Is Islam a Threat?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this post from the Portuguese blog Inconveniente:

Is Islam a threat?

by Jose do Carmo

A few days ago, someone said to me that in his opinion, Islam is a religion like others, and he casually rejected the idea that it was a threat to the rich, strong, and civilized West.

Are there really no reasons to fear?

Well, beyond the very clear and explicit exhortations to violence and conquest, which can be read in the sacred texts of Islam, it is always history that shows us that since this religion emerged about 1,400 years ago, Muslims have consistently followed the Koranic command to make war on the infidels, on the House of War.

As a result, almost 75% of what was then called “Christendom” was definitively conquered by the House of Islam, including all of North Africa, Anatolia, Syria, etc.

Many European territories were under Muslim occupation, at times for centuries, from Portugal to Russia, passing through Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, etc. etc, only being liberated by force of arms.

More than 15 million Europeans were captured and enslaved in the name of jihad, in a process that lasted until the 19th century, reaching faraway Iceland. In fact, one of the first external wars waged by the USA (Jefferson and Adams) was precisely against the Muslim slavers, with Portugal as an ally.

All in all, for more than 1,000 years, Islam has been the principal and permanent threat to Western Civilization and has always been on the offensive when the relative potential of combat has been in its favor.

In the 20th century, Europe modernized itself and managed to neutralize jihad, but now seems to have forgotten everything about this old and constant threat.

For many Westerners, Islam is just a religion like others, and some, without knowing anything of history and the texts, even proclaim that it is “a religion of peace”.

No, it is not.

What history tells us is that it is the most formidable and persistent enemy that our civilization has faced up to today, and this has not changed just because circumstantially, we believe that we are on top.

The major problem, still, is not the forgetting of history, but its rewriting, so that it fits into new, politically correct narratives.

And this woke narrative, conveyed in the schools, in the media, and in the cinema, is that Muslims are part of the extensive group of historical victims of the West, that is, of the “heteropatriarchal whites” or by definition, the “oppressor”.

For example, the Crusades, effectively a military reaction to the Islamic conquest of the so-called Christian holy places, is described as a cruel and unjust attack on the poor Muslims, who were peacefully in their lands drinking tea and smoking water pipes. Moreover, the Muslim invasions are not even described as such, rather as innocuous “advances” by Arabs, Moors, Almoravids, Tatars, Mamluks, Ottomans, etc., deliberately hiding their true rational aggregate, jihad against the infidel.

But that is history, the appeasers will say. That time has passed. We have to look to the future and enter into a new era of mutual respect and tolerance, even if to do this, we have to gild history a bit.

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A Handgun Against an Army

The original version of following essay by the late Mike Vanderboegh was written before the turn of the millennium. Ten years later, when he wrote this revised version (posted at the old WRSA site), he noted that it had stood the test of time. Another thirteen years have passed since then, and as Spicy Time draws closer the relevance of his words is even greater.

At the suggestion of WRSA, I am reposting the entire essay here. To see the rest of the illustrations and the embedded video, visit the WRSA post.

A Handgun Against an Army — Ten Years After

by Mike Vanderboegh

July 29, 2008

Almost a decade ago now, I penned “A Letter From Hagood’s Crossroads, Alabama,” subtitled “What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army?”

Over the years it has proven to be the single most popular piece I have ever written. To this day, I get emails and snail mails from folks who have stumbled across it for the first time, thanking me for writing it. It is a humbling experience for a scribbler such as myself to realize that he has struck a chord in his audience — humbling and gratifying.

Still, I have always meant to rework “Handgun” to correct some of the minor errors and irritating flaws that always occur whenever you whip out a topical opinion piece, as I did this one. For example, one of the things that always bothered me was that I was forced to paraphrase Hopper explaining the facts of life to his marauding gang of ATF/biker/bandido grasshoppers in “A Bug’s Life.” In the re-issue below, I correct that. Indeed, thanks to technological advances in the intervening years, I am now able to give you the YouTube link so you can HEAR Hopper’s presentation of the dialectic of tyranny yourself with just a click of the mouse.


Another area requiring work was the wolf-sheep metaphor, which if I had just hewed to the wisdom of my grandpa imparted to me years ago would have more properly been (as I have corrected it below) a wolf-sheep-sheepdog metaphor. Don’t ask me why I did it that way the first time. I wrote it, as most of my pieces back then and since, at one sitting in the wee hours of the morning.

And equally importantly, without the steadying hand of a good editor. (Here, I tip my hat to my friend David Codrea.)

