Thailand: It’s Shirt Time Again!

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends this update on the latest unrest in Thailand.

Thailand: it’s shirt time again!

by H. Numan

I’ve reported extensively about the red vs yellow shirt crises during last decade in Thailand. In the end the green shirts (army) won. At this moment we see the white shirts (students) battling it out with the brown shirts (police). Who will win is not clear, but I’m absolutely certain we are witnessing the beginning of what could become large-scale riots, if not something a good deal worse.

As usual, a bit of groundwork. What’s that with colors in Thailand? Well, you have to understand: Thailand is not a western country. It is one of the few Asian countries that was never colonized. Therefore it was able to keep its identity. In Thai culture colors have names, and every day of the week has its own color. The late king was born on Monday, which has the color yellow. In Thailand yellow is reserved for the king himself. All members of the royal family have their own personal color.

When people started to organize themselves into opposing camps under the Thaksin administration, royalists wore yellow shirts. They were mainly middle class citizens of Bangkok. Adherents to Thaksin started to wear red shirts. Not because they are communist. Communism is explicitly forbidden in Thailand. Red is the color of blood and of love for the country. Thaksin supporters (red shirts) were predominantly lower-class citizens outside Bangkok. In other words: a huge majority. Both the red and yellow shirts were monarchists. The monarchy was not an issue. That’s why you have the weird situation in which both parties were carrying large portraits of the late king Rama IX.

Those colors are important. When the late king Bumibhol left the hospital one day wearing a mint green jacket, I saw lot of people the next day wearing mint green shirts.

In the end, the green shirts won. They committed a coup d’état in 2014 and are still in control. Both the yellow shirt and red shirt leaders were arrested and put on trial. Both movements were disbanded. As usual they claimed no other solution was possible but a coup, and they would put things right and fight corruption. And, of course, as soon as possible democracy would be restored.

And, of course, that didn’t happen. This military government may not have been the most corrupt government in Thai history, but they sure tried. One nice juicy scandal involved the many watches of General Prawit Wongsuan. He was spotted wearing an expensive watch he hadn’t declared when he took office. Soon it was clear he had a collection of 24 watches. We’re talking top-of-the-line watches costing many thousands of dollars. Each watch is more worth than the annual salary of a general.

We do have a national anti-corruption commission — which is akin to Marlboro running anti-smoking campaigns. That NACC did its utmost best to keep Prawit out of the wind. After a lengthy investigation they accepted his excuse: those watches were from a friend, who sadly passed away. That friend had loaned him those 24 watches, and matching jewelry. He will return them to the next of kin, some day in the far future. He wears them today. As a badge of (dis)honor, even. After all, he, an honest hard-working underpaid officer, defeated the evil corrupt NACC.

Last year the military government announced they had re-written the constitution, would resign from office, and called for democratic elections. When Prayuth announced his candidacy for premier, I knew he was going to win. No Thai PM would ever announce his candidacy if he wasn’t 100% certain he was going to win. Which he did.

Were the elections rigged? Probably. A vote costs Bt. 500 ($16) each. Thai politics are not based on national parties, but on persons. For example, scumbag first class, I mean police captain Chalerm Yubamrung. Talk about every crime in the book, he will assure you he committed more. His youngest son Duangchalerm shot a police officer in a bar. He fled to Singapore. There the Thai ambassador personally escorted him home, where daddy had arranged a hero’s welcome for him on the airport, with thousands cheering the returning hero. He never had to see a judge, the court has ruled that the bribe was sufficient there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. Daddy was member of parliament and even vice-premier under the Yingluck administration. He supported the wrong team, and was arrested shortly after the coup. Now he is retired in comfort.

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Preparing for the Boogaloo

In his latest guest-post, Matt Bracken reviews “Civil Defense Manual”, which has been linked on Gates of Vienna’s sidebar for the last few weeks.

