Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/28/2015

A classmate of Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. “Jihadi John”, says the ISIS beheader’s behavior was never the same after he ran head-first into a goal post. Mr. Emwazi’s closest relatives have left their London home and say they want to change their names. Meanwhile, the former head of MI6 says there are thousands of potential jihad terrorists in Britain. Special Forces are reportedly on standby in case of an ISIS terror attack in the UK.

In other news, another wave of suicide bombings has killed at least 35 people in Nigeria.

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“Religion and Politics Go Hand in Hand in Islam”

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991. We’ve been following Mr. Krekar’s antics for the past eight years, and he was mau-mauing his Norwegian hosts well before we started watching him. He’s engaged in incitement, threatened prominent people, been arrested, and sent to prison (for five years, starting in 2012, but they let him out early). He’s not a Norwegian citizen, yet the Norwegian government has managed not to chuck him out for all those years — if I recall correctly, human rights law prevents his deportation.

The mullah is kind of a Norwegian Anjem Choudary — only less of a buffoon; more serious and menacing. He got himself in trouble again the other day, thanks to the interview shown below. He’s now been arrested for praising the Charlie Hebdo terrorists. Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that Mr. Krekar “exhibited ‘extreme attitudes’ that aren’t shared by the majority of Muslims.”

Pay close attention to what he says in this interview. You’ll notice that in his explanation of Islamic theology and legal practice, he sounds exactly like Maj. Steve Coughlin, Robert Spencer, Dr. Bill Warner, and Dr. Andrew Bostom — except, of course, that Mullah Krekar is on the opposite side.

One more thing — he’s lived in Norway for twenty-four years, yet he responds to his interviewer in Arabic.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

News articles about the recent arrest of Mullah Krekar (hat tips Fjordman and Nick):

Video transcript:

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A Tunnel to Nowhere

Back in January, after receiving a tip from a local resident, Toronto police discovered a mysterious tunnel in a wooded area in the middle of the city. It was situated in Black Creek Parkland, near York University’s Keele Campus, and a short distance from the Rexall Centre, one of the venues that will be used in this summer’s Pan Am Games. It was about thirty-three feet long, ten feet down, and high enough for a man to stand in.

The construction of the tunnel showed some engineering sophistication. The walls and ceiling were carefully braced and reinforced. A generator and wires provided electricity for water-resistant lighting, and for a sump pump to draw off the water that seeped into the lower end of the tunnel. At least two people were involved in the digging of the tunnel. There were indications that the unknown persons involved in the construction were trying to conceal their work: a separate hole equipped with sound-muffling foam was dug to contain the generator, excavated dirt was removed from the immediate vicinity of the holes, and both entrances were covered and camouflaged.

After the police completed their on-site investigation and sent off all the material for forensic examination, they filled in the hole and made the existence of the tunnel public. The first news about it was published by the CBC early last Tuesday (February 24). The Toronto Police held a press conference later that day to release relevant information about the public to the assembled media.

There’s something more than a little strange about that press conference. Watch for yourself what Deputy Chief Mark Saunders of the Toronto Police says about the tunnel next to the Rexall Centre, and pay particular attention to which items of evidence he chooses to reveal, and which ones he withholds:

It makes sense that the police declined to display all the items found at the site. As Deputy Chief Saunders said, the specifics of such evidence could be used to test the bona fides of any witnesses that come forward claiming knowledge about the tunnel. Their familiarity with the details of soft drink bottles, food wrappers, gloves, etc. might prove that they had really been familiar with the site.

Inexplicably, the only piece of such evidence that the police chose to reveal was also the most unusual and unexpected: a set of rosary beads with a Remembrance Day poppy attached, which they say had been hung on a nail hammered into a timber in the tunnel.

Why showcase that particular item? Surely a rosary and poppy would be much more likely to uniquely identify the excavation than a McDonald’s wrapper or a Pepsi bottle…?

