The Cultural Enrichment of German Cities and Towns

Miguel Klauß represents the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the regional parliament for Baden-Württemberg. The following op-ed from PolitikStube was translated by Hellequin GB:

Miguel Klauß: Germans are being driven out of their own cities!

What was reported from Stuttgart last week can be taken as a blueprint for the whole of Germany: More and more, a neglected, migrant milieu of oriental, Arab and African-born, predominantly male youths are taking over the public space, creating an “unstable security situation” and making life hell for the remaining locals and ancestral natives — until the latter give up and move away.

For anyone who walks through Germany’s inner cities with open eyes — especially in the west, where the “Verbuntung” [colourfulness] and “diversity” are already well-advanced (and if they have been emptied due to Corona, then at the hookah bars, junk shops, Turkish supermarkets, kebab shops and falafel stalls and betting shops the traffic will be uninterrupted) — it will not be possible to overlook the “change” that Greens such as Katrin Göring-Eckardt were looking forward to years ago.

In Stuttgart this week the local press reported on increasing rabble and brawl on the Kleiner Schlossplatz. Last year, at the “kick-off event” of this new Swabian city tradition, including brutal attacks on police officers and looting by the “event and party scene”, most of the people of Stuttgart hopefully assumed it was an isolated case. But the problem has persisted. No wonder that countless Stuttgart residents agree with the business owners and landlords in complaining about their suffering — and calling on politicians to finally do something.

Of course, all of this has long ceased to be a Stuttgart problem — and is certainly not a temporary condition that could be remedied, in the way you could get rid of rioting punks, beggars and homeless people through regulatory measures in city centers thirty years ago. No, it is only the beginning of an inevitable demographic development that diffuses from the big cities into the medium-sized cities and from there into smaller and smaller units, until at some point the countryside is the last to be affected. We are experiencing creeping land-grabs by problem migrants with zero willingness to integrate — especially since there will soon be nothing more to integrate into, or the question will be who should adapt to whom.

In Berlin, Cologne, the Ruhrpott and Frankfurt-Krankfurt, too, the orientalization of inner cities is accompanied by increasing crime rates, loss of homeland, changes in the cityscape and the increased emergence of no-go areas. German is no longer spoken here, customs and traditions from the 1001 Nights apply and conflicts are resolved according to old customary applications of the law. No wonder that fewer and fewer Germans still dare to go out into the streets in their hometowns. #ZeitfürdieAfD Germany. But normal.

Four Years in Juvie For Burning a Woman to Death

Back in February I posted about a gang of culture-enrichers in the Swedish city of Nässjö who set fire to a house with an elderly woman inside, burning her to death.

The Swedish “justice” system has now thrown the book at those rascally youths: the ringleader has been sentenced to four years in juvenile detention, and his accomplices were given similar sentences. Ha! That’ll teach those young whippersnappers a lesson!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

17-year-old sentenced to 4 years in juvenile custody after arson

ANNEBERG: On Friday a 17-year-old boy was sentenced for setting a villa on fire in Anneberg in Nässjö municipality and killing a woman who lived there. SVT reports that he has been sentenced to four years in juvenile custody for murder and arson.

The crime occurred on February 1 of this year. The 17-year-old admitted that he set the fire which caused the total destruction of the house and the incineration of the woman inside, but maintains that he didn’t think the woman was still inside and that he had no intention of killing her.

The Eksjö District Court convicted him of murder and arson as well as aggravated theft, vandalism, and harassment, and the punishment is four years in juvenile detention. He will also pay 180,000 kronor in damages to the woman’s relatives.

“That is a reasonable punishment, which corresponds to life in prison for an adult,” says Prosecutor Helene Thomasson to SVT.

Before the fire started the 17-year-old and his two companions harassed the 68-year-old woman. They followed her to her home and shouted curse words at her and spat at her, among other things. The woman called the police, who came, but by then the trio had left.

The two accomplices have been sentenced to juvenile detention and youth service for harassment and also for violation of the law for protection from accidents, since they did not sound the alarm for the fire.

