The Stubborn Persistence of Gender-Segregated Education in Sweden

The two news videos below are from the Swedish state broadcaster SVT. In them several education officials discuss a religious school (friskola, “free school”) which has persistently refused to obey the edicts of education authorities to hold classes in which boys and girls are not segregated.

The reports don’t specify the religion of the school’s administrators. They may be Unitarians, or possibly Buddhists.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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African Migrant Terrorizes the Berlin S-Bahn

Last Monday a young African culture-enricher terrorized everyone, and in particular one young woman, on a suburban train in Berlin. The video below shows what happened

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from Politically Incorrect (also translated by MissPiggy) describes what happened on the Berlin S-Bahn:

Black Man Terrorises an Entire Train Carriage

S-Bahn Berlin, Gehrenseestraße — A dark-skinned man attacks woman with dog

Martyrdom of a young woman in Berlin’s S-Bahn — Where nobody helps!

By EUGEN PRINZ | A mobile phone video that was recorded on the 29th of June in a Berlin S-Bahn [suburban train] compartment near the Gehrenseestraße stop makes it shockingly clear that unaccompanied women in Germany have become helpless fair game. It also shows how little hope the victims have that someone will come to their aid.

The video sequence begins with pictures of a nearly empty S-Bahn train compartment. Near the front exit of the train compartment we can see M.B. kneeling. She’s kneeling because she being harassed. In desperation, she is on the ground next to her family dog. Standing in front of her is a highly aggressive black man in a red t-shirt, shouting at her and calling her names.

Cries for help are not heard

The kneeling young woman keeps calling for help, while the few people in the compartment stand around indecisively. Only one young man, with wild curly hair and wearing light brown trousers, hesitantly tries in vain to verbally appease the aggressor, who is completely out of control.

When B.M. tries to stand up again, the black man stomps back over to her and shouts: “I’m f***ing your mama!” The girl fearfully holds her hand in front of her face in anticipation of being beaten.

“Can you help me, please?”, she implores the curly-haired man. The black man insults him with the words “You bastard”. When the girl tries to create distance between herself and the black man, he shouts at her several times: “Come to me! Come on, come to me!” and “You’re nobody!”

“You’re nobody!” — (Information for a Bio-German from a asylum seeker)

Unbelievable: Burly man sneaks away, without helping

While this is happening, in the foreground of the video, we can see how one of the passengers, a burly-looking young man with a backpack and white shorts, quietly and inconspicuously moves from standing at the far right end of the compartment to the nearest exit without making any effort to help the young woman.

A few seconds later the S-Bahn stops at Gehrenseestraße station. The man with the backpack leaves the compartment without further concern about what was going on just a few meters away from him. Near the exit where the young girl is standing, the sliding door of the carriage also opens. The black man uses this opportunity to push his victim out into the open with full force. The young woman is desperate because her dog is still in the carriage. Despite the presence of the attacker, she tries to get back into the compartment to her dog. This leads to further scuffles. The woman pleads more and more desperately:

“Can you help me, please, can you help me… please, can you help me… please! I’m getting beat up, please!”

Shockingly, in the background you can see that the strong, younger passenger in white shorts and with a backpack, runs away from the fight, but out of curiosity, comes back when the black man is no longer there.

How anyone can ever look at themselves in the mirror again after such behaviour is a mystery to the author.

Only the younger man with the curly head tries to dissuade the black man from his actions with a repeated loud “Hey, hey, hey”.

Luckily, the aggressor leaves the S-Bahn compartment and makes his way to the stairs of the Gehrenseestraße stop.

Victim reports on Facebook

In the meantime, the victim of the crime has made a statement on Facebook about what had happened earlier:

I actually stood up for the man with the backpack, because he was attacked before me. When he attacked me, unfortunately the man with the backpack didn’t help me…

Apparently there were also Facebook commentators who criticised the victim’s dog. Here too, the young woman had an answer:

Many thanks for the ‘Get well soon’ wishes. However, I would like to address the people who think that think my dog should have intervened. I am HAPPY that he didn’t do anything! The guy was absolutely crazy and we were locked in the moving train. I don’t know what would have happened to my dog, my best friend and a living creature for whom I have responsibility! I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if something happened to him! My animal is my friend and not my weapon! Thank you very much!

