Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/30/2013

“Black Friday” was even more chaotic and violent this year than in previous years, with tasers and gunfire featured among the incidents in shopping malls and retail outlets. Some Britons are concerned that the Black Friday fad seems to be spreading to the UK, despite the lack of a Thanksgiving holiday in the Old Country.

In other news, 3,300 warheads along with bullet-making machines were seized in a raid on a freighter in the harbor at Kingston, Jamaica.

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Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation: Farsi

Note: this is a Farsi version of “Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation” by Geert Wilders, published here on November 24. Many thanks to Mirta for the translation.

بیائید پرچم حقیقت و آزادی را به احتزاز در بیاوریم . نوشته : گریک وایدر

• نه سال پیش در ماه نوامبر 2004، نیروهای پلیس که جلیقه های ضد گلوله پوشیده بودند اسلحه حمل میکردند من را از خانه ام به یک مکان امن بردند . این اتفاق دو روز پس ازآن بود که فیلمساز تئو ون گوگ منتقد اسلام توسط یک آدمکش اسلامی در روز روشن در خیابان آمستردام به قتل رسید. پلیس برای من ایمنی به ارمغان آورد چرا که جنایتکاران اسلامی برای کشتن من، خیلی تهدید کرده بود. از آنجا که من، بیش از حد، در مورد اسلام که آنرا بزرگترین تهدید برای آزادی و تمدن ما میدانم حرف میزدم .

از آن تاریخ شوم، نه سال پیش، من مجبور به زندگی تحت حفاظت پلیس بوده ام . من در سربازخانه ها، زندان ها و خانه های امن زندگی می کردم .تهدید ها تا به امروز ادامه داشته و من را از حریم خصوصی و آزادیم محروم کرده است . اما من به صحبت ادامه خواهم داد .

پرچم عربستان صعودی با افتخار به اعلامیه اسلامی شهادت میدهد: ” هیچ خدائی جز الله وجود ندارد و محمد رسول خدا است

به یاد نه سال گذشته، به یاد هزاران قربانی که در آن دوره توسط تروریستهای اسلامی… در مکان های بی شمار دیگر به قتل رسیدند در لندن در مسکو در بمبئی در نایروبی، و به یاد میلیون ها نفر از مردم – زنان، مرتد، غیر مسلمانان – که روزانه از تبعیض و تحقیر ایدئولوژی شیطانی از اسلام و قانون شریعت اسلامی سرکوبگر رنج میبرند ، من یک پرچم جدید را به جهان اسلام معرفی میکنم – یک پرچم با اعلام حقیقت و آزادی: «اسلام دروغ است ، محمد یک جانی ، قرآن سم است. “

تنها زمانی که جهان اسلام به درک این حقیقت پی ببرد ، قادر خواهد بود که خود را از شر آن آزاد، و جهان را به مکانی بهتر و امن تر برای همه انسان ها تبدیل کند .

تنها زمانی که جهان آزاد درک کند که اسلام عمدتا یک ایدئولوژی تمامیت خواه و نه یک دین است، آیا قادر به دفاع از آزادی و ارزش های آن خواهد بود ؟

Languages available for “Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation”:

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Flatline Europe

Below are a week’s worth of entertaining news about the latest antics of the European Union as it attempts to micro-manage the affairs of its citizens in the most corrupt and incompetent ways imaginable.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this report from Die Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

It Stinks and Crumbles

The Week in Review with Hans Heckel
November 8, 2013

(How the EU follows us even into the toilet, what Washington and Brussels think, and how we will identify who is evil)

Crapping Out

It’s just impossible to keep up. First we had to stomach the EU vacuum cleaner ordinance.* And now the Eurocrats are following us into the bathroom. Say hello to the European toilet flushing ordinance! After a year of scientific effort, the EU experts have calculated how much flush water is needed to dispose of what we leave behind.

After countless meetings and practice tests, they concluded that 5 liters is enough. EU standardized toilets should not require more per use. However, just so they do not seem petty, the experts are willing to set an upper limit of 6 liters. Now that is something!

