Kinetic Action by Youths in Brussels

This is a follow-up to the report on the Brussels riots posted here several days ago.

First, a subtitled video report on the kinetic incidents involving “Belgian” “youths”. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article from the French-language Belgian daily Le Libre, also translated by Gary Fouse:

The female police officer beaten during the protest in Brussels feared for her life: “Without my protective clothing I probably wouldn’t have survived”

January 15, 2021

Fortunately, the policewoman feels better today.

The demonstration in tribute to the young Ibrahima on Wednesday evening gave way to riots and scenes of extreme violence. Among the videos disseminated that evening, we can see a policewoman being kicked while she is still on the ground. If she is almost recovered today, nevertheless she had to be hospitalized because she showed signs of paralysis. The day after her attack, the officer recounted the events to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. “I have just gotten out of the hospital. Last night the tingling sensation in my legs disappeared. I still have pain all over but the pain medication relieves it. I am covered in bruises, but I will probably make a full recovery.”

Kelly, mother of a little 9-year-old boy, was called in for backup after she had finished her service after the incidents in progress in Schaerbeek [district of Brussels]. The policewoman explains that a group of rioters rushed her and her colleagues as they were trying to secure a street. She lost her balance and wound up on the ground; for several seconds she was kicked in the belly and face. “Suddenly, I heard a man scream. He asked them to stop and told them that I was a woman, not a man. It was a resident of the district, a Moroccan, I believe. He saved me from these young men by intervening. My colleagues were able to get rid of the attackers and immediately took me under their wing. I am very grateful to this man and to my colleagues. If I hadn’t been wearing my robocop protective clothing, I probably wouldn’t have survived,” she confides.

Following these events, during which 15 police officers were injured in total, Kelly explains that she has lost all of her motivation. She asks herself if she still wants to be a police officer in Brussels, a city where respect for the uniform is lost, according to her. “The prosecutor’s office doesn’t pursue these cases, and the judges give out ridiculous punishments. We are not supported. The motivation is still there, but more than ever, we have the impression of being alone, abandoned by politics and justice. This demonstration should never have been authorized,” she laments.

Video transcript:

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Culture-Enriching Riots in Brussels

A “youth” named Ibrahima Barrie became the George Floyd of Belgium last weekend when he died in police custody. As it happens, Mr. Barrie had been detained by Brussels police for (what else?) violating COVID-19 restrictions.

The ensuing riots did not specifically involve Black Lives Matter, but they followed a similar template. The commotion peaked on Wednesday with the usual burning of cars and throwing things at the police. At one point a police station was set on fire. In the midst of all the brouhaha the rioters happened to encounter the motorcade of King Philippe, and there were some tense moments before the king and his entourage managed to speed away from the scene and return to his castle.

This video about the riots is not subtitled, but Vlad has annotated it with information about what was happening at various moments during the unrest. The violence continued into Thursday, if I am not mistaken.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish daily De Morgen:

Riot after a demonstration for deceased arrestee: Protesters throw stones, water cannon deployed

More than 500 demonstrators gathered this afternoon at the police headquarters where 23-year-old Ibrahima B, died Saturday after his arrest. The young man was earlier arrested in the area of the Brussels-North station. At first the protest was peaceful, but around 4pm the atmosphere became worse. Protesters threw stones and set fires; riot police are at the scene en masse and have deployed a water cannon.

January 13, 2021

More than 500 people gathered to demonstrate at the police headquarters, although only 100 people were allowed to gather. Just about 100 people were stopped by police before the beginning of the demonstration. About 400 demonstrators are reported to have gathered at police headquarters on the Brabant Street.

Friends, family members, and sympathizers of the 23-year-old demanded clarity about his death. Around 4pm, the atmosphere worsened. Stones and fireworks were thrown at the police, and demonstrators shouted, “Police, murderers.” In the tumult, a window of a police car was destroyed. Here and there, small fires were set.

Several rioters moved about in a cat and mouse game with police to the Liedtsplein [square] in Schaarbeek. They smashed the windows of a police post and set fire to the office, according to Het Laatse Nieuws. The atmosphere is still very turbulent, and riot police are at the scene en masse.

The riot police are massively present in the area of the North Station. The water cannon has been used several times against the demonstrators. Officers initially tried to send the demonstrators home, but their calls received little in the way of response. The organizers of the demonstration also unsuccessfully did everything they could to calm things down. One youth of 17 was taken to the hospital with injuries. According to witnesses, he was hit by police with a nightstick, reported Het Laatste Nieuws. According to Belga, one person was injured after a fall. At the moment, nothing has been communicated by the police concerning arrests.

