Syrian Attempts Rape, Gets Six Months. Then Violence and Mayhem — Five Months. And Still No Deportation.

Here’s yet another grim story of culture-enriching violence — sexual and otherwise — from Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider:

The rapist smashed his cell: “Smoke now (cigarettes) — otherwise blood!”

A large group of officers were forced to storm the 23-year-old’s cell with shields after he broke the TV and the radio and threatened to kill the staff. The Syrian was released only six months later after being sentenced for attempted rape

July 12, 2018

The 23-year-old man from Syria was convicted recently for attempting to rape a woman at knifepoint after complaining about how she dressed. Just six months later he was released, and now the man has again been convicted of breaking up his cell, assaulting and threatening to kill (officers). Even this time, the 23-year-old will not be deported.

Fria Tider wrote in October about the sentence against the now 23-year-old Ashraf from Syria who back then tried to rape a woman in Skåne Lönsboda.

For a time the Syrian had harassed the woman and, among other things, said that he “rapes boys and children,” stated the victim. At the last moment she was rescued by a janitor, who was able to disarm the man who had managed to get into the woman’s apartment.

According to the janitor, the Arab had earlier complained about how the woman dressed.

In the district court, the 23-year-old was sentenced to a year and four months in prison for a long series of crimes — but escaped deportation. In April of this year he obtained conditional release.

Because of his misconduct during the release he was detained by police on June 5, and when he was detained in prison in Kristianstad he committed the new crimes he has now been convicted of.

On June 7 the cops were alerted that Ashraf’s cell was messy. When they opened the door, the 23-year-old threw a thermos straight at them. He then started throwing other objects at the staff and broke the TV and the radio in the cell.

“Come in here, I will kill everyone!” shouted the Syrian.

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Islam Wants to Reverse the Battle of Tours — Hence the Mosque in Poitiers

The centuries-long struggle of Europe against Islam is no longer well-understood by most Westerners. When I was young, we still studied the Islamic conquests in school to a certain extent. However, I’d wager that nowadays all pedagogical discussion leaves out this important aspect of European history, which lasted from the conquest of Iberia in the early 8th century until the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. Whenever the interaction of Islam with Europe is mentioned, I’m certain that all our children hear about are the evil Crusaders, and maybe the later colonization of Islamic lands by European empires.

Muslims, in contrast, are well aware of their martial history. They celebrate their victories over the infidel, mourn their defeats, and burn to avenge the loss of previously held Muslim territory.

The following report from France is a perfect illustration of this dichotomy of historical understanding. Muslims know perfectly well what happened at the Battle of Tours, and why they are building a large mosque in Poitiers.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Twelve Characters Searching for Character

JLH weighs in on the Culture Wars, particularly as they pertain to the leftist hysteria about Donald Trump.

Twelve Characters Searching for Character

by JLH

Twelve familiar fictional figures speak out on recent comments by their even better-known flesh-and-blood portrayers. They claim parity with other fictional narratives like the (fake) news media, and therefore an equal right to speak about Trump Derangement Syndrome — in this case, some recent comments on Donald Trump by their real-life personas. Alphabetically by (first) name.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

BARBARELLA (From the film of the same name) to her real life persona: Hi, remember me? I’m the galactic secret agent who went looking for the inventor of a new weapon, to prevent his passing it on to some malign force. I sort of bumbled from one place to another, and at the end of each adventure, I found a new way to be sexually stimulated. The climax came (pardon the double-entendre) when the villain trapped me in his notorious love machine, from which no woman had emerged alive. Fortunately, my superior sexual stamina outlasted the machine, which was destroyed in the process. So stop worrying about things you don’t understand, Jane, and go back to being your true self — air-headed and oversexed.

(Jane Fonda said, “I won’t call President Donald Trump by his name. I call him the predator-in-chief.”)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

CONRAD BREAN: You’ve played a lot of parts, Bob, but none was quite so prescient as my character in WAG THE DOG. The film was hardly over, when Clinton demonstrated its principle by blowing up a donkey and some tents in Afghanistan. And now the pièce de resistance — can you be as wrong this time as you were right the first time?

