The Death Knell of Sweden

Sweden as a society is currently run by women, specifically feminist women. The prime minister is male, and numerous members of parliament are males, but important cabinet posts and administrative positions in the bureaucracy are filled by women. Female social workers. Female police chiefs. Female directors of enterprises, both public and private. And the ideology that animates public service and cultural institutions is avowedly feminist.

It is this feminist, feminized ideology that requires Swedes to welcome immigrants and celebrate them. Sweden has no legitimate culture of its own, so Swedes must embrace the multiculturalism that immigrants bring. Even if those culture-enrichers abuse, mutilate, brutalize, rape, and murder women and girls.

By 2050 — in less than thirty years — Sweden will no longer be run by feminists, because there won’t be enough of them left. Oh, there will be plenty of women, but the majority of them will be the property of patriarchal polygamous men who have been welcomed in from the Third World to enrich Swedish culture.

Unless there is a general societal collapse in the interim, Sweden in 2050 will be governed by patriarchal polygamous men under some form of sharia law. I don’t know what will become of the feminists under those circumstances. Perhaps they’ll become the obedient veiled third or fourth wives of the dominant males.

The following documentary discusses the anti-feminist consequences that Sweden’s gynocracy has brought down upon the country through its love affair with Third World immigrants. The video is in both Swedish and English, with the Swedish portions subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (Swedish portions):

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More Heads Must Roll!

Samuel Paty was a French schoolteacher who was beheaded a year ago by an over-enthusiastic culture-enriching “youth” after he allegedly showed a copy of a Motoon in class. Regular readers of Gates of Vienna will not be surprised to learn that Muslims in France still display support and approval of the actions of the Chechen mujahid who killed Mr. Paty.

The following report gives details about the case of a father who threatened to set fire to a school in solidarity with the killer of Samuel Paty. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from France Bleu:

Threats after tribute to Samuel Paty: The father of the schoolboy will be judged in January

October 20, 2021

The father of the pupil who threatened to set fire to Jean Zay School at Valence will be judged next 20 January. He has been placed under judicial control awaiting his trial

The case begins on Friday October 15 during a tribute to Samuel Paty, the teacher murdered by a terrorist a year earlier. A pupil, aged 11, at the Jean Zay School makes a provocation during a minute of silence and cries, “Allahu Akhbar.” When he is informed of the warning against the boy, the father supports his son’s attitude and threatens the school principal on the phone. Threats he reiterates after going to the school Monday morning. He is then arrested by the police and placed in custody.

The man “minimizes the facts”

According to the national prosecutor of Valence, the man, aged 43, admitted part of the facts, notably, “that he verbally attacked school personnel,” and that he had threatened to “set the establishment on fire.” However, as Alex Perrin further writes in a press release this Wednesday, the man, “minimized them in evoking his anger at the situation. He explains that he was carried away by the action taken against his son.”

He is not on file for radicalization

Psychiatric expertise requested by the Valence prosecutor shows that the father of the family is totally responsible for his acts. He presents no psychiatric pathology, “despite an impulsive potential.” This Valence security officer is not known to the services responsible for tracking radicalization, nor is he listed as a radical. The prosecutor did not allege support for terrorism, “due to lack of remarks made in public.” The man will be prosecuted for death threats against persons charged with the mission of public service and attacks on public property.

The prosecution had asked for an immediate judgment in the appearance and placement in provisional custody. The judge of liberty and detention ruled Wednesday afternoon: The man is allowed to remain at liberty under judicial control awaiting his trial, which will take place next January 20.

Senegal Enriches the Culture of Apulia

A Senegalese culture-enricher has killed an Italian street artist during an aborted mugging in Lecce, a city in the southern Italian province of Apulia. He says he didn’t mean to.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Why Don’t We See News Stories Like This?

The following fictional report is modeled on this BBC story about Wednesday’s attack in Norway, with relevant nouns and adjectives changed:

Rawalpindi: Knife Attack Appears to be Terrorism — Officials

A deadly knife attack in Pakistan which left five people dead appears to have been an act of terror, Pakistan’s security service (ISI) said.

However, a motive has not yet been determined.