In truth, for something that has been so well received for so long, at the time I gave it no more thought or care than any of the other many things I wrote during the Era of the Clintonista-Militia Cold War. Yet it is “Handgun” that has, apparently, stood the test of time. I will explore why I think this is in the afterword to this reissue.

For now, let me present again, with slight updated revision, “What Good Can A Handgun Do Against an Army?,” with many thanks to my friends — Peter at Western Rifle Shooters Association and Chris at Mindful Musings — for the firm nudge prompting me to do so. — MBV

“What Good Can A Handgun Do Against an Army?”

A friend of mine forwarded me a question a friend of his had posed:

“If/when our Federal Government comes to pilfer, pillage, plunder our property and destroy our lives, what good can a handgun do against an army with advanced weaponry, tanks, missiles, planes, or whatever else they might have at their disposal to achieve their nefarious goals? (I’m not being facetious: I accept the possibility that what happened in Germany, or similar, could happen here; I’m just not sure that the potential good from an armed citizenry in such a situation outweighs the day-to-day problems caused by masses of idiots who own guns.)”

If I may, I’d like to try to answer that question. I certainly do not think the writer facetious for asking it. The subject is a serious one to which I have given much research and considerable thought. I believe that upon the answer to this question depends the future of our Constitutional republic, our liberty and perhaps our lives.

My friend Aaron Zelman, one of the founders of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, told me once:

“If every Jewish and anti-nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition AND THE WILL TO USE IT (emphasis supplied — MBV), Adolf Hitler would be a little-known footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic.”

Note well that phrase: “and the will to use it,” for the simply-stated question, “What good can a handgun do against an army?” is in fact a complex one and must be answered at length and carefully.

It is a military question.

It is also a political question.

But above all it is a moral question which strikes to the heart of what makes men free, and what makes them slaves.

First, let’s answer the military question.

Most military questions have both a strategic and a tactical component. Let’s first consider the tactical.

A friend of mine owns an instructive piece of history. It is a small, crude pistol [see the image at the top of this post], made out of sheet-metal stampings by the U.S. during World War II. While it fits in the palm of your hand and is a slowly-operated, single-shot arm, its powerful .45 caliber projectile will kill a man with brutal efficiency. With a short, smooth-bore barrel it can reliably kill only at point blank ranges, so its use requires the will (brave or foolhardy) to get in close before firing. It is less a soldier’s weapon than an assassin’s tool. The U.S. manufactured them by the millions during the war, not for our own forces but rather to be air-dropped behind German lines to resistance units in occupied Europe and Asia. They cost exactly two dollars and ten cents to make.

Crude and slow (the fired case had to be knocked out of the breech by means of a little wooden dowel, a fresh round procured from the storage area in the grip and then manually reloaded and cocked. It was so wildly inaccurate it couldn’t hit the broad side of a French barn at 50 meters, but to the Resistance man or woman who had no firearm it still looked pretty darn good.

The theory and practice of it was this: First, you approach a German sentry with your little pistol hidden in your coat pocket and, with Academy-award sincerity, ask him for a light for your cigarette (or the time the train leaves for Paris, or if he wants to buy some non-army-issue food or a half-hour with your “sister”). When he smiles and casts a nervous glance down the street to see where his Sergeant is, you blow his brains out with your first and only shot, then take his rifle and ammunition. Your next few minutes are occupied with “getting out of Dodge,” for such critters generally go around in packs. After that (assuming you evade your late benefactor’s friends) you keep the rifle and hand your little pistol to a fellow Resistance fighter so he can go get his own rifle.

Or, maybe, you then use your rifle to get a submachine gun from the Sergeant when he comes running. Perhaps you get very lucky and pick up a light machine gun, two boxes of ammunition and a haversack of hand grenades. With two of the grenades and the expenditure of a half-a-box of ammunition at a hasty roadblock the next night, you and your friends get a truck full of arms and ammunition. (Some of the cargo is sticky with “Boche” blood, but you don’t mind, not terribly.)

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Austria Banishes the Unclean

Freddie Sayers is a British journalist and the Executive Editor of UnHerd. The following video featuring him was recorded in Austria after the mandatory lockdown for the unvaxed was announced, but before the government decided to mandate the COVID “vaccine” for everyone.

In his on-the-street interviews, Mr. Sayers discovers that middle-class and upper-middle-class Viennese citizens are keen to tighten the screws on citizens who refuse the jab. Blue-collar workers, however, are less enthusiastic. In a consensus society like Austria’s, overt resistance against the zeitgeist is difficult, but working-class citizens seem to be moving in that direction.

