Ashraf Ramelah

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah is founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a human rights organization, and a board member of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

2014   Jan   21   Western Media Distort Egypt’s Constitutional Approval
    Apr   14   Did the Muslim Brotherhood Instigate the Clash in Upper Egypt?
        18   Holy Pascha in Jerusalem
    May   12   Co-opting the Holocaust
        24   Who is Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi?
    Jun   20   The Pope at the “Apartheid Wall”
    Jul   6   Real Change in Egypt?
        20   Al-Sisi’s Struggle
        25   Egypt’s “Cold War” With the U.S.
        29   A Blow to the Muslim Brotherhood
    Aug   16   The Italian Revival
2015   Jan   16   Jews Cope With Egypt’s Hysteria and Revision of Jewish-Egyptian History
    Feb   27   Copts Beheaded in Libya, Copt Burned Alive in Egypt
    Mar   12   Letter to John Boehner From Voice of the Copts
    Jun   14   Will the Sharia save Morsi?
2016   Feb   16   Resisting Blasphemy Laws in Egypt
    Jul   14   Vatican Ecumenism Forsakes Egypt’s Christian Minorities
    Sep   23   If You’re a Copt, Mocking ISIS is the Same as Mocking Islam
2017   Jun   26   Reflection on Al Minya’s Bus Attack: How Massacre Leads to Sharia Law
    Aug   2   Lawful or Unlawful? Ask the Imam at the Fatwa Kiosk
    Oct   27   In Egypt, Modernity Does Not Include Civil Rights for Christians
2018   Mar   5   Egypt: Al Sisi’s Pre-Election Maneuvers Guarantee His March Victory
        29   Egypt’s Election: All Votes Will go to Al-Sisi
    Aug   5   Facebook Post Sparks Violence in Egypt: Copts Suffer
    Nov   4   Egyptian President Appoints Two Christian Governors, Defying Islamic Sharia
        29   Egypt: Proposed law to muzzle Muslim scholars and thinkers
2019   Mar   30   New Zealand Mosque Attack: Egypt’s Grand Imam Schools the West on Terror Equality
    Apr   19   Al Sisi’s Presidential Ambitions Conflict With Egypt’s Constitution
2020   May   10   Italy: Is Coronavirus Paving the Way for Dictatorial Powers?
    Oct   28   Open Letter to Al-Azhar Institute’s Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb
    Nov   27   Muslim Brotherhood Would Use a Biden Presidency to Advance “Congressional Jihad”
    Dec   10   The Anniversary of Egypt’s Maspero Massacre
2021   Jan   25   The Facebook Spring in Egypt
    Feb   14   Egyptian Court Favors Islamists: Al Sisi’s Statement to Macron Justifies Verdict
        25   Lockdowns Are Halal

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