2014   Oct   26   No To Salafist Pigs!
        28   Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West
    Nov   17   “I Stand for the Cause”
        17   “This Is Our Country”
        26   Another PEGIDA Protest in Dresden
    Dec   3   “Dresden Shows the Way”
        16   PEGIDA Takes Wing in Dresden
        18   A PEGIDA Christmas
        18   The Mystery Flag Revealed!
        22   A PEGIDA Roundup
        22   The German Awakening
        22   The Multi-Culti Potemkin Village
        23   “The Ignorance and Mendacity of Our Politicians”
        27   Finding PEGIDA
        30   PEGIDA: “Xenophobic, Racist, and Misanthropic”
2015   Jan   1   Sixteen Arguments in Favour of PEGIDA Taking to the Streets
        1   Refusing the Islamization of France
        2   No to the Islamization of France!
        4   The German Festival of Madness
        5   PEGIDA in Sweden
        5   The Anti-PEGIDA Media
        6   BBC Interview With Michael Stürzenberger
        8   Explaining PEGIDA to the World
        9   The Justice Minister Finds PEGIDA “Revolting”
        11   PEGIDA is Not the Disease — It is the Symptom
        12   40,000 People March Against Islamization in Dresden
        18   January 19 PEGIDA March Cancelled
        24   “Our People Must Not Be Replaced”
        25   “Dresden is Leading the Way”
        26   A PEGIDA Triptych
        26   “You Are Part of Something Huge”
        28   An Israeli Addresses PEGIDA
        30   Merkel and Local Authorities Cut the Head off the Hydra
    Feb   2   PEGIDA Comes to the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin
        3   Nicolai Sennels and PEGIDA in Denmark
        13   The Best Spontaneity That Money Can Buy
        16   Götz Kubitschek’s Speech in Dresden
        17   Pegida Wants to Govern in Dresden
        26   PEGIDA: Bachmann, Stadtkewitz, Mund
    Mar   10   PEGIDA Rising
        17   The Red-Green Instruments of Discursive Dominance
        27   The PEGIDA Chronicles
    Apr   6   Communists Against PEGIDA
        13   Geert Wilders Speaks to PEGIDA in Dresden
        17   “We Are the Torch-Bearers for Our Own Civilization”
    May   4   Eyewitness Account: Pegida in Copenhagen
        4   “For Freedom” in Copenhagen on the 70th Anniversary of Liberation
        12   A Vigorous Defense of Western Values
    Jun   28   Sweden = Fascism
    Jul   3   “How Much Cruelty and Horror is Necessary Before You Take Action?”
        10   “Is This Really the Sweden You Want to Leave to Your Children?”
        15   We Know Where You Live! We’re Going to Beat You Up!
        31   A History of PEGIDA
    Sep   23   PEGIDA on Orbán: Protect the Borders of Europe
    Oct   1   The Folk Festival of Racism
        12   “We Stand Together to Save Our Culture, Save Our Countries, and Save Our Future”
        12   Götz Kubitschek: A Call to Civil Disobedience
        17   Dethrone Them Now!
        19   “This Current Immigration is an Invasion”
        21   Record Attendance at PEGIDA
        22   A Year of PEGIDA
        23   Czech Delegation to PEGIDA Attacked in Dresden
        25   SPD: Prosecute PEGIDA to the Fullest Extent of the Law
    Nov   9   Antifa vs. PEGIDA in Utrecht
        30   A European Union of “We the People”
2016   Jan   6   The New Leadership of PEGIDA UK
        15   Totalitarian Britain and Political Dissident Tommy Robinson
        17   Come to Birmingham With PEGIDA on 6 February
        19   Gavin Boby in Dresden: “We Have No Choice But to Stand Up To This”
        20   Feel the Hate!
        21   Tatjana Festerling: “Germans are Prisoners in a Trap of Propriety”
        23   PEGIDA UK Pays a Visit to PEGIDA DK
        24   PEGIDA Conquers Europe
        24   Anne Marie Waters in Copenhagen: “How Dare You Unleash That on European Women?”
        24   Progressives Raise the Alarm About PEGIDA Flanders
        25   Paul Weston in Copenhagen: “The Media Cannot Ignore This Forever”
        25   Tommy Robinson in Copenhagen: “Unite Europe Like Never Before!”
        25   Tanya in Dresden: “Our Culture is European, Not Islamic”
        25   Tatjana Festerling in Dresden: The Prague Declaration
        26   PEGIDA Representatives in Prague: “We are the Voices of Europe”
        27   Tatjana Festerling: The Pitchfork Affair
    Feb   5   Tatjana Festerling: Tomorrow Europe Takes to the Streets
        6   Gavin Boby in Copenhagen: “The Koran is the Source Code of Islamic Doctrine”
        7   PEGIDA UK: Birmingham, February 6
        8   It’s a Trap!
        8   PEGIDA DK: Tania G. in Copenhagen, February 6
        9   Tatjana Festerling: “Germany is an Open-Air Psychiatric Hospital”
        11   Sir Robert Peel be Damned!
        11   A Druid Land, A Druid Tune!
        13   Tatjana Festerling Interviewed on French TV
        13   Holger Danske is Stirring
        14   Christine Tasin: “The Reconquista Has Truly Started”
        14   Pierre Cassen in Paris: “We Have Seen the Acts of Resistance Multiply”
    Mar   26   Tatjana Festerling on the Soros-Brokered Migration Deal Between Europe and Turkey
    Apr   6   Tatjana Festerling: For God’s Sake, Put Merkel in a Straitjacket!
        25   Lutz Bachmann on Insulting Erdogan
        26   Tatjana Festerling: The Price of Liberty is Courage
    May   8   Vermin on Trial in Dresden
    Jul   14   The PvdA Wants to Keep Dutch Ed in the Pigpen
    Nov   1   “We Know Where You Live”
    Dec   6   Bringing Christmas to the Anarchists and Muslims of Nørrebro
2023   Aug   10   We Lawyers Want to Silence You
        10   The Forbidden Video
        21   The Koran in Tatters
        22   “Twenty Years of Bad Policy”
2024   Jan   13   Violent Culture-Enrichers Stop Koran-Burning in Arnhem
    Mar   22   No Longer Welcome in Arnhem
        28   Interview With Edwin Wagensveld

