László Földi: Tens of Millions of Migrants Will Mean the Destruction of Europe

Below is the second part of a TV panel discussion from Hungarian TV (part 1 is here). The participants are the journalist Zsolt Bayer and the national security expert László Földi, who is a former intelligence service agent and a former operations director.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Are We Approaching the End Game?

Emmet Scott’s latest is a provisional historical overview of Western Europe’s current Decline and Fall.

Are We Approaching the End Game?

by Emmet Scott

It is becoming more apparent by the day that the end game, in Europe at least, is now imminent. Things cannot go on like this much longer. Something has to give, and soon. To all appearances, what we have come to know as “European Civilization” is doomed. The proximate cause of this, however, is not the mass colonization of Western Europe which has stepped up several gears in the past two years. Not is it primarily the chaos, lawlessness and terrorism which these colonists have brought with them. These things are effects, not causes. The primary cause is the wholesale rejection by the ruling elites of the values upon which Western Civilization was founded and built. Since at least the 1960s these same elites, which include the political, intellectual and judicial classes, have worked untiringly to excise these values — those of Christianity and Hellenic rationalism – from the public sphere.

Whole volumes could be written (and have been) on the reason for this historic development; and I have no intention of adding to the literature here. What is important is that it has happened. Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization has been replaced by what might be termed Social Marxism — a creed (for that is what it is) which rejects in its entirety virtually every institution and cultural norm upon which Western Civilization was based. This includes everything from the traditional family and the very idea of gender norms to the whole concept of patriotism and public duty.

In accordance with this new creed, the Western elites have been quietly working to abolish Western Civilization since the middle of the 1960s. This program has included, among other things, the actual replacement of Europe’s native populations with immigrants from various parts of the world — especially from Africa and Asia. Europeans were encouraged in every way possible not to have children, then immigration was foisted upon them as necessary because of Europe’s low birth-rate.

The stresses caused by this mass immigration never affected the elites who engineered it, so they ignored the spiralling crime-rates which the working classes — the lucky recipients of this ‘cultural enrichment’ — had to endure. The rise of widespread Islamic terrorism in the past couple of decades has pushed those stresses more into the public eye, but has had little or no impact upon the belief-systems of the politically correct elite. The replacement of Europe’s native population will continue unabated. And this is something that needs to be emphasized. In the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ debate the ruling elites are NOT neutral; they are firmly on the side on the Islamists. Indeed, every tool that can be employed to crush all opposition to the Islamization of Europe is being employed: Everything from the crude power of state compulsion to the more subtle and insidious power of blanket media propaganda. As long as the present elites remain in control, the Islamization of Europe will proceed — irrespective of how many atrocities the Islamists commit.

The situation thus looks extremely bleak. Those who hold all the power are Europe’s most insistent and dangerous enemies — and this includes all of the mainstream political parties, whether of the “right” or the “left”. (Angela Merkel, it should not be forgotten, is the leader of Germany’s supposed “center right” party). The elites have the great majority of the state-employed professionals — whether in education, medicine, social welfare or the civil service. They have the mainstream media in its entirety. (And it must not be forgotten that there is no equivalent of Fox News in any Western European country. All that exists are wall-to-wall copies of CNN, NBC, etc.) This leaves the opposition — such as it is — in a very bleak place. The ‘opposition’ is composed in general of the most powerless and despised members of modern Western society. There are the small groups of traditional Christians — those that have not followed the politically correct lead of the mainstream churches (including now the Catholic Church); there are a few professionals (usually working in the private sector), and there are the remnants of what used to be the urban working classes (now sadly debased through habitual welfarism and unemployment). How are such marginalized groups to save the West?

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The Gravedigger of the Left

Note: This article was originally posted on May 4, and was a sticky feature for several days. Scroll down for more recent items.

Mária Schmidt is a Hungarian historian and university lecturer. In the following essay she outlines the trajectory of George Soros’ career and describes his ongoing nefarious schemes with great lucidity. Her account is literally horripilating: it made my skin crawl to read what this vile man has unleashed upon the world. This “globalized” world.