(Robert DeNiro said: “He’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con — a b******t artist. A mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes. He’s an idiot.”

Later, taking a cue from Jennifer Lawrence and waxing eloquent at the Tony Awards : “F*** Trump!”)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

DAVE BOYLE: Hi Tim. Remember me, from MYSTIC RIVER? People who believed rumor and innuendo decided I was evil, so I had to die. It’s painful to see you so sucked in by propaganda that you make the same kind of far-fetched accusation just to assuage your bruised leftist soul. You remind me of my former friends!

(Tim Robbins: “It occurred to me the other day that we are living through a Marty McFly moment. [The film] was set in the 1980s and, thanks to advances in technology, a DeLorean car could travel through time and brought our lead character Marty McFly back to the 1950s. What he found … wasn’t a romantic, nostalgic time but an Oedipal nightmare. A time of bullying, a time of intolerance and ignorance.”)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

HELEN (SISTER) to her real-life persona, Susan Sarandon: Hello. I am the empathetic nun in DEAD MAN WALKING who illuminated the last days and hours of a man condemned for terrible crimes. My deeply human understanding caused me to experience not only the torment of the concerned man, but also the wretchedness of his victims’ families.

I’m sure my soulmate, JANET WEISS, of the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, would also be deeply shocked at the contempt and venom you display in your comment. Come back to us!

(Susan Sarandon said: “He reminds me of a drunk uncle at a wedding, who gets up and starts talking and just loves the crowd and just goes on and on and on and says whatever he can to get a reaction. He’s like a figure from a Kurt Vonnegut novel; I can’t even address him seriously.”)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

HELLBOY (Of the popular HELLBOY films) Ron, you’ve played some pretty dicey characters. but I like think I’m one of the good guys. Whatever else you can say about me, I am not petty. My mistakes are big, and my successes even bigger. ‘Peeing in somebody’s food’?! Grow up, Ron!

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The End Times of Albion: Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6A, and Part 6B.

Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

The End Times of Albion, Part 7A

by Seneca III

Black, Asian* and Minority Ethnic racism is endemic in the UK. It surfaces in all private and public spheres of activity in many different guises and to a far greater extent than does white racism despite the latter demographic’s constituting a far greater proportion of the population as a whole.

Apart from the playing of the race card at every opportunity and despite the relentless implementation of ‘affirmative action’, it is particularly prevalent in the professions and the public services where, indeed, it is virtually mandatory, because it functions as a point-scoring, virtue-signaling exercise for the powers that be.

It incarnates most publicly as insular racist organisations within the Police and Legal spheres. Notable examples are:

  • The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is a lobby group for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff of the UK police forces. Founded in September 1994, it claims to seek to “…improve their working environment, to enhance racial harmony and the quality of service to all communities of the United Kingdom”. It may well do the former through preferential advancement and appointment for its members, but it certainly does not ‘enhance racial harmony’ or the ‘quality of service’ nor encourage integration. In fact it does the exact opposite. As many people have pointed out in anger that were there to be a ‘White and Long-Heritage British Police Association’, the multiculti cries of RACIST!, RACIST!, RACIST! outrage would be of epic proportions.
  • Coming in next from stage left during the same period, 1993-1995, was The Association of Muslim Lawyers. It became active in 1993 and was officially launched in 1995. Its membership and influence have grown steadily ever since. From its website: “The various talks, seminars, conferences and careers workshops organized by AML since its inception have helped bring Muslim lawyers together — both professionally and socially. They have also assisted lawyers not only to provide invaluable advice and assistance to the Muslim community, but also society as a whole.” Hmm. “…to provide invaluable advice and assistance to the Muslim community, but also society as a whole.”?

Yeah, OK. I may be gullible but even I won’t venture beyond the envelope of credulity. Tell me, BAMEs, what’s wrong with the Law Society, which represents lawyers ‘as a whole’, as does the Police Federation, which represents all rank-and-file police officers likewise?

In case it hadn’t occurred to you, forming your own closed, ethnically exclusive organisations is the antithesis of integration and assimilation, and as such it obviously cannot thus benefit ‘society as whole’, so what precisely is your agenda here?

