Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

Boris Reitschuster is a popular German vlogger and journalist. The following article from his website discusses the tendentious efforts by a well-known and supposedly independent fact-checking organization.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Correctiv shoots themselves in the leg during fact check

Truth-guards co-financed by the taxpayer embarrass themselves

These days, if you report critically, you will rapidly have the fact-checker on your back. In recent years the self-appointed truth keepers have sprung up like mushrooms around the world, often with opaque financing models.

The best-known “fact-checkers” in Germany are the “fact fox” of the Bavarian broadcasting company, the “fact finder” of the Tagesschau, the agitation portal Volksverpetzer, and the self-proclaimed research network Correctiv.

Correctiv refutes the quote on the basis of a wrong source

This is about Correctiv. There, on November 17, a fact check was published on an allegedly false quote from DIVI [Deutsche Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin] President Gernot Marx.

The quote reads: “We are currently registering a strong increase like last year. The big difference, however, is that we have 4,000 fewer intensive care beds available today than in 2020.” (Gernot Marx, President DIVI)

The content of the quote is therefore the significant reduction in beds in hospitals. Correctiv writes: “However, essential context is left out and the myth is fueled that intensive care beds were dismantled in Germany during the pandemic.”

So the dismantling of beds is just a myth? Regardless of the quote in question, this fact can be understood by everyone on the DIVI website.

A rather clumsy attempt to twist the facts.

Regarding the quote, Correctiv claims: “Context is missing: Gernot Marx’s complete statement does not indicate that beds have been dismantled.”

Corrective claims to have researched the quote. The alleged source mentioned is from an interview by the MDR on October 26, 2021, which was quoted in the Ärzteblatt on October 26, 2021.

Professor Marx, how do you assess the current situation in the intensive care units with regard to covid-19 patients?

Gernot Marx: Here at the Aachen University Clinic, the situation is still balanced, but the strain is increasing significantly across Germany. On Wednesday we had 2,136 intensive care patients with Covid-19; 52% of these had to be ventilated. Currently, 60-80 new patients are added nationwide every day In September the situation was stable for a long time with 1,400 Covid-19 patients; now we are registering a strong increase, as in the previous year. The big difference, however, is that we now have 4,000 fewer intensive care beds than in the previous year.

Source: Aachener Zeitung, 4. November 2021

However, the quote is correct and complete, as it was reproduced above, printed in the Aachener Zeitung of November 4, 2021. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the attentive reader who pointed out the incident.

Sloppy research?

The impression that Correctiv gives that the quote is “taken out of context” or misleading is absurd.

The “research network” obviously has difficulties exercising its own core competence — the correct research. What could be more natural than to contact the person involved directly to have the authenticity confirmed? With Correctiv you try to research online instead, but don’t do it thoroughly and end up with the wrong source.

Errors in research happen, no question about it. Especially if there is no editorial team behind the author to check everything again meticulously.

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Herstory Repeats Itself as Farce

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

In Europe, it is forbidden to say “Christmas” and even to call oneself Maria

November 28, 2021

The internal document of the European Commission: No to the use of “Miss” or “Mr.”, just religious references and Christian names

by Francesco Giubilei

If they had told us, and we had not read it in black and white in an official communication from the European Commission, we wouldn’t have believed it because the contents of the new guidelines for “inclusive communication” are incredible. In a document for internal circulation, of which Il Giornale has come in exclusive possession, entitled “Union of Equality, European Commission Guidelines for Inclusive Communication,” the criteria being adopted by members of the Commission in external and internal communication are laid out. As written in the foreword, the Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli: “We must always offer an inclusive communication, ensuring thus that everyone is appreciated and recognized in all of our material, independent of gender, race, or ethnic origin, religion, or creed, disability, age, or sexual orientation.”

To accomplish this, the European Commission lays out a series of rules that don’t just cancel conventions and words frequently used, but also contradict common sense. It is forbidden to use common words such as “workers” or “policemen”, or use the masculine pronoun as a predefined pronoun. It is forbidden to organize discussions with only one gender represented (only men or only women), and furthermore, it is forbidden to use “Miss or Mrs.” except to make it explicit to whom the communication is being addressed. But that’s not all: You cannot open a conference addressing the public with the usual expression, “Ladies and Gentlemen,” but must use the formally neutral “Dear Colleagues”.

The document focuses on specific areas such as “gender”, “LGBTIQ”, “racial and ethnic” themes, or “cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs” with a table indicating what can and can’t be done, based on the intent to regulate everything, creating a new language that doesn’t allow for spontaneity: “Make sure not to always mention the same gender first in word order, or to address men and women differently (for example, a man by family name and a woman by first name).” And further, “When choosing images to accompany your communication, make sure that women and children are not represented in a domestic setting or in passive roles while the men are active and adventurous.”

