Migrants in Lyon Are a Moveable Feast

The following video report from France concerns an encampment of “minors” in a park in the city of Lyon. Except they aren’t really children — as we’ve come to expect from “unaccompanied minors” in Europe, the puir wee bairns are usually badly in need of a shave.

These particular culture-enrichers have been shunted around from one place to another as various agencies try to dump their problem onto someone else.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/5/2023

The private jet that crashed in the mountains of Southwest Virginia after causing F-16s to be scrambled over Washington D.C. was carrying the daughter and granddaughter of John Rumpel, a millionaire Florida businessman. Both family members, plus the child’s nanny and the plane’s pilot, are thought to have died in the crash. It’s possible that the plane’s cabin had depressurized, and that all on board were unconscious. Mr. Rumpel has been a donor to the Republican Party, and his wife is a member of the National Rifle Association.

In other news, Polish volunteers in the Ukrainian military claim they participated in recent actions across the border in the Belgorod region of Russia.

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Passports For Deviants in the EU

Not to be outdone in wokeness, the European Union is planning to implement a special passport for parents who are fudge-packers, arse-bandits, or rump-rangers. (Did I leave out any offensive epithets? If so, y’all can leave your suggestions in the comments. But please eschew outright obscenities.)

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

Von der Leyen “very proud”: EU wants its own passport for homosexual parents

It may not be the EU’s most pressing problem at the moment, but now there may be a kind of separate passport for rainbow parents. Commission President Von der Leyen is “very proud of the new rules”. But Hungary and Poland don’t want to play along.

The planned certificate is intended to make life easier for same-sex couples with children within the European Union. Because there are still different rules in the member states. “Without any special procedures” — according to the bill — parenthood from an EU country should apply to all states in order to create legal clarity for lesbian and gay parents with children.

According to the proposal, recognition of parenthood should apply to all families “regardless of how the child was conceived or born” and regardless of the type of family or the nationality of family members. This should be documented in the new “passport”. “Proud of the new rules,” tweeted EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, adding a rainbow symbol to her message.

Homosexual associations expect equality with straight parents

Homosexual associations naturally welcome the planned innovation because “rainbow families regularly face significant obstacles in the recognition of parenthood”. While practically the same laws would apply to heterosexual parents across borders, this would be different for homosexual couples if they changed within the EU. “Whether a child continues to have two parents after a move often depends on coincidences,” said the German Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD). In the past, after the separation of same-sex parents in some countries, one of the partners was no longer recognized as a parent. Custody was withdrawn through the back door. [So to speak.]

Hungary and Poland signaled concerns about rules

However, it seems uncertain whether the planned regulation will actually come in favour of the rainbow parents. Conservative states such as Hungary and Poland have already expressed concerns, and many are expecting a veto from Warsaw and Budapest. However, the certificate for homosexual parents would have to be decided unanimously within the EU in order to be able to come into force.

Afterword from the translator:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/4/2023

Authorized by the Department of Defense, NORAD scrambled F-16 fighter jets this afternoon to intercept an unresponsive Cessna aircraft over Washington D.C. and Virginia. The plane eventually crashed near Montebello, Virginia, in the George Washington National Forest, less than fifty miles from Schloss Bodissey. Virginia State police have reportedly been mobilized to search for the wreckage of the aircraft.

In other news, cross-border clashes have once again been reported on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine, in the Belgorod region. Ukrainian-backed forces reportedly captured Russian soldiers and are holding them hostage.

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Flying in the Culture-Enrichers

It’s not a conspiracy theory, but a fact: the German government has been flying illegal “asylum seekers” directly into the country.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

For €76 million: The government lets asylum seekers fly in directly

Asylum seekers can now reach Germany comfortably. Some travel via public transport, others are even brought directly to Germany by the federal government using airplanes — and it costs a lot.


The federal government has flown almost 20,000 asylum seekers directly to Germany in the past five years.

Last year alone there were almost 4,500 people, as can be seen from the response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a request from AfD MP Stephan Brandner, which was made available to Junge Freiheit.

“These are people in need of protection who, in principle, do not go through an asylum procedure in Germany,” says the explanation in the document. The Ministry of the Interior relies on the Residence Act. Section 23, paragraph 1 states: “For reasons of international law or humanitarian law or to protect the political interests of the Federal Republic of Germany, the supreme state authority may order that foreigners from certain countries or groups of foreigners defined in some other way be granted a residence permit.”

