The Culture-Enriching News From Catalonia

Our Catalonian correspondent Pampasnasturtium sends a translated article with the latest cultural enrichment news from Barcelona, followed by an overview of the political context in Catalonia.

First, a translated article from La Vanguardia:

Sexual gang-assault on a young woman in Santa Coloma de Gramenet [suburb of Barcelona]

November 11, 2018

Local police arrested 14 young men, also accused of stabbing her partner

[Photo caption (not shown) : Two of the attackers harassed the young woman inside the subway premises, at Can Peixauet station.]

Today local police in Santa Coloma de Gramenet arrested 14 young men accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in the town and stabbing her partner, as announced by Cadena Ser radio station. The incident took place at about 6am. Two of the attackers harassed the young woman inside the subway premises, and apparently they and their gang-mates groped her within the elevator of the Can Peixauet metro station.

The attackers are young men formerly under the guardianship of the regional Catalan government [ex-”tutelados“]*, all of them of Maghrebi ethnicity. According to police sources, they’re the inhabitants of a squat house located on Santa Coloma’s Generalitat Avenue, where they were arrested yesterday in the morning. The house was sealed off.

The detainees had previously been arrested by Santa Coloma’s local police a couple of times during recent days, because of their alleged involvement in different violent thefts. Most of them are allegedly affected by scabies, which has led the police cars they were transported in, as well as the police station and its cells, to have to be disinfected. Santa Coloma’s Town Council stated that joint action by local police and Mossos d’Esquadra [regional Catalan police] has made it possible to arrest all of those involved in this sexual assault.

The young [female] victim’s [male] partner was taken to Esperit Sant hospital to be assisted, and his present medical condition is non-life-threatening.

*   Translator’s note: not mentioned in this particular report, they’re known as “mena”, that is, “menores extranjeros no acompañados”, unaccompanied foreign minors. The fact that now it is stated they’re no longer under such guardianship means they’re not legally minors anymore.

Aftermath of the tragicomedy, so far

by Pampasnasturtium

On Monday evening, a minor (one of two alleged minors out of the fifteen arrested, instead of the fourteen initially reported) escaped.

Instead of boarding (as he was supposed to do) the van that would take them both from court (where the attorney had just set them free) to one of the regional-government Infancy and Adolescence Affairs Department premises, he just ran away.

The other minor complied.

On Tuesday, the acting judge jailed without bail five of the (adult) attackers, all of them accused of sexual assault against the young woman, and three of them also stand accused of attempted murder, with a knife, against the victim’s partner.

(Source of the above)

On Tuesday some 500 persons marched against “all forms of” male/patriarchal violence (“violencia machista”), to show “solidarity” with the victims, to call for a harmonious living-together, AND against racism and against “stigmatizing the young”.

A façade of officialdom and institutional character was given by the openly stated support and organization of the march by Santa Coloma’s Town Council, the local Federation of Neighbors and Neighboresses (sic) Associations (“Federació d’Associacions de Veïns i Veïnes”), and the local Women’s Associations Council.

Such organizations denounced “the emerging signs of racism and xenophobia visible on social networks” against young immigrants, which are “an incendiary discourse and endanger the very coexistence and security of our male and female (sic) children”.

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Hate Speech and Other Unspeakable Things

JLH sends some pop-culture commentary for a Sunday afternoon.

Hate Speech and Other Unspeakable Things

by JLH

Hollywood loves teaching the unwashed. Any man-caused (sorry — I am a little old-fashioned for the other 76 genders) disaster — such as totalitarian-ism or a nuclear holocaust — can be traced to corporations driven by greed and a lust for power (see Resident Evil), or too-powerful government agencies. The series of films starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne has selected (US) intelligence agencies. Time and again, the story plays out the same way. Jason survives another level of ubiquitous evil. And the agency never cures itself.

I just watched the re-re-re-make of the original Jason Bourne — a man tortured by the deeds he was brainwashed into committing. But wait, the man who recruited him says he did it all voluntarily. Whom to believe? Well his old recruiter and han-dler seems sincere, but, let’s face it, Matt Damon is much better looking, and much better at looking tortured. Besides, they keep killing all the people who try to help him. His only weapon against a monstrous government machine is his continuing winsome appeal to rather nice young women, who volunteer to help him and (don’t) live to regret it.

