Nothing Swedish Here…

The ripples continue to spread from the Scandinavia-negating video commercial by SAS. The graphic below is one example (hat tip LN), as is the brief satirical essay below it by Thomas Bertonneau.

Nothing Swedish here…

by Thomas F. Bertonneau

There is nothing characteristically Swedish about generic person Fred Åkerström’s vintage televised performance of the entirely forgettable Fredmann’s Epistle No. 48“Solen glimmar blank och trind” [“The Sun is Shining Smooth and Round”] — by the generic poet-musician Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795), who only accidentally wrote in Swedish. Notice Åkerström’s two accompanists — the Bantu flutist and the Samoyed violoncellist. It is well known that Bellman’s poetry is based on the oral traditions of the ancient Peruvians, which were culturally appropriated by the Vikings during their imperialistic voyages in the eleventh century. Of course, there was nothing characteristically Scandinavian about the Vikings either. Their “dragon ships” were plagiarized from the hull-form of the Polynesian Kon-Tiki rafts.

Below are the first three stanzas in English. The full verses may be found here.

The sun is shining bright and round
The water is like a mirror
After a while a wind starts blowing
into slacking sails
The pennant is unfolded and with an oar
Olle is standing on a hay-boat
Kerstin comes out from the cabin
locks the door

The steel is shining, the pipe is light
Olle scratches his ear
The rudder is turned, the boat turns around
The old man is busy
Beneath strong eyebrows
he grins against the sun in the sky
Kerstin, the sweetheart of the old man
will tend to the sails now

The sails are flapping, the boat is moving forward
Jerker grabs his lyre
The lyre hums, the waves hit against the boat
With force and frenzy
The boat creaks, fragile, thin
The wind is seen in the top of the boat
The rooster crows so harsh and hoarse
The clock just struck four

For previous essays by Thomas F. Bertonneau, see the Thomas Bertonneau Archives.

Denny Abrahamsson Experiences the Full Force of Swedish “Justice”

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the persecution by Sweden’s “justice” system of a Swede named Denny Abrahamsson, who committed the unpardonable crime of saying negative things about Islam on social media.

First, LN’s prefatory note:

The government and agencies in Sweden are constantly working to reinforce anarcho-fascist tyranny. State-funded denunciation, primarily through the “Net Hate Examiner”, of forbidden thoughts spoken or published, or so-called “net hate crimes” against foreigners, Muslims, etc., is growing all the time. 2019 was a record year for the Net Hate Examiner’s operations: “We are up by 1400-1500 cases”.

Below is a typical example showing the result of such a state-sponsored denunciation, from Samhällsnytt, February 14, 2020.

The translated article:

Denny Abrahamsson, 73, is a native of Stockholm, but lives during the winter season in Thailand. After a defeat in the Court of Appeals, the Net Hate Examiner has notified him again, and now he will stand trial. Thai doctors discourage him from flying home, but Stockholm District Court rejects the certificates and threatens the pensioner with a fine.

Samhällsnytt has previously reported on Denny Abrahamsson who, after a long battle with the judiciary, was finally acquitted in the High Court (Hovrätten) on the charge of incitement of hatred against an ethnic group. At that time he was charged, among other things, for writing that Islam is a “fascist ideology”. However, it did not take long before he was denounced again to the police by the same actor (the Net Hate Examiner) as last time.

Previously: 71-year-old Denny called Islam “fascist ideology” — was prosecuted with hatred against ethnic Group.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Excerpt from the lawsuit:

Responsibility claims, etc.

Hatred Against a Group of People

5000 K352049-17

Denny Abrahamsson has expressed disdain for Muslims with a creed. He has written several posts in an open group on Facebook with anti-Muslim content. The messages are propagated by being available on Facebook. It happened on March 17, 2017 in an unknown place, Stockholm city.

Denny Abrahamsson committed the act with intent.

Legal basis: Chapter 16 § 8 § 1 of the Criminal Code

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Samhällsnytt has had access to police interviews with the man. According to the interrogation, he is now suspected, among other things, of having written on Facebook that “low-IQ cultures do not mix well with high-IQ societies” and that “cousin marriage and inbreeding in Islamic culture cause birth defects, low IQ and aggression.”

This was reported to the police by the state-funded Net Hate Examiner sometime in 2018.