The following photo accompanying the Reuters article on the tunnel is telling indeed:
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Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/27/2015

In posts on social media, an unidentified “Dane” said “Je Suis Omar” and praised Omar El-Hussein, the terrorist who murdered two people at a café and a synagogue earlier this month in Copenhagen. The Danish authorities will not prosecute him; however, they are attempting to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir. Also in Denmark: another accomplice of Omar El-Hussein has been arrested, reportedly the late terrorist’s younger brother.

In other news, the actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the first Star Trek series, has died at the age of 83.

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Copts Beheaded in Libya, Copt Burned Alive in Egypt

Below is the press release from Voice of the Copts about recent brutality inflicted on Coptic Christians in Egypt and Libya.

Copts beheaded in Libya, Copt burned alive in Egypt

by Ashraf Ramelah

Once again, tragedy strikes the Coptic community with the brutal murders of twenty-one Christian Copts in Libya. Living under constant threat of a hate-driven and blood-thirsty Islam, Copts of Egypt have learned to expect anything at any time, and mourners go about the streets. A few days ago a young Coptic man was burned alive in the province of Al-Minya. Muslims harassed and targeted this youth in the heart of a peaceful village hoping to spark the retaliation of Copts in order to trigger destabilization of the region. But Copts have not reacted, waiting instead for law enforcement to take its course.

For more than 1,430 years Copts have suffered the brutality and aggression of Islamic doctrine along with Jews and other non-Muslims. History shows how Islamic doctrine played an important role during WWI and in WWII with the massacre of more than six million Jews in Europe. As well, Muslims become victims of their own system. A video showing a Jordanian pilot hostage set ablaze recently caused Jordan’s leader to respond with military action.

Egypt leads the world against terror

However, one leader who has truly taken the lead against terrorism in the moment is Egyptian president Al-Sisi as the Egyptian military strikes at ISIS in Libya. Al-Sisi’s war against Islamic terrorism began during his presidential election campaign when he asked for the renewal of Islamic discourse and implied that the status of religious minorities should be one of equality as he declared that “there are no religious minorities in Egypt.”

Voice of the Copts supports Egypt’s President Al-Sisi in his war against Islamic terrorism and hopes that other leaders will follow in his footsteps in order to protect the world from further atrocities. The question that arises now concerns world leaders who listen and take their lead from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian terror organization banned in Egypt, to actually aid its branches of terror in the Middle East rather than oppose them. Will Egypt’s current strike against Libya be countered by unlikely sources behind ISIS on the ground?

Voice of the Copts offers condolences

We offer our condolences to the grieving families of those who suffered barbaric acts most recently in Libya and Syria. Also, our sympathy goes out to the family and community members of the young Copt burned alive in Egypt’s Al-Minya Province.

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Danish Politicians Move to Outlaw ISIS Videos

The following essay and translation by Liberty DK were originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Denmark — Suggestion tabled for outright censorship in a proposed new anti-terror law

by Liberty DK

Apparently we Danes are to be legally blindfolded in the name of the war on terror.

In an article in today’s Danish daily newspaper MetroExpress, the following article can be found (see translation below). Apparently the Powers That Be cannot tell the difference between people sharing information about what is really happening in the world vs. actually inciting and wanting to engage in terror… which of course, to a rational person, clearly are two different things entirely. To this end they furthermore propose to use the child porn filter.

To sum it up: a person actively engaged in trying to warn the Western world about the numerous atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam would, by law, be put in the very same box as either a terrorist or a person inciting terror.

Oh… and the press would seem to be getting a free pass in this regard. We are apparently only to see those sanitized news blips the media chooses for us to see.

Sadly, what is even more absurd is that, according to an ongoing MetroExpress poll, most people agree.

Guess I’ll be going to the slammer!

