Do you Love to Hate?

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this essay on the dire excesses of contemporary public policy, including the “vaccine” situation in Israel, which suffers from one of the worst cases of the Coronamadness.

Do you Love to Hate?

by MC

Any private view that deviates from the approved ‘liberal’ meme is now labelled as hate. I hate Islam, for example; I do, I do.

They send these missiles over and they explode near me and my family, but although the firing of missiles at civilians is a war crime, it is an acceptable war crime because Islam is a religion of peace and lurve. Isn’t it?

I have to say it is because to point to the world-domination aspects of Islam is ‘Islamophobia’ and Islamophobia is a ‘hate’ crime.

In 1941, in operation Barbarossa, the Nazi armies swept across the Russian Steppes, raping, looting and burning as they went. Liberals (modern day Nazis) would have those peasants whose livelihood had just gone up in flames smile and accept their fate for the greater good. A freezing winter of starvation and death is not an excuse for ‘hate crimes’; to be a hate crime, the action must fall into a violation with very narrowly defined victim and perpetrator groups.

To criticize Islam is a hate crime, full stop. To criticize Judaism is less black and white. To criticize and demean Israel, the only Jewish State, is to be encouraged.

If you come to Israel you will find that the majority of people are of Mediterranean appearance, with very dark Ethiopians, and very light Russians, but to liberals Israel, and all Jews, are white supremacists, no matter what their skin colour. Since most Jews in the USA are Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction, then Jews in Israel must therefore be ‘white’ and ‘supremacist’ (living in the ‘holy land’ as ‘occupiers’ claiming to be the ‘chosen race’, regardless of their origins).

Everybody knows that God in his wheelchair, just before he died, anointed all liberals to carry on his works of lurve, compassion and coercion. After all, it is ‘right’ and ‘just’ to make people conform for the benefit of all of us. Forcible conversion is a major part of the socialist creed.

For a Liberal, there are two ways of doing things; the Liberal way and the wrong way. To do things the wrong way violates Liberal principle and is thus implied criticism; a hate crime because ‘liberalism’ is one of the defined victim/perpetrator groups.

We no longer debate issues; we just manoeuvre our opponents into the treacherous quicksand of mudslinging. Any dialogue can be reduced to a monologue by just a few well-placed liberal epithets invoking ‘racist’, Nazi, Fascist, hate and conspiracy theory.

Recently we have seen quite a few so called ‘conspiracy theories’ prove to be accurate. When somebody puts two and two together and gets four, when they were supposed to get five, if we then yell “CONSPIRACY THEORY” for all we are worth we can make it all go away.

The so-called conspiracy theory was once the domain of the loony left, but has morphed over the last few decades into a weapon to suppress logical speculations. Here is some logical speculation:

  • China released the COVID-19 virus at the Armed Forces Games in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Releasing a dangerous bioweapon of mass destruction is justification for war.
  • In December 2019 General Milley was worried that President Trump might declare war on China, so he took steps to acquire the power of the Commander-in-Chief for himself.
  • Milley tells his counterpart in China that he will give them a heads-up if the POTUS decides that China has committed an act of war.

If we put these points together we can logically draw the following conclusions:

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The Hazards of the New Balkan Route to Western Europe

Even before the collapse of the American-backed government in Afghanistan, there was an intense pressure from Afghan “refugees” on the external borders of the European Union.

The following report on the new migration route through the northern Balkans is from Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR, Central German Broadcasting, the public broadcaster for Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt). Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Afghan refugees on their way to the EU

Because Croatia and Hungary have erected high border fences on the Balkan route, refugees are now increasingly trying to get to the EU via Romania. The number of illegal border crossings rose by 200 percent in the first half of the year. Important hub: the western Romanian city of Timisoara. Many people seeking protection want to find a truck there that they can use to get to Western Europe undetected.

Ahmadi’s brown eyes look sadly into the distance; he is holding his destroyed cell phone in his left hand. The 17-year-old is sitting on a meadow in Timisioara in western Romania, in what is known as the Afghan Park, as Ahmadi and his compatriots call their meeting point at a shopping park. Almost every day there are checks by the police and gendarmerie, from which Afghan refugees repeatedly report that they’re been attacked or had their cell phones destroyed.

Ahmadi considers it pointless to report the incident to the police. That doesn’t help him get a new cell phone, either, he says. The telephone was his orientation aid on the run; he was able to use it to call up routes across the Middle East and now in Europe. Without a cell phone, he cannot contact his smuggler who is supposed to bring him to Germany.