Once more, Matt Damon shows that he is unparalleled at power-walking to ominous music with a compelling rhythm. Highly classified government villains — in this case Tommy Lee Jones — issue unpalatable orders to unattractive underlings. Jason keeps on walking, stopping occasionally to destroy one of the underlings. Undisturbed by the apparently causeless and unexplainable traffic disasters taking place all around him. And undeterred in pursuing his goal (whatever that is).

But this time, there are some surprises. After his first female supporter becomes a sacrifice to the hunt for Bourne, a second young woman on the inside of the hunt appears to become sympathetic, and suggests that he could change (by not killing every-one who tries to kill him). Unfortunately — and inexplicably — he comes into possession of a recording of her speaking with her CIA superior, in which she admits that if she cannot “bring him in” Bourne will have to be “put down.”

But it’s all right! A young man who was corrupted by the money offered by Tommy Lee Jones for the start-up of his ambitious social media project has entered into a dubious agreement to allow the government access to the secrets of its users. In the film’s redemptive scene, the idealistic young man publicly renounces his arrangement with the CIA. Even the slow-on-the-uptake, senior members of the viewing audience get the point. People who create social media are essentially good people. They have only pure souls and good intentions.

Mark Zuckerberg anyone? Eric Schmidt?

Re-education for the WAYCISTS on a Girls’ Basketball Team in Quebec

Four girls on the basketball team of a trade school in Quebec have learned a hard lesson: You can’t make jokes about Islam. You can’t make fun of Muslims, and you mustn’t offend them.

Them’s the rules!

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: “The Poor President Has Lost His Mind”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is a French politician and a member of the National Assembly. In the following video Mr. Dupont-Aignan has the temerity to criticize President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron, and especially the president’s behavior at the recent observances of the centennial of the Armistice.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Crap Is Out Of The Bag

The latest op-ed from the popular German columnist Hans Heckel concerns the growing ranks of countries that are refusing to sign the UN’s migration pact (Bulgaria declared against it today, if I’m not mistaken).

Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

The Crap Is Out Of The Bag

How the Austrians are messing up Berlin’s plans; Why foreigners are racists; And why the Italians need to be knocked for a loop.

The Week in Review, with Hans Heckel

November 10, 2018

It’s really annoying. The plan was to be quiet and secret, under the radar: sneak the “Global Pact for a Secure and Regular Immigration” into position with no attention paid publicly. No debating! That would answer questions that can only be answered evasively, if the cat is to be kept in the bag.

Now this plan is in tatters. Is anyone surprised that that it was those devious Austrians again? They pulled the plug, and a flood of unpleasant questions spewed into German public attention.

To be sure, the USA and Australia had already rejected the “Immigration Pact” that was to be signed on December 10th in Marrakesh. Hungary followed suit, and doubts grew in Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland. But who are they really? All rightist populists!

Austria is more complicated. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is considered a fellow party member of the German CDU/CSU. As is Hungary’s Viktor Orbán — at least officially.

Only when Kurz formally rejected the pact did Berlin really get nervous. Then, the first CDU politicians found things a little too hot. The Interior Affairs expert Marian Wendt does not want the federal government to sign the pact. Instead, he asks for a “factual debate.” A “factual debate” — that would be something new. He offers the best of reasons for this daring stroke. Because otherwise the rightist populists would set the tone of the debate. The title of this situation should be: If the “rightists” hadn’t created the opportunity, no one would be asking about it at all.

The Foreign Office under Heiko Maas intends to take the field against “false claims” about the pact. One such false claim is that the pact contains obligations. Well, sure, some persnickety analysts searched the text and turned up the words “obligate” or “obligation” used 87 times. Which, however, in no way obliges Heiko Maas to admit such obligations. And in a sense, he is right. Rather than an obligation, the UN Immigration Pact is more a kind of chute on which the countries of Europe and North America will slowly slide into accepting anyone at all, en masse.

