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Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/31/2012In a speech today, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke strongly emphasized his intention to keep stimulating the American economy through the Fed’s monetary policy. The stock market responded tepidly to his words, and the spot price of silver rose sharply after Mr. Bernanke spoke.

In other news, a Swiss magazine published an article that discouraged its readers from visiting Ireland, saying that 70% of Irish people have scarcely a tooth in their heads, thanks to inbreeding.

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Whose Law?

When I was a kid back in the ’50s and ’60s, “blue laws” were still in force in Virginia, both at the state and the local levels. These laws were fairly common in the South in those days, when Baptists and Methodists were predominant in public life — as is still mostly the case.

Blue laws in Virginia meant that you couldn’t buy certain things on Sundays. Alcohol was the main target, but there were other items whose sale was restricted on the Sabbath. Some counties were completely “dry” — they forbade the sale of alcoholic beverages on any day of the week. If you lived in one of those counties and had a taste for the sauce, you had to drive to another county to stock up, or make contact with a moonshine distributor. White lightning is still common today, especially in the more mountainous regions of the Commonwealth.

Widespread opposition to the blue laws arose in the 1970s, and most of them were repealed. But some counties — Pittsylvania is one — still prohibit the sale of booze on Sunday.

The impulse behind these laws was religious, but they weren’t framed using religious terms. They simply reflected local sentiment as expressed in legislation at the state or county level. Thus they were completely constitutional.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I bring all this up because of a controversy that erupted recently in the Netherlands. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom, has been attacked as “anti-Semitic” because of his support for a ban on ritual slaughter (both kosher and halal) in his country.

Regular readers know how laughable it is to accuse Geert Wilders — who is regarded by serious Jew-haters as a “tool of the Zionists” — of anti-Semitism. But it gets worse: Manfred Gerstenfeld described Mr. Wilders as “a guy who is at forefront of the anti-Semitism movement in Europe”.

I dread broaching the topic in this space, because I know all too well what discussions like this one can turn into. Rational thought is discarded, civil discourse is thrown out the window, and we get caught between the Scylla of a angry Jews and the Charybdis of angry Jew-haters.

However, given the stature of Geert Wilders in the European Counterjihad movement, this conversation can’t be avoided.

The background to the story is this: an animal rights party in the Netherlands proposed a bill requiring that all livestock must be stunned before being slaughtered. The lower of house of the Dutch parliament passed the bill last year, but it failed in the senate. Mr. Wilders and the PVV support such a ban.

Halal and kosher laws require animals to be conscious when they are killed. Every year thousands of cattle in the Netherlands are slaughtered according both forms of religious law.

A prominent Dutch rabbi recently attacked Mr. Wilders for his stance. According to Yahoo News:

Rabbi Warns Dutch Populist Wilders Over Ritual Slaughter Ban

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Israel’s leading rabbi has warned Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders that his party’s support for a ban of ritual slaughter of animals in the Netherlands is “anti-Semitic” and could drive away the country’s Jewish community.


Some of his most outspoken supporters are in the conservative, pro-Israeli movement in the United States. Wilders calls himself Israel’s “greatest friend” and has also proposed creating a national Dutch holiday to commemorate the victims of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In a letter to Wilders on Tuesday, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters on Wednesday, Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger called on Wilders’ Freedom Party to stop backing a ban on ritual slaughter.

It is the strongest public condemnation yet of Wilders’ position on the policy and comes two weeks before the Netherlands holds a general election September 12 in which he is expected to take a sizeable portion of the vote.

Here’s where it gets sticky:

“It is obvious that one cannot be at the same time a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and on the other hand support an anti-Jewish law,” Metzger wrote.

“By denying Jews to live according to the Torah you will eventually force them to leave the Netherlands where they enjoyed religious freedom for centuries.”

First of all, this is not about being a “friend of Israel”. One can be a friend of Israel without insisting that one’s own country follow Jewish law.

This is about the law of the land. The Netherlands is not a Jewish state. It is a secular democratic country with a long Christian tradition. The laws of the Netherlands do not have to comply with Jewish law; they must simply reflect the views and preferences of Dutch citizens.

If Jews cannot in good conscience abide by the law of the land, then yes, they may want to move to Israel — and thank God they have that choice! But the law is not required to bend to their wishes; they are obliged to accede to the law as determined by the majority of their fellow Dutch citizens.

This seems fairly simple and straightforward to me, but some Jews find it “anti-Semitic”.