The translated article (published on February 24 in MetroExpress):

SF wants to prohibit the sharing of terrorist videos

In a proposal which will be presented this week, the Socialist People’s Party (SF) will be tabling a suggestion which makes it illegal to share videos of terrorist attacks and beheadings. In several terrorism cases in Denmark there have been found, on hard disks and smartphones, videos of Al Qaeda’s terror and IS beheadings.

“It must be explicitly forbidden to share these horrific videos. We will also want ISPs to censor incitement to terror. To this end the idea the suggestion is that the child pornography filter can be put to use so that it blocks access to sites with videos of executions and incitement to terror,” says the Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Karina Lorentzen (SF), who, however, wants to make an exception for the press.

SF further proposes that the National Police Cyber Crime Center monitors the network and go after Danes who praise and incite terrorism.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/26/2015

Of the hundreds of Christians abducted by the Islamic State in recent days, at least fifteen have been executed, including one woman who was beheaded. Meanwhile, kinetic activists for the Islamic State destroyed priceless ancient artifacts in a museum of antiquities in Mosul. Neither incident had anything to do with Islam.

In other news, the “British” activist who became famous as the executioner “Jihadi John” in several ISIS beheading videos has been identified as a young computer expert named Mohamed Emwazi.

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PEGIDA: Bachmann, Stadtkewitz, Mund

JLH has compiled a synopsis of the latest PEGIDA news from Dresden and Frankfurt.

PEGIDA: Bachmann, Stadtkewitz, Mund

by JLH

This is a medley about PEGIDA — what just happened in Dresden and what has been happening in Frankfurt. First, some of the article on Live-Stream from Epoch Times:

Lutz Bachmann Back in the PEGIDA Leadership

One month after stepping down from leading the Islam-critical PEGIDA movement, Lutz Bachmann is back.

A secret vote decided “that Lutz will continue to function as one of three leaders” said the group’s Facebook page on Sunday. According to BILD on Monday, he was declared group chief.

Bachmann, co-founder of PEGIDA and for months the face of the Dresden Islam-critics, had stumbled because of the publication of a photo of him with a “Hitler mustache” and Facebook posts with hate-speech comments about foreigners.

In recent weeks, six members of the group had split from PEGIDA over differences of opinion. And some were not happy with the close collaboration of PEGIDA Dresden with the more radical Leipzig spin-off, LEGIDA.

“Direct Democracy for Europe” With Kathrin Oertel

Ex-PEGIDA spokesperson Kathrin Oertel, René Jahn and others founded their own initiative, “Direct Democracy for Europe,” which demonstrated for the first time on February 8, 2015 in Dresden. According to police estimates, there were 500 participants at their Sunday demonstration. The group’s own organizers said 1,000.

At their second demonstration on February 19, somewhat more than 100 people attended. Co-founder René Jahn was not discouraged: “We will go on, regardless of today’s number,” he said.

Before the split-up in January, Dresden PEGIDA had mobilized as many as 25,000 demonstrators.

This next article, also from Live-Stream, re-introduces us to René Stadtkewitz, whom we met some years ago when he was CDU in Berlin and the local CDU leadership was refusing him permission to hold a seminar on Islam. He had resisted a mosque in his own district, and his house had been burned out when he and his family were away. He left the CDU and formed Die Freiheit (Freedom), modeled on Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom. Possibly because it spread itself too thin and was too diffuse, or possibly because it was a one-issue party, it never reached a percentage sufficient to enter the Bundestag (something recently accomplished by Alternative for Germany [Alternative für Deutschland, AfD] which emphasizes freedom from the euro, and also supports PEGIDA). He is now chair of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE) and was the featured speaker Monday.

To clarify their purpose, PEGIDA Facebook page has a quotation from Confucius — “The Way is the Goal.” And the statement: “Our way is called PEGIDA and our goal is the enactment of the #DresdenTheses!”

I have re-arranged the order of events as presented in the article, since it runs from end to beginning:

Live-Stream PEGIDA-Demo Dresden — With Lutz Bachmann and René Stadtkewitz (Speaker)

Today again ca. 4,800 followers of PEGIDA on the street. Simultaneously ca. 250 people took part in the “Dresden for Everybody” counter-demo, said a police spokeswoman. The organizers of the PEGIDA demonstration had expected about 5,000.