On the run for over a year

The young Afghan left his home region of Nangarhar long before the international troops withdrew, otherwise he would have had to join the radical Islamic Taliban at home or hide from it, he says. “I preferred to forge on ahead.” He also wants to lead an economically better life in Western Europe. He has already covered around 5,000 kilometers, a large part of it on the Balkan route from Greece via Bulgaria to Serbia. In four months, he hopes, he will be with his brother in Germany, but Ahmadi has been on the run for over a year now.

It was particularly difficult, he says, in Serbia, where meter-high fences have made access to the EU almost impossible since the great refugee movement in 2015. He made nine attempts to come to Croatia. He tried to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border three times, all without success. Most recently, he took the route via neighboring Romania, which for a long time was considered a dead end among those seeking protection: since the EU country does not belong to the Schengen area, all borders in Romania are strictly controlled — including that with the EU neighbor Hungary.

Over 530 kilometers of green border with Serbia

But for a few months now, the Eastern European country has seen a significant increase in the number of refugees and migrants. The Romanian border authority registered almost 9,000 border crossings in the first half of the year, 200 percent more than in the same period of the previous year. The majority of those seeking protection do not come from Ukraine or the Black Sea, but from Serbia over the green border, which in some places meanders along the Danube, and runs through countless forests and fields.

The Romanian press recently wrote that a “new Balkan route” led through western Romania. An assumption that the border police in Timisoara do not want to share, even if most border crossings were on their 530-kilometer stretch with Serbia this year. “Regardless of whether this is called the new Balkan route or not,” says the spokesman for the Timisoara border police, Petre Nicola, “we are well prepared for every scenario.”

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Rapists Have Human Rights, Too!

A convicted culture-enriching rapist can’t be deported from Germany, because… he doesn’t want to leave.

You can’t make this [solid waste] up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Iranian is allowed to stay with us despite being a rapist

Reza B. (44) raped a woman, spent four years in jail, and is still classified as dangerous by the police. But the German state cannot deport the Iranian. Because he simply refuses to leave — and that’s why he stays here!

The case shows once again: Germany has a massive problem with the deportation of serious criminals. Bild am Sonntag reporters found the Iranian in a home for asylum seekers in Bavaria. He told his story: “In 2005 I had to flee Iran. My life was in danger; three of my friends were killed by the police. I fled to Syria, in 2011 to Germany, applied for asylum.”

He doesn’t tell how the story continues. But you can read that in court files: At noon on June 15, 2015, Reza B. asked a woman (21) at the bus station in Schwandorf (Bavaria) where the market square is. Since he did not understand what she was saying, she showed him the way. On the way he pushed her into a bush, tried to kiss her, groped her and raped her.

Four months later she recognized him at the train station in Regensburg and called the police. She had nightmares after the act, woke up screaming at night. So it is recorded in the judgment of the Amberg Regional Court (a copy is in the possession of Bild am Sonntag).

Reza B. denied everything. He made up a fake alibi for the police. He later claimed: The woman went for him — not he for her. He didn’t know she was a lesbian.

Reza B. was finally sentenced to four years imprisonment for rape, but still claims today: ”There was no rape! The woman reported me because she wanted €20 from me — and I didn’t have any money with me.”

In 2018, the Schwandorf District Office ordered his expulsion. On the other hand, he sued the administrative court in Regensburg — and has now lost. The court sees the danger that he could commit further crimes. He is therefore also under supervision of conduct.

Nevertheless: the criminal cannot be deported! Because he doesn’t have a passport. And the Iranian state will only give him a new one if Reza B. declares that he will return to his homeland voluntarily. But he refuses and says to Bild am Sonntag: “I am not signing anything. I want to stay here.” Germany must therefore continue to tolerate the Iranian. That means: He lives in the asylum seekers’ home, is not allowed to work, and collects Hartz IV (€446 per month).

Reza B. is not an isolated case. In 2020, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 57 percent of Iranian asylum seekers did not have a passport. Philipp Pruy (34), a lawyer and migration expert, reports: “Since 2015 I have represented over 100 Iranians in the asylum procedure. But as far as I know, none of the rejected Iranians who were obliged to leave the country signed the declaration of voluntary agreement. None of them wanted to go back to the mullahs’ regime.”

Afterword from the translator:

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The Crash of Civilization

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The Crash of Civilization

by Fjordman

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were the type of shocking event where many people remember exactly where they were and what they did that day. Personally, I was living in Egypt at that time. I had started studying Arabic language at the University of Bergen in western Norway. In 2001 I continued these studies at the American University in Cairo.

My linguistic skills in Arabic were mediocre. Since I left the Middle East in 2003 and haven’t practiced the language since, my Arabic has deteriorated and is now quite poor. For me, studying Arabic primarily became a door into studying Islam and Islamic culture. I was far better in this field of study, and continued my personal studies of Islam for years. I am at heart not a linguist, but rather an analyst with a strong interest in history.

