Philippe de Villiers: “The Great Replacement Theory is Right Before Your Eyes”

Philippe de Villiers is a French author, historian, and former MEP. He is a public intellectual, but a very unusual one by French standards: he is also a conservative Catholic.

Mr. de Villiers has been featured here a number of times in the past, most recently last November.

Back in 2016, in one of our subtitled videos, he said, “We are faced with a demographic conquest.” In the following video from a French talk show he says the same thing, but takes it a step further.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Tomb is Empty

The Lord is risen!

Happy Easter, everyone.

I attended a small Episcopal church for more than thirty years until COVID closed it down last year. Or, to be more precise, the bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia closed it down. After Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam allowed places of worship to reopen (with capacity restrictions), the bishop, in her infinite wisdom, decided that Episcopal congregations would not be safe if people attended services in churches, so she issued a ukase insisting that they remain closed.

St. Paul tells us that “Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow — not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” (Romans 8:38) But he didn’t know about COVID, which is more powerful than all those things he mentioned. It not only separates Episcopalians from God’s love, it obviously deprives them of their ability to reason.

Our little church resumed services last spring after the governor gave religious gatherings his imprimatur. However, two factions developed within the congregation: those who were sorely afraid of the Wuhan Coronavirus, and those who weren’t. The former group was not content to simply stay home from church; they were adamant that the rest of the congregation also follow the COVID drill — masks, social distancing, no touching each other, no eating together, sanitizing everything after services, etc. Rather than try and talk the second group (which constituted a majority) into compliance, they contacted the bishop, who came down on our church like a ton of bricks. We were shut down, and the church remained closed until Palm Sunday last week. In the two services they’ve had since then, there have been no prayer books in the pews, no singing, no passing the peace, no communion, and no coffee hour. I didn’t attend either service, but I think there were, in addition to the new priest, three or four people in attendance, socially distanced, with their masks on.

Can you imagine celebrating an Easter Eucharist without singing? I can’t, either. That’s why I wasn’t there today.

Beginning last summer, the dissidents of our congregation — who, as I said, constituted a majority — have been meeting clandestinely in the living room of a private home. Our priest, who served the church for a number of years before it closed, is one of them, so we can celebrate a full Eucharist, unmasked, with no social distancing. Our organist is also there; she plays a baby grand piano while we all sing, joyfully and with gusto.

After today’s Easter service we gathered for lunch in the adjacent dining room. It was traditional Easter fare: ham, asparagus, boiled potatoes, and little chocolate bunny candies for dessert.

We all agreed that the Lord has blessed us in our new place of worship.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Last year I discussed the fact that when the congregation fractured along the fearful/fearless fault line, it also divided itself along a political fault line. I’m pretty sure that those who demanded “safety”, the ones who attended COVID-compliant services last week and today, also voted for Biden. But none of the dissidents who chose to risk communal worship did — all of us were Trump voters, and we can now speak freely about politics over lunch if we want to, without having to worry about triggering any of those present.

It’s an interesting correlation: people who are fearful about the “pandemic” tend to be liberals. Opinion polls confirm the trend; it’s one of the stronger correlations revealed by national surveys. I don’t know why it should be that way, but there it is.

The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Gaffe in The Hague

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this follow-up to his previous report on the recent elections in The Netherlands.

Gaffe in The Hague

by H. Numan

We had elections; I reported that last week. Now all we need is a new cabinet. That means a lot of negotiating before anything can happen. We’re off to a very good start. You’re not going to believe this. A blunder of national proportions occurred last week!

A pair of scouts (‘verkenners’; not an official title) were appointed to test the waters. The team was Mrs. Ollongren (D66) and Mrs. Jorritsma (VVD). They finished a meeting with Premier Rutte in ‘The Tower’ (‘het torentje’; the office of the PM next to the Parliament), and walked in the courtyard. There they were interviewed by journalists. So far, nothing unusual. Here it comes!

