Bart Debie / Frank Vanhecke

2007   Sep   11   Arrests in Brussels
        11   Vlaams Belang Video
        11   More SIOE Brussels Updates
        11   This One Takes the Prize
        12   It’s Come to This
        14   The Press Conference at the European Parliament
        17   Dutch Language Video of Brussels on 9-11
        20   Brussels’ Own 9-11
        21   On the 11th of September I Broke the Law
2008   Sep   9   Lynching Frank Vanhecke
        10   Once Again, Fat Freddy Says “No!”
    Oct   28   Bart Debie Prepares for Prison
        29   Defending Bart Debie
        29   Bart Debie Has Been Released
        30   A Report from Bart Debie
        31   Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke
    Nov   3   So It’s Come To This, Yet Again
        10   Frank Vanhecke Interviewed in Haaretz
        19   Open Season on Frank Vanhecke
2009   Feb   6   Frank Vanhecke Will Fight