The Civil Defense Manual, by Jack Lawson:
How to Prepare and Protect Your Neighborhood from Disaster, Riot and Civil Unrest

A review by Matt Bracken
October 14, 2020

If you are reading this, chances are good that you consider yourself a liberty-loving patriotic American. You might also consider yourself, as I certainly do, a “prepper,” that is, an all-around survival and preparedness advocate. As preppers, we’ve long been anticipating crises ranging from financial collapse, to violent insurrection, to natural or even man-made disasters that could extinguish our electrical grid in a flash. Now, deep into 2020, the year of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and widespread Marxist-inspired riots, it appears that we may at last be on the doorstep of the long-anticipated SHTF scenario. Revolutionary Communists, (currently wearing the Antifa and BLM brands, and with the tacit support of today’s far-left Democrat Party), have declared that under no circumstances will they accept a Trump election victory. Instead, they promise to take their revolution to the streets, in violent nationwide riots beyond any yet seen in American history.

Across the political spectrum, the number of Americans who believe that a second Civil War is imminent is at an all-time high. This heightened concern is why, for example, it costs three to four times more to rent a truck to move household goods from a liberal to a conservative state than vice versa. This is also why common rifle and pistol ammunition is at unprecedented scarcity, and when it can be found, it can only be purchased at exorbitant cost. A hundred rounds of standard 5.56, .308 or 7.62X39 rifle ammo can easily fit into your jacket pocket, and today they might cost you a hundred dollars — a buck a bullet — if you can find them. The reason for their shortage at this moment in history is that millions of Americans have come to the bitter realization that they might actually need them to defend their lives, families and property.

By comparison to the extra cartridges, what value would you place on obtaining the equivalent of a master’s degree in surviving through a period of violent insurrection, or even civil war? I’d imagine much more than the hundred or so dollars you might spend for a similar number of extra rounds for your rifle or carbine.

So, what is it about Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual that makes it so valuable? First of all, it’s nearly a thousand pages long, making it too big to fit inside one book cover. Instead, it’s broken into two volumes that are sold as a set. And the two volumes are large in size, measuring 11 X 8.5 inches, typeset in a generous 14-point font. In the end, the CDM is meant to be readable even by candlelight, post SHTF. And it’s written so that ordinary people can understand it, completely free of esoteric military or technical jargon, with key sentences bolded to stand out.

The CDM is not just another long list of expensive survival gear and equipment, nor is it advice to move to a remote mountain in Montana. The CDM is much more practical than that. In fact, Lawson’s most essential idea, the Neighborhood Protection Plan, or NPP, can be adapted to any location and situation, from the urban high-rise, to apartment complexes, to single-family homes in the suburbs, and to rural areas. The critical concept behind the NPP is that the inhabitants of an individual home, townhouse or apartment building cannot stand alone and successfully defend themselves against determined attacks by roving gangs of armed predatory thugs. It will be too late to defend your single domicile when your neighbors’ homes are going up in flames.

A Neighborhood Protection Plan is not a glorified Neighborhood Watch, which is a passive arrangement whereby neighbors communicate with existing local Law Enforcement. Nor is an NPP a “militia” or any other kind of independent paramilitary force. In the first case, the activation of an NPP is predicated upon the inability or even the unwillingness of local LE to protect a neighborhood or other area during a crisis. In the second case, forming a militia or other paramilitary force implies that this group is planning to undertake proactive operations extending beyond the defense of a neighborhood and its immediate surrounding area. The Civil Defense Manual does cover the entire range of defensive options from existing Neighborhood Watch programs, through Neighborhood Protection Plans, and ultimately to coordination between separate NPPs for the mutual protection of wider regions, with the ultimate goal of restoring pre-SHTF civility, public safety, and restarting any disrupted infrastructure.

Lawson provides a sample command structure for his NPP concept, as well as methods to organize the NPP well in advance of a catastrophic series of events that might require a self-defense force to be stood up in days or even hours, instead of in weeks.

