Ethnic Cleansing of Hungarians in Ukraine?

Update: By popular request, here is a map of ethnicities in Trans-Carpathia, which was called Ruthenia between the wars when it was part of Czechoslovakia, and Zakarpattia Oblast as part of Ukraine:

A substantial number of Hungarians live in southwestern Ukraine, in what is known as Subcarpathian or Trans-Carpathian Ukraine. The area was part of the Kingdom of Hungary for centuries before the Great War. Between the wars it was the easternmost region of the new state of Czechoslovakia, and was generally known as Ruthenia. After being occupied by the Soviets in the latter part of the Second World War, it was incorporated into the Ukrainian S.S.R., and thus became part of the newly independent Ukrainian state in 1991.

There are reports that members of the Hungarian minority in Trans-Carpathia are undergoing ethnic cleansing by being forcibly conscripted into the Ukrainian army and sent to fight on the most deadly sections of the front with Russia.

Our Hungarian correspondent László has excerpted from various Hungarian-language reports to produce the summary below.

Ethnic Cleansing of Hungarians in Ukraine?

by László

Hungary has been inundated with harrowing reports about the forced recruitment of our fellow Hungarians (and others) living as a minority group in Ukraine. The recruitment is brutal to the point beating up people or kidnapping them at gunpoint from their homes. Some brave journalists of the Hungarian media outlet PestiSrá who travelled to Ukraine to investigate the situation, report:

Men are Being Rounded up Like Cattle in Trans-Carpathia

Twenty truckloads of bodies of dead soldiers were sent home by the Wagner group on 13 January, according to shocking videos posted on the Telegram channel of the Russian private army that is playing an increasingly important role in the war. The video shows the bodies being lifted one by one into coffins. It is still only official that the Ukrainians have lost Soledar — but more and more information is leaking out that at least half of the Munkács128 Mountaineering Brigade, the Ukrainian army’s elite unit, may have perished in the biggest battle of the war. The crew of PestiSrá has been in Trans-Carpathia, where the worst forced conscription operation since the outbreak of the war is taking place. Due to the huge losses [of manpower], which are greater than ever before, drastic methods are being used to replenish the numbers. According to local sources, they plan to conscript 10,000 people from Trans-Carpathia by spring. In our report, we show you some quite astonishing footage that could almost be described as kidnapping. We have learned that last week alone there were 90 people in the conscription quota and only in the Chap district. The conscriptors either meet the quota or they are taken away themselves … into something that is a meat grinder — judging by the Soledar footage. In addition to this, the persecution and dispossession of the remaining Hungarians has reached an unprecedentedly brutal level in Trans-Carpathia. [reports Pesti Srá]

RMX News cautiously asks in its headline whether it is a targeted ethnic cleansing.

After skimming the entire Hungarian media in order to be able to answer this crucial question, I can conclude that there may indeed be a form of ethnic cleansing going on there — even though it cannot be directly proven at the moment due to the fog of war, and I am not in Ukraine.

So I could, also cautiously, draw the above conclusion only on the basis of indirect proof: the Ukrainian county where the most Hungarians are reportedly being taken away to the fiercest battlefields from where many of them never return, is the area of Munkács city. And that’s exactly the place where the Hungarian community has been most viciously attacked recently, for instance by taking down the Hungarian flag from community buildings and severely curtailing their community rights by banning their native language in schools and other public institutions, or firing school headmasters.

Ukrainians in political power seem to be using the meat grinder of the war for literally doing away with the Hungarian minority. One local man of Hungarian nationality in Ukraine, interviewed by Pesti Srá, said:

The Ukrainian authorities are using this situation “to take revenge on the Hungarians”.

It is unclear what exactly he meant by “revenge”, because I do not know about any previous atrocities committed by Hungarians on Ukrainians — but the bottom line is that the Hungarians indeed seem to be persecuted now.

Even though Hungarians (in Hungary) opine that it really is an ethnic cleansing, the media and politicians are reluctant to call it that:

“According to our information, many people are puzzled as to why it is always the Trans-Carpathian [mostly Hungarian minority] troops who are sent into the fiercest battles,” writes the conservative

This “puzzlement” is most probably the sign of cautiousness in the face of war, and the intention of avoiding direct conflict in order to avoid escalation, and solving the problems with diplomatic efforts. The Hungarian foreign minister warned:

“Ukraine will need European political decisions that will not be taken without us, and the more rights are taken away from the Hungarian national community, the longer they drag on restoring the rights of the national community that once existed, the more difficult it will be for us at home in Hungary to make decisions that require us to make sacrifices,” he said.