Federal police have identified suspects

In the meantime, the Federal police have announced that the suspect has already been identified:

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Brussels Police Ordered Not to Defend the City Against BLM Rioters

During the BLM riots in Brussels the weekend before last, the municipal police failed to act in a timely manner against the rioters’ violence and destruction. According to one disgruntled police officer, this was because they had been ordered by their superiors to hold back.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Belgian daily La Libre:

A police officer says, “We were hit with rocks, but the order from the mayor to charge didn’t come”. Close reacts, “That’s ridiculous; that’s defamation.”

by Jonas Legge
June 8, 2020

The attack against the police, the looting of businesses, and the destruction of public property this Sunday, at the end of the Black Lives Matter protest in Brussels, has caused indignation, anger, but also incomprehension.

How to explain that the police did not intervene earlier? “It’s simple, we didn’t receive the order. We had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes!” exclaims a police officer of the Brussels-Ixelles district, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Before the demonstration, we had received the order to not implement controls. Then, when we were hit with rocks and we confirmed the material destruction, such as traffic lights and traffic signs, we could not act. However, there the means to intervene was already in place. In normal times, we would have charged, but the order did not come… We remained in a defensive position: one leg in front and the baton in hand,” our source relates. “Then they sent us to play hide-and-seek: That is, we received the order to proceed to a street, except the mayhem was happening a few blocks further away. The goal: To avoid confronting the demonstrators. I really don’t understand what was going on in the heads of our decision-makers at that moment, because we could have easily arrested the rioters.”

The decision-makers that our contact brings up, who are they? “The mayor of Brussels,” exclaims the police officer. “It is he who gave the instructions this Sunday, it’s he who supervised the operation from the crisis center with the area chief. Today, he says he reacted in time. But on the ground we had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes after the first incidents before we could finally intervene. We felt abandoned. We were obliged to let it go when we were hit with every object that was in the hands of the ‘people destroying things’. Today, several colleagues are injured due to the paving stones they were hit with.”

Our source indicates that, like her colleagues, she expected the protest to end in mayhem. She nevertheless considers that there were enough police on the ground. “It’s just that the manner in which we were utilized is incomprehensible. Morally, it is hard to go through.”

Finally, this police officer deplores the fact that the residents and merchants of the quarter were themselves also neglected. “Imagine: They call the police and more than an hour later, the police are still not there. They don’t understand this absence of reaction, this abandonment.”

Strike notice

The police union SLFP has filed a notice of strike for the Brussels Capital-Ixelles police district, which was deployed to cover the protest that involved about 10,000 people. “We stated that the risk analysis for Sunday did not hold water. The tolerance thresholds concerning violence against the police were sufficiently determined,” reacted Vincent Houssin, president of the union.

“Yesterday, 28 cops were injured. We turn here to the administrative authorities, who hold an important obligation and should assume responsibility for the application of the law,” he adds. According to the union, the protest should never have been held.

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Ofay Police Girl Submits to Swedish BLM

The composited video clips below caused a sensation on Swedish social media a few days ago. In the footage you’ll see a lovely young blond-haired blue-eyed Swedish policechick submit to Black Lives Matter protesters. Not only does the young lady take a knee for the mob, she also raises her arm in a clenched-fist salute to the cheers of the assembled throng.

The clips were compiled by Charlie Weimers, a member of the European Parliament for the Sweden Democrats. He has a few remarks to make in response to this appalling event.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude 5)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

by Seneca III

“War is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action in war is based are wrapped in a fog of greater or lesser uncertainty. A sensitive and discriminating judgment is called for — a skilled intelligence to scent out the truth.” — Carl von Clausewitz

Interlude 5 — Whiteness rising and angry torrents raging through jagged rocks.