[Did I get this right? To PROTECT the POLITICAL interests? Well, if those few words didn’t let the cat out of the bag and into the conscious of the masses, as if they ever would read this, then nothing will. Germany is DOOMED.]

Germany pays almost everything for asylum seekers

Most of them came from Syria. Other countries of origin included South Sudan, Yemen, the Republic of Congo, Eritrea and Somalia. 12,022 of them were minors at the time of admission. Most people since the statistics began were flown in in 2021. At that time, almost 6,000 people came to the Federal Republic in this fashion.

Particularly explosive: Apparently, the federal government considered men more vulnerable than women. Last year, they brought more male migrants to Germany than female migrants. [I guess you’ll need far more hostile males than females when you actively promote the game Taharrush as an effective culture-changer.]

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Your Secret Decoder Ring

The following text by Vlad Tepes appeared in his links post last Wednesday in a slightly different form:

This one [video] might deserve a few words though. One of the issues that comes up now and again is the confusion people have with the notion that the left is somehow hypocritical. They are not. They are using Marxist dialectics to achieve a certain outcome. This isn’t hypocrisy because it isn’t a moral failing on their part (from their perspective), or a lack of vision.

A couple of recent examples of dialectics could be when Trudeau went to Japan and lectured Italy’s newly elected female Prime Minister on her quite rational policies concerning group rights for people with non-standard sexual practices. Trudeau publicly admonished her for failing to deconstruct and ultimately criminalize the values that made her country the source of Western Civilization in many ways. He did this in Japan. Probably the least diverse nation on Earth with policies of both systemic racism and racism by cultural norms. Not that I am judging that. Japan has a right to protect and enjoy its own culture, which clearly works for them as they have a staggeringly successful nation with low crime, massive trust, efficient operations, clean streets, low drug use and so on and so on and so on. But it is interesting that Trudeau did not attempt to lecture the Japanese leader on his failure to destroy his own country with Marxist policies of diversity, equity and inclusion, deciding to focus on Italy instead.

Also we have not heard Trudeau comment on the Chinese policy of not allowing effeminate men to appear on television. I think Canada should send the entire CBC to China. That’ll learn ‘em. If CBC can benefit China half as much as it benefits Canada, Canada won’t have to worry about Chinese influence anymore or Marxist manifest destiny, and China won’t be a threat to anyone much longer.

Another example is the designation of “oligarch” to a person as opposed to “philanthropist”. Bill Gates and George Soros are somehow philanthropists while any rich, powerful and connected person who uses his wealth for the counter-revolution is an oligarch. So this is dialectical. Not hypocrisy, because it is the weaponization of concepts and language through multiple means to create an outcome which always moves the culture and nation to the left. Always more state control. Islamophobia as a pejorative is usually used when someone says something true about Islam. It shuts people up and moves the focus of evil intent to the messenger. This is not hypocrisy. This is dialectics. Like “climate denial”, “transphobia” and many other devices intended to be destructive to every aspect of our civilization.

The host of this video may also be shy of the whole nature of his own point in his analysis of what Democrats mean when they say “democracy”. This is a dialectic term as well. They are using what Stephen Coughlin refers to as “initiate language”. They are using the term “democracy” as Lenin did when he named his party “The Socialist Democrat Party” in Russia. The US Democrats have a core that is called the DSA or Democratic Socialists of America. They know perfectly well what they mean when they use the term. They also know how we hear the term and what we think they mean.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2023

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a BOLO concerning a terrorist who is thought to be approaching the southern border. The alleged terrorist, one Mohamed Shaker a.k.a. Mohamed Abdelaal, is said to pose an “imminent threat to national security.” The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

In other news, at the request of NATO, the Turkish defense ministry announced that it will send a commando battalion to Kosovo to help quell violent unrest.

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Tariq Ramadan: Persona Non Grata in Nice

The noted Swiss philosopher Tariq Ramadan, fresh off his acquittal by a court in Geneva, had planned a little lunch with his admirers in the French city of Nice. However, the Islamophobic mayor of Nice is having none of it, and has forbidden the erudite theologian from holding his event in the city.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Nice: Municipal decree filed to ban a “literary lunch” with Tariq Ramadan

On the eve of the event scheduled for Sunday, the attorneys of the Islamic scholar, accused of rape, filed a petition against the decision by Mayor Christian Estrosi.