Before September 2001, I was already growing more skeptical of Islam based on my own studies and personal experiences. Still, living in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world during the September 11 Jihadist attacks was certainly interesting. The Mubarak regime imposed a curfew on Tahrir Square and parts of downtown Cairo that day. Perhaps they feared that some local Muslims would publicly celebrate the attacks, the way some Palestinian Muslims did. When Egypt received billions of dollars in aid from the USA, this would not have been good publicity.

I followed the news and newspapers back home via the Internet. They claimed that all Arabs and Muslims were sad and horrified by the attacks. This is not true. I know. I was there. Some of my Egyptian Muslim neighbors celebrated with cakes and said openly that they were very happy about the attacks.

To me, the most shocking thing about this was not that many Arabs and Muslims hated the West in general and the USA in particular. I already knew that. What was truly disturbing was that virtually the entire Western world seemed to be in complete denial about this fact. This was an entire civilization which once used to cultivate logic and reason, yet now seemed to have lost the ability to think rationally. That really scared me.

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu completed his book The Art of War around the year 500 BC. Despite being more than 2,500 years old, it remains surprisingly fresh and relevant. This is because Sun Tzu focused mainly on the psychological aspects of conflict. While human technology has changed greatly in 2,500 years, human psychology has changed a lot less. One of the most famous quotes from The Art of War is this:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

From what I observed in September 2001, it seemed that the Western world had forgotten who our enemies are. Far worse, though, was that we had even forgotten who we are, and the roots of our own civilization.

A decade later, another terror attack would have an even more direct impact on my life. Both attacks became national traumas. Yet the 2011 attacks in Norway were carried out by a single individual acting alone, whose alleged terrorist network only existed inside his mentally disturbed head. The 2001 attacks in the USA were carried out by many different individuals from a real international terror network whose ideology has adherents worldwide. Moreover, when a small country is attacked, this is bad for that small country. When a large and powerful country is attacked, this has geopolitical consequences.

By 2011, I had been living in the same flat in Oslo for eight years, since my return from the Middle East. When the July 22 attacks happened, some people blamed me personally for the atrocities. I suddenly found myself near the epicenter of an international news story. This was extremely unpleasant, but in some ways also educational. If the 2001 attacks weakened my trust in Western mass media, the 2011 attacks totally destroyed it.

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Been There. Done That.

Unless some compelling reason emerges in future years, this will be my last 9-11 anniversary post.

It’s been an educational twenty years, to say the least. The first three anniversaries came up before Dymphna and I started blogging in October of 2004. During those years we had begun our studies of Islam and sharia, eventually launching Gates of Vienna to make our own small contribution to what later became known as the Counterjihad. From 2005 onward, one or the other of us always did a commemorative post when September 11th rolled around.

I still remember what I was doing when I heard the news on that bright, cool September morning, and how the day subsequently unfolded, but I’m not going to write about all that — I’ve covered it too many times before. And I’ll stay away from the political sequelae, except to note that the way the Patriot Act was eventually abused was at least as bad as the most skeptical libertarians predicted, and probably worse.

Over the next decade I spent a lot of time educating myself about Islam and sharia. Beginning in 2009, retired Major Stephen Coughlin was especially helpful in furthering my education. He made me understand the depth and breadth of the penetration of the federal government and the military by the Muslim Brotherhood, to the point that we had written sharia into the constitutions that we devised for Iraq and Afghanistan.

At first it seemed that a combination of ignorance and cluelessness had led to such foolhardy behavior, but as time went by — especially after the Islamophiles in the Obama administration got going full throttle — I realized that there was more than mere ignorance at work. Yes, there were plenty of ill-informed and stupid people at the upper levels of the government and the military, but John Brennan — just to pick an example — was not one of them. There was no way that he could have failed to understand exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood was up to. Thus we can only conclude that Islamization is part of the Deep State’s plan for the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

As the teens wore on, my cynicism and disillusionment about our government got worse and worse. I had started out with the naïve idea that there were decent people among our political leaders who really were attempting to do their best for the country. However, the true state of affairs eventually became ineluctable: corruption and malevolence were (and are) the norm, from the lowest to the highest levels of government. There are a few very rare exceptions, but they play no meaningful role in steering the ship of state.