But what will the EU do, if unintelligent defecators sneakily circumvent the guidelines and flush twice? There is still a worthwhile investigative task here for the Brussels latrine committee.

Don’t laugh! They are not doing this for their own amusement, but to save the planet. Since it is dry in southern Spain, it is unconscionable that people in sopping wet Hamburg should waste any more water. To be sure, not one drop of the water available in Hamburg will get to Spain. But seen purely statistically, the situation would improve. And that is what interests us.

Side-effects are of no interest to the experts in Brussels. Side-effects like the following. Population is shrinking in many German rural communities, so increasingly less water is being drawn from a water supply network that has remained constant, and the pipes are strained by that. Waterworks are already being forced to pump water through the pipes, simply to prevent decay. Water that never runs out of a tap or down a toilet. Brussels’ little trick will just make this worse.

It does not occur to the Eurocrats in Brussels that the same water conservation regulations for the Iberian semi-desert and the sopping wet regions of north Europe is nonsense. What we want, surely, is the most “similar” possible living conditions all across Europe. And for that we must have the same rules for everyone. Well, at least nature in Spain will be indebted to the EU… or not? The question is, is it really the toilets that use so much water? Or perhaps, the gigantic, artificially watered fields, created with juicy EU financial grants. Or hundreds of golf courses that owe their existence to EU incentives and must be watered every night so that the Andalusian sun does not turn them into steppes?

No, it’s the john! First, because visitors to the bathroom have no lobby, like the golf course developers or agribusiness and, second, because…well, it doesn’t matter. We will bravely bear this restriction too, even if the consequences stink to high heaven.

It’s Not the River Kwai

Europe doesn’t come cheap, but then, it does great things. For over a hundred years, the residents of the village Widin in the northwest tip of Bulgaria have dreamed of a bridge over the Danube connecting them with Rumanian Calafat.

Nothing happened until the EU came. Last June, EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn celebrated the opening of the three-and-a-half-kilometer engineering marvel. It was a true example of European cooperation: built by a Spanish construction firm with Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and a few Bulgarian construction workers and made possible by an EU grant of €106 million — mostly from Germany, as usual. So Hahn symbolically christened it “New Europe.” Applause.

Who “New Europe” connects to whom was lost in the euphoria. People are leaving this area in droves. So, soon hardly anyone will need the bridge.

But that is just as well. Just four months after the dedication, “New Europe” is falling apart. The Spanish firm was so sloppy that even the Balkan authorities are indignant. So the Spanish firm will have to pay damages, right?

Unfortunately, no. There was no guarantee in the contract. The construction firm just had to make sure while they were bumbling that their underhanded maneuvers did not come to light before the transfer of ownership. After that? Up yours! Of course it would be presumptuous and downright Europe-hostile to assume any kind of corruption here. But it is touching to learn that EU and local authorities have worked so closely with the construction firm that the firm could disappear without a shred of responsibility.

The Mouse That Squeaked

Above all, we should not let snafus like this confound our belief in the EU. Who would we be in the world if Europe did not speak with one voice? Faced with great powers like the USA, only the EU as a whole
can have an effect.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/29/2013

The government of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is planning to get rid of the country’s law against racist “hate speech”. The attorney-general will propose to parliament that relevant sections of the federal Racial Discrimination Act be amended where they concern speech that is considered insulting or offensive.

In other news, a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a pub tonight in Glasgow while a musical group was playing before a large crowd. At least three people — the pilot and passengers of the copter — are thought to be dead, and others are still trapped in the rubble.

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Australians say “No” to Sharia

The Q Society, a prominent anti-sharia organization in Australia, recently commissioned a poll to determine Australian attitudes towards Islam. The results are summarized below in a Q Society press release.

Morgan Poll Finds Majority of Australians Concerned About Islam

24 November 2013, Melbourne — According to a recent Morgan poll conducted on behalf of Q Society of Australia Inc., the majority of Australians are clearly concerned about Islam and 70% believe Australia is not a better place because of Islam. The survey, completed in late October, found a majority (53 per cent) of Australians want full face coverings banned from public spaces and 50.2 per cent want Islamic sharia law banned all together.