King Philippe

Noteworthy: Close by the riot was the car of King Philippe, recognizable by the license plate “1”. A police source confirmed to Het Laatste Nieuws that the king was in the car. The car was protected by the police and was not pelted by protesters. According to the press agency EPA the vehicle of King Philippe was en route from his workplace in Brussels to Laken Castle.

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1848 And All That

Some of my friends sit around every evening
And they worry about the times ahead,
But everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference
And the promise of an early bed.

— Elvis Costello, from “Radio, Radio”

January 6 was a sobering moment. For many of us it was not unexpected, but it was sobering nonetheless.

We have finally reached the End of the Republic. The results of future elections will lie within parameters established by the Powers That Be. There will be no more successful “dark horse” candidates; the system has been rigged to prevent them.

On a related note, Sundance at Conservative Tree House has joined the dreamers at Power Line, although his desperate optimism takes a somewhat different tack: he proposes the founding of a new political party led by Donald Trump, which would siphon off most Republican voters, as well as a big chunk of Democrats and independents.

It’s a nice idea, and it might have worked before the widespread adoption of Dominion voting machines. But after 2020, how does such a party go about actually winning an election? The machinery to prevent that possibility is already in place. Nobody can get elected without the approval of the Deep State. Which means it will be the UniParty — Democrats plus safe (neutered) Republicans — from here on out.

We have unfortunately entered the era of TINVOWOOT: There is no voting our way out of this. We’ve used up three out of our four boxes — soap, ballot, and jury — and there’s only one left.

There has been a cavalcade of “conservatives” eager to denounce Donald Trump and the angry crowd at the Capitol. Their general theme is that “violence solves nothing.” How easily they have forgotten the means by which the Patriots of 1776 threw off the yoke of King George III and established a constitutional republic! If these modern-day talking heads had their way, we’d still be sending politely-worded lists of grievances to the queen and her ministers.

Meanwhile the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) have characterized Wednesday’s events as an “insurrection”. Well… Except for the cops, everybody at the Capitol that day was unarmed. How would our esteemed progressive brethren describe a real insurrection if one ever broke out?

Given the level of anger on the patriotic Right, some sort of future kinetic action is a distinct possibility. Whether we’re heading into a full-fledged Boogaloo or not is an open question. A shrewd, charismatic leader would seem a prerequisite for that to happen, and now that Donald Trump has abdicated the position, there’s no one else on the horizon who fits the description. For all I know, this simmering political cauldron may yet cool down and accept the New Normal that has been prepared for it.

Or maybe not. It’s still early days, so it’s hard to tell.

Regardless of how kinetic things get, what seems likely is a concerted effort to crack down on dissent. Up until now the Left has relied on the private sector — Big Tech, social media companies, and major employers — to suppress doubleplus ungood opinions held by deplorable citizens. We can expect that praxis to change now that the Woke brigades control the entire apparatus of state, especially given the public statements from their numerous spokesbeings about the need to silence us.

The past two months have proved that the Constitution is a worthless scrap of paper. Nothing remains to stop the permanent government from passing whatever laws it deems necessary to suppress “misinformation”, “intolerance”, “extremism”, “hate speech”, “white supremacy”, and all the other terms used to describe publicly expressed thoughts that run counter to the Narrative.

I’ve never used social media, and I have no employer, so up until now the storm has passed me by. When the Harris administration is fully ripened, however, I expect the government to enact new laws or regulations requiring ISPs to close down independent “hate sites” like this one. When that happens, the torches will be extinguished here at the Gates, and I will be out of business.

Depending on how frisky things get, the dénouement could happen sooner, or it could happen later. But that time will eventually come. The darkness will flow out of Mordor and cover everything, and the armies of orcs will march against us.

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The Big Ugly Begins

Today is a significant day in the looming struggle against the end of the American Republic. A huge rally of Trump supporters is taking place, centered on the Ellipse near the White House in Washington DC. At 11am President Trump is scheduled to address the crowd, which is expected to number a million people or more.

I regret to say that I won’t be attending this historic event. First of all, I’m too old for this sort of thing. Just think how long I would have to go without being able to take a leak… Yow!

Secondly, I have a doctor’s appointment today that I really need to keep. So I’ll be gone for a while, but when I get home I’ll check the news and approve your comments.

If you want to monitor breaking news, I recommend Conservative Tree House, WRSA, Gateway Pundit, and Vlad Tepes. All four sites will probably embed live feeds of the event.

So while I’m sitting there with the sphygmomanometer cuff on my arm and the stethoscope against my chest, my spirit will be up there with those good folks in the MAGA crowd on the Mall in D.C.