In the author’s vision, the elected Primary Leader of the local NPP is given overall command authority during emergency situations, but tellingly, the Secondary NPP Leader in Lawson’s suggested hierarchy is also the Fire Chief. During a breakdown of civil order, and the collapse of local infrastructure, when existing fire departments might be unable to respond, the protection of homes within the NPP against the risk of fire becomes second in importance only to protection against armed gangs, gangs which might be using Molotov cocktail firebombs as terror weapons to elicit surrender. It should also be recognized that during a period when the normal infrastructure might be disrupted, and running water and electricity are unavailable, the threat to structures from open-flame cooking and heating fires, and even candles, will be extremely high.

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The Rockets’ Red Glare Over Champigny-sur-Marne

Champigny-sur-Marne is a suburb of Paris about eight miles southeast of the center of the city. Last Saturday night a group of rambunctious culture-enriching “youths” got a little frisky and attacked the police station in Champigny with iron bars and major fireworks. I saw a couple of startling videos of the night’s events, but neglected to hold on to the links.

The following account describes what happened in Champigny on Saturday night. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Résistance Républicaine:

Attack on Champigny police station: The jihad is on the rise in France

October 11, 2020

True scenes of jihad in France in the territories conquered by Islam

Here is what happened to the police station of Champigny:

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) was targeted on Saturday night and early Sunday morning by some 40 individuals.

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne was attacked late at night on Saturday 11 October by some 40 individuals, who struck it with iron bars, according to information from BFMTV. No police officer was injured, but property was damaged.

No injuries

The events occurred shortly before midnight. While two police officers were smoking outside, some 40 individuals attempted to penetrate the station, hitting the glass of the front door with iron bars.

The officers just had time to lock themselves in a secure space [airlock] at the entrance of the building.

These are, indeed, scenes of jihad of Islam, however, still very much a minority on our soil.

Pick-pocketing, harassment of unbelievers, church fires, slaughter of priests, mass murder of unbelievers: All this an Islamic continuum which only the beautiful souls refuse to see.

They shout, these beautiful souls:

“No amalgams!” [“Amalgamate” means to stigmatize Muslims unjustly by associating them with terrorism.]

These collaborators of the Plenel school, who occupy almost the totality of media, and who have created this fantasy of “racist police violence” or “systematic state racism”.

(A state where an enormous part of social assistance goes not only to descendants of immigrants, but to foreigners.)

To the great joy of Muslim invaders.

And judges who roundly condemn those who dare to speak the truth, while showing total complicity with Muslim perversion.

I am not even speaking of the arch-traitor Macron, who persists in obstinately following the policy followed for 40 years, and who is leading us to this catastrophe.

Each day that passes brings France a little closer to enslavement, to a collapse in the face of Islam.

The weekend’s violence in Champigny prompted a nationwide protest by French police on Monday. Below is an excerpt from an RT article about the demonstration in Paris:

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The Ascendancy of the InterNazis

The Antifas or “anti-fascists” were all but unknown to Americans until after the election of Donald Trump four years ago. In the fall and winter of 2016-2017 they appeared in “black bloc” gear on the streets of American cities like Minerva bursting full-grown from the head of Zeus. In the ensuing years they have continued to ravage public spaces across the country, and have joined forces with Black Lives Matter to the point that the shock troops of the two groups are all but indistinguishable.

Because I specialize in European issues, I had long been familiar with Antifa (and their closely-related cousins, the Autonomer in Denmark and Unite Against Fascism [UAF] in the UK). Back in 2007 and 2008, when I was first researching the groups, I spent a long time tracking down their websites in various Western countries. The Antifas seemed to have their greatest presence in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. They were also to be found in other Western European countries, with the exception of Britain, which had the UAF instead.

When I looked for an American franchise of Antifa, I discovered that it was vestigial — there was almost no Antifa presence in the USA. Violent far-left activism was left to other Marxist groups, such as International A.N.S.W.E.R. Antifa per se was virtually non-existent in the USA.

How times have changed!

And they changed suddenly, just after November 8, 2016. Someone turned on the spigots and the money started to flow to the black bloc groups all over the country. The black and red flags on their banners became a familiar sight on television news reports. Their customary paraphernalia — rocks, iron bars, baseball bats, and heavy-duty fireworks — could be seen in videos recorded on the streets of major cities with buildings and vehicles burning in the background.