Since then, the trial date has been moved several times, finally to January 27 of this year. Abrahamsson has sent two medical certificates from Thai doctors showing that his legs have swollen, probably as a result of blood clots. He has been prescribed blood thinners to take to dissolve the clots. At the same time, he is advised against air travel for more than four hours, for the reason that blood clots are often formed after sitting still for too long and can settle into the heart or lungs at risk to life.

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Deconstructing the Scandinavian Identity

Most readers will by now have heard about the video commercial for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) that has caused so much controversy, both at home and abroad. The company evidently had the bizarre notion that denying the existence of a distinct Scandinavian ethnicity and culture would somehow be a good strategy to attract more customers to fly on its planes.

In the midst of all the uproar, SAS pulled the video, but Vlad saved a copy of it. It is a vile piece of work, but before I discuss it further, everyone needs to watch the commercial, if you can stomach it:

Vlad tells me that SAS has since restored the video, but closed it to comments.

It’s telling that this commercial is in English. Yes, I know they couldn’t really make it in Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian, since that would be unfair to speakers of the two languages that would thereby be excluded. But why not in Bornholmsk? Or Faroese? A dialect that was not really part of the three big languages wouldn’t discriminate against any of them.

Obviously, the decision to make the video in English was a commercial one — the company wanted to sell tickets outside of Scandinavia. Speaking English also underlined the basic thesis of the piece, namely that nothing exists that is inherently Scandinavian.

So they use English to gain the widest possible reach for something that insults their own people — a practice the Aussies used to call “crying stinking fish in your own back yard”.

I assume that signaling their “wokeness” in this manner was considered by SAS to be a good business decision. If their executives and managers and writers all inhabit the same progressive bubble with the rest of the transnational literati, such sentiments would seem normal, humdrum, routine, unexceptional. That they would never dream of asserting the same thing about, say, the Japanese — who have borrowed at least as much cultural material as Scandinavians — highlights the deep racism that is an inherent part of the leftist mentality.

So they spend their money and hire their actors and send out the camera crews and produce the commercial. Then BAM! They run into the wall of ordinary Scandinavians, who take exception to the self-negating sentiments in the video. Not to mention millions of people outside of Scandinavia who are offended on behalf of Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Below is an editorial about the SAS scandal from the Swedish dissident site Samhällsnytt. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

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Svenne Gets a Golden Shower

I tried to think of a polite title for this post, and couldn’t manage it. I apologize to anyone who is offended; it was the best I could do under the circumstances. I tend to handle horrific stories like this one by being flip — it’s a way to displace my natural reaction, which is a mixture of anger, revulsion, and despair.

I posted on the incident described below when the video first came out back in December. Since then the “Swedish” pissants have had their day in court, so the crime is back in the news again.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has followed the case and has made a summary from alternative media about this latest, horrible domination crime. Afterwards he gives his view of the current political situation in Sweden.

Since the embedded video is quite disturbing, I’ve placed it below the jump.

Robbers urinate into the mouth of victim and film it

They laugh and say “f***ing disgusting svenne”.

Report by LN

[Note: Svenne is a pejorative nickname for Sven (i.e. a Swede) adopted by foreigners (Arabic).]

Over the last few days in Sweden one violent crime has been diligently featured in social media.

It was in early December that the 18-year-old man was on his way home from work. He had almost arrived when he was suddenly attacked by two foreign robbers.

What he did not know was that two 16-year-old foreigners had caught sight of him on the subway. One of them thought he needed a phone, so they had already decided on the train to rob him.

When the man gets off at Björkhagen’s subway station, they also leave the train. They follow him discreetly. The man quickly goes the familiar way home, and when he’s almost there, the two 16-year-olds catch up with him and give him a few punches in the face, before one of them puts his arms around him while the other takes his phone. The two perpetrators explain to him that they have both a gun and a knife.

They tell him they caught sight of him on the subway and thought he was just “a f***ing disgusting svenne” and that they wanted to rob him.

The plan had been to let him go after they had robbed him on the phone, but when they discover that he is 18 years old and thus can access his bank account, they change their plan.

They now want the 18-year-old to withdraw money for them and under threat, now also against his family, accompanying him on a walk to a cash machine in nearby Kärrtorp. When the robbery victim cannot withdraw money on his card, the robbers become dissatisfied and punish him by overwhelming him with kicks.

Under continuing threats, they force him to go with them to a McDonald’s restaurant where he is constrained to buy food for his robbers. Then the journey continues by bus to the suburb of Farsta.