Many thanks to CrossWare for undertaking the extended task of translating this important article that was originally published at the Hungarian website Latoszogblog.hu:

The Gravedigger of the Left

by Mária Schmidt
April 16, 2017

Case study

Once upon a time there was a huge mining complex in the vicinity of Trepča, where gold, silver, zinc, lead and cadmium were extracted from about forty different mines. These mines gave jobs to the people who lived there. One of them, named Zvecan in Kosovo, had exceptionally rich quarries. Once upon a time the International Crisis Group (ICG), which was established in 1995, was a highly respected, expert, independent research and analysis Institute, created and operated to avoid wars and to build a more peaceful future. Sitting on its board of directors, George Soros — the great philanthropist and part-time humanist, who provides generous donations to ensure its operation — and his son determined that it would be of crucial importance for the future of Kosovo to boost mining production in Trepča. The exploitation of local natural resources would play a large role when Kosovo became independent. The independent ICG experts stated that very unfortunately local production was underfinanced, and the factories were badly managed and harmful to health and the environment. Oh, and the locals were exploited by Belgrade. “Trepča is the Berlin wall of Kosovo. For the longest time it has been the symbol of Serbian tyranny against the Albanians in Kosovo,” they argued professionally. Then war broke out in Kosovo.

A couple of months later the local leader of the occupying UN forces, Bernard Kouchner, who came from the Doctors Without Borders organization — also financed by Soros — was shocked to discover that working in the Trepča mines and factories in Zvecan was very harmful to health, especially for children and pregnant mothers. The UN forces therefore immediately expropriated the mines and processing plants. Then, in a generous gesture, every property in Kosovo. Only because of the coincidence of coincidences were Soros’ private investment companies then given the opportunity to invest $50 million in the area. Simultaneously, the US government has committed $100 million collateral as security for investments in the Balkans.

Soros was selected from among sixteen other candidates, presumably in an open and fair procurement process. So funding was provided in Zvecan, with the obvious aim that further mining not damage the employees’ health, especially that of pregnant mothers and children. All this took place in accordance with the requirements of an open society and the guidelines from independent experts, as elsewhere, all the time, where events meet with a happy ending. This story is quoted on the basis of an earlier article, because not so long ago and not so far from us in time, unsuspected by many of us, Soros and his network used similar methods everywhere, followed the same recipe, and kept the same goals in mind as they operated. When the deal is not lucrative enough, they move on and leave everything behind broken and used up. The mines and downstream plants in Kosovo were recently taken into public ownership, which the northern Kosovo Serbs refused to acknowledge.

The recipe

The recipe is simple. Find a worthwhile business goal. Send forth your civilians (NGOs), destabilize the area and organize an appropriate media tailwind. Go for chaos, and if you have it, you will be the one to organize the assistance for reconstruction, while cherry-picking the most profitable businesses. Break down the borders, so they do not obstruct your movement. Break down national sovereignty, so the interests of the locals and residents will not slow you down. Buy all the experts, with money, scholarships, awards, fame, recognition, hype — whatever the price of someone is. Call them experts; independent; democrat and progressive. Prevent anybody from uncovering their backing, hide their professional incompetence, just as we have seen it in the scandal about the second time they faked global warming data, as it was an obvious organized forgery. So buy the local media: TV, radio, daily and weekly newspapers and the Internet portals, rename them as independent too, and pay them to work towards some goals identified by you. Make them ballyhooed and reward them well. The media stuffed with money by Soros can be recognized from the way they follow the old Leninist tactic: they always use personal attacks. They never present the case, or the allegations; they never argue about the issues; they do not fatigue themselves or the audience with the refutation of ideas. They intimidate people, and if that’s not enough, destroy them; therefore their journalists and activists are specialists in character assassination.

The Soros-type so-called “civilian organizations” — which he keeps in the manner of gentry — are also the trustees of “independence” and “professionalism”. They refer to themselves and each other warmly “as an objective” organization. Enthusiastically and without complaint, they can sent into battle at any time, with any goal that is assigned to them by the Soros empire. Soros’ unprecedented power and influence derives from these all-encompassing auxiliary troops and cross-border networks. They are moved by him in an organized and coordinated way. Occasionally in line with US foreign policy interests, contrary to those interests some other times, often serving them, at other times in a temporary alliance with local leaders, but always in hope of a lavish profit. After all, he is a businessman, or more precisely a speculator who earns by destroying others while he piles up lavish profits.

The Soviet empire becomes the Soros empire

The big game that takes place in the background, the game played by the superpowers, regional and local power centers, often can’t be easily detected, but sooner or later the puzzle comes together. The bottom line is always the same: to take possession of new spheres of influence, or retain existing ones. Such was the case after the collapse of the Soviet empire, as it created a power vacuum. Now, looking back to the past, we can state that in our region, by the end of the 1990s, the change of spheres of influence took place relatively smoothly with a relatively low level of blood sacrifice.

