be able to speak FLUENT SWEDISH!” This appeal is seen by YouTube as constituting “agitation against a population group” and violating the video service’s so-called “community guidelines”, writes the party in a press release.

According to AFS, the channel had hundreds of thousands of visitors and was the second largest among those belonging to Swedish political parties, measured by the number of subscribers.

The channel’s homepage now only reads “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

“The Alternative for Sweden is on its way into parliament, and the politically correct establishment does everything in its power to throw a monkey wrench in our path. The ‘agitation against a population group’ legislation concerns thought crime, and is employed by the establishment to silence opposition and limit freedom of expression. That it counts as agitation against a population group to think that news anchors in Sweden should be able to speak fluent Swedish shows what a joke of a law this is. The ‘agitation against a population group’ legislation needs to be ripped up immediately,” says party leader Gustav Kasselstrand.

“We have been subject to censorship on YouTube and other social media time and again. That foreign private companies with a monopoly have the ability to dictate which opinions and which political parties are able to reach out to the general public is one of the greatest threats to the freedom of expression today. The Alternative for Sweden is the only party that wants to forbid political censorship in social media.”

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Denmark’s Yuge Sense of Humor

This is a good example of the Danish ability to laugh at themselves and others. This time “others” is (mostly) Donald Trump, but it’s a broad brush they have, managing to paint the Netherlands, too.

Some good sight gags, to boot.

I love the Danes, the last sane country in Western Europe.

NOTE: Leave the subtitle button on…unless you speak Danish, of course. Wrong. The B told me that and I forgot to check for myself. Them Danes already put it in English, but the TV people make you click on the YouTube video itself.

Oh, please don’t tell me you’ve seen it already. Except for ketogenic diets and Angelina Jordan, I don’t get to YouToob much.

Punishment Reduced for Somali Gang-Rapists in Sweden

This is what passes for “justice” nowadays in Modern Multicultural Sweden. In case you didn’t already know.

Many thanks to K. from Germany for translating this article from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider.WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: THIS REPORT CONTAINS EXTREMELY DISTURBING DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Sensitive readers may will want to skip it:

Gang-raped girl gravely injured — Punishment halved

July 23, 2018

The three Africans filmed their bloody and drawn-out gang rape of a 13-year-old girl in Västerås, Sweden. Then they spread the video in social media. But now the Court of Appeals chooses to almost halve their sentences — from eight to four and five months in juvenile detention, respectively. A fourth rapist has escaped all punishment, since it was stated that he is a child.

On June 14, 2017, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped in a flat in Västerås. In April three Somalis, whose year of birth was given as 2000, were each sentenced to eight months juvenile detention for child rape.

The judgment was appealed by the prosecutor, who demanded their sentences be increased.

But now the Svea Court of Appeals has instead chosen to lower them drastically, and also free one of the Somalis from the charge of child pornography — after it could not be determined from the gang rape video that the girl was still in puberty.

Two of them have now been sentenced to five months in closed juvenile detention, and the third got away with only four months.

The total combined damages of SEK 186,428 ($21,301; €18,154) they were ordered to pay to the girl have been increased to SEK 196,428 ($22,442; €19,128).

“In consideration of the defendants’ age, the maximum measure is a quarter of the punishment scale, and furthermore it should be taken into account that there is no furlough from closed juvenile detention,” writes the Svea Court of Appeals in its judgment.

Before the gang rape, the Africans had invited the girl to drink alcohol until she became highly intoxicated. One of them took the 13-year-old into the toilet and raped her. After the girl came out, she was taken in there again and raped by three persons at the same time, which caused her vaginal tissue to rip, and blood began to flow.

When she went out on the balcony, crying, she was raped yet again while the others watched. It came out later that two of the Somalis were filming during the rapes. The videos became the prosecutor’s strongest pieces of evidence, and were shown during the court proceedings, wrote Swedish Television.

In the lower court’s judgment it was mentioned that after the incident the girl has been cutting herself and has become cold, angry and short-tempered. Since then she has had a high level of absence from school, suffered from nightmares with loud crying, and a sleep deficiency.

The video of the rapes had gone viral by then, and the girl was subjected to name-calling and rumours.

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It Wasn’t Me — Allah Said It!

This case from Denmark could have some very interesting ramifications. If the imam’s lawyer decides to use the “religious freedom” defense, he will emphasize the fact that his client was simply quoting his religion’s scripture.

“Your Honor, I was not the one who said that — it was our god, speaking through his prophet, who said that all Jews must be killed.”

Hmm… I wonder how that will work out? It might be useful to have it down in black and white in the record of the legal proceedings for the case.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from TV2:

For the first time ever an imam has been charged with encouraging the killing of Jews

The controversial words were spoken during Friday prayers at a mosque on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

An imam from a mosque in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been charged for encouraging the killing of Jews.

This was stated by the prosecutorial authority in a press release.

This is the first time a prosecution has been initiated under the so-called Imam Act of January 2017. The Imam Act was passed in an effort to curb radicalization and religious [hate] preachers.

“These are heinous statements, and I think it is quite right that the court now has an opportunity to assess the case,” says Advocate General Eva Rønne from the State Prosecutor’s office.

