Michael Copeland

2014   Oct   15   The Mindset Need
2017   Dec   28   Tariq Ramadan: The Artful Dodger of Oxford
2018   Jan   4   Instructing “Radicalisation”
        5   In Their Own Words
        16   Surveys and Percentages
        17   Tariq Ramadan — “Freedom of Conscience”
    Feb   27   A Million Parasites for Ireland
    Mar   6   Tariq Ramadan Lies About Jihad
        23   The Crushing of Irish Culture — It Has Been Decided
    Jun   20   What Happened at Baltimore
2019   Jan   23   Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami
    Feb   8   Mosques: Learning Curve Needed
    Mar   15   “I Fought Back”
    Apr   14   Tariq Ramadan: Respect
        19   A Lexicon for Politically Correct Multiculturalists
        22   Islam’s Sex Slaves in Britain
    May   3   Vox and the Enemy
        19   Farage’s Fatal Flaw
    Jun   6   The Lamentable Shortcomings of Some English Judges and Senior Lawyers
    Jul   25   The West Made Wild
    Aug   22   Killing Someone Who Deserves to Die
    Oct   4   Self Defence: Where Do You Stand?
        12   Islam: The Learning Curve
        25   “For Peace”
    Nov   4   “And Take Their Wives as War Booty”
        9   EU Nation-Breaking
        16   Book Reviews: The Koran
    Dec   3   Courage: What Would WE Do?
        14   Defend Liberty!
        23   Islam’s Hatred Problem
2020   Jan   4   The New Normal: A Warning
        10   “We Are At War”
        13   Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed
    Feb   1   Islamic Sedition
        4   Islam’s Agenda: Muslims Speak
        11   Muslim Rapes: The Government Misinformed The House
        19   Attacks on Utilities
        26   “You People Will Never Be Safe” — Jihad Killings in Islam
    Mar   3   The Well-Organised Invasion
        11   “It’s Their Interpretation of Islam”
        13   The “Islam is Peace” Deception: Six Statements