Love and hate are the face and obverse of the same coin. For the last thirty odd years the white race has been subjected to the irrational hatred of the black and brown races — irrational because they subliminally understand that their failures, inadequacies and sheer primitivism have prevented them from creating stable, civilized cultures of their own despite the trillions on trillions of dollars, pounds, francs, deutschmarks and now euros pumped into their failed homelands and into their murderous self-made ghettos throughout the Western Ecumene, and thus they spurn the gratitude they should express, and turn to violent mayhem.

This should come of no surprise to seasoned observers of barbarian cultures. Essentially, after decades of our trying to help them in recompense for some of our ancestors’ actions hundreds of years ago, they are now openly spitting in our faces and physically attacking us with increasing ferocity in the expectation that we will be consumed by guilt and contrition and that consequently we will do nothing and meekly take it on the chin.

Well, they are wrong, and now they must face our hatred as we flip the coin over; the Law of Unintended Consequences has kicked in and is evolving into a force to be reckoned with — the BLM and Antifa thugs and other congenital liars and chancers of various persuasions are about to get their comeuppance. We understand now that this is a survival fight and we must treat it as such.

1500-1930hrs 06/06/2020

Winston Churchill’s statue has been vandalized on the 76th Anniversary of D-Day (and so has Abraham Lincoln’s).

This not the first time Britain has come under attack and nor will be the last, but it will help us to deal with it if we absorb and remember these words:

“This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Thus, the barbarism continues; a mob in the vicinity of Downing Street have just thrown a bicycle — probably stolen, of course — and fired red flares at a police horse, causing it to bolt and unseat the rider.

She is sprawled on the ground, face up, unmoving, and she doesn’t look good at all.

Meanwhile, in Whitehall, the Cenotaph is being desecrated despite the fact that it is hallowed ground and, amongst many others, remembers and acknowledges the thousands of black and brown soldiers, sailors and airmen from what is now the Commonwealth who gave their lives in two World Wars. Statues and memorials can be cleaned or repaired as needs be whilst the memory of this evil day will remain…

…and burnt flags will be replaced.

This, I suspect, this is what the cousins across the pond mean by the phrase ‘A Chimpout’.

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude 4)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III

Interlude 4 — The coming of Floyd and the end times of nations.

The robbing, looting and burning, the beatings of people trying to defend their properties and the random shooting of innocents by both black and white BLM and Antifa scum in the US, supposedly on behalf of a dead thug and career criminal whom the media have turned into some sort of innocent saint, has nothing to do with the reasons for his arrest nor the circumstances of his death, which will, in due course, be openly dealt with by the courts.

[It has been reported that at the time of his arrest he was extremely violent and heavily under the influence of the drugs to which he was habituated. The coppers at first managed to get him into the squad car, but, being the large, strong, violent man that he was, he somehow managed to get out. No doubt extreme force was required to restrain him, and the coppers were not to know that he had an underlying heart condition and that kneeling on his neck for, in retrospect, several unnecessary minutes would cause partial asphyxiation resulting in a heart attack.]

That said, what any of this has to do with us in the UK is beyond rational explanation, as is the sight of Met Police officers being repeatedly attacked by the same primitive savages whom we have foolishly welcomed into this country in the name of multiculturalism and enrichment…

…and then ‘taking a knee’ at the feet of the same slavering, predominantly black mob…

…which was egged on by white co-conspirators such as this one…

…who I fervently hope will take that self-asphyxiation process to its ultimate, and for me, rewarding end.

Indeed, coppers such as those obsequiously kneeling, and their Common-Purposed superiors, disgust me to the extent that I almost vomited at the sight.