“This is the classical anti-Semitic way our rites have been targeted and demonized throughout history,” he wrote.

I’m certain that many Jew-haters may have targeted kosher slaughter in the past, but it does not follow that everyone who opposes ritual slaughter is prima facie anti-Semitic. This is a non sequitur.

The article goes on to describe the political minefield into which Mr. Wilders has wandered:

The loss of backing from prominent Jewish leaders could be damaging to Wilders, who has enjoyed support from pro-Israeli and anti-Islam organizations in the United States.

He has received death threats because of his anti-Islam views and has around-the-clock security.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, a prominent Israeli author, said in a telephone interview from Jerusalem that the banning of ritual slaughter has been used in Europe to deter Jews.

“Are you going to support a guy who is at forefront of the anti-Semitism movement in Europe?,” he said.

This is mind-boggling stuff. To turn on Geert Wilders over this issue, after all his years of supporting the Jews and Israel, shows a distressing lack of perspective.

Is full compliance with the Torah the only option for a non-Jewish “friend of Israel”?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The reader who left the link to the above article in our comments had this to say about it:

The Jews have turned against Geert Wilders for his party’s support for a ban of the ritual slaughter of animals.

Because of this, the local Jews are saying he’s anti-semitic and he’s at the forefront of the anti-semitism movement in Europe.

It’s amusing the Jews are quite happy getting thumped and harassed by Muzzies but someone supports an animal rights bill, and the Jews see him as evil incarnate. With friends like that who needs enemies?

If this is the way the Jews want it. Maybe it’s time the anti-Jihad movement separates themselves from the Jewish community. A community I might that is quite supportive of Islamic immigration and rights because of their Leftist bent.

A doctor in Israel sent us an email expressing his complete support for our commenter’s position:

I whole-heartedly agree. There are numerous examples of Jews disenfranchising their friends and embracing their enemies.

The Anti-Jihad movement is there to save Europe, not Diaspora Jews.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Israeli Jews, on the Dutch tax-payers’ euro, are undermining the anti-Jihad stance of Israel.

Facing the useful idiots, we are in the same boat.

Indeed we are, and the useful idiots are unfortunately legion.

The title of this post is recycled from one I used years ago concerning sharia, but it is equally applicable to any other form of religious law. All citizens are required to comply with the laws enacted in democratic state. This is not “discrimination” — in fact, it is precisely the opposite. Full equality under laws that are equally applied to everyone is a guarantee against discrimination.

It is not “anti-Islamic” to insist on full legal equality between men and women.

It is not “anti-Christian” to pass laws legalizing abortion.

And it is not “anti-Semitic” for a democratically elected legislature to pass a law against certain forms of ritual slaughter.

The law of the land must be obeyed by all citizens — period.

Same as the Old Boss

Human rights activists in Europe are lamenting the behavior of the new socialist government in France. They say its policies vis-à-vis the gypsies are as bad — or even worse — than those of the previous government headed by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation from the Austrian newspaper Die Presse:

France: “Worse than Sarkozy”

The socialist government resumes the policies of its predecessor regarding gypsies and clears illegal settlements.

Unimpressed by protests from relief organizations and angry objections coming from left-wing circles, the socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls continues clearing illegal gypsy settlements with the help of the police.

Last Tuesday, a settlement with 180 inhabitants was cleared in a suburb of Lyon. The authorities indicated that the private plot of land being occupied by them will be needed for construction purposes. After this, the gypsies settled in a nearby park. The first police actions that took place in the region of Lille at the beginning of this month sparked loud protests from left-wingers, and in contrast, Valls had the approval of the right wing. This strengthens again the suspicion of his critics that the new interior minister continues to apply the repressive policies against immigrants coming from Romania and Bulgaria. This very policy caused France to be denounced in the EU during Sarkozy’s term on the grounds of discrimination.

Last week the government discussed its policies regarding gypsies, and the outcome was the loosening of the regulations concerning the access to the labor market for EU citizens in order to support labor integration, but nothing changed substantially. The government does not want to renounce to deportations to countries of origin or the clearing of settlements in the name of the rule of law or human dignity.

Families repeatedly chased away

From the point of view of the families affected, the modus operandi of the agents at the behest of the socialist Interior Minister is identical to the actions taken by his conservative predecessor. Gilberte Renard, a member of the human rights league who was present at yesterday’s clearing, felt sorry that those gypsy families had been repeatedly chased away. Clearing settlements without alternative accommodations is useless. “Valls is worse than Sarkozy!”, a member of a gypsy NGO complained in front of TV cameras.

