8 thoughts on “History of the Counterjihad

  1. Found your most interesting article after searching the internet for the numbers of Mosques and Muslims that were in the UNITED STATES. Much to my surprise the numbers were very Alarming.

  2. If the Free World does not soon wake up to the obvious “a new Muslim Invasion – it will be too late this time around.

  3. Friday 17 July 2015 front page on The Sydney Morning Hearald talked about the extreem Right, like Reclaim Australia Party & the fact that “Multi Culturism” in Australia is almost dead in the water. I don’t believe that Reclaim Australia are a radical right party. I believe that they are expressing the opinions of the “Man in the Street Australian” who is starting to wake up to the imbalance of privilages given to the Muslim part of our society and the fact that the Muslim Community has never attempted to fit in with what was established as a “Christian Society”. Muslims do not whant to assimilate, but rather change the society that they have moved to from their homeland. This is the same in westernised countries all over the world. History tells us that Islam and Christianity have NEVER mixed and assimilated through out history. The problems that exist in the Westernised countries today can be firmly laid at the feet of Polititians, that have had niether the ability to read and learn from history, absorb the lessons from it or have the [manly generative equipment] to handle and fix the mess that their forebearers created. Unfortunately I believe that it will take a full blown war and invasion of Europe to bring about some sense, let’s hope it won’t be to late.

  4. I’ve often wondered why Muslims in the United States are setteling in places like TN and AK. This is in what we call the bible belt–full of fundamentalist Christians.

    They must be wanting to cause trouble. As these people aren’t very tollerent of ‘outsiders’. I love this website. You’re not afraid of being ‘politicaly incorrect’.

    • The government settles them in non-leftist states for future election purposes. Tennessee for example has around 400,000 “immigrants”. When they become citizens, 3/4 of them will vote for the democrats and Tennessee will no longer be a dependable Republican state. The citizen is powerless. You can contact your senator or representative but if they want to do anything they’ll be in the minority. I guess they have too much to do like give money to leftist groups-planned parenthood for instance.

    • We have become more alarmed of late by this influx of supposed migrants who have no intention of “assimilating” and living in peace with anyone who disagrees with their dogma. – We are in a very rural part of the Bible belt in a sparsely settled area. (I just heard a distant neighbor doing some target practice across the way.) – My father did not fight a war against the Nazis in order for me to turn around and tuck tail and run from these jihadists!

  5. Recent observation in China

    I just returned from 4 nights in Guangzhou, China. I as expecting to find it difficult but not impossible to find vegetarian restaurants. I was however very surprised to see that halal (Muslim management and clientele) restuarants and food carts much more prevalent – perhaps 50X as many as those catering to Mahayana Buddhists!

    I saw about 3 Chinese Buddhist monks in Guangzhou, I saw more than dozens of Chinese Mulsim women, obvious by their headgear.

    In fact, I ended up eating more in eateries run by Xinjiang Muslims than anywhere else because they understand dietary restrictions (no pork) and seemed to be organized business people with clean places.

    Demographics – if Chinese secular, Christian and Buddhist parents do not have more children – the future of China is with Islam. This is the new planetary reality. If I was a leader of a western nation I would offer a generous family allowance to non-Muslim families and curtail Muslim immigration. I do not understand the math but my understanding is that having 3 or 4 childen instead of 1.5 somehow exponentially radically changes demographics.

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