Case Closed

A Norwegian reader named Sigfadr was unable to post this comment here last Friday, the day the Oslo court handed down its verdict on Anders Behring Breivik, so he sent it to us in an email.

It’ a translation of an article on his blog, Ravnagaldr.

Breivik at the microphone

Case Closed
by Sigfadr

Today is a great day for Norway. The revolutionary and violence-loving man Anders Behring Breivik was judged to be criminally sane and sentenced to imprisonment and detention. Detention, for the kind of man that Breivik represents, in practice means that he will never get out as long as he lives.

The court has withstood the formidable pressure and baffling demands from those in power to contaminate certain political opinions. Demands mainly put forward by the state, by Attorney General Tor Aksel Busch. The Attorney General pled for acquittal and a transfer to compulsory psychiatric care. This, on the basis of a psychiatric report so weak that the court in its reasons for the judgment took the trouble to pick it apart point by point. This the court did so thoroughly and utterly that many in retrospect will wonder whether the report was simply commissioned.

The second psychiatric report the Attorney General has opposed tooth and nail since the day it was first thought of. In contrast to the first report this one chose to compare Breivik’s thoughts to reality, not to a multi-cultural dream as the first report did. As is natural enough, it concluded the contrary: Sanity.

The fact that the Norwegian judicial system chooses reality as the correct basis for comparison when assessing a person’s ability to perception is as it should be.

The court has handed down a judgment that 99% of the population can presumptively live with.

It’s probably a great day for the bereaved. Breivik’s horrific actions were not explained away by disease. He was not acquitted, which would have been the consequence of a transfer to compulsory psychiatric care. He is thereby punished and held accountable for all the lives that were taken. The relatives have now someone to blame. The incomprehensible is made comprehensible. Comprehensible, here only in the sense of the opposite of incomprehensible. Psychiatric illness is for most people largely incomprehensible.

The offender is by today’s judgment held responsible and punished for all the pain, grief and suffering he alone has caused the victims, their families and society as a whole.

It’s a great day because the responsibility for the cruel actions by this is placed where it belongs. With the individual Breivik. He is by this judgment not a sick person, involuntary and weak, trapped in bad company and unable to do other than be inspired and used by cynical “hate-mongers” and ideologues. (He is a criminal mass murderer.)

Naturally, many will see the same as that which Breivik cut and pasted into his manifesto. Natural because it’s reality that is depicted by many of those who are involuntarily drawn into Breivik’s manifesto. Breivik’s own contribution to the manifesto is basically the purest and clearest evil and unrealistic future plans for himself and society.

It’s a great day because by accepting — rather than suppressing — the reality, we, the community, through the court also maintain our opportunity to take a stand against the “solutions” and future plans Breivik has to offer. The court did this to the fullest.

By facilitating what in practice means the rest of his life behind bars for Breivik, we made the clearest and largest distance we, a humanistic society, can make between itself and his violent “solutions” and future plans. Solutions, ironically enough, he found in what he officially fights: Islam.

It’s a great day for those who have understood that Islam is a real threat to Western Civilization and the values on which our society is founded. Freedom, equality and humanism.

After this judgment, “Islamophobia” as a concept and means of power for the radical left is declared null and void. The fear of Islam is no longer to be regarded a phobia — an irrational fear. It’s like everyone can see in all the areas of the world where Islam is prevailing, a rational and reasonable fear of de-humanizing and de-stabilization of society. At best, Islam leads to stagnation, but most often to regression and retardation.

It’s a great day because the court has managed to distinguish between legitimate political views and criminal acts, attempted by Breivik disguised as legitimate political activism. There is a distinction between political opinions and violent acts. Violence has nothing to do in politics.

It’s a bad day for those who would like to wipe out this important distinction.

The distinction between words and action. The distinction between politics and violence.

It’s a bad day for Breivik, his supporters and all those who have wanted to contaminate certain political opinions.

It is a glorious day for the truth.

Breivik was categorically refused by the judge when he in a clumsy way tried to distance himself from the court’s legitimacy and preached his message in what should have been a simple answer to whether he accepted the judgment or whether he would appeal.

He promised not to appeal.