6:45: Lutz Bachmann opened the 16th demonstration by PEGIDA in Neumarkt, in front of the Dresden Frauenkirche.

He greets all the GIDAs (last four words of the name = Gegen Islamisierung Des Abendlandes) who have gathered, the “courageous people.” “Dresden shows how it is”: In four months, he says. they have managed to spark discussions in Germany that have been overdue for years.

He announces that a paper will be published next Wednesday for the signature of all Muslim communities, intended to set forth cultural values in accordance with the constitution, such as freedom of expression, democracy, religious freedom, gender equality, but drawing a line at sharia, the burka and discrimination against women.

6:55: Main speaker, René Stadtkewitz.

He is very experienced in politics. From 2001 to 2011, member of the house of representatives of Berlin. Elected on the district list of the Pankower CDU. From October 2010 to October 2013, chair and co-founder of the Party for Freedom, after years as a member of the CDU. He has been active for years on behalf of the Judaeo-Christian heritage in Europe and against Islamization.

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Terrebonne Decides to Ban a Mosque

A third mosque has been ordered closed in Quebec. Or, more precisely, the mosque in question has very belatedly had its zoning permission refused. The city of Terrebonne near Montreal has decided to shut down an informally established mosque in an industrial estate, which makes three mosques in recent days that have earned the disapproval of local governments in Quebec.

Have the past six months of culturally enriched kinetic activism soured the governing authorities on Islam? Or does this just happen to be mosque-closing season?

Many thanks to Carolus for translating this TVA Nouvelles news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the eviction order for the Terrebonne Mosque. From Le Journal de Montréal, also translated by Carolus:

Now it is Terrebonne’s turn to ban a mosque

[Translator’s note: Terrebonne is a suburb of 100,000 inhabitants, north of Montreal]

A place in the city’s industrial estate is however used for activities and prayers by the Muslim community since 2010

TERREBONNE | After a zoning change to ban a mosque in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve [a Montreal neighborhood], and then the refusal of the city of Shawinigan [a small city of 50,000 inhabitants between Montreal and Quebec] to allow a mosque to be established in the industrial estate, a third mosque is the object of a judicial dispute, threatening to disallow its establishment in the industrial estate.

Terrebonne directed its lawyers to obtain an injunction forcing the eviction of the mosque located in the city’s industrial estate, on Pascal-Gagnon Street, last Friday.

Muslims who patronize the mosque do not find the controversy amusing. “No neighbours complained about us, and we have added fire extinguishers and smoke detectors as per the fire by-laws, “ pleads Karim Sibous, a spokesperson for Estime Rive-Nord and the manager of the mosque.

The hesitations and bungling on the part of the city of Terrebonne seem to prove him right.

The case started December 2010. The mosque had opened without official notice to the city, in 2000 sq. ft. premises located on two floors, in the city’s industrial estate.

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Whose History?

Henry Ford famously said: “History is bunk.” He wasn’t Swedish, but the Swedish educational establishment seems to have the same Fordian attitude towards history. Or, more precisely: You have your “history”; I have my “history”. If the two differ, who’s to say which one is correct, and which is incorrect?

I wonder what the Swedish word for “bunk” is…

The following incident took place at a Komvux school for adults in southern Sweden. The history-challenged student was probably a Muslim Arab — if he had been a neo-Nazi, the reporter would surely have mentioned it.

Ted Ekeroth has translated an article from Sydsvenskan about what happened. He includes the following comment:

Teachers are so politicized that when it comes to dealing with anything from other cultures, especially Muslim cultures, they don’t dare to tell the truth.

