Green Dawn

A new German government headed by the Greens is becoming more and more likely in the near future. The following essay discusses the ramifications of that prospect for ordinary Germans.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Socially acceptable “climate neutrality” is impossible

by Wolfgang Hübner

Since the catastrophic flood, “Climate Policy” has become more popular again. After the Baerbock disaster, the Green Party will put all the levers in the media — to which it is so extremely inclined — in motion until the federal election in September to hammer the electorate: Man-made climate change in the world must under all circumstances and at all costs be slowed, at least in Germany. Incidentally, it is precisely the most anti-national political force in this country that tries to score points in terms of climate and energy with a completely unrealistic, narrow-minded nationalist course. Because little Germany, which does not want to control its national borders, can of course not set any limits on the weather or the climate.

But it is easy for the Green Party to spread such nonsense. The other established parties have long since submitted to varying degrees to the irrational Climate Religion. And the Federal Constitutional Court, firmly in the hands of these parties, has, as is well known, sanctified everything. Nobody knows how the gigantic amounts of energy that are required now, and even more so in the future, will be produced in Germany after nuclear and coal-fired power plants have been phased out. But if you look at the problems from a religious point of view, you don’t necessarily have to worry. After all, there are countries that continue to rely on nuclear power, coal or gas and like to earn money selling energy supplies to the promised land of wind power fanatics.

All of this has to be paid for by the many millions of energy consumers in the most densely populated Germany that has ever existed. But that’s not all: Since the insane goal of a so-called “climate neutrality” between Flensburg and Constance is being striven for, measures are to be implemented in all areas of economy, traffic and everyday life that will be absolutely certain — namely expensive! All political parties and actors know this only too well. But that is precisely why they are extremely reluctant to talk about it. One more reason to do it. Because the desired “climate neutrality” will not be expensive for its political and economic profiteers, but for taxpayers and energy consumers; that is, the overwhelming majority of Germans.

Since the willingness to embark on political adventures such as “climate neutrality” often stutters or even falters, at least with one’s own money, the climate-active parties are very keen not to cause any unrest among the electorate. Even the Green Party wants to make the expected burdens “socially acceptable”. And their established competitors blow into the same horn with different lung strength. But all of this is nothing more than deliberate political deception. Because even with only a superficial consideration of the problem, it becomes clear: For the majority of Germans, “climate neutrality” will be associated with significant losses in income and without consumption. Because the German state cannot possibly even cushion the burdens in a “socially acceptable” manner, let alone compensate for them.

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Wearing Out Their Welcome

It’s been six years since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders and invited the world to take up residency in Germany. Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube with some of the latest news on the Great Migration Crisis.

The first article discusses the fact that culture-enrichers are sucking up a larger and larger proportion of the country’s welfare payments. “Hartz IV” is a reference to the current social welfare benefits system in Germany:

13 billion euros for foreign Hartz IV recipients

Entitlements have doubled since 2007 — fewer German citizens receive benefits

The entitlement payments for Hartz IV recipients without a German passport have doubled since 2007 and have increased to almost €13 billion in 2020. In 2019 it was €12.5 billion. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Labour to a request from the AfD member René Springer, which was made available to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ).

In 2007, the claims of foreign Hartz IV recipients were therefore just under €6.6 billion. The increase to date has been around 6.4 billion euros. “Germany needs a restrictive immigration policy that effectively prevents poverty migration. Denmark shows us that such a policy is possible if the political will is there,” Springer told the NOZ.

Because the number of German Hartz IV recipients has declined in recent years, the payment claims of all beneficiaries have fallen by a total of €1.1 billion to €35.4 billion. The sum of the Hartz IV payment claims of German households decreased from almost €30 billion in 2007 to €22.3 billion in 2020. That is €7.7 billion less than 13 years ago, according to the answer from the Ministry of Labour.

