The Dutch State of the Union

A winter of discontent lies ahead for Western Europe, not least in The Netherlands. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a report on King Willem-Alexander’s speech on Prinjesdag.

The Dutch State of the Union

by H. Numan

Every third Tuesday of September we Dutch have our State of the Union: Prinjesdag (literally: Day of the little princes). It’s an official holiday for the city of The Hague, where the ceremony takes place. It’s as big as it gets ceremonially in The Netherlands. The king climbs into the Golden Coach, to be driven to the Hall of Knights on the Binnenhof (Inner Court). Troops in ceremonial dress uniforms line the streets and the square on the Binnenhof. That hasn’t happened the last couple of years, due to Covid-19. This year the circus was back, but moved to the Koninklijke Schouwburg (Royal Theater) because of renovations on the Binnenhof. Boy, what a circus it was!

Of course the police were, and should be, out in force. It’s the biggest event of the year, and a prime target for demonstrators. Farmers were not allowed in the city with their tractors, which is understandable. The police needn’t have bothered. The streets were lined with loads of people holding the flag upside down. The royal procession was not cheered but jeered on the way to the Binnenhof. Even worse, after the ceremonial tour back to his palace, the king appeared on the balcony where he was jeered and booed.

This is pretty much unique. I’ve never seen this happen before. Do mind that this annual event is old, and carefully managed. The streets are always lined by people ‘from the country’ bussed in by their local orange societies. In other words: the streets are always lined with royalists. However, the orange societies made a mistake. The very same mistake our (and your!) elites are making. They themselves are fairly well-off, and don’t really care about anyone else.

Those — usually — reliable royalists are mostly farmers. Or at least from rural communities. The government made it very clear that they want to abolish the entire agricultural industry. Of course they couldn’t bring in their tractors to the city, but they did bring their flags. Upside down. Something the organizers obviously forgot.

The king being booed is unheard of. The last king before him was King William III, nicknamed King Gorilla. He was thoroughly disliked, for good reasons. He was as randy as a male gorilla in heat; he literally humped everything. He also liked to show his crown jewels to the public in Montreux. Something one did not expect from a monarch in the 1880’s. At least, not so openly. He was also disliked for his cruelty and sadism, even within the palace. He took real pleasure in humiliating his staff. His successor was queen Emma, followed by Wilhelmina, who both restored the favorable image of the royal family. Otherwise he would have been the last king. His predecessors weren’t liked, either.

Okay, back to king William Alexander, or William the Last, as I prefer to call him. He has a remarkable gift for gaffes and inherited the gift of empathy and managing people from his great-grandfather. He’s a fairly decent man otherwise. No scandals. Just immensely embarrassing gaffes.

For example, the government had to recall him immediately after the first lockdowns were announced. The king had simply ignored them and went to Greece for a holiday. He owns a palace there, and a very recently purchased $$$$$ yacht. That caused a public outcry. So much so that within 24 hours the government ordered him back, and to make a public apology on national TV. It was nothing personal, mind you. He just doesn’t give a f**k what commoners (anyone making less than 25 million) think. He could consider himself lucky that he was only being booed on the balcony. Had the crowd known what he had arranged for himself, he’d be treated to eggs and tomatoes!

The State of the Union was the usual bunch of lies. The king reads aloud what the government plans to do the coming year. It was not pretty. Everybody — as usual — has to tighten their belts. It’s the economy, you know. We can’t help it. However, the government did find enough money to reward our excellent monarch with an extra half-million euros annually. And it announced it had to prioritize something. That something is climate change and refugees. Not your silly insignificant little problems. Yes, it’s them international treaties. Nothing we can do about it.

That’s socialism in a nutshell for you. The people who shouted from the ’60s until now: jullie rechtsstaat is de onze niet! (Your laws aren’t our laws!) think that their laws are chiseled in stone tablets. When they pass a law, it’s forever.

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From across the pond — which is drying up now, and will soon be a puddle — our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a digest of the overlapping crises that current bedevil the political class in the Netherlands.

The government on summer vacation


by H. Numan

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy.
Fish are jumpin’ and the water is low…

I paraphrased George Gershwin’s song to fit our modern times. It’s summertime, and life behind the dikes is worrisome. I’ve got two news stories for you this time. Let’s start with the summertime scare.

We have to be scared into the desired global warming behavior. What used to be normal, a fun time, is now presented as a horror, evidence of global warming. Well, it’s just summer. A bit hot, that’s all. Nothing unusual. However, that is not how the Dutch media present it. Worry! Be afraid! The sky is falling!

The weather maps — you may have noticed it elsewhere, too — are intentionally rigged. In the past a weather map showed sea in blue and land in green. The weather was shown with symbols, plus the temperature. Nothing scary about it. That won’t do in our global warming times. So the weather map today is different. The map is red with temperatures as gradients of red, from light red to black. That’s better! Now people will be worried sick.

Next, a lot of attention is given to the Rhine River. It’s going to run dry, we’re told. Sorry to disappoint. Remember geography in 6th grade? Allow me to refresh your memory. “There are two types of rivers: glacier- and rain-fed rivers. Glacier-fed rivers tend to have less fluctuations. Whereas rain-fed rivers run highest in spring and autumn, after the melt and rains. During summer and winter they tend to have much less volume. Examples are the Rhine (glacier-fed) and Meuse (rain-fed) rivers.”

In other words: nothing to worry about. It’s completely normal for rivers to run low or dry during a warm summer. There is nothing unusual with the unusual. During summer, the Rhine always runs lower. The Meuse occasionally runs dry, or close to it. That’s not a sure sign of global warming. Just a hot summer.