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Sacrificing Liberty for Fear

Once again our Israeli correspondent MC does battle with the Narrative of the Great Pandemic of 2020.

Sacrificing Liberty for Fear

by MC

Bolshevik Communism was supposed to take over the world. The Third Reich was also to be a worldwide movement. So what is ‘Globalism’ but a reincarnation of both at the expense of our liberty?

Men rise to power, and then the ‘power’ takes over. They see themselves as gods, having a vision of world betterment, creating ‘new men’ to follow their doctrines and their beliefs, or to die in their dissidence.

There has been much talk of the mRNA vaccines being a mass elimination event. Although they are probably not, it has demonstrated how easy it is now to use fear to get people to voluntarily submit to be injected with strange experimental substances, to willingly sacrifice their hard won freedom of choice for an insubstantial but highly propagandized fear.

First a word on Spanish Flu. SF is the benchmark for ‘pandemics’, but like the plagues and black deaths before it, we know very little about it except that the described symptoms match those of Reye’s Syndrome (not influenza).

The existence of the first viruses was confirmed in the 1930s with the advent of the electron microscope, but there has been a tendency to equate all undefined illness with ‘viruses’ ever since. One can read about this in the Japanese ‘enteroviroform’ (SMON) issue of the 1960’s. Here is a 1974 paper where scientists are still looking for a ‘virus’ causing SMON.

It is assumed that the Spanish Flu came back with the soldiers from the WW1 trenches, but there is an alternative explanation as well (note: aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid):

The high case-fatality rate — especially among young adults — during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic is incompletely understood. Although late deaths showed bacterial pneumonia, early deaths exhibited extremely “wet,” sometimes hemorrhagic lungs. The hypothesis presented herein is that aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, because physicians of the day were unaware that the regimens (8.0-31.2 g per day) produce levels associated with hyperventilation and pulmonary edema in 33% and 3% of recipients, respectively. Recently, pulmonary edema was found at autopsy in 46% of 26 salicylate-intoxicated adults. Experimentally, salicylates increase lung fluid and protein levels and impair mucociliary clearance. In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. If these recommendations were followed, and if pulmonary edema occurred in 3% of persons, a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin.

Given that our obsession with viral pandemics is centred upon the assumption that Spanish Flu and its extraordinary death rate amongst young people was actually a viral pandemic rather than an iatrogenic accident, it is incumbent upon us to understand what is known of the event, and understand as well the many unanswered questions that still exist a hundred or so years later. I suggest reading the whole article as it throws some light on modern pandemic planning, and the assumed narrative of the ‘killer virus’ that is behind the great 2020 plandemic.

Covid-19 may well be new, and may well be the result of careless handling of bio-warfare pathogens, but its effects were minimal except amongst those compromised by age and chronic disease. It was no worse than the ‘Asian flu’ of 1957 that I can just about remember (extra school holidays).

What is new about Corona was the fanning of the flames of fear by highly paid and connected public servants and the ultra-rich, probably for their own benefit but basted with a liberal virtue-signal of supposed philanthropy. Is Fauci a hero or a cheat?

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Vignettes From the Euro-Caliphate

The formation of the European Caliphate is accelerating.

In the first video below, you’ll hear an imam from Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstrate that he is well aware of the larger process that is underway in Europe, while most Europeans remain utterly clueless about it. “Majal areas” — regions where the laws of the kuffar do not hold sway, where the sharia is enforced — are forming in major cities throughout Western Europe and the UK.

It should be noted that criminal clans (as exemplified by the ones in Berlin described below) play an integral role in the formation of the Caliphate. The Caliph, who is basically the most powerful Muslim warlord, sits atop a hierarchal formation. Below him are the wilayahs — provinces or governorates — each of which has its own regional boss. Below these are the clans.

