A Culture-Enriching Easter in Sweden

I’m posting this now, because by the time I get up in the morning, the window of opportunity for an Easter terrorist attack in Sweden (and the rest of Europe) will already have passed.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Terror threat against churches at Easter

March 28, 2024

Before Easter and in the wake of the Muslim terror attack in Moscow, the terror threat in Europe has lately been judged as high. In addition to Easter masses, many large events are coming up in Sweden, such as Eurovision in Malmö.

At least 137 people were killed in the terror attack against Crocus City Hall outside Moscow. In France, the terror threat level has been raised to the highest level, and in Germany, an “acute risk” is accessed. In Italy, armed police will be on patrol.

On the eve of Easter, which is the Swedish Church’s busiest period of the year after Christmas, the country’s churches are on guard.

The Swedish Church’s civil preparedness chief Lisa-Gun Bernerstedt tells SVD news that there is no information that the church would be especially singled out, but that all faith communities should be alert.

“It is clear that with an increased threat level, preparations and awareness have increased. The importance of making assessments prior to every event that brings in a lot of people is important,” she tells the newspaper.

Regardless of the world situation, the Swedish Church will remain open, and wants to “signal its presence, openness, and hope.”

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 18

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

City of Stockholm grants one million kronor to Ibn Rushd — stops contributions to association against honor violence

March 28, 2024

Last December the city of Stockholm paused a planned payment of 3.9 million kronor to the controversial study association Ibn Rushd after the Public Education Council determined that the study association’s teaching materials dealt with child abuse, child marriage, and described homosexuality as a sin. But on Tuesday, the Cultural Committee in Stockholm decided to resume the payments, Swedish Radio reports.

The criticized material was reportedly used by the study association in other places than in Stockholm, and after Ibn Rushd came back with a plan of action as the city was visiting the association’s operations, the payments to the association were resumed.

At the same time, the city of Stockholm stopped payments of 600,000 kronor per year to the association “Never forget Peta and Fadime” (GAPF), which works against honor oppression. The reason is that a board member of the association put up postings on his private Facebook page that the city views as breaking the city’s guidelines.

GAPF states in a press release that it has distanced itself from the board member’s now-deleted posts and that the association has taken measures such as updating its communication policy and ethical guidelines, as well as conducting training for staff and personnel, but the city of Stockholm is standing by its decision.

“We wonder how the city really works within democracy. How can a study association that has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and has been involved in brokering temporary marriage contracts, i.e. trafficking in women’s bodies according to a disclosure by Uppdrag Gransking [Assignment Examination] qualify for support but not us, who strongly help and protect vulnerable women and girls?” says Sara Mohammad, founder of GAPF, in a statement.

Since the election, the city of Stockholm has been run by a coalition made up of Social Democrats, the Left Party, and the Green Party.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 17

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Preliminary investigation against Egyptson dropped

The preliminary investigation against Sameh Egyptson’s attention-grabbing and debated dissertation on political Islam has been dropped, Prosecutor Pia Björnsson tells TT News.

In February of last year, the researcher Sameh Egyptson presented the dissertation, “Global Political Islam? The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Federation in Sweden” at Lund University.

In his dissertation Egyptson advanced the thesis that the Islamic Federation is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which means that Sweden is infiltrated by political Islam.

In the dissertation several persons were named as being active in the Islamic Federation in Sweden or some of the Islamic Federation’s sub-organizations, which led to several reports to the Appeals Board for Ethics Review (Önep).

Önep prosecuted the dissertation since it was considered that Egyptson used sensitive personal information without ethics review permission, and in February, Prosecutor Pia Björnsson initiated a preliminary investigation into Egyptson’s dissertation to determine if Egyptson had permission to conduct the research.

“I consider that I did research within the framework of academic freedom. This is an attempt to deter researchers from working on important societal issues,” said Egyptson to Dagens Nyheter when the investigation was launched.

But now the investigation has been dropped. “This was expected since I began my dissertation before the law (2003:460) on ethics review even existed, something my critics didn’t care about when they reported me,” Egyptson writes in a posting on the X platform.

“My hope now is that the Ethics Review law will be reworked so that researchers will be able to feel free without fear to choose controversial and debated topics, and that it will be possible to research public persons in leading positions, based on public sources and their own public statements, without this being deemed as ‘sensitive personal information’ and being forbidden from researching it,” Egyptson further writes.