The five years since Donald Trump stormed onto the political scene have really clarified the extent of the evil rot that has eaten out the core of our political and cultural institutions. The investigation and impeachment of Mr. Trump revealed the true purpose of the Patriot Act. And last fall’s election showed that the Deep State now has full control over the counting of the votes, so that no future elections will show any results other than those they intend. Diehard Republicans who are salivating over the midterms or 2024 are the most clueless of all. If they haven’t yet realized the nature of our new totalitarian dystopia, they probably never will. There’s no voting our way out of this.

So here we are, twenty years later. Afghanistan has reverted to what it was in 2001, except with much better roads, airfields, telecommunications, and surveillance equipment. We just handed the country over to the mujahideen we overthrew back then, lavishing upon them such quantities of state-of-the-art munitions and equipment that they will be the most powerful jihad army ever assembled, courtesy of the United States of America.

Here at home we are entering the full Corona despotism that the paranoid cynics among us have been predicting ever since the start of the “pandemic”. Since I intend to remain unjabbed, by this time next year I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get medical treatment, or eat in a restaurant, or even shop in a supermarket. By September 11, 2022 I might be unable to post a 9-11 commemoration, even if I wanted to.

I remember the ubiquitous “Never Forget” banners that popped up all over the place after 9-11. I didn’t forget.

I remember the “Let’s roll!” spirit that emerged. I rolled as best I could.

I remember when George W. Bush promised to hunt down the evil perpetrators and bring them to justice. And he did manage to round up quite a few of them and stash them in Gitmo until they were released to become ministers in the new government of Afghanistan.

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Europe Under Siege

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Europe Under Siege

by Fjordman

As I write these words, Europe is under siege. An invasion is taking place by land, by sea and sometimes by air. Nearly every day, migrants show up uninvited in Europeans waters. Sometimes in southern Italian islands such as Lampedusa,[1] other times in Lesbos or other Greek islands near the coast of Turkey, occasionally in Malta or Cyprus, and increasingly in the Canary Islands.

The migrants are sometimes called “refugees” in Western media. Yet many of them are not refugees in any meaningful sense of the word. They come from different countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco or Ghana where there is no war. The majority are young men of fighting age. When groups of men of military age systematically force their way into another country’s territory, this is an invasion. Not all invasions happen by tanks.

Europe has a turbulent history and has experienced many sieges of castles or cities before. Yet what we are witnessing now is different. This is the siege of an entire continent, one that could last for generations. Many Trojan horses are already inside the gates, and the walls are crumbling.

The global population reached one billion people for the first time around the year 1800, during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.[2] By then, all major habitable land masses on this planet had been settled by humans. It took all nations and tribes hundreds of thousands of years, from archaic humans such as Homo erectus and the Neanderthals, to reach one billion people. Now, a single continent, Africa, grows by a billion people in a few decades.

Some technologically sophisticated societies such as South Korea or Japan have low birth rates. Meanwhile, backward societies such as Niger or Yemen have high birth rates. Ethiopia will surpass Japan in population within this decade. Meanwhile, Ethiopia experiences tensions with Egypt over the use of water from the Nile River .[3] Egypt, too, has surpassed 100 million inhabitants, mostly crammed into a narrow strip along the Nile.[4]

Overpopulation in parts of Asia and Africa could potentially cause wars over water and other resources in the future. Some of these countries have problems feeding themselves even now.

If we state that 220-230 million people lived on the entire African continent in 1950, this is a reasonably realistic estimate. A single African country, Nigeria, now has a population of nearly 220 million people.[5] And it keeps growing fast. If this population growth continues, Nigeria alone could end up with a population larger than that of the entire European Union.[6] Africa is projected to have a population of perhaps 2.5 billion people by the year 2050.[7] The poorest and least technologically developed continent on this planet will thus have expanded its population ten to eleven times in less than a century. This is clearly not sustainable.

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Only Fear

Our Israeli correspondent MC examines the similarities between the COVID/vax crisis and the AIDS/AZT crisis, as well as other examples of manufactured mass hysteria.

Only Fear

by MC

There is no virus; there is no killer COVID; there is no Delta (It is just vaccine breakthrough); but there are huge buckets of fear.

When we give up Judeo-Christianity, we also give up a faith in an afterlife, which means that death is a huge boogaloo rather than a passing from one state to another.

Every time we look out the window we see Creation, but whose creation? Darwin posited a random evolution from a basic cell, but made no speculation as to how the cell got there in the first place. That was left for others to argue about, an argument that is still raging, an argument that requires an explanation for ‘intelligent design’; a panspermia or an alien creation of some sort but not God, never God…

Yet we are still left trying to explain human consciousness in a rational manner. How did we become self-aware?

And how did we manage to throw it all away and succumb to fear? Yet again…

It is not the first time it has happened. Ruthless people can induce fear and terror to make a profit, to get what they want, be it shaheed status or wealth beyond measure.

