Michael Stürzenberger

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2013   Apr   13   PI and Die Freiheit: “Hostile to the Constitution”
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    Dec   6   “The First Signs of the Civil War in Germany”
        14   “We Will Write History With This Referendum”
2014   Feb   8   “Islam is a Dangerous Ideology”
    May   20   “History is Repeating Itself”
    Jun   27   Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood
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2015   Jan   6   BBC Interview With Michael Stürzenberger
    May   24   “It is Not Possible to Think of Giving Up”
    Jun   12   The Grand Mufti: Airbrushed Out of German History
    Jul   1   Germany’s “Christian” Democratic Union Becomes the Muslim Democratic Union
    Nov   22   Michael Stürzenberger: Silenced in Graz
2016   Dec   30   Michael Stürzenberger Writes the Swan Song for Die Freiheit
2017   Aug   18   Michael Stürzenberger: Six Months in Prison for Posting a Photo of Hitler and the Mufti on Facebook
        18   Interview With Michael Stürzenberger About His Trial
    Sep   1   Poland Takes up the Case of Michael Stürzenberger
    Oct   3   Afghan Will Kill You!
        17   Allah Shall Punish You All!
        26   Michael Stürzenberger: “They Would Love to Just Throw Me in Jail for Good”
    Dec   5   Michael Stürzenberger’s Conviction Overturned
        6   Interview With Michael Stürzenberger About His Victory in the Appeals Court
        15   Michael Stürzenberger Convicted for Referring to “Asylum Parasitics”
2018   May   2   Michael Stürzenberger on Muslim Jew-Hatred in Germany
    Sep   23   Michael Stürzenberger Enrages Muslims by Filming Their Street Prayers in Munich
2019   Jan   10   Michael Stürzenberger: The Fight Against the Immigration Pact is Just Beginning
    Mar   20   I’m a Muslim and a Doctor, so I Know Better Than You!
    Jul   23   The Political Persecution of Michael Stürzenberger
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    Sep   16   Jews Are Possessed!
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2020   Oct   10   Hooray for Chirectomy! Let’s Hear it for Lapidation!
    Nov   2   Michael Stürzenberger Mobbed by Antifa and Muslims in Kassel
2022   Mar   29   Michael Stürzenberger: Sharia Law is Being Integrated Into Our Legal System
    Aug   22   Michael Stürzenberger Bashed in Gladbeck
    Sep   9   Michael Stürzenberger Sentenced to Six Months in Prison