The entire structure is functionally indistinguishable from an organized criminal network such as the Mafia. Anyone or anything outside the structure — i.e. the kafir and his wealth — is fair game. Discipline is shaped by Islamic law, which is brutally enforced within the Caliphate.

The first article features undercover video footage shot in a district of Stockholm in which a leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir can be heard discussing the Islamization of Europe, among other topics.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

From SVT (Swedish state television):

Hear what it sounds like when radical Islamists recruit in Järva

March 8, 2021

[Caption beneath top video: Hear Hizb ut-Tahrir’s recruiter on plans for a caliphate in Europe.]

In recent times the radical Islamist movement Hizb ut-Tahrir has begun to recruit more actively in the Järva area [of Stockholm]. They organize, among other things, recruitment meetings and religious education in Tensta and Rinkeby [no-go zones in the Stockholm suburbs]. SVT’s reported was able to attend their secret meeting.

During recent weeks SVT’s reporter, under a false identity and with a hidden camera, has had contact with Hizb ut-Tahrir in the neighborhood of Järva, where the party is now trying to recruit some twenty persons.

SVT’s reporter attended educational meetings at the home of one of the leaders and gained access to private “lessons” on how the group sees Islam and where it is claimed that Muslims should be aware that the Western world is planning to attack the Muslim faith.

Calls not to vote in Democratic elections

The hidden camera shows both the group’s anti-Democratic foundation and how one of its leaders spreads conspiracy theories.

[Caption: Here the group’s leader teaches a conspiracy theory that a Jewish/capitalist world movement lies behind women’s liberation for the purpose of earning more money. He tells of a conversation with a Jewish man, “McFeller” Photo: Kovan Alshawish/SVT]

SVT has been in contact with the man whom SVT’s reporter met in Rinkeby, and informed him of the hidden camera. The man has not responded with any comment.

The second article refers to the “Cologne Caliph” and his connections to the Macedonian terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai, who shot five people to death in Vienna on November 2 of last year.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

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Klaus Kinzler, Racist and Islamophobe

Klaus Kinzler is a German professor who has been teaching for 25 years at “Sciences Po” in the French city of Grenoble. A couple of weeks ago he and another teacher were called “fascists” and accused of “Islamophobia” by posters that were put up anonymously on campus. Among other things, the posters said “Islamophobia kills”, which was seen as a potential threat. Since then the Minister of the Interior has put Prof. Kinzler under protection.

The earliest news stories did not mention the names of the targeted professors, but Klaus Kinzler has since gone public on the issue. The following video was originally two separate clips taken from a TV talk show featuring Prof. Kinzler.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

See also: The Local (in English)

Video transcript part 1:

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An Empty Husk Whence the Spirit Has Fled

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia has just released its regulations protocols for the “safe re-gathering” of churches.

After you read the whole thing — and you may want to take an antiemetic before doing so — see if you can think of a reason why any sane person would want to attend a Christian worship service under these rules. Because I sure can’t.

How could anyone come with joy to meet the Lord in such a church?

Where is there any indication in this document that worshippers would be celebrating the presence of God in their midst?

Where is there any indication that the diocesan leadership even believes in God?

The opening of one particular sentence stands out for me: “Educate all congregants to assure compliance…”

This is the essence of the Coronamadness: assuring compliance. Early on in the pandemic I said that the unquestioning wearing of masks was a sign that we had become a nation of compliant drones. A year later it’s clear that only a compliant drone would enter an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Southern Virginia.

Fortunately, I am still attending services with a tiny dissident congregation that meets in a private residence. We sing, pass the peace, take communion, and don’t wear masks. And eat lunch afterwards. We’re non-compliant.

Below are the Protocols of the Elders of the Diocese of Southern Virginia.

Indoor Worship to Resume!