The same sort of sight had long been familiar in Western Europe. More than twelve years ago El Inglés and our Flemish correspondent VH did extensive research on the European Antifas. Relevant excerpts from two posts, originally published in September and October of 2008, are reproduced below.

From “The InterNazis”, September 26, 2008

The excluded portions of this post were topical to the news of that time, but still make for interesting reading. See the original for the full text.

The term “Nazi” is an abbreviation of the German-language version of the phrase “National Socialist”, and referred to the totalitarian socialist ideology which arose in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. The modifier “National” was applied to “Socialist” in order to distinguish Hitler’s brand of Socialism from Communism, which was “international Socialism”, as represented by the Comintern and directed by Stalin. The Nazis were very much Socialists, but wanted nothing to do with the vile cosmopolitan Bolshevik version of Socialism, which Hitler considered an alien Jewish ideology, unfit for his vision of the Aryan future.

Nazism was destroyed by the Allies in 1945, and Communism crumbled of its own weight in 1991. But International Socialism did not die. By the 1970s it had spread throughout the institutions of the Free World like a metastasized cancer in the body politic of Western Civilization.


In 21st-century Europe, InterNazis can be found most frequently in the various chapters of Antifa, also known as Anti-fascist Action (with variants in several languages) or AFA. The affinity of Antifa for the Nazi ideology and iconography can be observed in the logos [above].

The stylized “A” in the middle symbol is a common logo for the Anarchists, of which the Antifas form a particularly virulent branch. The right-hand symbol with its lightning-bolt “A” is from the 1930s. It was used by the Nazis to represent the Sturmabteilung, the Storm Troopers, also known as the Brown Shirts. These were Hitler’s bully-boys, the high-spirited lads who took to the streets to beat up Communists, Jews, free-thinkers, and anyone else considered to be an enemy of the German people.

Is the resemblance of the SA symbol to the Antifa logo a coincidence? I have no idea, but it’s a fitting emblem for the thugs who beat up the Jews and little old ladies who came to Cologne last weekend to protest Islamization.

What bears the most striking resemblance to the methodology of the Storm Troopers is the symbiosis among the Antifa groups, the police, and local officials. The Autonomer are performing an identical function to that of the Sturmabteilung: they carry out illegal political violence on behalf of a totalitarian state which deems itself to be beyond the rule of law.

In this they also closely resemble the Comités de Defensa de la Revolución, the “Committees for the Defense of the Revolution”, a communist institution established in Castro’s Cuba. The Committees are allegedly “spontaneous” manifestations of popular outrage against the enemies of Socialism, and are employed to harass and intimidate any dissidents who dare to question the regime.

Unlike the Storm Troopers of 1930s Germany, the Antifas are international, and represent an ideology that explicitly seeks the destruction of the nation-state and the abolition of national identity. Their mission is to deconstruct the nations of Europe so that Socialist Multiculturalism may be implemented with a minimum of resistance.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has been thinking about these things, and he’s also been doing what I’d like to do, but don’t have time for: researching the European Antifas and all their ideological cousins. He sent me an email yesterday with an overview of the situation, and with his kind permission I am posting it below:


I share your interest in the Militant Left. Every now and then I dive into their agitprop, hoping to find a key to echo it back to them, but most of all to their potential recruits: the brainwashed adolescents and the ignorant Leftist enablers of Arabization.

A few notes:

There maybe were no more than a thousand or at most a few thousand counter-demonstrators in Cologne, maybe half of them Blackhoods, the rest ignorant Gutmenschen. They had a schedule; they practiced blockades way in advance, gave AFA training (never give your name!), sabotaged transport, moved around like regiments, used sympathizers in media-sensitive front lines, and only needed a few strategic locations and some pin-pointed violence to achieve the optimal effect.