Regimes that specialize in terror are called tyrannies, but we have never had a worldwide tyranny before, not like this one, not the global reset as a result of a pandemic that never was.

Except what? Virus cancer research would have crashed to a halt except that, in 1981, five cases of severe immune deficiencies were described by a Los Angeles physician, all among homosexual men who were also all sniffing amyl nitrite, were all abusing other drugs, abusing antibiotics, and probably suffering from malnutrition and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It would have been logical to hypothesize that these severe cases of immune deficiency had multiple toxic origins. This would have amounted to incrimination of these patients’ lifestyle. Unfortunately, such discrimination was, politically, totally unacceptable.

Therefore, another hypothesis had to be found — these patients were suffering from a contagious disease caused by a new retrovirus! Scientific data in support of this hypothesis was and, amazingly enough, still is totally missing. That did not matter, and instantaneous and passionate interest of cancer virus researchers and institutions erupted immediately. This was salvation for the viral laboratories where AIDS now became, almost overnight, the main focus of research. It generated huge financial support from Big Pharma, more budgets for the CDC and NIH, and nobody had to worry about the lifestyle of the patients who became at once the innocent victims of this horrible virus, soon labeled as HIV.

Twenty-five years later, the HIV 1 AIDS hypothesis has totally failed to achieve three major goals in spite of the huge research funding exclusively directed to projects based on it. No AIDS cure has ever been found; no verifiable epidemiological predictions have ever been made; and no HIV vaccine has ever been successfully prepared. Instead, highly toxic (but not curative) drugs have been most irresponsibly used, with frequent, lethal side effects. Yet not a single HIV particle has ever been observed by electron microscopy in the blood of patients supposedly having a high viral load! So what? All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient. Despite this stunning omission the HIV I AIDS dogma is still solidly entrenched. Tens of thousands of researchers, and hundreds of major pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits based on the HIV hypothesis. And not one single AIDS patient has ever been cured.


But the real disease is ‘Virus Mania’: the belief that there are lethal pathogens out there just waiting to ambush us and take us as hosts and kill us in a gruesome manner…

Bugs… and boogaloo.

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The Afghan Crisis, Turkey, and Washington’s Global War on Terrorism

The following essay by David Boyajian was written before today’s massive terrorist attack outside the airport in Kabul, in which twelve American troops (eleven Marines and a medic, if I’m not mistaken) were killed, along with dozens of Afghan civilians, and possibly also British troops and Taliban guards. It’s not yet clear how this atrocity will change the political calculus; it introduces a new stochastic aspect into the already volatile mix, making predictions difficult.

The Afghan Crisis, Turkey, and Washington’s Global War on Terrorism

by David Boyajian

As America’s presence in Afghanistan draws to a close and the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s worthwhile to consider the countries that sponsor global terrorism and Washington’s response to them.

One country stands out: Turkey.

NATO is purportedly a bulwark against attacks on Western civilization.

Yet NATO member Turkey has long supported ISIS and numerous other anti-Western terrorist organizations.

Turkey has been arming terrorists and sending them into countries such as Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan.

For example, in 2020 Turkey transported terrorist mercenaries into Azerbaijan, which then deployed them against Armenian-populated Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh. These included former ISIS commander Sayf Balud and war criminals such Fehim Isa of the Sultan Murad Brigade.

One hundred bipartisan members of Congress (2021) and the European Union Parliament (2020) have condemned Turkey and Azerbaijan for that.

In contrast, the State Department has said little and done nothing about those two countries’ blatant use of terrorist thugs. Does Washington still have a Global War on Terrorism?

The U.S. is concerned that ISIS-K (an ISIS affiliate) and Al-Qaeda will remain in Afghanistan after America departs and become a threat to America.

Hence, Turkey’s support for ISIS and other terrorists is relevant to the Afghan debacle.

Moreover, Turkish President Erdogan just admitted that he’s comfortable talking to the Taliban “since Turkey has nothing against the Taliban’s beliefs.” The State Department has apparently not reacted to this stunning confession. That’s disturbing.

Turkey’s terrorist record goes back years.

Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-13 says: Ahmet S. Yayla, “Turkey was a central hub for … over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”

This makes NATO itself look like an ISIS supporter.

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The Yankee Kush

Like most Americans, I started paying close attention to Afghanistan in the weeks and months after September 11, 2001.

I had been well aware of the country before that, beginning with the Soviet invasion in late 1979. I remember reading the reports in the World News section of The Washington Post about the arming and training of the Afghan mujahideen by the CIA in their efforts to thwart the Russians. Some of the greybeards in the Taliban and al-Qaeda got their explosives training from American intelligence operatives thirty-five or forty years ago.