What is the great objective? The late Immigration Commissioner Peter Sutherland divulged it years ago: The national cultures of Europe are to be overcome — that is, semi-hollowed out and flattened (as PAZ reported). Since not everyone wants to hear that, the slide path has been chosen for the Immigration Pact.

It will be crucial to keep the “factual debate” free of critical objections. That’s the way to go. According to the AfD’s constitutional expert Dietrich Murswiek even using the expression “overwhelmed by immigrants” could lead to being accused of anti-constitutional actions. So be careful of what you think out loud, when you have not heard a single German word on the march through your own city district.

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Altiero Spinelli and the Communist Origins of the European Union

Altiero Spinelli, Trotskyite, the new ‘father’ of the EU, in 1984

When I was a teenager in England during the 1960s, supporters of Josef Stalin were rare even among the “reddest” of leftists in the Labour Party. Leninists were more common, but the most frequently encountered Reds were supporters of Lev Bronstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky. Because Trotsky had been exiled and later murdered by Stalin, he had become the beloved underdog of Communism. The “Trotsky good, Stalin bad” meme was the way the Left maneuvered around the “excesses” of Stalinism — if only Comrade Trotsky had become General Secretary of the Party, what a different place the USSR would have been!

The Italian Communist Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986) was a devotee of Trotsky, and also one of the “fathers” of the European Union. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone — his name rang no bells with me until I read the article below from Poland. And I’ve even been inside the building in downtown Brussels that was named for him; I just wasn’t paying attention.

The following video — also from Poland — provides a useful introduction to the topic of Altiero Spinelli (the translation leaves something to be desired, but it was already subtitled in English, giving me no opportunity to edit it):

Many thanks to Ava Lon for recommending the video and translating this article from Tygodnik TVP, a weekly magazine produced by the state-sponsored Polish TV channel:

A “masked” plan for Europe?

by Krzysztof Zwolinski
October 5, 2018

The White Book of the European Future doesn’t mention Robert Schuman, Alcide de Gasperi, Jean Monet or Konrad Adenauer any longer. It transpires that the ideological father of the European Community is a little-known Trotskyite postulating the destruction of nation states and of private property. Is it his radical plan that is now being put into practice by Eurocrats?

“Fog in the Channel — Continent Cut Off” was allegedly the title of a Times article in 1930. Whether fact or urban legend, it doesn’t matter, because it perfectly expresses the famous British “splendid isolation”. This aspect isn’t mentioned as one of the reasons for Brexit, but who knows? The mentality of nations reinforced for generations might have more influence than was ever suspected by accounting experts.

But why would this ‘isolation’ awaken again? Perhaps, even at the last moment, the very nation that not long ago ruled over half the world decided that enough is enough. If, of course, as has become the habit in the EU, the referendum were not to be repeated or rendered void by some new treaty. Obviously the EU is advancing in a precise direction, about which everyone knows everything, and those who don’t know probably only pretend not to know. Everyone meaning the Euro-Mandarins.

The conclusion drawn from World War Two, was that nation states cause wars, and uniting Western European states via close economic cooperation would remove the threat of another one. And where the peace east of the River Elbe was concerned, the Soviet Union would take care of that, in its own way.

Former “fathers” of the European Economic community, the Christian Democratic politicians Alcide de Gasperi (Italy), Konrad Adenauer (German Federal Republic) and Robert Schuman (France) in 1951 in Strasburg.

There were even voices about political integration in the form of a common country, following the example of the United States of America, but the road that was chosen was via a federation of ever-tighter cooperating — on the economic level — sovereign nation states. This is how first the European Coal and Steel Community, and later the European Economic Community and European Atomic Energy Community were created.

In 2004 Poland joined the European Community, which was commonly known in the press and even in the internal documents as the European Union, even though it acquired this legal status later, after the Lisbon Treaty (2007). Whatever the name, we certainly were accepted into a federation of sovereign European countries.

