Allah Frowns on LGBTQ

As the Western civil order continues to deteriorate, before a totalitarian New Normal can emerge an inevitable conflict will break out between the Socialist intersectionals and the devotees of Mohammed. The two groups of religious fanatics are utterly incompatible with each other, and only one can emerge triumphant. The best outcome would be for each side to spray AK-47 fire at the other simultaneously, leaving the field strewn with the corpses of fighters for both groups. Alas, that outcome is very unlikely. For what it’s worth, my money’s on the Muslims.

The following report concerns friction between the promoters of sexual perversion and the soldiers of Allah. The incident in question occurred at a school in the Flemish city of Genk.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from

“Allahu Akhbar!” Students in Limburg school jeer and spit on LGBTQ flag

Two municipal employees and a volunteer from the LGBTQ+OGWA association were verbally attacked by students of a technical school in Genk (Limburg province) on Thursday. “Allahu Akhbar” was intoned by several dozen college students while spitting on the LGBTQ flag. “The atmosphere was deleterious,” testified one of the attacked persons. The images led to general indignation on social media.

May 13, 2023

An event to raise awareness on homophobia completely degenerated at Atlas Technical College in Genk. This event took place within the framework of the Global Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHO), which was to be celebrated May 17.

May 17 was chosen as a symbolic date to commemorate the decision of the World Health Organization on May 17, 1990 to no longer consider homosexuality as a mental disease.

“We were set up in the playground during the break distributing pamphlets and rainbow-colored hearts,” explains one of the people abused. “Not everyone agrees with us, but yesterday, the atmosphere was very electric. A group of youths gathered around our table and began to jeer us.”

Bottle throwing and spitting

A crowd formed, and more and more students gathered around the table. According to the targeted employees, there were more than a hundred at one point. The situation completely degenerated. “They kept on shouting, throwing bottles, and spitting on the rainbow hearts. We were aided by the professors present on the playground who supported us until the bell rang. At that time, most of the youths returned to class, and calm was restored.”

Municipal authorities strongly condemned the actions. “This behavior touches me profoundly. I am disconcerted,” laments Anniek Nagels (CD&V party), deputy to the mayor for the Culture of Living Together. “Genk is synonymous with a respectful society, where everyone can be themselves.” The city of Genk will lodge a complaint and consult with the establishment.

The school also disapproves of the behavior of the students. “We are shocked by what happened yesterday; it is completely unacceptable,” reacts the director general, Christel Schepers. “This does not correspond to what the school represents. That is why we are taking measures. We will initiate a dialogue with the students in the coming weeks, and we will address the question in collaboration with the city.”

Culture-Enriching Stabbing of Schoolgirls in Neukölln

Neukölln is a severely culturally enriched borough of Berlin. Last week a man went on a stabbing rampage in a primary school in Neukölln, seriously wounding two little girls. Gary Fouse has translated two articles about the incident.

The first article is from the Berliner Morgenpost. You’ll notice that there are no hints about ethnicity in this report, just the usual boilerplate about mental illness:

Motive unclear

Attack in Neukölln school: Man wounds schoolgirls

by Sebastian Kohler
May 3, 2023

In a Berlin school, a man attacked two schoolchildren. Both were taken injured to the hospital. What is known.

In a school in Berlin-Neukölln, two schoolgirls were seriously wounded in a physical attack. The girls, ages 7 and 8 years, were apparently attacked by a man, leaving one of the girls in a life-threatening condition. The Berlin police were able to announce the arrest of the presumed perpetrator. Who he is and for what reason he attacked the two children is as yet not clear.

Police arrest presumed perpetrator: Schoolgirl in life-threatening condition

The BZ (Berliner Zeitung) first reported the attack on the school on Mainzerstrasse. Several children were reportedly witnesses to the traumatic attacks. According to initial information, the weapon is allegedly a knife. Both victims of the attack were carried by a helicopter for treatment. As for the provisionally-arrested person, a Berlin police spokeswoman gave no information. “We are investigating all angles,” says the police press office.