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Les Invulnérables

The migrant-loving French official who was identified here as a mayor is actually a member of parliament. Oz-Rita has translated an article with all the context for the event, and includes this prefatory note:

From the article we can see the name of the man — whom I mistook for a mayor — who brown-nosed the illegals. He is: the greenie (formerly belonging to the party of Macron) MP François-Michel Lambert. In France, for the civilised French, the Corona restrictions are far more draconian than, for example, here in Oz. There is an obligation to wear a mask, and an interdiction on all assemblies of more than ten (at least at the time of that demonstration).

The translated article from Boulevard Voltaire:

Thousands of illegals defy Covid-19 and France in Paris

At the call of 195 associations (no less, but no doubt most of them would fit into a single clip), thousands of undocumented migrants, mostly Africans, defied French law by parading through the streets of the capital, from the Opera House to the Place de la République. In order that they might, from illegal undocumented migrants, become legal migrants in their own right. There were 5,500 of them, according to the police.

For them, huddled together, it was a real call to insurrection, defying barrier gestures, of course, and the police prefect’s ban on demonstrations, since they did not respect the decree forbidding gatherings of more than ten people. These illegals who are asking to be welcomed in France have a very particular concept of what France has become for them: a lawless money machine!

We even saw and heard, at the Place de la République, where hundreds of Africans had taken over the statue, the ecologist deputy François-Michel Lambert, wearing his tricolour scarf, haranguing the crowd to demand the regularisation of all these men who had arrived on our soil without the slightest visa. The slogans? “Freedom for all the locked-up”, “Papers for all”… or even “Police assassins”, as we can hear very clearly in this video [see link] relayed by Eric Ciotti.

The police made only a timid appearance, throwing a few tear gas grenades and arresting 90 demonstrators, so the banned demonstration was able to go on until the end. Astonished and outraged, many politicians and public figures expressed their anger forcefully on Twitter.

Thierry Mariani: “A distressing parade of illegal immigrants on our soil.” Jean-Yves Le Gallou: “600 cops to prevent a demonstration by the Identitaires, there just a chopper from the gendarmerie.” Damien Rieu: “France, this magical country where thousands of illegal immigrants can parade in total impunity, when the police should cordon off the street and arrest them all and deport them immediately.”

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The Coronavirus Police State

The following four videos chronicle yet another weekend of anti-lockdown protests in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: A girl on the ground

Notes from the original YouTube video (also translated by MissPiggy):

YouTube Independent journalist Lisa Lecentia getting arrested in Cologne —

Activist Lisa Lecentia was attacked and beaten by “Antifa” supporters at the demo for our freedom in Cologne. When she defended herself, she was knocked down by the police. She was even handcuffed.

Video #2: “Pull back or I’ll use my gun”

From the notes on the YouTube original (also translated by MissPiggy):

Corona-Demo Gera on May 16, 2020 — policewoman screams: “Go back or I will use gun”?

Apparently a policewoman was overstrained and lost her nerve during the Corona demonstration at the corn market in Gera on May 16, 2020. The policewoman said: “Get back or I’ll use my gun.”

An eyewitness describes the incident: Policewoman screams “I’m using the gun!” I was there with my husband. The people were sitting and standing peacefully together at a distance. There was no reason for the police to be so aggressive. We shouted, and “this is against our own people”, “Fie, shame on you police”, and shortly afterwards we were told over the police loudspeaker that the police did not want to hear any comments and that we should shut up. Some citizens who watched the video said the policewoman said: “Go back or I’ll put some pepper in it.” — Watch the video and listen carefully whether gun or pepper was said.

Video #3: A protest and manhunt in Berlin

Midway through this video you’ll see a man elude the grasp of the police and take off running. Watch how many officers set off in hot pursuit.

Video #4: The arrest of Angelika Barbe

Angelika Barbe was a dissident in the DDR (East Germany), and became a politician after Germany reunited. In the following video she is arrested in at an anti-lockdown protest in Berlin.

Below is a Facebook post by Angelika Barbe (also translated by MissPiggy) about her experience at the hands of the police in the Alexanderplatz:

Dear FB friends,

We just got back from being led away by the police at Alexanderplatz. This arrest is shocking in many ways, not only because of the degrading film footage.