On Friday, the city of Nice issued a municipal ban against the “literary lunch” organized by Tariq Ramadan on June 4 based on disturbing the public order, reports Liberation. The Islamic scholar, acquitted by a Geneva court on May 24 on charges of rape and sexual coercion, had announced on his Facebook account that he wanted to invite his followers to lunch at a restaurant in the Maritime Alps city.

This meeting, where some fifty guests were expected, has notably aroused the reaction of the Maritime Alps antennae of the feminist association “Nous Toutes” [All of us]. One of the officials stated that a demonstration might be staged against the holding of this event organized by the theologian [i.e. Tariq Ramadan], who remains under the threat of trial for similar acts in France.

On BFM TV, the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, had announced on May 26 his intention to prevent the meeting from taking place. “Our city is not one that accept those who have to answer for violence against women, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism,” he had stated. On Monday, however, Tariq Ramadan, a guest on the same channel, stated that he intended to hold his event on June 4. “If Mr. Estrosi decides that the city of Nice belongs to him and that he is the guardian of the dungeon, then he is free to do so, but freedom of expression is stronger than his decision,” he retorted.

Tariq Ramadan’s lawyers, for their part, have filed a petition with the administrative tribunal for which a hearing was scheduled for Saturday.

Reprise of Taharrush in Peschiera del Garda

Gardaland is a popular amusement park on Lake Garda near Peschiera del Garda in the Veneto region of northern Italy. June 2 is Republic Day in Italy. As reported here last year (see the links at the bottom of this post), there were mob scenes and sex assaults on Republic Day at Peschiera del Garda and on the trains running back and forth. The innocent young culture-enrichers announced in advance of this year’s event that they would be reprising their mischievous hijinks from last year.

I haven’t seen any reports about what happened yesterday, but here’s an article about the expected disturbances that was published on Wednesday.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“It’s better if you don’t come”. The shocking arrogance of young immigrants against Salvini re: June 2

A new gathering of boys of foreign origin is expected at Peschiera del Garda: Security system activated. Already five searches

by Francesca Galici
May 31, 2023

June 2 is upon us, but it will not be just an occasion to celebrate the republic because, in the wake of what happened last year, there is the risk of its being a day of confrontations and violence on Lake Garda. There is a social media drumbeat for a new gathering on the shores of the lake on the part of foreign and second-generation boys ready to generate new disorders that risk endangering the safety of tourists and non-tourists alike who would like to enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful areas in our country. A few days ago, Minister Matteo Salvini replied to the social media reports of “young thugs”, promising that the State will do everything to prevent it. On the other hand, the boys responded in kind, challenging the minister and the government.

Last year there were 2,000 boys who devastated Peschiera del Garda and the trains that left and arrived at the station. The gathering, in fact, attracts young thugs from all over Italy, and it is especially the “Baby Gangs” that show up, using the occasion to challenge each other for territorial dominance. Ancestral dynamics that cause worry for the social stability of our country and which the government is trying to counter. “Matteo, we are waiting for you… Actually, it is better if you don’t come,” the foreign adolescents are saying now, directed at the minister of Transport and Infrastructure.

The most serious element of this situation is represented by the usual hubris and arrogance demonstrated against Italian institutions on the part of these boys. In fact, mocking the security system that is being set up to control movements, the young thugs are letting it be known they already have a Plan B capable of evading the network being set up. In order to prevent acts of hooliganism, a high-level online meeting was held yesterday among the six prefectures principally involved to coordinate containment actions to activate in case the event is repeated.

While police monitoring of the web is constant on all social platforms, for purposes of prevention, five young people intending to participate in violent behavior have already been reported to Digos*. Today, searches have been carried out against the five, which involved the men of Digos offices in Milan, Vicenza, and Rovigo. Three have already been reported to police for being responsible for various crimes and for gravitating to the baby gangs. Their parents have been summoned as responsible for their actions.

*   Digos: Special investigations and operations police

Previous posts about immigrant violence in Peschiera del Garda:

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The Heroine of Antifa is Released From Jail

Lina E. is charismatic female leader of the violent extreme Left in eastern Germany. Several months ago she and some of her comrades went on trial in Dresden for various violent acts against right-wingers. Then, after being convicted and sentenced, Lina E. was released from jail pending a final revision of her sentence. Whether she will show up for her next appearance in court is anybody’s guess.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating these two articles from Junge Freiheit.

The first article gives details on the specific crimes committed by Lina E. and her comrades, and the unfolding of the courtroom testimony:

Left-wing extremists around Lina E. sentenced to prison terms

The verdicts in the largest prosecution against violent left-wing extremists in years have been handed down: Lina E. and her accomplices are sentenced to prison terms. The court falls short of the demands of the prosecution. The brutality of the attacks shocked everyone.

