A Nation of Compliant Drones

Europe is currently experiencing its “second wave” of the Wuhan Coronavirus, and a number of countries are in the process of imposing varying degrees of a new lockdown. Spain, France, and the UK have adopted particularly strict regimes.

MissPiggy sends this report of her personal experience with Coronamadness in Germany:

Yesterday I visited hairdresser’s and immediately ran afoul of the Corona regulations. First it was about not having the “right mask”. Then I was given my next instructions about going to the bathroom to wash my hands. After that I was told my hands needed to be disinfected.

I said, “I’m sorry, I just washed my hands — that should be enough.” I showed my hands, and said that I have an allergic reaction on my hands (fingertips) from all these disinfectants. So I refused, and they said, “Sorry, then we can’t serve you.”

Then they agreed to just spray the palms. So far, so good. Then I had to fill out a form with my contact information. That’s when I said, “Nope. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.” So now there’s a “mobil friseur” coming to my house on Tuesday.

As for that hairdresser’s, they can go bankrupt. The owner even said in the end that he had no understanding for people who wouldn’t comply with these measures. His reasoning was that because of people like me, there will be a second lockdown. I told him that was going to happen with or without people like me.

At one point I just asked, “What’s next, a PCR to get your hair cut?” Their response was, “No, no…” That launched a whole discussion about how this isn’t their idea, that they have to follow instructions, and they don’t want another lockdown because they barely survived the first one, etc.

I had the same conversation with a lady at the fish counter in a grocery store. I didn’t have my glasses on and she pointed at something I couldn’t see, so I leaned forward. She barked at me to stay behind the magic tape on the floor. I retorted, “If I don’t, will you call the Corona police?” She explained to me that they are also sick of it all, but they have secret shoppers from the health department checking up on them.

MissPiggy’s story brought to mind the following poem by W.H. Auden. I’ve posted it before, but it’s worth revisiting.

It was written in the 1930s, during another rapid expansion of the all-powerful socialist state:

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“Stick with the science” is the mantra of politicians and public health officials during the COVID-19 era. Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a peek behind the curtain of politicized “science”.


by MC

The problem with propaganda — the idea of lying to the populace — is what happens when the lies are exposed.

This is highly relevant in the current scenario of lockdowns and face masks. See this article. The science raises questions as to the motivation of lockdown authorities, and those authorities have to respond with Lysenkoised ‘science’ in order to defend their actions.

At the behest of Joseph Stalin, Trofim Lysenko used politicised junk ‘science’ to validate lies.

Lysenko forced farmers to plant seeds very close together since, according to his “law of the life of species”, plants from the same “class” never compete with one another. Lysenko played an active role in the famines that killed millions of Soviet people and his practices prolonged and exacerbated the food shortages. The People’s Republic of China under Mao Tse-Tung adopted his methods starting in 1958, with calamitous results, culminating in the Great Chinese Famine of 1959 to 1962, in which some 15 million people died. At least 30 million died of starvation.

Outside the Soviet Union, scientists spoke critically: British biologist S. C. Harland lamented that Lysenko was “completely ignorant of the elementary principles of genetics and plant physiology” (Bertram Wolfe, 2017). Criticism from foreigners did not sit well with Lysenko, who loathed Western “bourgeois” scientists and denounced them as tools of imperialist oppressors. He especially detested the American-born practice of studying fruit flies, the workhorse of modern genetics. He called such geneticists “fly lovers and people haters”.

Unable to silence Western critics, Lysenko tried to eliminate all dissent within the Soviet Union. Scientists who refused to renounce genetics found themselves at the mercy of the secret police. The lucky ones simply got dismissed from their posts and were left destitute. Hundreds if not thousands of others were rounded up and dumped into prisons or psychiatric hospitals. Several were sentenced to death as enemies of the state or starved in their jail cells (most notably the botanist Nikolai Vavilov). Before the 1930s, the Soviet Union had a strong genetics community. Lysenko gutted it, and by some accounts set Russian biology and agronomy back a half-century.

One can immediately see the model here: the mal-educated Lysenko develops an opinion that catches the attention of technically illiterate, but powerful politicians. Lysenko’s opinions are in accord with political (religious) dogma and ambitions, so they MUST be correct.

Rather than validate the opinion using such tools as observation, peer review and the repeatability of experimentation, the ‘science’ becomes ‘settled’ by consensus and opinion rather than open, reviewable research.

Millions starved to death because Lysenko’s erroneous opinions became official state ‘science’.

In Lysenko’s case, the subject matter was the growing problem of falling crop yields due to the inherent problems of collectivisation, which was a mandated (but unproven) ritual belief of religious communism. The communist ‘New Man’ would become a super-farmer if he would just do as the regime demanded.

Lysenkoism is not just limited to agriculture. We can see it working in medicine (face masks, lockdowns and vaccines) and climate change (the great carbon dioxide hoax).

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The Eviction of Antifa from Liebig 34

Last Friday the Berlin police evicted a group of Antifa squatters from a building on Liebigstraße in Berlin. The anarchists had been living there illegally for thirty years, but the Powers That Be have only now gotten around to removing them. The reason? The neighborhood has recently been “renovated”, i.e. gentrified, and the municipal authorities had been under pressure to get rid of the undesirables and their eyesore of a building. In other words, it was a typical NIMBY initiative on the part of affluent progressives.