I was also aware of Osama bin Laden before 9/11. I read about him in reports about the Khobar Towers bombing in June of 1996, the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August of 1998, and the bombing of the USS Cole in October of 2000. I knew that he was reputed to be holed up in Afghanistan, and our military leaders were itching to go in there and take him out.

After the Twin Towers fell I started reading intensively about what I now call the Great Jihad. I had read Among the Believers by V.S. Naipaul back in 1981, when it first came out, so I was aware of the inevitability of the clash between Islam and the West. After 9-11 I read additional works on Islam, beginning with The Sword of the Prophet by Srdja Trifković (whom I had the good fortune to meet and work with years later). When Jihad Watch started up, it became an invaluable resource for understanding Islam.

Before Dymphna and I founded Gates of Vienna, I hung around on various right-of-center blogs and forums. In the first few months after 9-11 it seemed that everyone was on the same page. It’s hard to credit now, but back then Andrew Sullivan, Jonah Goldberg, Roger Simon, Mark Steyn, and Glenn Reynolds were all more or less in agreement.

By 2004 or 2005 that had changed. The party-line Republicans heeded the words of George W. Bush and observed the distinction between “Islam” and “Islamism”. Pakistan was our “staunch ally”. The despots of Qatar and Saudi Arabia were our “friends”. Condoleezza Rice referred to Islam as the “religion of peace and love”, as if this were San Francisco in 1967. I think that was when I permanently disassociated myself from the Republican Party. When my liberal acquaintances referred to me as a Republican, I would say indignantly: “I’m not a Republican — I hate Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat.”

I diverged from the mainstream and became a right-wing extremist, and more specifically an Islamophobe. That put me beyond the pale, and eventually got this blog kicked out of Pajamas Media.

Watching the situation in Afghanistan evolve over the next twenty years made me into the cynic I am today. Remember Mullah Omar? Osama bin Laden was Public Enemy Number One, and Mullah Omar was Public Enemy Number Two. Despite having the greatest military in history and absolute control over Afghanistan, the United States could not go in, pull him out of his hole, and “bring him to justice”. It was obvious that high-level corruption was at work, that we had cut a deal with one or more tribal mobs allowing the Mullah to remain unscathed.

And then there was the tradition of bacha bazi, the nancy boys of Islam. The time-honored Afghan custom of sodomizing pre-pubescent boys was allowed to continue unchecked, and our soldiers were ordered to turn a blind eye to it, even when it occurred on American military bases.

And then there was the opium. Not only did poppy production remain unimpeded, it even increased. The CIA took effective control of the opium trade, making sure that the lucrative racket stayed in the hands of its favored allies in organized crime.

And then there was Pakistan, which had always been the Taliban’s best friend. Osama bin Laden was allowed to escape from Tora Bora — more corruption at work — and hole up in Pakistan for another ten years. The Pakistani intelligence services knew exactly where he was, and there he was allowed to remain until he outlived his usefulness and our staunch ally gave him up.

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Morocco Blackmails the EU With Cultural Enrichment

Morocco and Turkey have the European Union by the short hairs. “Do as we say, or we’ll send you more migrants” has become a major element of their foreign policy.

Gary Fouse, who translated the following article, includes this introductory note:

The writer of this piece is only 19 years old. His article is part of a series of articles in this Dutch paper Elsevier Podium by young writers. Given the Moroccan situation in the Netherlands, it is quite timely.

The translated article:

Morocco uses migration as a weapon against the weak EU

While Greece and Italy are always struggling with the inflow of illegal immigration, the European border in Spain is also certainly not watertight. There the Moroccan government uses migration as a weapon to blackmail the EU, writes Leon Baten in an article for EW Podium.

Monday, 17 May 2021. An exceptionable day in the Spanish port city of Ceuta. There is panic; the air raid siren sounds. Where the Spanish coast is known for its nightlife, tapas, and the sun, in Ceuta it is a different story. This Spanish enclave on the North African continent, situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, has fallen prey to an unprecedented invasion. At the break of dawn, 8,000 asylum seekers begin their storming of Europe at the Spanish city of 84,000 residents. Thousands of men climb over the fences, sail boats onto the beaches, and run into the city. They found a weak spot in the European border: The Moroccan-Spanish border at Ceuta.

Schengen in Africa

In recent years, Spanish Ceuta, bordering Morocco, has become part of the new western asylum route. A couple of hundred kilometers further east lies Melilla, the other Spanish enclave in Africa bordering on Morocco.