She has the sermon on video, as the mosque from Nørrebro in Copenhagen itself posted it on Facebook and YouTube.

“Come and kill him”

According to the Prosecution Authority, the sermon consists of both the imam’s own words and a quote from the Quran. The imam says, among other things:

“Judgment Day will not arrive until Muslims fight the Jews in order that the Muslims may kill them — and the Jew will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say,” O Muslim, O God’s worshiper, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Eva Rønne explains that it is legal to quote religious scriptures from the Quran and the Bible, but it is punishable if, for example, killing a certain segment of the population is applauded and that the person preaching the words at the same time makes the words his own.

“It has always been illegal to accept the killing certain segments of the population, but what is new is that we now have a method to target hate preachers that can sentence them to up to three years in prison,” she says.

Danish Jews happy about the pending trial

The Jewish Society in Denmark is pleased that the word of the imam are now going to appear in court.

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Sweden’s Turbulent Election Year

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published by the Gatestone Institute. Some excerpts are below:

Sweden’s Turbulent Election Year

Sweden’s general election on September 9 looks set to become the most interesting the country has had in years. Concerns over mass immigration and rampant crime are redefining the political landscape. For the first time in more than a hundred years, the Social Democrats may be dethroned as the country’s largest political party. By Swedish standards, this constitutes a political earthquake.

Concerns in Europe over crime and mass immigration have been changing the political atmosphere, from Italy to Germany. Now, these developments may finally have caught up with Sweden as well.

The Social Democrats in Sweden are not just any political party. They have shaped Swedish political and cultural life for generations. At the peak of their power, they dominated Swedish society to such an extent that the country almost resembled a one-party state. They have been the largest party in all national elections for more than a century. From the 1930s until the early 1990s, they received more than 40% of the vote. Several times during this period, they got more than 50% of the votes and held an overall majority of the seats in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag). They received 45.2 % of the votes as late as in 1994, and 39.9 % in 2002.

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Syrian Attempts Rape, Gets Six Months. Then Violence and Mayhem — Five Months. And Still No Deportation.

Here’s yet another grim story of culture-enriching violence — sexual and otherwise — from Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider:

The rapist smashed his cell: “Smoke now (cigarettes) — otherwise blood!”

A large group of officers were forced to storm the 23-year-old’s cell with shields after he broke the TV and the radio and threatened to kill the staff. The Syrian was released only six months later after being sentenced for attempted rape

July 12, 2018

The 23-year-old man from Syria was convicted recently for attempting to rape a woman at knifepoint after complaining about how she dressed. Just six months later he was released, and now the man has again been convicted of breaking up his cell, assaulting and threatening to kill (officers). Even this time, the 23-year-old will not be deported.

Fria Tider wrote in October about the sentence against the now 23-year-old Ashraf from Syria who back then tried to rape a woman in Skåne Lönsboda.

For a time the Syrian had harassed the woman and, among other things, said that he “rapes boys and children,” stated the victim. At the last moment she was rescued by a janitor, who was able to disarm the man who had managed to get into the woman’s apartment.

According to the janitor, the Arab had earlier complained about how the woman dressed.

In the district court, the 23-year-old was sentenced to a year and four months in prison for a long series of crimes — but escaped deportation. In April of this year he obtained conditional release.

Because of his misconduct during the release he was detained by police on June 5, and when he was detained in prison in Kristianstad he committed the new crimes he has now been convicted of.

On June 7 the cops were alerted that Ashraf’s cell was messy. When they opened the door, the 23-year-old threw a thermos straight at them. He then started throwing other objects at the staff and broke the TV and the radio in the cell.

“Come in here, I will kill everyone!” shouted the Syrian.

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The Tears of a Deportee

I’d be interested to know how the migration board determined that this fellow was insincere in his conversion. But sincere or not, he’d better keep quiet about it when he finally gets back to Kabul.

By the way, this incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Fria Tider:

35-year-old escaped deportation after crying on the plane

This past Saturday (14 July), a 35-year-old Afghan was to be deported to Kabul. But the deportation was halted after the man had panic attacks and started crying uncontrollably, Dagen reports.

The 35-year-old Hossein Muhammadin from Afghanistan was to be deported from Sweden for the second time.

But it did not go as planned.

According to his own words, Muhammadin had converted to Christianity, but the Swedish Migration Board rejected his asylum application because the authorities did not believe his conversion to be genuine, and that it was really just a ploy in order to stay in the country.

Muhammadin, who is said to be a member of the Lidköping Pentecostal Assembly, was to have been deported back to his home country in April.

However, the deportation was halted at the last minute. And so was the second deportation attempt that should have taken place on Saturday.

This happened after the 35-year-old became anxious and started crying.

The aircraft never left the tarmac.

“We think it was a panic attack that he experienced on the plane. He cried relentlessly and shouted so they had to carry him off,” said his friend Rolf Wernersson, also member of the Pentecostal Society.

Hossein Muhammadin is now once again in the custody of the Migration Board in Kållared, and the Lidköping Pentecostal Assembly are saying they will do everything possible to help him to stay permanently. According to the Christian newspaper, the congregation plans to use the “fragile state” of the 35-year-old Afghanistan as the “new circumstance” allowing him to get a residence permit.