5 thoughts on “Repression

  1. You are not alone friends. We will defeat them but it w take centuries.

  2. Erdogan is a neo-ottoman and fancies himself to be Sultan. He has re-established the Ottoman language in schools, and he is pushing the country back to orthodox islam, rather than the supposedly secular nation Turkey now is.

  3. I’m a writer / biographer of General Fritz Bayerlein – I am banned by Facebook for stating that “Muhammed was a bloodthirsty warlord” – probably reported by some muslim AND when I protested – a MUSLEMA’s name was on the bottom of the response – which was nothing. I’ve cancelled all my FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGES of which I had 1300 followers. I got a friend to post that I was banned by the GOEBBELS PROPAGANDA MINISTRY OF FACEBOOK. FACEBOOK COMPELETEY FROZE ALL MY PAGES. BASTARDS. I remember September 11th 2001. I saw the PENTAGON with a huge burning hole in the western side. I never forget! God Bless GATES OF VIENNA.

    • Everyone who values liberty over having a “following” eventually leaves FaceBook. FaceAche. FaceBreak. It’s a great space for images of puppies and kittens and babies…and leftist content. Otherwise, no.

      We never saw the point so when Zuckerberg tattled to Merkel about some German dude who dared to say something negative about immigration and he paid the price for that statement, we had our volunteer shut down our “page”.

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