The Nihilism of Emmanuel Macron

The following video by Maxime Lépante juxtaposes the Notre Dame fire with a couple of clips of President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron denying the existence of French art and culture.

When I first heard Mr. Macron’s words, they seemed familiar, and I eventually recalled what they reminded me of — Mona Sahlin, at that time an MP for the Social Democrats in Sweden, speaking to a Turkish youth organization in 2002:

I cannot figure out what Swedish culture is. I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things.

As an alternative label for Mr. Macron’s and Ms. Sahlin’s nihilistic sentiments, Dymphna coined a new word: “Erasism”.

Many thanks to SB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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A Lexicon for Politically Correct Multiculturalists

Many thanks to Michael Copeland for these useful PC/MC definitions.


Community cohesion:   Privilege for muslims
Sensitivity:   Self-censorship
Diversity:   Elimination of indigenous culture
Inclusive:   Excluding indigenous residents
Multiculturalism:   Apartheid
Interfaith outreach:   Inflexibility
Vibrant:   Noise pollution, litter
Exciting:   Unsafe
Diverse:   Non-indigenous
Kaleidoscopic:   No English spoken
Enrichment:   Rape gangs, robberies, assaults
Asian:   Muslim 
Respect:   Fear 
Golden Age:   Centuries of slaughter, destruction, and cultural annihilation 
Search and Rescue:   Collusion with people-traffickers

Pierre Cassen: “The Pride of Our History is in the Process of Burning Down!”

Pierre Cassen is the founder of Riposte Laïque. He is one of the most prominent Counterjihad activists in France, and has been prosecuted and convicted for “inciting hate” with his words and actions.

Mr. Cassen recorded the following video after yesterday’s horrific fire at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Florian Philippot: “Take France Out of This Pernicious European Union”

Florian Philippot, formerly the #2 leader of the Front National, is the founder and leader of the French party The Patriots. In the following television interview he discusses the Yellow Vests, President Emmanuel Macron, and the need to get France out of the European Union.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Story of the First Brexiteer — And Now We’re Out… Again!

Well, today is Brexit Day (again). Or is it really…?

Seneca III has some remarks to make on the topic.

The Story of the First Brexiteer — And Now We’re Out… Again!

by Seneca III

Legend and history record that strange are the ways of the gods, and even stranger are the ways of men.


In the year 286 AD, in the twilight of the Imperium, the once all-powerful Rome was on its last legs, as was its most western province, Romano-Britain. Together with Northern Gaul, Britain was seized by Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Valerius Carausius, a military commander of the Empire and a Menapian from Belgic Gaul, who usurped the crown and declared himself Emperor (Imperium Britanniarum). He held power for seven years, fashioning the name “Emperor of the North” for himself, before being assassinated by his finance minister, Allectus.

Carausius was of humble origin and had been appointed to command the Classis Britannica, a fleet based in the English Channel, with the responsibility of eliminating Frankish and Saxon pirates who had been raiding the coasts of Armorica and Belgica. He was suspected of allowing pirates to carry out raids and collect loot before attacking them, then keeping the captured treasure for himself, and Maximian ordered his execution. In late 286 or early 287 Carausius learned of this sentence and responded by declaring himself Emperor in Britain and northern Gaul.

Maximian, Roman Emperor from 286 to 305, prepared an invasion of Britain in 288 or 289 to oust him, but it failed. A panegyric delivered to Constantius Chlorus attributes this failure to bad weather, but notes that Carausius claimed a military victory. Eutropius says that hostilities were in vain thanks to Carausius’s military skill, and peace was agreed. Carausius began to entertain visions of legitimacy and official recognition.

It is also notable that Carausius appears to have appealed to native British dissatisfaction with Roman rule; he issued coins with legends such as Restitutor Britanniae (Restorer of Britain) and Genius Britanniae (Spirit of Britain). Some of these silver coins bear the legend Expectate veni, “Come long-awaited one”, recognised to allude to a messianic line in the Aeneid by the Augustan poet Virgil, written more than 300 years previously.