I don’t know how things will turn out. The rally could grow into something momentous — which will also mean violent and nasty, given what Antifa is planning — or it could all fizzle out. Then Doltin’ Joe gets inaugurated as President in two weeks, and we begin our lives in the New Normal as compliant socialist drones.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Mass Shooting in Bordeaux

Nothing in the following article from France indicates that the perpetrators and victims in the mass shooting were culture-enrichers. However, when criminal “youths” make the news in France, it’s a near certainty that the high-spirited youngsters involved are Muslim immigrants or their descendants.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Deadly shooting in Bordeaux: 5 young adults in custody for murder

Ages 18-21, they are suspected of having participated in a shooting with automatic arms which produced one death, a 16-year-old adolescent, Saturday, January 2.

by Le Figaro with Agence France Presse
January 4, 2020

Five young adults have been placed in custody for murder and attempted murder in an organized gang after a deadly shooting Saturday evening in a working-class quarter of Bordeaux, the prosecutor’s office announced Monday. The youths, aged 18-21 years, were placed in custody between Sunday evening at 10pm and Monday morning at 6am, noted the statement from the prosecutor’s office. They are suspected of participating in a shooting with automatic arms, which left one dead, an adolescent of 16 years, and four wounded, of whom three youths were confirmed hospitalized.

Around 10:50 pm a group of youths, who were at a small square in the heart of Aubiers, a town of about 3,500 inhabitants north of Bordeaux, were the target of bursts of automatic arms fire from a vehicle passing through their area. After the zone was secured by police, firemen went to the aid of a 16-year-old adolescent seriously injured, who died shortly thereafter at the CHU of Bordeaux. Three adolescents from 13 to 16 years of age and a man of 35 years of age, also wounded, managed to flee by entering an apartment building. The adolescents were hospitalized at CHU, one of them suffering from a bullet under his heart, but he is no longer believed in danger; another was hit in the biceps and shoulder blade, a third in the knee. The 35-year-old man, with a calf wound, later went to a clinic.

Repeated incidents

The town of Aubiers had already been the scene of repeated incidents on New Year’s Eve. Bus and tram stops had been destroyed, a post office set on fire, and mortar fireworks and projectiles thrown at responding police when they responded. The quarter is also associated with sporadic rivalries between youths from two other towns north of the city, a hypothesis which could explain the shooting of Saturday evening, according to a source close to the case.

According to the statement from the prosecutor’s office on Monday, the investigation assigned to the Judicial Police “is progressing by the hour,” with numerous witnesses appearing. “Technical examinations by scientific police are still in progress, and the results of the autopsy of the young victim will not be known until tomorrow (Tuesday)”. The prosecutor’s office also reported the “spread of a lot of unverified information” and stresses “that it is essential that this investigation can be followed under the best conditions.” A selfie of five youths accused of being responsible for the shooting is circulating on social media.

New Year’s Eve Carbecue Report From France

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Résistance Républicaine:

It burned again, the night of December 31… The riff-raff openly don’t care about Macron — who protects them

January 2, 2021
by Christian Jour

Here is a sample of cars burned tonight. Buuuttt, there were thousands of cops deployed by Macron, to do what? To watch the French who might not respect the curfew or who might celebrate New Year’s Eve in groups of more than six. The riff-raff [racailles], the usual suspects, had permission to make the French foam at the mouth. How long will this last?


Several dozen cars set on fire in the metropolis of Lyon on New Years Eve

Lyon, Venissieux, Bron, Vaulx-en-Velin did not escape the car fires over the course of the night on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks were also thrown.

Several dozen vehicles are reported set on fire during the course of the night. In the heart of Lyon, such as in the Minguettes quarter, in Vaulx-en-Velin, Venissieux, Bron, Rillieux-la-Pape…

Some fireworks were also thrown in several places in the Metropolis, notably at Bron, only a few hundred meters from the control point set up by the Prefect and in the presence of Prefect Pascal Maillos, a little after 8 pm, Thursday 31 December.


41 cars burned during the New Years’ Eve at Angers, first responders targeted by fireworks. 41 vehicles were set on fire during the night of December 31-January 1 at Angers. Mobile gendarmes, police officers and firefighters were targeted by thrown fireworks.


It is starting in Strasbourg. The riff-raff are burning cars.

(See top link for video.)

Strasbourg — Some 60 cars set on fire.

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Doubling Down on Deplorable

When political topics come up in conversation with my liberal friends, I tend to say: “Let’s not talk about politics. I’m a right-wing extremist; everyone knows that. So any discussion would be fruitless, and probably unpleasant.” My political opinions haven’t changed much in the last eight or ten years, but I’m much more of a right-wing extremist than I used to be, because the “center” has moved so far to the left.