According to information obtained by BZ, the perpetrator waited for the police after the attack and submitted to arrest without resistance. The rear door of the school was closed off by police at 3pm, two hours after the attack. Parents stood before the main entrance and waited for their children. They were allowed to leave the building after a few minutes and were turned over to their parents.

[Tweet above video:]

Berlin education senator Katharina Günther-Wünsch, on the knife attack at the Evangelical School in Neukölln: “Religious or political motive on the part of the perpetrator can probably be ruled out. No regular operation in the next two days.”

What motivated the perpetrator to wound the two girls in a serious, life-threatening manner is yet completely unclear. Neither political or religious motives are believed to have led to the bloody act. As the Berliner Zeitung writes, the perpetrator is reportedly psychologically sick and knew neither of the children.

[Tweet: Kai Wegner (Berlin mayor)]

I am shocked at this unthinkable act. My thoughts in these difficult hours are with both the wounded girls, for whom I wish a speedy recovery. My sincere condolences to the parents, teachers, schoolmates, as well as friends.

For the next two days, school administrators have suspended classes. The children who were witnesses to the act were provided with spiritual counseling, as were the rescue personnel who first showed up at the crime scene. Berlin’s governing mayor, Kai Wegner (Christian Democrat party) expressed his horror on Twitter and expressed his sympathy to the relatives of the victims.

The second article is from Der Tagesspiegel. As is customary in Germany and other Western European countries, the report is coy about the alleged perpetrator’s surname: he is identified simply as “Berhan S.” However, the name Berhan is common in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Factor in the description of his “strictly religious family”, then draw your own conclusions:

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Belligerence in the Buff

Those cute li’l North African culture-enrichers are always up to their amusing shenanigans in Italy. This particular example features a naked, drunk middle-aged Tunisian guy who attacked police and vehicles in the town of Villorba.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Slalom between cars and punches thrown at Carabinieri: The madness of the Tunisian (nude and drunk)

by Marco Leardi
May 2, 2023

The North African, nude and in a state of inebriation, threw himself at some cars on the provincial road to Villorba (Treviso). Upon the arrival of the Carabinieri, punches and kicks before being immobilized.

He was completely nude and drunk. Violent in his attitude and out of control. A 50-year-old man of Tunisian origin was surprised while walking along the provincial road in Villorba (Province of Treviso), performing slalom [dodging] between moving cars and trying to stop a few. The man, without fixed abode, was spotted by some motorists yesterday (May 1) and subsequently stopped by Carabinieri, who immobilized him with much effort. While the Carabinieri were trying to placate him, in fact, the individual continued to throw himself at them with kicks and punches. The indecent spectacle, just the latest sign of urban decay, took place in the location in Treviso province near the Benetton factory.

In a video shot by a passing driver that circulated online, the Tunisian appears with his butt to the wind as he was walking undisturbed on the transit road to Provincial Route 102. With a finger pointed at the sky, he pounced on the windshield of some passing cars, throwing punches and slaps. On seeing the subject, who turned out to be an old acquaintance of the police, some citizens alerted 112 [dialed 911] reporting the presence of that man, out of his mind, who was putting their safety in danger and especially passersby. Several drivers, in fact, were forced make quick turns and sudden stops to avoid the 50-year-old, in an obviously confused state.

Upon arrival, the Carabinieri approached the North African, ordering him to stop. But nothing doing: the foreigner continued his crazy slalom and his aggressive attitude, forcing the Carabinieri to immobilize him by force. Even this final operation — according to what we have learned — was not simple: Notwithstanding the pleas to calm down, the homeless man also struck the police with kicks and punches, as well as their vehicle. After he was immobilized it was necessary to take him to a hospital in Treviso.

The local press reports that, fortunately, only one of the Carabinieri suffered contusions which will heal after a few days. Meanwhile, the 50-year-old was charged by the police yesterday for resisting a public official, personal injuries, and aggravated property damage.

Think Bosnia, Not Gettysburg

A reader who goes by the nom de guerre fred333 sends the following observations on the current Culture War underway in the USA:

The US is NOT headed for Civil War!

However, we’re definitely on a crash course for armed conflict, just not one separated by a geographic dividing line. Think: Bosnia, not Gettysburg.

