Clan Wars in Gothenburg’s No-Go Zones

In my previous post I reported on the fight against organized crime among Arab clans in the Neukölln district of Berlin. The following German-language video report from Der Spiegel describes a similar situation in Arab no-go zones in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Bringing Them All Back Home

After a hard, hard life as ISIS molls in Syria, three women have been repatriated to Sweden, along with their puir wee jihad bairns. Their plane landed in Sweden yesterday.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

New ISIS Women Deported to Sweden

October 20, 2021

Syria/Sweden — Three ISIS women, together with eight children, have left al-Roj camp in Syria and are now believed to be on their way back to Sweden, Expressen reports. According to SVT [Swedish state TV], they will land at Arlanda [Stockholm Airport] on Thursday.

It was around 9 local time when the women were taken out of the camp in northeastern Syria where they had earlier been held prisoner.

In the camp there are about 11,000 ISIS terrorists from all over the world. The Kurdish forces that control the camp have long held that Sweden should take back those prisoners with Swedish citizenship. But since that has not happened, they have chosen instead to deport the women who can not be brought to justice due to lack of evidence, writes SVT.

Of the women who now appear to be returning, two are reportedly from West Sweden and one from Stockholm, according to SVT’s information.

The Kurds who run the camps see ISIS women as a security risk.

“These women have been with ISIS, and we have said for months that those we cannot or do not have the resources to bring to justice will be deported for life since they pose a security risk,” said the northern representative for the Kurdish autonomous government, Shiyar Ali, in connection with the three other women deported to Sweden earlier in the autumn, according to Expressen.

At Arlanda, the women and children are expected to be received by police, social services, and doctors. In the case of suspected crimes, the war crime group of the NOA [Police National Operative Section] will take them in for a hearing.

According to SVT, several more Swedish ISIS women will be deported shortly. What number that involves is unknown.

One woman who remains in the camp complains to Expressen that the situation there is serious.

“I am happy that several have been allowed to leave. Especially children. They should not have to stay in such a place as this. But after the fire yesterday, I feel sad that several children still remain here. Every day one is here, one comes closer to death,” she says to the newspaper.

The Death Knell of Sweden

Sweden as a society is currently run by women, specifically feminist women. The prime minister is male, and numerous members of parliament are males, but important cabinet posts and administrative positions in the bureaucracy are filled by women. Female social workers. Female police chiefs. Female directors of enterprises, both public and private. And the ideology that animates public service and cultural institutions is avowedly feminist.

It is this feminist, feminized ideology that requires Swedes to welcome immigrants and celebrate them. Sweden has no legitimate culture of its own, so Swedes must embrace the multiculturalism that immigrants bring. Even if those culture-enrichers abuse, mutilate, brutalize, rape, and murder women and girls.

By 2050 — in less than thirty years — Sweden will no longer be run by feminists, because there won’t be enough of them left. Oh, there will be plenty of women, but the majority of them will be the property of patriarchal polygamous men who have been welcomed in from the Third World to enrich Swedish culture.

Unless there is a general societal collapse in the interim, Sweden in 2050 will be governed by patriarchal polygamous men under some form of sharia law. I don’t know what will become of the feminists under those circumstances. Perhaps they’ll become the obedient veiled third or fourth wives of the dominant males.

The following documentary discusses the anti-feminist consequences that Sweden’s gynocracy has brought down upon the country through its love affair with Third World immigrants. The video is in both Swedish and English, with the Swedish portions subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (Swedish portions):

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Do you Love to Hate?

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this essay on the dire excesses of contemporary public policy, including the “vaccine” situation in Israel, which suffers from one of the worst cases of the Coronamadness.

Do you Love to Hate?

by MC

Any private view that deviates from the approved ‘liberal’ meme is now labelled as hate. I hate Islam, for example; I do, I do.

They send these missiles over and they explode near me and my family, but although the firing of missiles at civilians is a war crime, it is an acceptable war crime because Islam is a religion of peace and lurve. Isn’t it?

I have to say it is because to point to the world-domination aspects of Islam is ‘Islamophobia’ and Islamophobia is a ‘hate’ crime.

In 1941, in operation Barbarossa, the Nazi armies swept across the Russian Steppes, raping, looting and burning as they went. Liberals (modern day Nazis) would have those peasants whose livelihood had just gone up in flames smile and accept their fate for the greater good. A freezing winter of starvation and death is not an excuse for ‘hate crimes’; to be a hate crime, the action must fall into a violation with very narrowly defined victim and perpetrator groups.

