The End Times of Albion: Lessons From History and Organising for the Present

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Lessons From History and Organising for the Present

The End Times of Albion, Part 6A

by Seneca III

“Cut them down, don’t be afraid, they are not armed.”

The England of 1819 was in many ways similar to the England we find today. The Napoleonic wars which began in 1803 had ended at Waterloo some three years previously on 18th June 1815, and a war-weary people began to look inward at the state of political affairs at home after dealing with the dictator Bonaparte.

What soon became apparent to them was that all was not well. By the beginning of 1819, the pressure generated by poor economic conditions, coupled with the relative lack of suffrage in Northern England, had enhanced the appeal of political radicalism. In response, the Manchester Patriotic Union, a group agitating for parliamentary reform, organised a demonstration to be addressed by the well-known radical orator Henry Hunt.

Shortly after the meeting began, local magistrates called on the military authorities to arrest Hunt and several others on the hustings with him, and to disperse the crowd. Cavalry charged into the crowd with sabres drawn, and in the ensuing mayhem 15 people were killed and 600-700 were injured. The massacre was given the name Peterloo in an ironic comparison to the Battle of Waterloo, which had taken place four years earlier.

Peterloo’s immediate effect was to cause the government to crack down on reform, with the passing of what became known as the Six Acts. It also led directly to the foundation of The Manchester Guardian (now The Guardian), but had little other effect on the pace of reform. Peterloo is commemorated by a plaque close to the site, a replacement for an earlier one that was criticised as being inadequate, as it did not reflect the scale of the massacre.


In 1819 Lancashire was represented by two members of parliament (MPs). Voting was restricted to the adult male owners of freehold land with an annual rental value of 40 shillings or more, and votes could only be cast at the county town of Lancaster by a publicly spoken declaration at the hustings. Constituency boundaries were out of date, and the so-called Rotten Boroughs had a hugely disproportionate influence on the membership of Parliament compared to the size of their populations: Old Sarum in Wiltshire, with one voter, elected two MPs, as did Dunwich in Suffolk, which by the early 19th century had almost completely disappeared into the sea.

The major urban centres of Lancashire, with a combined population of almost one million, were represented by either the two county MPs for Lancashire, or the two for Cheshire in the case of Stockport. By comparison, more than half of all MPs were returned by a total of just 154 owners of rotten or closed boroughs. Of the 515 MPs for England and Wales 351 were returned by the patronage of 177 individuals and a further 16 by the direct patronage of the government: all 45 Scottish MPs owed their seats to patronage. These inequalities in political representation led to calls for reform.

Exacerbating matters were the Corn Laws, the first of which was passed in 1815, imposing a tariff on foreign grain in an effort to protect English grain producers. The cost of food rose as people were forced to buy the more expensive and lower quality British grain, and periods of famine and chronic unemployment ensued, increasing the desire for political reform both in Lancashire and in the country at large.

Against this background, a “great assembly” was organised by the Manchester Patriotic Union, formed by radicals from The Manchester Observer. The newspaper’s founder Joseph Johnson was the union’s secretary. He wrote to Henry Hunt asking him to chair a meeting in Manchester in August 1819. Johnson wrote:

“Nothing but ruin and starvation stare one in the face; the state of this district is truly dreadful, and I believe nothing but the greatest exertions can prevent an insurrection. Oh, that you in London were prepared for it.”

Unknown to Johnson and Hunt, the letter was intercepted by government spies and copied before being sent to its destination. The contents were interpreted to mean that an insurrection was being planned, and the government responded by ordering the 15th Hussars to Manchester.