Windmills Tilting at Us

Wind turbines are widely disliked by the general public in all countries where they are erected. They are a blight on the landscape, and their noise when operating is unpleasant, and even harmful, for those who live nearby. They are notorious for killing large numbers of birds, including endangered species such as eagles.

Recent research in Sweden has revealed that wind farms cause even more environmental damage than previously thought, notably through the erosion of toxic chemicals from the blades, which are dispersed into the environment surrounding the turbines.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Study shows: Wind turbines can be major environmental offenders

by Mats Dagerlind
March 16, 2024

Wind power is marketed as the climate and environmentally friendly energy option. However, there is a growing body of evidence that this is a truth with major modifications. A new study has now been published which, in addition to what is already known, indicates that wind power is associated with pollution in the form of high levels of hazardous substances around wind farms.

The yet-to-be-published study almost didn’t see the light of day. Strong political and economic forces do not want the image of wind power as the environmentally and climate-friendly alternative to produce electricity to be tarnished by further negative publicity.

As a result, pressure was applied to withdraw funding for the study. However, the researchers at the Universities of Gothenburg and Linköping managed to find money elsewhere, and the study is now complete. And its contents reveal why some were prepared to go to great lengths to stop it.

The list of disadvantages of wind power is long

Wildlife damage has been reported in the past; birds — including protected eagles — are decapitated by rotor blades. Marine life is disturbed by offshore wind turbines.

Worn-out rotor blades cannot be recycled and accumulate in large scrap yards without anyone knowing how to dispose of them. Nature and recreational values are destroyed in the vicinity of wind farms, so that the tourism industry is affected and other outdoor activities cannot be practised.

The local environment is destroyed for residents by the noise of the wind turbines. Those trying to move away find that the market value of their houses has dropped dramatically. And so on.

In addition, wind turbines have low reliability and only produce electricity when the wind is blowing. When there is too much wind, they produce too much electricity instead, which is also a problem, and wind operators are then offered tax money to switch off turbines. Storing wind-generated electricity is not possible today nor in the foreseeable future.

Now the list of poisoning of flora and fauna is expanding

The new study adds new disadvantages to the list. They are also of an uncomfortable nature, as they involve the pollution and poisoning of nature on land and in waterways, pollutants that can find their way into the food chains of animals and humans.

The findings are so serious and numerous that the researchers behind the study wonder why this has not been investigated before. The answer may lie in the fact that neither the wind power industry nor the various players in the green political movement have wanted to find out what the situation is.

The researchers have found that dangerous particles from wind turbine blades are probably an environmental problem that other researchers and authorities have chosen to underestimate. Helen Karlsson is an adjunct assistant professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Linköping University and one of the initiators of the study.

She says that she became interested in the issue of erosion from wind turbine blades when she realised that there were discrepancies between the wind power industry’s figures and other calculations. Initially, she and her colleagues did not believe that they would find as many rotor blade fragments as they did.

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The Mosques Are Our Barracks

Many years ago Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously quoted a poem by the 20th-century Turkish nationalist writer Ziya Gökalp:

The mosques are our barracks,
the domes our helmets,
the minarets our bayonets,
and the believers our soldiers.

One of those barracks was raided today by security police in the Swedish town of Tyresö, and four people were arrested for planning a terrorist attack. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Dagens Nyheter. The translator notes that the targeted building seems to be some sort of informal mosque:

Four suspected of preparing for a terrorist crime — Connected to ISIS

March 7, 2024

Four persons suspected of preparing for a terrorist crime and aggravated weapons possession were arrested Thursday in Tyresö. According to the Security Police (Säpo), the suspected crimes are connected to the ISIS terror organization.

“We had to act to disrupt the planned crime and avert a possible threat,” says Fredrik Hultgren-Friberg, Säpo press spokesman, to DN.

The case involves violent Islamist extremism where the Security Police also see connections to large-scale organized crime, the authorities write in a press release.

The raid on Thursday was carried out at, among other places, a building that residents in the area describe as a mosque and gathering place.

“I saw police lying on a hill here behind us and they moved. Two of the operational forces then came and moved me out of the way. They went ahead with a sledgehammer and began to break the windows. When they had broken openings in the windows, they threw in stun grenades,” says an eye witness to the police operation.

The witness describes how the police then broke down the door to the premises and searched it; then technicians arrived at the scene.

A man who usually visits the mosque has reached the closed-off location.

