Full-Blown Tyranny ca. 2030

Below is Paul Weston’s latest take on the degraded dystopia into which formerly Great Britain has deteriorated:

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Whose Face Will Be on the Trillion-Dollar Bill?

Some of the things that President Biden and the Democrat Party have been doing over the past few months are pretty bizarre, considering that this is an election year.

Hispanics and even blacks are shifting away from the Democrats. Young people — the parti-colored Zoomer TikTok generation — are increasingly drawn towards Donald Trump. The way things are going, there won’t be enough dump trucks available to haul in the “found” ballots required to put Joe Biden over the top on the night of November 5th. The Democrats are virtuosos at rigging elections, but even in the dystopian twilight of 21st-century America, elections can only be stolen at the margin. The race has to be at least somewhat close in order to pull off an effective steal.

The Democrat apparat seems utterly unconcerned with making sure the race is a tight one. One unpopular policy after another is being pushed — open borders, criminals released without bail, the promotion of sexual perversion, the war against the internal combustion engine, uniformed soldiers with pink hair mincing around in high heels…

And, to top it all off, there was the “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday. Don’t they even want to win the election?

Well, maybe they really don’t.

I’d been thinking along those lines for a while, and then last week I happened to read something similar at ZeroHedge, an essay saying that they’re going to let Trump win.

These are the key paragraphs:

Let Trump back in, and fight him on home turf — in the maze of the executive bureaucracy. Some of his backers have announced their intention to become politically competent in the event that he wins — but compared to the alternatives, that’s a very manageable risk.

More importantly: let Trump hold the bag for the all-but-guaranteed economic calamity of the next four years. The regime could skate for another decade if they succeed in pinning the collapse on a dangerous, erratic right-wing upstart. [emphasis added]

Everything I say here tonight is pure speculation. I’m not an expert on any of these matters, and especially not on financial issues. I’m just a reasonably well-informed layperson who reads a lot of information from diverse points of view.

It’s undeniable that the country is headed towards some form of fiscal calamity. As I mentioned last month, money-printing is being taken to new extremes:

I swore off making specific predictions after the previous great fiscal crisis in 2009, when my prognostications were so completely wrong. I never would have thought they could keep the racket going for another fifteen years, but here we are. The Powers That Be have managed to do a lot with derivatives and real estate bubbles.

But the debt graph can’t keep going up with a steadily increasing slope — it just can’t. Someday the pyramid scheme will come crashing down, and the chickens will come home to roost. Based on the current debt acceleration, it won’t be much longer. It might take a week; it might take a decade. But the chickens will be roosting relatively soon.

The thing is, the people who keep the Ponzi scheme afloat know exactly what’s coming. They know the money-printing tactic will eventually stop working. It’s a complex process, what with cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, derivatives, paper and digital “futures” of precious metals, and now the BRICS alternatives. Keeping those plates spinning must surely be a tricky business.

And the people in charge know that a collapse of the dollar will eventually come. In order enrich themselves fully, and assure themselves an unbroken hold on the levers of power, they will need to time the crisis carefully. At exactly the right moment they will topple the pillars supporting the dollar-based economy, after having thoroughly prepared the replacement system that will be built on the smoking ruins of the old one.

So which patsy will be nominally in charge when the house of cards comes tumbling down? Who will preside over the Great Collapse?

Whose face will be on the Zimbabwe-style trillion-dollar bill?

For a long time I thought Brandon was being set up as the fall guy. He was always obviously a disposable president, a non-re-electable senile geezer who could be pushed aside when he was no longer needed. The people who crafted his policies and wrote his speeches clearly didn’t try to make him more popular. I assumed that when the time was right, he would be gently eased out (and Kamala, too, although that part would be tricky), and a substitute such as Gavin Newsom or Big Mike installed to run in 2024, someone who was at least plausible enough that the election could be rigged on his behalf.

But it never happened. And the scripts that Brandon has been following have been so damaging to him that it’s obvious that his handlers don’t really want him to win re-election. It is intended that he go down in flames, taking the Democrat Party with him.

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The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

Last night I posted a graph of the increase in US national debt. The recent ballooning of the debt makes the slope of the graph quite steep, and it will undoubtedly get even steeper.