Below are two news videos about the eviction. Notice that all the graffiti on the inner walls of the building seem to be in English. Do the residents not speak German?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this supplemental material:

The end of an era: Tour of the “Liebig 34”

A rare insight: The leftist (Antifa) squat in Berlin-Friedrichshain was tolerated for 30 years. The “residents” did everything to prevent the emergency services from entering the house. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the eviction of one of the last symbols of the left-wing extremist scene in Berlin went surprisingly smoothly. The Left Party and the Greens mourn the squatters’ departure from the “unique safe haven”.

At 7:25am the task force from the Berlin police department turned on the chainsaw. The door of the building at the address Liebigstraße 34 could not be opened with an ordinary crowbar. It had been barricaded so that no one could enter. The police announced that they would evict the residents of the house in the Friedrichshain district at 7am sharp. Preparations had been going on for days. A zone was cordoned off around the house, and police officers also took positions on the roofs of surrounding houses. The streets were cleared for heavy equipment. And that’s what was needed. Armored vehicles, a ladder crane and several police vehicles. Everything was used to evict the house of its occupants, and that’s exactly what happened. Since it was impossible to enter the main entrance of the building on the ground floor — even with a chainsaw — the first floor seemed more promising. With the help of scaffolding, the officials entered the building through a window.

Video #1 (Bild):

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Planned Bankruptcy

Below is a wry take on the US presidential election from a German vantage point by the popular columnist Hans Heckel.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

Week in Review

by Hans Heckel
September 12, 2020

Planned Bankruptcy

Why Joe Biden reminds us of Heinrich Lübke, and what Wolfgang Schäuble has up his sleeve.

Let us imagine for a moment that Joe Biden, who wants to be President of the USA, was not a member of the Democratic party, but in the wrong party — that of President Donald Trump. How then would the media handle the challenger? Americans can only wonder what that would be like. Not we Germans though, for we had Heinrich Lübke, whose dementia overshadowed the last years of his presidency and was an inexhaustible source of schadenfreude. Leftist media laughed themselves sick over the poor soul’s real and invented slips.

What does that have to do with Biden? Two quotes with which he delighted the coalition of Asians and Latinos: the anti-racist comment: “Poor children are just as clever and talented as white children.” That was a real “Lübke”, right? Another time, he was defending himself against the charge that he was a total opponent of private ownership of weapons: “I have three guns for hunting, my son has three hunting guns, altogether we have five guns.”

He doesn’t get numbers. His appearances in Internet videos are astounding in many ways. Names, too. He once confused Angela Merkel with Margaret Thatcher, and the states of New Hampshire and Vermont.

So, fortunately, our media protect us from knowing of these bizarre reports — they don’t fit the image of the “great hope” and would only confuse us. After all, what were the Democrats to do? The friendly wink to “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa tells us clearly that the party elite has moved so far to the left that it could shake the majority of voters. So somebody who is redolent of the “Middle” is needed. And old man Biden is the right one. People know him. They will vote for him. Later, the party grandees can slide the old man across the stage like a cardboard backdrop, while completely different persons are pulling the strings and making the policy, whether for Vermont or New Hampshire or the whole country. And if President Biden should later address our Chancellor as “dear Maggie”, Tagesschau will cautiously miss this. After all, what is the cutting room floor for?

It is in Germany’s best interests that Biden be elected. For we hear that Trump’s ambassador in Berlin will be no friend of ours. The opposition is seriously concerned that the appointment of Douglas Macgregor would gravely damage German-American relations. PAZ has already published the quotes that are the source of these concerns.

Among them is Macgregor’s attribution of a “sick mentality” to us, because we are fixated on the twelve years of Nazi rule, and pay almost no attention to the other 1500 years of our history. And yet Germany has “played a decisive role in Central Europe in the defense of Western Civilization”. He also reproaches Berlin over its offer of free state aid for “millions of unwanted Muslim intruders”, instead of raising military spending.

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Viktor Orbán: The Rebellion Against Liberal Spiritual Oppression

For the last few years, in the late summer Gates of Vienna readers could expect to see a subtitled video of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s annual “state of the nation” speech. Mr. Orbán customarily makes his remarks each year at the Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp in Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad), in the ethnic Hungarian region of western Romania. However, this year COVID-19 reared its ugly head, forcing the prime minister to write an essay instead.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from Magyar Nemzet.

Together we will succeed again!

by Viktor Orbán

There is no Tusnádfürdo [site of the annual workshop of the Bálványos Free Summer University]. There is no Kötcse [site of annual Civic Picnic]. There is no transit (traffic). There is an epidemic. The virus has also decimated summer meetings of workshops on political thinking. And there would be something to think about and discuss. Something and in some manner which would be impossible in the parliamentarian jostle and inside the frames of modern communication. So what remains is writing instead of speaking, an essay instead of a lecture.