Gangs Rule in Karlsfeld

I realize that news stories like this one all start to seem the same, once you’ve read a few dozen of them. I could create a template for the reports, with certain variables to be filled in — the country, the place names, the names of the police officers and the prosecutors, and maybe the ethnic groups involved — Somalis, Albanians, Chechens, Nigerians, etc. Otherwise, it’s the same old story: alien ethnic gangs terrorize the native populace, and the police and civil authorities are helpless to do anything to stop it.

And the worst part is that voters keep voting for the same old political parties that import the feral culture-enrichers. I don’t know whether they use Dominion voting machines in Europe, but that’s not enough to account for the margin of victory in most countries. People in Germany are being raped, assaulted, robbed, brutalized, and killed by violent migrant gangs, but it doesn’t induce a large enough number of them to vote for the evil WAYCIST Nazis of the AfD. Marine Le Pen may be able to beat Emmanuel Macron in the next presidential election, but if she does, it will be by a slim margin. And in Britain there isn’t even a significant choice — on immigration and Islam the “Conservatives” are virtually indistinguishable from Labour. You can vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, with the only difference being that one of the two has more bizarre hair.

Of the major Western European countries, Italy offers the greatest hope of actually voting in a change. Keep an eye on Matteo Salvini (Lega) and Giorgia Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) in the coming months.

And Central Europe — the former Communist bloc — is still marching to a different drummer than in the West.

As for the USA, we’re about as screwed as screwed can be. But that’s too large a topic to treat in this brief introduction.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Münchner Merkur:

Stabbing, rape, turf war: Brutal youth gangs terrorize the community — residents live in massive fear

by Christiane Breitenberger

Many people in Karlsfeld are terrified. The reason for this is a seriously criminal youth gang. Stabbing and sexual offenses are no longer uncommon.

Karlsfeld — Thomas Kirner has been a police officer for 30 years, he has been working as a youth officer at the Dachau police station since 2016, but what he has noticed for some time in Karlsfeld,…. “I’ve never seen anything like this here.” A seriously criminal youth gang is active in Karlsfeld. There is a climate of fear. The situation is so bad that there are young people who want to move away from their homeland. One of them told his parents that he no longer wants to live, “he is so afraid of this group,” explains Kirner. “Karlsfeld is now called ‘Little Chicago’ in the district.”

Rape and turf wars in Karlsfeld: Gang leaders meanwhile in custody

Two gang leaders — both currently in prison — have gathered a group behind themselves: The up to 30 followers, between the ages of 13 and 17, that blindly follow them, doing what they are told. “Many are only members because they are afraid of becoming victims themselves and being extorted,” explains Thomas Kirner. He emphasizes: “The fun is now over when it comes to criminal offenses; we haven’t just talked about thefts and insults here for a long time.” It is about serious bodily harm, sexual offenses, real fights, groups against groups. It’s about territory, turf wars, such as recently in Puchheim, when a 16-year-old was critically injured in a knife fight. A 15-year-old suspect was arrested and the criminal investigation department is investigating the case.

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Living Under Gang Rule in Sweden

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Sweden: “If you don’t have a big family that can protect you, you have no chance”

Entrepreneurs in Sweden who lost their companies as well as their families or have had to move abroad for fear of being killed. That is shown in a report on the Swedish medium SVT [state broadcasting]. The reason for the uncertainty are criminal gangs that systematically extort entrepreneurs in Sweden. Now the Gothenburg police are sounding the alarm: The problem is huge and not even the police can protect the victims.

“Either you pay, or you defend yourself and your life is completely ruined,” says the policeman Ulf Boström. Boström has been working in the northeast of Gothenburg for 16 years. His phone rings all the time. Worried mothers of gang members, imams or people who have received a letter from an authority but do not understand what it says on it. The police are simply overwhelmed.

In his everyday life he meets many people who live under constant threat of death. Those who pay gangs and family-based criminal networks for extortion attempts, and those who refuse.