To criticize Islam is a hate crime, full stop. To criticize Judaism is less black and white. To criticize and demean Israel, the only Jewish State, is to be encouraged.

If you come to Israel you will find that the majority of people are of Mediterranean appearance, with very dark Ethiopians, and very light Russians, but to liberals Israel, and all Jews, are white supremacists, no matter what their skin colour. Since most Jews in the USA are Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction, then Jews in Israel must therefore be ‘white’ and ‘supremacist’ (living in the ‘holy land’ as ‘occupiers’ claiming to be the ‘chosen race’, regardless of their origins).

Everybody knows that God in his wheelchair, just before he died, anointed all liberals to carry on his works of lurve, compassion and coercion. After all, it is ‘right’ and ‘just’ to make people conform for the benefit of all of us. Forcible conversion is a major part of the socialist creed.

For a Liberal, there are two ways of doing things; the Liberal way and the wrong way. To do things the wrong way violates Liberal principle and is thus implied criticism; a hate crime because ‘liberalism’ is one of the defined victim/perpetrator groups.

We no longer debate issues; we just manoeuvre our opponents into the treacherous quicksand of mudslinging. Any dialogue can be reduced to a monologue by just a few well-placed liberal epithets invoking ‘racist’, Nazi, Fascist, hate and conspiracy theory.

Recently we have seen quite a few so called ‘conspiracy theories’ prove to be accurate. When somebody puts two and two together and gets four, when they were supposed to get five, if we then yell “CONSPIRACY THEORY” for all we are worth we can make it all go away.

The so-called conspiracy theory was once the domain of the loony left, but has morphed over the last few decades into a weapon to suppress logical speculations. Here is some logical speculation:

  • China released the COVID-19 virus at the Armed Forces Games in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Releasing a dangerous bioweapon of mass destruction is justification for war.
  • In December 2019 General Milley was worried that President Trump might declare war on China, so he took steps to acquire the power of the Commander-in-Chief for himself.
  • Milley tells his counterpart in China that he will give them a heads-up if the POTUS decides that China has committed an act of war.

If we put these points together we can logically draw the following conclusions:

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Swedish Politician Convicted of Wrongthink

Nowadays it’s well-established in most Western countries — not just in Sweden — that the truth is no defense when it comes to certain sensitive issues, among them immigration, race, and Islam. In the case of Bertil Malmberg all three issues overlap. Mr. Malmberg was convicted in a Swedish court and will be fined for stating a simple fact which the race hustlers who run our “democracies” will not allow to be discussed.

Our Swedish correspondent LN, who translated the article below, includes this introductory note:

A Swedish “Freisler court” has convicted the lecturer and scholar of Islam Bertil Malmberg, who is also the author under the pseudonym Nils Dacke of the competent book on Islam: Islam under the veil.

As a result, Sverigedemokraterna (SD) immediately initiated an exclusion case —this formerly Islam-critical political party is now only interested in clueless, marionetting puppets as members.

The translated article from Fria Tider:

SD politician is convicted of referring to a scientific study

October 7, 2021

The regional politician Bertil Malmberg (SD) was convicted today by Nyköping District Court for the crime of incitement against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp). The reason is that he referred to research that the South Sudanese have a low IQ. Malmberg will now be fined SEK 24,000 ($2640).

The IQ indictment against Bertil Malmberg

In a speech before Sörmland’s regional council on 27 April this year Bertil Malmberg mentioned scientific research.

During the year, the Swedish Migration Agency [Migrationsverket], in its lack of wisdom, placed a number of South Sudanese quota refugees in Sörmland. It is a matter of fact that the population there is among the peoples who have the lowest intelligence in the whole world, which is well-documented in research, he said.

In January, Fria Tider had written about the current research in a high-profile article. The study showed that South Sudanese have a barely measurable average IQ below 55.

When Bertil Malmberg mentioned the South Sudanese to the regional council, he was quickly interrupted by Chairman Tomas Borin (VFP [Välfärdspartiet, socialists]). He was then reported to the police by the Social Democrat Christine Gilljam.

This summer Chief Prosecutor Robert Eriksson chose to proceed with a prosecution against the SD politician. In a comment to Fria Tider, Eriksson explained that it does not matter whether what Malmberg said has support in the research or not. It is still a breach of opinion.

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Muslims Cheer Lars Vilks’ Death

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Muslims cheer Lars Vilks’ death

October 4, 2021

On social media, countless posts are being shared by Muslims, both in Sweden and the rest of the world, celebrating Lars Vilks’ death.