Allectus was Treasurer to Carausius. In 293 Carausius seemingly became isolated when the Western Caesar, Constantius Chlorus, later Emperor from 305 to 306, retook some of his Gallic territories, particularly the crucial port of Bononia (modern Boulogne), and defeated his Frankish allies in Batavia. Allectus then assassinated Carausius and assumed the mantle of Emperor of Imperium Britanniarum himself.

His [Allectus’s] reign has left little record, although his coin issues display a similar distribution to those of Carausius. They are often found in north-western Gaul, indicating that the recapture of Bononia did not spell the end of the rebel empire on that side of the English Channel.

Constantius launched an invasion to depose Allectus in September 296. His forces sailed in several divisions. Constantius led one division from Bononia but seems to have been delayed by bad weather. Another division, under the praetorian prefect Asclepiodotus, took advantage of fog to avoid Allectus’s ships stationed on the Isle of Wight, and landed near Southampton Water, where they burnt their ships. Allectus’s forces were forced to retreat from the coast but were cut off by another of Constantius’s divisions and defeated. Allectus himself was killed in the battle, having removed all insignia in the hope that his body would not be identified.

How little things change in the world of power politics. Could the story of Carausius and Allectus be a parable for our time?

Well, in conclusion, I am of a mind that from one perspective Nigel Paul Farage might well be considered a metaphorical incarnation of Carausius, but I wonder who, from amongst all the usual suspects, bribing and juggling allies and backstabbing each other in an unsavoury feeding frenzy to replace May, will become his Allectus.

Johnson, Gove, Leadsom, Rudd…

…Corbyn, McDonell, Javid or Winnie…

…and will the part of the Western Caesar (and later Emperor), Constantius Chlorus, be played out by the EU perhaps in the person of a Macron or a Selmayer or an Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer?

Furthermore, in the future as things start to become even more politically chaotic, keep a very close eye on Phillip Anthony Hammond, current Chancellor of the Exchequer — he has an agenda all of his own.

Nevertheless and without doubt the coming months and years will reveal all. Do bear in mind that the Globalist cartel has not been destroyed; it has simply lost a major campaign, and will come back again from another direction if the other once-sovereign nations of Europe do not soon take their destiny back into their own hands and commit the memory of the malignant EU to but a few pages in the history books. May their future politicians read those pages every morning before going about their work on behalf of the people who elected them.

Strange indeed are the ways of men… and women, so thank you Gina Miller[1] and I do hope your ‘investment’ decisions have a sounder moral foundation than the motivations behind your attempt to thwart the will and aspirations of the people of your adopted country.

But yet, despite all the contrary machinations such as Project Fear and the activities of the likes of Miller, Branson, the EU and the rest of the international money-grubbing fraternity, we have cleanly left the European Union without any so called ‘Deal’ and are now able to carve our own path and determine our own future for the first time in two generations irrespective of the desperate, ill-informed caterwauling of those who have never before experienced the challenges, the disappointments and the always-substantial rewards of real independence.

Seneca III — at 2301 hours BST in a now sovereign United Kingdom, this glorious 12th of April 2019.

1.   Gina Nadira Miller (née Singh) is a British Guiana-born businesswoman and owner of a company involved in ‘Investment Management’. She is also a political activist who initiated the 2016 R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union court case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament. Miller is an ardent Remainer and one has to assume that she thought Theresa May was actually going to keep her word and take us out — foolish child.

However, the best-laid plans of mice and men often backfire, and by handing authority to Parliament to determine the process, she made Remain impossible, because that arrogant and constitutionally corrupted Legislature could not find a way to approve May’s persistently presented surrender document farcically known as the Withdrawal Agreement, nor agree on anything else other than a substantial pay rise for themselves.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

Germany is Safer Than Ever! Just Ask Horst Seehofer!

Every year since the Great Migration Crisis erupted in 2015 the German government jiggers, massages, and obfuscates the crime statistics to conceal the level of migrant crime and show that crime rates are decreasing. This year the job fell to Horst Seehofer, formerly Minister-President of Bavaria and now the Federal Interior Minister.