In the end everything happened very quickly: the Dresden Higher Regional Court sentenced the left-wing extremist Lina E. and three other accomplices to prison terms for forming a criminal organization and numerous attacks on alleged right-wing extremists. Lina E. has to go to prison for five years and three months. Her three co-defendants were sentenced to prison terms of between two years and five months, and three years and three months. The court thus fell well short of the demands of the federal prosecutor, who had demanded eight years in prison.

The verdict came on the 99th day of the trial. A lengthy process that ended with only one witness. A review and an outlook:

The beginning of the process

The proceedings against the student Lina E. and three other suspects are to begin on September 8, 2021. The charge is forming a criminal organization based on Section 129 of the Criminal Code. The federal prosecutor sees it as proven that Lina E. and three other defendants are members of a criminal organization. Between 2018 and 2020, she and other members of the gang are said to have planned and carried out attacks on right-wing extremists. The ringleaders are Lina E. and her fiancé Johann G., who, however, has gone into hiding.

The public prosecutor assumes that the gang wanted to put pressure on right-wing extremists as a motive. Right-wing extremists, or people whom they took to be, would at least be injured by their attacks. Hans Schlueter-Staats, the presiding judge, spoke of “serious bodily harm offences”. Purpose of the attacks: Fear and insecurity would be created through a constant scenario of brutality. This fear would lead right-wing extremists to give up their actions.

The victims

October 2, 2018: Attack on the then-unaligned city councilor Enrico B. in Leipzig. The former NPD member is seriously injured — fractured kneecap, kicks in the head.

October 30, 2018: The right-wing extremist Cederic S. is attacked by hooded people in Wurzen. They hit him with blackjacks. There are several fractures of the spine, at times there is a risk of death.

January 8, 2019: Sewer worker Tobias N. works together with colleagues on Bornaische Straße in Leipzig Connewitz. Suddenly several hooded people hit him, injuring him life-threateningly. A woman is said to be among the attackers. The thugs yell: “This is a Nazi, he deserves it.” Motive of the attack: Tobias N. wears a hat from the right-wing fashion label “Greifvogel Wear” in winter.

October 19, 2019: The robbery of the right-wing scene bar “Bull’s Eye” in Eisenach follows. It belongs to Leon R. The landlord and five guests are attacked with baseball bats.

The night of December 13th to 14th, 2019: Leon R. is driven home by friends. When he gets out, hooded men attack him. He fights back. The attackers hit the car with hammers and stab the occupants with sticks. A woman’s voice is said to have ordered the retreat. The alerted police are able to track and stop two vehicles. Lina E. and Lennart A. are sitting in a VW Golf; the car belongs to Lina E.’s mother; the license plates are stolen. Another car is stopped in Wommern. Two of the five occupants escape. A third vehicle, in which the later key witness Johannes D. is sitting, is caught speeding both on the outward and return journey on the A 4 near Jena.

February 15, 2020: About 20 hooded left-wing extremists attacked six right-wing extremists at the Wurzen train station. The six come from Dresden from a memorial march for the air raids in 1945; they have a war flag with them. Four of them are critically injured. Upon reviewing the video footage, investigators found that a woman and a man observed the group on the train and then spoke on the phone. It is said to be Lina E. and her fiancé Johann G. The couple themselves do not take part in the attack, but stay on the train and continue to Leipzig.

At least 13 people are said to have become victims of the hammer gang. Leon R. gave an interview to JF in his bar in Eisenach after he was attacked. At that time he described the attack by the Hammer Gang. Leon R. is currently in custody, just like Enrico B. from Leipzig. The accusation of the federal prosecutor against the two right-wing extremists: Formation of a criminal organization.

The accused

Lina E. (27), from Kassel, high school, mother teacher, father is senior teacher. Lina E. studies social education in Halle. Her bachelor thesis is entitled “On dealing with neo-Nazism in youth work”. The NSU in the youth club Winzerla” is graded “Very Good”. Lina E. moves to Leipzig-Connewitz in 2018. By August of that year at the latest, she is said to have joined left-wing extremists. In 2019 from Leipzig she will begin her master’s degree in Halle. The first provisional detention is on July 10, 2020 for five days; on November 5, 2020 she is arrested again in Connewitz, and Lina E. has been in custody since November 6, 2020. She is in Chemnitz women’s prison and begins training as a carpenter, claiming that she suffers from rheumatism. She has not previously been convicted.

