The Modoggie Archives

Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs

2007   Jul   23   The Swedes Narrowly Avert Their Own Motoon Crisis
        26   Modoggie #2
        27   The Prophet as an Obedient Retriever
    Aug   14   That Doggone Mohammed
        18   Swedish Muslims Will Exhibit the Modoggies
        18   Lars Vilks Dogged by Death Threats
        23   Modoggies Make it into the Swedish MSM, But…
        25   Oh, No! It’s Happening Again!
        27   Sweden Gets Sent to the Woodshed
        27   An Ironic Rondellhund
        28   Now We Know Who’s Behind the Modoggies
        29   Swedish Muslims Form Anti-Free Speech Committee
        30   Pakistan Objects to the Modoggies
        31   The OIC is Barking Now
        31   A New Modoggie Protest in Örebro
        31   Swedish Flags are Burning
        31   The Cavalry of Neo-Colonialism
    Sep   1   Weekend Modoggie Roundup
        1   The Swedish Prime Minister is Adamant
        2   Egypt Weighs In
        2   Swedish Newspapers Stand Firm
        2   Cyber-Mujahideen Attack Swedish Websites
        3   Labor Day Modoggie Roundup
        3   Lars Vilks Agitates Against an Ethnic Group
        4   Is Sweden a College Campus?
        4   Modoggies: A Tuesday Smorgasbord
        5   Freedom of Speech Over Politics
        5   The Man Who Couldn’t Find Out How to be Afraid
        5   Lars Vilks Speaks Out
        6   Has Sweden Caved?
        7   OIC: Insulting Islam is an Illness
        7   Muslims Are Pleased With Sweden
        8   The Muslim World Should Boycott Sweden
        8   More Protests, But No “Demands”
        12   Sweden Apologizes Again… Or Not
        15   Lars Vilks Has a Price on His Head
        15   Modoggie Bounty Update
        16   Lars Vilks Plays it for Laughs
        17   Modoggie Monday
        17   Join the Art Project!
        18   Lars Vilks Earns His Fatwa
        19   Testing the Limits
        20   Lars Vilks is a Dead Man Walking
        20   Modoggies Ruled Non-Contemptuous
        20   Mahmoud Aldebe, Art Critic
        29   Theology, Repression, and Political Dictatorship: Part 1
    Oct   1   The Bounty on Lars Vilks
        1   Muslims in Karlskrona Protest the Modoggies
        2   The Modoggies Trip the Light Fantastic
        2   Turban Bomb Meets the Modoggies
        12   Outing Lars Vilks
        13   The Modoggies and Caliphate Now Network
        18   Portrait of an Artist with Mohammed
    Nov   7   The Art Project Advances
        12   Swedish Post Office Refuses to Handle a Modoggie
        14   Boycotting Sverigedemokraterna
2008   Feb   8   Norway Says No to Mohammed Watercolor
        17   A Trailer for “Dogs”
    Mar   8   The Prophet Cruises the Bar Scene
    Nov   23   Lars Vilks in the Crosshairs, Yet Again
    Dec   10   An Interview With Lars Vilks
2009   Jan   26   Our Very Own Modoggie
2010   Jan   4   Al-Shabab Threatens the Modoggie Man
    Mar   9   Conspiring to Murder the Modoggie Man
        10   A Modoggie Appears on Swedish TV
        11   Join the Art Project (Again)!
        14   The Ummah Condemns Lars Vilks
    May   7   Protection Racket
        11   Lars Vilks Attacked by Muslims — Again
        11   Video of the Attack on Lars Vilks
        11   Three Uninterrupted Minutes of “Allahu Akhbar!”
        11   Free Expression With Head-Butts
        13   Spat Upon and Reviled
        13   “Sweden Is Our Country, Too!”
        15   Arson attack on Lars Vilks
        15   More on the Arson Attack Against Lars Vilks
        16   Lars Vilks Discusses Home Security
        16   Arrests in the Vilks Case
        26   A Return to Uppsala
    Oct   1   Lars Vilks Cancelled in Philly
        2   Lars Vilks on the Philadelphia TV News
    Nov   26   Lars Vilks: Sweden is Too Cold for Jihad
2011   Apr   1   The Dog of Peace
        1   Those Islamophobic Roundabouts
    Sep   12   Al-Shabaab vs. the Modoggie Man
2012   Feb   23   Egging Them On
    Mar   17   The Prophet at the Carlsberg Brewery
    Sep   14   Relaxing With the Modoggies
2013   Feb   25   The Modoggies Come to Malmö
    Apr   25   A Roundabout Way to Promote Free Speech
    May   18   The Modoggies on the Road in Germany
2015   Feb   14   Assassination Attempt on Lars Vilks
    Mar   9   An Interview With Lars Vilks in Copenhagen
    Apr   15   What is Freedom of Speech?
2021   Oct   3   R.I.P. Lars Vilks
        4   Death at 100mph
        5   Muslims Cheer Lars Vilks’ Death
2022   Jun   30   The Mysterious Death of Lars Vilks
    Jul   12   The Grassy Knoll of the Lars Vilks Case

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