Sergei Bourachaga

2008   May   28   The Koran and The Psychopathology of The Prophet (Part I)
2010   Aug   14   The Koran and the Psychopathology of the Prophet (Part II)
        18   The Koran: A “Holy Book” or Hate Literature?
        22   The Holy Father and Turkish Incoherence
    Sep   28   Geert Wilders and the Koran on Trial
    Oct   14   An Open Letter to Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
2011   Oct   3   An Open letter to YWCA Canada
    Dec   4   The Toronto Star, Islam, and the Inferior Status of Women
        12   Islamism, “The Naked Emperor”, and the “Useful Idiots” of Canada
2012   Mar   24   The Charles Whitman Precedent
2014   Nov   29   An Open Letter to Canadian Journalists and Academics
2015   Feb   8   President Obama, Islamic Terrorism, And The Naked Emperor

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