“I was married in this mosque, and I have been coming here for about ten years. It is a good mosque, and I have never heard anyone say anything about terrorism or anything like it. This really surprises me, and I wonder what led to this,” says a man standing outside the mosque.

One of the police officers who are at the scene tells DN that he, among other things, is tasked with calming people who became upset when they saw the raid.

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The Peaceful Sweden Has Been Abolished

Fjordman’s latest essay concerns the ghastly realities of culture-enriching violence in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

The Peaceful Sweden Has Been Abolished

by Fjordman

In seven hours between March 4 and March 5, 2024, bombs detonated at two different apartment buildings in the Stockholm region, in Lidingö and Farsta.[1] Individuals suspected of being linked to rival factions in the country’s bloody gang wars are said to be living at these locations.[2]

Two bombs in one day in Sweden’s capital and Scandinavia’s largest city would at one time have been truly unexpected and shocking. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Now, it is just another Monday or Tuesday. This is the brutal reality of Swedish society today.

Over the years I have written many essays about crime in Sweden. If I no longer do so as frequently as before, this is not because crime has gotten less. It is simply more difficult to mobilize sufficient mental energy to write about unpleasant subjects such as gang rapes or gang crimes.

You know that there will be more bombings, shootings, or arson attacks in Sweden next week, and the week after that, and the week after that. Why write about all of them? This is hardly news anymore. It is simply part of everyday life.

Perhaps this can be described as a form of war fatigue.

I was a child in the 1980s and understood little of Islam or ethnic conflicts. Nevertheless, I remember sometimes mentally tuning out when hearing news from the war in Lebanon. There is only so much human suffering one can stomach. Yes, it was sad to hear about people being killed in attacks, but one expected more deadly attacks in Lebanon the next day.

I had similar reactions to the wars in the Balkans in the 1990s, after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Hearing about human beings being shot or bombed was always horrible. But again, one fully expected more of the same next week, and was often proven right.

Partly to my dread, I realize that I now have similar mental reactions to atrocities in Sweden and other countries in Western Europe. I suffer from war fatigue. Not from attacks in Lebanon or the Balkans, but in France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

It may sound strange to develop war fatigue from countries that are nominally at peace. Yet Sweden suffers from violent attacks of some kind almost daily. Is that truly what peace looks like?

In 2008, the Swedish writer Anders Lugn wrote an article titled “Sweden’s road to disaster.” Somewhat unusually, he even had this text published in the major newspaper Aftonbladet. In the 1980s, Lugn served as a captain in UN-led peacekeeping forces in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. While living there, he asked himself how it was possible for such a wonderful country with so many good people to commit national suicide and self-destruct? Among several reasons for the collapse of Lebanese society he mentions a weak sense of national identity and common values, weak national armed forces, a weak police force, easy access to weapons (legal or illegal), and easy access to drugs. There was also a general sense of powerlessness among average citizens.[3]

Anders Lugn was deeply concerned to observe that many of the factors that contributed to a brutal civil war in Lebanon are now also at work in his native Sweden.

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A New Swede Rings in the New Year

Boy, the Swedish “justice” system really threw the book at this culture-enriching “youth”: a sentence of three and a half years in the slammer for blinding a girl in one eye, of which the mischievous rascal will serve just over two years. Imagine what he would have gotten if he blew out both her eyes. Or killed her! Then he might have received a five-year sentence, just to teach him a lesson.

It’s interesting that he is to be deported when he completes his sentence. Normally Sweden doesn’t do much in the way of deporting, because it would violate the human rights of the deportee. Maybe times are changing.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Taha Blew Out a Girl’s Eye in a Firework Attack — To Be Deported

March 1, 2024

Samnytt earlier reported how 19-year-old Taha Jasim from Iraq, but residing in Tranås, shot a life-threatening firework directly into a crowd that detonated in the face of a Swedish girl, who was seriously injured and lost sight in one eye. Now Taha has been sentenced for aggravated assault to 3½ years in prison. He is also to be deported from Sweden.

On New Year’s Eve Taha, in an extremely drunken condition, thought he was still capable of handling life-threatening fireworks. To shoot these straight into a crowd on Storgatan in central Tranås in this condition gave an extra dimension of excitement to the activity.

Girl’s eye blown out

Those who were affected by the rocket fire didn’t think it was so funny. Especially the girl in whose face the explosive device exploded. She suffered serious injuries, including an eye being torn so badly that she is now blind in that eye.