In the group of foreign Hartz IV recipients, citizens from other EU countries had claims of around €2.6 billion. For people from the eight most important asylum countries of origin, it was a good €6 billion. More than half of this (€3.4 billion) went to refugees from Syria, followed by Iraqis (€825 million) and Afghans (€870 million).

According to the statistics, around one in ten beneficiaries (9.7 percent) is a Syrian. In 2007, almost 82 percent of all Hartz IV recipients were Germans; their share has now fallen to 62.9 percent.

Persons entitled to asylum in Germany are eligible for standard benefits according to the second German Social Code (Hartz IV) after one and a half years of residence at the earliest, if they cannot provide for their own maintenance.

More and more welfare, and also more and more knife attacks, according to the second article:

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Coronafascism is Here

Harald Laatsch is a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Harald Laatsch: How to build a totalitarian state

We have been held captive for more than a year by a plan that has never had the effects it was thought to have had.

All relevant groups are in the same boat. Political parties, media, churches, trade unions, associations and authorities. They all work in perfect coordination. If you look at the definition of fascism, you’ll feel embarrassed.

There is neither an overuse nor an overload of the health system, but a conspicuously high rate of vaccination damage and death. Coordinated on how things are going, the media report completely uncritically, almost propagandistically positive about the measures.

In the meantime, other states have long since proven that the threatened scenario with millions of deaths does not exist. The Swedes are leading the way, and they have good reason to do so.

We have been led to believe such a dramatic scenario before, but at that time nobody in Germany went with it: the swine flu. The initiator, same as this time: Drosten [the virologist Christian Drosten].

Back then, the Swedes were more gullible and let themselves be herded like sheep. The result? A high incidence of adverse effects from the vaccine that caused permanent trauma. The Swedes have learned their lesson.

But let’s come back to the establishment of a totalitarian state or, to make it clearer, the continuous building of a dictatorship. While even old people are beaten down with the most brutal police violence when there is even the slightest suspicion of protest and commitment to freedom and rights, criminals are unhindered when dealing drugs in public or forcing themselves as commuters onto public transport. How does that fit together?

Not at all! Nor does it have to, because the media arm of the dictatorship is in the boat. A particular pioneer of this practice is the media arm of left-wing extremism, the Tagesspiegel. Their attacks on the free world range up to an unbelievable derailment against #Lockdowneverything.

Free opinions must be suppressed by all means. People who express them must be turned into persona non grata; that seems to be the slogan and mission. Optionally, fighters for freedom are called right-wing radicals, Covidiots or even anti-Semites. The connection no longer needs to be established, it is simply asserted in unison.

Anyone who thought we would have to file a lawsuit was thwarted by an amended infection protection ordinance, because the lawsuits had quite considerable success. So the citizen has only the constitutional complaint, the Federal Constitutional Court — but wait, this hope is in vain.

Because the new president of the court, which was formerly supposed to protect our constitution, which often succeeded after a fashion, with Solomonian instead of constitutional-oriented judgments, is the CDU MP Harbath. With him the ultimate authority of the sovereign was undermined. He is a vicarious agent of the FDJ [Free German Youth] specialist [Merkel] in agitation and propaganda and therefore a coffin nail of the FDGO [Constitution].

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The Corona Bankruptcies

Alice Weidel is the co-leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following article reports on her remarks about the alarming number of people who have filed for personal bankruptcy since the Coronamadness began.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube:

Weidel: The bankruptcy wave is just a foretaste of the consequences of the catastrophic lockdown policy

The number of personal bankruptcies in Germany was 31,821 in the first quarter of the current year. That is an increase of 56.5 percent compared to the same period last year. The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Alice Weidel, explains:

“The drastic increase in personal bankruptcies since the beginning of the year is just a foretaste of what awaits us in the near future. The dramatic consequences of the government’s disastrous lockdown policies are beginning to take shape. The reserves of more and more citizens have been used up. Along with companies, the people are increasingly going under economically. A development that can be postponed but not prevented by the gigantic record debt.