Lennart A. (28), from Braunschweig, born in 1994, called “Mio”. After graduating from high school, he begins studying physics at the University of Leipzig, then switches to mathematics. He is said to have joined the group centering on Lina E. at the end of 2019.

Jannis R. (37) from Freiberg was born in 1985. Abitur [high school diploma], community service, dropped out of physics studies at the TU Dresden, then communication science at the University of Leipzig, dropped out there, too. After training as a social assistant, he cannot complete his training as a state-approved educator because marijuana is seized from him — drug use is an exclusion criterion. He has been working in a nursing service since 2019. He reportedly joined the group in 2019.

Philipp M., (29), Berliner, called Nero. The male nurse comes from the autonomous [anarchist] community on Rigaer Strasse. He has a criminal record for blinding a police helicopter pilot with a laser pointer in 2017. For this he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison.

A tough process

At the beginning of the trial, the accused remained silent. You don’t have to say anything, that’s your right. In this respect, the taking of evidence is extremely tough for a long time. Video recordings only show masked people and the recorded conversations from bugged cars also do not allow for clear perpetrators. Witnesses, mostly victims, cannot identify the accused as perpetrators. Leon R. is only able to recognize the voice of Lina E. Enrico B., who was brutally injured by several thugs in front of his house, cannot identify the accused as the perpetrators in court. A mixed DNA trace on a plastic bag that the police discovered at the crime scene was from Lina E. — her defense attorney doubts that the trace definitely came from his client.

The crime tools discovered during house searches in Lina E.’s apartment, such as the hammer, cell phones packed in plastic bags, clothing and €4,000 in cash, are not enough to convict the accused. Many investigators and experts will testify. But then something unpredictable happens.

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Paying For Their Own Demise

The following essay was written by the Swedish author Katerina Janouch. As a child living in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s she was called Kateřina Janouchová, but her name was shortened when her family moved to Scandinavia.

Ms. Janouch has lived in Sweden since the 1970s. She is the founder of Katerina Magasin. The following essay from her magazine was translated by Gary Fouse:

The Swedish people happily continue to pay for their own downfall

June 1, 2023

Which do you think is worse? Islamists who openly advance their positions and plan to install sharia law in the little country of Sweden? Or Swedes who allow it to happen and gladly contribute to their own downfall by supporting it with tax money? Muslims are determined and do what they think is right to gain world domination, one country at a time. But how in Hell can the Swede sell out his own country to an ideology that in the end, will enslave him, his children, and his people? Treason against one’s own people lacks precedent in world history, and it gets worse when politically correct people of culture feel that love of one’s own country is something negative that must be countered. Hello, Swedish people: do you see that Sweden is on the way to becoming a Scandinavian caliphate? Where will you go then if you don’t want to be forced to live under sharia law in your own country?

The newspaper Kvartal, after a tip from Medborgerligt Samling [political party], reveals that the large mosque that is now under construction in Skärholmen in southern Stockholm has close ties to the Islamist movement Milli Görüs. The tax money of the Swedish people is being greatly misused to make this building possible. The city of Stockholm has donated 13 million kronor from our general funds for this political temple, and it really makes you sick.

Instead of building gigantic mosques to subdue Sweden and the Swedish people and turn Sweden into a Muslim country, we should dismantle the progress of this invasive ideology. But no. The huge building is in progress, expected to be finished in 2025, and when it is ready, the mosque will be three stories high, have 2,500 square meters inside, and for calling out Islam sufficiently, two 63-meter-high minarets.

The website of the Skärholmen mosque makes no secret of the anti-Western message. It is explained there that the Western lifestyle is incompatible with Islam. The Western world is accused of putting base desires and pleasure over everything else. “The only principle that is clear and distinct for all Muslims is that sovereignty ultimately belongs to Allah (May His majesty be exalted), as it is expressed in Divine Law. The large majority of all Muslims, even in the most Westernized and modernized countries, would like to live according to sharia and have their own freedom and democracy based on their own understanding of this concept and ideal rather than how they are understood in this modern and post-modern Western country.” On the mosque’s website, you also find information that the majority of all Muslims want to have sharia law.

From Kvartal:

The then-housing minister, Mehmet Kaplan (Green Party), was forced to leave the government in 2016 due to his contacts with the two Turkish organizations, the Grey Wolves and Milli Görüs. In Malmö, Milli Görüs’ local organization has received contributions from the community for several years, and the local chairman sat for a term on the Social Committee as a representative of the Green Party. The organization cooperates in Malmö with the Study Association Ibn Rushd.