After that, Taha threw a firework into a boutique, which exploded there. Luckily no other persons were injured in the attack.

Prison for aggravated assault

Taha was identified and prosecuted. During questioning, he denied the crime, claiming that he could not remember the prank.

The court did not believe him, and sentenced him for aggravated assault. The penalty is set at 3½ years in prison, of which Taha gets one-third reduced.

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Sweden Pre-Emptively Surrenders to the USA

Sweden is in the process of joining NATO. It has also signed an unprecedented bilateral agreement with the United States that will, in effect, paint a huge target on the Nordic nation’s forehead. If push comes to shove between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, Sweden may end up as a radioactive wasteland where it might otherwise have been left alone.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this op-ed from Aftonbladet:

Sweden has voluntarily submitted to the USA

Commentary by Jan Guillou

February 25, 2024

The defence agreement between Sweden and the US introduces American supremacy.

It looks like Sweden must have gone to war with the US and lost. At least when you read the latest defence agreement between our government and the US. It introduces American sovereignty in Sweden.

Of course, this is not the picture conveyed by the media. From Rapport’s coverage I only remember pictures of a happy little Swedish defence minister and a grumpy giant American defence minister (Minister of Defence Pål Jonson and US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin) signing the secret agreement, as if it were just another routine agreement. It is not. It is unique in our history and incomprehensibly far-reaching. It is about total submission.

Swedish Minister of Defence Pål Jonson and US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin

The very beginning of the text of the agreement states that the US will have “unrestricted access to and use of agreed facilities and areas.”

And what are these agreed facilities and areas? They are listed on page 37. These are all of Sweden’s air force flotillas and all major army installations, a total of 17 listed. In practice, this is the entire Swedish defence where the US will have “unrestricted”, i.e. unlimited power.

On unspecified defence installations, certain areas will also be cordoned off where “only US forces will have access to and use” and where US jurisdiction will apply. But not only that. “Upon request”, the US will have access to and use of private land and assets, including roads, harbours and airports.

The US also gets the right to freely develop “areas and facilities” to store weapons and defence equipment. There are no exceptions for types of weapons, not even nuclear weapons (Article 14). The parties “may consult on the above to the extent necessary”.

Subsequently, a large number of pages list the rights and entitlements of US soldiers stationed in Sweden.

U.S. personnel in Sweden, their family members and civilian employees, shall be granted passport and visa exemption; U.S. military identification shall apply instead; Swedish security police shall not control [stop/search] or monitor U.S. personnel; all cars owned by serving Americans shall be equipped with Swedish licence plates, which shall not be traceable, all American personnel shall be exempt from tax, even from VAT on their purchases, and shall enjoy full exemption from customs duties on all goods they wish to bring into or out of the country, including currency without restriction; American aircraft shall be free to use Swedish airspace, just as American shipping uses Swedish territorial waters.

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Importing Islam Means Importing Violence

An earlier version of this essay by Fjordman was first published in Norwegian at the website Document.no.

Importing Islam Means Importing Violence

by Fjordman

In February 2024, Norway’s public broadcaster NRK reported that rape centers all over Norway record more rape victims seeking aid. In the city of Oslo, the number has increased by 70 per cent in ten years.[1] Many of these rape cases are said to be very serious.

What does NRK suggest is the reason for this massive increase in rapes? Porn. The channel published an article about rapes in which immigration was not mentioned as a possible explanation. This despite a proven link between immigration and rape that exists in neighboring Sweden as well as other countries.

This is simply not credible.[2] It is misleading propaganda.

Norwegians are forced to pay billions of kroner annually to the country’s largest media company, which is actively trying to obfuscate why an increasing number of Norwegians are exposed to violent abuse in their own country.

The mass immigration that established mass media, including the state broadcaster, has supported for decades imports violent crime. This is a demonstrable fact.

NRK also reports in 2024 that so-called honor crimes, forced marriages and threats of honor killings have become part of everyday life all over Norway, not just in major cities.[3]

Forced marriages and honor killings were extremely rare phenomena in Scandinavia fifty years ago, if they existed at all. Muslims from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia top the statistics for these crimes. The current problem is therefore overwhelmingly due to immigration.

In multiple Western countries, serious violence continues spreading as society becomes more ethnically diverse and multicultural. Women and men of all ages may be affected by violent crime in the streets, at schools, in public transport, or elsewhere.