“The government will try to maintain the status quo with the money of future generations until election day.

“The damage has essentially already been done, but it could at least be limited by finally ending all lockdown measures immediately. The government still does not seem to be ready for this.”

Thailand, Land of the No More Smiles

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends a gloomy account of the situation in Thailand as the coronavirus “pandemic” winds down.

Thailand, land of the no more smiles

by H. Numan

I’ve got bad news and I’ve got bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Let’s start with the bad news. Thai International Airlines is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy. The airline has been very badly managed, long before the Chinese Virus struck. Countless efforts have been made to revive the company. You can read as: every executive lined his pockets. Thursday the axeman will arrive. The government stated it will not support Thai Inter. The decision of the shareholders should have been reached last Friday, but they asked for an extension.

It’s a pretty big deal here. You can see that because… everybody pretends it is not a big deal! Loss of face, you know. If KLM goes belly up, the Dutch would be up in arms. Thais are the most chauvinistic people on the planet. Their national pride goes down, and it’s not really important? Come on!

Thai International is the national carrier. A long time ago, one of the very best airlines in the world. The food was excellent and the service superb. The problem was that they didn’t make any profits. Why? Well, everybody working in Thai Inter got free flights. And their family members. And friends. And the royal family (always first class, of course). And their staff. And the friends of the royal staff. And most government officials. And their friends. You get the idea, I think. That can work in a well-managed company in a strong economic climate. It doesn’t most of the time. Thai Inter was never well managed to begin with.

That was no problem when Thai Inter was a government-run airline. After privatization this continued and became a serious problem. One of many. They did cut costs, but that took much of the shine off the airline. The last time I flew Thai, it showed. Food was not too bad — but that comes from me. In other words: from a garbage can with very low gourmet standards. If I find food mediocre, people with higher standards, beware!!! Entertainment was dated. Chairs were visibly well used. Staff was still friendly, but clearly overworked.

It’s a very big deal for Thailand, as it is the national carrier. The reason of the postponement is to put more pressure on the government to cough up something. Which they won’t do. Currently, the offices on Vipawadee Rungsit Road are for sale. The company staff works in rented space. They were able to sell off their old Boeing 747’s. However, that is not enough. Thai bought a lot of big Airbuses 340 and 380 — which nobody wants. Those planes are brand new, and can only be sold for scrap value. That really hurts.

That was the bad news. Now for some more bad news. Thailand survived the Chinese Virus pandemic relatively unscathed. The first two waves, that is. Until third wave hit us, hard. The death toll rose from under a hundred for a whole year to 614 in a matter of weeks. It’s still pretty good, compared with other countries. Thailand ranks 117, whereas The Netherlands ranks 27, with +17,000 deaths. As Thailand has four times as many citizens and is a third-world country, that’s actually pretty good.

I live in the dark-red zone, being Bangkok. Dark-red is an euphemism for black… One of the reasons is the outbreak of the virus in Thai prisons. Especially in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Thai prisons are notorious all over the world. One can, with good reason, call it Auschwitz in the tropics. Cells are vastly overcrowded: 40 men to a cell with barely room to move. Prisoners are kept in their cell from 3pm until 7am. With one jar for a toilet. No air-conditioning and all the mosquitoes you want. Thai cuisine is served: the cheapest rice possible with meat (cockroaches) or vegetarian (without the roaches). Water comes from a nearby canal. The guards differ from the ones in Auschwitz in that they don’t speak German. You won’t be surprised to hear that medical care and especially hygiene are matching. Hence, 6,853 cases in just the Bangkok prisons.

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We Can’t Throw the Rascals Out

It has now been one hundred days since the Investiture of the Puppet, and the political junkies have moved out of the “honeymoon” phase and into the early run-up to the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential contest. Republican stalwarts are plotting strategy for retaking the House and/or Senate. The intertubes are abuzz with speculation about whether Trump will run again, or whom he might pick as his running mate, or whom he might endorse if he decides not to run. Pundits and punditesses are tracking and analyzing Joe Biden’s every mumbled utterance and Kamala Harris’ every raucous guffaw. Cartoonists and meme artists are in a frenzy of mockery, given that they have so much ludicrosity and buffoonery at hand to work with.