Considered answers from the Religion of Peace are most welcome provided they are not delivered in a ticking black backpack left on my doorstep. Thank you.

Finally, BAME racism reaches its crescendo in academia and across whole swaths of other established institutions and the media where its endless vomitus fouls every utterance and muddies the waters to such an extent that that rational dialectic is no longer possible — as it is intended to be so on pain of the disestablishment of any who would care to present an alternative perspective or analysis.

[Note: Black residents constituted around 3% of the United Kingdom’s population, according to the 2011 census, although that will have no doubt increased significantly during the intervening seven years: white 87.2%, black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%, Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%, Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%, mixed 2%, other 3.7% (2011 est.)

Hence this garbage is being peddled solely based upon the melanin density of a person’s skin and thus, ultimately, it is racist anti-white propaganda and socio-political engineering… yet again.

Mind you, if you look closely at the commercial/retail advertising world or crime reports/statistics one would have to conclude that the UK demographic is at least 40% variably tinted.]

Two brief, recent examples of its pernicious effect, one resulting from ‘affirmative action’, for want of a rational explanation, and one, inevitably, from that Hallowed Hall on the East River follow, but we should take heart and bear in mind that all shibboleths crash to earth eventually:

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
”My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

(Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1822)

Shibboleth crash one

Recently an Ex-Metropolitan Police poster girl, Carol Howard, crying racism and discrimination, lost all 33 claims after a tribunal heard she complained of prejudice whenever she was unhappy at work.

Quod erat demonstrandum; the judgement of the Tribunal was damning:

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Mohammed, Shirk, and Swedish “Justice”

The latest from Kretinostan, sent by our Swedish correspondent LN.

We all know that Islam is a wacky, distorted and crazy pseudo-religion.

What we did not know, and neither did the mohammedans themselves, is that they all must be killed most painfully or inevitably decapitated because they commit on a daily basis the worst sin of all: putting a partner alongside Allāh.

This is called shirk, that is, faith in more than one god, polytheism, or to value something as highly or more highly than Allāh, something that within Islam is the only sin for which forgiveness is not possible.

Allāh the exalted says, “Allāh excludes them from paradise who put a partner alongside Allāh’s and the fire shall be their last residence.”

Listen to what one of the West’s leading experts on Islam, Dr. David Wood, has to say about the phenomenon.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For publishing the illustration below on Facebook a 36-year-old Swedish woman is risking
up to two years in prison (see anarcho-tyrrany).

By the way, Sweden is probably the Western world’s most politically stupid, dishonest fraudulent, corrupt, swindling, cheating, double-dealing and self-destructive nation.

How to construct a muslim:

The text reads:

Step 1.   Remove the brain.
Step 2.   Replace with s**t.
[This is a misunderstanding: not S**T but SHIRK!]
Step 3.   Put on bandage.
Step 4.   Let loose.

Allāh be merciful!

Emmanuel Macron Speaks From the Leprosarium Formerly Known as Europe

Last week, in a speech much derided by the Italians, French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron one-upped Hillary Clinton by referring to his political opponents as the “leprosy” of European politics.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Why Do German Girls Lust After Culture-Enrichers?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this essay from Journalisten Watch:

Why do indigenous girls find “refugee” men so attractive?

by A.R. Göhring

Mia, Mireille, Susanna, Iulia,… all these girls became victims of their murderous “colorful” boyfriends or ex-partners. These murdered women and girls are merely the tip of the iceberg — just think of the Silvester catastrophe of 2015, where in the Baden town of Weil, two adolescent German girls were lured into an apartment by a gang of asylum seekers and then brutally raped. At least they survived.

These days every resident of a medium or large size German city can amazingly often observe that native girls are in relationships with mostly Sunni mohammedans. What is it that makes so many girls and women gravitate towards these liaisons?

At least experience shows us that women find uneducated, unemployed have-nots mostly unattractive, despite of where they are from. Also the reputation that has been bestowed upon all “refugees” of the male gender by the thieving, groping, masturbating, raping, beating and murdering immigrants is still seen as mostly off-putting.

One would think so, anyway. Or not? In the multicolored multicultural student city of Jena, a bunch of asylum groups have been terrorizing the inner city and the city park for about two years.