According to Boström, the police cannot protect everyone. “Because we’ve allowed this business to spread across Sweden for so long, there are gangs in every major city. They have eyes and ears everywhere.”


A Citizen of Somalia and Sweden

Gary Fouse has translated the Nya Riks article mentioned in my previous post:

Sakariye Ali Ahmed arrested for police murder of Andreas Danman

Caption: Sakariye Ali Ahmed has now been arrested for the murder of policeman Andreas Danman. Screenshot FUP/Samhällsnytt.

Somali Sakariye Ali Ahmet, born March 18, 2004, is reportedly the person who is under arrest for the murder of a police officer in Biskopsgården (Gothenburg). This has been reported by the newspaper Samhällsnytt which refers to an anonymous police source. They point out that he was previously convicted of attempted murder.

Ahmed is currently residing at Friskväderstorget 5. apartment 1203 in Gothenburg together with the females Sakiyo Ali Ahmed, born May 21, 2002, and Tariik Ahmed Abdi, born January 3, 1984, who is the suspect’s mother.

Sakariye Ali Ahmed has previously come up in a case with the Administrative Court in Gothenburg. The verdict can be downloaded here.

The District Court in Gothenburg sentenced him on 25 March 2020 to one year in juvenile detention for attempted murder (13 November 2019), illegal threat (27 August 2019), and attempted theft of a means of conveyance. The verdict can be downloaded here. The crimes are in parentheses. From the verdict, it is clear that he did not need an interpreter and is a citizen of both Somalia and Sweden.

A Cop-Killer in Biskopsgården

Culture-enrichers in Sweden have been targeting cops for many years, but on Wednesday they finally managed to kill one. Which goes to show, I suppose, that they’re not very good shots.

Since the material shown below was translated, a young “Swede” named Sakariye Ali Ahmed has been arrested and charged with the murder of a policeman named Carl Andreas Danman in the Gothenburg neighborhood of Biskopsgården. As far as I can make out from the Nya Riks article, Master Ahmed is seventeen years old. I don’t know what the rules are in Sweden, but in the USA his name would not have been publicly released until prosecutors had decided to charge him as an adult.

The photo at the top of this post (also posted by Nya Riks) is unusual: not only is the face of the alleged perp not pinkwashed, it’s not even pixelated out. I gather that the youngster is a Somali — big surprise.

Here’s a brief video from Swedish TV. The anchor seems to think the images in it are disturbing, but I don’t see why. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following text (also translated by Gary Fouse) accompanied the video at Expressen:

“Fight! Fight! Come on, Old Man!”*

Police: Posted July 1, 2021

An unknown perpetrator opened fire against police and a witness heard several bangs.

A policeman, who was just over 30 years old and relatively new on the job, was on assignment with a colleague on a moped in the vulnerable area of Biskopsgården in Gothenburg late last night.

*   Note: The quote in the title of the article refers to a statement heard on the video, which appears to be a taunt to the police from a bystander.

Here’s a longer article from Nya Dagbladet, also translated by Gary Fouse:

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Boys Will Be Boys

A pair of teenage boys in the German city of Essen was chased down, terrified, robbed, and stabbed by a group of even younger culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Incredible brutality! Migrant gang pursued and stabbed boys lying on the ground!

Essen: A youth gang in Essen proceeded with incredible brutality. The teenagers are said to have chased and robbed two boys. Not only is the estimated age of the juvenile offender shocking, but a victim was stabbed with a knife when he was already on the ground.

A 15-year-old boy was seriously injured in an attack in Essen. The boy suffered stab wounds that required further treatment in the hospital. According to the police, there was no danger to life.

As a press spokesman reported on Tuesday (June 22), the terrible attack took place on Friday evening (June 18) around 9:45 pm at the train station in Essen-Borbeck. At the time, the boy was traveling with a 16-year-old friend when the two teenagers were approached by a group of six to seven teenagers and asked for money.