But, really, what’s the point?

To all appearances everything in the political world is business as usual. As if nothing out of the ordinary happened in the wee hours of November 4, 2020. As if millions of votes weren’t created out of thin air — call it “fiat voting” — by the party that runs the permanent government and operates in symbiosis with the media and Big Tech. As if the same scoundrels aren’t in control of how the votes will be counted next time. As if they aren’t plotting even greater control (see H.R. 1, the “For the People Act”).

Even Donald Trump seems to subscribe to the widespread illusion, and is looking forward to trying again in 2024. Doesn’t he realize why he lost to an unappealing apparatchik afflicted with senile dementia? Why does he think the result will be any different when he has to run against Kamala?

I enjoy reading the punditry of mainstream Republican partisans, who post witty and entertaining observations about all the bizarre political goings-on in Washington D.C., or on the Left Coast, or in the lofty empyrean of the ivory towers of Woke Academia. But I don’t confuse any of it with reality. The sound and fury of D.C. bears no more relation to real life than do The West Wing or The Simpsons. Paying attention to all that political theater is just a way of passing time until Ragnarøk finally arrives in full force.

I must admit, however, that I find it difficult to put aside my ingrained habits of thinking. Whenever some particularly grotesque Progressive policy is implemented by city, state, or federal lawmakers, my customary response is: “Well, those people got what they voted for.”

It’s hard to remember that they may not actually have voted for it. It’s quite possible, especially at the federal level, that key office-holders who shepherd the enactment of all this egregious wokeness were not the choice of a majority of voters in their particular constituencies. Democrats and RINOs have now perfected the process of controlling who gets elected. From now on there will be no legislative majorities that do not support the preferred policies of the Powers That Be.

When I stop being enthralled by the baroque theatrical production inside the Beltway, and think about what’s really happening, it’s quite depressing. That’s when I wish I could take the blue pill and re-enter the Matrix. Alas, I haven’t yet figured out how to do that.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Democrats now have better control over how the votes are counted than Stalin could ever have dreamed of. And, unlike Uncle Joe, they don’t have to order anybody shot to make sure of the outcome. Or not as many of them, anyway. Just a few unfortunate suicides and car accidents here and there.

There are three major factors that have enabled their iron grip on the election process:

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Asylum Seekers vs. Native Dutch: Who Gets the Housing?

The following video features interviews with two members of the Dutch parliament who have contrasting views on the public housing crisis in the Netherlands. The first is Freek Jansen of the FVD (Forum for Democracy, Forum Voor Democratie); the second is Daniel Koerhuis of the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, Volkspartij Voor Vrijheid En Democratie).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Corona: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation, and Propaganda

Below are six recent articles from PolitikStube with the latest news on the Coronamadness in Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations.

Article #1: Masks are bad for your health:

The first meta-study on masks is available — Result: masks are hazardous to health

From RA Ludwig: The authors urgently advise doctors to respect their oath and to give liberal exemptions.

This study should mean two things:

1.   Doctors who are targeted by the public prosecutor for allegedly false certificates may not be prosecuted.
2.   Fines for mask violations must be withdrawn.

Anyone who has received a fine should send this study to the competent authority / public prosecutor’s office.

School administrators, teachers and employers should also be more careful. Remember, the pandemic will be over, and with it panic and hysteria. Then the courts — only to divert attention from their own guilt — will scapegoat you and persecute you with all severity. I strongly advise against “compelling” even a student or an employee to wear a mask without first having received a specific positive certificate from a doctor.

I also advise business owners not to expel anyone not wearing a mask.

Masks are harmful to health and there is not a single study that clearly shows the benefit.