Illiberal, conservative, Christian Democrat, liberal. Our struggle for intellectual sovereignty and intellectual freedom, which was launched years ago in Tusnád(fürdo), is slowly coming to fruition. Political correctness, that is, the rebellion against the classical liberal doctrines — ways of speaking, and dictates on style — is expanding. More and more people courageously step out of the stall of the already stiflingly narrow single correct way of speaking, the only correct concept of democracy, the only correct interpretation of Europe and the West. The attempt to escape is not easy in itself; the risk of punishment is significant. Expulsion from academic life, job loss, stigma, running the university gauntlet — examples are slowly becoming commonplace. But even if we manage to get over the well-paid and round-the-clock watching knee-jerk liberal* border guards, we also have to deal with the deep-seated reflexes of any well-meaning audience. Despite the sophistication of reasoning, the praise of nationalism shakes the German stomach, even if it was written by Professor Hazony from Jerusalem. And no matter what velvety tone we use to talk about illiberal democracy, it sounds awful to German and Anglo-Saxon ears. Even today.

The rebellion against liberal spiritual oppression is not only widening, but also deepening. There are more and more compelling essays; thorough studies and inevitable monographs come to light. Even if they don’t confess it in the Brussels bubble, we can already see that the emperor is naked. The doctrine of ‘democracy can only be liberal’, the untouchable idol, the big fetish has fallen, we just have to wait for the stirred-up cloud of dust to settle, and then we will not only know, but see. It seems that conservative and Christian Democratic parties, political movements can escape the life-threatening embrace of liberals. “There’s no such thing as an illiberal democracy,” and similar sentences are now being recorded in the book of political nonsense, no matter where they come from. Conservative political thinkers have finally summoned up the courage to justify, by outlining with the elegance of mathematical proofs, that liberalism and conservatism represent two opposing positions in political theory. They have shown that the arguments of those who want to shove conservatism under the big umbrella of liberalism are wrong. Those who argue that the separation of powers, civil and political freedoms, the protection of private property and constrained governance — that is, the rule of law — can only be conceived within the spiritual framework of liberalism and only through the means of liberal democracy, they are wrong to stick to this benevolent explanation. Of course, we also know Hungarians who have solved this task in the past, but have realized, how much more pleasant it is to collect appreciative shrugs in Brussels, accompanied by the gentle smiles of lukewarm liberal salons, than to squeal like a black lamb at home in Budapest. That little nauseating bad feeling there in the region of the stomach doesn’t even seem like such a big price. Although today the temperature, furniture and elegance of Central European salons are less and less behind the Western ones, not to mention the cuisine. Crawling back will soon begin. As happened from Moscow once upon a time.

Today’s confusion of conservatism and liberalism can be traced back to the fact that in the great battles against totalitarianism, conservatives and liberals set aside their essential and then still obvious differences. They set them aside and made an alliance against the common enemy. An alliance against Nazism and Communism, Nazis and Communists. It was a long, centuries-long struggle, and the severity of the Allies’ thoughts, arguments, and fundamentals became apparent only when the Alliance lost its meaning with the fall of the Berlin Wall in the West and the withdrawal of the Soviets in the East.

Politicians, journalists, and even scholars easily alternate between conservative and liberal ideas and concepts. For a long time — too long, about two decades — it seemed that there was nothing wrong with that; even if it was intellectually inaccurate and remiss, no serious damage came from it. This was also thought by the Anglo-Saxon conservatives and the European Christian Democrats. However, the situation has now changed. Things have gotten serious. What used to seem like a slight mental defect, poor posture, a tolerable disorder, now prevents us from seeing clearly on important issues. It obscures the fact that the biggest challenge and opponent for conservatives and Christian Democrats today and again is liberalism and liberals. The principles of Christian Democrat and Liberal thinking are in stark contrast, and in the crosshairs of Liberal attacks are all that is most important to us: the cornerstones of the desired political order, the center of the Conservative-Christian Democratic tradition, religion, family.

The recognition that, if it goes on like this, Christian-Conservative forces will assist in weakening nations, eradicating religious traditions, and downgrading, mocking the family, here in Central Europe, has risen to the level of public and state politics. Here the red light came on, here we applied the emergency brake, and here, mainly in Poland and Hungary, we sounded the alarm bells. There was enough force here to pull back the European political home of the Christian Democrats and Conservatives, the European People’s Party, from the edge of the abyss. There was enough instinct and volume here to say that we could not risk the future of European Christian democracy for the sake of an understandable German demand for the Brussels coalition party to have its pattern to coincide with Berlin’s, as this is the easiest way to create harmony between the two centers of power.

So if the Christian Democrats enter the coalition with the left in Berlin, so should the EPP in the European Parliament. If we follow this trail, after the German elections, we can also get to know the beauties of the EPP and the coalition with the Greens, as it has already been already “tasted” in the laboratory in Vienna.

In Central Europe, however, not only good taste is rebelling against the idea of such perversion, but also common sense. The differences between liberal and Christian Democratic political theory are important not only in the world of university departments. They also have serious practical political consequences.