In Farsta they fail to withdraw money and instead the two robbers detour with the robbery victim behind the Center church, where the truly degrading and Sweden-hostile assault is commenced. They kicked and beat the 18-year-old while laughing and calling him “you mongrel” and “f***ing disgusting svenne”.

One of the robbers opens his fly and begins to urinate on the robbery victim lying on the ground. They tell him to open his mouth, and when he refuses he is kicked in the back of the head. He is terrified and does as he is told, and gets the robber’s urine in his mouth.

At the conclusion, the victim is forced to take off his clothes before the robbers leave him; they take his jacket and pants.

The entire assault is filmed and the robbers post the movie on Snapchat where it goes viral. The robbery victim was able to give the police a good description, and the two robbers are arrested after a week. One of the suspects is charged with three more robberies.

According to police, second-generation immigrants are over-represented among perpetrators of robbery and extortion. The trial has just ended and verdict will be handed down on February 18.

Below is the video the robbers took [thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling]:

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Örebro Party: “This is About What Sweden Will Become”

The following video shows excerpts from a debate in the regional parliament in Örebro, in southern Sweden. The featured speaker is an MP from the local Örebro Party. The debate concerns a bill proposed by the Sweden Democrats that would ban the Islamic call to prayer from being publicly broadcast in Örebro.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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A Swedish Look at Tommy Robinson

The following documentary about Tommy Robinson was made by the Swedish dissident website Samhällsnytt under the direction of Kent Ekeroth, who did the interviews and narration. Mr. Ekeroth is an anti-Islam activist and a member of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna).

The Swedish portions of the video have been translated and subtitled in English, except for the wrap-up at the end, which is only summarized. The English portions of the footage are not included in the transcript.

In this video Tommy is given an extended opportunity to explain himself and narrate his experiences in the EDL, with the media, and in prison. It includes excellent footage of Modern Multicultural Luton, which has been thoroughly Islamized. It also excerpts from earlier videos of Tommy going back almost ten years.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Impeachment Meets Sennacherib

We are currently in the midst of the most insane political season that I can remember. It’s not just the USA, but the impeachment circus is the Greatest Show on Earth at this point, so that’s what JLH has spotlighted in his latest pastiche.

Impeachment Meets Sennacherib

by JLH, with apologies to the shade of Lord Byron

The Democrats came down like lemmings in heat,
And the might of their anger would brook no retreat;
And the glare of their fury was like fire in the brush,
And the heat of their hate turned their minds into mush.

Like ants in an anthill when summer is warm,
Like termites mindlessly forming a swarm;
Like hyenas circling what they think is half dead.
They carelessly created their own end instead.

For the Spirit of Truth and the obvious facts
Blew through the lies and inventions so fast,
That the troika of traitors who’d chosen this task
Stood forth in the klieg lights, unaware and unmasked.

The Fatman, the Pipe Cleaner, Cruella Deville,
Who wished no one good and everyone ill,
Intoned and squeaked and flew ‘round on a broom,
Mindlessly causing their own allies’ doom.

And the iceberg of treason to sink the ship of state
Passed through Hurricane Donald to a well-deserved fate.
Its melting portends a political tsunami
To wash away the corrupt, the banal and the commie.

Evicted to Make Room for Culture-Enrichers

The following video from Germany reports on a practice that has now become fairly commonplace: the eviction of elderly native citizens from their apartments to make room for a higher-density cohort of migrants. This is happening not only in Germany, but also in Sweden, and possibly other Western European countries as well. Several years ago there was a proposal to do something similar in the UK. Older residents whose children had grown up and left home were said to be “selfish” to hang onto to their large residences with all those empty bedrooms, given that there was a housing shortage in the country. And that shortage was, of course, due to mass immigration from the Third World.

What I notice about these stories from Germany is that the evicting landlord is always the municipal government. In the USA, almost all rental properties are privately owned. There is some government-owned housing, but even Section 8 housing is usually privately-owned with a government subsidy. If eviction takes place, it is a private landlord doing the evicting.

In Germany, however, the municipalities seem to own most of the urban apartments. That means when the government implements a policy of resettling migrants, it can push people out of their apartments when needed. Displaced tenants evidently have some options for making legal appeals, but not as much as they would if their rental contracts were in the private sector.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Still Grind Exceeding Fine

Life after Brexit — what will it be like for the European Union? Seneca III shares some thoughts on the matter.

The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly, But They Do Grind Exceeding Fine

by Seneca III

The chances of a British-EU Free Trade Deal are disappearing fast, thanks to the EU’s intransigent demands for preconditions to be established before any negotiations begin. The geopolitical myopia on their side of the ditch is morbidly fascinating to behold and does not bode well for them.