Write on your doors that you assume that anyone who does not wear a mask is liberated. It is not your job to play the deputy lord. You are only putting yourself in the danger of making yourself liable to prosecution.

Source of the study

Article #2: Hospital ICUs are not overwhelmed:

Reality in intensive care units — Helios-Kliniken boss: “The situation is not really dramatic at the moment”

The Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn repeatedly warned of the overloading of the intensive care units and of the dramatic situation in many hospitals that were reaching their capacity limits, and in his speech in the Bundestag yesterday, Spahn again pointed these things out to justify the change to the Infection Protection Act. The situation is so noticeable that Spahn reduced orders for 10,112 ventilators last year and canceled 8,505 orders again.

The situation is so drastically noticeable: In 2020, 20 hospitals had to close in the middle of the deadliest “pandemic” of all time, the clinics were not sufficiently occupied with patients and could not make any profit as a commercial enterprise. Of course there are also some hospitals that are working to the limit, but the situation is probably not as dramatic as the politicians and the media want the citizens to believe.

Stirring panic and targeted disinformation — that has been the linchpin of the government since the beginning of Corona to justify measures, lockdowns and the “emergency”, but now someone is finally speaking the truth, the head of the hospital chain Helios:

“The situation is not really dramatic at the moment, even if our large hospitals in particular are now treating a large number of Covid patients again,” said Francesco De Meo of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Thursday edition) with a view to the intensive care beds being occupied. The total number of cases is currently still below what the hospitals would have managed during the second wave in winter.

“In the beginning the discussion revolved around the hospital beds as a whole, then about the staff, now about the intensive care capacities.” He thinks one should look at “the whole picture”. “And I don’t think it makes much sense to scare people further as long as we’re on the level of the second wave,” warned De Meo.

The Helios hospitals currently care for around 15,000 patients without Covid-19 in normal wards and a good 750 with Covid-19. There are currently just under 1,150 patients without and just under 330 patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care units.

“There have always been full intensive care units, that’s nothing new,” he said. However, it works well to move patients to hospitals with free capacities, “which means that the effectiveness of our health system stands and falls.” In Germany, patients are quickly transferred to the intensive care unit.

Source: Epoch Times

Article #3: The government of Saxony cashes in on COVID:

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Women’s Work — Or the Lack of It

The female culture-enrichers who arrived in Germany during the Great Migration of 2015 remain largely unemployed and dependent on state benefits. Who could possibly have foreseen this distressing outcome?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The “skilled workers” of 2015: Only 27% of migrant women employed — the majority are not looking for work anyway

What a disaster: after five years of residence, according to a study, only 27 percent of migrant women are gainfully employed, but it also means that 73 percent live well and happily on German taxpayers’ money, and probably permanently. For the 27 percent of employed migrant women, the question arises: Who works full-time and who works as mini-jobbers?

In 2015, who could have foreseen that the level of education, especially among Muslim migrant women, would be rather low and that integration in the labor market would have a negative impact? Well, the majority — 56 percent — are not looking for a job anyway and are more concerned with the crowd and the household. The child benefit and social benefits as sources of income are also completely sufficient, so why go to work and make a living for the family?

Are these the propagandized “skilled workers” that Germany absolutely needs? Hardly — 73 percent of immigrant women have been living out of German taxpayers’ pockets for five years already; this is the most unique invitation in the world [for parasitical Cultures to thrive], and thanks to Merkel. One can only pray the tax and social coffers are still well-filled; unimaginable that those free blessings might suddenly be absent.

On Being a Compliant Drone

I’ve been specializing in European affairs, particularly the European migration crisis, for almost fifteen years. Even a cursory look at the migration issue tells us that the massive influx of uneducated third-worlders — most of them Muslims — are a net drain on the economies of the countries that host them. Even after many years of residence, unto the second and third generation, they consume more in social benefits and other state transfers than they pay into the treasury in the form of taxes. After Angela Merkel opened the floodgates to asylum seekers in 2015 the shortfall became even more apparent.