The media also acts as an overly protective mother. People are warned to stay indoors. Which is fun, because Dutch houses are not designed for really hot weather and don’t have airco. Relax, take it easy. As long as you stay indoors. You’ve been locked up during Covid, you know the drill by now. Wear insanely strong sun blockers, if you have to go outside. Don’t forget to hydrate. Because global warming!

I’ve got (real) news for you, folks. Yes, the climate is changing. Nothing usual, it always does. But not as globalists tell you. The KNMI (Dutch weather bureau) keeps weather data religiously. Nothing will ever be deleted. But… they are more than happy to exclude what they don’t like, and sanitize the remainder so it fits the desired narrative. For example, they exclude temperature readings before 1890 in their calculations ‘as they are irrelevant’, that sort of thing. They don’t delete it, they merely ignore it. What’s left is data that proves global warming.

A Dutch scientist, Syp Wynia, had a look at KNMI data, but from a different angle. He looked at the prevailing wind direction over the last century and the consequences. His conclusion? The prevailing wind direction is now south-west most of the year. It used to be the prevalent direction during spring-summer-autumn. In autumn-winter, the wind changed to the northeast, bringing cold fronts from Russia.

Over the last 40 years, he found much less wind comes from the northeast. What are the consequences? Northeasterly winds bring cold dry weather. Southwesterly winds bring warm wet weather. During summer not much changed, but our winters are about 20% wetter than 40 years ago, and not as cold. Cold winters with snow and ice are now rare. Temperatures hover around freezing or a few degrees above zero. And it rains a lot more in winter. That raises the annual temperature considerably in coastal Europe. As you can see, no carbon emissions are involved. Actually, we have no idea why this happened. Even if we eventually discover why, that doesn’t mean we can change anything about it.

The next piece of news is our very wobbly cabinet. There isn’t just one crisis they have to survive. A plethora of crises has to be managed, right now. Tossing money at it or looking the other way won’t work this time. I doubt prime minister Rutte and his cabinet can do that. Here’s a selection of the most urgent problems. Not all of them, mind you. That list would be way too long:

1. Inflation is sky high and consumer trust at a record low.

Inflation is at the highest level in four decades, and consumer trust is completely gone. Everybody now realizes the worst is yet to come. Winter is coming!

2. Gas prizes are crazy high.

Not for the reason you think. Gas prizes are high everywhere; that’s not it. The reason is how the Dutch government charges for it. The Dutch natural gas rates are the highest in the world. But for Dutch consumers only. Belgians pay half the price the Dutch pay for natural gas. Where do they buy that cheaper gas? In Holland! The government hitched the prices for natural gas to the international oil prices. For Dutch only. Internationally they’re more than happy to give a very steep discount. That worked when the prices were low and we had plenty of gas. Now that we’re running out of it, and prices are higher than the Eiffel tower, it doesn’t. More than a million Dutch are staring at real poverty.

3. Not enough houses.

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The Third Boer War

Dutch farmers are revolting. At least that’s what the Dutch ruling class and the World Economic Forum seem to think.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan provides this peek behind the curtain of the current political theater in The Netherlands. Money quote: “Trying to abolish agriculture at the beginning of the biggest food crisis in two centuries is not exactly a smart move.”

The Third Boer War

by H. Numan

Most of you are familiar with the Boer War. Strictly speaking, that was the Second Boer War. There was a First Boer War, otherwise there couldn’t have been a Second Boer War. In that war, the Boers gained limited independence for Transvaal and the Orange Free State. Right now It looks very much like a Third Boer War is starting. Only this time not in South Africa, but in The Netherlands. The word boer means farmer. They are all up in (figuratively speaking) arms right now. Why?

Boer troops in the Second Boer War

The answer is, as it almost always is, greed. Greed combined with woeful economic ignorance. Yes, it’s socialism rearing its nasty face. In this case, greedy environmentalists smelling an opportunity. They want to close down agriculture altogether, and use that precious land for something else. Why farm, if you can build houses, industrial estates and asylum centers? Just get rid of the farmers first. Farmers are stupid, smelly and don’t vote for D66 (Democrats 66) anyway. The best part of it is that the taxpayer pays for everything.

The excuses is nitrogen excess. Not the gas itself, but related chemicals, such as ammonia. In other words, manure. The Netherlands developed one of the best agricultural industries in the world. One of those industries is the dairy industry. Gouda cheese, anyone? Those cows produce not only milk, but also too much ammonia in their feces. We have to do something about that, and fast. That’s the stick to beat the cow to death with.

Which brings us to D66 or Democrats (19)66. The party split off from the conservative party. They moved quickly to the left and focus on a much more highly-educated electorate. It is not a communist party, though they copied just about everything that is bad in communism. Nepotism, corruption, extreme abortion/end of life points of view, that sort of thing. It’s the party for Young Urban Professionals, with a penchant for freelancers, judiciary and higher civil servants. Their political points of view can be found in the polls. Whatever is current today, that’s what they go for. Every ‘crown jewel’ has been given away in exchange for power. Raw unmitigated pure power. They are as far removed from democracy nowadays as your Democrats are.

I have plenty of experience with D66 here in Bangkok. It’s the most popular party among Dutch expats. Imagine a rich second-hand car salesman from Alabama pretending to be a world citizen. That is your average D66 voter/member. In other words, a yokel with pretensions. When Pim Fortuyn was murdered and later Geert Wilders was tried, they firmly believed justice was done by the courts. Needless to say, I don’t get along with most of them.

The nice thing about politics is that you can make other people do what you want. Even better: you can make them pay for the privilege. That’s the reason why people go into politics. D66 developed this into an art, with their masterpiece our current cabinet. There is a proviso: you must be utterly ruthless and lack any kind of moral compass.