Our national debt is currently said to be about $34.5 trillion. The latest population estimate I could find for the country is 331 million (the actual figure is probably several million higher than that, due to the huge influx of illegal immigrants in the last few years, but I’ll go with the official figure).

$34.5 trillion divided by 331 million people equals approximately $104,000 per man, woman, and child in the USA.

That figure includes minor children, welfare recipients, and officially acknowledged illegal immigrants, rather than actual taxpayers. I looked at the IRS website to get the number of people who file federal tax returns, and it’s roughly 162 million.

$34.5 trillion divided by 162 million taxpayers equals approximately $213,000 per taxpayer.

Mind you, that includes people who pay little or no tax. And the latter group includes rich people, who usually pay no more in tax than the average minimum-wage employee. Instead they pay a much smaller sum to accountants, and more importantly to lobbyists who make sure that Congress enacts the requisite tax loopholes. It’s a very cost-effective strategy if you’re in the top 1%.

In other words, the tax burden for repaying the national debt will be borne by middle-class taxpayers. I can’t give you an exact figure, but we know the average middle-class taxpayer would be on the hook for well over $213K.

And that’s just for the debt at its current level. Remember, it’s increasing at a rate of approximately $1 trillion every 100 days. That’s $3,021 per person, and an annual rate increase of $6,173 per person. If we just count the taxpayers, that’s an increase every year of $22,531 on the back of each taxpayer. And that’s assuming the rate of increase does not increase (the “delta squared”), which seems unlikely.

The upshot of all this is that the national debt will never be repaid. Productivity cannot possibly rise quickly enough to raise GDP to a level that would bring in enough tax money to pay off the debt.

There are only two possible ways to deal with the debt: (1) Repudiate it, or (2) Monetize it. #2 means printing more money, which is the current strategy. As more and more non-Western countries abandon using “the world’s reserve currency” to settle their trade deals, to keep the debt engine steaming along the USA has to lend the money to itself. That is, the Treasury issues bonds, and the Fed buys them. That’s the same as printing money.

The end result of #2 is hyperinflation, of which we are seeing the earliest signs.

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“The Netherlands is in the Service of the Migrant”

The following video shows remarks made by a local politician for the FvD (Forum voor Democratie, Forum for Democracy) at a city council meeting in The Hague.

Here’s part of the introduction from RAIR Foundation:

Dutch politician Massimo Etalle from the Forum for Democracy party warned of the consequences of an ‘insane anti-Dutch policy,’ emphasizing the financial strain with ‘a gigantic tax burden of 60%’ to finance a ‘migrant resort,’ and lamented the loss of ‘centuries-old families’ due to government choices.

In a recent session at the Dutch city council of Den Haag (The Hague), a charged debate erupted over the issue of illegal immigration, igniting strong sentiments among political factions.

The discussion was instigated by concerns surrounding a new law mandating Den Haag to accommodate a significantly more significant number of asylum seekers, a decision met with widespread discontent among politicians and citizens alike.

Many thanks to Henk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Corrupt Governments Partnered With Corrupt Corporations — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The following video from the AUF1 TV channel in Germany discusses the recently concluded conference hosted by the World Economic Forum in Davos. The topic in focus is “public-private partnerships”, where gigantic global corporations get their financial tentacles into the affairs of formerly sovereign states.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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German Money Printer Go Brrr

German Economics Minister Robert Habeck has proposed a solution for the country’s current economic woes: borrow more money to create a “special fund” so that subsidies for various groups can be increased. Seems like a good idea to me. What could possibly go wrong?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Apollo News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Habeck fantasizes about new trillion-dollar special assets — all financed with new debts

Economics Minister Habeck is causing outrage in the Bundestag. The Green Minister is fantasizing about a new special fund worth trillions using figures made out of thin air.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck spoke to the Bundestag on Thursday about the problems of the German economy. In response to considerable criticism from the opposition about the current dire economic situation, he then spoke of the possibility of another “special fund” to stimulate the German economy again. He knows “that a discussion about the debt brake is not right, given the current possibilities.” There is “maybe, but still a way to come together in this sense,” said Habeck in the direction of the Union faction. [What a word-salad this children’s book author can throw together.]

