Anestos Canelides

2010   May   29   The Last Empire
    Jun   18   The Muslim Devastation of India
    Aug   20   Are They Lying to Us?
    Sep   28   Devshirme: A Muslim Scourge on Christians
    Oct   6   AIFD: Friends of America and Freedom
    Dec   3   A 19th-Century Jihad on American Shipping
2011   May   29   Borders, Language and Culture
    Oct   18   The Jihad Against Dogs
        31   Slavery and Jihad
    Nov   15   Abuse of Power
    Dec   10   Islam is not a Pacifist Religion
        28   Those Evil Crusades
2012   Mar   25   Why Do We Tolerate Their Intolerance?
    Apr   6   History is the Fairest Instructor
        21   Jihad: The Law of War
    May   27   The Arab Siege of Constantinople
        29   Her Adversaries Have Become the Master
2013   Mar   2   When the Arabic Language Became Supreme
2014   Oct   25   ISIS: The Modern Islamic Scourge
2015   Dec   10   UC Merced Stabber: Al Sunna, The Way of Mohammed
2016   Mar   1   Jihad in the Hadith: The Call to Fight the Kafir
    May   12   When There Were No Moderate Muslims
    Sep   24   Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

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