On Sunday evening it was revealed that Lars Vilks died in the attention-getting car accident on Highway E4.

Then the malicious posts immediately began to spread.

“Praise be to God, God is great, but he (Vilks) rest in urine.”

“It never would have happened like this but for God. Surely, he is burning like a rolling pig.”

These are some of the comments on Lars Vilks’ death that Samnytt has published.

On Twitter there is a special so-called hashtag — #larsvilkstohell — with which a large number of Muslims are celebrating the news of his death. Many state that it must be Allah who has commanded justice because Vilks drew the prophet Mohammed.

For links to previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

Death at 100mph

The latest word on the car crash in which Lars Vilks was killed is that the vehicle carrying him was traveling at 160 kph (99.36 mph) and that’s how it was able to leap the central barrier into oncoming traffic.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Vilks’ bodyguard is being investigated for causing another person’s death after the insane journey

October 4, 2021

The policeman who drove the car carrying Lars Vilks is being investigated for gross negligence in traffic and causing another person’s death after information that the vehicle was driven at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.

The investigation is being led by Chief Prosecutor Kajsa Sundgren at the Special Prosecutor’s Office, since it concerns a police employee.

A witness tells Aftonbladet that he estimates that the bodyguard car was being driven at 160 kilometers per hour when it skidded and forced the center railing on the motorway.

A report of murder has also been made, which is being investigated by the Police Authority, as the suspicions are not directed at a police officer.

However, that investigation was described as a purely formal measure during this morning’s press conference, which will be launched with the aim of gaining access to certain coercive measures.

In the comment sections of the Turkish and Arab media, however, it is believed that Allah was behind Vilks’ death. Not least that a fire arose when the crash is highlighted as proof of it, as the one who depicts the prophet is to be burned to death, according to common interpretations of the Qur’an.

See also:

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

R.I.P. Lars Vilks

Fjordman just sent this brief note:

Big news tonight from Sweden that the artist Lars Vilks, best known for depictions of the prophet Muhammad, has been killed in a car accident. Two police officers assigned to protect Vilks were also killed in the crash. As police were involved in the crash, it is currently being investigated carefully.


It’s too early to say whether cultural enrichment was involved in Mr. Vilks’ tragic death.

I’ll be writing more about the legacy of Lars Vilks in later posts. For now, I’ll just quote from what I said back in March of 2015:

Although he would probably not agree with the characterization, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks is a hero of the Counterjihad movement.

Like many other people who have chosen to criticize or mock Islam, Mr. Vilks’ life has been in danger for years. Last month he was the target of a failed assassination attempt in Copenhagen. Throughout the aftermath of this incident, and during all his previous tribulations, the artist has remained steadfast in his defense of free speech as an absolute. For the past eight years he has never retracted or groveled or apologized to Islam. His position in March 2015 remains the same as it was in July 2007.

In the fall of 2007, at the height of the initial controversy over “The Prophet as a Roundabout Dog”, someone asked Mr. Vilks if drawing the cartoon was worth dying for. In reply he said simply, “Yes, it is.”

That’s what makes him a hero.

I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Vilks in person, but he was kind enough to send the following drawing to us, which he drew especially for Gates of Vienna:

Lars Vilks: Jan III Sobieski and a rondellhund at the Gates of Vienna

Rest in peace, Lars Vilks.

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

The Story of Ivermectin

The following video gives a history of the development of the drug ivermectin, and an account of its suppression after it was shown to be the most effective treatment (both preventive and ameliorative) for COVID-19.

I’m not sure where the original came from — obviously not YouTube — but this version (in English with Swedish subtitles) was posted by Swebbtv. I have trouble viewing most of the non-standard video platforms (including Rumble) due to bandwidth issues with my stone-age Internet connection, but Vlad very kindly uploaded it to 3Speak so I could watch it and embed it here:

Hat tip: LN.

Beware the Mountains of Morocco

A Spanish-speaking reader sends this update on the disposition of a civil case pursued by the family of one of the two Nordic girls who were raped and beheaded in Morocco back in 2018:

Rape and murder of two European tourist girls in Morocco

I believe this should be known by all travelers, especially girls, if they are planning to travel to an Arab country.

This is a reference from the Spanish newspaper Alerta Digital (Video con imágenes muy duras) Marruecos deberá pagar 500.000 euros a las familias de las dos turistas salvajemente asesinadas en 2018 taken from its website today. It concerns the rape and murder of two girls from Norway and Denmark while they were on holiday in Morocco in December of 2018.