Habeck’s suggestion: “What if we introduced a special fund to solve the structural problems?” It seems to be Habeck’s new favorite word. If Germany has no money for its daring plans, then it will have to go through debts from a special fund.

The Economics Minister continued: “(A special fund) that then pays out with what the companies want: namely, through TaxCredit tax breaks, to create tax depreciation options.” That is what he is hearing from opposition circles and from the Liberals: “An Economic Opportunity Act times 10, maybe times 50, to move this country forward. What we need is a joint conversation.”

The already planned Growth Opportunities Act is currently stuck in the mediation committee between the Bundestag (Parliament) and the Bundesrat (Federal Council) because there is no agreement yet. The volume of this project is around €7 billion per year from 2024 and a total of over €32 billion in the next few years. An “Economic Opportunities Act times 50”, as Habeck calls for, would be a financial mega-project worth €1.6 trillion.

The Economics Minister seems to have simply plucked the “times 50” out of thin air in the debate. But that seems to be Habeck’s last line, under pressure from Germany’s increasingly gloomy economic figures: simply spend more money, take on more debt — without fully outlining the dimensions himself.

The special fund idea caused outrage even in otherwise Habeck-friendly public broadcaster circles. Gerd-Joachim von Fallois, the Phoenix correspondent in the ARD capital studio, said critically: “The economic figures in Germany are devastating. Germany is sliding into recession, something is wrong. And the only thing that occurs to the responsible federal minister is that we have to get more money in order to distribute more subsidies.”

Afterword from the translator:

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Citizens of the EU Pay the Poor Tax

Resistance is futile: you will be assimilated by the CBDC Borg. Today the European Union; tomorrow the rest of the Western world.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian news portal eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Out for cash?

EU bans cash payments of more than €10,000

The EU is getting serious: cash payments of more than €10,000 will be banned. Luxury goods retailers must also verify the identity of their customers and report suspicious transactions to the authorities. The EU speaks of an important step against money laundering, the FPÖ warns against the abolition of cash.

Negotiators from the European Parliament and the member states agreed on Thursday morning on new regulations with which the EU wants to officially take action against money laundering. The stricter rules are intended to close loopholes in national laws and apply, among other things, to the trade in jewelry, luxury cars, private planes and ships.

According to the agreement, financially strong football clubs such as FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will also be subject to the new law from 2029. Professional football, with its billions in investments from third countries, is seen as a possible gateway for money laundering in Europe.

Greater control of cryptocurrencies and banking

The authorities should also monitor cryptocurrencies and the banking transactions of the super-rich with assets of at least €50 million more closely. Owners of companies with a share of at least a quarter must be registered throughout the EU. This is intended, among other things, to prevent Russian oligarchs from being able to circumvent the EU sanctions as a result of the attack on Ukraine.

Stricter anti-money laundering rules for cryptocurrencies, banks, oligarchs and football clubs are “long overdue,” said European Parliament negotiator Eero Heinäluoma. An EU-wide uniform framework closes the national loopholes. “Up until now the member states have been losing billions of euros,” explained the Finnish Social Democrat.

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China, the Clown State

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan reports on the latest geopolitical news from the Far East.

China, the clown state

by H. Numan

You’re not going to believe me. Recently new corruption scandals have rocked the People’s Republic of China. The commander of the Chinese Rocket Forces disappeared. A bunch of army, navy and air force top commanders also vanished in Nacht und Nebel. That happened a couple of months ago, but now they are all officially charged with corruption. Not just a bit of corruption. Corruption on a scale that baffles even Russians. China is very busy trying to become a superpower. They have the biggest army in the world, the biggest navy in the Pacific… but… it’s of little or no use. It is all falling apart.


Before I continue, two related stories from Thailand. The new Srettha government was planning to allow Chinese police stations in tourist areas. Real People’s Police offices with semi-diplomatic status, where Thai officials would be welcome only on invitation. All to accommodate and support Chinese tourists, of course. What else?

A part of the soft power of China is tourism. Thailand relies heavily — as do many other nations in the region —on Chinese tourists. About one-third of all foreign tourists used to be Chinese. They vanished during and because of the Covid pandemic. Now the pandemic is over, Thailand wants them back. Apparently, at all costs.