That brings us back to the Boer War, version 3.0. D66 is the party that made this cabinet possible. Without its consent, there wouldn’t be a Rutte IV cabinet. Our prime minister wanted the distinction of being the longest-serving prime minister ever. For that privilege he gave up everything. Sigrid Al Qaq — she normally uses her maiden name Kaag — simply refused to give in on anything. Nor did she have to. If she said during the negotiations ‘we won’t accept that’, the issue was off the table immediately. Current government policy is written in its entirety by D66, to benefit themselves.

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Geert Wilders Speaks Out in Support of Nupur Sharma

Nupur Sharma is an Indian politician who had been a prominent spokeswoman for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party until she was expelled from it on June 5.

What was Ms. Sharma’s offense? Back in May she publicly stated that Mohammed married his wife Aisha when the latter was six years old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine.

The controversy over her remarks boiled over when prominent Muslims outside of India began to condemn her vigorously. Eventually the BJP — which is said to be a Hindu nationalist party — felt compelled to throw her under the bus.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, was one of the few prominent Western politicians who dared to speak out in support of Nupur Sharma. Not surprisingly, he has received a rash of new death threats for his temerity.

The following clip is an excerpt from an Indian TV news show on which Mr. Wilders appeared:

For background on the Nupur Sharma Controversy, see the following recent articles from Struggle for Hindu Existence:

Stultitiae Laus

On Thursday I posted a translation about a Dutch minister’s expressed desire to import culture-enrichers into the Netherlands from the French banlieues. H. Numan sends his own take on the same topic.

Stultitiae Laus

by H. Numan

What I’m about to tell you is so mind-boggling insanely stupid, I couldn’t think of any title but In Praise of Folly. Where do you think the largest mental asylum of the world is located? It’s smack on the borders of Belgium and Germany. The elites have decided that the Dutch are guilty of all pollution in the world, and the (other) Dutch (not themselves!) will atone for that sin. At Schiphol they will erect a statue of no-longer-liberty: a woman clad in burka, carrying the torch of hatred. The one in America says: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Ours will say: Give me your bums, your rapists, your criminals.

So let’s start with our minister for Funny Walks Social Affairs Karien van Gennip. She launched a plan so shockingly insane I have no words for it. She wants to import French and Spanish riffraff out of the banlieues to work in The Netherlands. Yes, you read that right. She wants to alleviate our high-tech labor shortages by importing people who do not want to work at all and are barely literate. At best they are barely coherent in French. Which, for all the linguistic skills we Dutch profess to have, is no longer a lingua franca in The Netherlands. They probably had to revive president Macron when he heard about this crazy plan. Otherwise he’d die from laughter. Eh bien, ce n’est pas un problème. Envoyez-les immédiatement! He probably said that, when he recovered. I’m not sure what they said in the Escorial. Probably something similar, in Spanish.

I’m not going to explain why this crazy plan can’t work. It’s done to death already. It just illustrates how mentally isolated the elites are. She wants to import more of them, as if we don’t have enough already. She’s visualizing several hundred thousands of pimps, drug pushers and rapists who will, in her dystopian mind, become hard-working citizens reviving the economy. Why?

She got the idea when she was working in Paris. Some of her staff were from banlieues, and very eager to please. (Six inches or more, I warrant to guess.) She may even have toured a banlieue. In an armored limousine accompanied by a beefcake bodyguard. Why not give those poor oppressed people in French and Spanish (yes, merely importing French riffraff isn’t enough) slums a second chance? Given the fact that most of them have criminal records thicker than the koran, that’ll be more like a six thousandth chance. Needless to say, this plan was ridiculed by even her own party (CDA). Not to mention Geert Wilders. Basically ever non-elite would like to re-enact a scene from Game of Thrones. The one where Cersei does the walk of shame. Only this time with Karien van Gennip.

She is not the only women who embarrassed herself. The leader of the VVD (conservative party) was mortally offended by the aforementioned Geert Wilders. He called her a tassendraagster (bag carrier) for the prime minister. The humiliation! She, Sophie Hermans, is a strong independent woman! Never mind that she was weaseled into a secretarial job by her daddy. After a stint as secretary to the prime minister she was promoted to chairman of the VVD. Provided that she, as a strong independent woman, did exactly what Mark Rutte told her to do. She was born in 1981, is unmarried/no relationship/no children, so she will end her life as a strong independent crazy cat lady. Sophie likes All in the Family very much: her younger sister took over her secretarial post to the prime minister. Well, strong independent woman, if you can’t stand being called tassendrager, find another job. Wilders, for example, is called a lot worse, on a daily basis. He made mincemeat out of this pathetic woman.

It’s very interesting to note that Parliament abhorred Wilders’ strong words, and rushed to denounce him and defend that strong independent woman. When Wilders was viciously slandered in far worse terms the day before, not a peep.

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Are We Being Replaced?

Below is an overview of the Great Replacement by H. Numan from a Dutch perspective.

Are we being replaced?

by H. Numan

At this moment an old debate is being stirred up in The Netherlands. Conservative parties (PVV, FvD) openly question ‘omvolking’, or replacement by muslims. This is very much a taboo subject, proving to left-wing parties that the PVV and FvD really are definitely fascist. Otherwise they wouldn’t dare break the taboo. I’m describing the situation in The Netherlands, but it is roughly the same in other Western European countries, with local variations.

Let’s start with the camel in the room. Are we being replaced by muslims? De jure, no. The Dutch government never formulated such a policy. Neither has any other government in Europe. That means the Replacement Theory is, strictly speaking, a false one. However, the facts speak for themselves. De facto we are being replaced. We’re just not allowed to acknowledge the fact.