Time passes, and the citizens of the Republic of Poland, who voted in the referendum for joining the EU, maybe have begun to feel the discomfort of cognitive dissonance. Among voices coming from Brussels — besides the usual assurance that we will live in the EU in good health, increasing wealth, and mutual respect, with particular emphasis on respect for minorities — there’s a voice that seems to have reached the forefront concerning the virtue of unity. And it doesn’t look as if the suggested unity would be diverse; rather the opposite.

Sovereignty, yes; but the Union has values that are required to be upheld. Those values are defined by conceptually capacious slogans that are imprecise enough, so that everything may be decided through interpretation. Therefore the interpretative code is of utter importance: Christian Democratic, [classical] Liberal, Social Democratic, or maybe some other.

The European revolution must be socialist, which means that its goal has to be the liberation of the working class

Above the main entrance to the building of the European Parliament in Brussels there’s a large inscription: Altiero Spinelli. It must be the name of someone, who had sizeable merits for the European Union, and who is very important for its theory, and perhaps also for its practice. Otherwise there would be no such an inscription in such a place.

The Altiero Spinelli Building in the central part of the European Parliament in Brussels opened in 1998

Altiero Spinelli, as reported by Wikipedia, was born to a family with socialist traditions, which means that he was weaned on Marxism. At the age of 17 he joined Italian Communist Party, which kicked him out for his “Trotskyite distortion”.

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The Coffee Bus Will Deter Culture-Enriching Criminals in Gothenburg

Nobody is loopier than the Swedes, not even Californians. But I shouldn’t badmouth the good ladies of Gothenburg — maybe coffee and sandwiches really will turn these criminal “youths” into law-abiding Swedish citizens.

I’m looking forward to a follow-up report from Gothenburg in four months when the trial period is over.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from the Swedish outlet Samhällsnytt:

Criminal gangs in Gothenburg to be stopped with coffee and sandwiches

Nordstan has for a long time been a gathering place for what Göteborgs Posten describes as “people with social problems and youth at risk,” but which residents of the city more legitimately call criminal immigrant gangs. Now, however, they want to put a stop to this. Social and law enforcement agencies and organizations have agreed to buy a coffee bus where anti-social and criminal youth are offered the option of drinking a cup of coffee instead of robbing, stealing and selling narcotics.

The hope now is that the coffee bus, also known as the “Security Bus”, will “contribute to peace outside the shopping center on rough weekend nights.” The bus costs the better part of a million Swedish Crowns (out of a total of five) from the resources of the Social Resource Board that the non-profit organizations Fryshuset and Skyddsvärnet have received to launch a new ventures for “safety-creating activities”.

In addition to serving coffee, the bus will also provide a basis for “building relationships” with the antisocial and criminal immigrant gangs. It is hoped that this relationship-building will pilot young people will towards a more advisory and motivated dialogue.

The intention is that the coffee bus will primarily be in operation in the evenings and nights during weekends, and drive between various “messy places” in Gothenburg. An initial drive was made this past weekend.

Emma Forseth, a business developer at Skyddsvärnet, says that there should also be sandwiches available from the bus. The philosophy behind the initiative is “full people are calmer people.” With a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich in the stomach, it is believed that the inclination to commit crimes should decrease among the individuals within the target group.

Some of the gangs are so-called Moroccan street children who are in the country illegally. After the coffee and sandwich they would then be encouraged to go to a church for the homeless.

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Sweden Is Still No. 2, But It’s Trying Harder

According to a report published in September, Sweden has moved into the world’s #2 slot for the per-capita number of reported rapes. It’s second only to South Africa — but rising fast.

Swedish feminists can explain away the statistics, of course — the weather is warmer, more women are willing to report being raped, etc., etc. Anything to avoid looking at the role played by cultural enrichment.

The following article was published last month by Dissidenter in a slightly different form:

Sweden — Number 2 in world rape ranking

The Spectator Index released the world rape report today which shows number of rapes per 100,000 women. Shockingly, the once-so-safe country Sweden is now #2 on the list with 63 rapes per 100,000 women. The small country which in the ‘80s and ‘90s was well known abroad for big brands like Volvo and Saab and safety has in recent years has seen peaking crime rates and a police force that can’t handle the number of reported rapes.