The mass public meeting planned for 2 August was delayed. The Manchester Observer reported it was called “to take into consideration the most speedy and effectual mode of obtaining Radical reform in the Common House of Parliament” and “to consider the propriety of the ‘Unrepresented Inhabitants of Manchester’ electing a person to represent them in Parliament”. The magistrates, led by William Hulton, had been advised by the acting Home Secretary, Henry Hobhous, that the election of a member of parliament without the King’s writ was a serious misdemeanour, encouraging them to declare the assembly illegal as soon as it was announced on 31 July. The radicals sought a second opinion on the meeting’s legality, which was that “The intention of choosing Representatives, contrary to the existing law, tends greatly to render the proposed Meeting seditious; under those circumstances it would be deemed justifiable in the Magistrates to prevent such Meeting.”

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Tommy Robinson’s Prison Epistle


Stephen Lennon
Prisoner A2084CG
HMP Onley
CV23 8AP

As the commenter put it, “write, write, write”

Today is Father’s Day in America. Across the land, people are outside in this insane heat, grilling food and swimming with their children.

One English dad is missing his kids:

Tommy’s son sounds like a creative thinker. A chip off the old block.

Many thanks to a reader who kindly volunteered to transcribe the entire letter. The full text is below the jump.

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Marine Le Pen: “Macron and Merkel Are on the Wrong Side of History”

In the following interview Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, talks about the new Italian government, Interior Minister Matteo Salvino, and the dictatorial methods of the European Union.

This interview was conducted by an Italian TV outfit. Ms. Le Pen responded to the questions in French, but her answers were dubbed in Italian. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note: A translation error has been included in the subtitles of the video (at 0:12), but it has been corrected in the transcript.

Video transcript:

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Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

After decades of quietly growing like undiagnosed and untreated cancer tumors, Sweden’s immigrant ghettos have reached the bursting point, and crime is beginning to spill out into the ethnic Swedish areas of the country. Life is becoming dangerous in those once peaceful and culturally homogeneous areas. Ever-increasing numbers of ordinary Swedes are experiencing a grim awakening to the frightening reality of what has happened to their country.

The Stockholm subway was once a safe and efficient means of getting around Sweden’s capital, but it has now become a dangerous place and a conduit for the spread of crime and antisocial behavior around the city. Criminal gangs are taking over the subway and using it to commute between the ghettos and the inner city, where they fuel the ever-rising tide of muggings, assaults and rapes. Many subway stations have become open drug markets where dealers peddle their wares untroubled by the undermanned and overstretched police. According to police, 62% of all crime in Stockholm is now committed within a 500 meter radius of a subway station.[1] The situation is becoming desperate, and the Stockholm Transport Authority recently upgraded the security rating of four subway stations to red, meaning they are now considered no-go zones and unsafe for staff to work without a police escort.[2] A report last year showed that up to 30% of the capital’s inhabitants now avoid using the subway through fear of the escalating criminality.[3]

The degradation of daily life for ethnic Swedes is infecting all areas of the social space. A family outing to a public swimming pool, once a pleasant weekend activity, has now become a high-risk undertaking as gangs of immigrant men use public swimming pools as an opportunity to stare at exposed infidel flesh and sexually assault Swedish women and girls. According to a police report, 80% of all incidents of sexual assault in public swimming pools are committed by immigrant men, and often take the form of a gang’s surrounding a girl so that she cannot escape while being assaulted. The report says the escalating number of assaults “have created a sense of helplessness. The affected girls feel deeply humiliated and become frightened to go out.”[4]

Public libraries are being taken over by immigrant youths from the ghettos who do not see libraries as places of tranquility and learning. They regard them as their club rooms, where they can hang out, fight, cause trouble and deal drugs. They often don’t bother using the toilets but do what they must do on the floor between the bookshelves. Their behavior is driving away ethnic Swedes, who can no longer browse the shelves and read in safety. The librarians’ union reports that the peace and quiet of libraries is increasingly being shattered by gang fights, sometimes involving bookcases being toppled and books used as missiles. Librarians are routinely threatened, and dare not intervene. According to the union chairman, “We can see that the problems that exist in the rest of society are moving into public libraries.”[5] Alarms directly connected to police stations are now being installed in public libraries, but how effective they will be in calling for help from a thinly spread and beleaguered police force is uncertain.