But is it now suddenly OK to build an enormous Milli Görüs-connected mosque and finance it with our Swedish tax money? Do they see it as “contributing to a diverse city environment”? This is where the authorities’ and politicians’ enormous betrayal of Sweden comes into the picture.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/2/2023

The “Traffic Light” government in Germany is quietly flying 4,000 migrants into the country every month. Meanwhile, migrants staying at a hotel in London staged a demonstration on the sidewalk outside the hotel, demanding private rooms and better wi-fi.

In other news, the pet products superstore PetSmart announced the launch of its line of “Pride” wear for cats and dogs.

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The Palestinians of Malmö

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Ledarsidorna:

El Haj makes the “S” Visible in Malmö’s DNA

May 30, 2023

MP Jamal El Haj (Social Democrat) has received extensive criticism for his participation in the Palestinian conference that was held this weekend in Malmö. But El Haj’s engagement and presence in radical groups have not gone unnoticed for some time. On the contrary, this presence is a prerequisite for his Parliamentary mandate, previous investigations show.

Social Democrat Parliamentary member Jamal El Haj has received extensive criticism for his participation in the Palestinian conference that was held this weekend in Malmö. A conference that Ledarsidorna was the first to reveal with this connection to Hamas. El Haj refuses to be interviewed and consequently refers to his Facebook page where he goes into a longer explanation.

“For the majority of the Palestinian people in the diaspora, every Palestinian’s involvement, whether political or idealistic, is an important marker of the people’s liberation struggle”.

“Attempts to link me to Hamas on the grounds of my participation in what I experienced at a huge people’s festival I consider to be guilt-by-association.”

Further, during the weekend, he “put the rose on the shelf” (the symbol for the Social Democrats’ party, coincidentally).

This explanation is rejected by several highly-placed Social Democrats that Aftonbladet spoke to. They are all of the view that it is impossible to differentiate between the Parliamentary mandate for the Social Democrat party and what was expressed by Jamal El-Haj at the European Palestinian conference.

“You can’t ‘put the rose on the shelf’ for a while and then take up the work for the Social Democrats again afterwards. If the party doesn’t do something now, it will send a signal to other members that we can put other interests before the party’s. This is unacceptable,” says one source.

That Jamal El-Haj participated and spoke is also seen by one leading Social Democrat as a blow against the party’s work against anti-Semitism in Malmö, where the Social Democrats have been drawn into the problem with anti-Semitism for a long time.

“The advice is given for good reason. This is so f****** sad,” the person says.

Expressen gives a picture of El Haj’s political career, but it is far from comprehensive, but rather is limited to his involvement in Parliament and his time at IF Metal.

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How Sweden Became a Gangster’s Paradise

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Gatestone Institute. Below are some excerpts:

How Sweden Became a Gangster’s Paradise

by Peder Jensen

After the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February 2022, Sweden and Finland abandoned generations of neutrality to apply for membership in the NATO military alliance. However, there is already a gang war going on in Swedish streets, and it has nothing to do with Russia.

Between January and May 2023, Swedish police recorded on average one completed bomb detonation every two days. If you add the bombs that were in preparation, but not yet detonated, Sweden experienced one explosives-related crime per day. Rival gangs increasingly continue to target each other’s relatives with revenge attacks.

In early May 2023, National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg stated that more than 1,000 people are initiated into criminal gangs across Sweden every year. Despite some arrests, the rate of recruitment shows no sign of slowing down. With three new recruits, many noticeably young, added every day, it is virtually impossible to reduce the total number of active gang members. Thornberg estimated that more than 30,000 people are now involved in gang violence in Sweden. For comparison, he stated that the number of police officers in Sweden is 22,600. The number of gang members already exceeds the number of police and keeps growing at an alarming rate. According to Thornberg, the situation is “extremely serious,” with organized crime infiltrating and corrupting the democratic society, the business world and the public sector.

That Sweden has become one of Europe’s most violent countries has finally attracted international attention. The French newspaper Le Monde lamented “Sweden’s powerlessness in the face of organized violence.” The paper quoted Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson from the Moderate Party stating that the situation is “uncontrollable” and may “get worse before it gets better.” Kristersson labelled the dozens of criminal gangs in Sweden “domestic terrorists.”

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“Sweden must die”

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