Released March 9, 2021

I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD! (Psalm 122:1)

With great joy, we are heartened to see that percent positivity rates for the Commonwealth of Virginia have remained at or below 8 percent for 14 days or more. In consultation with the Health Advisory Panel, the Bishop is pleased to lift the restriction on indoor in-person worship and other gatherings. The following protocols remain in effect:

Safe Worship and Re-gathering Protocols

1.   Parish leadership (Clergy and Vestry) must determine that public worship is safe in their particular locality. No clergy person will be required to conduct services if he/she deems it unwise for the congregation or an unacceptable risk for the clergy person.
2.   Approved plans: Parishes previously submitting and obtaining approval for a written plan detailing worship protocols during the pandemic (prior to the second suspension of in-person worship in December) may resume indoor and outdoor worship subject to the specifics of their plan and the requirements below. Parishes that have not developed and submitted a plan for approval must do so prior to resuming public worship. Click here for planning guidelines.
3.   A designated Health Coordinator or Health Equity Team shall assure the parish’s compliance with best practices and current state, local, and diocesan guidelines.
4.   Worship: At all worship services, the following protocols must be followed:
    a.   Conduct worship outdoors whenever possible.
    b.   Assure 6-foot physical distancing per person or family residing together.
    c.   Require that all wear masks covering the nose and mouth. Assure that masks available. Masks may be removed only for specific aspects of worship (reading Scripture, preaching or addressing the congregation, or receiving communion).
    d.   Establish patterns of directional movement where possible to limit proximity.
    e.   Designate separate doors for entry and exit where possible.
    f.   Remove all prayer books, hymnals, and Bibles from the pews. Encourage worshipers to bring personal prayer books from home or use single-touch or no-touch (electronic) bulletins.
    g.   No congregational singing. Click here for guidelines for soloists, cantors, or choirs and limited choral singing at Easter.
    h.   Discontinue use of the holy water font.
    i.   Provide hand sanitizer at entrances, exits, and elsewhere as appropriate.
    j.   Establish a touch-free method to collect offerings (no passing of the alms basin).
    k.   No physical passing of the peace.
    l.   Holy Communion may be distributed if the clergy person in charge of the parish determines that it is safe to do so. Communion may be distributed in individual sealed containers (click here) or in one kind with no more than one individual approaching the altar or rail at a time. The priest distributing communion must wash his or her hands thoroughly before distributing communion and avoid tactile contact with each communicant. Click here for additional pandemic guidelines for the administration of Holy Communion. If Holy Communion is not distributed, a prayer for spiritual communion may be offered. Click here.
    m.   Track the number and record the name/phone of those attending.
    n.   Employ a plan for dismissal in an orderly sequence to maintain physical distance.
    o.   Baptisms, Funerals, Weddings, and Ordinations are subject to the same protocols and consideration should be given to postponement to permit full attendance. At baptisms, parents should hold the infant to be baptized throughout the rite, and after the priest blesses the water the parents shall pour it over the infant’s head as the priest pronounces the words of baptism. Chrismation may be deferred until a later date, if feasible, or administered by the priest using a cotton ball.
    p.   Thoroughly clean and sanitize all public spaces before and after worship (and in between services if multiple services are offered).

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No Terror in Vetlanda, Just Allahu Akhbar

I reported yesterday that Swedish police have backtracked on their original announcement of a terror investigation into Wednesday’s knife rampage by an Afghan culture-enricher in Vetlanda.

Well… It may or may not have been “terror”, but witnesses say Allah was invoked by the misguided “youth” with the knife.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Lamotte: Tamim Sultani screamed “Allahu Akhbar” during attack in Vetlanda

March 5, 2021

During Wednesday’s knife attack against 7 persons in Vetlanda (Småland), perpetrator Tamim Sultani, 22, screamed the Muslim battle cry “Allahu Akhbar” while he stabbed his victims. This is what sources told the citizen-journalist Joakim Lamotte.

Lamotte has interviewed one of the persons who were stabbed in Vetlanda. According to Lamotte, this is a man who wants to be anonymous, and he says he is now afraid to be outdoors.