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Marine Le Pen on the Farming Crisis in France

In the following video Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, discusses the most recent in a wave of suicides among farmers and agricultural workers.

This video makes it clear that Ms. Le Pen, like other French politicians, is a syndicalist rather than a proponent of free markets. She doesn’t want the government to stop interfering with agriculture; she wants it to practice the correct kind of interference — policies that benefit farmers as well as consumers. She is, in effect, demanding that the state resume its traditional duties vis-à-vis the farmers and the peasants.

It’s a reminder that there is no free market in French agriculture, and probably never has been. Liberté does not mean the freedom to cultivate whatever you want and sell it to whomever you want at the highest price the market will bear. Farming is a government-managed enterprise, and Marine Le Pen is calling for it to be managed properly, for the benefit of those French citizens who toil diligently to produce food.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Ava Lon has also translated a series of related articles. First, from the Europe 1 radio network:

Côtes-d’Armor: a farmer found hanged in her milking parlor

February 24, 2017

[banner in the picture: We are feeding you, but we ourselves are starving.]

As the Salon de l’Agriculture opens in Paris on Saturday, a milk producer, the mother of two children, killed herself on Friday in the Côtes-d’Armor.

A milk producer from Côtes-d’Armor, who was weathering the milk crisis very badly, was found hanged in her milking parlor, it was learned Friday at the gendarmerie, while in Paris the Agricultural Salon is opening.

A mother of two

“A 47-year-old woman, a mother of two children, who produced milk with her husband and a partner in a GAEC (Agricultural Grouping of Joint Exploitation) in Plumieux, Côtes-d’Armor, was found by the latter hanged from a beam Thursday at 7:00 am,” said the gendarmerie of Côtes-d’Armor. “In financial difficulties, she left a message saying she was sorry but could not stand the situation anymore,” said the duty officer. “According to her husband, she was tired of having to work a lot and just barely succeed in paying the bills,” he added.

Income down 26.1% last year

According to INSEE [National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies] figures published in December, the average income of a farm manager decreased by 26.1% in 2016 compared to 2015. The most affected sectors are the production of cereals and the production of milk, which suffered from full European competition after the abandonment of European milk quotas in 2015.

From Le Parisien:

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Millions for Refugees, But Not One Pfennig for Schools

The following video doesn’t day anything about asylum seekers or immigration, yet the “refugee” issue lurks in the background throughout. To get an idea of why the funding of schools in Berlin is a casualty of Chancellor Merkel’s immigration policy, check out this article from Breitbart:

Entire German 2016 Budget Surplus Earmarked for Migrants

The German government will allocate the entire six billion euro 2016 budget surplus to migrants after the two coalition parties failed to agree on how to spend it.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party proposed using the €6.2 billion surplus to pay off debts, while the Social Democrats (SPD) wanted to spend it on digital infrastructure projects. As a compromise the money has gone solely to migrant projects instead, Der Spiegel reports.

The present funds allocated toward migrant programmes is already €12 billion, which is thought to be more than enough to handle the needs of the over one million migrants in Germany. The budget surplus would take the money up to over 18 billion — far more than required.

Nash Montana, who translated the video for subtitling, includes this introduction:

I have a minor problem with this. It doesn’t mention “refugees”. But it’s an example of how the Old Parties are ruining the infrastructure of the country by spending billions upon billions for the “refugees” while completely not giving a [goldarn] about the infrastructure for German children. The school in Berlin that’s shown in the video is worse than anything I have ever seen in the USA. It’s like a third-world hellhole.

The text in the link under the video reads:

Dilapidated schools in Germany: Already 34 billion euros needed for renovations.

These are not houses designated for demolition — this is what schools look like that our children go to. Berlin parents have had enough and have created the campaign “Einstürzende Schulbauten”. [This is a play on the punk rock band from the ‘80s, the “Einstürzende Neubauten”.]

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Viktor Orbán: “A Nation That is Not Capable of Reproducing Itself Does Not Deserve to Exist”

On January 23 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech at the 4th Lámfalussy Lectures conference in Budapest. Below is an excerpt from his talk; the entire speech has been subtitled, and is available here.