My first significant, public text about Islam was published in Norwegian under my real name — Peder Jensen — in the national newspaper VG in August of 2003. At that time I had just moved to Oslo after studying and working for a couple of years in the Middle East.[4]

The driving force behind my career as a writer was a desire to warn against the great danger I saw from importing Islam to Europe.

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Shake Off the Demon

This former priest in Sweden is ballsy, which is a pretty good trick, considering that she’s a girl. In the following video, she denounces the Koran as demonic, and then publicly burns a copy of it.

Excerpts from the introduction to the video at RAIR Foundation:

In a bold act of defiance, 48-year-old former priest Jade Sandberg took to Odenplan in Stockholm last Friday, igniting controversy as she publicly burned the Qur’an and called for the banishment of Islam in Sweden. Sandberg’s protest, captured on video by press photographer Roger Sahlström, attracted curious onlookers and sparked widespread debate across the country.

Sandberg, a former priest in the General Apostolic Church (AAK), an independent Old Catholic Church, has been vocal about her opposition to Islam. She remains resolute in her beliefs despite facing repercussions, including being forced to leave her priestly position last year. “No worldly power can take this away from me,” Sandberg asserts, referring to her priesthood as a calling.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Note: the video transcript below is derived from two separate clips, so the times listed are based on those original clips:

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School Days in Sweden

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Chokings and threats of “halal slaughter” — Everyday violence in middle schools in Skåne)

Pupils who are choked, beaten, and humiliated, teachers who are attacked when they try to intervene, and children who threaten to take a knife to school to “halal-slaughter” other children. This is how everyday life looks in three Skåne middle schools according to an investigation done by Sydsvenskan.

The newspaper examined the Naverlönn School in Svedala, Hjärups School, and Ljungen School in Furulund, which were chosen because they are of the same size, are located in the periphery communities outside Malmö and Lund, and the examination covered three time frames, all of 2022 and the spring of 2023.

In one case, the newspaper revealed that a boy was chased through the schoolyard and kicked when he was down. He was threatened with violence if he tried to get away, held in a chokehold, and his face rubbed with a shoe.

“Every week, some sort of fight happens. When the younger students run out of words, then it goes to a kick, a shove, or occasionally a choking,” says Naverlönn School principal Anna Moberg to Sydsvenskan.

In another case, sixth graders chased a pupil through the school. When a teacher tried to intervene, she was attacked, shoved, and pulled by the arm. The pupil who was attacked managed to break loose and seek shelter in a group room.

In one report, it states that “a pupil threatens to take a knife to school and ‘halal-slaughter’ another pupil,” while in another report, a pupil threatened to kill another pupil for several days, “if not today then some other day.”

In one fall, a school employee testifies how a pupil was struck several times in the face. After a visit to the health center, it is reported that the affected pupil received a slight concussion and had sores in his mouth.

The attacking pupil says in a conversation that he had experienced a threatening situation and had been told by his father “that it is OK to hit back”. During a family meeting, it comes out that the father has given “permission” to hit and “didn’t see any problem” with that.

“In the cases where cooperation with parents is more difficult, we see challenges in working with the pupils in school, “says social pedagogist Emelie Eldsvan at Naverlönn School to Sydsvenskan.

“Every two weeks on average, alarming reports on pupils at the school are sent to social services. What is positive is that together we apply for more and more guardians. Parents themselves feel they need help,” says Principal Anna Moberg to the newspaper.

Putting the Infidel Police Dog in Her Place

The increase in the number of Islamic culture-enrichers in Sweden has reached a critical mass that allows the “youths” to mock, insult, verbally abuse, and ignore the police — especially female police officers.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Here is the drug dealer who humiliated policewoman

December 27, 2023

On Tuesday, Samnytt showed a video clip that went viral during the Christmas holidays where two immigrants humiliated a police patrol carrying out a vehicle check in Stockholm. The patrol was filmed and a policewoman was told that she was a “F***ing dog” and should be hanged. Samnytt can say who the person was behind the camera.

In the past few years, Samnytt has drawn attention several times to the new phenomenon with gangs who mock, humiliate, and even threaten police on the streets. Earlier in the fall the Sweden Democrat Member of Parliament Adam Mattinen commented on this development and stated that such cases, as a rule, should be met with force.