So Hungarian politicians have not yet said the silent part out loud, but instead they talk about the community rights. A Hungarian politician [in Hungary], Katalin Szili, said some days ago that

“The Hungarians of Trans-Carpathia have been taken hostage in Ukraine.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister’s envoy Katalin Szili, who was visiting Trans-Carpathia, said this after she was not allowed to enter the castle in the former Hungarian city of Munkács in Ukraine to celebrate Hungarian Culture Day on 22 January with groups of local Hungarians.

Mrs. Szili described the increasingly hostile attitude towards the Hungarian minority, as summarized by

“[Katalin Szili] said this was simply outrageous, especially towards an EU country. She added that by then they had already heard the news about what was happening in the district of Munkács — in Dercen and Fornos Hungarian flags and Hungarian language signs were removed, and the heads of the local cultural centre and the headmaster of the Hungarian school in Munkács, who had held the position for 17 years, were fired. We are talking about institutions that are maintained by the Hungarian state,” she said, writes

In Brussels, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó spoke out against anti-Hungarian attacks in Ukraine:

“These are all signs of a serious, concentrated anti-Hungarian attack”, he warned [referring to the sort of atrocities described above by Katalin Szili]. “All of this is unacceptable, and not only we Hungarians, but also the European Union must act against this. It is unacceptable for anyone to present this as a bilateral issue,” he added.

FM Szijjártó has addressed the hostile restrictions of the minority rights of the Ukrainian Hungarians, but has not, to my knowledge, explicitly talked about an ethnic cleansing that might be taking place under hellish wartime circumstances:

“Soledar and Bakhmut are hell on earth. The Ukrainian army must have suffered heavy losses here. From Soledar, the Wagner group has just released the remains of the deceased — which they claim were transported in 20 trucks. More footage has been posted on Russia’s Telegram channel of bodies left behind on the battlefield for long periods of time — soldiers who served their country or were taken to the front as victims of forced recruitment.

“Exactly how many casualties there might have been, how many people from the Ukrainian side lost their lives in the fighting, and how many of them were Hungarians from Trans-Carpathia, is not known. There are no official statistics, and if there were, they would be considered war secrets. Besides, it is also common practice to register fallen soldiers as missing in action, so that the families do not have to be paid for them,” an informant told us. We found the Telegram channel that is used specifically for searching for the missing, which already lists nearly 1,500 people. Two have been put on the list today. The most [names] have been put on it since mid-December,” Pesti Srácok reports.

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

20 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing of Hungarians in Ukraine?

  1. Right off the bat, I am thinking… Hungary has made its move, to grab Transcarpathia. I hope they do.

    Which is not to discount the possibility that Ze’s hordes are hunting down people there as well.

  2. The city of Munkács is also a seat of Jewish life, and has been for much more than a hundred years; my grandparents left there and came to New York, circa 1905-1910.
    There is currently a Lubavitcher yeshiva in Munkács, and a few New York Lubavitchers have moved back there.
    Just another pogrom to deal with.

    • Yes. I read an article recently about the Ruthenian Jews. It had a photo of them being herded onto a train bound for Auschwitz. It said they weren’t registered when they arrived, but were almost immediately exterminated, so that records of them are scanty.

      • The borders were always shifting eastwards or westwards, from one country to another; there’s an old joke about living in three different countries while growing up … always in the same house!

  3. Elensky will eventually get his just desserts.

    Someone from the Ukrainian cannon fodder who survives this NATO and US-instigated conflict will avenge their compatriots who were sent to slaughter so the Cokehead of Kiev could stash away a few more billion of ill-gotten funds from the American taxpayer while his mercenary skank of a wife (likely camouflage for his homosexual proclivities) could drop tens of thousands of dollars on shopping trips in Paris.

    He should take a lesson from Mehmet Talaat Pasha and Operation Nemesis.

    I doubt there is anywhere in the world that he will be able to travel to and powder his nose in safety after all of this is over, assuming that one of his lieutenants doesn’t knife him first.

  4. If there is a “military action” for which I have absolutely no respect for – then it is rounding up men and forcing them to go to war.

    I know it’s been like that for millenia, but still: The decision to join an army should be a private, personal decision of each individual man (or woman).

  5. Although Ukraine is governed by a Jew, its official ideology is rabid Ukrainian ultranationalism, so it is not only the Russian speaking citizens, but every ethnic minority that suffers from it – Hungarians, Gypsies, Romanians, Gagauz, Bulgarians – you name it. The dream of the ultranationalists is to make Ukraine a monoethnic and monoglot society.