Many thanks to CrossWare for yet another mammoth effort of translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript of the full speech (47 minutes; the above excerpt is from 33:36-38:36):

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György Nógrádi: Europe’s Fate is Sealed

The following discussion took place a couple of days ago on EchoTV in Hungary. The presenter on the program welcomed György Nógrádi, a national security expert, economist, and professor of military science. The conversation ranged over the migration crisis, national security issues, political affairs in Europe, and — what else? — today’s election in the USA.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Simple Arithmetic and the Mechanics of Tyranny

Simple Arithmetic and the Mechanics of Tyranny

by Seneca III

At 1615 hrs this afternoon, 7 October, 2016, I recorded the £, US $ and Euro (€) exchange rates. Here they are:

US   $1.00 = €1.12   — hence $100.00 buys €112.00          
    £1.00 = €1.12   — hence £100.00 buys €112.00    
    £1.00 = $1.25   — hence £100.00 buys $125.00    

And therefore (excluding trading costs):

If I buy £100.00 worth of € I end up with €112.00

But $125 buys €140.00, so if I first buy £100.00 worth of $, giving me $125.00, and then use that to buy €, I end up with €140.00, €28.00 (22.4%) more, and thus all of this begs the questions why and to whose benefit?

Well, in answer, several things have to be taken into consideration:

The globalist banking establishment and its New World Order plutocrats and political backers control the system for their benefit and their benefit alone. They also have to try to keep the lid on the fact that this system they have created is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme teetering on the edge of a precipice.

Consider also — The UK has just thrown the Brexit spanner into their devious works and must not only be punished but seen to be punished as a lesson to other independently minded nation states that might be considering steering a similar course.

However, they, the ‘Banksters’, cannot afford to throw the current US (mal)administration into the furnace as well by downgrading the US $ because the US electorate, despite the obfuscation intentionally being generated by the incessant promulgation of the ‘racist’ meme is, first and foremost, acutely concerned about the economic situation and thus any such action would reflect badly on the Obama Democrats and their plan to shuffle Hilary Rodham Clinton into the White House in order to finish the job of destroying America as an independent nation — and also the future of many or all of the other free, democratic States that loosely comprise the ‘West’ as a whole.

All of this, simply put, is but socio-economic warfare implemented by a relatively small coterie of ‘Internationalists’ with the malignant intent of seizing and implementing draconian power on a scale never before conceived or achieved — it is nothing more and nothing less than that.

— Seneca III, Middle England, October 7th 2016.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

The Looming Crisis in Europe

Georg Spöttle is a German-Hungarian security analyst with special expertise in Central European affairs. The following Hungarian-language interview was published recently in Demokrata.hu. CrossWare, who translated the interview, includes this brief bio of Georg Spöttle (based on another interview): Soul of a commando 2002

Georg Spöttle was born of a German mother and a Hungarian father (he uses his mother’s name). He lived in both in Germany and Hungary. He joined the German army (Bundeswehr) at age 20, specializing in experimental weaponry. Following his personal interest in the Middle East, he learned Arabic and visited many countries in the region. Recruited by the German military intelligence service for his extensive knowledge (he also speaks four different languages), he spent ten years in service. After that he joined the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalalamt, equivalent of the NSA and MI5). He spent another ten years in the service, visited many Middle Eastern countries (Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, …) as an operations officer. Since he retired from active service and now living in Hungary he has worked as a security/anti-terrorist expert with very good connections to the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He also has extensive knowledge of the German military and great connections to the European intelligence community. (his blog [Hungarian])

The translated interview:

Europe on the brink of civil war

Published August 27, 2016

In France they have restored the National Guard. It looks like Germany is preparing for a near-war, or a natural disaster, storing fuels and emergency supplies, while the larger part of the population is visibly upset about the handling of the migration crisis. To learn about the reason of the panicky preparation in the two largest country in the EU, we asked the security-political expert Georg Spöttle.

As if they’re preparing for the attack of an invisible enemy in Western Europe. In France, after a long time they’ve reactivated the National Guard, increasing the number of reservists, strengthening the civilian defenses and increasing the number of armed people. Germany is even stranger: they are increasing their oil and gasoline reserves in more than hundred locations, checking firefighting materials and chemical defense materials as they would in a war. Now with a change in the law, the Bundeswehr (German army) can be used inside the country. What are they preparing for?