Australians over 65 are most concerned with 59 per cent in this age group stating that a growing Islamic population and Islamic immigration would be bad for Australia. Mature Australians and Liberal/National voters have a significantly negative view of Islam. Notably only 15 per cent of Australians think Islam and terrorism are not related. Multicultural advocates seeking to cancel Christmas, Easter or ANZAC Day celebrations in their quest to not offend other cultures should take note that 96.5 per cent of the population disagree.

The omnibus poll conducted by Roy Morgan Research Ltd has an error margin of 4 per cent.

Q Society spokesman Mr Andrew Horwood said the poll results validate the need for new strategies and policies. While followers of most religions seem to get along well, Australian politicians must acknowledge Islam is not just another religion and the growing concern is not a fringe issue. Q Society offers a proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding, written by former Muslim scholar and sharia expert Sam Solomon as a starting point for developing strategies and policies.

The president of Q Society, Mrs Debbie Robinson, invites political leaders to address the problem with an open mind and consult with non-Muslim experts on Islam and secular ex-Muslims for guidance. Mrs Robinson points out that it is dishonest and counterproductive to discredit concerned Australians as ‘racists’ or ‘islamophobic’.
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Champion of an Independent Austria

Josef Maria Müller, the eminent and highly respected leader of the Wiener Akademikerbund (Viennese Federation of Academics), died last week at the age of 90. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is a member of the Akademikerbund and knew him well, sends her reminiscences of the late Professor Müller:

As a member of the board of the Wiener Akademikerbund, I am deeply saddened to report the death of our beloved president of the board, Josef Maria Müller.

I was always awed by his bravery in standing up to the National Socialists, and it is his inside knowledge of the machinations of this socialist and deadly ideology that motivated him in his continuous criticism of the open totalitarian tendencies we are witnessing not only in Austria and the European Union, but also in the United States, and indeed the entire West.

Despite his age and failing health, he was tireless: he chaired meeting, produced papers warning about the latest EU shenanigans, and most importantly, he cared deeply about the Akademikerbund.

I am deeply grateful for his support in my darkest times during my trial and I pray he will be with us on December 11. The truth must remain the truth.

Thank you, Mr. Senatsrat.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this eulogy from Christian Zeitz and Wienerakademikerbund :

1080 Wien, Schlösselgasse 11

Vienna, November 22, 2013

Senate Councilor Professor Josef Maria Müller
August 11, 1923 — November 16, 2013
Head of Viennese Federation of Academics, 1997-2013.

He was a pioneer and comrade-in-arms in the fight for freedom, for the retention of our inheritance from Christian culture and against the Islamization of Europe, as well as for the expansion of democracy as a bulwark against the omnicompetent EU super state. Senate Councilor Professor Josef Maria Müller — our universally loved and respected chief — died on Saturday, November 16, 2013. God, the only Lord of life and death, decided to call “our senate councilor” to eternity — not unprepared, but unexpectedly.

His death creates a wound that literally cannot be healed and throws us all into deep mourning. Senate Councilor Müller resisted the increasing attacks on his health calmly and with exemplary courage. He did not give in to age. His heart was dedicated to his own, among them the Akademikerbund and its activists and members. To his last moments, he was crafting plans for the advancement of our group and preparing lectures and publications of his own.

Josef Maria Müller was born on August 11, 1923 to an old Austrian-Bavarian family. His father was first a sea captain and then director of the KuK Danube Steamship Company. An artistically gifted caregiver, his mother — Sophie Reichsfreifrau Weichs-Glon — raised her children in the Christian faith. She was the first piano teacher for young Josef Maria.

By grade school, multi-sided interests began to appear — some of a cultural nature, others philosophical and theological. Beyond that, he was interested in the engineering technicalities of transport, and especially shipping.

In 1938 his father lost his position for political reasons. As a free spirit, Josef Maria Müller could not accommodate himself to the National Socialist disaster, and came into the crosshairs of the brown dictatorship. In 1940 there was a prohibition from studying, and later a trial for high treason. Only the intervention of a highly placed relative spared him death row. Müller spent the rest of the war underground, studying under the organist for the Graz cathedral, Rudolf von Weis-Osborn, and acquired a comprehensive knowledge of musical theory.