“The man also describes in detail the course of events when he was attacked, and that what he remembers most clearly is that Tamim Sultani screamed ‘Allahu Akhbar’ before he stabbed him,” writes Lamotte on Facebook, and he continues:

“The man I interviewed now wonders why it is not being investigated as a terror crime even though Tamim Sultani screamed ‘Allahu Akhbar’ before he stabbed people with a knife. The man also says he has difficulty talking about what happened, but he still wants me to publicize his account so the truth will come out.”

Fria Tider revealed on Thursday that Tamim Sultani had been granted a residency permit in Sweden through the so-called “high school amnesty,” a set of rules that makes it possible for unaccompanied young men from Afghanistan to stay in Sweden despite not having grounds for asylum, so long as they choose to attend high school.

It’s a Taboo: German ICUs Are Being Overwhelmed by Culture-Enrichers

The following translations (all done in a mammoth effort, in record time, by MissPiggy) concern an exposé published by the German tabloid Bild showing that the government was aware that intensive care units in hospitals were overwhelmingly inhabited by migrants, did nothing to address the issue, and covered up the news about it.

The report has caused shockwaves to spread through the alternative media in Germany. (I haven’t heard of any other MSM outlets following Bild’s lead on it.)

First, a summary of what happened from Politically Incorrect:

Are the Coercive Corona Measures “Thanks” to the Failed Integration Policy?

The COVID Taboo: 90% of ventilator patients have a migration background

[Photo caption: It is mainly migrants who are in intensive care units during the corona crisis]

by the Analyst

THE BILD newspaper is unrecognisable. For quite some time now, the flagship of the mainstream press has been doing exactly what its job is supposed to be: exposing grievances and criticising the accompanying government actions. A brand-new article, which is unfortunately only accessible behind a paywall, proves that THE BILD newspaper dares to touch the very hot poker concerning facts that are taboo in our country.

In the article the reader learns about a conversation that the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Professor Lothar Wieler, recently had with a group of chief physicians. The subject: MD Thomas Voshaar, the chief physician of the lung clinic in the Bethanien hospital in Moers, arranged an internal evaluation of the months between November and December 2020, as well as the beginning of January 2021. This showed that more than 90 percent of the intubated, critically ill Corona patients in the intensive care units had a migration background. Internally, it was agreed to refer to these patients as “patients with a communication barrier”.

The head of the RKI already knew about it

Prof. Wieler was already aware of this problem beforehand. He commented:

“I heard the same thing, but it’s a taboo. I have tried to approach certain people. We have to reach out to this religious group through imams. The whole thing has huge implications for Berlin. It’s a real problem.”

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

So obviously it is mainly Muslims who cannot be reached because of the “communication barrier”. The head of the RKI calls a spade a spade and the BILD prints it. Respect.

Moreover, Wieler speaks of parallel societies in the middle of our country, four million people who cannot be reached. The RKI boss literally says: “And that’s crap.” Although this group makes up only 4.8% of the population, it represents 50% of the patients in intensive care units.

MD Thomas Voshaar informed Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn about the facts. Voshaar to BILD:

“Everyone I’ve spoken to, up to and including Mr. Spahn, has said “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

However, as the BILD has learned from a government spokesman, Spahn did not find it necessary to pass on this information to the Chancellor’s Office. Consequently, it was never an issue at the chancellor’s Corona summits with the governors of the states. “O God, oh God, oh God”, is also the answer concerning the politics during this pressing crisis.

Lockdown due to “patients with communication barriers”?

Keep in mind that the compulsory Corona measures are imposed ostensibly to avoid overcrowding in intensive care units. So now we learn by mistake that migrants predominantly occupy intensive care units due to COVID, because the government is unable to make it clear to them how they should behave. It is euphemistically called a “communication barrier”.

A better expression would be: “Disastrously failed integration policy,” the results of which — as we now know — significantly lead to the fact that we have been locked up, businesses have gone bankrupt and our senior citizens have died of loneliness in nursing homes.