Send in the Army!

Cultural Enrichment News

Things have gotten so out of control in culturally enriched “quarters” of Marseille that a socialist deputy in the French Parliament has called for the government to send the army into the city.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for translating this article from Le Monde:

‘It’s not the army’s job to control the [Mohammedan] quarters,’ according to [French president] Hollande

‘It’s not the army’s job to control the quarters.’ Just as [interior minister] Manuel Valls did earlier that same day, the President of the Republic has swept aside a proposal by a socialist deputy from Marseille who had appealed for sending the military to fight against drug trafficking.

The PS [Parti Socialiste] senator and mayor of the city’s 15th and 16th arrondissements, Samia Ghali, spoke out on Thursday, during an interview given to La Provence, after a 25-year-old man was killed Wednesday evening with a burst from a Kalashnikov in the northern neighbourhoods of Marseille. Since the beginning of this year, fourteen persons have been killed in the city during such settling of accounts, and nineteen in the entire Marseille region.

‘The gendarmerie may be present in certain zones, and they are. And it is the job of the police — who, by the way, need to be reinforced at Marseille — to do what is necessary to eradicate this sort of violence, crime and trafficking,’ declared François Hollande during a press conference with the head of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy.

On the occasion of a trip through the Paris region dedicated to education, the prime minister [Jean-Marc Ayrault] invoked the necessity to ‘show the government’s determination not to let things drift off course’ in this city. Therefore, the 6 September meeting of an interministerial committee dedicated at the preparation of an ‘action programme for the Marseille metropolitan area.’ ‘It is beyond question that the army should respond to such crime. There is no interior enemy’ at Marseille, asserted the interior minister, who favoured ‘a global response [to crime], deep and strong’ at a press conference.

Later that same day, police sources stated that a new directeur départemental de la sécurité publique (DDSP) will soon be appointed in the Bouches-du-Rhône [département — Marseille etc]. Pierre-Marie Bourniquel, presently the DDSP in the Gironde [département — Bordeaux etc], who earlier held this function in the Alpes-Maritimes [département — Nice etc], will replace Pascal Lalle at Marseille.

‘Today, given the war-style weaponry used by the [criminal] networks, only the army can intervene. Primarily to disarm the dealers. And then to block the clients’ access to the quarters, using roadblocks, as in times of war. Even if this takes a year or two, it needs to be done,’ claims Samia Ghali in La Provence.

‘After another bloody summer, we need to speak up with the truth. I think the authorities do not realise the severity of the situation. The killings following each other at Marseille are becoming a national media attraction,’ deplores the deputy, whose arrondissements have just been classified by the interior minister as belonging to the zones de sécurité prioritaire (ZSP).

For her part, UMP déléguée générale Valérie Rosso-Debord assesses in a communiqué that ‘the statements made by Samia Ghali, who demands that the army be deployed, must make the state react. […] This city does not need symbols, but a real security policy which frees it from the track of delinquency and banditry it is on.’

‘The fact that a socialist deputy demands the army’s intervention in order to fight a war against traffickers says much about the helplessness of the socialist deputies facing the gesticulations and inaction of the Ayrault government [PS government headed by president Hollande] concerning the fight against delinquency and banditry,’ said Bruno Beschizza, national secretary of the UMP [Sarkozy’s conservative party], regarding the use of the forces of order.

The murder committed on Wednesday took place in Marseille’s northern quarters, in the city’s 14th arrondissement. The man was shot shortly after 11 pm on Boulevard Casanova [Google Maps], while riding in a black Twingo driven by a young woman, specified the public prosecutor Jacques Dallest on site.

The couple were waiting at a red light when two passengers of another vehicle shot at the victim from a short distance, riddling him with rounds from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The driver, who was very shocked, ‘was only slightly injured by grazing shots. It is a miracle she survived,’ emphasised M Dallest.

Some thirty cartridges were found at the crime scene, where police officers began the investigation, protected from curious gazes by a dark blind, gathering the first witness reports. The man, who lived in the northern quarters, ‘was known to the police for various infractions,’ added the prosecutor. According to a source close to the investigation, the victim has been identified and had been specially indicted for activities connected to drug trafficking.

Text in box:

Security: Hortefeux et Ciotti [both UMP, opposition] denounce governmental policy [which is basically the same as that of UMP and Sarkozy, until recently the president — translator’s remark]

Former interior minister Brice Hortefeux affirmed on Thursday that the government was sending out ‘signals of weakness’ in matters of security, while another UMP responsible, Eric Ciotti, denounced ‘the absence of a guidelines’ by the government.