What is striking about this is that these young Arab and Afghan men are constantly in the company of indigenous schoolgirls, with whom they presumably go to school with (a toast to the educational training of unaccompanied “minor refugees”).

I found that remarkable. What is it that drives these girls? This is the question I asked hundreds of Facebook friends who with their hive intelligence have shone a light onto this phenomena.

Reason Number 1: Raw, Unobstructed Masculinity Versus German Gender-Boys

“Because their nature makes them seek out instinctively what has been so frantically educated away from our boys in schools, kindergarten, etc. Masculinity, strength, dominance, and so on.”

“Very simple: Because German boys have been made into pussies and wimps by their mothers and female teachers.”

“YOU wanted feminism, YOU chanted along: Men are pigs!… And now you have to deal with the consequence of castrating German men!”

“They f*** good.” [The fact that Middle Eastern men who for the most part have never even seen uncovered women, are potent, is really not a good argument.]

“Because they are pushy and young girls are intimidated easily. Has nothing to do with being attractive. Parents and overpaid so-called pedagogues should be responsible in taking countermeasures against this. But they themselves are so brainwashed and incompetent.”

“Because they are so different from their wimpy fathers!”

“Pale, narrow shouldered, white-skinned mousy boys. Pimply faced, thin beards, horn-rimmed glasses, and hoodies. Shirts the color of puke. By contrast the strapping, ember-eyed machos.”

“Because the young girls are easily influenced. All Aladin has to do is make pretty eyes at her and whisper words like ‘You are the most beautiful girl’ into her ears. Young and dumb.”

“The Arabs can flatter and lie charmingly. The beatings only come later… only the girls don’t know and don’t believe that!”

“The unencumbered 1:1 machismo, unbroken, unabated and uninterrupted. Coupled with the belief/hope: and I am going to be the one who tames that.”

“Maybe the word ‘team’ is also an answer to the question. While between 1974 to the 1990s men still engaged in individualist sports, today all we have left are boys/millionaires, and Nivea models. What in God’s name has derailed so badly in the last 20 to 30 years that we have given it all away to these backwoods machos?”

“Because they got lots of money!” (Well yes, the young asylum seekers on one hand are almost always recipients, but on the other hand they receive more money than German people on HartzIV. And add to that other sources of income such as drug dealing etc., then one can show a girl a really good time.)

“Western men are vilified as “toxic”

Reason Number 2: Multicultural Indoctrination

“Narcissism and indoctrination. Showing off how awesome one is.”

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Sweden Prepares for War

The following report on the Swedish apocalypse was published by the Danish site NewsPeek. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation:

The Swedish authorities are preparing the population for wartime conditions

Sweden is, at this time, preparing the country and its population for a possible war-like disaster. Back in January, 2018, the Swedish state requested that citizens stock up on enough food for a week — including water. A few weeks ago the authorities also published a brochure, “If there is a crisis or war”, and on the 5th and 6th of June, Sweden sent the entire country’s home guard on a nationwide exercise. 22,000 soldiers were called in for the exercise, which was meant to test the country’s preparedness to deal with a national disaster.

According to the Swedish authorities, such a disaster could be triggered by “climate change” or “tensions in the Baltic states” — allegedly caused by the Russians.

The Swedish state’s warning and recommendation for people to prepare themselves comes hand in hand with public reports by the country’s police that they can no longer handle extremely violent immigrant crime. Furthermore, the police warn that thousands of ISIS sympathisers are wandering about the once safe country. On social media many people suspect that the Swedish authorities are using the threats of climate change and Russia as an excuse to prepare citizens for a real collapse of the Swedish society as a result of extreme and uncontrolled immigrant crime and terror. Neither Swedish politicians, the media, nor authorities are known for their openness and honesty about the consequences of Muslim immigration.

Law and order in Sweden can be compared to a banana republic. NewSpeek was able to confirm, earlier in the year, that only 1 of the 114 reported rapes committed at just four music festivals led to a conviction. The risk for being successfully prosecuted for rape at a festival is thus under 1%. Only 22% of all murders and deaths were solved in 2016. Since 2010 the chance of the ultimate crime’s being solved has been between 18% and 29%. In comparison, the rate at which murders and deaths were solved in Denmark was over 90%.