The next question is: Why are we being replaced? Greed. Pure unmitigated selfish greed. Nothing else. From day 1, some people made a lot of money out of it, or built their careers on it. I know quite a few people who did exactly that. Privately, they vent their hatred of the subjects that provide their income. But not from 9 to 5. I’m talking about social workers here. You have no idea how they think privately about muslim migrants. Until it’s time to go to work, of course. From 9 to 5 they are more social than Mother Theresa and Lenin combined. Once they clock out, they put on their white sheets and give any Grand Kleagle a run for his money.

However, you have to dance to the tune. If you don’t, doors close. Usually very quietly: people avoid you, don’t want to do business with you or promote someone else. Sometimes it’s quite open. They publicly say you are a neo-Nazi. Yes, I’m talking about enlightened well-educated socialists who are open to all opinions and love a debate. Except when it doesn’t correspond with their viewpoints. Sound familiar?

The problems began right after World War Two. There was a huge labor shortage. Understandable, as a lot of men had died during the war. It was even worse; the Dutch army was mobilized and send to the Dutch East Indies to prevent it becoming Indonesia. That’s also an economic problem, because it inevitably caused wages to rise. Something our Christian Democrat and Conservative VVD politicians didn’t like. They were paragons of free market enterprise — except when it came to wages.

The solution was an easy one. Hire scabs. People who are worse off than our poorest. The government recruited first Walloons, followed by Galicians in Spain, Italians and Greeks as ‘gastarbeiders’ or guest laborers. Those guys worked in steel mills and mines for a couple of years, then returned home. Usually because by then there was better-paying and less dangerous work available in their own countries.

The elites quickly came up with the myth of the lazy Dutchman who considered himself too good to work in the mines. The shaming worked, and still does even today. People believe that myth. A fairy tale, because it is simple a matter of making choices. Imagine you are a young man in a rural or poor environment. You can work from 9 to 5 in a factory, for a guilder a day. Or work in shifts in mines or steel mills for 2 guilders a day. You earn a lot more, but the work is very dangerous, hazardous to your health and brutally heavy. You’d be really lucky to live past 50 years. Both factories and mines were screaming for new workers. Understandably, most men opted to work in the factory for less money and a longer life. You and I would do exactly the same.

Once the flow of Greek and Spanish laborers stopped due to improved local economies, recruiters looked south of the Mediterranean and found plenty of takers. They had absolutely no idea what can of worms they were opening. Neither did the politicians.

You see, those people were very different. They came from a totally different culture and religion. Locally, they work according to the principle: anything goes, as long as the referee doesn’t see it. It’s not a problem to lie. Just make sure you are never found out. That’s among themselves. It’s a given with infidels. Here is one cultural difference most Western people refuse to understand. Another one is jizya. Muslims aren’t lying, stealing or cheating. They are merely collecting their dhimmi tax.

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Heim ins Reich

H. Numan’s latest essay provides an overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Heim ins Reich

by H. Numan

Russia attacked Ukraine. They don’t want Ukraine, they want Mykraine.

I was watching this when things started to heat up. I thought: either Putin will attack right now, or he will wait until May-June. There’s a reason for that. The same reason why Germany attacked on 22 June 1941. The reason is mud.

Most people know Germany got stuck in the mud during the autumn rains deep in Russia. That season is called Rasputitsa. It’s not one season, but two. First you get the autumn rains that turn the ground into a quagmire. Snow and frost make it passable. The second Rasputitsa people always forget. During the spring, thawing turns the ground into a quagmire again. That’s the reason why Germany couldn’t attack earlier. A few weeks earlier wouldn’t have made any difference to the outcome. Winter didn’t defeat them; the Red Army did.

I’m certain people will come up with the attack on Yugoslavia to counter my argument. That attack didn’t influence Operation Barbarossa significantly, not enough for it to fail. It lasted 12 days (6-18 April 1941) with a mere 151 casualties on the German side. April is well within the Rasputitsa season, so they couldn’t invade Russia anyway. It was too early in the season. You can only fight in summer and winter in Eastern Europe.

Putin is using that to his advantage. When the ruckus heated up I saw three possible options:

1: Acknowledge the breakaway areas as independent

Give them Russian passports, and send troops to defend the Russian population. That’s standard Russian procedure. Exactly the same happened in Georgia in 2008. Russia supported insurgents in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Gave the locals Russian passports and sent in peacekeepers. They are still there. He did it in Crimea in 2014 and again in the Donbas region a few days ago.

2: Occupy the entire Donbas region

Before hostilities began, insurgents and Russian troops occupied about 25%-35% of the area. There is a lot of industry and it has large mineral reserves, especially coal and gas. The population is pro Russian; Russian troops would be hailed as liberators.

3: Go for broke

Occupy the entire country. It’s clear now that Putin planned to do just that. The other two options make no sense. Option 1: Why do anything at all? Option 2: Looks good on paper, but it has some serious drawbacks. You see, Ukraine is largely flat country with a high mountain range in the west, the Carpathian Mountains. These are excellent for defense. The Germans were able to hold back a vastly superior Russian army for over a year during World War 2.

That’s what Putin wants to do. Occupy the entire country, set up strong defensive positions in the Carpathians during the Rasputitsa and wait for what comes. Which probably is not a lot. The EU doesn’t have an army. All EU nations have are a few clowns clad in green, except France and the UK. The state of the German army is pathetic. Years of serious neglect changed it from the backbone of Euro defense into a blunt broken butter knife. The Dutch army, by the way, is an integral part of the German army nowadays. In even sorrier condition. In the unlikely event we have to send our army to the Ukraine, the question will be: one or both soldiers?

