The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom

Our Hungarian correspondent László takes a look at the long-term consequences of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom

Is Elon Musk Actually Building a Social Credit System Apparatus?

by László

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” (Murphy’s Law)

Elon Musk’s admitted strategic goal with Twitter is to use it as an “accelerator for an everything app” that he plans to create in the future. But where will it all lead? I have been trying to read between the lines and figure out what is behind Musk’s mask, by ‘doing my research’ and looking further into the future, in order to reconcile his stated plans with those of his fellow globalists. I had to use my paranoid fantasy a bit, in order to fill in the gaps that the propaganda on all sides leaves in the Narrative, and get to a point that is nearer to the truth.

In a simplistic view, an “everything app” or “superapp” is something that can do virtually everything for you, from chatting to payments. But there is much more to it — even if it is something St. Elon the Savior himself creates for us.

You might have suspected, just like me, that Musk may have some other goals with Twitter, beyond the honey trap of ‘free speech’ he is promoting it with. Coinmarketcap writes:

In a cryptic tweet shared with his 107.9 million followers, the billionaire declared: “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.” And when asked whether it would have been easier just to start “X” from scratch, he replied: “Twitter probably accelerates X by three to five years, but I could be wrong.

“Everything apps” haven’t really made a lasting impression in Western economies yet — but over in China, super apps have taken the economy by storm.

In China “super apps have taken the economy by storm” — and the society as well, I may add. In that light, the urgency of “Twitter accelerating X” is strange, to say the least.

Why does Musk want to have an “everything app” ASAP? Is that the zeitgeist, perhaps? Sure it is. But why? What does such an app do for a globalist? Why do globalists want so desperately to have “super apps” that take the economy [and society] by storm”? What do globalists want from the whole of the economy?

We all know the answer, but dare we say it?

In my opinion, as users of an “everything app”, (almost) everyone will be turned into a node in The Grid. The profit and power an “everything app” can generate will stem primarily from its ability to influence and control human behavior en masse.

And “information”, in this context, is nothing but your life: all what you do, say, think (!), buy and sell. According to Livemint:

Musk and members of his inner circle had also texted multiple times about the idea of adding digital payments to Twitter.

That’s comfortably reassuring. But how digital will those “digital payments” be? As digital as… the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)? Well, it will certainly be able to influence human behavior, then. But it does not even have to go full CBDC to be able to be coercive; it only has to be comprehensive. Which it will be.

Musk says that ads on his Twitter will have to correspond with content. This means that some of the content will be promoted because it will have to correspond with ads. Ads are mainly paid by giant global corporations that are ultimately owned by the Powers That Be. Thus an “everything app” will become an “elite” monopoly of the collective reality by promoting the “content” of Big Business. And Big Business will collude with Big Government — as we have been allowed to get a taste of during the plandemic. That collusion is what the WEF calls euphemistically “stakeholder capitalism”. Of course, it could not be farther from either “stakeholder” or “capitalism”. It is just what it is: Tech Fascism.

And how fascistic this Tech Fascism will be? Very — Firstpost writes:

In 2020, a Twitter user proposed that Musk create X “to ensure human survival and progress.” This version of X would be the parent company of Tesla, SpaceX, his brain computer company Neuralink and his tunnel construction company the Boring Co., the user suggested. Musk called the proposal a “good idea.

“Ensure human survival and progress.” If that sounds like a cover story, basis and excuse for totalitarian tyranny, it is because it is all of that:

These apps are meant to be able to arrange almost everything and contain everything and everybody. Hence the more you, as an individual, engage in the “monopoly of reality” the easier your life will be in a material sense. Therefore those who do not live their lives in the Grid, will have a much harder time in the virtual reality that will become the most powerful empire within the realm we used to call “reality” in the pre-digital era. The rules for entering the REALITY of the Grid and living in it will obviously not be prescribed by its nods (people), but by the owners of the corporations that pay for the ads (behavior modifiers) — and, at the end of the day, paid by the parasitic overclass.

Yet “They” will still keep saying that “you have a choice.”

Your “choice” will most probably look like this: Ultimately you become a power generator in The Grid, with very limited liberty — or you will be an outcast. An unrefusable offer from the globalist mafia. Within the Future Grid you will not even be utilized as a product (your actual functionality on social media at the moment), but rather a resource. Be a peasant in the fiefdom of virtual reality — or go live outside in the undigital world, like a wild animal, without basic necessities.

And once forced into the status of an animal or cattle, prepare for being slaughtered or hunted down by the predatory overclass. You will deserve it, since you have harmed the “progress” the Everything App has provided humanity for its “survival”, as Musk agreed. But at least you will still have a choice: be cattle within the System or fair game outside of it.

OK. Musk is a good boy who cares for you. Therefore Musk claims to abhor the idea of a social credit system.

Therefore we must examine whether it is a construct of a future social credit system that his planned “everything app” will boil down to.

No, literally speaking, it isn’t, because you will seldom be able to prove that you are being punished or awarded for your behavior. Perhaps you will never know for sure why exactly a corporation / government is not willing to employ you after you voted for the “Trump” of the time, for instance. And if you are not informed about your “credit points”, the social credit system remains in the sphere of plausible deniability.

But is the idea of the platform what Musk is planning to introduce potentially that of an actual social credit system? Yes, it is, because you will be forced to live in individually-tailored circumstances in the collective (virtual) reality — and eventually you will have no other place to live if CBDC is introduced. And you will be TOTALLY subordinated to the masters of collective reality, who will claim to do everything for the “common good”. And if you go against their will, you’ll be branded as the “enemy of the common good”. This is what I call ComTech (Communism based on technology).