So what has happened to Sweden? If you ask the mainstream media and the left-wing reporters, the big increase in the number of rapes is due to the fact that women have suddenly started to report them. The 600% increase in the number of reported rapes is also, according to the left-wing journalists, due to “good weather”. If you look at the victims it is now in Sweden not only women being raped — since the big immigration from the Middle East 2015 young boys have started to be raped / gang-raped by refugees as a punishment, due to the culture in Afghanistan.

In Sweden the former top police chief Dan Eliasson didn’t want to comment on why the number of rapes has suddenly started to peak — but on Swedish television he did feel sorry for the perpetrator who had molested and raped a young girl severely; he wondered what bad things the refugee has been through in his home country that made him start to rape girls.

Sweden is starting to become a country where freedom of speech is no longer available and dissidents are being silenced by all means, from security police to being deleted from social media and banks shutting down their bank accounts.

Finally 1.1 million of the population voted in the election in September for a big change in immigration policy by giving the party Sverige Demokraterna (SD) their vote. However, since they only received approx 17% of the votes it is unlikely that they will be able to influence the immigration question.

Och, the Puir Wee Bairns!

The photo above is a textbook example of the propaganda shots of “refugee” children that the mainstream media have so lovingly created and disseminated to advance the Narrative about immigration.

The whole thing is so obviously staged — clean well-dressed, well-fed boys (notice that they’re all boys?) with their arms carefully placed so that their fingers can desperately grasp the chain-link fence. We can just hear the photographer: “OK, kiddies, line yourselves up there and raise your arms like this. Perfect! Now hold that pose.”

As it happens, my gloss on this photo is not simply paranoia on my part. Due to the ubiquity of cell phones in all the “refugee” camps, numerous instances of staged photos taken by MSM photographers have been documented from separate vantage points that show exactly what was going on. The “journalists” who put these tableaux together may not all be working for the same propaganda service, but they’re all singing from the same hymnal — or rather, reading from the same Narrative of the Great Migration.

The kids in the photo are what the media and our political leaders would like us to believe the migration crisis is all about. However, the migrant “children” who arrive in Europe are far more likely to look like the youngsters in this photo from Vienna:

So what’s the explanation for this disconnect between imagination and reality? How is it that so many millions of people in Europe (and beyond) have been sold such a sleazy, obviously phony bill of goods?

In yesterday’s post from Germany about the fake Syrians who were really fake Ukrainians, a puir wee bairn was central to the story. A puir wee lassie, in this case — the daughter has some sort of debilitating disease guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of every Gutmensch in the welcoming culture.

The family gamed their way into Germany five years ago, and now their children have been here so long — one was even born in Germany — that it would be cruel to uproot them from their new home and send them back to Ukraine, or Armenia, or Uzbekistan, or wherever they really came from.

Och, the puir wee bairns!

The apotheosis of the Puir Wee Bairns motif was reached when a dead baby was photographed on the beach in Anatolia in September of 2015. Little Aylan Kurdi became the poster corpse for the open borders movement in Europe. It didn’t matter that his body had been carefully moved and arranged by the photographer and his accomplices. It didn’t matter that Aylan’s father was the pilot of a boat belonging to the people-traffickers, and had wantonly put his wife and children at risk by including them among the passengers of the boat. It didn’t matter that the father’s goal was to make his way to Canada so he could get his teeth fixed for free under the generous Canadian welfare program for migrants.

None of that mattered. All that mattered was that a puir wee bairn was dead, and we all needed to do something to HELP THE CHILDREN.

Little Aylan was the proximate cause of Angela Merkel’s decision to fling wide the gates of Europe to the entire Third World. Mrs. Merkel — never one to let a crisis go to waste — took the opportunity to make sure that Germany and other Western European countries would be flooded with millions more migrants in addition to the ones that were already pouring in.

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Thank You!

After a long hiatus, Jonathan Hanks returns with a guest-essay on Brett Kavanaugh, Elizabeth Warren, and the carnival freak show that American politics has become.

Thank You!

by Jonathan Hanks

The past few weeks have been a tumultuous time for the nation.