  6. Digging further down the rabbit hole, the globalists aka WEF/UN/WHO/Rothschild/Club of Rome/Bilderberger/International Bank of Settlements/IMF/World Bank/Trilateral Commission/Council on Foreign Relations, require Putin to escalate the war using nukes to burn down destroying the planet’s economic industrial system. Rising out of the ashes will come the NWO, the 666 beast system everyone’s been waiting for.

  7. In Ukraine’s 2020 census, 70,000 people in Zakarpattia Oblast declared their ethnicity as Carpatho-Rusyn. We’re getting “cleansed”, too.

  8. I don’t think I would just sit and wait for the ‘press gang’ thugs to come get me or members of my family. Hungary isn’t that far away.

    • I wouldnt be surprised if the border is heavily patrolled.

      On the other hand: They could prepare their homes.
      The Vietcong was able to really hurt enemy soldiers with just nails and wood. And if you put on it what leaves the rear opening of a human or animal – welcome to infection.

  9. People should read about this kind of thing, and know about all the evils inherent in war. It is not just fighting and killing, it’s every other horrible thing you can think of , and then some. Families ripped apart, forever. Forced prostitution. Starvation. Disease without medicines, or doctors, or hospitals. Children growing up, if at all, with warped senses of dignity, truth, or normalcy. Filthy water to drink, and bathe in. Fear, 24/7, sleeplessness, lack of basic education, necessities, privacy, family growth. The list is endless, and after the war, survivors live in a prison of doubt and fear, for the rest of their lives. The people who start wars almost never pay these costs.

  10. “Ethnic Cleansing?” What the [vulgar intensifier] is that nonsense?! What are you, some TRANNY storybook reader? The word your [deprecrative adjective] brain didn’t search for in vain is GENOCIDE.

    • Calm down.

      It doesn’t really meet the definition of genocide because they aren’t killing the women or children, and even the men are not being explicitly killed, although the intent seems to be to send ethnic minorities to where the fighting is the heaviest with the expectation that if they are killed it isn’t much of a loss. More like an extremely cynical and callous action.

      Anyway, as I alluded to in my earlier post on this topic, there is a way to deal with such callousness, and the historical template is Operation Nemesis which was carried out by Armenian survivors of an actual genocide against those Turkish and Ottoman leaders most responsible for the genocide.

  11. After reading on site reports about how the ethnic Hungarians are being mistreated in TransCarpathia it is no surprise that Hungary wants to keep out of this as much as possible. The fact that Zelensky permits these abuses of citizens who are of a different ethnicity gives a good indication of how they will be treated IF the Ukraine should win.
    How much of this ‘cleansing’ is also motivated by the fact that Magyarorszag has not fallen down and worshipped at the feet of the big Z with unwavering and total committment to whatever he wants. PM Orban has been steadfast trying to do what is best for his country. 95% plus of the population is against the sanctions. He said: Hungary getting drawn into the war in Ukraine “is out of the question as long as I am prime minister” but he thinks it is too late for other countries in Europe.
    “The others are not only in danger, they have already been swept away,” he said. “If you send weapons, if you finance the entire annual budget of one of the belligerents, if you promise more and more weapons, more and more modern weapons, then you can say whatever you want. No matter what you say, you are in the war.”

    • Is there not something that NATO calls R2P Responsibility to protect?
      Ok, its just another word for invasion.

      But think of it:

      Hungary could use the R2P argumentation to invade Ukraine.
      Just sayin…

    • Zelensky and his cohorts are evidently far from being angels, but I’ve not seen any evidence of their deliberately targetng civilians, unlike the Russians.

      Regarding the ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine, are they being singled out for conscription, or treated like all citizens? The first is unacceptable, the second not. As a staunch supporter of Israel, I don’t understand why ultra-orthodox Jews are exempt, unless they are pacifists, in which case they should fulfil non-combatant roles.

      • I’ve not see evidence of the Russians deliberately targeting civilians.

        That doesn’t mean that in war civilians aren’t killed, and certainly there are sadistic anuses in all militaries that get off on killing, civilians included, for killings sake.

        Professional militaries don’t deliberately target civilians. The Russian military hasn’t done anything which the American military hasn’t already done in their many wars of liberation of brown people from their lives and resources to make defense contractors profitable again. Or which the British haven’t done during their multi-year indiscriminate nightime carpet bombing of German cities.

        • (Excuse late reply- busy weekend.) After WW2, the UN outlawed the deliberate targeting of civilians (as opposed to collateral casualties) as a war crime, so the US is guilty.

          In most modern conflicts, the ratio of civilian to combatants’ deaths is 4;1; in Israel-“Palestine”, it’s 1:1, even though the terrorists use their own civilians as human shields, which is a war crime. If the Russians aren’t igonring this, then they’re criminally careless.

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