As autonomous cities, they are part of the EU, albeit with a number of important exceptions. EU regulations pertaining to customs policy and the common commercial policies do not apply to Ceuta and Melilla; the same with the free traffic of goods and the European fishing and agricultural policies. On the other hand, there are no exemptions, deviations, or exceptions regarding immigration under EU law, so that in Ceuta and Melilla the same EU legal framework applies as in the rest of Spain.

Whenever an asylum seeker sets foot in Ceuta or Melilla, that is automatically on European territory. And one foot on European territory means the right to an asylum procedure. Asylum procedures that sometimes last years, and with which the Spanish government has its hands full. Many asylum seekers are sent back, but with certain groups, including minors, in practice that is much harder.

The situation is precarious. When the two mini-enclaves are overrun by refugees, Europe is effectively overrun. But Spain logically doesn’t worry about giving up Ceuta and Melilla, which from an EU point of view, would be very appealing. Ceuta and Melilla are free ports and thus, an important factor in Spanish commerce.

Moroccan blackmail

Back to May 17 of this year. Under the rising sun, it seems like a peaceful morning in Ceuta. But Spain and Morocco are on a collision course with each other after the Spanish government offered humanitarian help to the escaped leader of Polisario — an independence movement that is in fierce resistance to the regime of Mohammed VI and fights for an independent Western Sahara.

That conflict brutally disturbs the morning calm: By the border crossings on the coast, dozens of North African migrants literally swim to Europe through the water. The Moroccan Coast Guard stands there and looks on. “Everywhere Moroccans and migrants from other parts of Africa walk around helplessly while tanks drive through the streets. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Here in Ceuta, we are paying the price for an international conflict between Morocco and Spain,” one resident tells a Spanish journalist.

Since the peak in May, things have only gotten worse in the Spanish enclaves. Two weeks ago it happened again, this time in Melilla. An estimated 300 North African migrants stormed the border fences, and a majority reached Europe.

There are countless examples of incidents that are traced back to deliberate blackmail by a furious Morocco, which decided to open the gates to Europe, with all the results that ensue. Moroccan border guards show the migrants the way. And they come. Thousands at a time.

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A Pandemic of Cultural Enrichment in Europe

The flood of illegal migrants into Europe barely paused when the Wuhan Coronavirus arrived, and has now reached unprecedented levels. Below are six articles about various aspects of the cultural enrichment of Europe.

First, from Berlin, a reminder to native Germans: don’t even glance in the direction of immigrant women. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

What are you looking at?

Just because he looked at his wife, “Einmann” (a man) stabs 27-year-old


According to the initial police findings, the 27-year-old was on the Anzengruberstrasse at around 8.45 p.m. when the unknown man accused him of looking at his wife.

The man immediately hit the 27-year-old in the face with his fist and then injured him on the thigh and hand with a knife. The 27-year-old came to a clinic for inpatient treatment with stab wounds and cuts.

The attacker fled to Donaustraße with his companion and a child. The investigation was carried out by the criminal police of Directorate 5 (City).

The second article concerns the very expensive (non-)deportation of rejected asylum seekers from Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Deportation madness: 300,000 euros to expel nine criminal Afghans!

From Alice Weidel [co-leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany)]:

A total of nine criminal Afghans were to be deported from Germany. 30 police officers were assigned to guard these few people who were obliged to leave the country. A Boeing 767 was rented, but it had to remain on the ground. Afghanistan had refused to give the plane from Munich a landing permit. Or, to put it more simply, it once again refused to accept its compatriots, citing flimsy reasons. The total cost of this insane action was €300,000!

This is not a deportation offensive, as Interior Minister Horst Seehofer recently announced, but sheer mockery of the taxpayer. A total of 30,000 Afghans are now obliged to leave the country — but only 1,000 are deported to their home country every year. In addition, Germany allows itself to be imposed on by a state into which huge sums of construction aid have been flowing for around twenty years. That would be a basis for diplomatic pressure, if one actually had an interest in deporting people who were obliged to leave the country. The opposite can be seen.

In view of the large number of 30,000 Afghans who have to be transferred back to their home country, the entire deportation practice needs to be reassessed. A charter plane at irregular weekly intervals is not sufficient, nor do the costs have to be conveyed to the taxpayer. Such machines have to be filled with people required to leave the country right down to the last seat and each expulsion has to be designed cost-effectively.

The third article describes enricher-vs.-enricher violence in Italy, a truly multicultural brawl. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

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The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

by David Boyajian

Millions of illegal aliens swarm across our borders, yet little is done to stop them.

As big cities’ homicides soar, their police departments are being defunded.

Such destructive domestic policies remind us of this destructive foreign policy: Successive administrations and the State Department have often shut their eyes to international terrorism and even covered it up.

