Lutz Bachmann on Insulting Erdogan

We’ve been focusing recently on the court case against Tommy Robinson in the UK, but it’s important to remember that politically motivated prosecutions against Islam-critics are underway all across Western Europe. For example, two leaders of PEGIDA in Germany are currently facing legal difficulties. Tatjana Festerling is under investigation over the “Pitchfork Affair”, and may eventually be prosecuted for it. And Lutz Bachmann went on trial last week for epithets he used against immigrants on Facebook two years ago. So it’s not only Turkish President Erdogan (a.k.a. “Recep Goat Boy”) who cannot be criticized under German law, but any foreigner.

Below are excerpts from a public talk given by Mr. Bachmann just before his court appearance on April 19. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:32   It is odd that so much attention is paid to a really just bad,
00:36   defamatory, and insulting poem
00:40   by a previously almost unknown comedian.
00:44   It stinks to high heaven, if you ask me. Why did a chancellor have to comment on it?
00:50   For me it is — and I can reassure you, I really do not like Erdogan,
00:54   he is an idiot in my opinion, but that is another story —
01:02   And now a question. Imagine
01:06   the outcry by the lying press, if it hadn’t been
01:10   that little state TV boy, but me, who had read that poem.
01:19   I bet they would have arrested me right on stage,
01:24   taken me into custody, and the outcry about
01:28   insult and defamation would have been immense.
01:33   I think they would have butchered me.
01:36   The headlines would have been: PEGIDA boss vilifies Turkish head of state,
01:40   Or: Nazi from Dresden insults president Erdogan, etc. etc.
01:44   Well, now that it affected a rather unknown and unimportant
01:48   patient from their own press ranks, the outcry is loud,
01:52   and you have to wonder, at least I do,
01:56   why suddenly there is such a fuss about it.
02:00   I think it is a deliberate attempt to distract from things that are currently on the
02:04   decision makers’ desk, such as TTIP, CETA [EU-Canada economic agreement],
02:08   the Ukraine conflict, sanctions against Russia.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

3 thoughts on “Lutz Bachmann on Insulting Erdogan

  1. Yes it’s quite convenient how all these trade agreements are never reported on in the news, and it’s not entirely because of their secretive nature.

    Distract, divide, intimidate, bribe. Those are the primary means of control.

    Is there some trade agreement watch blog similar to the refugee resettlement watch blog?

  2. It may be a good opportunity for all of the readers to report goat jokes involving Mr Erdogan to the Turkish Consulate in the Netherlands, as I have just done. The address that they were using for complaints, according to the Washington Post, is:

    There were some great, I mean terrible, jokes here:

    that I found when I used the quick search option with the word “goat”. Strangely, they didn’t specifically mention Erdogan, but every one I read made me think of him.

    I reported it using this anonymous remailer:

    – first testing that the mail got through to my own account. The option that worked was choosing guerrilla and electing to scramble the address. Hopefully the same settings would see the mail get through the consulate’s system – I would hate it if such libel wasn’t exposed.

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