During the US Civil War, the country was severely divided over three principal issues: states’ rights; the right of individual states to secede from the union; and “Bleeding Kansas” — whether new states would be permitted to choose whether to implement slavery or not. On virtually all other issues of law and morality, the country was in complete — Judeo-Christian, constitutional — lock-step.

Today, however, hyphenated and non-hyphenated Americans can’t even agree on the definitions of “victim” and “victimizer” — the basic building blocks of law and morality, and the foundational moral and legal tenets around which healthy civilizations must coalesce. And therein lies the difference… and the great danger. When civilizations forced to live amongst one another lack any shared foundational understandings — with radically contrasting and, on one side, ever-”evolving” views of right versus wrong, good versus bad, success versus failure, legal versus illegal — they must inevitably and unavoidably find themselves confronted with three options: Assimilate, Separate or Assassinate (i.e., go to war). History offers no other solutions that I’m aware of.

With one side armed with the Bill of Rights and the rule of law, and the other actively working to erase them, I fear we’re on a divisive and chaotic carnival ride that isn’t likely to end where it began.

Watch this space…

(PAA = President Affirmative Action, paraphrasing Thomas Sowell’s description of former President Obama)

An “Allahu Akhbar” Moment in Vicenza

Yesterday in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy a mentally ill culture-enricher from Morocco, presumably traumatized by having to live among infidels, went on a rampage and shot a police officer while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”. I know readers will be saddened to learn that the youngster did not survive the incident. He was shot dead by an officer of the Carabinieri, who is probably a WAYCIST.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this news video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article about the incident is from Il Tempo. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

Vicenza, Moroccan shoots and wounds an officer. Killed. “He was shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’”

Weapon taken from a Carabiniero. Wounded officer has lung surgery.

April 24, 2023

Fear in Fara Vicentino, in the province of Vicenza. A Moroccan citizen was killed in a firefight with the Carabinieri after shooting at a local police officer, wounding him with the pistol taken from one of the two Carabinieri who arrived at the scene. It happened this morning. According to an initial reconstruction, the man, out of his mind, reportedly went into a rage in the street and managed to take the weapon from one of the two Carabinieri who intervened, firing at a police officer who arrived to help his colleagues: Reportedly, the other Carabiniero shot him dead at this point.

The non-EU citizen was walking barefoot in a confused state then allegedly went into a rage, shouting in the street. A Moroccan immigrant who was passing by reportedly heard him shouting insults in Arabic. According to what Corriere della Sera is reporting, the man allegedly also uttered the phrase “Allahu Akhbar”, God is greater. When the police intervened, the man reportedly took the service pistol from a Carabiniero, firing several rounds, two of which hit one of the local police. The Carabiniero who still possessed his weapon then shot and killed the suspect.

The 40-year-old local police officer involved in the shootout this morning was hit by two projectiles, one in the right foot and one in the left side which caused a lung to collapse. He was operated on at the Alto Vicentino Hospital of Santorso, a lung drainage was applied, and at this time a second lung CT scan is in progress. The prognosis is guarded, but should not be life-threatening.

Video transcript:

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Fretting Over the Pronouns of a Mass Murderer

I assume that everyone already knows who Audrey Elizabeth Hale was, and what she did at the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday morning.

What I find interesting (and entertaining) is the way the legacy media have been tying themselves into pretzels over the shooter’s pronouns. Yesterday I heard one newscaster apologize for his station’s misgendering of the killer during its early coverage of the massacre, before it became known that she was a he. I wish I’d saved a link to that video; I don’t even remember which network it was.

I just read an article in The Tennessean — which is well-known for its progressive editorial slant — that couldn’t make up its mind how to handle the issue. Mostly it just dodged the dilemma by not using any pronouns, simply referring to her as “Hale… Hale… Hale…” over and over again. It was awkward.

However, the writers of the article (it takes at least two to put together a news report for The Tennessean) slipped up twice and said “she”, while on multiple other occasions calling her “he”.

They couldn’t make up their tiny minds.