Liberals, for philosophical reasons going back to Kant — which I will not detail here — believe that every country, even those that are governed today as a non-liberal democracy, should be forced to accept this form of government. Christian Democrats, on the other hand, reject such a foreign policy because they believe that societies are held together in different ways and in peace. As the Arab Spring recently proved, liberal democracy can bring collapse and chaos, causing more harm than good. That is why we also support Donald Trump’s victory, because we are well aware of the foreign policy of American democratic governments based on moral imperialism. We were forced to taste it, but it didn’t taste good, so we don’t ask for a repeat.

Our policies are also intertwined on that topic, which is commonly referred to as “subsidiarity” in Brussels. Liberals say it is good to transfer as many national governmental powers as possible to international organizations. That is why they clap their hands politely; that is why vision is veiled and the heart beats faster when any international organization is given a new competence, a task and, of course, a horse and a weapon, as this gives universal ideas — European values, universal human rights — more encouragement and recognition.

However, the enthusiasm of Christian Democrats is less bubbly, because they see that such organizations are inevitably prone to arbitrariness, which those organizations tend to call the “rule of law”, which is merely a rule of blackmail, vulnerable to Soros’ network-like intrusion attempts, and if choices have to be made between the citizens of national communities and the big dogs of global capitals, in the end they always choose the latter. The citizens of European nations soon realized that today’s European institutions did not serve them, but the interests of George Soros and his ilk. They refuse to swallow the BS of Brussels, that a financial speculator, enriched by the destruction of others, is lurking in the corridors of Brussels to offer his selfless help to Europe.

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EU Migration Pact: The Next Conflict on Immigration

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

EU Migration Pact: The next conflict on immigration

The EU Commission has presented a “Pact for Migration and Asylum”.

Critics fear that this will accelerate the UN migration pact that promotes immigration, and that the pact is intended to be the lever to break the resistance of the Eastern European states to migration.

The question that arises is whether the planned migration and asylum pact is more of a defense against “too many” immigrants, especially illegal immigrants and those who are actually not supposed to be in the country — or means a further opening towards more regular, steady and numerically expanded migration, as many critics fear in the commentary section on the “Roadmap”.

This cannot be answered with certainty at the moment — since there is still no concrete (published) pact text that could be evaluated, and presumably the authors of the pact are also torn between humane intentions and the recognition of all kinds of practical problems.

In addition, the commission shies away from open conflict with Eastern European states, which, unlike Germany, are fighting for a limitation and see the German situation as a deterrent.

There is simply no one ideal solution for major global migrations from densely populated, rather poorer regions; this was sufficiently shown by the dispute over the UN migration pact of 2018.

The European conflict remains and is intensifying.

The conflict between the self-proclaimed immigration countries such as Germany and the opponents of massive and unbridled immigration is coming to a head — and it is to be feared that Angela Merkel will try to break the resistance against immigration.

Extensive declarations of intent

The currently available statements on the EU pact contain declarations of intent that amount to a “defense”, control and reduction of the number of migrants. There should be a (security, health and identity) preliminary examination of asylum seekers at the EU’s external borders, the consistent return to their countries of origin of persons not entitled to protection, i.e. the prevention of long-term stays in Europe without authorization. The EU border authority Frontex is to be strengthened and a more intensive security-related exchange between the countries is to control migration. So far so good.

However, the drafts up to now also contain elements such as the principle of the routine EU-wide distribution of all persons considered eligible, as well as a yes to legal migration and resettlement programs for refugees. This increases the potential for immigration and is also intended to cover those regions in which the rights of the state population are taken into account even more, and which do not see themselves as immigration countries, as is the case in Germany. One may understand this passage as an attack on Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, which generally reject further migration and distribution mandates.

Signal for more migration to Europe

There is a risk that the new migration and asylum pact will dramatically increase in their countries of origin the number of people willing to migrate, and that it will be interpreted as a signal that Europe also accepts and wants to (and can) manage more extensive migration.

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Karen’s Lives Matter

MC weighs in on the culture wars plaguing us in this autumn of our discontent.

Karen’s Lives Matter

by MC

There is a very famous book entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

First published in 1841, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is often cited as the best book ever written about market psychology. This Harriman House edition includes Charles Mackay’s account of the three infamous financial manias — John Law’s Mississippi Scheme, the South Sea Bubble, and Tulipomania. [source]

The book is all about human folly, and 2020 deserves a new chapter because humanity changes not.

One can almost understand the “we’re all gonna die’ reaction in the Spring of this year as it became apparent that this new virus was a killer. However, as more information became available, it also became apparent that the public reaction and hysteria were misplaced, and that whilst certain groups were vulnerable, healthy people under 60 had little to fear.

Then came the vested interests.

The MSM fanned the flames, and the COVID bubble got bigger and bigger as the whole thing got more and more political rather than medical, and rational science had left the building.

The medical profession, backed by big pharma, have virtually created the religion of ‘Science’ where the ‘deniers’ are deemed delusional idiots who need to be shut out and deplatformed, and where free speech should only be allowed to supporters and co-religionists. Criticism is banned and books should be burned. Sieg Heil!

The new social crime of Scientific sedition has now been created.