That gave the Chinese government a nice opportunity. China is, as we all know, a communist dictatorship. Its citizens cannot freely travel, not in China itself (you need internal passports) and certainly not abroad. Percentage-wise, not that many Chinese can afford to travel abroad, but with +1 billion you have a lot of tourists who can. Most Chinese travel in groups. That’s a pretty common way to travel in Asia anyway, but in China there is another reason. A group is much easier to control than individual travelers. And China can control who gets this pot of gold. Provided they are nice to the Chinese government, that is. For example, micro states in the Pacific who acknowledge Taiwan suddenly didn’t get any tourists. Until they cut formal relations with Taiwan. Then, all of a sudden all ‘problems’ were solved and the flood of tourists came back.

People’s Police stations in Thailand

The Chinese government wanted real Chinese People’s Police stations in Thailand. Once that happened, all restrictions would be lifted. To manage Chinese tourists? Of course! What else? To control Thailand? The very idea! Thailand is an independent country, and proud about it. This created so much of a nationwide outcry that PM Srettha hastily withdrew those plans.

The Kra Canal

We’re not done yet, because China is big. They have more irons in the fire. The next one is ongoing, with a (small) possibility of succeeding. The Kra canal. You all know the most famous canals of the world, being the Panama and Suez canals. Another maritime choke point is the Strait of Malacca. At the moment maritime traffic is at a maximum. Large ships have to make reservations in order to cross it. For China it is of vital importance. All oil and most commerce to and from China has to pass the strait. It’s very easy to block by just about anyone. India, for example, is fortifying the Andaman Isles just to be able to do that. A canal through the narrow part of Thailand in the deep south might solve that problem for China, and give them another route. Which could just as easily be blocked, but now you have two passages to control.

That would be the Kra Canal. That’s a centuries-old dream of Thailand/Siam/Ayutthaya. They always wanted such a canal. However, it’s far more difficult to construct than the Panama canal, so nothing ever happened. Many projects were initiated, but no shovel ever hit the dirt. As long as I have been in Thailand (30 years!) rumors about reviving the Kra canal came and went.

This time the Chinese government is putting a lot of pressure on Thailand to construct one. Money is not an issue. Engineering can be done by the Chinese. We finance it too, on (for China) excellent conditions. Just allow us to build the damn thing!

I doubt very much whether it will ever happen. Singapore isn’t exactly thrilled to see half of their maritime trade sail away. A small state, to be sure, but with a lot of commercial power. America won’t be overjoyed either. Biden or Trump doesn’t matter. A Kra canal is not in the interests of America.

Another problem that will rear its ugly head: the revolting southern muslim provinces. They are located exactly on the other side of the proposed canal. The first problem will be unruly muslims milking the project for all they can. The second problem is that once the canal is there, independence is no longer a pipe dream. Rather something that almost certainly will happen when those provinces are separated by a huge canal from the mainland. A lot of water will flow through the Chao Phraya before it will happen. If at all.

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Those High-Maintenance Migrants

It’s widely accepted that “migrants” are a net financial drain on any Western nation that decides to import them en masse. The following article reports on the research conducted by a German economist in an effort to quantify the amount of money lost due to all the cultural enrichment.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets.

Note: the translator has also appended some interesting and useful material at the end of this translation:

Raffelhüschen: Immigration costs €5.8 trillion

The pension and social expert Raffelhüschen calculates the overall economic price of immigration. He dispels a myth, and describes migration policy as “dumb as straw”.


The economist Bernd Raffelhüschen has presented a calculation of how expensive immigration is for the German population. Accordingly, mass migration creates an overall economic hole of €5,800,000,000,000 — in short, €5.8 trillion. [I’d love to know how much of that money has ended — and is still ending up — in the offshore accounts of the political “migration” mafia?]

The Freiburg professor dispelled the myth, promoted by all established parties, that immigration saves pension and social security funds. According to Raffelhüschen, there is already a large gap in the aging German society between what employers and employees pay in taxes, nursing care, pension and health insurance contributions and what they will be paid out in the future, says Raffelhüschen.

According to the expert, this “sustainability gap” will grow to €19.2 trillion if Germany continues to accept 300,000 foreigners annually. On the other hand, if we no longer allowed migrants into the country, the number would only be €13.4 trillion. Immigration increases the hole by €5.8 trillion. Raffelhüschen: “That is the price of immigration in our current system.”

