Michael Copeland

2014   Oct   15   The Mindset Need
2017   Dec   28   Tariq Ramadan: The Artful Dodger of Oxford
2018   Jan   4   Instructing “Radicalisation”
        5   In Their Own Words
        16   Surveys and Percentages
        17   Tariq Ramadan — “Freedom of Conscience”
    Feb   27   A Million Parasites for Ireland
    Mar   6   Tariq Ramadan Lies About Jihad
        23   The Crushing of Irish Culture — It Has Been Decided
    Jun   20   What Happened at Baltimore
2019   Jan   23   Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami
    Feb   8   Mosques: Learning Curve Needed
    Mar   15   “I Fought Back”
    Apr   14   Tariq Ramadan: Respect
        19   A Lexicon for Politically Correct Multiculturalists
        22   Islam’s Sex Slaves in Britain
    May   3   Vox and the Enemy
        19   Farage’s Fatal Flaw
    Jun   6   The Lamentable Shortcomings of Some English Judges and Senior Lawyers
    Jul   25   The West Made Wild
    Aug   22   Killing Someone Who Deserves to Die
    Oct   4   Self Defence: Where Do You Stand?
        12   Islam: The Learning Curve
        25   “For Peace”
    Nov   4   “And Take Their Wives as War Booty”
        9   EU Nation-Breaking
        16   Book Reviews: The Koran
    Dec   3   Courage: What Would WE Do?
        14   Defend Liberty!
        23   Islam’s Hatred Problem
2020   Jan   4   The New Normal: A Warning
        10   “We Are At War”
        13   Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed
    Feb   1   Islamic Sedition
        4   Islam’s Agenda: Muslims Speak
        11   Muslim Rapes: The Government Misinformed The House
        19   Attacks on Utilities
        26   “You People Will Never Be Safe” — Jihad Killings in Islam
    Mar   3   The Well-Organised Invasion
        11   “It’s Their Interpretation of Islam”
        13   The “Islam is Peace” Deception: Six Statements
    Apr   8   “I Renounced Islam”
        15   Quiz: Who is Being Referred To?
        25   Easy Guide to Sharia Law
    May   14   It Has Nothing of Value
        22   Islam is Incompatible With Democracy
        29   Ten Rules for Politicians
    Jun   22   Europe Down the Pan
    Jul   11   History Quiz