Even hospitals in Sweden are becoming danger zones. Gang fights in and around the ghettos often end with multiple victims being taken to hospital with knife and gunshot wounds. The wounded are followed in convoys of cars by their gangs and clans, who carry on the fight in and around the hospital. Doctors and nurses are threatened with violence if they do not treat the ‘right’ victim first, and this has led to their covering the surname on their identification badges with tape so they cannot be traced and attacked at in their homes. Patrols by security guards are now standard in many hospitals, and personal alarms are being issued to hospital staff so they can quickly summon help when they are attacked. The chief of security at Scania University Hospital echoes the words of the librarians’ union spokesman when she says: “Medical services reflect society. It is dangerous when these kinds of violations against us become the norm.”[6]

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Mainz: The Culturally Enriched Murder of Susanna

Violent assaults, rapes, and murders by migrants have become a daily occurrence in Germany since Mutti Merkel opened the doors wide for the Third World. I wouldn’t say that they are humdrum and routine for the average German — who must open the news every day with a sense of dread about the latest culture-enriching atrocity perpetrated upon his countrymen. Such crimes are commonplace now, however.

In the following video Sebastian Münzenmaier, a member of the Bundestag for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), talks about the latest victim, a 14-year-old girl. His mention of Kandel is a reference to the murder of a 15-year-old girl named Mia by a “teenager” from Afghanistan, which occurred late last year in the town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For background on the BAMF scandal that has been dogging Angela Merkel, see:

Video transcript:

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A New Day for a New Sweden

Today is Sweden’s National Day, but the concept of “nation” is so passé now, especially in the Enlightened Scandinavian Utopia, that observing it in the traditional way is somewhat of a solecism.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the latest instances of dedicated doctrinal innovation in the New Sweden.

Swedish madness diligently strives to attain new heights

by LN

1. National Day in Modern Multicultural Sweden

When the municipality of Falun celebrates National Day on June the 6th, a “prayer for diversity” has a place on the schedule for the municipality’s inhabitants, reports Samhällsnytt.

The municipality’s celebration of the National Day takes place at the old Falu Copper Mine and begins with a “New Citizen Ceremony”.

All New Citizens will be welcomed by the municipal council chairman Anna Strindberg (Socialist).

After that the “Culture School’s Samba Parade”, performs and then a traditional national celebration with speeches, music and raising of flags will take place.

The festivities will end with a prayer for “Diversity and Peace”, writes Falu Municipality on its website.

2. A Mega-Mosque for Rinkeby

A new mosque will now be built in Rinkeby, Stockholm. It will be 5,000 square meters in size, have 18 domes, and cost 100 million kronor ($10,000,000). The construction company NCC, which will build the mosque, is lyrical about the project.

“It’s going to be very fun to build a mosque,” says Fredrik Anheim, Divisional Head at NCC Building.

Planned mosque in Rinkeby

NCC and the Rinkeby Mosque’s Collecting Foundation have now initiated a collaboration to construct this great mosque in Rinkeby, northwest of Stockholm.

The total contract for the project is expected to amount to approximately SEK 100 million, NCC announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The new mosque will be built at Rinkeby Allé, and the site is in close proximity to the new police headquarters, which NCC is currently building .

The mosque will thus be next to the new police station.

“Those who live here have longed for the mosque; no one has complained or appealed. It shows that there is strength and joy in the community that this spiritual space will come,” says Ibrahim Bouraleh from the Muslim foundation.

According to NCC, the architect Johan Celsing has developed a design proposal for the mosque in which it has 5,000 square meters, 18 domes and spaces for prayer rooms, cafés and classrooms.

He explains that the special thing about the mosque will be that it faces towards Islam’s holy city of Mecca, and thus will vary from the “right-angled grid in the district”.