The news of the details of the sentence includes a [WARNING: horriby graphic] video with the images of the murder of the two girls who were raped and beheaded by Moroccan men.

The Moroccan State, in its capacity as subsidiary civil servant, will have to pay five million dirhams (equivalent to half a million euros) to the families of the two Nordic tourists murdered and beheaded in a mountainous region of Morocco in December 2018. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, a 24-year-old Dane, and Maren Ueland, a 28-year-old Norwegian, arrived in Morocco on December 9 and were found dead on Monday the 17th in the Imlil region, en route to Mount Toubkal.

The judgment of the Administrative Court of Marrakesh was issued on June 16, but it was made known this Monday through the Medias24 web portal, which recalls that the relatives of the Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen filed the lawsuit with the Moroccan State.

At the trial in July of 2019, in a criminal instance for the crime against Vesterager and her Norwegian partner Maren Ueland, the Rabat Court of Appeal sentenced the death penalty for the three main defendants, a sentence that was later confirmed in Court of Cassation.

That court considered unfounded the claim for compensation to the Moroccan State, which the lawyer for the Vesterager family estimated at ten million dirhams (one million euros), but in the face of the refusal of that court, the lawyer went to the Administrative Court, which eventually found in his favor.

The Marrakesh court considers that the responsibility of the State is explained by a principle of national solidarity, and although the State is not guilty of the crime, it does bear responsibility for what happened.

The Caliphate Advances in Sweden

Below is a view of the 9-11 anniversary as reflected in local political events in Sweden.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this editorial from Katerina Magasin:

20 years after 9-11, you can be charged if you call an Islamist extreme

September 12, 2021

I didn’t write anything yesterday on the 20th anniversary of terror in the USA when Islamist terrorism claimed thousands of lives and forever tore open a bottomless wound in the free Western world. Social media still simmered and boiled filled with memories and reflections, mainly what people were doing themselves when news of the planes hitting the Twin Towers like an exploding suicide belt on all the information channels. Perhaps, I myself remember most clearly the feeling that it couldn’t be true. That it was a bad joke. And that the day after, we awoke to something that could be most described as a huge hangover, anxiety, and sadness. What strikes me today, 20 years and one day later, is how quickly the Islamization of Europe, in Europe in general and Sweden in particular. is going. Islam is gaining more ground, and with the argument of “religious freedom”, it advances its positions-though Islam primarily is a political ideology and a legal system, where religion is mostly a facade. Churches are proposed to become mosques, minarets are built, calls to prayer are permitted. More and more girls and women go around dressed in full-covering Islamic dress. In more and more areas, sharia trumps Swedish law. Imams decide, not Swedish courts. But worst is the mental breakdown of freedom of expression. Court proceedings against former Social Democrat politician Ann-Sofie Hermansson in Gothenburg [prosecuted for defamation as a result of her blog posts] is a clear symbol that Islamists use our own democracy to suppress and obtain the right to exercise their anti-democratic ideology. As I write this, I am thinking: Can I be reported for blasphemy?

You can read the background of the trial against Ann-Sofie Hermansson here.

In short, it can be said that Hermansson called extremists extremists. There is no other way to say it. And here is where it becomes difficult. Should we not be allowed to criticize a political ideology that in many ways goes against principles that all humans have equal value, equality before the law, freedom of speech, and our freedom to criticize ideologies and religions? I think that these positions being advanced are an extremely destructive and unfortunate development. Particularly when Swedish Public Service — which should be objective, non-partisan, and neutral — actually takes sides against Ann-Sofie Hermansson and thinks it is acceptable that her right to express her opinion must actually be tested. “A blessing,” they write that this, that the question be judged in a higher instance. Perhaps Public Service wants us to no longer call extremists extremists? That it should be criminal?

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The Crash of Civilization

If you appreciate this essay by Fjordman, please consider making a donation to him, using the button at the bottom of this post.

The Crash of Civilization

by Fjordman

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were the type of shocking event where many people remember exactly where they were and what they did that day. Personally, I was living in Egypt at that time. I had started studying Arabic language at the University of Bergen in western Norway. In 2001 I continued these studies at the American University in Cairo.

My linguistic skills in Arabic were mediocre. Since I left the Middle East in 2003 and haven’t practiced the language since, my Arabic has deteriorated and is now quite poor. For me, studying Arabic primarily became a door into studying Islam and Islamic culture. I was far better in this field of study, and continued my personal studies of Islam for years. I am at heart not a linguist, but rather an analyst with a strong interest in history.