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Culture-Enriching School Days in Borlänge

Here’s yet another Somali success story from Sweden. It should be noted that Borlänge has a neighborhood dubbed “Little Mogadishu” by the locals, just like Minneapolis.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

International students’ shock: This isn’t Sweden — compared to a war-torn land

October 5, 2020

International students at the Dalarna University in Borlänge do not want to live in the student residence which is offered to them in the immigrant suburb Tjärna Ängar, which is commonly called “Little Mogadishu”. That is what a representative for Dalarna’s student union wrote in a letter to the university’s board.

In 2005 the community housing company Tunabyggen in Borlänge converted two multiple-family homes in Somali-dense Tjärna Ängar into “Locus”— a student complex with a gym, study spaces, and 126 student apartments, in order to remedy the shortage of student residences in the city.

A second student housing area with another 59 student apartments lies in an adjacent building. The residence is marketed by Tunabyggen’s communal home page as a “multicultural residential area”. Together they make up more than two-thirds of the city’s student housing.

But the students don’t want to live in them.

The university’s rector contacted the municipality four years ago, in connection with a woman being raped, and demanded that they arrange other student housing in the municipality that wasn’t located in Tjärna Ängar. Not the least because female students felt unsafe in the immigrant-dense suburb.

“This is unacceptable. Students must be offered a residence when they are accepted, or at least at the beginning of instruction. The housing’s general standard must be reviewed, and above all, students must be able to feel safe and not worry about their personal security. Nothing else can be discussed,” said the rector, Marita Hilliges, at that time.

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Karen’s Lives Matter

MC weighs in on the culture wars plaguing us in this autumn of our discontent.

Karen’s Lives Matter

by MC

There is a very famous book entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

First published in 1841, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is often cited as the best book ever written about market psychology. This Harriman House edition includes Charles Mackay’s account of the three infamous financial manias — John Law’s Mississippi Scheme, the South Sea Bubble, and Tulipomania. [source]

The book is all about human folly, and 2020 deserves a new chapter because humanity changes not.

One can almost understand the “we’re all gonna die’ reaction in the Spring of this year as it became apparent that this new virus was a killer. However, as more information became available, it also became apparent that the public reaction and hysteria were misplaced, and that whilst certain groups were vulnerable, healthy people under 60 had little to fear.

Then came the vested interests.

The MSM fanned the flames, and the COVID bubble got bigger and bigger as the whole thing got more and more political rather than medical, and rational science had left the building.

The medical profession, backed by big pharma, have virtually created the religion of ‘Science’ where the ‘deniers’ are deemed delusional idiots who need to be shut out and deplatformed, and where free speech should only be allowed to supporters and co-religionists. Criticism is banned and books should be burned. Sieg Heil!

The new social crime of Scientific sedition has now been created.

There is no real definition of many of the ideas of Scientific religiosity, and ‘racism’ is a word that is bandied around and is used as a hammer on the anvil of Multiculturalism. In this delusional race war, ‘racism’ can be overloaded into the most egregious connotations which undermine the very existence of culture, any culture, as long as it is not ‘white’.

This morning I watched the first football game of the season. The prologue was so soppy and sickly I skipped it, and the adverts were simply delusional lies, including the Biden ad. If you want to know what socialism really does to a country read this op-ed.

Yes, we Jooz are waking up to the perils of the great delusion.

Many things really look and sound good when well-presented, but how many of those toys that look so wonderful in the Christmas adverts are five-minute wonders on the home front? And the little UPS girl even prefers the packaging box to the toy inside.

But we really need to apply the ‘toy’ test to many things in life: do I really need to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the electric tailgate that I will really NEED about once a year? Or is it just the vanity of showing off?

Fashion is a terrible thing, and is a major cause of temporary insanity, delusion and the madness of crowds. When BLM burn African-American businesses, and Antifa behave like Nazi Sturmabteilung, we need to stop and look at what is happening.

In February 1917 there was a revolution in Russia, and the Kadets took limited power:

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Leftist Lives Matter

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, Dr. Curio discusses the media’s double standard concerning protests in front of the Reichstag. He compares the alarmed response to the anti-Corona protesters with the non-reaction to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, and other far-left protests.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Carsten Jahn: “What is Happening in Leipzig is Not a Protest”

For the last few days anarchists have been rioting in the German city of Leipzig, setting up barricades, throwing cobblestones, and setting fire to police cars. The issue is their eviction from a building in which they had been illegally squatting, which makes them the German equivalent of the Danish autonomer.