Years and years ago I used to keep up with the latest news by checking Google News every day. Yes, it was obviously biased, but it still listed relevant news items. It might not feature or headline the ones I wanted to see, but they could be found. However, it gradually became more and more restrictive and censorious, so I gave up using it, and relied on the Drudge Report to headline the news stories that were most likely to interest me. Then a couple of years ago Drudge sold out, and his former site became just as useless as Google News. I had to cast about in other places to find relevant material. Doug Ross is an excellent aggregator, and provides useful tips. And Conservative Tree House is invaluable.

My most frequent stopping places are Power Line and Western Rifle Shooters Association, for very different reasons.

I’ve been reading Power Line since the “fake but accurate” Killian Memo days in the campaign season of 2004. Back then its contributors were Scott Johnson, John Hinderaker, and Paul Mirengoff. Since then they’ve added Steven Hayward. They’re generally more deplorable than National Review, but still well within the conservative mainstream. They live in the world of foundations, think tanks, and reputable right-wing journals. Which is fine with me; I’ve hung out with plenty of think-tank people since I started doing Gates of Vienna full time. I don’t fit in very well with that crowd — I’m more radical, and disinclined to zip my lip just to protect my income streams — but I like them well enough.

So I read Power Line to keep abreast of the right-wing mainstream. At least three of the contributors are lawyers, and often focus on legal issues, which is very useful. Two of them are from Minnesota, and feature the Woke absurdities of progressive Twin Cities political issues, which are as bad as those of Ann Arbor, Berkeley, or Portland.

But they don’t stray beyond the pale of the mainstream. That fact became glaringly obvious in the wake of last month’s election. All the massive, egregious shenanigans that came up in the weeks after the vote made it abundantly clear that the election was a complete fraud. There’s plenty of documentation available for those who care to look for it, but the Power Line guys are reluctant to discuss it, and tend to insist that the malefactions of the Democrats were insufficient to change the result. Joe Biden was the people’s choice, maybe not as much as the official tally would indicate, but still the winner.

I can understand their reluctance look the facts squarely in the face. Even if they dissent from liberal orthodoxy, they are still denizens of that environment where people have jobs talking politics and going on TV and writing books and papers and attending conferences. To admit that the election was a sham would be to acknowledge that their world is constructed of the flimsiest gossamer and can be rent asunder with the twitch of a pinky.

No, it’s better to pretend that conservatives can somehow manage to prevent the worst forms of electoral fraud in the future. They’re already gaming out strategies for the midterms in 2022, and thinking about Republican prospects in the 2024 presidential contest. As if future elections had any real meaning. As if Republicans differed in any fundamental ways from Democrats.

And maybe they’re right. Maybe the deplorables who descend on Washington D.C. next week will have no lasting effect. Maybe the new socialist regime will only be temporary, and Republicans will get another chance to pretend to be conservative in Congress and the White House. Maybe the earnest foreign policy wonks of the Right will get their hands on the levers of the military-industrial complex and initiate new military interventions to bring democracy to Berserkistan or engage in nation-building in Gondwanaland.

Maybe… Maybe…

But my intuition tells me that the country has been irretrievably changed, and not for the better. The gossamer fabric of the old political system will most likely be twitched aside soon by the Fickle Pinky of Fate.

For that reason, I tend to hang out more and more at WRSA these days. They’re so far beyond the pale that they don’t even register on the National Deplorometer.

Concerned American — whose avatar is Zippy the Pinhead — posts numerous links to a variety of sites that disagree on many issues, major and minor. What they all have in common is an absolute dedication to the Second Amendment, without all the restrictions and revisions that have hobbled it for the last fifty years or so. And they also agree that serious trouble — variously known as the Boogaloo, Spicy Time, and the Big Ugly — lies just around the corner for what was once known as the American Republic.

This time it will be a real civil war. The Recent Unpleasantness of 1861-1865 is usually described that way, but it was actually a sectional conflict. The two sides held well-defined territory, and clashed in the traditional manner of opposing armies. Yes, the war divided families. And yes, the situation in the Border States was not clear-cut. Still, the war was a sectional one.

The Big Ugly will be different. It will pit rural and small-town people against the major metropolitan areas, and urban neighborhoods against each other. We have no parallels in North American history for the type of conflict that is likely to break out here. We will have to look to the Balkans or Rwanda to get a feeling for what we can expect.

Or maybe not. Maybe the Power Line boys are right, and all this will blow over. Maybe people will put on their masks, get vaccinated, and plop themselves back in front of the TV, where they belong.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Earlier today I found an excellent essay linked at WRSA. It’s called “The Next Question” by someone who writes under the pseudonym Publius Valerius at American Partisan.