In Germany they try to prepare for attacks against critical infrastructure. A serious attack most likely would happen against these soft targets. Now even the police are sure that the Islamic State is preparing for an attack in Germany, so they prepare, and are not just being overly cautious there. Not long ago even the leader of the police union wrote a book in which he warns about the catastrophic results that could happen if immigration is not drastically limited, and no checks are implemented on those arriving in the country. He even discusses how the chaos could lead to civil disobedience. One thing for sure, as a result of unlimited and unchecked immigration, the Islamic State now has a beachhead in Europe. A good portion of the earlier terror actions are connected to the organization, even though the media presented this cases as isolated and mentally unstable people’s individual actions. In France they reacted fairly quickly to the erosion of the security situation. Even as President Hollande tried to prepare the population for more burials after Nice, they made some good decisions which may help the situation. The National Guard is a good idea, as the American example showed. After 9/11 they did a lot to avoid chaos and lynching. This type of organization is greatly needed in Germany too.

We don’t hear much in the media, but in Germany dissatisfaction has reached the level where many migrant centers have been burned down. How will this end?

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Is Cultural Enrichment Coming to Japan?

Japan has long been held up as a role model for those who oppose mass immigration into Western countries. The Japanese have managed to create and maintain a prosperous high-tech economy without importing millions of culture-enrichers. Like the West, the Japanese face a catastrophic demographic decline, but they have not responded to the aging of their population by inviting in a horde of illiterate young third-worlders.

Not yet, anyway.

The people who control your financial future and mine — the central bankers of Japan, Europe, and the United States — met last week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The banksters are deeply concerned by the failure of their current policies to maintain the global financial system in the smoothly-functioning state they prefer. Zero interest rates and massive “quantitative easing” have not restored the growth-generating conditions of the 1990s. So the world’s financial leaders are pooling their brain power in an effort to find a solution. Formerly fringe ideas such as negative interest rates — which effectively means the abolition of cash — are now on the table.

One of the proposed solutions for global fiscal anemia is that Japan should change its immigration policies and allow in significantly more migrants. It worked so well for Germany and Britain — why shouldn’t the Japanese jump on the bandwagon? The head of Japan’s central bank is apparently trying to persuade Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the wisdom of importing youngsters en-masse from the Third World. Cultural enrichment plus financial enrichment — what could possibly go wrong?

By the way — this is the way the most crucial decisions that affect your life and mine are made. The real action is not in all the glitzy election contests and parliamentary debates. It’s right there in those plush climate-controlled venues where the global banksters meet. No one elected them, and none of us has any control over what they decide. Elected leaders can only plead with the banking wizards to adopt their preferred policies.

And the banksters are generally able to make offers that political leaders can’t refuse. So keep an eye on Japan — if the Third World starts flowing into the Home Islands, you’ll know who really rules in Japan, just as they rule everywhere else.

Below are excerpts from a Reuters report from Jackson Hole (emphasis added):

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To Chaos and Beyond — Faye, on Fate and Futurism, Part 3

Below is the second part of Seneca III’s review of the writings of Guillaume Faye. Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

To Chaos and Beyond — Faye, on Fate and Futurism Part 3

by Seneca III


I have held off posting this concluding review of Faye’s trilogy for seven months. My reticence has been due to the fact that I felt that if I presented it too early, before events predicted by Faye occurred, and occurred closely within his predicted time frame, it would fall upon barren ground and be assigned to either or both of the categories ‘wishful thinking’ and ‘interesting fiction at best’.

It is also important to note that ‘Archeofuturism’ was first published, in French, in 1998, ‘Why we Fight’ in 2001 and ‘Convergence of Catastrophes’ in 2004. However I chose to present this series of reviews in a different order — Why we Fight, Convergence of Catastrophes and Archeofuturism — for two reasons: Firstly, ‘Why we Fight’ and ‘Convergence of Catastrophes’ both detail, elaborate and expand upon the underlying concepts of his general thesis (THE CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS, ETHNIC INVASION, CATASTROPHE THEORY, GIANT ECONOMIC CRISIS etc., etc.) as they are introduced and briefly explored in the first part of ‘Archeofuturism’, and it would be pointless to re-iterate them.

Secondly, the final quarter of ‘Archeofuturism’ is a 21,000 word novella in which a hypothetical functionary of the ‘Eurosiberian Federation’ describes a vacuum-tube train journey across the European Continent from Brest on the Atlantic coast to his hometown on the shores of the Bering Strait. He shares part of this journey with a young Indian woman visitor who asks why and how the breakdown of the old, Western European order began and progressed and eventually became the Federation, and it is here that Professor Faye’s uncanny prescience — or profound depth of scholarship, I know not which — surfaces, and it is that which I shall focus upon in Part 3.