The second article is a report from Tichys Einblick. See the original articles for screenshots of the tweets referred to (in German):

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Nothing to See Here, Move Along

As reported here on Wednesday, an Afghan culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. Eight people were reported injured in the attack, but the number was later reduced to seven. Police were investigating the incident as an act of terrorism.

Yesterday the police changed their minds and said they no longer considered the attack to be terrorism. After the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) called for an end to mass immigration, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven retorted that the knife rampage had nothing to do with immigration.

So what did it have to do with, then? A later report (hat tip Steen) said that the attacker was alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during his stabbing spree. As we all know by now, the phrase means “I feel marginalized and discriminated against” in Arabic.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating two additional articles about the knife jihad in Vetlanda. First, from Fria Tider, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s remarks on the irrelevance of immigration to the terror attack in Vetlanda:

Löfven on the Vetlanda act — Has nothing to do with immigration

March 4, 2021

The 22-year-old Afghan high-school student’s attack in Vetlanda is not “a migration issue”. That is the message of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S/Social Democrats) now.

Seven persons were injured when they were attacked by the 22-year-old Afghan in Vetlanda on Wednesday.

Earlier today, Fria Tider was able to report that the Afghan is an illiterate who was granted a residence permit with the support of Stefan Löfven’s so-called high school act.

At a press conference, a journalist mentioned that the Sweden Democrats on Twitter had linked the incident with immigration policy and demanded a “complete stop to all asylum-and family immigration, including quota refugees.” The journalist asked what Löfven thought about it.

“That the Sweden Democrats are out speculating is on them. We don’t do that. We will await the police investigation and listen to what emerges as to motive and everything else,” answered Löfven.

He continued:

“Since this is not a migration issue, as the Sweden Democrats want it to be.”

Also from Fria Tider, an excerpt from an article about the lack of connection with terrorism:

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So Here There Be Dragons! (Part VB)

The essay below is the final installment in a series by our English correspondent Seneca III. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3A, Part 3B, Part 4, Part 5.

So Here There Be Dragons!

by Seneca III

Part V B — Epilogue

Sentimental emotion amounts to, in the words of the philosopher Roger Scruton, “Look how noble is this feeling and how noble I am for feeling it”; it is essentially self-regarding and hostile to the truth that threatens its continuance.

Tried and tested ancient ideas such as the nuclear family, clearly defined genders and their roles in life, nationality, private property and freedom of thought and expression are rooted in tradition, culture, and history. These ideas are what have shaped us, and if they are cast aside we will become nothing but an amorphous, mindless, human blob to be shaped instead into whatever grotesquery the ascendant global power elites decide.

It might be argued that what they are attempting is, in the long term, the right thing, the logical thing, but by extension we intuitively know that this concept is being pushed before its time has come and thus such a forced imposition was doomed to failure even before it emerged. Those whose lust for personal power and wealth dwarfs any atrophied altruistic inclinations they might once have had, those who are fully compromised by lining their pockets with corrupted money, all fail to see and least of all understand the impracticalities of what they are attempting to achieve, because we are still too diverse a species, too stubbornly intransigent and too unwilling give up those gods we know in favour of a nascent entity we do not.

Consider the ongoing rollout of Smart Meters. If you combine SMs with electric vehicles you have the ability to control whether a person can or cannot travel beyond foot/bicycle range of their residence. Consider further the often mooted possibility of the abolition of cash and the imposition of only electronic and plastic transactions and you can see the potential for mass ‘non-personing’ and a clear road to serfdom. Note that despite my repeated refusals to permit the installation of a Smart Meter my electricity provider keeps insisting that I do so:

And, of course, there’s this little gem in the bottom right hand corner of the letter. No wonder they charge the moon for every miserable KWh:

And, just to top it off, our Overlords comfortably ensconced and richly rewarded in the Palace of Westminster are working towards instituting a legal requirement to wear a mask and display a vaccination certification if you wish to leave your house for any purpose whatsoever. Then they really will have the whole damn population incarcerated in a metaphorical Gulag Archipelago controlled by a brutalised, Common Purposed Police Force already fully trained and practiced in this sort of enforcement and backed up by civilian ‘Jobsworths’, ‘Covid Rules Enforcers’, most of whom are obviously semi-literate and semi-numerate highly paid thugs recruited by local councils from amongst the otherwise unemployable.