In one interview you’ll notice that a member of the governing class decries the political exploitation by the “far right” of the lockdown measure. This is a frequent refrain from the Left: conservatives are not allowed to “politicize” a contentious issue to gain partisan advantage. The Left, however, can politicize anything it wants. In fact, it does nothing else: everything is politicized, and with a leftist slant. One presumes that the gentleman being interviewed is unable to perceive such politicization, since that is the water the ruling class swims in.

Hat tip: Bastet.

Different Creeds For Different Breeds

An Afghan culture-enricher expressed his theological differences with an Evangelical church in the German city of Nordhausen by removing the furniture and appointments from the church. The responsible authorities acted with tolerant firmness against the misguided miscreant in a manner that can only be comprehended if one is German.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung:

Different Creeds At the Frauenberg Church

Church cleared because of religious differences

Thursday afternoon at the Frauenbergkirche in Nordhausen: Pastor Klemens Müller happened to look out of the window and watched a man carry the movable furniture out of the church. He had already dragged chairs, hymnals, and the cross from the church wall and other altar items onto the forecourt and didn’t seem to have finished his work yet…

When approached by the pastor, who had hurried over and had not ordered an evacuation team for his church, the young man justified his actions with religious principles. In the dispute with Pastor Müller, who was introduced to the Frauenberg congregation at the beginning of October, he described the Christian faith as wrong and took the view that it is fundamentally a mistake that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Which is why he felt compelled to redecorate a house of worship in such a manner. He did not act aggressively and made his point of view clear that he could not accept the Christian faith. However, he was so understanding that he stopped his clearing work after Pastor Müller confronted him.

However, the congregation of the St. Maria Frauenberg Church had imagined something different under its previously quite successful slogan of an “open church”. On Sunday, the generous opening times of the church, which have been offered for weeks, will end as planned. There will not be a figure of Christ on the cross for the time being, because it broke during the “transport work”. Whether it was intentional or accidental cannot be determined after the fact. While Pastor Müller was in dialogue with the peaceful and calm man about questions of faith, his secretary called the police, who in the end imposed a ban on the intruder and, after recording his personal details, pronounced a dismissal and filed a complaint.

It is now up to the parish to decide whether the religious zealot will be charged with burglary or trespassing. The police report later states that a 30-year-old man rioted and a complaint was made.

For everyone who is interested: The man comes from Afghanistan and came to Germany in 2017.

Perhaps Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise” [a play by Gotthold Ephraim pleading for religious tolerance] should be offered again in the city theater in the near future. For some contemporaries, the work on tolerance among world religions seems to be urgently required.

— Olaf Schulze


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Corona Psychosis

Several weeks ago when I went to see relatives in another part of Virginia I chose a back route that took me close to where an old college friend of mine lives. Before I left I called him up and asked if he wanted to meet up for a cup of coffee.

This fellow is a liberal, like most of my college friends, but he’s not woke or progressive or anything; he’s just a standard-issue liberal. It doesn’t bother me; I just avoid political topics as much as possible when I talk to him. However, I knew he was worried about the Wuhan Coronavirus, so when I called him I asked if we could meet outside somewhere, wearing masks and sitting six feet apart.

“No,” he said, “I can’t risk it.”

“But why?” I responded in bafflement. “You’ve just had your booster.”

“Yes, but I’m a smoker and have high cholesterol, so I’m at risk. You’re unvaccinated. I just can’t take the chance.”

I was very disappointed, to say the least. He said something about maybe getting together “when all this is over.” I didn’t tell him that Corona is here to stay. He’ll keep getting boosters every six months until heart disease or the prions finally get him. The Zeta, Omicron, Upsilon, and Omega variants will continue to rage through the population like clockwork, also every six months, and be blamed on the unvaxed. And I’ll probably never see my friend again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Needless to say, all this seems like complete insanity to me.

When you parse what’s going on, it makes no logical sense whatsoever. If Our Savior the Vaccine is as wonderful as proclaimed, why doesn’t it protect my friend enough for him to be willing to sit six feet away and talk to me when we both have masks on?

He’s not stupid. He graduated from William and Mary with a degree in computer science. Intelligence is obviously no guarantee against being possessed by irrational fears. In fact, higher education may even help enable the condition.

My friend acknowledges that the vax (including the booster) doesn’t prevent the recipient from being infected by or transmitting SARS-CoV-2. But he says it reduces his risk of hospitalization or death. That is, it serves a protective function for him — it doesn’t protect anyone else from being infected by the Corona if he has it.