A leader of South Sweden Industry and Chamber of Commerce plus two lawyers said last year to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the “the rate of solution for a number of crimes is now so low that we in effect have abandoned numerous laws.” “There is now a definite level of lawlessness in parts of the Stockholm region,” a concerned police inspector says. Another police inspector says that “the justice system, which should be the pillar of a democratic society, is breaking down in Sweden.”

The Danish government has so far not initiated border controls with the ever more destabilized Sweden. This despite the fact that at the same time armed gangs and dangerous Islamists are able to freely travel to Denmark either by bridge or by ferry.

The Swedish border control announced earlier in the year that last year it sent approximately 5,000 criminals and illegals back to Denmark. These were not detected by the Danish authorities because we have no border controls on the Danish side. Criminals and illegal migrants can thus safely return to Denmark and continue their activities here.

Video: The Swedish authorities have published more videos that instruct Swedes about what to pack in order to cope with a “national security crisis”: (the video is surreal — note the happy music)

Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

After decades of quietly growing like undiagnosed and untreated cancer tumors, Sweden’s immigrant ghettos have reached the bursting point, and crime is beginning to spill out into the ethnic Swedish areas of the country. Life is becoming dangerous in those once peaceful and culturally homogeneous areas. Ever-increasing numbers of ordinary Swedes are experiencing a grim awakening to the frightening reality of what has happened to their country.

The Stockholm subway was once a safe and efficient means of getting around Sweden’s capital, but it has now become a dangerous place and a conduit for the spread of crime and antisocial behavior around the city. Criminal gangs are taking over the subway and using it to commute between the ghettos and the inner city, where they fuel the ever-rising tide of muggings, assaults and rapes. Many subway stations have become open drug markets where dealers peddle their wares untroubled by the undermanned and overstretched police. According to police, 62% of all crime in Stockholm is now committed within a 500 meter radius of a subway station.[1] The situation is becoming desperate, and the Stockholm Transport Authority recently upgraded the security rating of four subway stations to red, meaning they are now considered no-go zones and unsafe for staff to work without a police escort.[2] A report last year showed that up to 30% of the capital’s inhabitants now avoid using the subway through fear of the escalating criminality.[3]

The degradation of daily life for ethnic Swedes is infecting all areas of the social space. A family outing to a public swimming pool, once a pleasant weekend activity, has now become a high-risk undertaking as gangs of immigrant men use public swimming pools as an opportunity to stare at exposed infidel flesh and sexually assault Swedish women and girls. According to a police report, 80% of all incidents of sexual assault in public swimming pools are committed by immigrant men, and often take the form of a gang’s surrounding a girl so that she cannot escape while being assaulted. The report says the escalating number of assaults “have created a sense of helplessness. The affected girls feel deeply humiliated and become frightened to go out.”[4]

Public libraries are being taken over by immigrant youths from the ghettos who do not see libraries as places of tranquility and learning. They regard them as their club rooms, where they can hang out, fight, cause trouble and deal drugs. They often don’t bother using the toilets but do what they must do on the floor between the bookshelves. Their behavior is driving away ethnic Swedes, who can no longer browse the shelves and read in safety. The librarians’ union reports that the peace and quiet of libraries is increasingly being shattered by gang fights, sometimes involving bookcases being toppled and books used as missiles. Librarians are routinely threatened, and dare not intervene. According to the union chairman, “We can see that the problems that exist in the rest of society are moving into public libraries.”[5] Alarms directly connected to police stations are now being installed in public libraries, but how effective they will be in calling for help from a thinly spread and beleaguered police force is uncertain.