Before September 2001, I was already growing more skeptical of Islam based on my own studies and personal experiences. Still, living in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world during the September 11 Jihadist attacks was certainly interesting. The Mubarak regime imposed a curfew on Tahrir Square and parts of downtown Cairo that day. Perhaps they feared that some local Muslims would publicly celebrate the attacks, the way some Palestinian Muslims did. When Egypt received billions of dollars in aid from the USA, this would not have been good publicity.

I followed the news and newspapers back home via the Internet. They claimed that all Arabs and Muslims were sad and horrified by the attacks. This is not true. I know. I was there. Some of my Egyptian Muslim neighbors celebrated with cakes and said openly that they were very happy about the attacks.

To me, the most shocking thing about this was not that many Arabs and Muslims hated the West in general and the USA in particular. I already knew that. What was truly disturbing was that virtually the entire Western world seemed to be in complete denial about this fact. This was an entire civilization which once used to cultivate logic and reason, yet now seemed to have lost the ability to think rationally. That really scared me.

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu completed his book The Art of War around the year 500 BC. Despite being more than 2,500 years old, it remains surprisingly fresh and relevant. This is because Sun Tzu focused mainly on the psychological aspects of conflict. While human technology has changed greatly in 2,500 years, human psychology has changed a lot less. One of the most famous quotes from The Art of War is this:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

From what I observed in September 2001, it seemed that the Western world had forgotten who our enemies are. Far worse, though, was that we had even forgotten who we are, and the roots of our own civilization.

A decade later, another terror attack would have an even more direct impact on my life. Both attacks became national traumas. Yet the 2011 attacks in Norway were carried out by a single individual acting alone, whose alleged terrorist network only existed inside his mentally disturbed head. The 2001 attacks in the USA were carried out by many different individuals from a real international terror network whose ideology has adherents worldwide. Moreover, when a small country is attacked, this is bad for that small country. When a large and powerful country is attacked, this has geopolitical consequences.

By 2011, I had been living in the same flat in Oslo for eight years, since my return from the Middle East. When the July 22 attacks happened, some people blamed me personally for the atrocities. I suddenly found myself near the epicenter of an international news story. This was extremely unpleasant, but in some ways also educational. If the 2001 attacks weakened my trust in Western mass media, the 2011 attacks totally destroyed it.

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Bone-Break Dancing in Lund

Last Monday I reported on a street battle between culture-enriching clans in the Swedish city of Lund. Below is a news report about the incident from Swedish TV, which includes footage of some of the skirmishes between the two warring groups. The whole thing seems choreographed to me, as if it were performed by an all-male version of the June Taylor Dancers. But maybe I’ve watched too many videos of culturally enriched street fights.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Another Somali Success Story in Sweden

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samtiden, an online newspaper published by Sverigedemokraterna. Note: this case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%:

Clockwise from upper left: “I will kill you. I will kill all Swedes”, “Whites must die”, “I will f*** white people”, “You are Swedish. You must get out of here”, White people are evil”

Caption at bottom of photo: Defendant’s statements reproduced from preliminary police investigation: Photo — police

Attacked women and made threats: “Whites must die”

September 1, 2021

The Somali who subjected at least eight women to insane attacks has now been charged in the District Court of Borås for assault and also for threatening female social workers.

One person who read the preliminary investigation against the Somali perpetrator is the journalist Joakim Lamotte. He describes it as frightening reading.

The defendant, Dawud Mohammad, without provocation, made outbursts and violent attacks against women. Men who tried to help the women were also attacked. In addition, he issued serious insults and death threats.

According to a police report, Dawud Mohammad screamed, “f***ing racists” during the arrest and that “white people are evil and racist.” He also said, according to police, that “white people must die,” and that he “would f*** white people.”

“Kill all Swedes”

Social workers in Borås also stand witness to the man’s hate toward white Swedes. In an interview, a social worker said that Dawud Mohammad, at a meeting, screamed, “You are Swedish. You must get out of here.” The social worker dared do nothing else but leave the room. Then Dawud Mohammad looked at her and screamed, “I will kill you. I will kill all Swedes.”

Another social worker stated that she was threatened via email, when Dawud Mohammad reportedly wrote things like, “I will destroy your life,” and “I will kill you all.”

Dawud Mohammad himself denies the crime, and in a police interrogation he says that, “It is all about racism,” and that police “want to fill up my file.” He also refused to speak with a police investigator because he was white.

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