The following rant about Leipzig by Carsten Jahn was posted by the video group Team Heimat. Mr. Jahn is at pains to point out the contrast between the way Leftists portrayed the anti-Corona demonstration in Berlin, versus their sympathetic treatment of the rioters in Leipzig.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Deutsche Welle article about the “protests” in Leipzig:

Leipzig protests: Politicians in Germany condemn third night of violence

Saxony state premier Michael Kretschmer said “left-wing extremists” were behind clashes between protesters and police. Demonstrators they were against gentrification and a lack of affordable housing in the city.

A third-straight night of violent protests in the eastern city of Leipzig left at least two police officers injured and several people were detained, police said on Sunday.

Demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday evening, after a group had rallied to protest gentrification in the city’s Connewitz district two days prior.

The gentrification protest was sparked by a police operation to evacuate a house occupied by a group of squatters since August 21.

The property was otherwise empty when squatters chose to occupy it, but the owner filed a criminal complaint for alleged trespassing, which led a Leipzig district court to issue an eviction order.

Some 100 people dressed in black and wearing hoods reportedly threw cobblestones and firecrackers at police, overturned garbage bins and built burning barricades, a police spokesperson said.

Authorities said that tear gas was used on the group and a helicopter was deployed to the scene. Police are investigating 15 suspects for breach of the peace, damage to property and resistance to law enforcement officers.

Video transcript:

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If You Didn’t Want Islam, You Shouldn’t Have Imported Us!

As reported here last week, supporters of Rasmus Paludan recently abused a Koran in the Rosengård district of the southern Swedish city of Malmö. The culture-enriching “New Swedes” of Malmö responded by expressing their youthful exuberance in traditional activities such as burning cars and attacking retail businesses.

The following video shows a the reaction of a group of culture-enrichers, led by a female firebrand, to the impudent infidels who mistreated the Koran. The Arabic dialogue has been translated from the Swedish subtitles.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Fundraiser That Wasn’t

This fundraising post was “sticky” for two weeks. Scroll down for lots of posts that were put up after it first appeared.

Update August 30 5:30pm EDT

I’m struggling with the new payments service, trying to find out how to make a form, or get a quick link, for a donation button. Until I manage to do that, snail mail is the only option. If you would like to make a postal donation, please email me at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll send the address to you.

Since the last time I posted an update, more snail-mail donations have come in from the following places:

Stateside: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, West Virginia, and Washington

Canada: British Columbia

A big thank you to everyone who sent in their contributions. Your generosity is astonishing!

Email acknowledgements have gone out to most of the donors, and the rest will be sent shortly.

The Fundraiser That Wasn’t

Update August 25 8:00pm EDT

A week ago I thought this was going to be a normal quarterly fundraiser. I started it in the usual fashion, with an opening post on Monday for the fundraising “octave”. Then I woke up on Tuesday morning and discovered to my dismay that I’d been shut out of PayPal. After a conversation with the lady in the Terminations Department (as I think it was called), I was left in no doubt that I had been cancelled for my political opinions.

This eventuality was hardly unexpected; it’s not like I’m the first to be cancelled by PayPal. Over the past couple of years I watched the big guns go down one by one — Jihad Watch, Tommy Robinson, and numerous others. Since I’m just a tiny popgun in the “racist” scheme of things, my day of reckoning was delayed. But it had to come someday.

Hitting this speed bump made me decide to keep this post on top for a few extra days, to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see it. Newer stuff will continue to accumulate below it.

For the time being I’m fundraising by snail mail. Those who want to donate and don’t already have the address, please email me at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll send it to you.

So far the results have been encouraging — a fair number of envelopes have arrived in the mail. I’ve already started writing the thank-you notes. I really appreciate your willingness to pitch in. And at least five people who have never donated in the past were affronted by what PayPal did, and wrote to ask for the address.