The suspect, a 37-year-old Afghan citizen, had converted to Christianity and there were fears he had been radicalised, police say.

He is accused of killing four women and a man on Wednesday night in the northern town of Rawalpindi.

Why do Christian converts not carry out violent attacks?

Why is it that nobody ever has to be concerned about the “radicalization” of a convert to Christianity?

When is the last time you heard of a convert to Christianity killing someone for religious reasons?

The situation is not at all symmetrical. Contrary to what the media and your political leaders keep telling you, Islam is not a “peaceful religion just like other religions.”

R.I.P. Lars Vilks

Fjordman just sent this brief note:

Big news tonight from Sweden that the artist Lars Vilks, best known for depictions of the prophet Muhammad, has been killed in a car accident. Two police officers assigned to protect Vilks were also killed in the crash. As police were involved in the crash, it is currently being investigated carefully.


It’s too early to say whether cultural enrichment was involved in Mr. Vilks’ tragic death.

I’ll be writing more about the legacy of Lars Vilks in later posts. For now, I’ll just quote from what I said back in March of 2015:

Although he would probably not agree with the characterization, the Swedish artist Lars Vilks is a hero of the Counterjihad movement.

Like many other people who have chosen to criticize or mock Islam, Mr. Vilks’ life has been in danger for years. Last month he was the target of a failed assassination attempt in Copenhagen. Throughout the aftermath of this incident, and during all his previous tribulations, the artist has remained steadfast in his defense of free speech as an absolute. For the past eight years he has never retracted or groveled or apologized to Islam. His position in March 2015 remains the same as it was in July 2007.

In the fall of 2007, at the height of the initial controversy over “The Prophet as a Roundabout Dog”, someone asked Mr. Vilks if drawing the cartoon was worth dying for. In reply he said simply, “Yes, it is.”

That’s what makes him a hero.

I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Vilks in person, but he was kind enough to send the following drawing to us, which he drew especially for Gates of Vienna:

Lars Vilks: Jan III Sobieski and a rondellhund at the Gates of Vienna

Rest in peace, Lars Vilks.

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

How Mentally Retarded do You Have to Be?

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) did extremely well in Saxony in last Sunday’s general elections in Germany. As a consequence, Antifa activists want to abolish Saxony.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

How mentally retarded do you have to be?

Antifa mobilizes against AfD: “Saxony must die”

According to the Leipziger Zeitung, Antifa mobilized more than 150 demonstrators against the AfD on Monday. They traveled through Leipzig under the motto “Saxony must die so that we can live”.

The anti-fascist demonstrators called for the city of Leipzig to leave Saxony. The AfD was the strongest force in Saxony in the federal election on Sunday. The party won ten of the 16 direct seats and secured 24.6 percent of the second votes.


Afterword from the translator:

Was good old Schopenhauer right after all?

“I am making the confession that I despise the German nation because of its exuberant stupidity, and that I am ashamed to belong to her.” —Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher 1788-1860

Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

by Michael Copeland

Is it your girl, Mr. BoJo, they enslaved and raped and raped,
Coldly marketing her sex for ready cash?
Is it your wife they demean with their insulting cries of “Whore!”,
And assure her that her pretty face they’d smash?
Is it your boy who was picked on all the time when at his school,
Who was threatened he’d be given broken bones?
Is it your car that they vandalise and seek to set on fire,
And your house they keep targeting with stones?
Is it your road where they park and double-park outside the house,
Or urinate in driveways and in yards?
Oh no, sorry. I forgot. It isn’t like that. Silly me!
At your place there’s a gate with well-armed guards.

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

Muslim Sends Doctor to the Hospital for Touching His Wife

Nizhnevartovsk is a city in Western Siberia. The following video shows what happened to a doctor in Nizhnevartovsk who dared to touch a Muslim man’s wife when he examined her.

Many thanks to our long-term commenter Elena for the reference, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video:

Below is Elena’s explanation of what happened at the clinic in Nizhnevartovsk:

In Nizhnevartovsk, a man beat a doctor for examining his Muslim wife

An unpleasant incident ended with another patient’s appointment with a dermatologist in Nizhnevartovsk. Her husband beat the doctor.