We arrived at the Alex at about 2:50 pm, which was not very busy, and were surprised about a cordoned-off area in the middle of the square. I turned to a policeman, who kindly explained to me that this was the approved portion for the Antifa demo. If we wanted to participate in it, we could do it. In the meantime several passers-by had become curious, we started talking. Suddenly I was barked at by a policeman with the number 34113, I should leave the Alex. Perplexed, I answered that I was here with a friend and my husband, that I wanted to talk to people and also go shopping. He was obviously angry that I did not obey his order immediately. He immediately verbally sent me off. In surprise I turned to another policeman and asked him why the Antifa was protected but we passers-by were not allowed to stay. He also asked me to leave. I relented and explained that I wanted to go shopping, but he let me go on. A few moments later, 34 113 came storming after me and shouted: “No, we’ll report them!”

Thereupon about five policemen rushed at me from behind, two took my arms brutally and mercilessly, dragged me on by force, two flanked the attack. As I recently had a knee operation and I am still suffering from pain, I cannot run so fast and I kept shouting that they should be slow and not rush me, I would not resist and go myself. On the contrary, they ran faster, still twisted my arm and bent my left hand, which the spectators could not see. I pointed at my knee scar and desperately asked to walk slowly. They regarded this as resistance.

It was an arbitrary arrest, I offered no resistance and was fished out of the discussion group. My husband asked the policemen why they had arrested me of all people, especially since several were also standing on the square and remained undisturbed.

Video transcript #1:

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Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude)

Since posting his first installment of this treatise, Seneca III has acquired new information, and thus is interleaving it here.

Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What?

by Seneca III

INTERLUDE — Party Politics in the raw, and Islamic angst ‘On Air’ in the time of Covid

In the comments to Part I, ‘K. from Germany’ pointed out an omission I had failed to notice whilst writing and proof-reading that article.

K. from Germany on May 3, 2020 at 2:55 am said:

“And there you will find no mention as to whom these paragons of rectitude are …” —

Follow the link they provided and then “membership” to arrive at this page:

Not at all suggesting they can’t be corrupted. This whole establishment is rotten to the core. But they wisened up on how to pull one over the public so it won’t be as simple as counting Mohammeds.

To which I replied:

Seneca III on May 3, 2020 at 12:55 pm said:

Thank you for that, K. I will include a correction in the part of the series I am working on at the moment. And, also, if I can find the time, I will have a quick look at each of the members — that could turn out to be very interesting or turn up nothing at all.

Depending on what turns up and if it is politically interesting, I may have to skip including such an analysis in the current work in progress, which is already structured in note form, and save it for a later edition. Rgds, S III.

This I have done, and it was indeed an eye opener.

The Petitions Committee

To begin: The Northern arc of occupied territories stretches roughly and somewhat intermittently from the Manchester-Liverpool conglomerate in the West on the shores of the Irish Sea to Tyneside in the East on the shores of the North Sea.

It is a rich hunting ground for the Paedophiliac Slaves of Allah seeking more gender slaves, or ‘Fresh Meat’ as Islam has been known to refer to white girl children and young Western women as a whole, so let us have a look at this area and the MPs who represent some of the constituencies in those lost lands, and who also serve on the Petitions Committee.

Naturally my first ports of call were to be the Labour MPs whose lucrative parliamentary sinecures rely heavily, in some places predominantly, on the Muslim vote. There are four of these Marxist-Socialist drones out of a total of eleven members on the committee, and whilst they are not a majority, they do constitute a substantial and influential voting bloc, and the ones that do not represent overwhelmingly Muslim constituencies would have no doubt voted with the others out of Party solidarity.

Those latter two outliers are:

1. Kerry MacCarthy, Labour, Bristol East

Demographically, Bristol is not yet a mini-Caliphate but it is quite well and variously enriched, and is so ‘Woke’ and in love with Multiculturalism that it rarely sleeps as it demonstrates how easy it is for a once homogeneous community to commit racial suicide.