The police said they were followed by the group when they ran away. Fearing the persecutors, the 16-year-old then handed over the last of his cash and hoped to get rid of the group. But they still did not give up on them.

They surrounded the 15-year-old at a property entrance, pushed him to the ground and kicked him.

Incredible: One of the alleged perpetrators pulled a knife and stabbed the victim lying on the ground.

When the 16-year-old tried to help his friend, a knife was held to his neck.

Before the group ran away, they threatened the boys not to go to the police. Passersby provided first aid and notified the police.

The suspects are said to be children or adolescents between the ages of 12 and 14.

This is how the alleged perpetrators are described by the police:

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June 17, 1953: The East German Uprising Against the Communists

As I mentioned yesterday, June 17 is the anniversary of my wife Dymphna’s death. Until today, when the translation below arrived in my inbox, I wasn’t aware of any other significant event associated with that date. Now I know that yesterday was the sixty-eighth anniversary of the popular uprising against the communists and the Soviets in the DDR.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

June 17, 1953: “The sheer hatred of the communists”

Interview June 17, 2021
by Moritz Schwarz

At the end of the war Walther Frielitz fled from Silesia to Thuringia as a child, where he witnessed the popular uprising against SED [Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, Socialist Unity Party] rule on June 17 in 1953 . Today nobody wants to hear the contemporary witnesses. But he fights against oblivion.

Mr. Frielitz, you saw the end of the war….

Walther Frielitz: Yes — I didn’t catch a bullet until June 17, 1953 in Thuringia, even though I didn’t come from there.

How so?

Frielitz: My grandfather was a shoe manufacturer in Waldenburg near Breslau. As a trained businessman, my father and my uncle took over the company with around eighty employees. But both were drafted in 1944 — and stayed in the war. When the Red Army approached in 1945, my grandfather decided: “There is a hospital train going west and you are going with us! I was able to get tickets for you guys!” I was nine and it was an enormous sight. The train consisted of many, many cars and was pulled by two locomotives! Wounded, Red Cross personnel and only refugee families with children were allowed to go with them.

So you could escape relatively “comfortably”?

Frielitz: Yes, but when we crossed our feet while we waited, I was amazed: What is there in a row under blankets? — They were dead soldiers! Each time the wounded were unloaded who had not survived the rigors of the transport or who had succumbed to their wounds. In the rush they were simply placed on the platform and the journey continued — just get away from the Russians! We were unloaded near Gera, namely in Weida in Thuringia. And so we were spared from being overrun by the Russians. Because Thuringia was conquered by the Americans and only later handed over to the Russians in exchange for West Berlin.

“Those were terrible pictures”

Wasn’t that a shock then?

Frielitz: It was bad that the Russians took the animals out of people’s stables. The Americans didn’t do that. Which does not mean that they did not steal: The refugees were distributed in Weida and we were quartered in a manor in nearby Mosen, the owner of which had fled to the west. When the Americans came, they just took everything there that was valuable. Then when they evacuated Thuringia, of all people they warned us about the “thieving Russians”. But rightly so, because they now stole from the manor what was not valuable enough to the Americans, i.e. actually everything that was not nailed down.

The Russian soldiers were also dangerous, especially to the women. In any case, the Americans were well cared for by their army, even for us children sometimes something came our way. The Russians, on the other hand, had to rob or starve. They were very, very poor people anyway. We witnessed how they treated their own soldiers: inhuman, absolutely inhuman! If someone did not toe the line or perhaps had stolen, they would be ruthlessly beaten! I thought: My God, they’re killing their own people! Well, they beat them half to death and then they left the poor devils, covered in blood, unconscious on the street. Those were terrible pictures.

You were a middle-class merchant family. Weren’t you afraid of persecution by the Russians and, after the DDR [Deutsche Demokratische Republik, German Democratic Republic] was founded in 1949, by the SED?