Well, then. How could it be that the selfish, filthy unvaxed like me are the cause of all the variant surges?

He has an answer for that, too: If he gets COVID, he will carry less of a viral load in his mucous membranes, which will make him somewhat less likely to infect others with it. But the data don’t support that assertion. I emailed him several references from reputable sources (including the CDC and Yale*) to studies indicating that there is no significant difference in viral load carried by the vaxed and the unvaxed when they are infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus. He didn’t reply; I’m not even sure he read my email.

I didn’t tell him that according to the latest data from the NHS in the UK, the percentage of those who die from the WuFlu after being “vaccinated” is roughly the same as it is for the unvaxed. And I especially didn’t tell what the experts say all those boosters will eventually do to him after he’s had enough of them. I don’t tell any of my vaxed friends about those things — since they can’t do anything about it once they’re vaxed, why would I want to ruin their day?

I refer to my friend’s syndrome as “Corona Psychosis”. It’s completely irrational, recognizes no evidence that might contradict it, and is clung to with a ferocity reminiscent of a religious mania.

It should have its own entry in the DSM-5.

There is a lot of variation in the severity of Corona Psychosis. My first thought was that my friend is at one extreme, but after pondering it for a while, I realized that some people are even more Corona psychotic: even if they’ve been vaxed, they stay shut up in their homes, don’t socialize except on Zoom, order necessities online as much as possible, and sanitize every item that comes into the house. I know some people like that, but obviously I don’t see them anymore.

People at the opposite extreme — and I am one — don’t observe any of the restrictions and prophylactic measures except to the extent that they would for a flu outbreak or something similar. Prudent caution, in other words. Live your life normally, insofar as it’s possible to do so these days. Stay home if you have symptoms.

Some people have milder versions of the Corona Psychosis. They wear masks when they go to the grocery store. They don’t hug anyone except immediate family members. They wash their hands more than they used to. But they don’t live in constant fear.

Almost everyone I know is vaxed, so I’m praying that all the horror stories about it are wrong. Some of them got the jab for the sake of expediency, not because they were afraid of the dread Corona. One guy wanted to go on a cruise, which required the vax. A woman got the jab because her much older husband was afraid he might catch COVID from her. And so on.

Interestingly enough, most of my college-educated friends fall into the “very fearful” category. All of them have been vaxed, and some of them are more relaxed about the whole thing now. But others are afraid.

Another data point: all but two of my college-educated friends are retired employees of the federal government. So there’s a correlation there, but that doesn’t imply causation.

I also find it interesting that the federal government lures people with college degrees like a Venus fly trap draws in flies. I’m the odd one out — virtually my entire cohort spent their careers working for the feds and are now reclining on the luxurious retirement cushions provided by FedGov.

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A Defector From the Borg

Ole Skambraks is an employee of German public broadcasting. His latest essay also brands him as a heretic in the Church of Corona and a traitor to the Pandemic Narrative.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Multipolar Magazin. The translator includes this prefatory note:

I find it quite amazing that he addresses something we’ve been complaining about for YEARS. This is nothing NEW, but it took this Plandemic to rattle his (forced-funded by the taxpayer) gilded cage and wake him up. Better late than never, and I guess we should be thankful for even this little crumb of guilty conscience.

The translated article:

I can’t do it anymore

In an open letter, an ARD [German regional public broadcaster] employee is critical of one and a half years of Corona reporting: Ole Skambraks has been working as an editorial staff member and editor with public broadcasting for twelve years.

I can no longer be silent. I can no longer silently accept what has been going on for a year and a half at my employer, the public service broadcaster. In the statutes and state media treaties, things like “balance”, “social cohesion” and “diversity” are anchored in the reporting. The exact opposite is practiced. There is no real discourse and exchange in which all parts of society can find themselves included.

Right from the start, I was of the opinion that public service broadcasting should fill exactly this space: promoting dialogue between proponents and critics, between people who are afraid of the virus and people who are afraid of losing their fundamental rights, between vaccination advocates and skeptics. But for the past year and a half, the space for discussion has narrowed considerably.

Scientists who were respected in the time before Corona, who were given space in public discourse, are suddenly crazy, tinfoil-hat wearers or Covidiots. As a much-cited example, reference is made to Wolfgang Wodarg. He is a multiple specialist, epidemiologist and long-standing health politician. Until the Corona crisis, he was also on the board of Transparency International. In 2010, as chairman of the health committee in the Council of Europe, he exposed the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the swine flu pandemic. At that time he was able to express his opinion personally on public broadcasting, but since Corona this has not been possible anymore. So-called fact-checkers have taken his place and discredit him.