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You Won’t See This on Mainstream TV

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this belated report about this year’s Independence Day march in Warsaw, which took place on November 11:

Greetings from Warsaw, where another Independence Day has passed, on the 11th of this month, and with it another independence march — with this year’s highlights including an attack on an Antifa squat, the burning of a “rainbow” artwork in one of Warsaw’s main squares (described by its creator as having “no meaning” but widely seen as a symbol of the GLBT lobby), and an attack on one of the outer buildings of the Russian embassy.

The march was labeled by Western media as “far right”, by Antifa as (gasp) “fascist”, and by Polish liberal media as being “full of radical youth opposed to immigrants and Islam”. However, here is something that wasn’t reported quite as loudly — a recording of the full march (over 30 minutes long!) of the “far right”, “fascists” and “Islamophobes”.

The first photo [at the top of this post] shows a peaceful crowd at the start of the march, the second the crowd as it marched, while the last shows the burning rainbow… as the photographer put it, quite an artistic sight in itself.

Vlad Tepes has compiled excerpts from the longer video of the march:

The full 36-minute video is available here.

Transcript of the opening video titles:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/28/2013

Responding to questions about the controversial proposal that would allow women to drive, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia said that the issue was not a major concern. He said it was necessary to keep women from driving in order protect the country from “social evil”.

In other news, after the Italian senate voted to eject him, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said the occasion marked the “death of democracy”.

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An Angry Young Man

We reported yesterday about Yahya Hassan, the 18-year-old poet in Denmark who has “an immigrant background”. Mr. Hassan has severely criticized members of his own ethnic and religious group, and as a result has been assaulted, received death threats, and is forced to give his poetry readings under police protection.

Below is an article about Yahya Hassan that was published on November 21 in the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger. Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

Note: The obscene word used in this article — which I have elided with asterisks — appears in its full English spelling in the original, including the article’s URL:

Young and “F***ing Mad”

by Enver Robelli

In his poems, the teenager Yahya Hassan attacks the moral double standard of Muslim men in Denmark. Now he has been beaten up in Copenhagen.

Calling his childhood difficult would be an understatement. The Palestinian Yahya Hassan grew up in a foreigners’ ghetto in the Danish city of Aarhus. He stole, robbed, toked and endured a physically abusive father, who had lived for years in a Lebanese refugee camp until he and his family found a new home in Denmark. At 13, Hassan ran away from school. He became a ward of the state, because he wanted nothing more to do with his parents. He is the child of a dysfunctional family.

Now the 18-year-old has struck back with a volume of poetry. He is settling accounts with his father and his sanctimonious mother. Above all, he attacks the Muslim immigrants “who go to Friday prayers, but spend every other day stealing, fencing stolen goods, boozing and whoring.” Hassan is apparently speaking for the younger generation of Muslim “New Danes” who do not choose to live in the monotony of their misery and do not know what use Allah is.

“I am f***ing mad at my parents’ generation,” he said in an interview for the daily paper, “Policies,” which became the most widely read article in Denmark’s social media. Hassan criticizes the immigrants’ lack of preparation to integrate. One of his poems says, “We had no plan, because Allah had plans for us.” He rages against the older generation, “which defrauds welfare” and “beats its children.”

This enraged tone has made Hassan the youngest star on the Danish literary scene. While other poets are happy to sell 200 books Hassan has a bestseller. His ca. 150 poems went on sale on October 17th and in four weeks have sold 40,000 copies, as reported by the daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The Hostility of the Fanatics

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Thanksgiving Day in America, 2013



A determination to practice the habit of finding the good in our lives. A decision of the heart to set aside at least one day in which we can step back to let the True, the Good, and the Beautiful take center stage in an increasingly dysphoric world.

Those three qualities are hardwired into our human make-up. Despite the many setbacks we are witness to, we continue to hold out hope for the triumph of good over evil. We can only work on our small part of the world, but that is work enough.

