Iyad Ameen Madani and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

2007   Aug   31   The OIC is Barking Now
    Sep   7   OIC: Insulting Islam is an Illness
        12   Sweden Apologizes Again… Or Not
    Dec   10   Countering Islamophobia
2008   Feb   17   Nice Little Civilization You Have Here…
    Mar   6   Our Man in the OIC
        13   An American Dhimmi in Dakar
    Apr   30   Is Europe a “Christian-Muslim” Continent?
    Jun   10   OIC: Time to Crack Down on Provocative Speech
        17   The OIC’s Plan for Fighting Islamophobia
        22   The OIC’s Crusade Against Islamophobia
    Aug   3   The Islam-Aligned Movement
    Sep   25   The OIC Fights Islamophobia at Columbia University
    Oct   11   Confronting Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
    Nov   1   Fisking Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
2009   Mar   5   Mandating International Respect for Islam
        20   What is Eurabian Culture?
2010   Jan   25   The Caliphate-in-Waiting
    Jul   27   Accommodating Sharia
    Oct   5   Decoding the Words of the OIC
2011   Jul   29   Pushback Against the OIC — From the UN
    Aug   2   The OIC Calls the Shots
        17   Whitewash in the White House
        22   The Breivik Portfolio, Part Three: The OIC Connection
2012   Feb   13   First Comes the Slap…
        15   Accolades for Ihsanoglu in Oz
2013   Jan   5   The OIC: Quietly Islamizing the West
    Feb   2   Beyond Islamophobia
        27   The Alliance of Civilization Jihad
    Mar   5   Reflections on a World Gone Mad, Part 1
        7   Reflections on a World Gone Mad, Part 2
        8   Reflections on a World Gone Mad, Part 3
        30   A UN Alliance Against Western Values
    Jun   5   Pushing Islamic Blasphemy Laws in the West
        23   The Istanbul Process Continues
    Oct   27   The Dangers of the OIC “Islamophobia” Campaign
2014   Jun   7   Promoting Peace, Harmony, and Magic Ponies At The OIC
        10   Czech President to the OIC: No Apology
2015   Jun   10   Stephen Coughlin: The Red Pill Briefing, Parts 1 and 2
        12   Stephen Coughlin: Part 3 of the Red Pill Briefing — The Quranic Concept of War
        13   Stephen Coughlin: Part 4 of the Red Pill Briefing — Jihad is Spiritual Warfare
        14   Stephen Coughlin: Part 5 of the Red Pill Briefing — The Islamic Movement
        15   Stephen Coughlin: Part 6 of the Red Pill Briefing — Graduates of Al-Azhar
        16   Stephen Coughlin: Part 7 of the Red Pill Briefing — “Interfaith Dialogue” and the Assault on Reason
        17   Stephen Coughlin: Part 8 of the Red Pill Briefing — Apples and Oranges
        19   Stephen Coughlin: Part 9 of the Red Pill Briefing — The Collapse of Faith
        21   Stephen Coughlin: Part 10 of the Red Pill Briefing — The Endgame of “Interfaith”
        25   Stephen Coughlin: Q&A After the Red Pill Briefing, Part 1
        27   The OSCE Wants to Enforce the OIC Narrative