Raffelhüschen: Foreigners pay little

On average, migrants would need six years to integrate into the German labor market. During this time they have scarcely paid anything into the social system. But even after that, according to his study, which he prepared for the Market Economy Foundation, things will hardly get any better. Because they earned significantly less than their German colleagues due to a lack of qualifications. As a result, they also paid fewer taxes and duties. However, they received the same sickness, nursing and pension benefits.

Raffelhüschen explained: “Although the age structure of migrants potentially has a demographic rejuvenation dividend, this does not lead to a positive fiscal balance of migration in any of the scenarios considered.”

To illustrate his results, Raffelhüschen chose an example: “An asylum seeker comes to Germany at the age of 26, is rejected after two to three years, but remains here with tolerance. Then he gradually begins his first jobs, gets qualified and, at the age of 35, begins a career as a tax and contribution payer. Because his pension entitlement is low, he receives basic security as a pensioner — for which his contributions would never have been enough.”

Even skilled immigration brings a loss

The 66-year-old scientist, who once advised the federal government in the so-called “Rürup Commission,” said: “It doesn’t pay off. This is all far too expensive.” This year alone, the federal government is making almost €50 billion available in its budget for migration — not including the costs to the social system.

Raffelhüschen has calculated that even with an additional immigration of 100,000 trained skilled workers per year, Germany would still show a loss. The “sustainability gap” would then still be €14.2 trillion — and therefore €800 billion above the financing burden without any immigration.

Raffelhüschen found clear words for the migration policy pursued so far by both the Merkel and now Scholz governments: “If we carry on as before, we are dumb as straw!”

Afterword from the translator:

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Digital Dystopia

The European Union is implementing a digital ID, which will be coupled with the digital euro and personal health data (an extension of the “vaccine passport”) to produce a comprehensive digital profile for each EU citizen. It’s not hard to see the erosion of personal privacy that will emerge out of this digital gulag.

Dominik Kettner is a German entrepreneur whose specialty is the precious metals trade, and is also a prolific vlogger who produces numerous videos on finance-related topics. In the following video he talks about the implementation of the digital euro, and the danger it poses to the civil liberties of European citizens.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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All Your Euros Are Belong to Us

Germany is hastening towards the implementation of a cashless society by means of two basic strategies: closing bank branches, and refusing cash transactions at the branches that remain.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from DerStatus.at. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Faced with a fait accompli…

Fight against cash: Branch closures and refusal to accept cash

Although cash is still one of the most popular means of payment, it is apparently increasingly disappearing. And because citizens aren’t fully on board with the big transformation and aren’t making enough cashless payments or aren’t as enthusiastic about digital money as they would like, they’re simply creating a fait accompli. This includes not only the closure of bank branches, but even banks refusing to accept cash.

Cash caps as an alleged means in the fight against crime or even the representation that initiatives to preserve cash are “right-wing extremist” — no means are spared to advance the transformation to a cashless society. Always under the assurance that cash will be retained for as long as desired and that no one has any intention of abolishing it, the ECB is diligently working on a digital euro. But the quiet abolition of cash is progressing.

Bank closes all branches

The Volksbank in the Hochtaunus district of Hesse announced last year that it wanted to close all bank branches. It was stated that “Deposits and withdrawals in the branch (counter and ATM) will no longer be possible in the future.” The reason given was a lack of customer frequency in the branches and also a declining number of cash withdrawals. By closing the branches, costs can be saved and customers can be offered “different added value”. It was also pointed out that customers would continue to receive cash, which could be withdrawn from various supermarkets and drugstores when making a purchase, for example. [They have done that here in South Africa for years already, and funnily enough, NO BANK CHARGES for getting cash at the super market till. Although you have to buy something first before you get a “cash back”. Obviously you need a bank account and bank card for this to be possible. A 38 special might also work, but would be a bit more hazardous for all involved in that particular type of transaction.]

Bank refuses to accept cash [As long as cash is legal tender they CANNOT refuse to take it. I’d lay fraud charges against them.]

In a savings bank in Frankfurt, customers now have to accept other restrictions. Although the branch will not be closed, cash deposits will no longer be possible. The mundane reason: lack of staff at the branch. Customers can only hope that this may be resolved soon, but branch closures have been observed for years. Last year, 1,266 bank branches closed in Germany alone, around 6%. In 2021, one in ten bank branches closed their doors.