In the novella the dates of certain seminal events proposed by the narrator (Oblomov) are variable only by a year, or two at most, from the dates of recent and current events, and this is telling because in reality they were predicted by Faye eighteen years ago and many have eventuated over the course of the last six months; others are so obviously on our near horizon or can easily be extrapolated from our present circumstance.

Consequently this final review is a series of loosely connected (and abridged) abstracts from those passages in the novella that describe the lead up to the Great Catastrophe and its aftermath, and then later detail the Functionary’s answers to the young woman’s questions. Those dates and descriptions therein which match, or closely match, recent and unfolding events are emboldened so that you the reader can more easily identify and compare them with the reality you find about you, and thus come to your own conclusions.

[N.B.: Interlocutions below and in square brackets are mine. S III.]

“Archeofuturism [the concept] is thus both archaic and futuristic, for it validates the primordiality of Homer’s epic values in the same breath that it advances the most daring of contemporary science…

…Faye’s Archeofuturism holds out an understanding of this world collapsing about us, imbuing European peoples with a strategy to think through the coming storms and get to the other side — to that post catastrophic age, where a new cycle of being awaits them, as they return to the spirit that lies not in the past per se, but in advance of what is to come.”

— Michael O’Meara, Saint Ignatius of Loyola Day, 2010.


A Chronicle of Archeofuturist Times


Brest, 22 June 2073

The Brest-Moscow-Komsomolsk bullet train left at 8:17 AM. The Plenipotentiary Councillor of the Eurosiberian Federation, Dimitri Leonidovich Oblomov, was running late. He hadn’t slept much and had woken at the last minute with a furry tongue. The business meeting with the Ministry of the Navy of the autonomous state of Brittany had gone on until 2:00 AM, so long had it taken Dimitri to get those Celts — stubborn as mules — to reach an agreement…

…On the whole the planetrain journey from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific took three hours. Following the traumatic occurrence of the great Catastrophe of 2014-2016, the Renaissance of 2030 and the building of the Eurosiberian Federation, which was given the name of ‘Empire of the Two-Headed Eagle — for it marked the fusion between the [remnants of the] European Union and Russia with the Pact of Prague in 2038 — the revolutionary Federal Government had chosen to make a clean break from the ideas of the past in the field of transport, as in all other fields…


The screen in front of Dimitri displayed the speed of the underground train: 1,670 kilometers per hour. On a simple map a luminous dot indicated its position: ten minutes away from Paris Montparnasse. Paris…A city that must have been magnificent in the Twentieth century, Dimitri thought. He had few memories of it. He was only ten in 2016 when his family had fled the city plagued by anarchy and hunger to return to Russia. Most of the monuments had been burnt and destroyed, and its museums and treasures pillaged during the civil war that had broken out before the Great Catastrophe…


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Bill Whittle’s “Iron Triangle”

Bill Whittle describes well what he calls “the Progressive iron triangle of the New York media, L.A. culture machine, and Washington’s beltway corruption”.

Everyone within that triangulation hates, loathes and despises “populists”. Suicide is preferable to associating with us, the great mass of the stubbornly ignorant middle class who refuse to mind their betters. We’re a rowdy, ungovernable bunch.

As I’ve mentioned before, this rift harks back to the origins of the Jacksonian Democrats, a now-extinct bunch who fought successfully against the Adams dynasty to take power in Washington in the first quarter of the 19th century. It died back as the elite slowly took hold of the permanent bureaucracy, came into flower briefly with Reagan only to disappear again. Now it would appear to have resurrected itself in the form of a large part of the electorate which finds Donald Trump more to their tastes than anyone the elitists would have them choose.

To understand the elitists’ hatred of the middle class, I will recommend to you again – nay urge you to read and metabolize – Fred Siegel’s deft, definitive digging up of the roots of the elites’ scorn and their sleazy alliance with the underclass, people they would never consider their social equals, merely useful electoral fodder…

The reader will be taken aback at how old and enduring this anti-American claque really is.

The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

One reviewer put it well [my emphasis below – D]:

“The roots of American liberalism are not compassion but snobbery… Siegel traces the development of liberalism from the cultural critics of the post WWI years to the gentry liberals today, and he shows how the common thread is scorn for middle-class Americans and for America itself. This is a stunningly original—and convincing—book.”

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