A woman in a hijab came to see a dermatologist. The doctor proceeded to his usual actions — examined the hands, legs and abdomen of the patient. Fifteen minutes later, a man burst into the doctor’s office. He almost immediately started beating the doctor.

The patient’s husband broke the doctor’s nose; the doctor had to call an ambulance. The police arrived at the scene.

The doctor himself was shocked by what happened. According to him, he had previously had to examine women in hijab, but this was the first time he encountered such a reaction from her husband. Now the law enforcement agencies will decide the issue of bringing the man who attacked the doctor to responsibility, established by the laws of the Russian Federation.


People-Smugglers Love Luciana Lamorgese

Last week I reported on the reaction of Matteo Salvini to an incident in the Italian beach resort of Rimini where a Somali culture-enricher ran around stabbing people, including a young child.

In the following video Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), makes some acerbic remarks on the same topic, and chastises Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese for her other official actions as a member of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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“Our Citizens Owe Afghanistan Nothing”

The following video features a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) speaking in the Landtag, or regional parliament, of North Rhine-Westphalia. His remarks refer to the Green Party’s demand that Germany admit thousands of new Afghan “refugees”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Syrian Youth Planned to Blow Up Synagogue in Hagen

An underage Syrian culture-enricher in the German city of Hagen allegedly plotted to attack a synagogue with explosives during Yom Kippur.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating these two news reports, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart report (hat tip Reader from Chicago) about the plot to blow up the synagogue:

Syrian Teen Refugee Arrested in Germany Over Islamist Plot to Attack Synagogue

German police arrested a 16-year-old Syrian male, his father, and two brothers on suspicion of plotting an “Islamist-motivated threat” against a synagogue.

The arrests took place in Hagen near Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Thursday morning during Yom Kippur, the holiest period in the Jewish calendar, as a result of what authorities took to be a credible threat to attack the city’s synagogue.

Video transcript #1:

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Merkel’s Blackshirts Are Rallying

In Leipzig yesterday the black block built burning barricades, bashed banks, and bopped burghers with bottles. The anti-fascist allochthons of alliteration were allegedly allowed to allot allopathy to all.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Antifa Demo Escalated in Leipzig

Black block builds burning barricades

The Black Block pushed its way through Leipzig today.

An estimated 5000 participants protested from the center to the Connewitzer Kreuz on Saturday, wrapped in billows of smoke and fog. A martial act. And one that escalated and got visibly out of control. Because: Autonomous people hurled bottles, stones and firecrackers at police officers. Eventually barricades burned.

“We are all anti-fascists: inside — we are all linX” was the motto of the elevator from Johannisplatz to Connewitzer Kreuz. The initiator of the demonstration and member of the state parliament, Juliane Nagel (42, left), actually wanted to prevent excessive violence during and after the demonstration — as was most recently the case ten months ago.

“We have good, experienced stewards and our message to the participants is clear: We want to remain peaceful,” said the member of the state parliament. This wish remained unfulfilled.

The demonstration stopped at the police headquarters for a short time. Objects, bottles, firecrackers and paint bags rained down on the entrance. A Commerzbank branch was attacked a few hundred meters away.

About 5,000 left-wing extremists were on the train on the Karli. They were only colorful at the head of the demo. The Black Block marched farther back, lighting flares incessantly. Radical protesters demolished several parked cars.

Around 2,000 officers from three federal states as well as the federal police, water cannons and helicopters were on duty. The police held back during the demonstration, relying on de-escalation.

The deployment was not only explosive because it took place a week before the general election, but also because a few days ago the criminal trial against the Connewitz left-wing extremist Lina E. (26) began.

“We are not the solidarity alliance for Lina E.,” Juliane Nagel assured BILD. “Our initiative was founded at the beginning of the year; we are only concerned with anti-fascism!”

In addition, they wanted to “take a stand against the shift to the right” before the election. However, there were a number of “Free Lina” posters held up during the demonstration.

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Running With Scissors

Last Sunday I reported on a culture-enriching Somali who ran around stabbing people, one of them a child, in the Italian beach resort of Rimini. The authorities hasten to assure the citizenry, who otherwise might have been anxious, that the incident had nothing to do with terrorism.