In a new video that has gone viral, police attempted to conduct a driver’s license and sobriety check on two men who were operating a car. The men, who felt themselves offended by the police work, began countering the patrol and ignored a policewoman who was trying to communicate with them. She was called several times, “a little dog” and a “f***ing dog”.

“I will embarrass you. You will swear by Allah”

“Your little dog!”

“I will lay you out on all the platforms. F***ing dog, I swear on my mother.”

Below are images from the police stop that show the men in the car. It is the men themselves who film themselves in connection with humiliating the patrol.

In the images from the passenger’s side is shown 19-year-old Josef Gameel Hussen (blue hoodie) and his friend, “Jonas”, who is driving the car. Josef Gameel Hussen has made himself known on social media where he has thousands of followers. This video with the police patrol has also been uploaded on social media.

Connected to gang environment

Samnytt can report that 19-year-old Josef Gameel Hussen is registered as living in Vällingby and is a Swedish citizen. He has an immigrant background from Iraq and Kuwait.

He has a prior criminal record for several drug offenses and illegal driving. Police write in the preliminary investigation report that Josef is “involved in drugs” in West Stockholm.

It also appears from the preliminary police investigation report that Josef’s previous drug possessions are suspected to be drug sales. This is confirmed by mass mailings with price lists of drugs. But according to the Arab himself, it only involves drugs for friends.

Earlier in the fall, Josef Gameel Hussen was charged with aggravated assault. This after a man who had visited a pub in Hässelby was brutally assaulted with a snow shovel by an immigrant gang in the middle of the square.

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Culture-Enriching Kiddie Porn Entrepreneurs in Linköping

The following brief news story offers a glimpse of the future of Modern Multicultural Sweden.

A telling detail is that all three youthful perps needed an Arabic interpreter in order to participate in the judicial process.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Underage girl raped and filmed — Syrian trio charged

Three Syrian citizens, two aged 17 and one aged 18, are charged as suspects for aggravated rape and child pornography offenses in the Linköping criminal court.

According to the indictment, the Syrian suspects raped an underage girl in a public toilet in the Garden Association in central Linköping on September 18 of last year.

The suspects allegedly locked the door and prevented the girl from getting out. After that, the girl was allegedly raped vaginally by three of the suspects and orally by one of them.

One of the suspects filmed parts of the rape with a cell phone and sent the film to a Snapchat contact. He is also charged with child pornography offenses. Aside from the cell phone footage, DNA trace evidence from two of the suspects was found at the scene.

The suspects were all under 18 at the time of the crime. They all require Arabic interpreters and deny the crime.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 16

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Charges filed against thesis that Sweden is infiltrated by Muslims

December 20, 2023

The thesis “Global political Islam? Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Federation in Sweden” at Lund University is the subject of charges by the controversial Ethics Review Appeals Board (Önep).

In the thesis, which was approved earlier this year by Lund University, Sameh Egyptson writes about the way Islamists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating Swedish society.

He himself describes the 744-page-long study as the result of twenty years of work.

The Ethics Review Appeals Board (Önep), a controversial state board of leftwing activists, has now filed charges against the study. According to Önep, the thesis handles sensitive personal information connected with political and religious beliefs, as well as information concerning criminal court judgments without the necessary ethics review permission.

“I have not used a single interview or secret document; everything comes from open sources,” says Sameh Egyptson himself to Sydsvenskan.

Önep’s attempt to stop politically incorrect studies has drawn attention recently. Earlier this year, over 2,000 researchers signed an open letter to members of Parliament that demanded a change to the Swedish system of so-called ethics review.

Fria Tider has previously written about the way left-wing activists in Önep attempted to have Professor Kristina Sundquist of Lund University convicted of a crime because she researched immigrant rapes. The case ended with the prosecutor dropping the preliminary investigation this past summer.

Prior to this, Önep was reported to JO [Parliamentary Ombudsman] by Academic Rights Watch, which explained the members’ leftwing activist commitment and comical fight against “racism”.

Chairperson Ann-Christine Lindeblad herself, as a member of the judiciary, among other things, handed down a controversial decision in 2019 that made it significantly more difficult to deport convicted immigrant rapists. In the meantime, the 69-year-old was forced out of her position after she was caught shoplifting.

[Fria Tider on X]

2,000 researchers in revolt against politically correct ethics review.
Described as “acute threat” against Swedish science.
Professor threatened with prison after researching immigrant rapes.
May 11, 2023