2018   Aug   4   Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary
2019   May   23   Tommy Robinson: Viktor Orbán is the Defender of Europe
        23   In Budapest, the Muezzin Yodels for Guy Verhofstadt
    Aug   1   A Secret Message for the Ummah?
        2   Hello, This is Your Caliph Speaking!
2021   Feb   1   To Ride the Bus You Must Wear the Corona Hijab
        5   The COVID Comment Wars
    Apr   2   Corona Apartheid in Budapest
        4   Correction on the Bus Placard in Budapest
    May   5   We Have Ways of Making You Get the Jab!
    Jun   1   A Little Bird Told Me
        4   Vaccine Apartheid
        11   I Was Called a ‘Rat’ for not Wearing the Muzzle
    Aug   12   Medical Apartheid in Hungary: No Jab, No Healthcare
        14   A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of the NWO
        25   NWO Idol Pops up on a Budapest Street
    Nov   10   Zombie Jabocalypse
        23   Hungarian Media Outlet Normalizes Violence Against ‘Anti-Vaxxers’
    Dec   4   Normalizing Mass Murder
        5   From Berlin With Hate
        9   An Outcast’s Christmas
        11   When the Jab Goes Bad, the Government Steps in to Help
        20   Radio Gaga Teaches You to Love Your Slavery
2022   Jan   11   Welcome to the Hive!
    Mar   8   The Fog of Peace and the Clarity of War
        14   George Soros Issues Blueprint of Globalist WW3 Propaganda
        22   Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia
        27   “Listen, Viktor!”: Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy
    Jun   2   How Skeptical Should You Be?
        24   An Adverse Event in the Pool for an Olympic Swimmer
    Jul   8   No Fear of Cyborgs!
        25   The Psyop of the Great Collapse and the New Social Contract
        30   The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo
    Aug   2   The Nuclear Protection Racket
        6   Do Not Be One of the Kulaks of the Great Reset!
        21   Welcome to the Machine
        27   Stop Waiting For WW3
    Sep   2   Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone
        3   Let’s Play WW3, Fellow Puppets!
        16   After 2030 Comes 2060
    Oct   5   Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You
        8   The Assisted Suicide of the West
        12   Jihad Terror is a Now a Mental Disorder in Hungarabia
        14   Pimpin’ for the New World Order
        29   The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity
    Dec   6   The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom
2023   Jan   9   Teach Those Anti-Maskers a Lesson!
        17   The Drone Dystopia Takes Off in Budapest
        20   Totalitarian Tiptoeing Around the Money Machine
        25   Ethnic Cleansing of Hungarians in Ukraine?
        28   Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War