‘It is wrong to focus on Marseille. In July, all delinquency indicators rose into the red zone, with the exception of one which was financial fraud,’ declared M Hortefeux, questioned by [radio] Europe 1 after the settlement of accounts at Marseille, while distancing himself from sending the army into the city.

‘All summer long interior minister Manuel Valls and justice minister Christiane Taubira have given contradictory speeches which made criminals think that now they could act in total impunity,’ added the Alpes-Maritimes deputy, head of the François Fillon for president UMP campaign.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Cruel or Stupid?

On April 28, 2009 the White House staged a “photo op” over Manhattan using Air Force One and an accompanying fighter jet. Neither the mayor nor the general population of New York were informed in advance that a large jet would be buzzing their city, so the flyby understandably provoked some concern. In fact, it generated a brief panic on the ground until the federal government explained what was going on.

Vlad Tepes has created a retrospective video of the infamous photo-op. After forty months watching the malevolent incompetence of the Obama administration, one can only speculate what the real motives of the White House were in engineering this fiasco:

By the way — can you believe that we have endured forty months of Hussein?

And, even worse, that he is within a couple of percentage points of winning re-election?

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2012During talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao reiterated China’s support for the Eurozone during the current financial crisis. He says that China has confidence in the euro, and will continue to buy up invest in Europe.

In other news, Australian troops experienced their worst day of combat losses since the Vietnam War, as five soldiers died in two separate incidents in Afghanistan. Three were shot dead by an Afghan soldier at a patrol base, and the other two died in a helicopter crash.

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Everyday Jew-Hatred in Berlin

We reported last night about “youths” in Berlin who beat up a rabbi and threatened his six-year-old daughter.

Hermes has translated excerpts from several follow-up news stories about the incident published in German-language media.

First, from Der Tagesspiegel:

“This was an attack against freedom of religion”


The attack took place at 6:20 p.m. in the Becker Street, which is part of the “painters’ district” in Friedenau. Here where the streets bear the names of artists like Cranach and Rubens live the Rabbi with his wife and two children. Neighbors who live in the same building are horrified. “We are shocked by what happened,” says a 68-year-old neighbor, “and in the presence of his little daughter.” The district is of middle-class style, but there are certain problems with an “accumulation” of Arab youths who live in a new block of flats in the nearby Dürer Square. The block near the Friedenau train station was inhabited by Arab families, whose children went in groups and were often aggressive. The worst times were some years ago, but then the inhabitants created the citizen’s initiative “Dürer-neighborhood” in order to make improvements in the district.

“Everything got better after the apartment house was renovated,” the pensioner said. This initiative ceased to exist two years ago. The owner of the trattoria in Becker Street, in which the rabbi is a regular customer, confirms that there are problems with the Arabs. “The rabbi is a peaceful, quiet and courteous man. Where do we live, that someone is beaten because of his faith?” the Italian restaurant owner asks angrily. The rabbi had dinner in his restaurant that night, and at that time he saw “Arab youths” walking nearby and lighting their cigarettes. He noticed nothing about the attack, because a hedge obstructed the view. “The rabbi ran towards me, he had wounds on his face,” the owner said. Dürer Square is one block away, surrounded by the railway station underpass, an Aldi-Market and pastel-colored apartment blocks

And from

Jewish community sees an increased number of attacks

After the attack against a rabbi in Berlin, a debate on anti-Semitism and possible causes for the attack has erupted. The four perpetrators, who according to the police were youths of Arab origin, have not yet been detained. The Jewish community in Berlin announced that they are planning to develop their own data bank to register anti-Semitic incidents from 2013 on. “The verbal attacks against Jews have increased,” said Gideon Joffe, the chair of the community.


Rabbi Walter Rothschild spoke about a “new dimension”. He himself has been already attacked and also received insulting emails. Rothschild additionally reported that he no longer wears the traditional Jewish head covering (kippah) in public.

Finally, from Berliner Morgenpost:

Everyday hate against Jews on the streets of Germany

The brutal attack against a rabbi in Berlin has not taken the Jewish community of the capital by surprise. Anti-Semitism has been increasing for a long time. It is prevalent especially amongst Turks and Arabs.

On Wednesday Muslim organizations and associations have condemned the attack against the rabbi from Berlin. “I condemn the incident in the name of the 17 Arab organizations which belong to this center,” said Ali Maarous, the director of the German-Arab Center.