Essentially, the EU is finished. It is a dinosaur on its last legs controlled from behind the scenes by an elderly, sterile, unf***able tub of lard (as Silvio Berlusconi so indelicately put it) and a French shirtlifter with delusions of grandeur who can’t even govern his own country.

From our west we are being insulted on an almost daily basis by Macron’s non-Celtic doppelganger and mouthpiece in the Emerald Isle, the Prime Minister of an even smaller island economically, in population and physically, and a person of similar mindset and deviant inclinations to the posturing Frenchman.

Looking down south we see Greece and observe that it doesn’t appear to be run by anybody at all. Currently, Italy appears to be in the same mess, but I do have some hope for them after their forthcoming elections. Many of us wish Mr. Salvini a fair wind and a safe landfall.

To their west is Spain, which seems to have forgotten the lessons of the Reconquista. When it comes to Catalonia, and despite its clinging to what is left of its empire in Ceuta and Melilla, it is now also trying to renege on the Treaty of Utrecht. Franco’s ghost is still lurking in the olive groves.

In the north of the continental EU, on the borders of the Land of the Bear, are Poland, Hungary, the rest of the Visegrad Four and the Baltic States who are just realising that the days of sucking at the over-generous Euroteat, mostly funded by the UK, are coming to an end. This presents them with a problem and, soon, with seminal decisions to make.

Somewhere in the same area is Romania, a net exporter of murderous criminals and gangsters to the rest of the EUSSR, but which otherwise is neither of any substance nor use whatsoever.

Just over the ditch Denmark and Holland, having mortgaged their long history of courage and independence in exchange for a few ephemeral benefits from the apparatchiks in Brussels, have submitted to the Roper scourge and continue to sit on the fence, hoping to extract something of value out the chaos that lies ahead. Nothing will come out of that.

On the edge of the Arctic Circle we find Sweden, now in the final stages of becoming the first European Caliphate, a violent murderous basket case of a once lovely, prosperous country, an exemplar of all that is wrong with socialism, pathological altruism and multiculturalism.

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“The Ministry of Justice is Rotten to the Core”

On Friday I posted about the latest political scandal in the Netherlands. It seems that migrants at a refugee center had been discovered with porn and torture videos on their phones, and the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Justice knew about it. However, those apparatchiks — the Dutch version of the Deep State — hid the information from parliament and the public because of the upcoming election.

In the following video from Geenstijl, various politicians are interviewed and asked about their reactions to the scandal. One of them is Ferdinand Grapperhaus, the current Minister of Justice.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Islamic Sedition

Sedition seems such an archaic concept here in the Modern Multicultural 21st century. It isn’t even against the law anymore in the UK. But what would you call Islam in the West, if not sedition?

Islamic Sedition

by Michael Copeland

Sedition is not dead: it is being actively pursued by Islamic hard-liners. It is not harmless, nor is it some quaint relic of bygone times. It is dangerous. Alarmingly, in the UK in 2010 under David Cameron, sedition was made no longer a crime. It remains a crime in the USA.

What is sedition? It happens when public actions such as speeches and demonstrations espouse disobedience of the law, or opposition to authority. This makes them “insurrection against the established order”. Insurrection means active disobedience, such as revolution. Sedition is a direct challenge to government — to the order established by the legislature. It is opposition to our way of life, our laws, our values, our culture.

Sedition is being assisted by hard-line Islamic speakers and demonstrators. They do so by openly promoting Sharia law. Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” (European Court, 2003). Its exponents assure their listeners that it overrides “man-made laws”. Hear Mustafa Carroll of CAIR:

If we are practising Muslims we are above the law of the land

Islam has no interest in democracy. Hear Fouad Belkacem, alias Abu Imran, of Sharia4Belgium,

Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam

To “Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind”, using force if necessary, is the agenda of Islam, but it is not normally revealed in such an open manner. Usually it is phrased in careful euphemisms, so as to appear neutral and anodyne.

Anjem Choudary speaks of “calling” for Sharia. Like calling a dog? No. Imam Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque spoke of “introducing” Sharia to “help” muslims live their lives according to Islam. Samir Khan, of New York, North Carolina, and Al Qaeda, wished to “install” Islam all over the world. Choudary calls for Sharia to be “implemented”. Tariq Ramadan told his listeners to “spread” Islamic Sharia law. Let it be clear: these are disguises. Muslims are not seeking anything so tiresome as agreement or consent from the public, nor are they promoting any Bill before Congress or Parliament. These phrases all mean “inflict by force”.

