The Lying Demagogues of the AfD

That’s how the German Green Youth leader accounts for the recent success of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) among young people.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Trend study “Youth in Germany”

This is how the Green Youth explains the great popularity of the AfD among young people

More and more young Germans would vote for the AfD. This realization makes the other parties very excited. The chairwoman of the Green Youth has her own explanation for the AfD’s success.


The leader of the Green Youth, Katharina Stolla, explained the high approval ratings for the AfD among those under 30 by saying that the party “plays people off against each other.” [And they haven’t done that with their “climate hysteria”? Imagine my shock!] In an interview with Deutschlandfunk , the AfD is “absolutely using the fear of immigration” to blame social and economic problems “on the weakest.” [The people know exactly who’s to blame for this, and those are NOT the weakest — maybe in the head they are, but it’s more maliciousness from their side.]

The background is the recently published trend study “Youth in Germany”, according to which the AfD is currently the most popular party among 14- to 29-year-olds. The Greens, on the other hand, lost significant support. The study also found that reservations about immigration among young people have increased sharply.

Stolla: “AfD has no solutions”

Stolla also blamed the government for the shift to the right among young Germans. The traffic light coalition “has not seriously addressed the problems that concerned and concern young people.” The young politician specifically mentioned inflation, the lack of affordable housing and the lack of secure and well-paid jobs. The AfD “of course has no solutions” for these problems, but it still benefits from them.

When it came to the topic of migration, Stolla admitted that “many municipalities are overwhelmed by the situation.” However, the problem is not due to the high number of migrants. Rather, the municipalities may not receive enough support to absorb the immigrants. “We have to find solutions for this.” Letting fewer migrants into the country is the wrong approach.

Afterword from the translator:

There’s one thing for sure: when brains were given out at birth, those “Greens” definitely didn’t walk past that counter to collect them. What does she think will happen to a housing and job market when one floods a country with hostile “migrants” from utterly hostile cultures? People from cultures which hate the native people who are forced to pay, through their state’s monopoly on force and violence, for the invaders’ upkeep, which invaders then show their utter disrespect and contempt through rape, murder and myriads of other crimes against the native population? Especially when those “migrants” are getting free housing, free healthcare, free education — for whatever that’s worth nowadays — free almost everything without having to lift a finger. After all they only have to show up at the border and scream the magic word “asylum” to obtain the keys to country and its wealth handed to them on a platter.

and then the deliberate destruction of the energy sector so that companies are forced to close for good or to leave Germany so that they can somewhat compete with countries that aren’t completely ideologically retarded — yet — concerning this climate scamdemic.

And I’m pretty sure that this professional LIAR — she’s after all a meteorologist by trade — tries to convince herself and the public that her party politics and policies have had nothing to do with anything. Just like the bank robber claims in front of the judge that the door to the bank and safe had already been opened.

4 thoughts on “The Lying Demagogues of the AfD

  1. It is almost breathtaking at the amount of denial in this commie feminaxi. This is what happens when we let emotional women vote, time for Heinlein’s solution.

  2. Europe is ripe for revolution. The Greens are nothing more than recycled Communists and the various other components of the traffic light coalition are away with the fairies and represent no-one but themselves. France is a powder keg, the UK is the same while migrants are flooding to European shores for the freebies. I’ll stay where I am for the present,

  3. Many years ago before I began to work I was unemployed so I had to apply for Social money (Sozialhilfe).
    I will not forget the following:
    An old german lady (in her 80-ties) was applying for some money for the dentist because you got only basic dental care aka tooth removal but nothing else. She wanted money for false teeth.
    DENIED by the guy of the Social services. He said that now she could only eat soup and as soup was very cheap she would get more food for her money and therefore if she continued to harass him he would lower her Social money.
    A few weeks later I had to appear again and I witnessed – through open doors (the doors to these “peoples offices were always open because a few people who where appalled by their actions and decisions had decided for a more ahem active approach. And after the 4th arrest they decided to keep the doors open so they knew when evil things developed and could help their colleague) when an invader, sorry enricher wanted nearly the same. When it was denied he began screaming about racism, that the guy was a Nazi etc.
    In a few seconds the boss of the social department was there and nearly licked the soles of the enricher. He apologized for the racism of the guy and the enricher got 1st class dental care, e.g. no, not new teeth that you had to apply glue to keep them in the mouth, he got implants of the best quality.

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