Crippling consensus

Instead of an open exchange of views, a “scientific consensus” was proclaimed, which must be defended. Anyone who doubts this and calls for a multidimensional perspective on the pandemic earns outrage and malice.

This pattern also works within the editorial offices. I haven’t been working on the daily news for a year and a half, which I’m very happy about. In my current position, I am not involved in decisions about which topics are to be featured and how. Here I am describing my perception from editorial conferences and an analysis of the reporting. For a long time I did not dare to step out of the role of the observer; the supposed consensus seemed too absolute and unanimous.

For a few months now, I’ve been venturing out onto the ice and making a critical comment here and there in conferences. This is often followed by a concerned silence, sometimes a “thank you for the suggestion” and sometimes an instruction as to why this is not so. Reporting has never emerged from this.

The result of one and a half years of Corona is a division in society that is second to none. Public broadcasting plays a major role in this. It fulfills its responsibility to build bridges between the camps and promote exchange less and less.

The argument is often made that the critics represent a small, negligible minority, to whom one should not give much space for reasons of proportionality. This should be refuted at the latest since the referendum in Switzerland on the Corona measures. Although there is no free exchange of opinions in the mass media either, the vote ended at just 60:40 for the government. Is it possible to speak of a small minority with 40% of the votes cast? It should also be mentioned that the Swiss government had linked the Corona aid payments to the vote, which may have influenced the decision of some to tick “Yes”.

The developments in this crisis are taking place on so many levels and affecting all parts of society so that right now we need not less, but more free space for debate.

What is revealing is not what is discussed on public broadcasting, but what goes unmentioned. There are many reasons for this, and it requires an honest internal analysis. The publications of the media scientist and former MDR Broadcasting [regional public broadcaster] Councilor Uwe Krüger can help, such as his book Mainstream — Why we no longer trust the media.

In any case, it takes some courage to swim against the current in conferences where topics are discussed and discussed. Often the one who can present his arguments most eloquently prevails; in case of doubt, the editorial management decides, of course. Very early on, the equation was that criticism of the government’s Corona rate belongs to the right-wing spectrum. Which editor dares to express a thought in this direction?

Open questions

The list of inconsistencies and unanswered questions that have not received substantial coverage is very large:

Why do we know so little about gain-of-function research (research into how viruses can be made more dangerous for humans)?

Why does the new Infection Protection Act state that the basic right to physical integrity and the inviolability of the home can from now on be restricted — regardless of an epidemic situation?

Why do people who have already had Covid-19 have to vaccinate again even though they are at least as well protected as people who have been vaccinated?

Why is “Event 201” and the global pandemic exercises in the run-up to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 not discussed or only in connection with conspiracy theories?[2]

Why was the internal paper from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, known to the media, not published in full, and discussed in public, in which it was demanded that authorities must achieve a “shock effect” in order to clarify the effects of the Corona pandemic on human society?

Why does Prof. Ioannidis’ study on the survival rate (99.41% among under 70-year-olds) not make it into a headline, but rather the fatally false projections by the Imperial College (Neil Ferguson predicted half a million Corona deaths in the UK and beyond in the spring of 2020 2 million in the U.S.)?

Why does an expert report prepared for the Federal Ministry of Health say that the occupancy rate of the hospitals in 2020 by Covid-19 patients was only 2%?

Why does Bremen have by far the highest incidence (113 on October 4th, 21) and at the same time by far the highest vaccination rate in Germany (79%)?

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Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on the two great shibboleths of modern political correctness: COVID-19 and climate change.

Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

(Or the confessions of an inveterate kludge)

KLUDGE (Klooj) — N. Disparaging term for genetically unmodified human being; see also “uber”.

These are words that blend nicely: Medical tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten days’ time; climate tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten years’ time.

In a godless environment these are real and morbid fears, fully justified when mankind boasts invincibility but cannot hold back the waves of nature. “DO SOMETHING — ANYTHING” people scream at their leaders, and expect a response.

People get very angry when they go to a doctor and don’t get a bunch of pills to pop. Prescribing placebos is not uncommon so I am told.

About three years back I had a heart attack, not a big one, but painful and a shock. Cardiovascular disease is a symptom of an underlying failure. Modern medicine assumes it is all to do with ‘cholesterol’, at least that is what it tells its clientele, and cholesterol is what has, in the past, been taught at med school. First it was all cholesterol, and we had to give up butter and chicken skins. Then it was low-density cholesterol, and we all had to take statins. Then along came vLDL and we all had to lose weight. The cholesterol-centric view is outdated, but is still mainstream in the doctor’s surgery and in the pharma advertising. The underlying inflammation causing the cholesterol/plaque is largely ignored.