The imposition of Sharia by force has already been happening in Tower Hamlets, London. A teacher, whose job included giving accounts of different religions, was ambushed by several Muslim men and bludgeoned almost to death with a brick. Under Sharia only Muslims may explain Islam. A non-Muslim woman was told to wear a headscarf or be killed. A lone American student who had been to a bar was ambushed and badly beaten by a gang of Muslim men for drinking alcohol.

Sharia law’s “Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong” includes the right “to directly hit or kick” (Manual of Islamic Law q5.8). Anjem Choudary announced that Muslim patrols would uphold Sharia “in a swift Islamic manner”. That incident shows what it means. Choudary’s predecessor and master, Omar Bakri, instructed muslims not to co-operate with police, not to give them any help, not to recognise them. Unsurprisingly very little help came in answer to an appeal by police to identify those filmed doing the assault. Eventually they were identified and tried.

Also in Tower Hamlets passers-by have been accosted, insulted, and threatened for being in un-Islamic dress, or carrying beer, or allegedly “being gay”. This is Sharia violence in action. It undermines and countermands Western law. It subverts the constitution and incites resistance to lawful authority: that is the definition of sedition.

Sharia law bears no relation to English law, US law, or any European law. English law, as it happens, was actually set down in writing before Islam’s calendar even began in 622 CE: it exists transcribed in the Textus Roffensis. Sharia is seventh-century desert tribal practice imposed by thuggery and maintained by thuggery. “Sharia Rules Enforced” said the illegal posters put up in Tower Hamlets. Force is an integral part of Sharia. Osama bin Laden explained it years ago, but no-one listened:

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Geert Wilders: There Has Been a Legal Coup in The Netherlands

In the following video Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, addresses a government minister in parliament about a recently revealed scandal. Information has surfaced that culture-enrichers at a refugee center had been discovered with porn and torture videos on their phones, that the government knew about it, and hid the findings because an election was coming up.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Nuances of the Islamization of Sweden

A new Islamic political party has been launched in Sweden. For some reason it calls itself the “Nuance Party”. One of its goals is to criminalize “Islamophobia” in Sweden.

Based on the news report below, it seems to be mainly a Turkish operation.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Ghetto Sweden

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), caused outrage when he appeared on state TV and declared that all of Sweden was a no-go zone.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Åkesson: “All of Sweden Is a Ghetto”

January 28, 2020

There are not only “vulnerable areas” in certain places in Sweden. The whole country is such an area, says Sweden Democrat (SD) leader Jimmie Åkesson on SVT [Swedish Television] Aktuellt on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday evening, Justice and Migration Minister Morgon Johansson (S) and Sweden Democrat party leader Jimmy Åkesson (SD) met in a debate on SVT Aktuellt 21.

The topic was so-called “quota refugees”.

Johansson wants Sweden to continue filling the country with thousands of people from the Third World. Sweden accepts about 5,000 quota refugees every year, mostly from Africa and the Middle East.

Åkesson held the opposite view.

“Sweden is full,” he explained.

Morgon Johansson believes that Jimmie Åkesson lacks empathy because he doesn’t want quota refugees. We are talking about the “most vulnerable” people imaginable, he [Johansson] argued. The minister went so far as to suggest that the SD leader is racist and really doesn’t want people in the country who don’t look like typical Swedes.

“Don’t talk to me about compassion. You chose to prioritize 9,000 adult Afghan men without asylum. Year after year, you prioritize people who should not be here. Where is the compassion for the elderly people who cannot access the welfare they are entitled to? Where is the compassion for all those who cannot get the care they need? People are dying in health care queues today in Sweden, and you want even more to come here and share the welfare? There isn’t any room for that,” answered Åkesson.

Johansson made a weak effort at a comeback and repeatedly appeared anxious and unsure. He trembled as he spoke.

“My opinion is that all of Sweden is a vulnerable area today,” the SD leader maintained.

That statement made Annika Strandhäll (S) go through the roof. Sweden is the best country in the world. That is a fact, she believes.

“Åkesson stands there in Aktuellt and says that all of Sweden is a vulnerable area today. He should get a counter-question. Thus, Sweden is the land that has the highest reputation in the world. When will the ‘black-painting’ SD and right-wing movements subject themselves to factual examination,” Strandhäll writes on Twitter.