There is no real definition of many of the ideas of Scientific religiosity, and ‘racism’ is a word that is bandied around and is used as a hammer on the anvil of Multiculturalism. In this delusional race war, ‘racism’ can be overloaded into the most egregious connotations which undermine the very existence of culture, any culture, as long as it is not ‘white’.

This morning I watched the first football game of the season. The prologue was so soppy and sickly I skipped it, and the adverts were simply delusional lies, including the Biden ad. If you want to know what socialism really does to a country read this op-ed.

Yes, we Jooz are waking up to the perils of the great delusion.

Many things really look and sound good when well-presented, but how many of those toys that look so wonderful in the Christmas adverts are five-minute wonders on the home front? And the little UPS girl even prefers the packaging box to the toy inside.

But we really need to apply the ‘toy’ test to many things in life: do I really need to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the electric tailgate that I will really NEED about once a year? Or is it just the vanity of showing off?

Fashion is a terrible thing, and is a major cause of temporary insanity, delusion and the madness of crowds. When BLM burn African-American businesses, and Antifa behave like Nazi Sturmabteilung, we need to stop and look at what is happening.

In February 1917 there was a revolution in Russia, and the Kadets took limited power:

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The Geert Wilders Trial Was Rigged

Here’s the latest twist in the Geert Wilders case — breaking news from the Netherlands via our Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

The Wilders trial was rigged

by H. Numan

Of course most (sane) people know that, but how to prove it? Fortunately, our progressive activists are most helpful.

Enter Akwasi Owusu Ansah. He pretends to be an artist as a rapper. Personally, I don’t see rap as art, more as vocalized progressive whining. Akwasi was born in Ghana, in the Ashanti tribe. That’s one of the tribes that got really rich through slavery.

Akwasi didn’t like it in Ghana, so he moved to a land of milk (lots of it) and honey. He thinks he is an artist and went to work as a rapper. He is one of the many filthy rich millionaire commies. Firmly aligned with the extreme left of the extreme left. His assets are several millions in (Dutch) real estate. But don’t talk about that too much. Neither does he. That spoils the ‘poor oppressed gangster’ illusion. What Akwasi did, until last week with impunity, was to make death threats against Black Pete. I’ll talk about Black Pete in a minute. He tweeted many times that he wanted Black Pete killed, and even offered a reward of €500 for someone willing to do his dirty work.

Last week he tweeted that he was going to kick Black Pete in the face, once he spotted one. That was one tweet too many. Especially after the trial of Geert Wilders. Some people filed complaints with the police. A DA was put on this case… and… came to a gentlemen’s agreement. His lawyer (not Akwasi himself!) would read an apology, and the case would be dismissed.

This district attorney is Jacobien Vreekamp. She is not only DA, but also was chairwomen of Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP), an extreme left-wing and violent platform. It’s not marked as a domestic terrorist group, but should be. She is also director of the Anti-Discrimination Bureau of Amsterdam. This gentlewoman’s agreement is not exactly the way she normally operates. She is known for her harsh demands as a DA, especially when she can hang someone not toeing her preferred political line. She is not only ruthless, but also merciless.

This news broke over the weekend. It is causing a huge outcry, nationwide. Understandably, Geert Wilders is livid. He immediately announced he will ask questions in Parliament, on Monday.

Given the enormous outcry, the prosecutor’s office has placed her on non-active status, pending an investigation. There was little else they could do. Hushing it up won’t work. Interestingly, Jacobien was removed from a controversial case in which 25 condemned accused are on trial for racial discrimination on this Monday. It took a mere nine months to get this case on the agenda. One can give birth faster.

Let’s have a look at Jacobien Vreekamp. All judges and DAs are required to report if they have side jobs somewhere else. A lot of them simply ignore this rule. What they do outside the court is their affair, they think. Not really, because it has happened that a judge was personally involved as an legal advisor to a company that was sued. He ruled in favor for that company. As a judge it is very difficult to get punished. This judge was reprimanded, nothing more. Now he is a judge in the High Court.

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Carsten Jahn: “What is Happening in Leipzig is Not a Protest”

For the last few days anarchists have been rioting in the German city of Leipzig, setting up barricades, throwing cobblestones, and setting fire to police cars. The issue is their eviction from a building in which they had been illegally squatting, which makes them the German equivalent of the Danish autonomer.

The following rant about Leipzig by Carsten Jahn was posted by the video group Team Heimat. Mr. Jahn is at pains to point out the contrast between the way Leftists portrayed the anti-Corona demonstration in Berlin, versus their sympathetic treatment of the rioters in Leipzig.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Deutsche Welle article about the “protests” in Leipzig:

Leipzig protests: Politicians in Germany condemn third night of violence

Saxony state premier Michael Kretschmer said “left-wing extremists” were behind clashes between protesters and police. Demonstrators they were against gentrification and a lack of affordable housing in the city.

A third-straight night of violent protests in the eastern city of Leipzig left at least two police officers injured and several people were detained, police said on Sunday.

Demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday evening, after a group had rallied to protest gentrification in the city’s Connewitz district two days prior.

The gentrification protest was sparked by a police operation to evacuate a house occupied by a group of squatters since August 21.