Even hospitals in Sweden are becoming danger zones. Gang fights in and around the ghettos often end with multiple victims being taken to hospital with knife and gunshot wounds. The wounded are followed in convoys of cars by their gangs and clans, who carry on the fight in and around the hospital. Doctors and nurses are threatened with violence if they do not treat the ‘right’ victim first, and this has led to their covering the surname on their identification badges with tape so they cannot be traced and attacked at in their homes. Patrols by security guards are now standard in many hospitals, and personal alarms are being issued to hospital staff so they can quickly summon help when they are attacked. The chief of security at Scania University Hospital echoes the words of the librarians’ union spokesman when she says: “Medical services reflect society. It is dangerous when these kinds of violations against us become the norm.”[6]

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A New Day for a New Sweden

Today is Sweden’s National Day, but the concept of “nation” is so passé now, especially in the Enlightened Scandinavian Utopia, that observing it in the traditional way is somewhat of a solecism.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the latest instances of dedicated doctrinal innovation in the New Sweden.

Swedish madness diligently strives to attain new heights

by LN

1. National Day in Modern Multicultural Sweden

When the municipality of Falun celebrates National Day on June the 6th, a “prayer for diversity” has a place on the schedule for the municipality’s inhabitants, reports Samhällsnytt.

The municipality’s celebration of the National Day takes place at the old Falu Copper Mine and begins with a “New Citizen Ceremony”.

All New Citizens will be welcomed by the municipal council chairman Anna Strindberg (Socialist).

After that the “Culture School’s Samba Parade”, performs and then a traditional national celebration with speeches, music and raising of flags will take place.

The festivities will end with a prayer for “Diversity and Peace”, writes Falu Municipality on its website.

2. A Mega-Mosque for Rinkeby

A new mosque will now be built in Rinkeby, Stockholm. It will be 5,000 square meters in size, have 18 domes, and cost 100 million kronor ($10,000,000). The construction company NCC, which will build the mosque, is lyrical about the project.

“It’s going to be very fun to build a mosque,” says Fredrik Anheim, Divisional Head at NCC Building.

Planned mosque in Rinkeby

NCC and the Rinkeby Mosque’s Collecting Foundation have now initiated a collaboration to construct this great mosque in Rinkeby, northwest of Stockholm.

The total contract for the project is expected to amount to approximately SEK 100 million, NCC announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The new mosque will be built at Rinkeby Allé, and the site is in close proximity to the new police headquarters, which NCC is currently building .

The mosque will thus be next to the new police station.

“Those who live here have longed for the mosque; no one has complained or appealed. It shows that there is strength and joy in the community that this spiritual space will come,” says Ibrahim Bouraleh from the Muslim foundation.

According to NCC, the architect Johan Celsing has developed a design proposal for the mosque in which it has 5,000 square meters, 18 domes and spaces for prayer rooms, cafés and classrooms.

He explains that the special thing about the mosque will be that it faces towards Islam’s holy city of Mecca, and thus will vary from the “right-angled grid in the district”.

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Too Many Mistakes: The EU is Staggering into the Abyss

The following article from a German news site discusses the warning signs of catastrophe in the European Union. It was translated by Rembrandt Clancy, who includes extensive contextual notes.

Too Many Mistakes: The EU is Staggering into the Abyss

The EU is staggering from one mistake to the next. In this form, a political union hardly has a chance of survival.

by Ronald Barazon

Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten
20 May 2018

The weaknesses of the EU are becoming all too obvious in recent days:

  • the EU is helpless against US policy;
  • Brexit negotiations are proceeding;
  • in Italy, an EU-critical coalition is assuming control of the government;
  • in Hungary and Poland, opponents of the EU are in government;
  • the EU Commission presents an unusable budget draft;
  • with the General Data Protection Regulation, the regulatory delusion produces a total meltdown.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that many are already predicting the end of the EU. There is no recognizable initiative that could save the “European Integration” project. The duty of the Community to secure peace in Europe is being pushed into the background. Unreasonable rules and regulations are spreading vexation and dissatisfaction, which trigger anti-EU slogans, ultimately leading to anti-EU governments. The anger over absurd regulations combines with a still deeply rooted nationalism among many citizens. In Europe many gravediggers of the EU are at work. This development is made possible by three decisive factors:

  • The actors see only their actual or supposed interests and do not recognize the harm threatening all Europeans without exception.
  • The EU in its current form is a defective construct, which precludes an effective policy: 750 members of parliament and 28 Commissioners — soon to be 27 — are unable to make useful decisions simply on account of their sheer numbers. That need not even take into account that the Parliament and the Commission can decide nothing without the consent of the 28 governments, 27 in the future. Such a construct is unworkable, inevitably inefficient and therefore also ineffective.
  • Even the EU-friendly parties emphasise nation states and thus differ, in the final analysis, only marginally from the nationalists who reject European integration. Also most pro-European citizens’ initiatives do not call the state into question and they barely strive for a factually integrated Europe.