Martin Hess is the deputy domestic spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video from the Bundestag, Mr. Hess addresses his concerns about migrant violence to Minister Seehofer.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Viktor Orbán: “Legal Migration in Reality is a European Population-Replacement Program”

Now we are really facing an historic election. Europe, at the end of May, will choose a future for itself… The stake is the following: will pro-migration or migration-opposing leaders be elected in the EU? We will be deciding whether Europe will continue to be for the Europeans, or to give our place over to a mass from another civilization and culture.

— Viktor Orbán, April 5, 2019

The following address by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was given at a meeting in Budapest last Friday, looking ahead to next month’s European parliamentary elections.

Mr. Orbán has most definitively bearded the Beast of Brussels in its lair. No wonder the EU establishment is so intent on crushing him. In the ranks of political leaders — heads of state and government, that is — he is a giant among pygmies. There is no one else like him.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. To provide context, the translator sends the full Soviet joke from 23:36:

Ivan complains to his buddy in the pub. He is stealing parts from the bicycle factory, and bitterly tells his friend: “No matter how I try to put the parts together, I always end up with a machine gun.”

Video transcript:

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Pulling Threads

The launch of Diana West’s new book has awakened some of the controversies that surrounded her previous one. In the essay below, JLH talks about both books as they relate to the current Constitutional crisis in the United States.

Pulling Threads

by JLH

News has come to us (that is the journalistic, not the imperial “us”) that David Horowitz has turned on his long-time friend and ally, Ron Radosh, denouncing him for the leftist he is/has returned to be. Horowitz is known — and respected by many — as a conservative author, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, editor of FrontPage Magazine, director of Discover the Networks, a website that tracks individuals and groups on the political left, and founder of Students for Academic Freedom. Some may ask “Why?” While others may ask “Why now?” Has Radosh, like Trotsky, become a dissenter — in this case not from Stalinist Communism, but from the neoconservative creed supposedly followed by both of these friends since their disaffection from the philosophies of the Communist Left? Or has he simply been hiding out in the shadow of his illustrious friend?

I will propose a solution to this conundrum, but it requires some background. Some regular readers of GoV may recall that, in October of 2014, I wrote an essay called, “It depends on what the meaning of IS is”. The essay was written in defense of Diana West’s American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character . It proposed, among other things, that the Horowitz-Radosh-led attacks were inspired by an adulation of FDR and a feeling of ownership in the interpretation of his story.

As Thomas Paine said in Common Sense: “…a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom.”

This was proven true in the reception of Betrayal, which was characterized by two opposing schools of thought. One, led by Horowitz and Radosh, attacked the book for its portrayal of members of FDR’s inner circle. Since material for factual arguments against West’s thesis was sparse (not to say absent), the politics of personal destruction were required. On the other side, West and a small group of impressive defenders fought back. It was spleen and invention versus hard facts. Hostilities decreased very gradually after some intense exchanges, and the trenches grew quiet, except for an occasional salvo from Radosh or some other diehard warrior. It seemed to me that Horowitz went back to what he had been doing before, as a credentialed neoconservative. Radosh never quite gave up.

Then came the shock. Diana West — one of a minority of true reporters in a sea of what the Baron and Dymphna refer to as “jornolists” — wrote a follow-up to her historic exposure of useful idiots and actual traitors around FDR and the shaping of his post-war, Soviet-friendly foreign policy. Unlike the historic exposures in Betrayal, the events in The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy are present, here and now. The copious footnotes rival those in Betrayal in frequency — an average of three to a page — but, because of the contemporaneity of the events, a majority of them are from online sources.

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And the Debacle Continues

Brexit continues to be postponed, to the extent that the British are preparing for next month’s elections to the European Parliament; it’s business as usual. Below is the latest on the topic from Seneca III.

And the Debacle Continues

by Seneca III

Yesterday in the Newport, Wales by-election, the electorate chose yet again a candidate from the Labour Party, albeit by a narrow margin and on a very low turnout.