With the extraordinary spectacle of the Kavanaugh hearings we were all brought to the brink: not only of losing our democracy, but our collective sanity, as well.

You, and I, and millions of other decent and concerned citizens from wide-ranging points of view were horrified, and spent many sleepless nights over the Kafka-esque and circus-like atmosphere which commandeered not only the confirmation proceedings, but the life of the nation itself.

Supposedly wise and prudent lawmakers publicly undermined the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic, all while poring over high school yearbook entries from the early 1980s with the gravity one might have expected from a Stalinist tribunal.

And then, when it seemed like we were right at the breaking point, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine stepped onto the senate floor and addressed her colleagues, and her fellow citizens, and the world — and dispassionately, and intelligently, and articulately brought us back to our senses.

She reminded us that the rule of law was vital, and the presumption of innocence was paramount, and just as importantly she reminded us that we, too, believed these things. And we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Yes, some of us wept. But for many, and I suspect even most, this was ultimately an insufficient catharsis. The sturm und drang of the preceding weeks required even more serious medicine:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In one fell swoop, and in what must be one of the most ill-advised political stunts in recent memory, we were finally free to do exactly what was needed most: Laugh!

Within hours of these solemn and pretentious and supercilious pronouncements that somewhere far in the distant past, somehow one thousandth of a remote ancestor’s DNA had managed to make its way into her genetic makeup (and thereby made her way up the academic ladder a whole lot easier), the well-deserved cacophony of contagious lampooning and old fashioned belly-laughter broke out.

Names like Faux-cahontas, and Liar-watha, and Fake-agawea were freely bandied about in public: we all started cackling like a high school sports team who’d drunk a few too many brewskies after a Friday night game.

But it was OK, because this was just the medicine that the nation needed most.

You see, sometimes the lie is so great that the best and only effective retort is hilarity.

Pure and simple.

And people with a functioning Bill of Rights can afford to laugh.

So thank you, Sen. Collins and Sen. Warren.

Each of you had your part to play in our national healing, by reminding us who we are.

And, who we aren’t.

Previously by Jonathan Hanks: A Picture is Worth…

We Are All Syrians Now

The video below tells the story of a Ukrainian family who became Syrian “refugees” in Germany. It demonstrates that ANYONE who claims to be Syrian can hope to obtain asylum in Germany and gain full benefits for their family.

I can imagine a Monty Pythonesque sketch in which a family of blond blue-eyed Swedes disembarks from a rickety boat at the port in Rostock and approaches the immigration officer on the quay:

“We’re Syrians, and we want to claim asylum”

“That’s funny — you don’t look Syrian.”


“Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate. You’re from Uppsala — I can smell the surströmming on your jodhpurs.”

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Being Green Means Never Having to Answer a Question

Last weekend Bavarians went to the polls to vote in the state’s regional parliamentary elections. The CSU, who have ruled Bavaria with an absolute majority for decades, were cut down eleven points to 37%, and the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) entered the state parliament for the first time with about 11% of the vote.

The video below is an excerpt from a town hall event from before the election featuring the Green Party candidate Katharina Schulze. In it you’ll hear Ms. Schulze bob and weave even more effectively than Barack Obama to avoid giving any direct answers to questions. The only questions she answered firmly were on completely innocuous topics.

MissPiggy has translated text and video about the event. The précis below is from Bild:

Election Campaign — final spurt in Bavaria!

The Green-top candidate Katharina Schulze (33) was at the BILD talk on the Bavarian election in the brewery Augustiner Klosterwirt on Monday morning [last week] to answer the questions of BILD readers. The question time was moderated by Anna von Bayern and BILD boss Julian Reichelt.

But anyone who hoped for clear answers was disappointed. Schulze, when pressed for a clear message, tried to talk her way out, which increasingly annoyed spectators who wanted clear statements. Just before the end of the program it became too much for a spectator. A man from the audience, according to his own words a Green sympathizer, railed against Schulze: “It reminds me of the student spokeswoman in the Max Planck Gymnasium!” He said, Schulze has “no battle plan”, and he could not understand why she just couldn’t say yes or no.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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