So I was given a handful of pills and told to make a will. There was no attempt to find out what the underlying cause(s) might be. Modern medicine is a profit-making concern, so it treats the symptoms, and is not the least interested in ‘healing’. To heal, one must find the cause, and that is not instantly profitable.

Luckily, I could afford private medicine. I went to a real healer: my daughter is studying to be a naturopath. I asked her advice, and I subsequently met Etti.

I spent almost a whole morning with Etti going through my back history, starting with childhood problems.

She then arranged for me to have a full GI tract analysis. It came back with a surprise: malnutrition — fat malabsorption, and subsequent problems with fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K. The vitamin D deficiency was serious and debilitating and had been so for many years.

I was a scrawny child, so much so that my mother took me to the doctor as a ‘fail to thrive’ problem. The doctor was dismissive — “children don’t starve themselves.” Nobody bothered to ask me; I could have described the gagging (GERD) and the overwhelming tiredness, the aches and pains in my limbs…

This was within ten years after the end of the war — British society had all sorts of consequential hang-ups over food, and a little boy gagging and vomiting was just prima-donna behaviour.

I came to dread mealtimes, at school and at home. I had a reputation which I just could not live down.

It was sixty years later that Etti found the problem, Celiac disease — to me the gluten in wheat, barley and rye is poisonous and over time, stops the small from intestine digesting food and causes leaky gut syndrome and its subsequent cytokine storm and rabid inflammation.

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I Don’t Want to Talk About It!

The following clip is an excerpt from a panel discussion about the vax on Spanish TV. When the talk turns to the dangers of the experimental mRNA treatment for the Wuhan Coronavirus, half the panelists are unable to bear any further conversation and walk off the set.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Dr. Silvana De Mari is an Italian physician, psychotherapist, and surgeon who has also written a number of fantasy novels.

In the following video Dr. De Mari calls out her fellow physicians, the medical establishment, political leaders, and trade unions for their complicity in the disastrous actions (and inaction) against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The excerpt below from an Italy24 News article provides some background on Dr. De Mari:

How Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Order of Doctors (not very well)

Doctor Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Turin Medical Association because she did not want to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. In a video posted on her Facebook page and in a post on her blog De Mari responded to the sanction in her own way, using the metaphor of chess and claiming to have been suspended “by the Order of Chess but they did me no harm because I’m so retired. But there are many painful chess players who are facing dramatic problems in order not to suffer something in their body that they do not want. They were the best chess players and I’m proud to be part of that number.” For De Mari, the suspension “was an act of heroism. We will appeal and win because sooner or later courage wins.” In addition, she announces “a social network where we can talk for the cost of a cup of coffee, and sooner or later the Black Queen will checkmate.”

Video transcript:

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People-Smugglers Love Luciana Lamorgese

Last week I reported on the reaction of Matteo Salvini to an incident in the Italian beach resort of Rimini where a Somali culture-enricher ran around stabbing people, including a young child.

In the following video Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), makes some acerbic remarks on the same topic, and chastises Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese for her other official actions as a member of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Caliphate Advances in Sweden

Below is a view of the 9-11 anniversary as reflected in local political events in Sweden.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this editorial from Katerina Magasin:

20 years after 9-11, you can be charged if you call an Islamist extreme

September 12, 2021

I didn’t write anything yesterday on the 20th anniversary of terror in the USA when Islamist terrorism claimed thousands of lives and forever tore open a bottomless wound in the free Western world. Social media still simmered and boiled filled with memories and reflections, mainly what people were doing themselves when news of the planes hitting the Twin Towers like an exploding suicide belt on all the information channels. Perhaps, I myself remember most clearly the feeling that it couldn’t be true. That it was a bad joke. And that the day after, we awoke to something that could be most described as a huge hangover, anxiety, and sadness. What strikes me today, 20 years and one day later, is how quickly the Islamization of Europe, in Europe in general and Sweden in particular. is going. Islam is gaining more ground, and with the argument of “religious freedom”, it advances its positions-though Islam primarily is a political ideology and a legal system, where religion is mostly a facade. Churches are proposed to become mosques, minarets are built, calls to prayer are permitted. More and more girls and women go around dressed in full-covering Islamic dress. In more and more areas, sharia trumps Swedish law. Imams decide, not Swedish courts. But worst is the mental breakdown of freedom of expression. Court proceedings against former Social Democrat politician Ann-Sofie Hermansson in Gothenburg [prosecuted for defamation as a result of her blog posts] is a clear symbol that Islamists use our own democracy to suppress and obtain the right to exercise their anti-democratic ideology. As I write this, I am thinking: Can I be reported for blasphemy?