The author opens by laying out the facts of the stolen election of 2020. I agree that they are indeed facts — the election was stolen, in divers, clearly identifiable ways, as documented and attested by numerous eyewitnesses in affidavits and other forms of legal testimony.

It is also a fact that state and federal courts are largely refusing to receive the evidence of the attested materials, but that doesn’t make the latter any less facts. In the long run, the historical record will feature these demonstrable facts — that is, assuming that the historical record does not end up under the control of Google, Amazon, and/or the Red Chinese.

Below are excerpts from rest of “The Next Question”:

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The Great Divide

Back in August I reported on a dissident Episcopal congregation — of which I am a member — that has been meeting for unofficial Eucharist services at a private home. Even after Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam partially relaxed his rules on religious gatherings, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, in her infinite wisdom, issued a diocesan bull from her offices (which Dymphna used to refer to as the “Winter Palace”) that forbade churches under her purview to take normal communion, sing, use prayer books, drink coffee, or shake hands, for fear that congregants might succumb to the Wuhan Coronavirus and meet an untimely end.

These conditions were unacceptable to more than half the congregation. Our priest resigned, and we dissidents reconvened in the living room of one of our parishioners who has a baby grand piano, which our organist fortunately knows how to play.

We have been meeting there for more than four months, celebrating a full Eucharist, passing the Peace with handshakes and hugs, singing, and gathering afterwards in the adjacent dining room for lunch. Nobody wears a mask, and nobody is afraid. Those precious Sundays are a refreshing change from the COVID madness that seems to have taken over everywhere else.

What struck me during the conflict over these issues is the dichotomy that has developed between those who are afraid, and those who are not. The group that ratted us out to the bishop and forced the closure of the church — a minority — is afraid. They are deeply afraid. They are so afraid that staying home from church and avoiding any possibility of contamination was not enough for them; they had to make sure that the entire congregation endured the same regimen.

The group that meets for Eucharist in a private home is not afraid. We recognize that COVID-19 exists, and that some of us are at risk if we catch it. But we’re still not afraid. For whatever reason, the Coronamadness has not infected us.

Those people who live in fear seem to have forgotten these lines from the Suffrages that we recite during Morning and Evening Prayer:

V. Give peace, O Lord, in all the world;
R. For only in you can we live in safety.

They apparently believe that safety lies in masks, hand sanitizers, vaccines, Dr. Fauci, etc., rather than the Lord.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

As a matter of interest, the great divide between those who are afraid and those who are not coincides exactly with the political faultlines within our little church. Those who are afraid are all liberals, and voted for Joe Biden. Those who are not afraid voted for Donald Trump, with the possible exception of one person who is basically apolitical.

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A Tale of Two Kings

In his latest report H. Numan gets to wear both his hats at the same time: The “Dutch correspondent” one, and the “Bangkok correspondent” one.

A tale of two kings

by H. Numan

It doesn’t happen often, but I can report about The Netherlands and Thailand at the same time. Both kings have the same problems. The difference is that one of them has a lot more of those problems on his plate.

King Willem-Alexander decided to spent an autumn holiday in his mansion in Greece. Almost immediately after he announced in the troonrede (our State of the Union) the government gave him a raise of 8%. His subjects also got a steep raise, albeit in taxation. Someone has to pay for it all, and it ain’t king Billy. Just before that State of the Union the king insisted his daughter Amalia will become a millionaire on her eighteenth birthday. Then she has to set up her own private cabinet as crown princess, to the tune of €1.8 million per year. That is considered by just about everybody in the country as somewhat steep for an eighteen-year-old girl. Before this, the king bought a very nice speedboat for only two million euros.

Now, each affair could easily be managed on its own. But gaffe after gaffe after gaffe is too much. The population began to grumble when the press announced the king was taking it easy in his mansion in Greece. Especially with all restrictions and travel bans for everyone else. The grumbling — it’s only grumbling, but we Dutch sure can grumble! — became so strong the government had to order the king back home, pronto.

Back home he made a full insincere apology on national TV, on all channels. I stress insincere. Why? Because he and his wife returned home, but his daughters stayed partying in Greece. The reason? The airline was fully booked. I kid you not. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was… fully booked.

That’s the very same airline that is forced to let the king fly Boeings whenever he feels like it. No joke: King Billy does have a commercial pilot’s license, and “asked” KLM if he could fly once in a while. Of course you can, your majesty, replied KLM. So it’s possible the captain of your plane might be the king himself. Which you probably won’t know, as he flies incognito. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am your captain, Willem-Alexander of Orange, by the grace of God king of the Netherlands, prince of Orange, count of Nassau, etc. etc. etc.” is something you won’t hear. Listen to his name though. If the captain is Willem or Wim van Buuren, it’s him. The Orange family uses that incognito a lot.