The property was otherwise empty when squatters chose to occupy it, but the owner filed a criminal complaint for alleged trespassing, which led a Leipzig district court to issue an eviction order.

Some 100 people dressed in black and wearing hoods reportedly threw cobblestones and firecrackers at police, overturned garbage bins and built burning barricades, a police spokesperson said.

Authorities said that tear gas was used on the group and a helicopter was deployed to the scene. Police are investigating 15 suspects for breach of the peace, damage to property and resistance to law enforcement officers.

Video transcript:

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The Monkey Comes Out of the Sleeve!

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this update with the latest monkey business from the Dutch political scene.

The monkey comes out of the sleeve!

by H. Numan

That’s a literal translation of a Dutch proverb: de aap komt uit de mouw. In the Queen’s English: now we get to the point. Admit it, (double) Dutch can be fun.

I told you about the election of a politically correct incompetent clown as leader of the Dutch Christian Democrats, in two articles. Here’s a follow up. We know that the election was rigged. That’s a given. The politically most correct candidate had to win. Which was Hugo de Jonge, alias Pipo the Clown. The wife of his opponent, Mrs. Omtzigt, now complains openly of election fraud.

It gets even better. Saturday Pieter Omtzigt was in The Hague, where he was accosted by extreme left wing demonstrators. He was threatened, and had to flee into a ministry for safety. One of his assailants was Claudia ter Schuur. A lawyer-cum-political activist. She’s of course whiter than snow and firmly committed to Black Apartheid. When blacks are racists, they aren’t racists, says whitey Claudia.

She was fully exposed on GeenStijl.nl. Which — something we know so well from progressive activists — is all a lie, she claims. Despite video evidence, and later an interview on TV in which she ‘hoped she had changed his mind’. Claudia wrote a letter to GeenStijl denying she was even there.

Pieter Omtzigt tweeted about his assault: “My colleague Geert Wilders certainly does have a point. This is not normal.” [about parliamentarians needing bodyguards] Which makes it all obviously clear to me.

As I wrote earlier: Hugo de Jonge had to win. Omtzigt cannot be manipulated as easily as de Jonge, and is not even remotely as much in favor of the EU and integration as the party elite is. The powers that be (in this case, VVD* and CDA*) have already decided they will follow a very progressive course. Hugo will do as he is told, Pieter definitely not. Hugo would rather see his party fade into oblivion than work with the PVV* and FvD*.

The conservative party VVD has, for the last couple of decades, firmly moved to the left. The same goes for the other big parties, to a slightly lesser extent. Every attempt to change the course was nipped in the bud. The last prominent VVD conservative was Rita Verdonk. When she was ousted from the party, the remaining conservatives were either ousted as well or silenced into obedience. The conservative party is now a moderately progressive party in disguise. It wasn’t Rutte who began the shift towards the left; that was Ed Nijpels, a generation ago. Ed is now a prominent VVD retiree. However, Rutte is the one who solidified and consolidated it.

That creates a problem for Mark Rutte. He wants to win the elections. His leadership during the CCP virus crisis, especially that of CDA vice premier Hugo de Jonge (yes, that’s the same Pipo the Clown), is slipping. The VVD is slowly but surely declining in the polls. The election of Pipo didn’t do the CDA much good. So far it costs four (virtual) seats. On the other side of the spectrum the PVV and FvD are steadily growing in the polls. The PVV currently polls at 21 seats. Not as much as the VVD (32 seats) but the gap is narrowing. Left-wing parties aren’t winning anything at the moment. Only the PvdA* (labour) is climbing out of the pit. They poll at 16 seats, and hold 9. It possible but not likely they will gain that much during real elections.

So what is Rutte planning to do? It looks he is gambling on an ultra-left many-party coalition. In theory he can work with both Wilders and Baudet. His minority cabinet Rutte II had support from Geert Wilders before his coalition partner CDA blew it up. Where they very capably put the blame on Wilders.

In reality Rutte prefers a left-wing coalition. Sure, if worst comes to worst, he’ll work with anyone. But his personal preference is progressive. The only way that can happen is a very broad — and unworkable — many-party coalition to get the required 76-seat majority.

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The Year of the Bat

The following essay by Seneca III brings to mind the words of W.B. Yeats: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”

The Year of the Bat

by Seneca III

“Great civilizations are not murdered. They commit suicide.” — Arnold J. Toynbee

Future historians will look back on 2020 as the year that all the acquisitive socio-political conspiracies of global power seekers and avaricious international corporate plutocrats were revealed in full by an experimental viroid that accidentally escaped from a Chinese Communist Party biowarfare laboratory and killed upwards of twenty million people.

Revelation followed upon revelation — we saw the deviant hordes of the morally, sexually and intellectually destitute arrive in force with banners flying. We saw in full light the machinating, murderous third-world kleptocrats that constitute the farce that is the ‘United Nations’ and the thugs of an organization that claims to be antifascist and yet is the epitome of fascism in all its violent savagery as its masked foot soldiers join at the hip with another equally fascist group marked by surfeit of melanin and a penchant for burning and looting, and to whom the lives of their own people appear not matter.