In the following video former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini addresses his concerns about the incident to Luciana Lamorgese, the Minister of the Interior in Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Giornale di Rimini on the attack in Rimini:

Rimini: Knifeman on bus, the “trigger” was the check and the sanction

September 13, 2021

Tomorrow morning the 26-year-old Somali who unleashed panic on Saturday in Rimini will face a late interrogation due to a delay in finding an interpreter. First, on board a trolley bus, stabbing two female conductors who asked him to show a ticket. And then fleeing on the street and wounding three other people — among them a 6-year-old child, originally from Bangladesh — gravely but now out of danger.

From what has been obtained thus far from the investigators, Rimini prosecutor Elisabetta Melotti explained to the press this afternoon, with Police Chief Francesco De Cicco at her side, “Based on previous behavior in reference to miscellaneous information from the police, as to the results of the search and subsequent behavior, no elements of any kind have emerged.”

What is certain is that from 2015 the man, traveling around Europe, requesting asylum in five different nations, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland, eventually arriving in Italy on August 9, was in possession of five knives, three of which were kitchen knives found on the bus, and a pair of scissors, while the initial toxicological and alcohol tests of his urine have given no results.

Now the results of blood tests are pending. The attacker, moreover, during a psychiatric interview, declared that he has “a persecution experience” in his history, while on the morning of the episode, he had gone to the police headquarters to report an attack he suffered in the building in which he was a guest of the Red Cross of Riccione. “Verifications at this time seem negative.” In brief, “Some dynamics of the behavior remain to be reconstructed in detail and also the type of wounds,” argues the prosecutor, to try to also understand “the reasons for his behavior.”

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The Caliphate Advances in Sweden

Below is a view of the 9-11 anniversary as reflected in local political events in Sweden.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this editorial from Katerina Magasin:

20 years after 9-11, you can be charged if you call an Islamist extreme

September 12, 2021

I didn’t write anything yesterday on the 20th anniversary of terror in the USA when Islamist terrorism claimed thousands of lives and forever tore open a bottomless wound in the free Western world. Social media still simmered and boiled filled with memories and reflections, mainly what people were doing themselves when news of the planes hitting the Twin Towers like an exploding suicide belt on all the information channels. Perhaps, I myself remember most clearly the feeling that it couldn’t be true. That it was a bad joke. And that the day after, we awoke to something that could be most described as a huge hangover, anxiety, and sadness. What strikes me today, 20 years and one day later, is how quickly the Islamization of Europe, in Europe in general and Sweden in particular. is going. Islam is gaining more ground, and with the argument of “religious freedom”, it advances its positions-though Islam primarily is a political ideology and a legal system, where religion is mostly a facade. Churches are proposed to become mosques, minarets are built, calls to prayer are permitted. More and more girls and women go around dressed in full-covering Islamic dress. In more and more areas, sharia trumps Swedish law. Imams decide, not Swedish courts. But worst is the mental breakdown of freedom of expression. Court proceedings against former Social Democrat politician Ann-Sofie Hermansson in Gothenburg [prosecuted for defamation as a result of her blog posts] is a clear symbol that Islamists use our own democracy to suppress and obtain the right to exercise their anti-democratic ideology. As I write this, I am thinking: Can I be reported for blasphemy?

You can read the background of the trial against Ann-Sofie Hermansson here.

In short, it can be said that Hermansson called extremists extremists. There is no other way to say it. And here is where it becomes difficult. Should we not be allowed to criticize a political ideology that in many ways goes against principles that all humans have equal value, equality before the law, freedom of speech, and our freedom to criticize ideologies and religions? I think that these positions being advanced are an extremely destructive and unfortunate development. Particularly when Swedish Public Service — which should be objective, non-partisan, and neutral — actually takes sides against Ann-Sofie Hermansson and thinks it is acceptable that her right to express her opinion must actually be tested. “A blessing,” they write that this, that the question be judged in a higher instance. Perhaps Public Service wants us to no longer call extremists extremists? That it should be criminal?

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