I even saw one progressive contributor on a forum reprimanding other posters for misgendering the Killer Chick, reminding everyone how important it was, even in these sad circumstances, to use a creature’s preferred pronouns.

In the bright shining Utopia that is 21st-century America, you can’t make this [odiferous material] up.

Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill

When I first posted the above graphic about five years ago, it was still a joke. But it’s not a joke any longer. It’s a simple fact, at least in Germany: if you “misgender” someone, you can go to jail. And to the woke zealots who now control the judicial system, your crime is one of the worst imaginable.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Punishment for “misgendering”: This verdict will have consequences

The wish is often not only the father of the thought, but also decisive when it comes to one’s own gender and the corresponding form of address. The district court of Frankfurt am Main has now issued an injunction against Rome Medien GmbH, which also operates this website, and prohibits our author Judith Sevinc Basad from calling a biological man a “man”. Violators face a fine of €250,000 or imprisonment for up to six months.

The decision, against which we will appeal, caused a stir among lawyers, above all because it puts a person’s biological sex behind the desired one for the first time and forbids the naming of biological facts.

The background is a essay by Judith Sevinc Basad, which, among other things, deals with the fact that the biologist Marie Vollbrecht was publicly criticized and put under pressure by trans activist Janka Kluge because she asserts the scientifically undisputed fact that there are two biological sexes. Kluge was referred to in the text as a “trans woman” or “man”. The court has now prohibited the latter. In an affidavit, Kluge declared in court that he had undergone sex-altering surgery in the 1980s and that he had changed the registration data.

Of course, there is no justification for the judge’s decision in the ruling. Reference is only made to the legal basis, especially Art 2 of the Basic Law, which guarantees the free development of personality. Compared to freedom of the press and freedom of expression, but also compared to the biological facts, the general right of personality is now rated significantly higher in this decision.

The temporary injunction also made waves in the queer scene, because it was seen as the first legal blow against so-called “misgendering” (non-acceptance of the desired gender). “Nobody has to accept being deliberately assigned to the wrong gender,” explains Janka Kluge’s lawyer, Jasper Prigge. “The regional court has decided here in individual cases, but the decision has a signal effect. Various studies show the negative effects of misgendering on those affected. We pointed this out in the process. Misgendering is a serious encroachment on general personal rights and can have legal consequences.” The scene’s activists have been working for a long time to “overcome” biological genders and the “heteronormative world view”. [It’s called NATURE, stupid.]

The verdict must also have been received with interest in the traffic-light coalition*. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) and Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) are working there on a draft for the so-called “Self-Determination Act”. According to the “key points” that have already been presented, it should in future be possible to have the gender entry in the population register changed once a year by means of a simple verbal declaration. The non-observance of the desired gender should therefore be punished with up to €2,500. According to the previous regulation of the “Transsexual Act”, the gender entry can already be changed today if you submit two medical-psychiatric reports. Trans activists reject this as degrading.

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Culture-Enriching Doctor-Killer Walks Free in Emmendingen

Back in 2018 I reported on a bestial murder by a Somali (or Djiboutian) culture-enricher in Germany. The young “asylum seeker” entered the doctor’s office and stabbed him to death, while also wounding his assistant.

Now it has been revealed that the young perpetrator, who was determined to be mentally ill and has been housed in a psychiatric facility, is currently allowed to walk free in the city for several hours a day.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from

Knife-African: Murdered Offenburg Doctor in 2018, at Liberty Again Today

In August 2018, the then 27-year-old migrant Suleiman A. brutally murdered a doctor in Offenburg with 20 stab wounds and wounded a medical assistant who rushed to help. The act was characterized by tremendous cruelty: Both carotid arteries and the throat were slit; the knife ultimately got stuck in the victim’s stomach, who in the meantime tried to escape to the door, but was attacked more and more. When the perpetrator left the practice, he left a trail of blood that stretched across several streets.

In such cases, the obligatory acquittal on the grounds of “insanity defense” due to a “mental illness” followed in court, which is typical in Germany, and then he was admitted to the closed psychiatric clinic in Emmendingen, where he has been housed for four years. Now it has become known that the perpetrator, outrageously, has already been released and is allowed to move freely in the city (!) for up to three hours a day. All he has to do is to be reachable on a mobile phone and undergo an occasional drug test.