Meanwhile, Theresa May was busy writing a begging letter to Brussels asking for another extension beyond the 12th of this month in order to complete her mission of selling us lock, stock and barrel into the arms of a crooked, malignant, globalist ideology.

Elsewhere many British commenters on the Interweb and in some sections of the electronic MSM are crying out for minor political parties such as UKIP and new ones such as what Farage appears to be building to stand at the next general election and hopefully replace the present incumbents. Looking at the above results, I have good reason to expect that will not happen, and even if it does, either to a lesser or greater extent, it is not the answer; a political solution in very much the same mould as the existing one but with different players is not going to work any better. The alien ideological pollution of our electorate has gone beyond the point of no return. A whole new paradigm must be constructed and implemented.

Essentially, the voting demographic must be changed because a democratic system whereby a universal franchise is automatically awarded to all and sundry irrespective of ability, intent or right to exercise that prerogative in the best interests of the nation state will always fail in the long run.

That failure is what we see before us this day, and I can see no reason to repeat it by just carrying on as before. We must change the system before we can change the players.

As Gerard Batten put it to the EU parliament:

You have done what Philip of Spain, what Napoleon, what Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler couldn’t do. You have brought Britain to its knees without firing a single shot. But you could not have done any of these things without the connivance of the traitors, quislings and collaborators in the British parliament and the British establishment.

[And he should have added, “Neither you nor they will be forgiven.”]

Hence, as Buckminster Fuller said:

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The Political Prosecution of Ingrid Carlqvist

Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish nationalist who opposes mass immigration and the Islamization of Sweden. Because of her outspokenness on these issues, and because she and another activist had aired a popular podcast, Ms. Carlqvist was prosecuted under an obscure media law — one that no one else has been charged under. She was eventually convicted and fined, but she avoided a prison term due to her lack of a criminal record.

Last week Vlad Tepes interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist just before her trial, and then again yesterday after her sentencing.

Video #1: Before court appearance:

Video #2: After sentencing:

Who Owns Italy’s Sovereign Gold Stocks?

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following video she criticizes the current government’s position on the issue of Italy’s sovereign stocks of gold, which have been designated the property of Bankitalia, a private corporation.

Ms. Meloni’s criticisms are aimed at the coalition government of the Lega and the 5-Star Movement (M5S). It’s interesting to note that Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio have apparently discovered the same thing that Donald Trump has discovered — being elected to serve as head of government does NOT translate into immediate control over state affairs that are considered the provenance of the banksters and the globalists, a.k.a. the Deep State.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Movie Theaters Refuse to Show the Finns Party’s Election Video

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from the Swedish dissident outlet Samhällsnytt:

April 2, 2019

Finland is two weeks away from election day and “The True Finns”, the country’s equivalent of SD (Sverigedemokraterna, Sweden Democrats), have released a longer election film that has been very successful. The video was watched over a quarter of a million times within its first week, which is a lot for Finland’s population size.

Now, however, the international cinema chain AMC has stopped showing the election film of the immigration-critical party “The True Finns” in Finland, which Fria Tider was the first to report on.

According to “Finnkino”, which is owned by AMC, the decision to stop the showing is because they “stand up for tolerance, freedom of speech and democracy, and do not accept racism or discrimination,” according to their Twitter.

This censorship now faces tough criticism, as it is happening when there are only two weeks until the election, where support for “The True Finns” also seems to be increasing.

[The video is in English; Finnish dialogue is subtitled in English.]

It (the film) is about how the Finns have finally had enough of the corrupt establishment and are hitting back at the rulers. The film also highlights problems with immigration and the insecurity for women that has arisen in its wake.

The problems created by the establishment mean that the Finnish people’s “energy” creates a monster that forces the rulers to change.

At the end of the film, however, the party leader Jussi Halla-aho notes that of course there is no angry monster:

“As you know, there is no angry monster that will come and save anyone. The old parties will not change their direction. If you want change, you have to vote for change,” he concludes at the end of the movie.