There are many versions of this Harvest Hymn (Purcell’s music). I chose this one for the Baron, just because the scenes are from his home during his high school years. It was obviously a bountiful season for Harrogate’s Annual Autumn Flower Show:

There is much to be thankful for this year at Schloss Bodissey. Here are just the recent highlights — our own personal perspective:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/27/2013

Nine “Canadians” were arrested and 83 charges were filed in a drug trafficking and illegal weapons bust in Alberta. There’s no word on the ethnicity of the perps, but the case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 22%.

In other news, as part of its crackdown on illegal immigrants, Saudi Arabia has sent more than 50,000 undocumented workers back to Ethiopia.

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A New Hearing for Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

After a year of inaction, the course of the “hate speech” case against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has taken a new turn.

Here’s what Jerry Gordon has to report at The New English Review:

Will There Finally Be Justice for Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff in Austria?

The New English Review

In the middle of the night, I had a minor epiphany. It was an exchange of IMs via Skype with a friend and fighter for truth about doctrinal Islam, Viennese human rights and NGO leader, Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff. She had just been informed by her counsel that her final appeal of decisions by municipal and state appellate courts for her 2011 conviction on hate speech charges would be heard by the Austrian Supreme Court on December 11, 2013. What raced through my mind might there be justice yet in Mittel Europa? Perhaps I ruminated there could be a rollback of Shariah blasphemy codes in Europe?

The Virtual Caliphate of the 57 Member Organization of Islamic Cooperation encouraged adoption of these codes. The human rights rulings of the 56 member Organization for Security Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is composed of a broad swath of countries from Europe, Central Asia and North America with co-operating partners from many OIC members in the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. The OSCE Secretariat is conveniently located in Wolf’s hometown in the Vienna Hofburg, the Seat of the former Austrian Hungarian Empire. However as a leader in free speech advocacy NGOs like the Burgerbewegung Pax Europa (Citizen movement Pax Europa) and the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA} she and other colleagues have contested the adoption of Shariah compliant Blasphemy code s ) in proceedings of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR) headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.

Wolff is one of the remarkable people in Europe contesting the imposition of Blasphemy Codes restricting her right and hundreds of millions of Europeans to criticize doctrinal Islam, a right guaranteed here in America under our First Amendment. Unfortunately, a Constitutional right seemingly imperiled these days by Muslim advocacy and allied Civil liberties groups seeking to impose the false rubric of hate speech h. Wolf, as a young daughter of an Austrian diplomat and consular official in Chicago learned about those US Constitutional protections of Free Speech and the inalienable right to criticize a religion. .Something that these days most American school districts refrain from teaching in basic Core Curricula because of politically correct multiculturalism. As a mother of a young daughter in Vienna. she sought in public lectures to discuss the de facto praise of pedophilia by Mohammed. He is the exemplar in Islamic Qur’anic doctrine, who in his 50’s consummated a marriage with his nine year old child bride, Aisha.

The subject of an expose by a leftist weekly in Vienna, Wolff was brought to trial in a municipal court charged with violating hate speech and convicted under Austrian laws for criticizing a recognized religion.

We chronicled this in our interview with her in our collection, The West Speaks, published by the New English Review press. She has spoken of her experience in forums across the US.

Here is what she relayed of today’s developments regarding her case in the Austrian courts:

Dear friends, I have excellent news for you.

I have been informed that the Supreme Court will be hearing my case on Dec. 11h at 10 am.

Her lawyer told her this is to seen as a very positive sign as the court could have and would have thrown out the case in written form.

So, we may assume that the case will not be thrown out. This leaves us with the following two possibilities:

1. I will be acquitted, or ;
2. The case goes back to the lower courts.

The main question to be discussed is the merit/of what I said. Does freedom of speech trump religious teachings?

Another positive sign; some of you may recall that my counsel had repeatedly endeavored to have the case tried in the media court. All motions were denied.

However, the gods are on our sides as by chance my case was allotted to the so-called media Senate.

It is very uncommon for the Supreme Court to deliberate as long as it did on my case (more than 11/2 years).