By now it is glaringly obvious that the State gains no fiscal advantage from the importation of the replacement population. The original rationale — that the newcomers would be needed to pay the taxes that would fund the care of the white native population after retirement — has become completely unsupportable. The migrants themselves will remain net consumers of state welfare benefits even as the original population ages into senescence.

Why, then, is the “refugees welcome” ideology still propagated with such fervor? Self-interest would seem advise taking the opposite tack. Why the continued push for mass immigration?

I used to wonder whether a form of pseudo-religious mania might be at work, some sort of collective suicidal madness. Or was it perhaps that the elites who foisted their migration policies on the populace had realized their earlier mistakes, but were unable to change course without risking their political careers?

In the last few years, however, I’ve come to a different conclusion. The Powers That Be don’t want to import producers; they want to import consumers. The production machine that is a modern Western economy requires a consumer base to buy all the stuff that keeps the system humming.

Productive workers aren’t as necessary to that system as they were fifty or sixty years ago. Automation has moved in and taken over many of the functions that had previously been performed by the lowly proletariat. Machines have made those workers redundant, but their patterns of consumption are necessary to keep the entire system operating at optimum capacity.

Bringing in ill-educated foreigners is necessary to make sure there are enough consumers to buy food, drink, and gewgaws, to use the electricity, to occupy the housing, and to keep the social workers employed. Thanks to automation, far fewer productively employed workers are needed nowadays to generate consumer goods. The magic of quantitative easing ensures that the State always has sufficient money to stuff into the pockets of welfare recipients, whether native or immigrant.

All Western nations are now governed to varying degrees by corporate fascism. Huge transnational corporations have a symbiotic relationship with elected political leaders and the permanent governing class. The elites who sit at the apex of this syndicalist pyramid become fabulously wealthy by vacuuming up just a small portion of the financial transactions generated by the process of production and consumption. Producers — whether human or mechanical — are needed for this process, but consumers are also an absolute necessity. Preferably consumers who spend every drachma that comes into their hands, and go deeply into high-interest debt to consume even more stuff.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, fewer and fewer unskilled or low-skilled workers will be required. We are moving towards a future dominated by the unimaginably wealthy, who will employ a relatively small managerial class of administrators, engineers, and technicians. The only low-skilled workers needed will be personal servants and sexual playthings.

But the system will still require the lumpenproletariat as consumers. That’s where the compliant drones come in.

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Does Germany Have a Life After the Coronamadness?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

“Reorganization case” Germany: Wolfgang Reitzle dreams of an “ideology-free new beginning”

Does Germany still have a chance to rise from the rubble of the pandemic like a phoenix from the ashes? Economic manager Wolfgang Reitzle says: “The potential in Germany is huge.” But there are many obstacles, after sixteen years of Angela Merkel. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Wolfgang Reitzle, long-time chairman of the supervisory board of the automotive supplier Continental and former CEO of Linde AG, spoke of his dream of the way Germany could be and develop in the future — and of the sad reality in which we currently live.

A new beginning — without ideology, “Let me just dream” — of a bipartisan consensus for an “ideology-free new beginning”. One thing is extremely important to him personally, according to the business manager: “We need a new, ideology-free energy and mobility policy.” The bureaucracy would have to be cut and the administration systematically digitized.

We need to trust in market forces again; we would have to reduce the state quota to under fifty percent and create a binding “ten-year plan for investments in sustainable infrastructure” — and the insight that should guide all of our actions should be “that prosperity also involves effort, and means performance.”

If you want to get the economy going again quickly after the pandemic, you will also have to give companies tax relief.

“The potential in Germany is huge,” says Wolfgang Reitzle. But a bitter reality stands in the way of his dream.

Appearance and reality

In Germany there is a discrepancy between appearance and reality: a defense budget of 47 billion euros, rifles that don’t fire, tanks that don’t run, and airplanes that don’t fly.