France very clearly doesn’t want to fight for Ukraine, and why should it? Even economic sanctions won’t be unanimous. Germany and Italy do not want Russia out of the SWIFT system. [This article was written a week ago, but publication was delayed. The situation has changed.] The EU is strongly divided. Of course former Warsaw Pact nations are really worried. They know what’s coming. Everybody is doing what they do best: Light up a national monument with blue and yellow, and express support on Facebook. Oh, the EU announced very strong measures. Russia is banned from the European Songfestival. That’ll teach ’em!

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The VVD is a Criminal Organization

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan reports on the latest sordid political scandal from The Netherlands.

The VVD (Dutch Conservatives) is a criminal organization

by H. Numan

We have had a bit of a ruckus going on for a fortnight straight. Two weeks ago the new cabinet was grilled by Parliament. We have a three star Michelin chef specialized in grilling: Geert Wilders. He wasn’t too happy with the presence of Ms. Soumaya Sahla in the VVD, and in Parliament. Of course everybody was mortified by his words. How dare he? The tone was not right. We don’t talk about things like that here. Geert introduced three non-confidence votes. All — of course — failed.

Who is this rose of the desert, Ms. Soumaya Sahla? She is a convicted terrorist. She was member of the mohammedan Hofstadgroep or Residence gang. This gang murdered Theo van Gogh. They planned to execute Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and many others. The gang was tracked down and cornered in an apartment. The police had to lay siege and use heavy weapons to arrest them. Sahla was arrested and convicted of terrorism. She appealed her sentence and was given more jail time on appeal. That is highly unusual. Especially since we’re talking about a woman and a muslima. Dutch courts are invariably very woman- and muslim-friendly, after all. The court stated that her regret was insincere. So insincere that the court decided to give her a little extra. In all, she served 3.5 years in a maximum security prison.

Now it gets interesting. After her release from jail she joined the VVD. Technically, that was not even possible. Why? Because if you want to actively join a political party you have to show a certificate of good behavior. Not just if you want to join a political party, but basically everywhere. You can’t get a job as a cleaner without one.

Sahla can’t get a verklaring omtrend het gedrag, as she is a convicted criminal. Yet she was able to join the VVD. Not only that, she had a meteoric career in it. Her mentor was Frits Bolkestein, the former leader of the party. How was that possible? Well, let’s discreetly say young women have something randy old goats greatly desire. And this randy old goat had something Sahla greatly desired. The power to wave away nasty bureaucratic rules that benefit no one.

It gets even better. Sahla was even able to blow herself into the security and terrorism committee of the VVD, because of her patron. The big bad wolf blew the houses of straw and sticks. But Sahla blows a lot better! Joining a parliamentary security committee requires — if your mouth isn’t as versatile as that of our lovely desert rose — clearance by the AIVD, our version of the FBI. That’s an automatic process. However, Frits Bolkestein was powerful enough to get her that clearance. All this went on for years without problems. Until the parliamentary debate.

Geert Wilders complained loudly about it. He had to sit next to a convicted terrorist who had actually planned to kill him. What did the prime minister plan to do about that? Why was his security detail not informed? And more. Much more. It was kind of impossible for the prime minister to pretend he didn’t know about it, as the affair had been going on for years. Right under his nose. So his defense, and that of his coalition as well as his opposition cronies, was to vilify Wilders for the tone of his questioning.

You think that was all? Nope. The media knew all about it. They simply kept it out of the news. The media knew at least six months ago this affair was going to blow up. Yet they kept it under a cast iron lid. Until they couldn’t anymore, which was when Wilders asked his questions.

First the VVD tried to look the other way. Nothing to see folks, move along! Next, they erased Soumaya Sahla from their intelligence web page, without actually removing her from the intelligence committee. Sahla refused to resign. A few days later her mug shot was back online, but not for long. Under much pressure the VVD had to cave in and regretfully accept the resignation of Sahla. Who had to be carried out of the building kicking and screaming. Of course it has nothing to do with Wilders. It was because of undue media attention and a massive public outcry, what else?

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Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a Path Towards Totalitarianism

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of FvD (Forum voor Democratie, Forum for Democracy), a populist conservative party in The Netherlands. He has become the most prominent figure in a political niche that was previously occupied solely by Geert Wilders and the PVV. He is also the only major Dutch political leader to oppose the global “pandemic” hoax and the experimental mRNA treatments that accompany it.

The following interview with Thierry Baudet was originally published in German at Politically Incorrect on January 19. Many thanks to Thomas Landen for the translation:

Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a path towards totalitarianism

Many in Germany were deeply shocked, early this month, by pictures of how a police dog mauled a peaceful anti-lockdown protester in Amsterdam as officers brutally beat him up. (Videos:, Ruptly on Twitter)

The leading voice of the protests against the lockdown and anti-Covid measures in the Netherlands is Thierry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of Forum voor Democratie (FvD). At the same time that the demonstrator was being mauled, a group of policemen accompanied an Antifa gang marching to the Forum party office in Amsterdam just a few blocks down the road. The police stood complacently by and did not interfere as the Antifa militia vandalized the party building with a burning paint bomb.

What is the matter in the Netherlands? Last week, PI-News went to Amsterdam to interview Mr. Baudet. He is one of the most outspoken politicians against the Covid hoax in Europe and is looking for allies in Germany.

How do you explain the behaviour of the police forces in the Netherlands?

It is part of the strategy of fear that Western authorities are using against those who question the narrative of the authorities about Covid. They are savagely beaten up by the police, while the criminals who vandalize property are left unhindered. Similar intimidation methods were also used against the dissidents in the former Soviet bloc. They are characteristic of all totalitarian regimes.

Has the Netherlands become a totalitarian state then?