Then the only element of uncertainty in the answer to the question of whether we as a society are to have peace and quiet to start down the road ahead, whether those empowered by the Attorney General will accept their defeat.

Should we invest more efforts into labeling as disease all the criticisms of the multi-cultural experiment, or should we eventually take the criticism seriously? At the very least pause and consider fully and openly whether there can be something in it.


It is important to understand that by the first psychiatric report, Breivik was not considered insane due to his action, but due to his “Islamophobia” and perception of Islam as a threat. One of the psychiatrists behind the first report in fact stated that his fear of Muslim control of Norway was as rational as the fear of hedgehogs taking control of Norway. Ergo: insane.

His actions were by this report just the end result of long-term illness.

8 thoughts on “Case Closed

  1. This is a conservative take on a sorry tale. We must agree that a judgement of sane and guilty is the best we can get under the circumstances.

    Let us hope the author is right and that there is a lawful way to keep Breivik locked up for life.

    A finding of insanity would have given the leftist powers-that-be ammunition to use against the islamophobe conspirators they see under their beds on bad nights.

    Pleasant dreams, all.

  2. A good summary of a massacre that left wing nut jobs tried to project onto their political rivals.

    While I share the author’s assessment, one needs to be realistic about the writer’s conclusion, because the realization of his assessment will be a long time coming for those who continue to deny the reality of the situation, in regarding Islam, that now faces all Norwegians and the West in general.

    It will of necessity be a long and painful process of re-awakening to the parasite that needs to be removed from within the West.

  3. By this logic … the Norwegian courts should have NO problem applying the same standard to the followers of the Mohamad.


  4. He did what he did. But this is not about Breivik. See what I mean?

    Breivik is just one symptom of the Norway that has been created in the last few decades. It is the same all over Europe. The symptoms are more or less the same in every one of the Western European countries, having nothing to do with Breivik.

    For all we know, there may be locals in every one of those countries in a sort of law of nature, prepared to fight their own fight, ever more eagerly as the governments respectively are showing their total lack of interest in saving their own cultures against that 1 400 years old plague.

    We know all too well what happened to the peoples around the Mediterranean, to those in Africa, in Asia, in the Caucasus that didn’t manage to stop the plague, Tunisia being one of the latest to date. The inhumanity takes over, and with that, Good bye to civilization.

    With barbarity you get the clan mentality, shame killings, blood money, revenge and its unculture in all its splendor.

    Is this how anyone of us want to see our future?

  5. “We own this country”
    Clint Eastwood, about the USA

    Republican National Convention
    (Mitt Romney for president)

  6. Spending resources with no limits
    – resources well spent?

    One out of 43 at Vahl School, Oslo, can swim after swimming pool lessons.

    What does it take to learn to swim?

    – I think they need to have the offer over a period of time, over several school years, says principal Ragnhild Palm Andersen to Aftenposten.

  7. OMMAG: In a fact they just did. Mullah Krekar got the last of two senteces this week. Toally he “accumulated” 6 years behind bars for different threats to the commununity and some politicians.

    Nemesis: I totally agree with you,
    it will take some time. The more important it is to start moving now. We must now put focus on the desease, not the symptoms like so many do. The ruling is a great chance to advance. Not like some anti-islamists are shouting: Take cover!

    Anonymous 1: I,m glad you pointed out the results of an opposite ruling. It would effectively had silenced all islam-critics, at least in Norway. The last state of Soviet.

    Anonymous 2: The French author Richard Millett came on the day of the norwegian ruling out with an essay right up your alley. Norway had it coming he says, and as I understand, he is talking about the whole of europe. It’s an horrible statement but it should not be ignored.

    If we really believe Europes gratest problem can be solved peacefully, in an european way, by reason, we better start talking and reasoning now. And it got to be both hard-talk and thinking.

    Sigfadr(still having login problems)

  8. @Sigfadr
    It’s the Question whether everybody is able see this problem, our beloved MSM says that the Euro crisis is actually the biggest problem to solve.
    In my opinion talking has already started with the Brussels process but it’s not mentioned enough in the press so to most of the society it’s “hidden facts”.

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