Even so, there’s no doubt that PayPal’s heinous actions will reduce the amount I can successfully raise. Not everyone will be willing to send money by regular mail, and the logistics for overseas gifts will be tricky.

The big question is whether the reduction will be significant enough to threaten the continuation of this site. Everything should proceed as normal for at least another quarter — I have enough savings to cover that.

In the meantime, I’m determined to find a substitute for PayPal. I’m in the throes of attempting to set up an account with a new service, but the interminable process of account verification is still incomplete. So keep your fingers crossed, or send up a smoke signal to the fire god, or say a novena for me — I need all the help I can get.

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The Monkey Comes Out of the Sleeve!

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this update with the latest monkey business from the Dutch political scene.

The monkey comes out of the sleeve!

by H. Numan

That’s a literal translation of a Dutch proverb: de aap komt uit de mouw. In the Queen’s English: now we get to the point. Admit it, (double) Dutch can be fun.

I told you about the election of a politically correct incompetent clown as leader of the Dutch Christian Democrats, in two articles. Here’s a follow up. We know that the election was rigged. That’s a given. The politically most correct candidate had to win. Which was Hugo de Jonge, alias Pipo the Clown. The wife of his opponent, Mrs. Omtzigt, now complains openly of election fraud.

It gets even better. Saturday Pieter Omtzigt was in The Hague, where he was accosted by extreme left wing demonstrators. He was threatened, and had to flee into a ministry for safety. One of his assailants was Claudia ter Schuur. A lawyer-cum-political activist. She’s of course whiter than snow and firmly committed to Black Apartheid. When blacks are racists, they aren’t racists, says whitey Claudia.

She was fully exposed on Which — something we know so well from progressive activists — is all a lie, she claims. Despite video evidence, and later an interview on TV in which she ‘hoped she had changed his mind’. Claudia wrote a letter to GeenStijl denying she was even there.

Pieter Omtzigt tweeted about his assault: “My colleague Geert Wilders certainly does have a point. This is not normal.” [about parliamentarians needing bodyguards] Which makes it all obviously clear to me.

As I wrote earlier: Hugo de Jonge had to win. Omtzigt cannot be manipulated as easily as de Jonge, and is not even remotely as much in favor of the EU and integration as the party elite is. The powers that be (in this case, VVD* and CDA*) have already decided they will follow a very progressive course. Hugo will do as he is told, Pieter definitely not. Hugo would rather see his party fade into oblivion than work with the PVV* and FvD*.

The conservative party VVD has, for the last couple of decades, firmly moved to the left. The same goes for the other big parties, to a slightly lesser extent. Every attempt to change the course was nipped in the bud. The last prominent VVD conservative was Rita Verdonk. When she was ousted from the party, the remaining conservatives were either ousted as well or silenced into obedience. The conservative party is now a moderately progressive party in disguise. It wasn’t Rutte who began the shift towards the left; that was Ed Nijpels, a generation ago. Ed is now a prominent VVD retiree. However, Rutte is the one who solidified and consolidated it.

That creates a problem for Mark Rutte. He wants to win the elections. His leadership during the CCP virus crisis, especially that of CDA vice premier Hugo de Jonge (yes, that’s the same Pipo the Clown), is slipping. The VVD is slowly but surely declining in the polls. The election of Pipo didn’t do the CDA much good. So far it costs four (virtual) seats. On the other side of the spectrum the PVV and FvD are steadily growing in the polls. The PVV currently polls at 21 seats. Not as much as the VVD (32 seats) but the gap is narrowing. Left-wing parties aren’t winning anything at the moment. Only the PvdA* (labour) is climbing out of the pit. They poll at 16 seats, and hold 9. It possible but not likely they will gain that much during real elections.

So what is Rutte planning to do? It looks he is gambling on an ultra-left many-party coalition. In theory he can work with both Wilders and Baudet. His minority cabinet Rutte II had support from Geert Wilders before his coalition partner CDA blew it up. Where they very capably put the blame on Wilders.