There are currently 20,446 branches in Germany, but the trend is likely to continue. For neighboring Austria, Achim Kaucic, a banking expert and partner at the consulting firm Bosten, predicted last year that around 60% of bank branches may close by 2030.

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The Winter of Our Discontent

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Uncut News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Failure of EU policy: number of EU citizens without sufficient heating doubles

In 2022, around 40 million EU citizens suffered from a lack of heating in their homes, and this number is constantly increasing. Although EU officials made a clear case for protecting vulnerable people and those in fuel poverty, the number of people on low incomes who could not afford heating doubled. The European Union’s solution is to advise these people on how to reduce their energy consumption.

The rise in energy prices due to the war in Ukraine, as claimed by the EU, or actually due to the self-imposed sanctions on gas imports from the Russian Federation and the abandonment of coal-fired power plants, has plunged almost the entire European Union into energy poverty. The latest figures show that around 40 million Europeans from all member states were unable to heat their homes adequately in 2022. Compared to 2021, the number of low-income people who suffered from cold has doubled, but even people with above-average incomes were affected.

“These figures demonstrate the seriousness of the situation and call on policymakers to take action and address the root causes of energy poverty as part of a just transition that ensures no one is left behind. Energy poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon. In many cases, this situation is mainly determined by three fundamental causes, namely high energy costs relative to the household budget, low income levels and low energy efficiency of buildings and appliances,” says the European Commission Recommendation on Energy Poverty, published recently in the Official Journal of the European Union has been published. [The root cause is called GLOBALISM and its affiliated megalomaniac alphabet genocidists called UN, WHO, EU, WEF and, and, and…]

Low energy consumption also needs to be reduced

According to the European Commission, high energy prices have impacted the bloc’s energy markets since mid-2021, leaving more people struggling to pay their energy bills. These difficulties were not only limited to low-income people and those who constitute vulnerable populations and had to devote a disproportionate share of their income to energy expenditure, but also affected many people with average incomes.

“The Union has acted uniformly at the European level and within the framework of international commitments to ease the situation of European citizens. However, there is still a need for additional and targeted measures at national level. People who have regular and direct contact with people in fuel poverty, such as health, education or social workers and energy advisors, should have the necessary skills to identify fuel poverty and provide advice and information to households affected by fuel poverty. This information may include advice on fundamentally reducing energy consumption, explaining energy bills, advice on housing law and tenants’ rights against evictions, as well as places where additional advice or support can be obtained,” the European Commission said. [And an unlimited influx of migrants from hostile and warm climates, with the resulting excessive taxation of the working European, is going to help the situation? You’re [vulgar intensifier] ivory-towered LIARS that need the Romanov treatment BADLY.]

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Invasion of the Country Snatchers

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends this report on the political and cultural Ragnarøk that is now underway in the failed state formerly known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Invasion of the Country Snatchers

by Seneca III

Throughout the Western Ecumene including the UK socio-cultural collapse and ethnic treason in high places continue apace. Mind you, this debacle is not confined to this small archipelago; wherever one looks from the USA to Canada, from non-EU Europe (Norway, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.) and to the EU itself and then on south to the Antipodes, the picture is the same.

Simply put, we are in the midst of a mass invasion by primitive barbarian hordes, an invasion enabled and orchestrated by ruthless global power seekers who are pulling the strings in the background whilst at the same time paedophiles, perverts and deviants of every conceivable persuasion simultaneously infiltrate and poison virtually every public and private body with their toxic sexual indulgencies. The once Hallowed Halls of Academia have become so infested with this insanity that they now do little more than churn out young people with minds so crippled that they cannot differentiate between make-believe and reality.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that Europeans became civilized only after several centuries of methodically executing criminals and invaders and imposing other violent forms of civilisation. In Africa, genetic patterns that had been significantly reduced in the other primary human sub-species were never eliminated and are still prevalent there and throughout the African diaspora.

