Cedar-Riverside Explosion

The investigation into the explosion and fire at 514 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, on New Year’s Day 2014

2014   Jan   1   A Fiery Dawn in Minneapolis
        2   Enter DHS — It Was a Gas Leak
        2   The Gas Company Says: “No Way!”
        3   Body #2 Found at Cedar Avenue
        3   A Funny Smell in Minneapolis
        4   Applying Occam’s Razor
        5   What the Police and the Gas Company Really Said
        5   Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part I
        7   Welcome to Minnedishu!
        7   Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part IIA
        8   Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part IIB
        19   Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part III
        20   Ember Days
    Feb   2   Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave…
        17   The Al-Shabaab Connection
        22   The EC Knows. Why Doesn’t the FBI?
        28   The Hawala Jihad Pipeline
2015   Jan   1   The Cedar Avenue “Gas Leak”, One Year Later
    Apr   3   Judicial Watch: What Happened on Cedar Avenue on January 1, 2014?
        12   A Fiery Midnight in Ottawa
    Jul   9   Cedar Avenue Explosion: An Islamic State Connection?
2018   Sep   28   The Cedar Avenue “Gas” Explosion Revisited
2022   Jul   9   The Cedar-Riverside Explosion, Eight Years On

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    • No, but I know that a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the victims. Maybe Henrietta can tell us more.

      Since the cause of the fire has not been officially determined, I assume that litigation will be delayed. If a gas leak is ultimately identified as the cause, then I expect the main target to be CenterPoint.

  5. The recent gas explosion in Harlem seems to confirm the GoV analysis that the Cedar Riverside explosion was not due to gas. There was also a recent gas explosion in a townhome or condo complex in MD (I think.) In each case the buildings are demolished and blown outwards with a debris field far from the site. Very unlike the result in CR. Also, in Harlem authorities are immediately checking soil for gas residues – something none of the stories about Cedar Riverside mention and which probably have been complicated by immediately bulldozing/contaminating the site.

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