5 thoughts on “PEGIDA

  1. As the first to comment I’d like to say thank you. And as someone with some experience in these things I’d like to suggest that while the list is still short that you put the most recent articles at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. A bit of a pain now, but you will soon thank me.

    • Thank you. Well, since the archive system is automated, it would mean doing all of the archive pages that way, not just this one.

      Let me think about — I’ll see if I want to revise everyone’s page in that fashion.

  2. Sirs,
    This may not reach you as i do not have a website. Plus I am only one person, but someone who has long been reading & has been enlightened by the various writings of Mr Nicolai Senels. I am not a racist but I do fear and mistrust the Muslims here in Australia & worldwide. My husband & I lived next door to a family of Muslims for over 20 years. On the surface they appeared as anyone else, but gradually over a period my family & i became aware of the frequent arrivals of police cars outside their house. The wife spoke perfect English, the husband none at all, they had 3 teenage boys (when we moved into out home there) who we were told has may run ins with the law, drugs and stealing. We being private people kept to ourselves. But the wife made numerous efforts to become friendly. Time passed, then one night three police vehicles chased the husband all the way to their home. The next day the wife was on our doorstep spinning a tale about her husband being drunk. We were cordial but disbelieving. Three police cars AND a divisional van do not chase an elderly man for drunken driving. There were about 8-10 police officers in the ‘armada’. Within about 2 weeks their house was up for sale & they left Australia for Turkey (their country of origin) a week before it was sold. Leaving behind a house full of furniture & $1000’s of other goods. Plus a garage filled with new electrical goods & garden articles, all new. The new neighbours told us all the details, or that which they knew of. Two of the (now young men) sons went with them& one remained here. For a family in which the mother was the only bread-winner (father on invalid pension & sons on the dole), as they appeared to want for nothing it did seem odd. The wife told us they had to return to Turkey as her mother was desperately ill. She has told us a couple of years previously exactly the same thing including same mother. I have no idea where they went or why but of course suspicions were raised by other neighbours. It was clear they were all lying at various times but what struck us was their amazing ‘acting’ ability. That was our only encounter with Muslims in Australia. Now, years later when Muslim intent & actions here in our country began to rear it’s ugly head my mind always goes back to this Turkish family. This is just one tiny unimportant incident but to us it eventually became an eye-opener. Since my dear husband passed away suddenly 2 years ago, I began to do my own research from afar on the origin & beliefs of Islam. I was a writer, but only a minor one, unpublished & never submitted for publication. So it gave me an interest that has become a passion.
    Then i, by chance read an article od an interview with Mr Sennets. i WAS HOOKED.
    delighted to read he may be organising a political party. Trough his talks, his obvious love of his country & his bravery in speaking out loud and clear, his determination shines through. assuredly he has placed himself in much danger . I hope & pray he stays safe. For myself I wish to say thank you sir. Trough various channels i have been putting your name out there, talking & writing about what you have written & always placing a link at the end of each ‘post’. You are an incredible young man.

    Kay L Boucher
    Victoria, 3977,

    • Our countries (I am from Germany ) are being invaded by Muslims/Africans and our politicians are so PC and afraid of losing their jobs, that they actually promote this sort of rubbish
      Stay well and take care


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