Can you imagine any airline refusing to fly a royal family, because the flight was fully booked? Especially now, during a pandemic with severe travel restrictions? And almost nobody flying? Well, about 15 million Dutch do. Because they swallowed that silly excuse as if it were speculaas (Dutch spiced cookies). Let’s tally that as one of his many gaffes. King Willem is not only king of The Netherlands, but surely king of gaffes. I can fill a book with them by now.

Over on the other side of the globe. To not-so-warm (24° C/76° F) and sunny Thailand. The cool season has started; it’s pretty chilly early in the morning.

To my surprise that televised excuse of King Willem went completely viral in Thailand. Thais are amazed. “Look at that king! Wish he was ours!” “Wow. Is that really possible????” That’s on the not-yellow brick road; the demonstrators. On the yellow brick road, royalists are outraged by it. “The king has to offer his apologies? Why on earth? Why doesn’t he throw them all in jail?”

As I wrote earlier, for the first time in history the Thai students are (somewhat) rising against the monarchy. A small protest that became nationwide. At first the demand was some restriction on the severe lèse majesté laws, and more transparent government. After that the protests grew really big; they now demand the government resign.

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Black Democrats Are the New Palestinians

Below is the latest guest-essay by Nash Montana.

Black Democrats Are the New Palestinians

by Nash Montana

As America has moved on to become tremendously prosperous, a large segment of the black community remains trapped in a time warp where they are trading prosperity, happiness, and freedom for the prison of endless protest.

Black Democrats are the new Palestinians.

They are so consumed with revenge, hate, and self-pity, it is impossible for them to function as a proper part of society. They have become dysfunctional and undisciplined, instead of steeling themselves to obey the laws that most other Americans follow effortlessly.

Instead they are now fighting to defund the police so they can break the law without consequence.

Democrats have started every riot in America over the past sixty years. Watts, Detroit, Washington DC, Los Angeles, even Charlottesville. Now they are rioting, looting burning and killing all over the country.

Isn’t it amazing that conservatives of all races never riot? We may demonstrate, but never riot. Why? Because we do not trust the government. We know the government cannot fix our problems.

We will demonstrate to remind the government of what will happen to it if it attempts to infringe, abridge, or violate our unalienable rights.

Observing the spectacle over the past two months: you can see how some can say that Liberals are full of hate. Their hatred is toxic and contagious.

As in the book Moby Dick, when the hateful Ahab infected the once peaceful crew of the Pequod with the deadly disease of revenge, anti-Christian Liberals have infected once peaceful Americans.

Even in death, the corpse of the hate-filled Captain Ahab summoned the crew of the Pequod to its death. Likewise, Democrats are using the corpses of long-dead Confederate Democrats and their victimized slaves to summon America to its demise.

Black Democrats have learned well from their former masters and present oppressors how to hate and justify all manner of evil because of perceived or imaginary injustice.

They are on a rampage seeking revenge against dead and imaginary foes. They are summoning all of America to follow them to Hell. We must resist at all costs.

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Gerald Grosz: “The Silence of the Stupid Lambs”

In recent months I’ve posted a number of video rants by Gerald Grosz, an Austrian politician for the BZÖ (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, Alliance for the Future of Austria) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). In his latest rant, Mr. Grosz compares the lack of reaction to the beheading of the French schoolteacher Samuel Paty to the worldwide media frenzy over the death of George Floyd.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Thailand: It’s Shirt Time Again!

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends this update on the latest unrest in Thailand.

Thailand: it’s shirt time again!

by H. Numan

I’ve reported extensively about the red vs yellow shirt crises during last decade in Thailand. In the end the green shirts (army) won. At this moment we see the white shirts (students) battling it out with the brown shirts (police). Who will win is not clear, but I’m absolutely certain we are witnessing the beginning of what could become large-scale riots, if not something a good deal worse.

As usual, a bit of groundwork. What’s that with colors in Thailand? Well, you have to understand: Thailand is not a western country. It is one of the few Asian countries that was never colonized. Therefore it was able to keep its identity. In Thai culture colors have names, and every day of the week has its own color. The late king was born on Monday, which has the color yellow. In Thailand yellow is reserved for the king himself. All members of the royal family have their own personal color.

When people started to organize themselves into opposing camps under the Thaksin administration, royalists wore yellow shirts. They were mainly middle class citizens of Bangkok. Adherents to Thaksin started to wear red shirts. Not because they are communist. Communism is explicitly forbidden in Thailand. Red is the color of blood and of love for the country. Thaksin supporters (red shirts) were predominantly lower-class citizens outside Bangkok. In other words: a huge majority. Both the red and yellow shirts were monarchists. The monarchy was not an issue. That’s why you have the weird situation in which both parties were carrying large portraits of the late king Rama IX.