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Patriots, Traitors and Invaders

Patriots, Traitors and Invaders

by Matthew Bracken, dedicated to Tommy Robinson

Here’s a tale of Quisling traitors,
Sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five,
But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum,
Ere our traitors thought to send ’em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost,
Enoch was right, now Britain’s lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives,
Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden,
Poor old Tommy he’s in prison,
While to jihadis flats are given,
And ISIS killers all forgiven.

Hitler’s Nazis could not manage,
What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today,
I’m confident that he would say:
“In older and more modern time,
Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported,
And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested,
After British metal’s tested.”
Will saving Blighty come too late,
Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving’s coming, it can’t wait,
Or Islam will be Britain’s fate.

The Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany: That Sharia Will Be Institutionalized in the State Itself

The video below contains the latest (I’ve lost track of which number it is) in a series of documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In his latest and riskiest undercover operation, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Jordanian who went to Istanbul to acquire a Syrian passport on the black market. After he became a Syrian, the journalist traveled to Germany and became a “refugee”.

This is possibly the most chilling installment so far, given its revelations about the depth of Muslim Brotherhood penetration in both Turkey and Germany.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The End Times of Albion: Downing Street, Saturday 26th May 2018 — Know Your Enemies

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Downing Street, Saturday 26th May 2018 — Know Your Enemies

The End Times of Albion, Part 5

by Seneca III

The screen capture above and others following were lifted from a video taken outside Downing Street last Saturday sub-titled “Watch Nasty Met police officer trying to arrest peaceful protesters”.

[Google Alert! — I can no longer access this link directly by clicking on it or posting it in a search engine because that way I am told it does not exist:

If you have the same problem, try right-clicking and hitting ‘Open Hyperlink’ which still works for me. — S III]

This is a general view at 5 minutes 51 seconds in, facing towards the gates of Number 10…

…and two things attracted my attention: the policewoman on the left and the male police officer fourth from the left.

The expression on the young policewoman’s face could be interpreted as apprehension, perhaps shaded with a sense of unease bordering on fear, understandable in those circumstances, particularly for the first time…

…but that on the face of the male officer fourth from the left is entirely different.

Here we see quiet, calm confidence coupled with an acute awareness of that is going on; observation and analysis in process, possibly the result of experience and thus higher ranking than the officers around him. Furthermore, his yellow vest is different from that of the policewoman on his left (ignoring the rather shambolic manner in which she is wearing it) and from the rest of the officers in that cordon/reaction force.

I was only able to spot one other vest of this type in the background, but not being a copper and having steered well clear of Cesspit-on-Thames for many years now, I am unaware of the significance, if any. Perhaps there are readers out there who could enlighten me…?

However, there was one other variation of uniform around that day, but it was not found in the general cordon — the non-headgear equipped wearers of those virtually all-black outfits who were moving around within the crowd of protestors in a manner reminiscent of snatch squads I have seen operating in other police states around the world.

One of them first appeared at on-camera at 0:27.

I was immediately taken by his menacing general demeanour, that of physically large men in positions of power and authority which so often leads to an attitude of “I’m untouchable and big enough and smart enough to do whatever I want, peasants.”

And, sure enough, that is exactly what he tried to do shortly thereafter when he moved deeper into the crowd and attempted to arrest someone at random.

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Giorgia Meloni Calls for Charges of High Treason Against the President of the Republic

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following video, Ms. Meloni speaks out about President Sergio Mattarella’s recent veto of the proposed new government, based on his disapproval of the anti-Euro policies of the designated economy minister, Paolo Savona.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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George Soros Wants the EU to Borrow Money to Pay for Unrestricted Migration into Europe

Update: The full text of Mr. Soros’ remarks is now available with no paywall restrictions. I’ve included the text as an addendum at the bottom of this post.

An alert reader emailed us with the latest from the prominent “American” “philanthropist” George Soros:

George Soros has published a new article. It is paywalled, but the Hungarian version is not.