The translated article:

Teacher criticized for Holocaust discussion

A substitute teacher defended facts about the Holocaust during a sfi-lesson [SFI = svenska för invandrare, “Swedish for immigrants” — translator]. He was then told by a coordinator that “what is history for us is not history for others”. The problems at the Komvux school “Kärnan” continue.

During a sfi-lesson at Kärnan last week, the students listened to news items.

One was about the commemoration of the liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz. The opinions on what happened next differs.

According to the substitute teacher running the class, one student questioned the Holocaust. The teacher explained that they cannot take up that discussion right now.

But the student insisted on loudly expressing his views on the Holocaust and Jews, according to the teacher. Eventually the teacher argued against him. and told the student that he had to leave the classroom if he couldn’t keep quiet.

The student, on the other hand, says that he only wanted to add some facts about the Holocaust and the concentration camps but that the teacher misunderstood.

A few days after the incident, which ended with the student leaving the classroom, the substitute teacher was called in to a meeting with the school’s regular teachers who are also coordinators.

The meeting was recorded and HD [newspaper] has heard the recording.

“The student talked to me and he said that he felt misunderstood and violated and singled out as a Holocaust denier and Nazi,” the coordinator says on the recording.

“What he said was Holocaust denial,” the substitute teacher replies.

“Yes, but he felt unfairly treated based on that he was singled out as one.”

“He hasn’t been singled out. I only told him that it’s not OK to say that the Jews are only lying.”

“But the classroom was the wrong forum for that discussion, because what you were doing was to listen to ‘klartext’ [clear text, a way to learn language — translator].”

The discussion continues. The coordinator tells him that the teachers must be careful when discussing, they have a linguistic advantage and cannot violate students.

The substitute teacher agrees and explains that he has used the same episode [the sound clip of the news item played in the classroom — translator] and it has always worked out well before.

The coordinator answers:

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“This Generation Will Be the One That Conquers Rome”

The following propaganda video was recently released by the Islamic State. YouTube quickly pulled the original, but Vlad saved a copy so that ritamalik could translate it and he could subtitle it. We’ve uploaded the final product to LiveLeak so that it will be more likely to be available for a while. It merits close scrutiny by anyone who wants to understand the Koranic and scriptural basis of the Islamic State.

News of a video about the training camp for ISIS “cubs” made the headlines a couple of days ago, but not many people were able to watch it before it disappeared from the Web. Some countries are in the process of criminalizing the possession of videos produced by the Islamic State, even the non-violent ones (I’m not sure whether any laws have actually been passed). But what better way is there to understand the threat doctrine of the enemy than to view the propaganda he releases to his own people?

Given the times we live in, Vlad has added a warning to the beginning of this video in hopes that it will allow it have a somewhat longer shelf life in the New, Improved Internet Age than if it were simply an unannotated copy of the original.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I found this video more disturbing than those that depict mass executions, beheadings, snipers, bloody surf, and all the other grisly forms of violence so lovingly chronicled by the Islamic State. This is a celebration of a form of violence that is inflicted on the hearts and minds of children.

Some of these boys are very young, and probably can’t remember much of their life before the Syrian “civil war” began four years ago. If it hadn’t been for the “Arab Spring” and the jihad against Bashar Assad — brought to you courtesy of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and EU Inc. — these kids might have been able to have a more or less normal childhood and grow up to lead more or less normal lives. Normal by Syrian standards, that is: rough, backward, and sometimes brutal, but nowhere near as brutal as the rule of the Islamic State, which has become the new normal in large swaths of Syria and Iraq.

What you’ll notice in this footage is the Koranic basis for violent jihad that these boys are taught and recite into the microphone for the camera. They are repeating standard verses from the Koran and authentic hadith from Bukhari and Muslim. In other words, this is not a version of Islam that has been “twisted” or “perverted” by “violent extremists”. These are the core teachings of the Islamic faith and Islamic law that have been accepted as mainstream in Islam for more than a thousand years.