Well, it is shocking, but it is on a path towards it. What happened since 2020 has made me painfully aware of this. I became a member of Parliament in 2017. During the previous decades, national sovereignty had gradually eroded, national governments were supplanted by supranational organizations and our society had become ever more globalist. This has facilitated the growth of giant multinational corporations that are more powerful than national governments.

Since the 1970s, Big Business has convened with politicians in organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), working out strategies to increase the power of both Big Business and Big Governance. Big Business aims to swallow up small and medium-sized companies; Big Governance aims to eradicate national identity. Their mutual enemy is the nation state, because national sovereignty and national borders not only safeguard local democracy and self-governance but also protect small and medium sized companies against multinational giants. The common goal of Big Business and Big Governance is the abolition of nation states, mainly by three means: the promotion of mass immigration, the hollowing out of national sovereignty, and the invention of so-called looming catastrophes, such as climate change, which need to be tackled on a supranational level.

Until 2019, I was optimistic because I thought we were going through a Conservative Spring. I thought that voters in the West had had enough of immigration, the undermining of national sovereignty, the climate alarmism. There had been Brexit, the election of Trump, the electoral triumphs of mainstream populist parties such as the Lega Nord, the Sweden Democrats, the AfD, and others. And then, all of a sudden, there was Corona, which became the perfect alibi for Big Business and Big Governance to attempt to turn the whole world into a quasi-totalitarian state modelled on the Chinese neo-Communist template and to trample our fundamental liberties. At this moment, I have become very pessimistic about the future. I fear politicians might not be able to do much to counter the process we are in.

Surely, that is not a message people want to hear from a politician?

Perhaps not, but it is an honest message. Before 2020, we knew that the ruling powers were pushing transnationalism through immigration, climate hysteria, the dismantling of the nation-state. But now, a new element has been added to this. The so-called pandemic has become the perfect alibi for what Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the WEF, calls “the Great Reset.” By 2030, they hope to introduce a Sinofied society over the entire world. They try to sell it to the people as a utopia in which, to quote the WEF, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Unfortunately, many people either fall for it or do not understand the implications.

Politicians can do little to counter this via political means. Even if an individual leader were to try to safeguard his nation’s freedoms, he would be blocked by the international system. I have become very cynical, not only about the ruling elites, but also about the electorates in the West. It is not difficult to see what the next steps are going to be: the introduction of QR codes, the abolition of cash money, biometric authentication through which everything we do will be permanently controlled. But most people do not seem to realise this. They have been paralysed by fear of “the virus”, and they fall for the lies of the media. The majority thinks that without lockdowns, without masks, without vaccinations, boosters and QR codes, they will become ill and die.

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The Next Fortuyn Will Be Baudet

Thierry Baudet is a popular Dutch politician who has alarmed the mandarins of the Deep State. H. Numan’s latest essay discusses Mr. Baudet’s possible demise.

Foreword by H. Numan

I was asked to translate my latest Dutch essay for you folks. So here we go.

Before we start, a bit of groundwork. I’ll be referring a lot to ‘regents’. Who are they? You call them the ruling elites. Remember your Civil War? Less than 10% owned nearly all the slaves. They didn’t fight themselves, but made the 90% who were not slave owners fight for them*. They weren’t punished after the war, and only disappeared in the 1960s, when the South demographically changed. At the same time, the South also changed from staunchly Democratic into staunchly Republican. Not a coincidence.

In the Republic of the United Netherlands, regents were the elite families that ruled the country. Which they still do. Officially, most of those families died out or otherwise disappeared. However, in reality they are still there. At the very least as an institution. The powerful and very rich have their own ideas and interests, very different from yours and mine.

A good example is the murder of Pim Fortuyn. Who did it? Officially, Volkert van de Graaf, acting alone. He served a remarkably short sentence (12 years), and was rewarded with bought an expensive villa after his release. The hourly wage in prison is €0.76. If he saved all his earnings, and didn’t spend any of it, he wouldn’t be able to make the first down-payment. Let alone the total. At the same time, princess Beatrix bought a new stallion. She named him… Volkert. I wonder why.

The reason why Fortuyn was murdered is that he wanted to change the system. In his case, the abolition of the monarchy, or at least that it be much restricted, and a full stop on muslim migration. We regents (here we go!) didn’t want that. The regents in the past had a nice investment scheme running. Not all of them participated, but many did. Today most of them share similar political preferences and highly progressive ideas. Not all of them are progressives, but most are. The population (everybody else) mostly does not.

Their latest victim is a new party, Forum for Democracy, led by Thierry Baudet. This is a true liberal party, in the official and real meaning of the word. I know — and resent — that you Americans nowadays call left-wing loonies liberals. I find that highly offensive. The mortal enemy of socialism is liberalism. Unfortunately, the feelings aren’t mutual. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess.

The next Fortuyn will be Baudet

by H. Numan

The list of charges against the Forum for Democracy (FvD), and in particular Thierry Baudet, is endless. Each one more irrational and plain bats**t crazy than the last. The accusers no longer imply that Baudet is the next Hitler. They state outright that he is. Based on the flimsiest of evidence, if one can call it evidence. It’s Fortuyn all over again. Before his death, Pim Fortuyn was vilified by the left-wing parties and all media in exactly the same way. They await a new Volkert anxiously. Why is Baudet so hated? Why not Pieter Omtzigt? Why is Wilders more or less out of the picture?

Let’s begin with Pieter Omtzigt. He was the no. 2 man in the Christian Democrat Party. Lost the leadership only because they (everybody else in the CDA top) didn’t want him there. After that, Omtzigt was made to resign from his party. God was on the side of the CDA leadership, as that happened following the elections. They got 15 seats. Immediately after Omtzigt’s resignation they dropped to 9 in the polls. Currently they are polling at 5 seats. And… the end is not near!