In reality Rutte prefers a left-wing coalition. Sure, if worst comes to worst, he’ll work with anyone. But his personal preference is progressive. The only way that can happen is a very broad — and unworkable — many-party coalition to get the required 76-seat majority.

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Culture-Enriching Riots in Response to Koran Abuse in Malmö

The Islam-critical Danish politician Rasmus Paludan was invited by Dan Parks to burn a Koran today in the heavily culturally enriched district of Rosengård in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. However, Swedish authorities declared Mr. Paludan to be persona non grata, and would not let him into the country.

His supporters went ahead with the Koran abuse anyway, even without their mentor. The following news report describes what the rambunctious “youths” of Rosengård did in response to the mistreatment of the Koran.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a BBC article about what happened in Malmö:

Protest Against Koran-Burning Turns Violent in Sweden

Protesters against the burning of a Koran by far-right supporters in Sweden have clashed with police during several hours of rioting.

Cars were set on fire and shop fronts were damaged in the clashes in the southern city of Malmö which have now been brought under control. There were several arrests.

Earlier on Friday, police barred far-right Danish politician Rasmus Paludan from attending the Koran-burning rally.

His supporters went ahead regardless.

Swedish police turned Mr Paludan back at the border, saying there was a two-year entry ban for him.

Video transcript:

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Soccer-Loving “Youths” Riot in Paris

After their team scored a big victory, a crowd of young Parisian soccer fans wandered down the Champs-Élysées to celebrate the occasion. The boyish exuberance of their mischief drew the attention of the security police.

The following video doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the enthusiastic youngsters. Some of them look fairly pasty-faced, while others are most definitely sons of Ham.

I don’t know who or what “NYGMATICK” is, but the phonetics of the name are intriguing, under the circumstances.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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“Street Scum Rule in the Netherlands”

The following interview with Thierry Baudet, the founder and leader of the populist Euroskeptic Dutch political party Forum for Democracy (forum Voor Democratie), concerns the recent riots in the Hague and Utrecht.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Exclusive interview with Thierry Baudet: “Street scum rule in the Netherlands. We have to change something in our country”

For days the Dagelijkse Standaard has been reporting over the serious disturbances in the Netherlands, which have been caused by so-called “overheated and bored youth, often with a migration background.” DDS spoke exclusively with Thierry Baudet about the aversion of certain groups to Dutch society and culture, and what we might do about it.

What do you think of what we now see happening in the Schilderswijk [The Hague] and Kanaleneiland [Utrecht]?

What we see happening in Schilderswijk and Kanaleneiland is shocking. At the same time, unfortunately, I am not surprised. We have known for a long time that in many areas of the Netherlands — nowadays not only in the large cities — there is a problem with the immigrant youths who have lived in the Netherlands three or four generations, but in no way want to be a part of Dutch society.

Isn’t that simply an aversion to Dutch society?

Yes, if you ask them if they are Dutch or Moroccan/Turk, they will themselves say the latter. The aversion to Dutch society is accompanied by an enormous over-representation in crime, especially violent crime. The more their numbers increase, the more this will become a bigger problem, and that certainly concerns me.

Our Netherlands was once so safe and peaceful. It pains me to see that there are areas in the Netherlands that are unsafe, areas where the scum can chase the police out. And that was completely unnecessary; it is completely senseless.

What was really the tipping point where it went so frightfully wrong, as we now see in certain residential areas?

It went wrong with the massive immigration of people whose culture and values are too far removed from Dutch culture and values. For economic gain in the short term, guest workers were brought to the Netherlands. Subsequently, the VVD, CDA and PvdA never did anything to send these guests back and their numbers rose at a dizzying pace.

For decades, looking the other way on the part of the party cartel has led to a culture of lawlessness and disrespect for the Netherlands and Dutch people. Now we are reaping the bitter fruit.

How do you think the authorities should react to the unrest in certain residential areas, but also as we recently saw, for example, with drill rappers on the beach at Scheveningen?

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