In the article he recommends a Marshall plan for Africa, and he seems to recommend acquiring the money for it by putting the EU into debt.

He also says, among other interesting things (and whining against Orbán):

“My opinion has always been that refugees must be distributed strictly on a voluntary basis. Member states must not be forced to take them in, nor must refugees be directed to countries where they don’t want to go.” (my translation)

This is the diametrical opposite of what he proposed just thee years ago, when he said, among other things:

“First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly — a principle that a qualified majority finally established at last Wednesday’s summit.”

Our Hungarian translator CrossWare declined to translate the source document linked above — she said she didn’t want to help Mr. Soros spread his [expletive redacted]. Instead she volunteered to translate this report from the news portal

The “philanthropist” Soros would have Europe take out a loan for the reception of migrants

George Soros has had another perverted collection of ideas. According to him, he has now come up with the latest idea for money-laundering, because he is afraid of the European Parliament’s defeat of the immigration forces he supports, by the patriotic forces in agreement with Viktor Orbán. That is why, before it is done, the US billionaire wants to pull tens of billions of dollars from EU pockets to move migrants in bulk to Europe.

The American billionaire, who only communicates with the world through open letters, speaking declaratively of the EU’s migration plans which now being threatened with failure, reappeared with one of its favorite cannons: the EU should take out loans for the supply and reception of migrants. Soros would resolve the migration crisis by allowing more migrants, moreover, at the expense of EU taxpayers.

“How to Save Europe?” — this is the ringing title of the billionaire’s opinion piece, where he slipped his demand for money into a glaze of honeyed drool.

Surprisingly, Soros also explains why he came up with his latest plan. The great financial conspirator is very afraid of the victory of the anti-immigration forces of European nation-states, as represented by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, at the next European Parliament election. Therefore, if he could, he would do a little business on the migrants with the EU until then.

“In Hungary, Viktor Orbán based his campaign on falsely accusing me of flooding Europe and Hungary with Muslim refugees. Orbán is now defending his own Christian vision of Europe. This vision is in contrast with the EU principles,” writes the probably desperate Soros, who is the self-proclaimed defender of the EU’s non-established principles.

The financial construction advertised by Soros, “giving Marshall aid to Africa”, is essentially about making financial resources available to Soros in the amount of 30 billion euros annually from the European Union, to support the import of African migrants (he calls them “refugees”) into Europe.

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Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion

Our Israeli correspondent MC has a few thoughts about the degradation of Western political culture, especially as it applies to recent events in the UK.

Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion

by MC

Lysenkoism is the politicisation of science as practised under Stalin (and others). It consisted of using pseudo-science to conform with, and confirm, political will. It is a tool of totalitarian politics where ‘scientific’ truth must be subjected to political convenience.

We now see around us a new breed of Lysenkoism where ‘truth’ is made a servant of political religion. For the sake of this essay I will call this phenomenon TheresaMayism, in honour of the current status of British Justice now as a “farce and a sham” as predicted in the hilarious film farce Water starring Michael Caine.

The British form of the socialist religion requires that all we really need is lurve, that ‘justice’ must be reshaped to accommodate political religion, and that therefore Tommy must die (we do so hope not). The judge basically washed his hands of the matter in true Pontius Pilot fashion.

But TheresaMayism is not just a function of Downing Street. It is a major part of Brussels theology as well, and we even find it sprouting profusely in the US Democrat dirt.

As readers must be aware, we, the citizens of Sderot are being cruel to the poor people of Gaza who want to “eat the livers of those besieging” (he is talking about us Sderotians).

The object of the Hamas attack on the border fence just down the road is to get infiltrators into Israel and to kill us. But also to provoke a TheresaMayist response from the rest of the world by hiding the murderous intent behind a false flag of ‘peaceful demonstration’ by women and children.