You can read the background of the trial against Ann-Sofie Hermansson here.

In short, it can be said that Hermansson called extremists extremists. There is no other way to say it. And here is where it becomes difficult. Should we not be allowed to criticize a political ideology that in many ways goes against principles that all humans have equal value, equality before the law, freedom of speech, and our freedom to criticize ideologies and religions? I think that these positions being advanced are an extremely destructive and unfortunate development. Particularly when Swedish Public Service — which should be objective, non-partisan, and neutral — actually takes sides against Ann-Sofie Hermansson and thinks it is acceptable that her right to express her opinion must actually be tested. “A blessing,” they write that this, that the question be judged in a higher instance. Perhaps Public Service wants us to no longer call extremists extremists? That it should be criminal?

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It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

The Final Solution to the Wuhan Coronavirus is upon us. Our Israeli correspondent MC has some thoughts about our dystopian future.

It Can Never Happen Here — Can It?

by MC

“Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Above: Memorial plaque at the Institute of Anatomy in Strasbourg. Translated, it reads, in part: “In memory of 86 Jews murdered in 1943 at Struthof by August Hirt, professor at the Nazi Reichsuniversität in Strasbourg. Their remains rest in the Jewish cemetery in Cronenbourg… Remember them so that medicine shall never again be misguided.”

Islam sees death as an important part of life, but to an atheist, death is a termination of all things, and all achievements. Thus the fear of death becomes a potent part of life itself, and thus experimental medicine, designed to keep us alive, becomes a source and excuse for planned terror in and of itself. Not only must medicine cure us, it must mitigate symptoms and prevent the disease spreading. To achieve that last, however, it is obvious that everybody MUST participate.

Covid-19 is not a universal killer, and it seems the younger and healthier you are, the less effect it has. For those under 60 it is on a par with a regular flu attack even if the ‘long haul’ symptoms are tiresome.

So we have to put up with unbelievable panic and hysteria because atheists need to ‘do something’. The idea of an ‘act of God’ is a blasphemy to them, and sanity must be sacrificed on the altar of control and safety.

King Canute demonstrated to his sycophantic courtiers his inability to rebuke the tidal flow. He was honest about his limitations and accepted that some things were just, well, ‘acts of God’. Which is how we have always coped with epidemics, and the great majority of us survived, time and time again.

My mother used to talk of how nasty diphtheria was; I think some of her classmates died of it. I can only imagine how traumatic that must have been, but this lady also lived through the blitzing of Portsmouth (UK) by German bombers for whom the dockyard there was a legitimate target.

She was about 13 years old at the time.

Here in Sderot we get blitzed with 40 kg missiles. My mother had to get used to 250 kg bombs.

Their attitude to diphtheria was fatalistic, and they did not let it ruin their lives. By the time I came along, the diphtheria menace was almost eradicated. Better food (school lunches) and better sanitation had made our immune systems stronger. The DTP vaccine came later — when diphtheria was no longer a menace.

We were left with measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough. I had them all; none were dangerous, and they left my immune system primed for the rest of my life.

The COVID vaccine may or may not be effective; it seems to be in dispute. But here in Israel the ‘breakthrough’ cases — and there are a lot of them — are mainly amongst the elderly, those who got the vaccines early. We will see how that situation unfolds…

Are we seeing the consequences of men playing ‘god’, of a ‘King Canute’ who actually believes he can stem the tide? It sure looks like it. Flu epidemics, left to their own devices, tend to fizzle out within three months. It is like scratching the measles spots, which can cause even more complications, and mRNA vaccines are not calamine lotion…

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Crossing the Rubicon

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his take on the impending Great Reset, as seen from a British perspective.

Crossing the Rubicon

by Seneca III

(Agamemnon) …I risked a snub. ‘Why are we doing it, sire?’

Atreus paused in his pacing and supported himself with an arm outstretched to a colonnade’s crimson pillar. Sunken blue eyes examined me closely. ‘Apart from material gain I have two purposes. First, by expanding our territory to make Mycenae Achaea’s paramount power. Second, to close the coast to seaborne Dorians infiltrating across the Gulf.’

‘They are crossing in numbers, sire?’ Bunus inquired.

‘The movement’ said Atreus grimly, ‘has attained the proportions of a mass immigration. They land and take to the mountains, where they reinforce the Goatmen. If we don’t soon stop it we will be embroiled in a ceaseless war of attrition. And not Mycenae alone. Every civilised city will likewise suffer.’