Frielitz: Oh, we had lost everything, our house, the factory, everything was gone. We didn’t even think about politics, we were concerned with survival! My mother was happy when she saw her four children go to school again. When I came home from trade school one day sometime later, on June 17, 1953, it was like wildfire: “Did you hear? Strike in Berlin! And it’s starting in Gera, too! We have to go there!” A couple of drivers came with their trucks ready to support the strikes and to carry all who wanted to take part to Gera.

But you said you were apolitical.

Frielitz: We all were. Capitalism, communism — most of them didn’t understand what it was. But everyone had learned by now that one had to be afraid of communism — and what kind of people they were!

“Files flew out of the windows and the SED people fled”


Frielitz: The SED had a lot of dodgy people — all of whom could not be trusted, who cheated others, who had no morals. The communists gave them advantage and influence if they participated. That was how the bottom came up — dissolute guys pestering people. And if you opposed it, you risked [being sent to the] camp!

So you jumped on a truck?

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Send in the Army!

It looks like Endgame is fast approaching for Modern Multicultural Sweden. Municipal leaders in the Gothenburg — the country’s second-largest city — are calling for the army to be sent in to control cultural enrichment in the city’s gang-ridden no-go zones.

The call for military intervention isn’t coming from the WAYCISTS of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), but from representatives of Moderaterna (the Moderates), the nominally center-right party of former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

That’s how serious the situation is.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Moderaterna in Gothenburg: Send in the military against the gangs

After recent serious violence in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo, Hampus Magnussen, the municipal counselor (M) in Gothenburg, is proposing that the military should be deployed against gang criminals in a motion voted through by Moderaterna (Moderates) in Western Sweden. In the autumn, the proposal will be considered at the Moderates party meeting.

“We have a police authority that is under enormous pressure and in many ways is at a disadvantage. So we think that the military can support them in many tasks where they have relevant training, such as setting up roadblocks and searching vehicles,” says Hampus Magnusson to Dagens Samhälle.

Presently, the Swedish military cannot be used on the grounds that “there is a risk that it could use force or violence against individuals,” according to the provision on defense forces support to civilian activity, something the Moderates in Western Sweden want to change.

“It is my absolute judgment that there must be a change in legislation. What is happening today in Sweden where individual policemen’s homes are being fired at, and there are explosions at police stations, is the domestic terrorism of our times,” says Magnussen to Dagens Samhälle.

Magnusson’s proposal is supported by the municipal board chairman in Gothenburg, Axel Josefson (M).

“This is a way that can help the absolutely acute police shortage we have in Sweden, where we want to go back to a system in which you can use emergency police who can support the police in special incidents, and it will naturally be under police leadership,” says Josefson to Expressen.

Enricher vs. Enricher Brawl in Valencia

On Monday a Senegalese mob did battle with an Algerian mob on the street in the Spanish city of Valencia. A huge number of police officers arrived to break up the squabble and tend to the wounded.

I don’t know which side to root for. Can’t they both lose?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Las Provincias:

A brawl with sticks between two groups of Africans leaves six arrested in Orriols

Two of the men arrested needed medical attention for the blows from the sticks

[Photo caption: Three police cars yesterday in the street where the two groups fought]

June 8, 2021

A fight between two groups of Algerians and Senegalese yesterday left six men detained in the Valencia neighborhood of Orriols. Two of the individuals arrested needed medical attention for the blows from the sticks.

The violent acts occurred around 6 pm in San Juan de la Peña [street]. Two neighbors took videos of the brawl with their mobile telephones from balconies.

After receiving notice of the tumultuous brawl with sticks in the middle of the street, several patrols of the National Police and local Valencia police rushed to the scene and detained six of the people involved.

San Juan de la Peña was filled with police vehicles within a few minutes. Three of those detained are Algerians, two are from Senegal, and one was born in Gambia. On the ground, the officers found traces of blood and several sticks used in the fight.

Culture-Enricher Beats Up German Police Officer

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

“Protection seeker” from Afghanistan smashed the face of a Hamburg police officer. Where’s the outcry?