Before and behind them came more; the privileged middle-class disciples of a manipulated autistic child, the washed up and wannabe ‘celebrities’ riding on the coattails of this tide of effluent, and all the rest of the destructive infants who took the canticles of the ‘anthropogenic global warming’ hoaxers to be gospel.

Those future historians who are courageous enough to dig deep into the foetid, festering swamp of 21st century politics will look in horror upon an American political party and its camp followers (pun unintended) who conspired to unseat an elected President of the United States and, having failed, are now attempting to corrupt the democratic process in order to emplace a near-brain-dead geriatric with a yet to be revealed racist ‘woman of colour’ in tow who will be President in all but name.

On the Continent the ill-constructed, sclerotic European Union is eating its own tail as it tries to contain the now discontented masses rising up on its periphery. In Brussels, that iconic power and wealth defining construct known as the Berlaymont Building still stands and functions, but its ideological heartbeat stutters as if arrhythmic as its sustaining ideological ramparts begin to crumble within and without.

In the United Kingdom, we are blessed by a Border Force (colloquially, ‘Border Farce’) which can’t even turn back a few small rubber boatloads of invasive Muslim and Black savages.

Then, that great Office of State, the Home Office, does nothing but provide these predators and parasites with free luxury accommodation, cash benefits and food all paid for by the taxes raised from the indigenous net contributors who are struggling to sustain themselves from day to day in circumstances far less salubrious than those enjoyed by our ‘guests’.

Here, reading this extract from an official publication, we can see the reason why the HO acts this way:

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Dispatch From Pandemia

We’re entering the sixth month of the Coronamadness, with no end in sight. Or, more accurately, no end in sight before November 4, 2020. If Trump wins, the madness will ratchet up a notch or two. And if Biden wins, full socialism will be implemented beginning on January 21, 2021. Which will undoubtedly closely resemble the “new normal” we have become accustomed to since early March.

I’ve written a number of times in this space about the difference between my local Food Lion and supermarkets in Charlottesville and other metropolitan areas. Food Lion is at the low-class end of the grocery store spectrum, which means it predominates in small rural towns. The one I frequent had been a refuge from the insanity of stores in Charlottesville. It had an ostensible mask rule, but it was not enforced, and most of the time only about 50% of the people in the store — staff or customers — wore the Corona Hijab. The atmosphere was relaxed. No one screamed at anyone else for not wearing a mask. And the social distancing rules were largely ignored.

All that changed a few days ago. The two Food Lions nearest me have instituted “Entrance” and “Exit” doors, and a Coronavirus Compliance Officer is stationed at the entrance to make sure every customer wears a mask. If you don’t have one, a mask will thoughtfully be provided for you.

Food Lion is now indistinguishable from Whole Foods and Walmart and all the other major retailers in Woke cities like Charlottesville.

The only remaining places of refuge are the Amish markets. There are substantial Amish colonies in this part of Central Virginia, and once an Amish community reaches a certain size, its entrepreneurs open up a market to sell bulk foods, deli items, and other odds and ends. Evidently the Amish don’t believe in masks, because you never see any of the staff wearing them. Some of the customers do, while others like me brazenly enter the store with a naked visage.

It’s a good thing the Amish markets sell a lot of stuff I need, because I’m going to do as much of my shopping there as possible. There’s a big one on a remote back road not too far from me, and I expect I’ll be visiting it frequently. It usually has some really good bargains.

I’ll bet the Amish didn’t close their churches during the lockdown. And I doubt Governor Coonman would have had the nads to try and force them to.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I haven’t yet experienced the new coronacompliant Food Lion firsthand. I learned about it this morning at (for want of a better word) “church”.

You’re probably wondering why I put the word “church” in quote marks. Let me explain…

Since Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam relaxed his lockdown rules for churches, some congregations have been holding limited services, while others haven’t. I’ve heard that the Catholics are celebrating mass in some form, and there’s at least one Presbyterian church in the area that has opened. Baptists, being a fissiparous denomination, vary in their policies — some churches are open, others not. I saw a group of (masked) congregants outside a Baptist church near my house this morning. As I understand it, some congregations are holding outdoor, socially distanced services. Others are gathering in church parking lots and sitting in their cars to hear the word of the Lord.

The Methodists are still locked down, however. And so are the Episcopalians, of which I am one.

After the governor, in his infinite wisdom, issued a new ukase that softened his draconian lockdown order, our diocesan bishop meditated on the situation and came up with a set of “guidelines” — they are mandatory — for parishes that are considering reopening. Below are excerpts from the lengthy document sent out to vestries:

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Awakening My Inner Honky

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s open season on white people. Black Lives Matter, but yours doesn’t, not if you’re white.

Readers may recall Johnny Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Connecticut, who reacted to the shooting of GOP congressman Steve Scalise three years ago by posting that white people were “inhuman a**holes”. He said, “Let. Them. F***ing. Die. And smile a bit when you do.” To drive his point home he used the hashtag #LetThemF***ingDie.

Prof. Williams was suspended by Trinity for his tactlessness, but has since been reinstated.