Hence nothing will change. The problems threaten to become a permanent crisis with a catastrophic outcome. For purposes of illustration, a number of mutually related themes follow.

The punitive tariffs against China, which also affect the EU

The US is collecting punitive tariffs of an additional 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum and still plans to do the same with other goods.

Initially the EU begged for a postponement until May 1st and now it has negotiated a further deferment until June 1st. At present it is being haggled over.

A compelling trade policy would have consisted in the immediate imposition of counter-duties. As a consequence, the EU would have had a position of strength in the current negotiations and would have been able to negotiate a reasonable tariff regimen whilst offering concessions to the USA. Now they have become supplicants and are considering how the World Trade Organization (WTO) can be called in. WTO procedures are generally known to last from years to decades.

One of the reasons for this is that even within the Commission itself, the responsibility for customs is distributed among several Commissioners. This shows the absurdity of appointing 28 Commissioners (after Brexit 27), because each Member State must nominate a Commissioner and for each Commissioner a function is needed. As if that were not enough, each country’s government has a voice in the decisions; hence a US president like Donald Trump can turn the EU into a marionette.

The sanctions against Iran

Europe is incensed that the USA has cancelled its nuclear agreement with Iran. In return for Iran’s assurance not to build atomic weapons, the economic sanctions had been anywhere from relaxed to abolished. The EU absolutely insists on a continuing co-operation with Iran, citing economic interests as justification; they would like to realise projects involving billions of euros.

Since Thursday [17 May] there has been a singularly strange initiative: EU-Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker intends to punish European firms should they comply with US sanctions against Iran. Having been moulded by many sets of regulations, it appears that thinking in the Commission is determined exclusively by punishment categories; except, the United States prohibits companies who violate sanctions from being economically active in the USA or from exporting to the USA, and it imposes penalties as applicable. This is ruinous for many companies who therefore submit to the diktat of the USA. That the EU then still threatens them with a penalty is absurd. The issue has no effect on companies lacking interests in the US market.

For Europe the development taking place in the Near East is clearly irrelevant: Iran will have good opportunities, after the armed conflicts have ended, of becoming a major power whose territory extends to the Mediterranean. A change in the balance of power is also emerging, which would also have to be of interest to Europe, especially as Russia consistently emphasises her friendship with Iran and is active in Syria.

Also the tweets of the “Supreme Leader” of Iran, Khamenei, are obviously not read in Europe. Only hours after the conclusion of the nuclear agreement on 14 July 2015, Khamenei commented on the agreement with a tirade of abuse against the West. This posture led even the Obama administration into putting the brakes on implementation of the “nuclear deal”[1] and they maintained a portion of the sanctions.

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Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion

Our Israeli correspondent MC has a few thoughts about the degradation of Western political culture, especially as it applies to recent events in the UK.

Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion

by MC

Lysenkoism is the politicisation of science as practised under Stalin (and others). It consisted of using pseudo-science to conform with, and confirm, political will. It is a tool of totalitarian politics where ‘scientific’ truth must be subjected to political convenience.

We now see around us a new breed of Lysenkoism where ‘truth’ is made a servant of political religion. For the sake of this essay I will call this phenomenon TheresaMayism, in honour of the current status of British Justice now as a “farce and a sham” as predicted in the hilarious film farce Water starring Michael Caine.

The British form of the socialist religion requires that all we really need is lurve, that ‘justice’ must be reshaped to accommodate political religion, and that therefore Tommy must die (we do so hope not). The judge basically washed his hands of the matter in true Pontius Pilot fashion.

But TheresaMayism is not just a function of Downing Street. It is a major part of Brussels theology as well, and we even find it sprouting profusely in the US Democrat dirt.

