EU Nation-Breaking

Migrants are being stealthily imported into the European Union in large numbers. A similar process is also occurring in the United States. In his latest essay, Michael Copeland points out that these operations may be surreptitious, but the ideological groundwork is not. The intentions of the planners was not occluded; their statements are part of the public record for those who care to look for them.

EU Nation-Breaking

by Michael Copeland

A community in Bavaria, Germany, was surprised back in 2014 to find deliveries being made of basic beds to an apartment in a small block: twelve beds, arranged as if in dormitories, in a two-bedroom flat with one lavatory. This was to house twelve African so-called “asylum-seekers”. If this were a student accommodation, that arrangement would fail the minimum requirements. No doubt planning regulations in Germany forbid so many inhabitants in one small flat. All those considerations are apparently swept aside. There had been no previous announcement, no seeking of agreement, no listening to objections, no consultation at all. That is what was inflicted on those ordinary Bavarians. Maybe it will be coming soon to an apartment near you.

This is EU nation-breaking. High-handed, totalitarian, undemocratic, a conspiracy against the local people, it shows, up close and personal, how indigenous communities in EU states are being invaded, and their cultures deliberately exposed to adverse pressures and hostile competition. This insidious policy is not confined to Germany. Scottish and English cities have had their share of “asylum seekers” planted on them, and are finding out the hard way how problematical it is to have whole communities of greatly differing culture side by side: so too, France, Sweden, Spain and so on. Remember, though, it is kaleidoscopic, vibrant, exciting, and diverse, all hideously inappropriate terms compulsorily used to impart a positive spin. Hear at first hand what the experience is like. Amanda Andrews tells us:

“Multicultural and diverse must mean dominated by Muslims. … Vibrant just means rubbish, noise, crappy halal takeaways, vandalism and men trying to hit on me and abuse me. Exciting must only mean having fear and a pounding heart when I have to walk around this place.” (LibertyGB Facebook, now unavailable)

The twelve fit strong young African tribesmen will have known no German, but would have had predictable interest towards young women. Muslims are instructed in their mosques that women who are uncovered are asking to be raped, and that it is a Muslim’s right to take them. Perhaps these young men are some of those who entered the EU as invaders, by boat to Lampedusa, or by scaling the fence in Melilla, one of the Spanish territories on the coast of Morocco. If so, they have demonstrated that they are not law-abiding, but are law-breaking invaders. What will they be doing by day and by night? The community can justifiably have concerns about crimes such as rape, assault, robbery, and burglary, and car-burning, as in Berlin and many French cities.

Here is another example, this one from Sweden:

“So the city decided: To hell with the [locals], get them out. We want state money, get lots of refugees in here quickly before the locals understand what we are doing.”

Those are the words of a local councillor, Annika Lohmarker. See this video.

Sweden — the government, that is, not the people — announced an open door to Syrian refugees with all necessities provided, and a quick route to Swedish citizenship. There was not a numerical limit to it. The people were not consulted.

Nation-breaking is an unannounced EU policy. It is not about asylum: it promotes colonisation. Here and there appear little insights into what has been decided behind closed doors. The late bullying and tainted Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for International Migration, and instigator of the misleadingly-named Global Forum on Migration and Development, was disparaging about any sense of national identity:

“We still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

Hear a leading left-wing politician, the Sixties anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit:

“We… must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”

Almost word for word that could have been spoken by Tony Blair or Gordon Brown with regard to Britain, and maybe it was. The Brussels monster, as Dutch Freedom Party politician Geert Wilders describes it, is a menacing danger. “De-homogenising” is destruction of our indigenous culture. There is trouble ahead.

Coming soon… to apartments near you

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16 thoughts on “EU Nation-Breaking

  1. To modify a phrase from Claire Wolfe; “(Europe) is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the (illegitimates).”

    I cannot help but think what the traitorous elites who are perpetrating this madness must be thinking. Do they really think that they will not escape the consequences of their actions? I remember reading about past revolutions and the bloody excesses thereof; the Great Terror of the French and Russian revolutions and all the innocents that were killed. I think I now understand why so many innocents were slaughtered by otherwise ordinary people; it was not enough to only execute a nobleman or an upper class aristocrat for their excesses. Death was not sufficient punishment for their crimes, they did not suffer nearly enough for the crimes they had been accused of, and for that reason it was necessary to put their families to death along with them.

    The traitors that are enabling, perpetrating, and otherwise allowing this invasion and destruction of the culture, heritage, and birthright of native europeans are stacking up these same judgements and punishments upon themselves and those they are related to. And when the time comes they will richly deserve it.

      • An endless cycle of death and destruction……

        1789, 1803, 1870, 1914, 1939, 1947, 1968, 1989, 1992, et al?


        Certain people never learn.

        I am writing a piece on these very problems and its evil cause…

        Envy and violent greed of Socialism…..

        • I am reminded of the quote, They have voted in socialism today, for tomorrow we shall have to shoot our way out of it.

    • But what is their endgame?

      Are they not thinking of the future (their not many descendants, how they will live)?
      What about them? Do they think they will live in luxury till they die in their 90 or 100?
      They will need food, carers who change their diapers, security people who are willing to kill to protect them etc.

      It is known that muslims feel only loyalty to their tribe so if we Europeans are replaced by them then the security People guarding those elites will be muslims sooner or later and they will open the doors to the Grand houses of the rich and pampered elites because their holy book tells them that everything from the infidel is their to take.

      I am reminded of a story I once read. It was about the last Sultan of Cordoba (I think). He fled to muslim territory and about 200 years later or so someone tracked down his descendants. They were living in abject poverty in the slums of a muslim city.

      Do our elites not think that this will be the fate of their descendants?

    • “Do they really think that they will not escape the consequences of their actions?”

      Quite the reverse, they think they will escape the consequences of their actions.

      I’m quite sure they already have their escape routes carefully planned and wealth safely deposited in safe havens.

      I am surprised that they think that’ll save them though.

      • Very instructive is the example of Operation Nemesis which was carried out to avenge the deaths of the Armenians following the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turks.

        All the money and hiding places in New Zealand will not be enough to escape retribution by the survivors of the Post-EU Wars of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing. I think some of the actions of the traitorous elite can be attributed to cognitive dissonance, but I believe the vast majority of their actions is better explained by simple arrogance.

    • “I cannot help but think what the traitorous elites who are perpetrating this madness must be thinking. Do they really think that they will not escape the consequences of their actions?”

      The last words, “the consequences of their actions”, strike at the heart of the matter. The people-importers don’t consider the true consequences, they imagine fictions, that agree with the stories they tell themselves and believe. When others point out the reality, they imagine new, easy fictions to explain the others and their views, fictions that fit the existing, shared, import-friendly narrative. That is natural and it avoids destructive ostracism (being a traitor) and painful mental dissonance.

      The people-importers can continue to live and inhabit their agreeable make-believe, until the day (which may not come within their lives) when they are hit with the reality – good and hard. You can perhaps gauge just how long that could be, by local examples, where an elite continues to work in a decaying city, but don’t actually live there.

      If this is all obvious, please say so, and I will keep quiet. There is little joy in even thinking about it.

        • There are an awful lot of weapons in private hands in Europe too from the many wars of the last century. Organized violence by the state against native Europeans is still too effective for these weapons to be brought out of hiding at this time.

          • Just as easy to buy from the blaclk market, ask some of those Poles, Russians and other east Europeans, they can get you what you need. Or so I have heard 😉

    • ..” Do they really think that they will not escape the consequences of their actions?”..
      You Westerners are so naive :-)) of course they will not !
      One way ticket to Israel will solve the problem….

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