[Disambiguation: The short précis in the paragraph immediately above is written from my memory of an article I read quite some time ago but did not archive. Furthermore, I do not recall ever reading any anthropological or genetic arguments, either then or now, challenging or substantiating the article’s central hypothesis so I must leave that line of research to any interested readers, other than to say that it is not unreasonable to conclude that evolution by artificial selection doesn’t produce new species, but it most certainly does produce more socially coherent and smarter human beings. —SIII]

The latest result of this African-heritage genetic pattern was horrifically demonstrated a few days ago in the London Borough of Croydon, a.k.a. the stabbing capital of London, where a 15-year-old black schoolgirl trying to defend her friend on the way to school was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old black ‘youth’ because her friend had rejected his advances; he subsequently used a foot-long, serrated zombie knife to stab the girl in the neck and chest. This, however, is really no surprise when looks at the demographics of Croydon.

According to the latest 2021 census, Croydon is predominantly white at 48.4%** with non-white minorities representing the remaining 51.6% of the population. Black people were the largest minority group in Croydon accounting for 22.6% of the population. In England more broadly the portion of the population that is white is 81%, 10% are Asian and 4% are Black. Metropolitan Police statistics also show Croydon had more stabbings than any other London borough in the year to last month — recording 211 knife crimes. (** ‘Predominantly white’ is an obfuscation used to mislead the reader from the reality that Croydon is a minority white Borough in the heart of our capitol city). The barbarians are definitely through the gates and increasing by the day; this could well be described as a form of ethnic Quantitative Easing which is eliminating the civilised values of this nation.

So, we the people of the West have a choice: either impose the same cruel and merciless system of punishment on criminals and invaders today that the medieval Europeans did, or watch our civilisation collapse everywhere such archaic genetic patterns are permitted to prevail. We must let Anarch’s Legions march or we are finished. Hence, the only question now is just how brutal and comprehensive the process of recovery will be, and as for the biology-denying plague of transgenderism, it is a fabricated attention-seeking condition used to legitimise abnormal behaviour, and will simply cease to exist in the midst of that great turmoil that will soon impact us.

Further on the home front, we now live with violent criminality by day and night in the form of drug peddling, stabbings, muggings, violent burglaries and gangs of organised thugs plundering shops and businesses [1] & [2], in the main perpetrated by a protected criminal sub-class with little fear of meaningful punishment in a system that is terrified of being labelled as racist unless the offender is white. As a consequence, the everyday activities of millions of law-abiding citizens are curtailed, and they now go in fear of their lives and livelihoods even before they are hit with yet more punitive taxes simply for leaving their homes in vehicles that are not compliant with Sadiq Khan’s highway robbery project.

Add to this the undefined number of homegrown benefit junkies sucking at the public teat and further emptying what little is left in the nation’s coffers already drained dry by supporting the hundreds of thousands of criminal predators and parasites who have invaded these islands by land, sea and air.

Where I live is not to too badly infected at the moment; it remains somewhat of a backwater, an island of semi-calm within the eye of the storm that is tearing the rest of the country apart, although this small town has had its quota of ‘asylum seekers’ secretly dumped on it (quietly in the dead of night, of course, in case we long-established inhabitants should be so white racist as to object to this forced non-British occupation) and who have taken up all of the available social housing where they are sheltered, fed and watered and provided with free pocket money at the taxpayers’ expense whilst our own young people despair of finding affordable rental housing for themselves.

Londonistan/Africa-on-Thames, long under the draconian thumb of a Labour Muslim Mayor, plus Birmingham, Manchester and every other large urban conurbation in the UK are no longer British in any meaningful sense of the word. They have become the fiefdoms of the imported scum of the world, in many cases by the Demented Slaves of Allah, who have arrived both illegally or, as with the Pakistani and Bangladeshi paedophile rapists…

…mostly legally thanks to decades of high treason on the part of the self-serving drones who are still warming their posteriors on the green benches in the House of Commons and the red benches in that geriatric nursing home known as the House of Lords, all of whom are now themselves being quietly cleansed and replaced in both the Legislative and Executive arms of government. The photograph below, published by Khan’s apparatchiks in the London Assembly, make it quite clear what future lies in store for what remains of the native British still managing to survive in their capital city and elsewhere throughout this once green and pleasant land.

Sadiq Khan’s official website recently published a photograph of a young white family with the words: ‘Doesn’t represent real Londoners’: [3]

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