Nicolai Sennels and PEGIDA in Denmark

Long-time readers are familiar with the work of the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels, who recently started a Danish branch of PEGIDA. Mr. Sennels has now been threatened with the loss of his job. Below is a report on the TV debate about the issue from our Danish correspondent Liberty DK.

February 02 on Danish TV — DR2

Debate on Danish TV between Rasmus Jarlov (Conservative) and Jan Hoby (Socialist) re Nicolai Sennels, leader of the Danish branch of PEGIDA

by Liberty DK

The program aired yesterday evening (with a rerun this morning) on Danish TV, on one of our most trusted news channels, DR2. The debate was between Rasmus Jarlov, one of our Conservative leaders and left-winger Über Socialist Jan Hoby from (LFS) the National Association of Social Pedagogues on the topic of Nicolai Sennels and why he should (or should not) lose his job as a psychologist in the public service. An action almost singlehandedly instigated by Jan Hoby, and which has now become quite a public kerfuffle.

In the debate Jan Hoby was virtually frothing at the mouth from repressed rage, stabbing his finger in the air, stuttering with indignation and practically vomiting bile about how inappropriate it is that Nicolai Sennels, a psychologist, should be working for the public service, given his views on humanity. In the debate he was throwing around a plethora of seriously libelous claims about how Nicolai Sennels was a “professional racist”, lumping him in with Nazis, racists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes as he in the very same breath proclaimed, in self-aggrandizing self-righteous tones, how WE the people (with himself at the helm of course) draw the line at THAT sort of thing and yada yada yada…

He furthermore pulled all sorts of below-the-belt stuff about how his fellow pedagogues had been suspicious and unhappy and made nervous by Nicolas for a long time. However, when Jarlov challenged this claim, Jan Hoby failed, in any manner, to verify any of said complaints made by anybody about Nicolai Sennels. No letters, no phone calls to so on and soon… nothing. Apparently just his “word”. His explanation of this rather incredible lack of evidence was that they had been afraid of incurring a veritable “s***storm against Muslims, thereby threatening their freedom of expression”…

Rasmus Jarlov was very cool, calm, collected, factual and well-spoken during the entirety of the debate. While he said that he didn’t always agree with Nicolai, he stuck to his guns and insisted that freedom of expression was a cornerstone of our society and must not be tampered with in order to promote a particular political agenda. He made a quite clear and concise point that it was very very obvious to him that Jan Hoby was merely out to wipe out a political competitor and put a gag on freedom of speech, and attempting to, as socialists are wont to do, stifle/kill public debate/opposition… Freedom of expression — as long as it is their views that are expressed, of course.

Then as the coup de grace, a photo was shown on the screen of Jan Hoby’s office with a bust of Ho Chi Minh and a framed picture of Lenin proudly and prominently displayed, after which the host of the debate Niels Krause-Kjaer confronted Hoby as to the appropriateness of a display in his office of these two questionable gentlemen whilst at the same time questioning Nicolai Sennels “view of humanity”? A clearly legitimate question which Hoby blithely and offhandedly dismissed with “it’s not the same thing”.

Of course it isn’t. It’s far worse, if you ask me.

It was a slam-dunk, an ignominious defeat of Jan Hoby, showing him in no uncertain terms as the loudmouth Communist clown that he is (in full rabid bloom), and Rasmus Jarlov as a CLEAR winner in the debate. It was an absolute pleasure to witness, and I would be sincerely shocked should Nicolai lose his job. Perhaps Denmark is really starting to shape up! Wouldn’t that be nice…

Sweden may be lost, but we aren’t yet.

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12 thoughts on “Nicolai Sennels and PEGIDA in Denmark

  1. I know I’ve mentioned this before, and I apologise if I’m beginning (maybe I’ve already begun!) to be tedious, but this brings to mind a fairly recent exchange I’ve had with my Co0nservative MP (UK) – the essence of which is:

    Conservative MP – “Taking everything into consideration, immigration has been beneficial for Britain.”

    Me – “What exactly did you take into consideration and precisely what cost benefit analysis did you employ in order to arrive at your conclusion?

    Conservative MP – “Taking everything into consideration, immigration has been beneficial for Britain.”

    • Well, you’re there in England so I’ll have to take your word if you can come up with something–anything positive which has come out of muslim infestation of Eurabia, fo I see nothing.

      OK, I’m in Canada, but I’ve seen every few years how muslim infestation has benefitted my wife’s country, Norway, so I’ve made a list of positive points below, for you to compare with the islamic advances in England………

    • What is killing the west is its politicians, who speak in generalizations: muslims enrich our culture, muslims create jobs, muslims contribute to our progress, if there were no muslims we would not be where we are now. Muslim values are our values. Oh I see. (s)He is right. Muslims hate Judaism and Christianity. Politicians do the same. Their values are the same. A western politician can’t wait until an imam applies for the church he passes by every day, on his way to proselytize the weak-minded, to be converted to a mosque, and the politician agrees with light speed. And both are rejoicing for destroying a symbols of “oppression and darkness.”

    • I too have had a similar experience with my federal MP, Bob Baldwin, who has blocked any emails, refuses to answer my letters and will no longer take phone calls in person from me. Simply because I asked him some questions he did not wish to answer.

      And like your situation, the current political process is now a lost cause.

  2. For those who are still in doubt about the benefits of enforced multiculturalism, I would suggest watching Sam Kiley’s current Sky News report on no-go areas in France.

  3. Meet Jan Hoby, enemy of mankind. It’s really about the only conclusion one can reach about such vile creatures. He just wants people to shut up, lay down and accept their deaths while he tells them lies that even a dim wit would find implausible.

  4. Hello, maninthepub.
    Not tedious at all; this is the first time I have seen this MP-constituent exchange. It reminds me of the “artificial intellegence” telephone solicitations I receive. To everything you say, your AI interlocutor has an answer. But if you ask what day of the week it is, you get an answer like, “I’m new here, and I don’t know the answer to your question. Let me connect you to my supervisor.”

    At least your MP’s mail-answering software has some rudimentary AI. But if you want a real challenge, contact Dr. Imad S. Enchassi of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, who on his bio page
    brags about his certificate of “Apostolic Succession”. Try contacting him at
    and asking him exactly what this certificate certifies, and the names of all his successors it lists. He said he would publish his certificate on his website, but he hasn’t.

    In any case, he will be encouraged that his fame has spread beyond Oklahoma, all the way to far-off pubdom. See if you have any more success than I have had in getting him to publishing his certificate.
    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY, USA)

  5. @maninthepub—That sounds like “As we all know, the science is settled.” Mindless arguments–rhetorical flourishes.

  6. The real outrage is not what Hoby has in his office. The real outrage is that such a thing exists as National Association of Social Pedagogues. “Pedagogues” are the ones who infected the West first with the Communist, then Socialism, then the Postmodern and now the Muslim dhimmitude virus. In country after country, the teachers, the teachers unions, are the most leftist of the socialist spectrum and the most fanatically PC/MC too.

    Why were they left unfettered to sabotage the brains of the young for a good 90 years now? What kind of fools are on “our” side, i.e. the “conservatives,” the “capitalists,” the “traditionalists,” the “Christians,” to have entrusted the grooming of young, pliable minds to overt enemies of this civilization?

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