Now the question arises as to how common the common good will be. Again, very common — as far as Musk is concerned, it will be “all-encompassing” — Firstpost writes:

During a question-and-answer session with Twitter employees in June, Musk said that he views the company as a digital town square “essential for a functioning democracy” but that it ought to include as much of the world as possible. To encourage people to use and stay on the platform, it should be more all-encompassing, like WeChat, he said.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth!

“All-encompassing”… like… TOTAL? So is it a totalitarian system rebranded? A rhetorical question.

Now, the gossip is that the PTB are planning to attach a unique universal ID to every single human being on the face of Earth. And in the future, you most probably will only be able to connect to the Internet (of things and bodies) with your unique ID. (Tyranny deniers think of the “Covid Passport”…)

Mix the “Universal Unique ID” with the “everything app”. What you get is in fact an “everybody app”: the world of perfect tyranny, because ALL the finest details of the personal data of your life will be known by the Grid owners, and influenced and utilized by them at the same time. All individuals will be hanging “vertically”, like bats, on the central system. Therefore any grassroots movement or “horizontal” organization among fellow human beings will become impossible, as will influencing the overlords that run the Grid up there. Power and information will flow in only one direction there: from the transhuman resources towards their overlords.

(That’s why the globalists, in their commie-sounding political lingo, state that “information is the oil of the 21st century.” This sentence is central even in the official Hungarian government strategy on “sustainability”, mind you. And the globalist idea behind the phrase pretty well explains why actual oil as a resource must be eliminated — but that’s another story.)

One may conclude that the above sci-fi vision of the possible outcome of an “everything app” is the ultimate totalitarian tech-dystopia itself. Whether we call it a “social credit system” is only a question of commie propaganda: I bet “They” will call it the Universal Society of Highest Benevolence and Liberty.

So is Musk the “good policeman” of the big game, whose job it is to herd those with “conservative sentiments” into the globalist slaughterhouse? The bottom line is that Musk’s planned “everything app” walks and talks like something that is suitable to host a future social credit system.

“But, but, but… Elon’s own social credit system will be benign, because…”

If you can finish that sentence in a way that makes sense, please let me know.


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10 thoughts on “The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom

  1. Look up his grandfather, one of the original technocracy true believers.
    The Communist News Network first revealed him back in 1999 as he bought a McLaren vehicle which was nothing to do with the “news” of the day.
    A WEF young leader who is onboard with all of their SPECTRE plans.
    He is serious about the technocracy of Mars and probably is a Raelian follower.
    The double digit IQ of Clown World makes all of this Kabuki possible.

  2. It is impossible to truly know what motivates Elon Musk but I doubt it is the desire to accumulate even more wealth. At some point the money becomes meaningless except for the power it gives one to accomplish their real goals.

    Many years ago I read a series of books by Michael Flynn; his Firestar novels. The wealthy heiress protagonist reminded me in numerous ways of Musk. Her main motivation was a fear of Earth-crossing asteroids and this drove almost every decision she made beginning with funding her own private space program, subsequent political, regulatory, and boardroom battles, and eventual deep space missions to deflect incoming asteroids.

    Perhaps what motivates Musk is truly as simple as his desire for making humans a multi-planetary species; he has openly many times said as much, and securing his immortality through his legacy. Everything he does is geared towards that goal whether it’s making a vast fortune through business or subsidy in order to use it for SpaceX, increasingly political acquisitions such as Twitter, and using his newfound toy as the mother of all bludgeons to attack the woke and the corrupt political, business, and cultural elites.

    If I had to guess, the latter games are likely because he has come to the conclusion that all of his plans regarding colonizing Mars will be for naught if there isn’t a serious effort to halt and reverse the deep cultural decay and the elite efforts to depopulate the planet and make the survivors into a kind of neo-feudal serf class. Being that he belomgs to that group he likely has a better idea than most of just exactly where they want to steer humanity and his picking battles with extremely powerful and shadowy individuals and groups demonstrates to me at least that he’s sincere.

    • Behind the scenes, Musk has made Soros very very angry and they cannot or won’t say what Musk did, so if it made Soros mad, Muske is ok in my book.

      • He wants to make humanity a multi-planetary spacefaring species and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

        Doubtless he has many personal flaws and all kinds of financial skeletons in his closet but I could care less since he is serious about colonizing Mars and the rest of the solar system and has the means to do it. Dreaming small certainly isn’t one of his flaws.

        Best of all, supporting Musk is showing one’s support for African American achievement!

  3. “Knowledge is power.”
    Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Game of Thrones

    “Power is power.”
    Cersei Lannister, after first ordering her guards to kill Littlefinger and then sparing him at the last second.

    I wouldnt be surprised if either Musk is part of them or if THEY will subvert Musk technology.
    But I still fear what was written.
    Their net will spread and there will be no escape once its out.

    Lets hope for a solar storm that destroys all electronics on Earth. Yes, we will be sent back to the Stone Age with millions of deaths but I prefer freedom (to die) to enslavement (and being made to suffer, because lets face it: Our Overlords hate those who dont comply with a passion and they will make us pay if given a chance).

    • Well, enjoy dying of cold/starvation/lackof medical care.

      I think the jury’s still out on Musk.

  4. Maybe “The Mark of the Beast” will be Google Glasses on your forehead (for Android users), and Apple Watch on your wrist (For Apple users).

    Columbia, Endeavor, Discovery, Atlantis…

    Atlantis = A superpowerful ancient civilisation that run like a “human machine”, where every individual had his own station in life, and whatever that human machine would be doing was decided by about 10 kings, who had been “gods” in their own right.

    I have no doubt about that “smartphone technology” is being pushed in the direction that your “App” will be telling you what to do, and checking whether you really do it. I can see it already being rolled out in construction business. Elon is right, we now need 10 apps that watch us and tell us what to do, one superApp would be very conveinent!

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