It’s very likely Omtzigt will start his own party. He’s by far the most conservative and outspoken (by Dutch standards, that is) Roman Catholic in the CDA. He’s highly popular, and if he forms his own party, he’ll get more than 20 seats immediately. He doesn’t get any threats from the left, simply because he’s not dangerous to them. He never sought an alliance with conservative (PVV, FvD, etc.) parties. The boycott against the PVV was OK by him. Pieter has no problems at all handing over full sovereignty to Brussels. Controlling muslim migration is not on his agenda. It’s possible Omtzigt will cooperate with conservative parties, for want of anything better, but not likely. He is an honest man and a hard worker. But through-and-through a CDA politician, even though his party kicked him out. Don’t expect any changes from him. At best he would resurrect the CDA into a kind of Lazarus Party. That’s why the left doesn’t bother with him.

Now it’s Geert Wilders’ turn. Why is he (sort of) left alone? That’s because Wilders too is no threat to the left. Wilders has been made powerless. The usual method is by making someone ridiculous. That worked well on Hendrik ‘Boer’ Koekoek. He was a farmer who became a politician with a grudge. Boer means farmer, and his family name is Cuckoo. That method didn’t work on drs. Hans Janmaat. He used to be a CDA politician, but set up his own party. Somewhat out of the system. He couldn’t be ridiculed, so another tried and tested method was used. He was nazified. All media and political parties painted him as a neo-Nazi. So much so that only neo-Nazis supported him.

The sad part of the story is that had we followed his advice, almost all of the problems we face today would have been avoided. Not only that, but completely painlessly. Many years after his death some regents — grudgingly — admit he was right. Mass migration began in the 50-60s, not on Lampedusa after 9/11.

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Habemus Papam!

The Netherlands’ long national nightmare is over at last, at least until the next election — which may be quite soon. H. Numan has the report.

Habemus Papam!

by H. Numan

We finally got a ‘new’ cabinet, after the longest negotiations in Dutch history. That cabinet is what I more or less expected. A left wing monstrosity thinly disguised as a ‘liberal’ VVD (conservative) cabinet. It isn’t a new cabinet at all, as it is the continuation of the previous one. Only with new faces. Rest assured, it won’t last.

You may wonder why it takes the Dutch and Belgians ages to form a new cabinet. The Germans had more or less the same unworkable electoral results, and slapped a cabinet together in three months. In Germany they have a electoral threshold. Any party not meeting the 5% threshold is out. Except… for minority parties. Who on earth would have foreseen that? Allah surely provides!

In Belgium it’s different. They have at least two of everything, including the king. Yes, Belgium currently has two kings: the one who had to abdicate and the present one. King Philippe, or Flippie as he is colloquially known by the Flemish. Two of everything means anything that can be bilingual, is. There are two socialist parties, a Flemish and a Walloon version. Two Christian Democrat parties, two conservative parties, two labor unions, and so on. Not to mention semi-separatist parties, for both Wallonia and Flanders. Those parties have to form a coalition in no less than three parliaments: the national parliament as well as the Flemish and Walloon parliaments. Paint dries a lot faster than that.

In Holland it is again different. We have one language, no threshold, but way too many parties. Currently nineteen parties are represented in parliament. The formerly big parties are still shrinking (VVD) or almost dead (CDA, PvdA). The minimum for a big party in the past was over 25-30 seats. Right now only one party has 31 seats: the VVD. Everyone else considerably less. That means you need a lot of parties to form a cabinet. And that means very lengthy negotiations. The math is very simple. There are 150 seats in parliament. You need at least 76 for a majority. The VVD holds 31 seats, that means everybody else combined has to supply the remaining 45 seats.

This election was Rutte’s last one. There is no rule limiting him. He can, if he wants, run again and again. But that would be as Dear Leader. Highly unlikely to happen, unless he wants to run the risk of being eaten. Yes, that really happened in the past. An, at that time, much hated (and probably the best we ever had) PM was lynched and lunched, in 1672. His name was Johan de Witt.

We’ve had quite a few PMs who ruled three cabinets. But none who successfully managed four. Rutte wants it! My Preciousss! In order to maintain his position he gave away just about everything. I have to be honest: the electoral results were very difficult to work with. The VVD (conservatives) won, by losing a little. The dropped from 34 to 31 seats but remained the biggest party. The runner up was D66. They have 24 seats, five more than last time.

No real new cabinet could be formed. Impossible. Not enough for a left wing majority, and way too many parties for a conservative cabinet. So we got the weird situation that the last coalition basically remained intact. The only difference is that D66 gained more influence, and the conservatives lost some.

Now, picture this: the board of a company fires the entire management team for mismanagement. The team remain as caretakers. As there is an emergency, they have almost unlimited powers to do what they want. A new management team is appointed by the board, which happens to be the old team. I’m not sure if that is even legal!

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Call to Remove Geert Wilders’ Security Detail

Ever since Theo van Gogh was assassinated in 2004, Geert Wilders has lived under continuous security protection provided by the Dutch state. Because Mr. Wilders dares to say things the establishment disapproves of, various lefties have occasionally called for the removal of his security detail as a way to silence the annoying nationalist politician.

Below is an op-ed about the latest proposal to expose Geert Wilders to the tender mercies of the Great Jihad. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Paul Cliteur Column: The Removal of Security for Geert Wilders

One of the recurring themes around Salman Rushdie or, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, is their public security. Rushdie and Wilders must be protected against jihadist murderers due to the things they have said about Islam. Jihadists conclude from criticism or satire of Islam that these critics must be killed. After all, whoever insults God deserves the death penalty. If the death penalty is not imposed by the State, then the believers should “assume their responsibility.”