Hamburg: “Bad incident on Friday evening at 8:55 p.m. on Talstrasse / corner of Schmuckstrasse. Police officers expelled an Afghan (22) who sought contact with prostitutes and threatened to arrest them. Suddenly the man from Verden an der Aller (Lower Saxony) freaked out and hit an officer in the face. The colleague used pepper spray — without success. The thug fled in the direction of Great Freedom. The two policemen caught up with him. Again the Kiez visitor pounded the same officer with a fist in the face. The second use of pepper spray also had no effect. Eventually the man was handcuffed. The policeman (34) had to go to hospital seriously injured. Diagnosis: several facial fractures, no longer fit for duty.”


“We see this diversity as something positive that makes our city lively, attractive and strong.”

— Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor (SPD), May 2019

Open Season on Catholics in Paris

As reported in the news feed earlier this week, last Saturday a procession of Catholics was ambushed on the street in Paris by antifas and other far-left thugs. The participants in the procession were commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Catholic martyrs of the Paris Commune, who were massacred by communards on May 28, 1871 (see this Breitbart article).

I don’t need to tell you that French antifas are devout atheists who revere the Paris Commune and loathe Catholics.

The following video features a TV interview with a Catholic priest named Michel Viot, who was one of the participants in last Saturday’s procession. Pay close attention to what Fr. Viot says about Muslims in the final part (5:02-5:52) of the video.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Culture-Enriching Turf Wars in Gothenburg

Certain parts of the Swedish city of Gothenburg — the “sensitive areas” — are no longer under the rule of law, or at least the rule of Swedish law. Clan-based gangs control the turf, and when conflicts over territory occur, they are settled in a good old-fashioned culture-enriching way: by a bullet to the head.

Gary Fouse has translated two articles about the violent actions of Gothenburg’s gangs. You’ll notice in these stories that the police don’t actually do any policing — their role is to “mediate” in the conflicts so as to help rival clans come to an agreement and stop killing each other.

There’s no mention of ethnicity in the two articles, but since the “Ali Khan family” is prominent in one of the gangs, one may draw the appropriate conclusions.

Here’s a report from Samhällsnytt from a few days ago:

Clan war in Gothenburg escalates. One executed with a shot to the head

On Saturday Samnytt was able to show video clips from the “vulnerable area” of Hjällbo in Northeast Gothenburg where some 100 men took part in a violent riot with weapons in the middle of a residential area. Police responded by making contact with the gangs to mediate peace. But already on Sunday shots broke out with new riots in the area. Two persons have been shot, one of whom died of his wounds. See the video from the scene below.

The ongoing conflict in the area is said to be between two clan families, including the Hjällbo Network with the infamous Ali Khan family at the helm, and has been going on since Friday. Christer Fuxberg is a police press spokesman in Region West and reports that authorities have been working to make contact with the network “to see if there is something we can help with so there will be reconciliation again.”

At 13:23, police were notified of a shooting in the area. According to information obtained by Samnytt, two persons were reportedly wounded in the shooting, one of whom was hit in the head and died. In total, three persons have been taken to the hospital.

At the scene police arrested one person suspected of murder. According to information from police sources, the shooting is an act of revenge in the ongoing conflict, which is based on rivalry in the area.

Samnytt can show pictures from the scene.

A follow-up article reports that one gang, the Hjällbo Network, has set up roadblocks in and out of the no-go zones. The police apparently do nothing, perhaps in the interest of “community cohesion”, as is the case in Britain.

Another report from Samhällsnytt:

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Jew-Hatred on the Streets of the Netherlands

In the following video four Dutch politicians discuss recent street demonstrations in Amsterdam that supported the Palestinians and Hamas in their conflict with Israel. As might be expected, overt Jew-hatred was a feature of those demonstrations.

The four politicians interviewed are (in order): Tunahan Kuzu of the Islamic-Turkish party Denk, Geert Wilders of the Party for Freedom (PVV), Jasper van Dijk of the Socialist Party (SP), and Derk Jan Eppink of JA21*.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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