Those colors are important. When the late king Bumibhol left the hospital one day wearing a mint green jacket, I saw lot of people the next day wearing mint green shirts.

In the end, the green shirts won. They committed a coup d’état in 2014 and are still in control. Both the yellow shirt and red shirt leaders were arrested and put on trial. Both movements were disbanded. As usual they claimed no other solution was possible but a coup, and they would put things right and fight corruption. And, of course, as soon as possible democracy would be restored.

And, of course, that didn’t happen. This military government may not have been the most corrupt government in Thai history, but they sure tried. One nice juicy scandal involved the many watches of General Prawit Wongsuan. He was spotted wearing an expensive watch he hadn’t declared when he took office. Soon it was clear he had a collection of 24 watches. We’re talking top-of-the-line watches costing many thousands of dollars. Each watch is more worth than the annual salary of a general.

We do have a national anti-corruption commission — which is akin to Marlboro running anti-smoking campaigns. That NACC did its utmost best to keep Prawit out of the wind. After a lengthy investigation they accepted his excuse: those watches were from a friend, who sadly passed away. That friend had loaned him those 24 watches, and matching jewelry. He will return them to the next of kin, some day in the far future. He wears them today. As a badge of (dis)honor, even. After all, he, an honest hard-working underpaid officer, defeated the evil corrupt NACC.

Last year the military government announced they had re-written the constitution, would resign from office, and called for democratic elections. When Prayuth announced his candidacy for premier, I knew he was going to win. No Thai PM would ever announce his candidacy if he wasn’t 100% certain he was going to win. Which he did.

Were the elections rigged? Probably. A vote costs Bt. 500 ($16) each. Thai politics are not based on national parties, but on persons. For example, scumbag first class, I mean police captain Chalerm Yubamrung. Talk about every crime in the book, he will assure you he committed more. His youngest son Duangchalerm shot a police officer in a bar. He fled to Singapore. There the Thai ambassador personally escorted him home, where daddy had arranged a hero’s welcome for him on the airport, with thousands cheering the returning hero. He never had to see a judge, the court has ruled that the bribe was sufficient there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. Daddy was member of parliament and even vice-premier under the Yingluck administration. He supported the wrong team, and was arrested shortly after the coup. Now he is retired in comfort.

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Preparing for the Boogaloo

In his latest guest-post, Matt Bracken reviews “Civil Defense Manual”, which has been linked on Gates of Vienna’s sidebar for the last few weeks.

The Civil Defense Manual, by Jack Lawson:
How to Prepare and Protect Your Neighborhood from Disaster, Riot and Civil Unrest

A review by Matt Bracken
October 14, 2020

If you are reading this, chances are good that you consider yourself a liberty-loving patriotic American. You might also consider yourself, as I certainly do, a “prepper,” that is, an all-around survival and preparedness advocate. As preppers, we’ve long been anticipating crises ranging from financial collapse, to violent insurrection, to natural or even man-made disasters that could extinguish our electrical grid in a flash. Now, deep into 2020, the year of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and widespread Marxist-inspired riots, it appears that we may at last be on the doorstep of the long-anticipated SHTF scenario. Revolutionary Communists, (currently wearing the Antifa and BLM brands, and with the tacit support of today’s far-left Democrat Party), have declared that under no circumstances will they accept a Trump election victory. Instead, they promise to take their revolution to the streets, in violent nationwide riots beyond any yet seen in American history.

Across the political spectrum, the number of Americans who believe that a second Civil War is imminent is at an all-time high. This heightened concern is why, for example, it costs three to four times more to rent a truck to move household goods from a liberal to a conservative state than vice versa. This is also why common rifle and pistol ammunition is at unprecedented scarcity, and when it can be found, it can only be purchased at exorbitant cost. A hundred rounds of standard 5.56, .308 or 7.62X39 rifle ammo can easily fit into your jacket pocket, and today they might cost you a hundred dollars — a buck a bullet — if you can find them. The reason for their shortage at this moment in history is that millions of Americans have come to the bitter realization that they might actually need them to defend their lives, families and property.

By comparison to the extra cartridges, what value would you place on obtaining the equivalent of a master’s degree in surviving through a period of violent insurrection, or even civil war? I’d imagine much more than the hundred or so dollars you might spend for a similar number of extra rounds for your rifle or carbine.

So, what is it about Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual that makes it so valuable? First of all, it’s nearly a thousand pages long, making it too big to fit inside one book cover. Instead, it’s broken into two volumes that are sold as a set. And the two volumes are large in size, measuring 11 X 8.5 inches, typeset in a generous 14-point font. In the end, the CDM is meant to be readable even by candlelight, post SHTF. And it’s written so that ordinary people can understand it, completely free of esoteric military or technical jargon, with key sentences bolded to stand out.