Last night they machine-gunned us, Yes, they turned a .50 cal in the direction of Sderot and sprayed us with heavy MG bullets, I heard two of them strike as I sat here at my desk reading. Today we have had multiple rocket and mortar attacks.

The religion of socialism behind TheresaMayism hates Jews. To them we are ‘white’ unlike our Palestinian counterparts who are ‘brown’. TheresaMayists know their white from their wrong because everything is black and white as defined by their (political) religious affiliation. Labour is no better; they support Hamas, whilst pretending not to, and so the joooz are whitewashed and Hamas is honoured.

So who killed the Pallies? Israeli snipers, to be sure.

Who sent them to be killed?

Well, TheresaMayism dictates that we must obfuscate that question and tell Israel to use ‘restraint’ instead.

So what happens if Israel uses restraint? Will the Kibbutz of Nahal Oz be attacked and the civilian population massacred? To TheresaMayism that is obviously an acceptable theological consequence; after all, only ‘brown’ lives matter.

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The End Times of Albion: Interacting with the Staatliche Gedankenpolizei — A Survival Guide

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series.
Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Interacting with the Staatliche Gedankenpolizei — A Survival Guide

The End Times of Albion, Part Four

by Seneca III

Staatliche Gedankenpolizei is German for ‘State Thought Police’. Hereinafter they will be referred to by the acronym ‘STAPO’.

Previously, records released to The Times newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act show that by October 2017 more than 3,400 people had been arrested under the provisions of section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 for online comments alone…

…and therefore it should come as no surprise that many others have been arrested and prosecuted for committing Thought Crimes in person in real time such as in the recent case of the middle-aged lady in London who was initially arrested for wishing someone a ‘gay day’ in what might even be a carefully orchestrated set-up in revenge for her public online humiliation and exposure of the fearful Dhimmitude of the Metropolitan Police in Hyde Park some weeks previously, as was reported here, and the consequences explained in the immediate aftermath here.

What is particularly suspicious about this incident is the fortuitous (for the STAPO case) appearance of an eventually hostile witness who appears to have at first presented himself to the accused as a witness for the defence. That is what led to her unnecessary violent arrest and eventual prosecution for ‘perverting the course of justice’, which in itself is rather ironic when one considers the way the STAPO went about the process of her arrest, interrogation and charging. As they do.

However, I do note some inconsistences or lacunae in the account the victim gave in the taxi going home, possibly owing to the lack of a specific time scale of events throughout this story or her understandable distress having immediately prior to the journey escaped from an ordeal that she had neither experienced before, expected nor understood.

For example: When was her phone confiscated, and when was it returned so that footage could be posted on the Internet? Who was the second person in the taxi with her on the way home, and why and what was her motivation? At what stage did the victim speak with the person whom she presumed was a witness on her behalf, and whose eventual recantation appears to have given grounds for the charge of ‘perverting the course of justice’?

These things give me cause for concern as to what precisely was going on there.

Whereas over the years I have come to understand and thus become inured and hardened to the ways and means by which the Establishment and its enforcement arms have gradually turned my homeland into a Marxist-Islamofascist tyranny, I can nevertheless empathise with this woman’s distress, fear, confusion and susceptibility to intimidation.

Although she is at least a couple of decades younger than I, she will also have been born into and grown to maturity during a time when the police, on the whole, adhered to the rule of law and its prescribed procedures as applicable to their authority and actions, still much in line with the original precepts as laid down by Sir Robert Peel, founder of Metropolitan Police in 1829, but, alas, no more. (See Annex).

Admittedly, the Met does have a long history of a certain amount of corruption within its ranks, but the majority of it, with certain notable exceptions, has been in pursuit of personal financial gain. That is not unusual within large groups of people who have been vested with powers and authority beyond those of the man in the street — Parliament is a perfect example of this syndrome. And now, thanks to the machinations of these two entities, Parliament and the Police, we face a future of harshly imposed subjugation to the ideologies and activities of various alien multicultures and their equally deviant enablers and protectors.