Heroes shook doubtful heads. Some smiled behind their hands. Goatmen raids and counter-raids had become a way of life, a competitive military exercise to keep warriors on their toes, a salutary irritant like blistering a horse. None conceived them a major menace.

Atreus’ far-seeing vision proved everybody wrong.

— From ‘Warrior in Bronze’ by George Shipway. First published by Peter Davis Ltd 1977, Copyright © George Shipway 1977.

Do nations commit suicide without ever realising they are doing so? Doubtless they do. I look around me these days and I see and hear of things happening throughout the West that I could never have imagined even in my darkest dreams.

Whilst I appreciate that life and culture are both dynamics and the evolution of human social-political organisation is a continuous process, I see nothing that would encourage me to think this current vector will in any way lead to a better world and way of life. It would appear that the people of Britain and Europe, invaded from without and betrayed from within, have become so scared of losing what material things they have accumulated that they do not comprehend the actual horrors of the poverty, strife and lack of any personal freedom that Multiculturalism and the Great Reset will bring.

They appear to have given up all hope of holding onto the freedoms that our ancestors purchased for us with their blood. Rather, they have chosen to quietly sink into quasi-servitude, afraid to fight for that which is ours, ours to hand on to our children, not to anyone else. They huddle around the warm fire of history hoping for better times and doing nothing to counteract the increasingly threatening noises in the darkness behind them.

In essence, Britain is being conquered by a cabal of governing cliques who are determined to destroy our whole way of life. The rulings coming out of Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff, initiated or parroted by an equally treacherous media, are carefully devised to disenfranchise long-heritage native Caucasian citizens and foreclose any effective resistance to our ethnic cleansing.

They have organised it in such a way that our once green and pleasant land has been fragmented by an invasive horde of predatory alien cultures and primitive belief systems encouraged, enabled and supported by our own political, spiritual, corporate and civil institutions. Metaphysically speaking, we are being subjected to the ideological equivalent of a scorched earth policy. Popes, Archbishops and other princes of the Christian Church have close-ranked with and genuflected before the purveyors of a barbaric political power system founded on atrocity and slavery several centuries ago and maintained thereby to this day.

By effecting this sedition through innocuous pinpricks over a period of decades they have induced a terminal osteoporosis of that conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of a strong, functional society must be anchored. Thus, it is inevitable that the full extent of our weakened condition will only become apparent when one straw too many finally breaks our back, and by then both the will and the means to resist will have been sapped, and the complacent masses will find themselves unarmed and unorganised, naked in the face of their enemies.

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A Judicial Revolving Door for the Culture-Enriching Rapists of Lethbridge

Our Albertan correspondent DL sends this follow-up to last week’s report on the culture-enriching “grooming gang” of Lethbridge and Calgary.

The Insanity of Our Courts Continues

by DL

The Lethbridge Muslim “groomers” are being protected now by a publication ban on the details of their bail amounts and bail conditions. Alberta Provincial Court Judge Jerry Neil LeGrandeur issued bail for most of the Muslims on the sex-grooming charges, but applied a “publication ban” on the details of that bail issuance and its conditions.

You will notice in the stories below that Judge LeGrandeur, in ordering a publication ban, also ordered the accused to “surrender their passports”, which virtually guarantees these vile men are some of “Justin Trudeau’s Darling Refugees”.

This judicial lunacy of using unlawful leniency when dealing with refugees was manifest in Lethbridge, Alberta in 2016. That year Wijdan Yasir, a Pakistani National, had sexually assaulted three women in the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn hotel in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Wijdan Yasir was released on a $1,000 “no cash bail” by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan. Wijdan Yasir jumped his bail twice and failed to appear, and in spite of his criminality on the repeated breach of his bail conditions, Yasir was re-released back into the community before his trial, again by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan.

Before his trial on the sex assault charges, Wijdan Yasir finally fled to Pakistan, where he remains to this day. Out of reach of Canadian courts, out of reach of justice.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan was promoted to the Alberta Court of Queens Bench as a sitting judge.

Incredibly, in spite of Wijdan Yasir fleeing the country after being released on a “no cash bail”, as detailed in “Story Two” below, Alberta PCJ Judge Jerry LeGrandeur still allowed one of these current Muslim sexual predators to be released on a $2,500 “no cash bail”.

This is the totally dangerous, incompetent, negligent, corrupt and politically activist insanity of our justice system in Canada.

This cannot be tolerated.

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