The CDM is not just another long list of expensive survival gear and equipment, nor is it advice to move to a remote mountain in Montana. The CDM is much more practical than that. In fact, Lawson’s most essential idea, the Neighborhood Protection Plan, or NPP, can be adapted to any location and situation, from the urban high-rise, to apartment complexes, to single-family homes in the suburbs, and to rural areas. The critical concept behind the NPP is that the inhabitants of an individual home, townhouse or apartment building cannot stand alone and successfully defend themselves against determined attacks by roving gangs of armed predatory thugs. It will be too late to defend your single domicile when your neighbors’ homes are going up in flames.

A Neighborhood Protection Plan is not a glorified Neighborhood Watch, which is a passive arrangement whereby neighbors communicate with existing local Law Enforcement. Nor is an NPP a “militia” or any other kind of independent paramilitary force. In the first case, the activation of an NPP is predicated upon the inability or even the unwillingness of local LE to protect a neighborhood or other area during a crisis. In the second case, forming a militia or other paramilitary force implies that this group is planning to undertake proactive operations extending beyond the defense of a neighborhood and its immediate surrounding area. The Civil Defense Manual does cover the entire range of defensive options from existing Neighborhood Watch programs, through Neighborhood Protection Plans, and ultimately to coordination between separate NPPs for the mutual protection of wider regions, with the ultimate goal of restoring pre-SHTF civility, public safety, and restarting any disrupted infrastructure.

Lawson provides a sample command structure for his NPP concept, as well as methods to organize the NPP well in advance of a catastrophic series of events that might require a self-defense force to be stood up in days or even hours, instead of in weeks.

In the author’s vision, the elected Primary Leader of the local NPP is given overall command authority during emergency situations, but tellingly, the Secondary NPP Leader in Lawson’s suggested hierarchy is also the Fire Chief. During a breakdown of civil order, and the collapse of local infrastructure, when existing fire departments might be unable to respond, the protection of homes within the NPP against the risk of fire becomes second in importance only to protection against armed gangs, gangs which might be using Molotov cocktail firebombs as terror weapons to elicit surrender. It should also be recognized that during a period when the normal infrastructure might be disrupted, and running water and electricity are unavailable, the threat to structures from open-flame cooking and heating fires, and even candles, will be extremely high.

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The Rockets’ Red Glare Over Champigny-sur-Marne

Champigny-sur-Marne is a suburb of Paris about eight miles southeast of the center of the city. Last Saturday night a group of rambunctious culture-enriching “youths” got a little frisky and attacked the police station in Champigny with iron bars and major fireworks. I saw a couple of startling videos of the night’s events, but neglected to hold on to the links.

The following account describes what happened in Champigny on Saturday night. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Résistance Républicaine:

Attack on Champigny police station: The jihad is on the rise in France

October 11, 2020

True scenes of jihad in France in the territories conquered by Islam

Here is what happened to the police station of Champigny:

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) was targeted on Saturday night and early Sunday morning by some 40 individuals.

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne was attacked late at night on Saturday 11 October by some 40 individuals, who struck it with iron bars, according to information from BFMTV. No police officer was injured, but property was damaged.

No injuries

The events occurred shortly before midnight. While two police officers were smoking outside, some 40 individuals attempted to penetrate the station, hitting the glass of the front door with iron bars.

The officers just had time to lock themselves in a secure space [airlock] at the entrance of the building.

These are, indeed, scenes of jihad of Islam, however, still very much a minority on our soil.

Pick-pocketing, harassment of unbelievers, church fires, slaughter of priests, mass murder of unbelievers: All this an Islamic continuum which only the beautiful souls refuse to see.

They shout, these beautiful souls:

“No amalgams!” [“Amalgamate” means to stigmatize Muslims unjustly by associating them with terrorism.]

These collaborators of the Plenel school, who occupy almost the totality of media, and who have created this fantasy of “racist police violence” or “systematic state racism”.

(A state where an enormous part of social assistance goes not only to descendants of immigrants, but to foreigners.)

To the great joy of Muslim invaders.

And judges who roundly condemn those who dare to speak the truth, while showing total complicity with Muslim perversion.

I am not even speaking of the arch-traitor Macron, who persists in obstinately following the policy followed for 40 years, and who is leading us to this catastrophe.

Each day that passes brings France a little closer to enslavement, to a collapse in the face of Islam.

The weekend’s violence in Champigny prompted a nationwide protest by French police on Monday. Below is an excerpt from an RT article about the demonstration in Paris:

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