The attack was no surprise for the Jewish community in Berlin. “Members of the community have been experiencing increasing verbal anti-Semitism for a long time,” said Gideon Joffe, the president of the community, on Wednesday. “For us it was just a matter of time that words would be followed by concrete actions. We hope that here there will not be an atmosphere like in Sweden, France or The Netherlands, where attacks against Jews happen almost daily.”


Anti-Semitism amongst Turks and Arabs

As recently as August 7, a drunken man insulted a couple in Friedrichshain in an anti-Semitic way and threatened them. One year ago, a 13-year-old was beaten in Prenzlauer Berg because he was wearing a kippah. Some years ago several youths of Arab origin attacked orthodox Jews in Charlottenburg.

Just two years ago, the Jewish community pointed to an increasing level of anti-Semitism, mostly amongst young Turks and Arabs. The Foundation Amadeu-Antonio has for a long time labelled anti-Semitism as the main problem in “huge urban residential areas with predominantly Muslim inhabitants.”

The German-Arab Center sees the origin of anti-Semitism in the Arab countries from which the members of the Arab communities come. “The parents follow the conflict in their homelands daily, even when living here in Germany,” the director of the center, Ali Maarous said. They are furious about what happens in their homelands.

“This fury and the hate then passes to the children,” Maarous said. The center works on the task of educating young people. Youth have been told in numerous seminars to stay away from political disputes and to deal with them in a rational way.

Malmö in Flames

Cultural Enrichment News

“Youths” are at it again in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation from Avpixlat:

Malmö — a city in flames

THE GANGSTER CITY: Malmö woke up after another night of burning cars. Five cars burned during the night in various parts of the city. Most Malmö residents hardly raise their eyebrows over such things anymore. The inhabitants are hardened, and they have been forced to get used to an almost chaotic situation. But according to sjuklövern [seven-leaf clover, the seven-party system], the only thing to do is to like this situation.

For the fourth time in five evenings, a car was set ablaze on Professorsgatan, Hermodsdal [Fosie, Malmö; Google Maps]. On earlier occasions, bottles and stones were thrown at rescue services, so they waited for the police before driving all the way to the car, and then extinguished the fire.

On Hårds Väg, Rosengård [Malmö; Google Maps], in the parking area next to the railway, four cars were totally destroyed in a fire (see reader photo above). According to an AP [] reader living nearby, the fire was like an explosion. The car blazes have even generated an argument about whose responsibility it is to remove the wrecks.

A car was vandalised by fire at Pildammsskolan [school] some days ago. When the pupils came to school on Monday, they were greeted by a burned-out car which had been dumped exactly next to a container on the school’s parking ground.

‘This one has been around here since Saturday. This was when the rescue service was here and extinguished the fire. But they left the car standing there. I called police to get help to get it removed, but they say this is the council’s responsibility,’ says René Rumberg, the school’s janitor.

After much back-and-forth, the burned-out car was finally removed on Wednesday.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Original sources:

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Crime Among African Immigrants in Victoria

This news clip from Australian TV reports the latest official crime statistics for Victoria, which show that African immigrants, particularly those from Somalia and Sudan, are responsible for an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of crimes in their adopted home.

The only conclusion that can possibly be drawn? These newscasters are racists.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Case Closed

A Norwegian reader named Sigfadr was unable to post this comment here last Friday, the day the Oslo court handed down its verdict on Anders Behring Breivik, so he sent it to us in an email.

It’ a translation of an article on his blog, Ravnagaldr.

Breivik at the microphone

Case Closed
by Sigfadr

Today is a great day for Norway. The revolutionary and violence-loving man Anders Behring Breivik was judged to be criminally sane and sentenced to imprisonment and detention. Detention, for the kind of man that Breivik represents, in practice means that he will never get out as long as he lives.

The court has withstood the formidable pressure and baffling demands from those in power to contaminate certain political opinions. Demands mainly put forward by the state, by Attorney General Tor Aksel Busch. The Attorney General pled for acquittal and a transfer to compulsory psychiatric care. This, on the basis of a psychiatric report so weak that the court in its reasons for the judgment took the trouble to pick it apart point by point. This the court did so thoroughly and utterly that many in retrospect will wonder whether the report was simply commissioned.

The second psychiatric report the Attorney General has opposed tooth and nail since the day it was first thought of. In contrast to the first report this one chose to compare Breivik’s thoughts to reality, not to a multi-cultural dream as the first report did. As is natural enough, it concluded the contrary: Sanity.