A classic Merkel guest

The case is an example of countless similar murders and acts of violence in colorful Germany: Suleiman A.’s application for asylum was rejected back in 2017 — but of course he was not deported afterwards, but rather received “subsidiary protection status” and thus the opportunity to remain legally in the country, according to Angela Merkel’s heresy “make illegality legal”. He arrived in November 2015 as a classic Merkel guest in the course of the German welcoming madness through safe third countries such as Italy and Austria. He initially claimed to be from Somalia, but in court he said he was from Djibouti. He also gave conflicting information about his name and age.

“A man” of whom no one knows his name, or how old he is, or where he comes from, is staying in Germany without any authorization, murders a person in a bestial manner, is declared incapable of culpability because of a serious mental illness — and four years later he is allowed to walk around freely again. And when he picks up the knife again, no one will want to be responsible. This sums up today’s Germany perfectly. And because almost all knife murderers end up in psychiatric wards or correctional facilities, and both promise early release — be it through overwork or through a negligently progressive “rehabilitation” policy — one can already prepare for similar day-release regulations and more victims.

Afterword from the translator:

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A Tribute to the Ignorant Victim

Our Hungarian correspondent László takes a retrospective look at the “pandemic” scam and what it portends for the future manipulation of the population by the Powers That Be.

A Tribute to the Ignorant Victim

The Paradox of Autonomy Has Enslaved Humanity

by László

Vlad’s latest post on IQ vs the Scamdemic is very thoughtful and addresses a phenomenon many may have observed. Namely, the way the factor of individual IQ correlated with the perception of the Corona Scam and the ability to decipher it.

Mega-IQ people like Langan and Vos Savant describe the obsession with truth from an early age as a crucial factor of becoming who they are. Likewise, obsession with, or at least commitment to, TRUTH is what I think made much of the difference in the ability of detecting the Corona Scam. Interestingly, 200-IQ Langan defines (in general) the IQ-range around 145 a “danger zone” where even high cognitive abilities are hijacked by pride and hubris.

Regarding the Scam, there is another decisive factor I call “the paradox of independence / autonomy” (a term I coined). It essentially boils down to the [in]ability to fathom the fact that the whole world is being engaged in a fraud — an enemy fraud, mind you. I remember talking to a university professor back in 2021, surely one of the smartest person in Hungary, and when I told him that it was all a scam he answered: “I cannot fathom that everybody is in it and that it is all centrally coordinated”.

Apart from his serious error of speaking about literally “everybody” involved (which was never true and that is the point), that attitude is about a rigid idea of the Western civilization as such being (1) decentralized and (2) essentially honest. Which are erroneous projections of the perception of both (1) the outer world and (2) the inner world of the self, respectively.

And that also goes to show that the deceived ones projected their own self-image of perceived (or pretended) honesty — and because it is only perceived / pretended, it is closely related to the well-known act of virtue signalling. In its root, virtue signalling to ourselves is about preserving the favourable self-image — as a psychological survival mechanism of maintaining the construct of the self. When you are aware of your own (sometimes wicked) motives, yet you keep showing off with your (sometimes fake) benevolence, it is the social side of the same phenomenon. Honesty and benevolence are interrelated, and are godly virtues that build up collective reality, even psychic reality — therefore the destruction of those two destroyed the world as we knew it.

Now, that rigid construct of self and the outer world intertwined with it, was hit by the ruinous missiles of the Rona Psyop. The disastrous consequences are well-known. It was the 9/11 of Western ego.

And those missiles pierced very deep into the nervous system of the populace. Even though I studied consumer behavior, and therefore, after a while, was able to distinguish the patterns of the Corona propaganda, I was hit at least by one such psy-missile:

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Knife Jihad at the Schuman Metro Station

On Monday night a culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage at a Metro station in Brussels. (Jihad Watch has a useful report on the incident.)

During his attack the unfortunate youth is alleged by some witnesses to have cried “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I am known to the police and the medical profession as having a history of mental health issues.”