The sayings and slogans you’ll hear in this video are indistinguishable from those uttered by “moderates” of the Muslim Brotherhood such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Many thanks to ritamalik for the translation and the annotations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

There is an additional aspect to the scenes in this video which may be even more disturbing. This is a sensitive topic, so I’m placing further discussion of it below the jump, for readers who would prefer to skip it.

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Dorks of the Ring

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about a new “ring of peace” scheduled to take place next Saturday in Oslo.

The translator includes this prefatory note:

You have by now no doubt heard about the “Ring of Peace”, the taqiyya stunt that took place last Saturday in front of the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo, where two feathers somehow were able to morph into a dozen chickens. That is, a dozen or so Muslims holding hands in a show of “solidarity “with the Jewish congregation were reported by various media outlets as 1300 Muslims forming a ring around the synagogue.

Well, what do you know? When you thought things could not possibly get any weirder, all of a sudden they do.

After reading this article from NRK (Norwegian State Broadcaster), we now know that another “peace initiative” will go ahead next weekend, this time in front of one of the biggest mosques in the country.

The funny thing is, the mosque in question — Central Jamaat Ahle Sunnat — was in the media headlines just a few years back when, lo and behold, the imam and chairman of said Mosque lambasted the “scheming” Jews for running the media and giving Muslims a bad name, plus of course controlling pretty much everything else that goes on in this world.

So this is the mosque, and these are the views that the organizers of this “peace ring” want to protect against “hatred, vile accusations, and Islamophobia” spread by those nasty Norwegians that keep welcoming them into the country with open arms and bowed heads, and who keep contributing financially for the upkeep and running of their mosques, not to mention substantial and very generous welfare contributions for the mosques’ members.

Maybe we should rename the event and call it “Dorks of the Ring” because the organizers clearly have their heads firmly embedded in Middle Earth.

You know what I think this self-promotion trend by the chic do-gooders, because that’s basically what it is, is really going to take off and pop up all over the world. I’m sure that soon we’ll see members of the Westboro Baptist Church form a peace ring in front of the headquarters of the Gay and Lesbian Swingers society in NYC, and the Alabama branch of the Ku Klux Klan will probably form a peace ring in front of the headquarters of the Black Panthers in San Francisco, in order to generate some much-needed positive PR, and I’m sure the media will write glowing reports about the benign and altruistic nature of their endeavours.

The translated article from NRK:

A Ring of peace around Oslo mosque

A week after a ring of peace was formed in front of the Jewish synagogue in Oslo; another similar event is due to take place in front of one of the mosques in the capital next Saturday afternoon.

So far, more than 300 people have signed up for the event, according to TV2 [Norwegian TV station].

“We are a group of fellow human beings, who on account of the increased fear and polarization in society, are going to highlight that we do not view Muslims as a threat, but rather as an enrichment for Norwegian society,” the organizers write on their official Facebook page.

The event has been given the name “The Solidarity Ring for Muslims” and is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday at 16.30 in front of the mosque, Central Jamaat Ahle Sunnat in Motzfeldtsgate [Motzfeldts Street].

In a Facebook post the organizers; Solveig Staal, Kristian Flem, Johanna Engen and Gitte Michelle write that Muslims are a vulnerable minority in Norway.

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Oppression Instead of Admission, Part IV

Note: This post was originally published on February 23, and was “sticky” for several days. Scroll down for Part 2 of “The Betrayal Papers”, “Whitewash at the White Mosque”, “The Slandering of Shahina Siddiqui”, “How Many Muslims Live in Germany?”, a video of Fatima Houda-Pépin discussing Islam in Quebec, a video interview with Christian Zeitz about the ominous significance of Austria’s new Islam Law, and also last night’s news feed.

This is the fourth essay in a series by Takuan Seiyo. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893

Oppression Instead of Admission
Part IV

by Takuan Seiyo

The final gambit (continued)

As soon as Part III of this work went to print, asserting in its penultimate paragraph that the worse things are the more the Rulers mash the throttle pedal of the runaway train, they upped the ante, again.