A desire to cancel the male and female genders reaches paradoxical levels when the Commission writes that it is necessary to avoid expressions such as “Fire is the greatest invention of man,” but it is correct to say, “Fire is the greatest invention of humanity.” It is obvious that behind the redefinition of language lies the desire to change European society, our customs and traditions, as seen in the chapter dedicated to “culture, lifestyle, or beliefs.” The European Commission wants to emphasize “avoiding assuming that everyone is Christian” since “not everyone celebrates the Christmas holidays […] it is necessary to be sensitive to the fact that people have different religious traditions.” There is, however, an enormous difference between respect for all religions and being ashamed of or canceling the Christian roots that are at the base of Europe and of our identity.

In the name of inclusivity, the European Commission goes so far as to cancel Christmas, suggesting that the phrase, “the Christmas period can be stressful” not be used; rather it should be said “The vacation period can be stressful.” A desire to eliminate Christianity that goes further with the recommendation to use generic names instead of “Christian names”, so instead of “Maria and Joseph are an international couple,” you need to say, “Malika and Giulio are an international couple.” The contempt verges on the ridiculous when it requires us to counter the negative connotation of words such as colonialism: It is forbidden to say “the colonization of Mars” or “human settlement of Mars”; it is better to use “send humans to Mars.” When tragedy gives way to farce.

The New ‘Good’ and the New Evil

We are approaching Endgame after more than a hundred years of the Culture Wars. In the essay below MC picks his way through the grotesque highlights of what is currently underway.

Most modern medicine assumes that God does not exist, and that mankind (‘experts’) must therefore control medical ethics in order to ensure that doctors and others with an interest in medicine do not sacrifice their ethical integrity in order to either maximize their wealth from an exceedingly profitable industry, nor pursue greater knowledge at the expense of the health of their patients.

In 1947, following cruel and murderous experimentation by seemingly normal doctors on inmates of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, international law was laid down concerning human experimentation, coercion and informed consent.

These laws are now being violated on a daily basis by politicians, doctors, nurses and health administrators who advocate and enforce the COVID-19 vaccine. This is not new; it is an old, old story. We are back to bleeding, scoring and purging, leeches and mercury; the medicine of barbers and barbarity.

The Covid vaccine is experimental, and under the Nuremburg and Helsinki LAWS, it cannot be mandated. YOU cannot be forced to violate your bodily integrity — even if granny is in danger.

But granny is not in danger, at least in any statistical sense any more than she usually is, and if she were to take the correct prophylactic treatment to raise her zinc and vitamin D levels then her chances of surviving a CV19 attack are much improved. Unfortunately, it seems, the Powers That Be in medicine and politics want her dead, so they are withholding the real science and the real medicine from her. Granny dead from Covid is a bounty that can be collected…

The ‘science’ as dictated by the government/Big Pharma alliance is to leave CV19 granny alone until her lips turn blue, then put her on a killer ventilator until she dies. For this, a hospital gets a substantial government grant. She is a useless eater — Aktion T4 for her. Do we inject her with phenol, gas her, or put a plastic bag over her head? No, we withhold crucial and effective treatment and inject her with an experimental gene therapy — and this is ethically acceptable?

We are so, so ignorant, we don’t realize that although all the names have changed, the methods have not.

On the whole, the billionaires who are financing this modern Holodomor are stupid frightened individuals who believe in a humanist-based cult whereby:

  • There are too many people on the planet.
  • The planet is being poisoned by too much ‘carbon’
  • That the ultra-rich are entitled to rule over all other groups and use all available resources.
  • That Islam, by its ultra-controlling influence, can be used to divide and rule dangerous ‘Christian’ populations.
  • That fossil fuels can be replaced by ‘batteries’ (where does the electricity come from to charge the batteries?).
  • That solar and wind power can provide enough energy for the remnant population to survive.
  • That putting God at the centre of the Constitution in 1776-1784 had no effect on the subsequent rise of the American Dream; it was purely a coincidence.
  • And that removing God from society is therefore no problem and will not turn the dream into a nightmare.

It is difficult for us to understand the role of God in society, for without God, societies are basically two-tier master/slave societies where the masters work hard to keep the peons in abject slavery.

In the historical British feudal system, the serfs were largely village idiots, kept in a state of abject poverty and malnutrition. The role of the then-Church was to perpetuate the system by removing any intelligent children at an early age into the cloisters for special indoctrination. Wise lords of the manor also took bright children into their service, thus removing leaders from the peasant body.

Britain at the time did not have a skin colour problem; everybody was white. Even in my childhood 1950s England was overwhelmingly white, I had seen non-white people because I had travelled to Singapore as a very young ‘britbrat’ (child of armed forces personnel), but to others in my class at school, they were an abstract from the pages of National Geographic and Hollywood.

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Sexual perversion is one of the most important fronts in the Culture Wars. Fighting on that front seems to be further along in the UK than it is here in the USA, although we’re rapidly catching up. Our English correspondent Seneca III sends this report on one particular advocacy organization involved in the battle.


by Seneca III

Stonewall is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights charity in the United Kingdom.

In 2001, Stonewall launched its Diversity Champions programme, a programme which works with over 900 organisations, including the Cabinet Office, to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people (the LGBTQ+ community) are comfortable in the workplace. This includes addressing outright discrimination, as well as “more discrete” forms of heterosexist thinking.