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and America’s Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) looms, this shocks the conscience. It also endangers the homeland and our military men and women overseas.

We’ll prove that Turkey and Azerbaijan remain among the most egregious sponsors of international terrorist organizations and that the U.S. covers for those countries.

Among these organizations: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Ansar Al-Din, Hamza Division, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Sunna, Sultan Murad Brigade, Sultan Suleyman Shah Brigade/Al-Amshat, and more.

Terrorist Turkey

  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-13, has acknowledged that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”
  • Veteran State Department adviser Dr. David L. Phillips directs Columbia University’s Peace-building and Human Rights Program. Its research confirmed Turkey’s alliance with ISIS: ISIS-Turkey Links (2014) and Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade (2015/2016).
  • In Turkey: A state sponsor of terrorism? (May 28), Phillips wrote that if a “non-NATO country behaved like Turkey, it would warrant designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism,” like Iran and North Korea.

    He also describes Turkey’s sending terrorist mercenaries (some listed above) into Azerbaijan against Armenian-populated Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh in 2020.

  • In 2014, the New York Times reported that “Western intelligence officials… track the ISIS oil shipments… into Turkey” and that Turkey has failed “to help choke off the oil trade.”
  • In January and July, the U.S. Treasury Department identified Turkey as a financial base for ISIS and Al-Qaeda. However, the U.S. has penalized only some Turkish individuals and companies, not Turkey itself. Regardless, the effect has been minimal.

As with Turkey, the State Department has largely ignored utterly corrupt Azerbaijan’s long record of supporting terrorism.

Terrorist Azerbaijan

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Palling Up With the Palis

The Belgian government is drawing flak for continuing its financial aid to “Palestine”, despite the fact that the money is being diverted to support terrorist attacks against Israel.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian Dutch-language site

Belgium continues with development aid for Palestine despite suspicions that the money ends up with terrorists

by Tom Lallemand
August 3, 2021

Our country is continuing with controversial development support for Palestine. An investigation warned that Belgian money may possibly end up in the hands of a terrorist organization, but the minister of development cooperation, Meryame Kitir, sees no reason to put a stop to the developmental aid.

In recent years, millions of euros in Belgian developmental aid has been sent to Palestinian NGOs, but a report from the Israeli intelligence services accuses the NGOs of channeling that money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization officially labeled as terrorist by the EU.

However, Belgium will not stop the developmental aid to Palestine. That is what the minister for developmental cooperation, Meryame Kitir, said after she conducted a Belgian investigation. “On the basis of that investigation, I see no reason to freeze the resources, nor to conduct an additional external investigation. I trust in our Belgian partner organizations and in the existing control system,” said Kitir.

There is necessary outrage on social media about Kitir’s decision. “Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But the government, after its own investigation, sees no reason to freeze the money,” said the De Tijd investigative journalist Lars Bove, who was retweeted by various N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) leaders, such as Theo Francken.


“Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But, after its own investigation, the government sees no reason to freeze the money,”

Justice for Yazidi Victims of ISIS

A Yazidi-Dutch group is seeking justice for Yazidi victims of the Islamic State. The article below includes an English-language video explaining their work.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from GeenStijl:

Dutch Yazidi women hunt ISIS-women

Just an interview to forget the forgotten victims and forgotten perpetrators a little less

Pari Ibrahim, a Dutch-Yazidi woman, with her international foundation, is hunting for ISIS women and evidence that they did more than cook, wash dishes, and change diapers. Going to the slave market, buying slaves themselves, forcing them into a household, and preparing the slaves to be raped, for example. Pari: “With Yazidis, the information on perpetrators is burned into their souls, their names and physical characteristics. Our team is very good at collecting the data, so that justice officials can build a case. That can take years. But we are ensuring that none of the perpetrators can sleep peacefully.”

However, the burden of proof seldom gets through to a Dutch court. “We work day and night. Bit by bit, we hear more stories. Some victims to this day have not spoken. We do interviews and ask: What names can you remember? What did they look like, what language did they speak? Evidentiary material collected by our foundation is shared with European prosecutors.”

We brought one back on the red carpet on June 4, and 6 more are waiting. According to the AIVD, 30 more Dutch ISIS women are sitting in Kurdish camps. If they only get their own play. Then the Yazidis.

Pari: “Your blood boils when you see that the most serious group of perpetrators that we know, their co-perpetrators, get a podium to proclaim that they are pathetic victims, while they know very well what was happening. Women went to the slave market, paid for slaves with their own money, forced them to do the household work, or prepared them for rape. Our goal is to make sure that ISIS people don’t get away with their crimes. Thus can the Yazidis finally get justice.” Impossible all of them.