The Guardian informed that Great Britain worries about too few Muslims in its army and aims to bolster their recruitment. The smiling portrait therein of British Defence Secretary John Reid, with his senior military advisor, Imam Asim Hafiz, should forever hang in the corridors of Whitehall right along the scowling portrait of Mr. Reid’s predecessor, Winston Churchill, and his military advisors.

As to Hafiz, he asserted that diversity is “one of the UK’s strengths” and “the values of the armed forces” are fully compatible with the values of Islam. But, gentle reader, before one hatches bad feelings toward Imam Asim, recall, as per the antecedent chapter in this work, what the fabled American general William Casey said on the same subject, and what a Battalion Commander in the even more fabled 101st Airborne Division wrote.

Consider that even as The Mirror acknowledges “ONE MILLION” (their emphasis) British children victims of sex abuse gangs and a Labour MP cries useless tears over this without acknowledging her party’s direct culpability, they refuse to identify who these “grooming” gangs are.

Should Muslims be blamed for putting to work demolition tools handed to them, wrapped in festive ribbons, by smiling Whites-in-charge?

So let’s repeat the question: Why Are They Doing It?

These are intelligent, educated, Christian-in-varying-degrees (yes, even the atheists are) beneficiaries of the best that the highest, i.e. Western, civilization this world has ever seen could offer, and often born in the most privileged social strata. Why are they sawing off the branch on which they and their descendants are perched — moreover, a branch that has taken well over six thousand years to sprout and grow through fire, drought, hail, ice and locust?

I often use sardonic terms to describe these people, usually taken from camp sci-fi films of the ’50s-’60s or from the medical dictionary of psychopathology and brain diseases. Some milder critical pundits do that too, e.g. PJ Media’s “Obama Now Meets the Colloquial Definition of Insanity.” But Obama is, for sure, far from insane; he knows exactly what he is doing and is clever and resourceful in doing it. And I use such mocking terms only as shorthand, standing for a much more complex phenomenon.

They, whom I call on occasion THEY — like in They Came from Beyond Space (Embassy Pictures, 1967) — are really only the Loons in the Club of Loons, Crooks and Traitors ruling the West, with major assistance from innumerable indentured servant drones — perhaps two thirds of the West’s total population of one billion plus.

They Came from Beyond Space, but our Loons came from Harvard and Oxford

There are two main kinds of Loons. Both fit Robert Frost’s definition of a liberal as someone too broad-minded to take his own side in a fight — but there are differences. Real Loons are of the Left; they answer to all the main definitions of insanity in their perpetual quest to improve the world despite constantly repeated evidence that they are destroying it. Socialist and Green politicians are a prize specimen, as are, disproportionately, Jews, Scandinavians, women, artists, lawyers, journalists, teachers, academics, and the gullible young.

Then there are Loons of the Right (and Center) who are really not Loons but Fools. The Fool pathology is ravaging the ranks of almost all Christian denominations, as they have conflated their religion with the agenda of the Swedish Socialist Justice Party (or other such). George W. Bush is iconic in this category.

There are three main kinds of Crooks. There are the major Money Crooks, e.g. the Globalists, banksters, money-debasing central banks, financial manipulators, all the legislators and regulators they have bought, and the corporate CEO’s smashing the economic base of their nations because they can shave 47 cents-per-unit by making it, shoddier, in China.

Then there are the major rank-and-power crooks, e.g. the colonels and generals and chief bureaucrats and other powerful opportunists mouthing and enforcing evil stupidities even though they know better.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/25/2015

Fishermen from the islands of Lampedusa and Linosa demanded that the Italian government declare a state of emergency so that they could be protected from the Islamic State, which is now only a short distance away from them on the coast of Libya. Meanwhile, kinetic activists of the Islamic State have ransacked the libraries of Mosul and burned thousands of books and rare manuscripts.

In other news, the new Islam Law was passed today by the Austrian parliament.

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