There has been no official announcement of the perpetrator’s name, but based on various media reports, his name is “Anwar H.”, so the attack evidently has a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian site 7sur7:

Attack at Schuman: The suspect was not known to any intelligence service

The man suspected of committing a knife attack on Monday evening at the Schuman Metro station in Brussels was not known to either the intelligence services or the Organ of Coordination and Threat Analysis (OCAM), Minister of Justice Vincent van Quickenborne told the [Parliamentary] Committee Wednesday. He was responding to a question from Katja Gabriëls.

His criminal record was clean. He had never been imprisoned, but had been admitted to psychiatric institutions several times.

Review of the facts

On Monday at around 5:45pm an individual armed with a knife wounded three persons on a Metro train that had arrived at Schuman station. He was neutralized a short time later in the station by several police officers. He is a 30-year-old man. The motive for his attack is not yet known, but at present nothing indicates he was motivated by a terrorism, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Murder attempt

After being overpowered and handcuffed by police, the individual was questioned Monday night. He was then brought before an investigating magistrate designated by the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office. The magistrate decided on Tuesday to place him under an order of arrest on the charge of attempted murder.

Three wounded

Three persons were victims of this attack, including a 25-year-old man who was gravely wounded and is still hospitalized, but whose life is no longer in danger. The two other victims — a 40-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman, both lightly wounded — have already been able to leave the hospital.

The translator adds this follow-up:

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We Have Ways of Making You Take the Vax

Since the arrival of the “pandemic” it has become obvious — if it wasn’t already — that Germans as a culture are collectively immune to irony.

As a case in point, consider the following story from Stuttgart. When someone refuses to accord with what the consensus deems right and proper — in this case, to submit to a COVID “vaccination” — the immediate response is coercion by the state. Not only is the patient to be vaxed against her will, but she happens to be a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Obviously, there is no concern about the “optics” of the situation on the part of the German medical and legal bureaucracies.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Court in Stuttgart orders compulsory Corona vaccination of a Holocaust survivor

by Jonas Aston, Max Mannhart and Pauline Schwarz

In Stuttgart, a Jewish composer was forced to be vaccinated as part of her admission to a psychiatric ward. The police are already trying to implement the decision. In the meantime, the district court of Stuttgart suspended the implementation of the measure with immediate effect. The background for this unique process is unclear.

On December 6, 2022, the supervisory court in Stuttgart made a remarkable judgment: namely, the compulsory implementation of a Corona vaccination.

At the request of, the court confirmed the following process: According to a decision by the guardianship court (at the request of her legal guardian), the Jewess Inna Z., who was born in Ukraine in the late 1930s, is to be forced into a closed psychiatric ward of a hospital or a closed unit of a care facility. The background is several diagnosed serious mental illnesses as well as internal diseases; because of those the person concerned is no longer be able to survive on her own — strictly speaking, medical treatment and taking pills cannot be guaranteed without placement.

The vaccination against Covid-19 was necessary “against the will of those affected” as part of the placement for the “benefit of those affected”.

In the decision, the court also authorized the supervisor to carry out a coercive medical measure — specifically, the double vaccination against Covid-19.

The resolution justifying this measure states that vaccination against Covid-19 “against the will of those affected” as part of the placement for the “benefit of those affected” is necessary in order to avert damage to health. However, it does not explain why vaccination is crucial to averting health damage. In addition, unsuccessful attempts had previously been made to “convince the affected person of the necessity of the medical measure.”

The caregiver then asked the police for official assistance in carrying out this decision — this means that the police enforce the accommodation, if necessary using force. The police confirmed to that this administrative assistance was being carried out on January 11th. However, the person concerned could not be found in her apartment, which is why neither compulsory admission nor vaccination have taken place so far. [It must have been an unpleasant déjà-vu for this poor woman. No wonder she ran, and that fact alone tells me that she’s SANE.]

Actually extremely high legal hurdles

As found out on request, the Stuttgart Regional Court temporarily suspended the implementation of the coercive measures on January 11 with immediate effect. The background is initially not a substantive evaluation, but the receipt of a complaint against the decision from those affected. According to the press office, this was only delivered on January 10th — more than a month after the original decision of the district court.