The law as it pertains to arrest


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It’s Come to This

That’s right, it’s come to this,
yes it’s come to this,
and wasn’t it a long way down,
wasn’t it a strange way down?

— Leonard Cohen, from “Dress Rehearsal Rag”

I’ve used the title and epigraph for this post several times in the past. I expect I’ll need to use them again in the future. And, given the current freefall of Western political culture, they could well become so clichéd that I’ll eventually have to abandon them.

Just step back for a moment and contemplate how far we have fallen in the past decade or two. Tonight’s focus is on Great Britain, but the situation in Sweden, or Canada, or Germany — or even in the United States, from time to time — could be as easily adduced.

The façade of liberal democracy is still being maintained everywhere, but the institution itself is actually a corpse. It’s like that old movie Weekend at Bernie’s, where two guys carry around a dead body, propping it up and manipulating its limbs to make it seem alive.

At some point, however, the smell will become noticeable…

As you all know by now, the renowned Counterjihad activist Tommy Robinson was arrested last Friday while he was doing a live-stream report on the final phase of a “grooming” trial at Leeds Crown Court. The suspected crime for which he was apprehended was “breach of the peace”, even though it is widely assumed that he was picked up for violating the ban on reporting about the trial.

Since Tommy was still on probation for an earlier (and similar) offense, his arrest was a violation of the terms of his probation. He was immediately taken before a judge, convicted, and sentenced to thirteen months in prison, reportedly in Hull. Since then there has been at least a partial media blackout on reporting about his arrest.

On Saturday morning my good friend Steen, the proprietor of the popular Danish blog Snaphanen, emailed to ask me if there was anything he could do to help, besides writing about the case. Like the rest of us, he was worried about what might happen during Tommy’s incarceration amongst mostly Muslim prisoners.

I told him it would be a good idea to donate to Tommy (here). However, I’m afraid that money alone may not do the trick like it did a few years ago. In that previous case his supporters mounted a big fundraising push and raised enough money to hire a QC (which is like a high-powered defense lawyer). Thanks to his improved legal representation, he was acquitted of the ludicrous charges that had been laid against him.

Given the rate at which people are donating to him, he should be able to hire competent counsel this time, too. His arrest has generated a lot of attention among us deplorables — despite the media muzzle, the word got out, to the point where at least three major demonstrations have been mounted in London over the weekend.

This case is different from previous ones, however. The arrest was obviously planned well in advance, and the “breach of the peace” charge is a just vague catch-all term that comes in handy against troublesome dissidents who need to be suppressed. The goal was to whisk him in front of judge for violating his probation and get him bunged inside as fast as possible. And if his culture-enriching fellow inmates happen to rough him up a little too much and cause his unfortunate demise — well, that will save the State a lot of trouble and inconvenience. “We deplore this cowardly act, and will act firmly to bring the perpetrators to justice under the full severity of the law…” etc blah yak.

The authorities seem to have him sewed up tight, and I’m not sure that a QC will be enough to engineer his release. This was a political arrest, and the only thing that could spring Tommy now would be the same thing that got him put away: political pressure.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Home Office — under the leadership of the recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid — gave the orders and arranged the banging-up of Tommy Robinson in Leeds. And putting political pressure on the Home Office is the only way his imprisonment could be reversed.

So who will put pressure on the Home Office? Obviously not the Tory leadership, who are neck-deep in the conspiracy to silence Tommy Robinson. And Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would be at least as glad to see Tommy rot in prison. The Lib-Dems — in the unlikely event that they were to take a principled stance on the issue — no longer have any meaningful clout. And UKIP has even less.

Even if Tommy weren’t a Catholic, I doubt the Archbishop of Canterbury would intercede on his behalf. And I don’t expect Pope Francis to take an interest in his case.

So who does that leave? Who can hold the government’s feet to the fire?

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