2. Chris Evans, Labour, Islwyn

Islwyn is a Welsh Parliamentary constituency that seems to have escaped the attentions of the grooming fraternity. It is, however, one of the safest dyed-in-the-wool Labour seats in the country. It was once held by the party’s former leader Neil Kinnock, who served as opposition leader for nearly a decade until 1992 and then went off to become an EU commissioner and made a personal fortune in the process, as did his wife, Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead FRSA, who was a Labour Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 1994 to 2009. Nice work if you can get it.

The hard-core vote whoring Dhimmis are:

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Damage to Catalonia (Again)

Last weekend I posted about the broadcast of the Ramadan call to prayer from the cathedral in the Catalonian city of Lleida.

I asked our Catalonian correspondent Pampasnasturtium to look into the incident and see if he could learn anything more. Here’s the report he sent:

To start with, I made a cursory search, and the mohammedan call to prayer in Lleida doesn’t seem to have been covered by the Catalan mainstream media online journals.

I also checked the web pages of El Periódico and La Vanguardia (for Spanish), and El Nacional and Ara (for Catalan), for example, and no coverage, either.

It seems to only have been covered by so-called “right-wing” outlets. Here is some additional pertinent information:

1.   The political composition of the municipal coalition government in Lleida:

  • Partly ERC (‘Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya’, EU suck-ups, globalism-loving leftists) and
  • Partly JxCat (‘Junts per Catalunya’, disoriented residual right/centrists, former Christian Democrats),
  • With ‘En Comú Podemos’ (extreme left, Iran-loving, Maduro-loving communists, basically antifa) barely represented.

No surprises then that the town council authorized such jihad/dawah activities via loudspeakers.

2.   Sandra Castro is Lleida’s ‘councillor for education, cooperation, rights and feminisms’ [sic], an ‘LGTBIQ+ activist’ (as per her own description on Twitter bio), and county secretary for the Republican Left of Catalonia.

She tweeted this. Her caption reads:

Goosebumps, beautiful and very emotional, to listen to the call to Ramadan from the Baluard de la Reina (fortress walls). This year, they’ll live it in confinement, without being able to hold community prayers. To all of the Muslim community of Lleida, #RamadanMubarak @dretscivilsll @afersreligiosos

The account that re-tweets this obscenity reminds its readers of the public positions she holds (as described above), and that (as per the caption):

‘Last year she proposed to turn the pubilla* into something else because they were anachronistic and male supremacist.’

Fortunately, if I recall correctly, that project was dismissed after sparking much outrage.


*   A pubilla… in ancestral Catalan tradition was the female that would inherit the whole rural estate in the absence of a brother.

My first “Damage to Catalonia” post was in February 2019.

Evil Returns to Sweden

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this op-ed from the Swedish daily Nyheter Idag. It was published in December of 2018, and refers to the two young Scandinavian women who had been slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in Morocco the week before:

Ann Heberlein: Evil in Morocco

Today, Sweden is for Islamic State (IS) terrorists what Argentina and Brazil were for Nazis after the Second World War. A sanctuary where they can lick their wounds and start a new life without taking the consequences for all the abuses and crimes they committed. Instead of being locked up, the terrorists receive visits from social workers. It is high time that Sweden changes its attitude, writes Ann Heberlein.

“Evil,” wrote Hannah Arendt in Responsibility and Judgment, “is something that makes us think, ‘This should not have happened.’”

In the middle of preparations for Christmas, evil is brought to mind — first, an act of terror at a Christmas market in Strasbourg. A man senselessly shoots straight into a group of people drinking mulled wine and buying Christmas presents. Five people die and ten are wounded. This should not have happened.

Barely a week after the massacre in Strasbourg, two young women, Norwegian Maren, age 28, and Dane Louisa, age 24, are found brutally murdered in Morocco.