The problem can be seen particularly clearly in the federal capital. Reitzle calls it a dysfunctional city, a “failed state” — one of the worst-governed capitals of Europe.

When it comes to crime, they look the other way, allow squatting and the spread of Arab clan criminality. Berlin is not even able to “build an airport for our capital”. Michael Müller, the mayor, is responsible for the failure. He has been in the media for months, explaining to everyone how Corona management works, says the economist.

Germany’s Merkel years

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Spare No Expense to House the Culture-Enrichers

The following report discusses the exorbitant price tag for refugee housing in Berlin. Compare the figures with the construction cost for residential housing in Manhattan, which is roughly $3,300 per square meter. That’s somewhat more than the amounts given below for Berlin, but bear in mind that those German asylum units are modular or prefab — essentially shipping containers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Unbelievable: Asylum accommodation in Berlin costs over €1,600 [$1,900] PER SQUARE METER!

While the mask affair is spreading, the capital ruled by red-red-green has a new mega construction scandal: Almost 50 “modular accommodations for refugees” (MUF) devour a total of more than a billion euros in construction and other costs ! According to the Senate, the production costs an incredible €1,600 to €2,600 [$3,100] per square meter — completely oversized and dubious costs for simple prefabricated buildings. With the monthly salary of a German taxpayer, one square meter of living space is created for people who for the most part are not even allowed to be here.

But the project is also legally questionable: “We have never experienced such a brazen abuse of special building rights as in Berlin in all of Germany,” says a lawyer. Meanwhile, there is even speculation about a demolition, because the accommodations are only allowed to be inhabited by asylum seekers and Berlin wants to transfer them to the regular housing market.

Source: AfD Kompakt

Geert Wilders: Immigration, Integration, the Budget, the Climate, and Other Election Topics

On Wednesday Dutch voters will go to the polls to cast their votes for members of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Parliament. For the last two months the Dutch populace has been afflicted with a COVID curfew, and according to this AP article, the Wuhan Coronavirus will be the single most important issue in the election.

Up until the Coronamadness hit, however, immigration was the main topic. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), is the candidate with the consistently strongest position against mass immigration into the Netherlands.

The following seven videos are a selection of recent debates and interviews featuring Geert Wilders. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Immigration vs. the budget

Video #2: Investing in healthcare

Video #3: Integration is failing, even in Parliament

Video #4: Discrimination against the native Dutch

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Come to Germany and Start a New Life on Welfare

Despite its longstanding reputation for technical excellence, Germany is no longer a magnet for foreign scientists and engineers. However, it’s Europe’s go-to place for lavish welfare benefits, as the mass influx of unskilled third-worlders attests.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Eldorado only for the unqualified and paperless: Germany is becoming less attractive to the highly qualified

The German economy is urgently dependent on “qualified specialists” from abroad, while at the same time well-trained specialists are leaving Germany and migrating abroad, and on top of that, paperless and predominantly male unskilled workers from incompatible cultures flow to Germany, who are sold to the citizens as specialists, but who are more likely to immigrate to the welfare programs

Years ago, the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the online job platform StepStone and the career network The Network started a large-scale survey to determine the attractiveness that a nation radiates to qualified employees on an international level: Germany ranks fourth, after the USA, Canada and Australia. (More on — Article in the archive)

Germany lost its popularity among skilled workers in 2020; obviously you can see a connection with Corona, but in truth, other reasons are more likely: high tax rates, social charges and energy prices, high rents and other high levies, the bureaucracy and sometimes run-down cities: that is truly not a place of longing for the highly qualified.

And that is Germany, too: an army of millions of unemployed, the quality of the education system has been declining for years, pupils and students for the most part barely meeting the expectations of the economy, but more and more low-wage workers for low-level jobs.

Highly qualified people tend to steer clear of Germany, but at least Germany has not lost its attractiveness for all those who should feel comfortable in the welfare system, according to Katrin Göring-Eckhardt [former communist, member of the Greens].