More recently, after the latest BLM fad took off, Irami Osei-Frimpong, a University of Georgia teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate in philosophy — of all things — wrote, “Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole… To pretend that’s not the case is ahistorical and generally naïve.”

The University of Georgia reviewed Mr. Osei-Frimpong’s behavior and decided that it warranted no disciplinary action.

It’s too early to say whether the more lenient treatment of Irami Osei-Frimpong is an outlier, or indicative of a trend. But one thing is for certain: the sentiments he and hundreds of other “activists” have been expressing are now being mainstreamed.

The “kill whitey” trope is nothing new — it has been publicly expressed in black radical circles since at least the 1970s. However, those who espouse it are now gaining significant political influence at the national level. All national political figures in the Democrat Party support the Black Lives Matter movement, as do all major academic institutions and almost all of the national media. Those same media outlets may not highlight the fact, but the same “mostly peaceful” BLM protesters they support are increasingly proclaiming their desire to assault, burn, torture, maim, and kill white people. Not just “racists” or “KKK supporters”, or “Trump voters”, but white people. Whites, it is averred, are irredeemably racist, genetically damaged, harmful to the species, and do not deserve to live.

Down there on the street, where the revolutionary communists — who are the organizing force behind BLM and Antifa — raise their clenched fists in silhouette against the glare of burning courthouses and police stations, the genocide of white people is one of the stated political goals.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Except for my slightly olive skin tone — which probably derives from an Indian in the woodpile on my mother’s side of the family — I’m a totally whitebread guy. I have no rhythm. I’m a traditional nerd. I like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I listen to Baroque music because I love the way it sounds. And I enjoy sitting around with my nerdy white friends making stupid jokes.

Worse than that, I’m a full-on WASP. And, now that I’m old, totally without redeeming social value. A straight old white man, certain to be in the first tranche put up against the wall by the Social Justice firing squad.

So I’ve been watching with interest the growing prominence of the “White People Must Die” meme in the fever swamps of the alternative media. It makes me think about other well-meaning traditional white people, the kind who have always been scrupulously non-racist and truly believed in a color-blind society.

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The New Untermensch (And Some Old Ones, Too)

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on the Black Lives Matter phenomenon and associated battlefronts in the Culture Wars.

The new Untermensch (and some old ones, too)

by MC

Black lives may matter, but not, it seems, if they are either Jewish or if they are still happen to be in the womb. So it is now official: there are certain classes of people who are less equal than others; and, of course, snowy is one of them. But this time the pigs are in trouble, too, and it is the black sheep who rule.

‘Untermensch’ was a German word used by the Nazi party to describe people that they did not like: Jews, Slavs, gypsies and others. In the Nazi parlance it is much more nuanced than just the literal translation of ‘less than human’. It also implied ‘dangerous’ in a eugenic context, as in polluting the ‘Aryan’ phenotype . They also did not like Africans, Asians and Muslims, but for political reasons had to pretend to accommodate them. Africans were not really relevant and the Japanese and ‘Palestinians’ had to be treated as allies for political reasons.

To clarify the above , I use ‘Palestinian’ in its modern context, but in WW2 one might have called them Pan-Arab Nationalists, followers of Haj Amin Al Husseini, an ardent Nazi and founder of Fatah and the PLO (now the Palestinian Authority).

Because of the confusion between political ‘left’ and political ‘right’, there is a problem of nomenclature with BLM. It is a race-based movement, very similar to the Nazi movement but lacking the nationalism of the Nazis, or rather, paying heed to a ‘Nation of Farrakhan’, where Louis Farrakhan is a kind of race-based cult using the name of Islam as an image enhancement.

In the USA the ‘woke’ movement is using race, and particularly skin colour, to divide the American people, whereas the Communists traditionally used class, which was only relevant in Europe. This flexibility demonstrates just how close Nazi socialism and Communist socialism are.

So the USA now has a pseudo-Nazi political religion which is currently as untouchable as a First World War trench system, surrounded as it was by the old barbed wire upon which it is all so easy to get oneself hung.

The German Nazis showed how easily democracy could be destroyed by an extreme party which, because ‘the ends justify the means’, could lie, cheat and steal in order to exploit democratic vulnerabilities, and thus end the democratic process and replace it with tyranny. Democracy requires that participants to be willing to defend democracy by undemocratic means if necessary, but that the participants believe in the overall benefit of democracy.

The particular vulnerability that the Nazis exploited was that the role of Chancellor and of President could, under the Weimar constitution be held by one person, thus giving the one person, in this case Adolf Hitler, plenipotentiary powers to dismiss the Reichstag and rule by executive decree.

The US Constitution is a lot more difficult to crunch, and the separation of powers inbuilt into the system means that no one person can hold ultimate power. But we are seeing before us a wholesale attempt to bring down any form of constitutional government and replace it with a one-party system. Although the Democrat Party appears to be the vehicle for this, hijacking the Democrat party has been part of the process.

The vulnerable points of the Constitution are the respective roles of the Supreme Court and the role (or non-role as the case may be) of the media as the established major critic of balanced government policy and the purveyor valid information to the people.

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