Khomeini urged this against Rushdie in 1989, and with some regularity, people also in the Netherlands have been arrested with the mission of silencing Geert Wilders via a murder assignment.

Some people find the above sober presentation of the facts intolerable. They don’t want to focus on the murder contract, rather on what is said by the intended victim. Was that really necessary? Such a satirical fiction writing about the early history of Islam? You surely know that jihadists don’t like it, right? Are you not bringing difficulties upon yourself? You don’t go and stand on a tiger’s tail, do you?

Concerning Rushdie, the noise has perhaps now been muted, but concerning Wilders, you still hear it. Wout Willemsen writes in De Dagelijkse Standaard on D66 (party member) Hans J.C. van Leen, who announced on Twitter after a statement by Wilders: “Let us initiate an action that the security of this un-Dutch man be immediately lifted.”

Immediate lifting of security. With the result that Wilders can, indeed, be murdered by the next Junaid I. Van Veen also has impressive predecessors. H.J. A. Hofland (1927-2016), on a Pauw & Witteman program [talk show] in 2008, suggested the most obvious way to silence Wilders would be to stop his security. After all, Wilders puts “lives in danger”. He supposedly does things that are in conflict with “Dutch interests”. “Start lifting his personal security,” Hofland advised.

But for some, even that was not enough. Former police chief Joop Van Riessen (born 1943) speculated in 2007 about letting him “rot”. He would not “fit” into a new society that we are building together.

Hofland probably does not look down with approval from Journalist Heaven on his own advice from 2008. Perhaps, Joop van Riessen is deradicalized. Let us hope that Van Veen has also come to his senses.

— Prof. Dr. Paul Cliteur is a professor in Leiden (University) and author of, among others, “The State vs. Geert Wilders”.

Geert Wilders: Immigrants Are “Future Voting Cattle and Profiteers”

The following video was recorded earlier this fall by Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands. In it Mr. Wilders discusses the devastating social and economic consequences caused by mass immigration into the Netherlands.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Covid-19, a Gift From the Gods

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has the latest on the endless political crisis in The Netherlands, which is exacerbated (or augmented, depending on one’s preference) by the endless coronavirus “pandemic”.

Covid-19, a gift from the gods

by H. Numan

You know who owes his position to the curse of China? Joe Biden. Without the Covid-19 pandemic he hadn’t a hope in hell of getting elected. The DNC smelled an opportunity and ran with it. By now Joe probably lacks the cognitive abilities to realize that. The man is declining rapidly. He isn’t the only one to benefit massively from the Covid crisis.

In Holland we had elections in the beginning of March. After that… nothing. Do the math: those elections were nine months ago. If you impregnated your wife on the eve of the elections, you’d be a proud father by now. I’m pretty sure we won’t find a new cabinet in our shoe on 5 December, and Father Christmas isn’t going to bring one, either. Why?

Our dearly beloved prime minister Mark Rutte ran three cabinets. It has never happened that a PM chaired four cabinets. He wants the distinction of becoming the longest-ruling Dutch PM ever. No matter the consequences. Like Biden, it doesn’t matter at all to him if he were to be rated the worst PM ever. As long as he gets the distinction of being the longest-ruling.

For him, the Covid-19 crisis is a blessing. He is ruling the country as demissionary PM, but with emergency powers, due to the crisis. Rutte openly said that he didn’t mind at having his cabinet resign. You can’t fire a cabinet that has already resigned. Now he can do more or less what he wants.

Negotiations are dragging on. Of course the results of the elections were almost impossible to work with. There was no clear winner. Rutte’s VVD party won, but that is looking at the numbers only. In reality he lost two seats. Not a lot, much less than the VVD deserves. The winner was the D66 party with Sigrid Al Qaq-Kaag. She did everything possible to become the new PM. Again, look at the numbers. Her party stands at a total of 24 seats. That’s much less than Rutte with 34 seats.

Her tactic was to gain a majority within the cabinet by inviting two socialist parties, PvdA (Labor) and GL (GreenLeft, ex-communists). That way D66 could form a block with PvdA and GL, outvoting the other coalition partners. In such a cabinet the VVD would be a minority party, despite having the most votes and the PM. Of course Rutte refused that; it just took many months before he did so.

Now they are muddling along to see if the present coalition can be extended. Why? Because nothing else will work. Geert Wilders did all right, but not overly so. He stands at 17 seats. A real conservative cabinet would require no less than seven parties, and that is simply not going to happen. So we will enter the new year without a new government. Rutte happily muddles along.

There’s another reason why Rutte is very happy with Covid-19: now he can ban fireworks. For decades this has been a hot political potato. A growing majority wants fireworks to be banned. A very vocal minority doesn’t. That very vocal minority ran amok in Rotterdam a week ago. Who? According to the police mostly hooligans. Add to that, juveniles with a phobia for pork and beer. Something the police forgot to mention.

Fireworks in The Netherlands can only be bought legally by anyone over 16 years from 12 December until 31 December. You can’t let them off; that is only legal on 31 December from 2pm until 1 January at 4am.The problem is, nobody abides by those rules. Lots of kids (usually boys) roam the streets during their Christmas break having fun with fireworks. Every year insurance companies have to pay out 30 to 70 million euros in damages. Every year all emergency services have to do overtime with every officer available to minimize havoc. Every year houses are burned to the ground and lots of people loose eyes and hands due to mishandling fireworks.

Every year lots of sellers are penalized for storing tons of unreliable fireworks insecurely. Very often a garden center or tobacconist makes some extra money by selling fireworks. Not outright to minors, but hey. If a bloke of 18 comes in surrounded by a bunch of kids of 10-12, what do you think? Storing a couple of tons of explosives in the attic or basement is pretty much standard.

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