In principle, there are extremely high hurdles in Germany for coercive medical measures against persons who are not of legal age. As a rule, coercive measures such as forced placements and medication are only approved if there is an acute danger to life, life-saving operations and the like. This even goes so far that those affected are often only for a very short time or not at all forcibly placed, even if they are in acute danger to themselves or others (according to the Mental Illness Act). Treatments according to the BGB (Civil Code), which are used for curative treatment, are only rarely approved.

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Controlled Demolition

I assume that by now most readers have heard about the kerfuffle over several sets of classified documents that have been “discovered” in an office belonging to the president, and also at his personal residence in Delaware. I won’t bother posting any links; if for some reason you missed the story, just look at any news site to learn the details. It’s all over the MSM.

That’s one of the ways we know that a controlled demolition of the presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr. is currently underway. If the revelations were not a deliberately planned and executed operation, the media would be burying the story.

In fact, there would have been no reason whatsoever for the information to have become public in the first place. The supposed “discovery” of the initial batch of documents took place in early November, just before the midterm elections. If the president’s men were able to bury the story for more than two months, why not just bury it forever? After all, every government agency involved is under the complete control of the same oligarchs who rigged the election and installed their puppet in the Oval Office. There was no reason for the news of the classified docs ever to see the light of day. It would have been a simple task just to deep-six them forever.

So what’s the reason for the timing? Why are they being revealed now, in mid-January?

Obviously, the news had to wait until after the midterms. But the operation couldn’t be delayed for too long after the new House was sworn in, because of the pesky little problem of the new Republican majority. In order to be elected speaker, Kevin McCarthy had to agree to the formation of a committee that is just now beginning to investigate the machinations of the intelligence wing of the Deep State. Most of the Republicans on the committee are as fully controlled by the Deep State as are the Democrats, but not all. There is a chance, a very slight chance, that one or more of those maverick Republicans might be able to shine some light into the dark corners of the Intelligence Community and reveal the activities of the scheming cockroaches who normally remain hidden behind the wainscoting or under the refrigerator.

So it’s time to trot out all those classified documents, which were carefully held in reserve until the time came when they were needed. Now we will go through a long elaborate faux-judicial process. A special counsel has been appointed. Various witnesses will be subpoenaed and deposed. Evidence will be gathered. Carefully timed leaks to the press will be arranged, so that the unfolding story can be shaped and guided via hundreds of media stories to produce the exact result that is wanted.

The pressure will gradually become unbearable, and eventually the president will be induced to resign, probably for health reasons. And there’s always the issue of his wayward son Hunter, who could be hit with far more serious criminal charges than he has seen so far. In return for an insignificant little legal slap on the boy’s wrist, Dad could agree to make a graceful exit, and then shuffle off to assisted living at some well-appointed facility in a salubrious climate, possibly in an overseas location which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Ever since the puppet was invested back in January of 2021, I’ve assumed there was a plan in place to term-limit him in a carefully choreographed way that would do the least possible damage to the interests of the Democrats and their masters in the permanent government. It was clear that they could never risk Joe Biden’s running for re-election, and since he has now announced his intention (presumably prodded by Dr. Jill) to do exactly that, something obviously needed to be done. And the long-prepared plan needed to be put into motion quickly, before any of those annoying non-compliant Republicans could do anything off-script.

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Toxic Feminism

The following essay was written by the Swedish author Katerina Janouch. When she was a child in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s she was called Kateřina Janouchová, but her name was shortened when her family moved to Scandinavia.

Ms. Janouch has lived in Sweden since the 1970s. In addition to being an immigration-critic, she writes and gives presentations on relationships, addiction, kinship, parenting, cohabitation, and writing. She is the founder of Katerina Magasin.

Many thanks to LN for translating this op-ed from Insikt24:

Toxic feminism is crushing love

Is toxic feminism making relationships impossible?

That’s the opinion of author and debater Katerina Janouch.