A source familiar with the case thinks the court may want to avoid a conviction by the European Court for Human Rights.

Wolff’s comment in our Skype IM exchange was:

What is happening now is not the final decision, as we appealed for an exceptional legal redress. By scheduling the hearing, the court appears to have decided that this case needs more discussion.

If justice is borne out in this upcoming proceeding of the Austrian Supreme Court for Wolf that would be a remarkable precedent in the EU. It would add to the acquittals in the Amsterdam District Court decision in the 2011 trial of the Hon. Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV). It is also reflective of the April 2012 ambiguous decision of the Danish Supreme Court that denied truth as a defense while overturning a lower court conviction of Lars Hedegaard, executive editor of Dispatch International in Copenhagen. We wish Wolff the best result in the Austrian Supreme Court case. She and her daughter are anxiously awaiting the safe return home of her husband, a senior Austrian Army officer currently serving with the EU Training Mission in Mali.

Brava to Mother Courage in Vienna.

See the original article at The New English Review for further links.

For those who are interested in the legal details, below the jump is the full text of Elisabeth’s application to reopen the criminal case. Many thanks to JLH for his heroic efforts in translating this document from the German:

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Preventing White Genocide

Paul Weston speaks about the demographic threat facing the British and European peoples, and broaches the hard choices — the awful, horrible choices — that lie ahead:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: Kitman.

Bukovsky and Stroilov: ‘American Betrayal’ Will Make History

Below are excerpts from an article by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov about Diana West’s book American Betrayal. It serves as the introduction to Chapter One from Judgement in Moscow, Vladimir Bukovsky’s book, which has never been published in English before:

West’s ‘American Betrayal’ Will Make History

by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov

The debate over Diana West’s book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character has been far below the intellectual standard set by the book itself. Both sides now seem to regret the fact that the debate has degenerated into a personal squabble and are keen to end “the war of words.”

In this spirit, hopefully we shall be excused for declining to respond to personal attacks against us, to accusations that we joined personal attacks against others, and to the criticism that we are blaming the wrong people for starting all those personal attacks. The serious issues raised in Mrs. West’s book certainly deserve a more intelligent debate.

Contrary to the complacent myths of the establishment, the United States and other Western democracies have not won the Cold War. Of course, on the simplistic view of it as a purely military confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the former can claim a formal victory simply by having survived its adversary.

However, the Cold War was always much more than just a military conflict. It was an ideological war waged by the totalitarian utopia of Socialism against our civilization; and on that level, the most optimistic view of it is that it still goes on. The Soviet Union is gone, but Russia is still governed by a junta of Gestapo officers; China is still governed by the Communist Party; and the Western world is governed by closet Marxists and Mensheviks, imposing on us yet another version of the same socialist utopia. Those are facts of life, and whether or not you accept Mrs. West’s explanation of their historic causes, they do need some explanation. Surely, if the free world really won the Cold War against totalitarianism, we should have been in a better shape now.

The truth is that the Western Establishment surrendered to Socialism long, long ago. Of course, the left was only glad to surrender: to them, the Soviets were no enemies, but allies pursuing the same goals, though perhaps somewhat mistaken about the tactics. Moreover, while the left surrendered enthusiastically, the right surrendered reluctantly — but they did surrender, too. The “conservatives” accepted socialism as the inevitable future of the world, which could, perhaps, be delayed, but could not be destroyed.

This is why, even at the better moments of the Cold War, their strategy was limited to “containment” of the communist expansion, but never went as far as “roll-back.” This is why, whenever a right-wing government succeeded a left-wing one, it always made a gloomy declaration that “you cannot unscramble the eggs,” and would not try to undo the damage caused by their predecessors. This is why, until the very last moment, anyone even mentioning the possibility of a collapse of the Soviet Union was considered a heretic, if not a lunatic. This is why the most conservative politicians of the West became loyal supporters of Comrade Gorbachev: if socialism as such was invincible, some moderate reforms of the system were the best you could hope for. And finally, this is why the downfall of Gorbachev’s regime came as a total surprise to the entire world — not as a long-awaited victory.

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