As readers must be aware, we, the citizens of Sderot are being cruel to the poor people of Gaza who want to “eat the livers of those besieging” (he is talking about us Sderotians).

The object of the Hamas attack on the border fence just down the road is to get infiltrators into Israel and to kill us. But also to provoke a TheresaMayist response from the rest of the world by hiding the murderous intent behind a false flag of ‘peaceful demonstration’ by women and children.

Last night they machine-gunned us, Yes, they turned a .50 cal in the direction of Sderot and sprayed us with heavy MG bullets, I heard two of them strike as I sat here at my desk reading. Today we have had multiple rocket and mortar attacks.

The religion of socialism behind TheresaMayism hates Jews. To them we are ‘white’ unlike our Palestinian counterparts who are ‘brown’. TheresaMayists know their white from their wrong because everything is black and white as defined by their (political) religious affiliation. Labour is no better; they support Hamas, whilst pretending not to, and so the joooz are whitewashed and Hamas is honoured.

So who killed the Pallies? Israeli snipers, to be sure.

Who sent them to be killed?

Well, TheresaMayism dictates that we must obfuscate that question and tell Israel to use ‘restraint’ instead.

So what happens if Israel uses restraint? Will the Kibbutz of Nahal Oz be attacked and the civilian population massacred? To TheresaMayism that is obviously an acceptable theological consequence; after all, only ‘brown’ lives matter.

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German Priest Celebrates Pentecost in Hijab

A Catholic priest in Germany caused outrage — and apparently quite a bit of approbation, too — by donning hijab during his sermon on Pentecost Sunday. The priest resorted to this desperate measure because he disapproved of the anti-immigration policies of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an open letter (also translated by Nash) prompted by Fr. Sedlmeier’s stunt, from a victim of Catholic clerical abuse:

Victim of Abuse Writes Open Letter to the Priest in Aalen: “My Rapist Also Wore Such a Towel Around His Head!”

The gesture of submission by the priest in Aalen not only fired up the Islam debate more, but it also apparently awoke entirely different memories, as this open letter proves.

(The name of the writer of the letter is known to the editor)

Dear Herr Sedlmeier,

In the (online paper) one could see your pathetic hijab performance everywhere; it was widespread on the internet as well.

A long time ago I lived in a Catholic facility as an orphan for fifteen years, from the age of three years old.

But one can’t really talk of the Catholic facility in which I had to dwell, but rather of a Catholic camp where children were mistreated and abused.

It was simply gruesome, what one had to experience there, and what types of people one got to know there who called themselves “servants of God”.

My case of course was even written about in several newspapers, and members of the diocese and servants of God beseechingly apologized to me and wanted to clear everything internally.

If you wish, I can supply you with the respective articles and correspondences of the Catholic offenders, male and female.

To this day, nothing has been cleared. The archive supposedly was disbanded, so that my documents no longer be found.

The Catholic Church and its dubious characters have to this day left their victims standing in the rain. The church stole my childhood. I was a living dead person in your facilities.

And my youth was also stolen from the Catholic Church.

The fact that the pain and suffering that was inflicted not just on me, but others as well, which takes a lifelong toll on everything, can’t just be pushed aside, I’m just mentioning that.

Through the immoral actions of these servants of God, whether in the light or in the dark, I was traumatized for life, and I still am to this day.

A few years ago I was in a clinic for months, and during that time the trauma of my childhood and my youth has come to the surface. I have that black on white.

I had suppressed the memories of the abuse for decades until they simply broke out.

Life is too short to just dismiss the things that were done to me and others by the Catholic Church. The suppression of these memories for decades has cost me a lot of strength already.

I predominantly only got to know male pigs and violent women who claimed to be servants of God. As a child, if one can even say the word child, because I never could nor was I allowed to be a child, one internally scanned and memorized the various facial expressions of these servants of God so that one always knew what mood they were in.

That way, one could every once in a while actually get away before something happened, but unfortunately, only every once in a while.

I am writing you because you have that very same facial expression as many other toey and horny priests that I had the displeasure of knowing from my childhood.

They sometimes crept up on me with towels over their heads, too, because they thought that way they couldn’t be recognized.

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