I talk to a male friend who tells me about his latest attempt at a love affair. They are both in their thirties, an age when many people choose to start a family, and my friend is longing to become a father. The woman he met through mutual friends initially seemed level-headed, sensible and honest and is on the same emotional wavelength. But very soon it turns out that my friend had gotten himself into a veritable inferno, where he is just supposed to keep quiet while the woman dictates all the terms, and if he protests, he is told that he is an evil man who should be ashamed of his lack of respect. I wonder now what our society will evolve into if women behave like spoiled brats based on some kind of confused radical feminist credo?

My dear friend is just one example of men testifying lately that it seems to be more the rule than the exception that women go completely off the rails, blaming their emotional breakdowns on the fact that it is obviously the men’s fault, while at the same time making impossible demands on how men should behave for a relationship to even be feasible. Being kind, understanding and able to talk about feelings doesn’t go very far. Even the man who conforms and does exactly as the woman says can have a hell of a time. Why?

Well, because suddenly he may have accidentally adapted too much, and doesn’t understand that the woman needs a little “chewing resistance”. In his desire to please, he becomes a servile doormat, and these galoshes don’t fit when she whimsically decides she wants an independent hunk. The woman becomes like a child in a sandbox, unable to choose between a red or a blue spade, and breaks down in a hysterical fit that results in her hitting the person who tries to comfort her. The emotionally disturbed radical feminists seriously believe that they have the right to behave as badly as they want and yet never have to encounter a patrol. They rule, demand, whine, are mean and impossible, moody and unpredictable. They are unstable and believe that even women’s violence against men is men’s fault. They are happy to vent their hatred against the entire male sex while screaming at the top of their lungs if they themselves receive the slightest criticism. It’s safe to say that avid social media use hardly does them any favours when the slightest outburst gains hundreds of ‘likes’ and unctuous cheers, even if the conflict may be based on some unreasonable behaviour she herself has engaged in, and then subsequently received a backlash for.

Not only that. A year later she may find out that the sex that took place actually happened without her willing consent, and that therefore the man can be charged with some kind of negligent rape. Later on in the trial, she alone is listened to, because she “felt” something, and as long as it is a woman who feels, the feelings are absolutely true. The man has no voice at all, and although he presents undeniable facts pointing to reciprocity, he is treated like a pariah, and the verdict is in the woman’s favour. I wonder what man would want to expose himself to such risks? Many don’t. They have stopped dating. They are resentful, disillusioned and resigned, and actually start to dislike women.

The behavior can be likened to the left’s strange psychotic break we see now after the [Swedish general] election. After the socialists have destroyed all of Sweden, they now demand that the succeeding government clean up the mess in a few short months. A feminine, emotion-based behavior, where they also got a bunch of bitches, who usually bring a penis substitute with them when traveling by train. All logic and common sense is gone; what remains is a red-hot, hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth Left, with whom it is impossible to have a normal discussion. Everything is everyone else’s fault, they themselves are victims, and despite their behavior leading to a veritable societal collapse, they refuse to take responsibility. Responsibility, by the way — they can’t even spell it. They are like toddlers who lack all forms of logic and consistent thinking. It actually scares the hell out of you, when you think about it and realise that these are grown-up people behaving in this way. No wonder Sweden has gone off the rails, having these types of individuals in important decision-making positions and in positions of strategic authority.

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More on Luna’s Story

On Monday I posted about the plight of Luna, a 9-year-old Swedish girl who was raped and left for dead by a 15-year-old Ethiopian culture-enricher. The video report below from Swedish TV gives additional details about the case.

Luna’s aunt, who acts as a spokesperson for the family, says that she is not angry at the “youth” who savaged her niece, but rather at the school authorities and social services for not acting on the information they already had about the perpetrator. Their timely intervention might have prevented the attack on Luna.

One group of people that Luna’s aunt is not angry at — and which goes unmentioned in this report — is the political class who crafted the Swedish immigration laws that allowed such a feral predator into the country in the first place. If anybody besides the rapist himself deserves the ire of Luna’s family, it is the politicians and legislators who handed their country over to violent misogynists from the Third World.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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