To add insult to injury, just over a week ago I went to my local Pub for a couple of pints and a chat with my friends. The furniture had been thinned out and rearranged to meet Covid rules and I ended up sitting in a wing chair next to a hot radiator and having a loud conversation with people sitting six feet away. Unfortunately, without thinking things through, I had hung my body warmer over the wing next to the radiator. Later, when it was time to go, I reached for my card in order to pay and found that the pocket the card was in had been tight up against the radiator and the card had curled up and was so distorted it could not be used. Thus did I end up spending an absolute nightmare of a week without plastic as I awaited a replacement card. Whilst I always carry sufficient cash for emergencies and was able to do my small local shopping unimpeded by the loss of the card, December is the month in which I have to renew both my car and house insurances and these days, as the providers will no longer accept payment by cheque, it must be done either online or by telephone.

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Dangerous Bicycle Criminal Stopped by Berlin Police

The following video from Berlin shows an encounter between seven burly police officers and a woman on a bicycle, who evidently has violated Corona lockdown regulations somehow by daring to ride her bike.

What’s inspiring about this clip is the cyclist’s spirited resistance to being interfered with by the cops. Not only does she tell them in no uncertain terms that what they are doing is illegal and immoral, she also chides them for failing to maintain social distance.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this note:

Drug dealers can go about their mischief in Görlitzer Park completely unhindered; they are neither arrested, locked up nor deported. But the Berlin police harass peaceful citizens. What else can you expect from a Left-Green state government?

Video transcript:

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An Open Letter to US Generals

The author of the following letter requested that he be identified only as a ‘US Air Force veteran’.

If China had invaded the USA and installed Beijing Biden, would you respond?

by a US Air Force veteran

In the 2020 election, Trump won overwhelmingly. Biden lost.

Anyone willing to look at the data can see this fact. If the Democrats had nothing to hide, they would welcome an open audit.

But the Democrats do have something to hide. They have blocked all efforts for an open audit.

Somehow big media, the digital giants, the Democratic voter fraud machine, and China got Beijing Biden, a man who appears to be on the CCP payroll, installed in the US presidency via a fraudulent election.

When I joined the military, I took an oath to defend the constitution of the USA from all enemies — both foreign and domestic.

Did you generals do the same thing?

Elections are an important part of the American system. Without real elections, we are a banana republic.

Trump’s, Sept. 2018 executive order on “Foreign Interference in American Elections” clearly spells out exactly what transpired during the 2020 election.

The Executive order also states what the US response should be.

DNI John Ratcliffe said: China interfered in the 2020 election. This fact alone triggers Trump’s executive order.

So, what happened? Why no response to a clear act of war?

If China had invaded the USA and installed Beijing Biden, would you respond? What’s the difference? (The Art of War: Sun Tzu)

Does it matter if the outcome is the same? We now have a CCP plant in the White House

I do not believe for a minute Trump gave up and accepted Beijing Biden as the winner.

I can imagine behind the scenes the Democrats and RINOs have put a lot of pressure on you generals. You control the guns. Without your support, Beijing Biden would not be in the presidency.

Trump left because you let the American people down. You supported a CCP plant in the presidency.

Mao said: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

In America, political power is supposed to grow out of ballot boxes.

You generals need to do the job you swore an oath to do. Don’t be a bunch of Benedict Arnolds.