The fact that the Norwegian judicial system chooses reality as the correct basis for comparison when assessing a person’s ability to perception is as it should be.

The court has handed down a judgment that 99% of the population can presumptively live with.

It’s probably a great day for the bereaved. Breivik’s horrific actions were not explained away by disease. He was not acquitted, which would have been the consequence of a transfer to compulsory psychiatric care. He is thereby punished and held accountable for all the lives that were taken. The relatives have now someone to blame. The incomprehensible is made comprehensible. Comprehensible, here only in the sense of the opposite of incomprehensible. Psychiatric illness is for most people largely incomprehensible.

The offender is by today’s judgment held responsible and punished for all the pain, grief and suffering he alone has caused the victims, their families and society as a whole.

It’s a great day because the responsibility for the cruel actions by this is placed where it belongs. With the individual Breivik. He is by this judgment not a sick person, involuntary and weak, trapped in bad company and unable to do other than be inspired and used by cynical “hate-mongers” and ideologues. (He is a criminal mass murderer.)

Naturally, many will see the same as that which Breivik cut and pasted into his manifesto. Natural because it’s reality that is depicted by many of those who are involuntarily drawn into Breivik’s manifesto. Breivik’s own contribution to the manifesto is basically the purest and clearest evil and unrealistic future plans for himself and society.

It’s a great day because by accepting — rather than suppressing — the reality, we, the community, through the court also maintain our opportunity to take a stand against the “solutions” and future plans Breivik has to offer. The court did this to the fullest.

By facilitating what in practice means the rest of his life behind bars for Breivik, we made the clearest and largest distance we, a humanistic society, can make between itself and his violent “solutions” and future plans. Solutions, ironically enough, he found in what he officially fights: Islam.

It’s a great day for those who have understood that Islam is a real threat to Western Civilization and the values on which our society is founded. Freedom, equality and humanism.

After this judgment, “Islamophobia” as a concept and means of power for the radical left is declared null and void. The fear of Islam is no longer to be regarded a phobia — an irrational fear. It’s like everyone can see in all the areas of the world where Islam is prevailing, a rational and reasonable fear of de-humanizing and de-stabilization of society. At best, Islam leads to stagnation, but most often to regression and retardation.

It’s a great day because the court has managed to distinguish between legitimate political views and criminal acts, attempted by Breivik disguised as legitimate political activism. There is a distinction between political opinions and violent acts. Violence has nothing to do in politics.

It’s a bad day for those who would like to wipe out this important distinction.

The distinction between words and action. The distinction between politics and violence.

It’s a bad day for Breivik, his supporters and all those who have wanted to contaminate certain political opinions.

It is a glorious day for the truth.

Breivik was categorically refused by the judge when he in a clumsy way tried to distance himself from the court’s legitimacy and preached his message in what should have been a simple answer to whether he accepted the judgment or whether he would appeal.

He promised not to appeal.

Then the only element of uncertainty in the answer to the question of whether we as a society are to have peace and quiet to start down the road ahead, whether those empowered by the Attorney General will accept their defeat.

Should we invest more efforts into labeling as disease all the criticisms of the multi-cultural experiment, or should we eventually take the criticism seriously? At the very least pause and consider fully and openly whether there can be something in it.


It is important to understand that by the first psychiatric report, Breivik was not considered insane due to his action, but due to his “Islamophobia” and perception of Islam as a threat. One of the psychiatrists behind the first report in fact stated that his fear of Muslim control of Norway was as rational as the fear of hedgehogs taking control of Norway. Ergo: insane.

His actions were by this report just the end result of long-term illness.

Wannabe Murderous Moron of the Morning

In response to the treatment of a man and his dog in Queen’s Park on Al-Quds Day, Canadian dog-lovers organized an event called “Walk Your Dog in Front of Mosque Day” on September 14 in Scarborough, Ontario.

Needless to say, devout Muslims were offended by this initiative, and one of them responded by… Well, you know what devout Muslims tend to do when they’re offended.

David Menzies talks about this and related matters on his SUN TV program. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/29/2012An Iranian official has acknowledged for the first time that the Islamic Republic of Iran is using its military power to assist the Assad regime in Syria. A general in the Iranian army says that Iran is fighting a war in Syria that is both cultural and military.

In other news, the unexploded WWII bomb that was unearthed in Munich on Monday could not be defused, and had to be detonated. The resulting explosion caused damage to some of the surrounding buildings, but no one was injured.

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