The two friends were to spend the Christmas holidays hiking in the Atlas Mountains. It would be an adventure, a memory of a lifetime; it ended with their deaths. Several men sit in custody, suspected of killing both girls. This shouldn’t have happened.

The common denominator for the acts is spelled Islamism. The perpetrator in Strasbourg, as well as the murderers in Morocco, are reported to be Islamic terrorists. Blinded by religious fanaticism and hatred against our Western lifestyle they consider sinful, they turn on innocent people. We are their enemies.

At the same time, home in Sweden, social services and politicians discuss how we best treat the “returnees” who are now coming back to Sweden as ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq.

As the Islamist dream of a caliphate seems increasingly distant, Sweden, with its forgiving attitude and its generous welfare system, is as good as a treat for the terrorists: Because that is precisely what they are, terrorists, with human lives on their consciences and blood on their hands. To call these men “returnees” — as if they studied or worked abroad for a time — is a mockery of their victims.

Since 2012 — so far as we know — about 150 people have returned to Sweden after having fought for jihadist, violent organizations in Syria and Iraq. In Stockholm, people are waiting for them to report to social services to be “de-radicalized”.

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Culture-Enriching Urinator Refuses to Serve His Sentence

I’ve posted previously about a grotesque crime in Sweden in which a group of culture-enriching youngsters robbed, beat, and urinated on a native Swedish boy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this follow-up article from Nyheter Idag:

Humiliation-robbers sentenced to juvenile care — one refuses to serve his sentence

In February, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care for three robberies, two counts of abuse and one count of unlawful detention. One of the robberies received a lot of attention when the robbers urinated upon their victim, which was filmed and disseminated. But the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. He has left the HVB home and refuses to return.

After a very attention-grabbing humiliation-robbery, where the robbers urinated on their victim, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care.

But now Aftonbladet reveals that the care placement isn’t working, since the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. The 16-year-old has left the HVB home where he was placed, and refuses to return.

Prosecutor Mirna Lelic feels that the penalty isn’t working and wants to see other actions. In her memo to the district court, she says that “Social Services has made several attempts to get him to return, among which was to contact him and buy him a train ticket. But that has not helped.

“Thus I think that he misunderstands this so much that this punishment should be eliminated,” Mirna Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

The problem is that the sentence-value for the crimes the 16-year-old was convicted of is too low for lockdown youth care to be in effect. Lockdown youth care requires that the penalty be at least one year.

“And the district court ruled that the sentence is eight months in custody, so that doesn’t rise to the limit beyond which he could be sentenced to lock down youth care. So it’s a little tricky,” Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

Södertörn’s district court will request a new opinion from Social Services, after which the parties will be called to a meeting to express their views.

In February Prosecutor Mirna Lelic told Aftonbladet that the sentence for the newly-convicted robbers didn’t mean a loss of freedom.

“They are not locked up. It is not like a prison in that you cannot leave. It is not that,” said Lelic to Nyheter Idag.

Austrian Policeman Draws His Gun on a Jogger

After the ChiCom flu crisis began in earnest, when the lockdowns started, we saw the emergence of a police state as the standard government response. Or, in the case of most of Western Europe, the intensification of an already existing police state.

In the following video you’ll see an Austrian jogger’s encounter with cop who draws his service weapon on the unarmed citizen. The fellow’s “crime” was to go jogging in an empty park with his dog during the lockdown. The policeman evidently felt threatened by the unleashed dog. Beagles, after all, have a reputation as really, really dangerous animals…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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France Copes With the ChiCom Flu

The three videos below concern the side effects of the “confinement” — the French word for the coronavirus lockdown — in various parts of France.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video 1: Nurses at the L’Ariboisiere hospital have to be escorted to the Metro

The last two videos feature the popular commentator Eric Zemmour in separate appearances on (socially distanced) TV talk shows.

Video 2: Eric Zemmour on the end of liberty in France

Video 3: Eric Zemmour on the exemption of Muslims from the lockdown

Video transcript #1:

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