[Although to my mind that translates as preferential treatment before and behind the Law for them through Affirmative Action and various other slippery practices at the expense of the majority normal heterosexual community.]

Employers who pay to join the scheme are given a logo to use on promotional materials and are listed on a ‘Proud Employers’ careers site. They gain access to a library of resources and may have their policies reviewed for LGBT inclusivity by Stonewall staff. Members of the scheme are given advice on words and phrases used in their staff support materials, including a preference for gender-neutral language.

They have also managed to manipulate, or frighten, Parliament into introducing, amending or repealing parts of Government Acts as in the shortened list below:

  • Amendments to the 2002 Adoption and Children Bill, which treated lesbian and gay couples in the same way as heterosexuals.
  • Equalisation of the age of consent to 16 years old, as part of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000, after the use of the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, in November 2000.
  • Repeal of Clause 2a of the Local Government Act in Scotland (2000).
  • Repeal Section 28 of the Local Government Act in England and Wales (2003).
  • Recognition of anti-gay hate crimes through the Criminal Justice Act 2003.
  • Introduction of the Civil Partnership Act 2004, which gave gay and lesbian couples a legal framework equivalent to civil marriage.

In February of 2005, the Royal Navy joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme. The Royal Air Force and the British Army joined in June 2008. The number of major employers involved in the programme grew from 100 members in 2005 to over 600 in 2010. Organisations now engaged in the programme, collectively employing over four million people, include many UK universities health trusts, banks and financial institutions.

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An Aryan Green Pass

In the following video an Italian woman gains entrance to a historic building by showing a vintage Ahnenpass in lieu of a “green pass”. According to Wikipedia:

The Ahnenpaß (literally, “ancestor pass”) documented the Aryan lineage of people “of German blood” in Nazi Germany.

What’s remarkable is the ease with which the functionary charged with checking people’s papers is convinced to accept the Ahnenpass as an authentic German alternative to the green pass.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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COP26 — Sodom and Gomorrah on Steroids

The all-knowing gods of the globalist pantheon are bloviating inside the COP26 circus in Glasgow, and Saint Greta is braying from the outside. Seneca III has a few words to say about all that Sturm und Drang.

COP26 — Sodom and Gomorrah on Steroids

by Seneca III

Empires falling? “Humanity has ‘run down the clock and it is now ‘one minute to midnight’ Boris Johnson will tell world leaders — as he urges them to ‘act now before it is too late for our children’ in speech to COP26 summit.”

No, you duplicitous bottom-feeding pond life, you and your foul collection of power-mad psychotics and predators are trying to turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.

Doubtless, Prime Minister Carrie’s whipping boy will also repeat that he wants global leaders gathering in Glasgow to unveil steps on ‘coal, cars, cash and trees’ [‘clowns, creeps, crooks and cicutae’ would be more to the point] — the things he believes will make the most difference in limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees. Have a look at that bright yellow thing in the sky, you moron, it determines what the temperature will be.

He will also pledge to “…put another billion pounds into green finance, as long as the UK economy performs as expected.” Testicles, Boris, this Sodom and Gomorrah is now twinned with the Tower of Babel and you, the Buffoon-in-Chief, only have temporary control of the loudhailer.

As I write even more embarrassment descends upon that fool’s head; China’s president Xi Jinping will not even give a ‘virtual’ speech, instead only submitting a written statement. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also announced he will not be coming. Will de Pfeffel take the hint? I doubt it; he has disappeared so far up his own fundamental orifice that he hears nothing and cares even less.

And now it has been revealed that Johnson has issued scores of extra fishing licences to France (total now circa 1800) to help Macron’s electoral chances and enlist his support for more global warmongering. These slimy illegitimati stick together like poop to a blanket.

Aux armes! mes amis. Rant over for today. More tomorrow, perhaps, if my constitution can survive the insanity of it all.

P.S. Sleepy Joe fell asleep at the first conference and an aide had to come and wake him up. It all adds to the macabre surrealism of the charade because that walking corpse actually has its finger on the nuclear button.

— Seneca III, this second day of November in the year of our Lord 2021.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

Fighting Crime is WAYCIST!

The Left Party (Die Linke, i.e. the commies) in the Neukölln district of Berlin wants to abolish the police practice of raiding shisha bars and other culturally enriched locations in the fight against organized crime, because it “stigmatizes” people.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Amazement in Berlin

End clan raids in shisha bars: Left party push causes criticism

BERLIN. The announcement by the Left Party in the Neukölln district of Berlin that it would stop raiding clans in shisha bars has met with criticism. “That is exactly the wrong signal to send to the population. That is not how it works. This is a setback in the fight against criminal structures,” said the Neukölln CDU district chairman Falko Liecke to Die Welt. “Now we have an ideological leadership.”

The background is the reallocation of the Neukölln City Council. While the health and social affairs departments are to be led by the SPD and the CDU, the Left Party will take over the regulatory office in the future. For this, the party wants to propose regional scientist Sarah Nagel. “We were surprised: The public order office is not so obvious at first. But we will tackle the tasks now. We have long called for an end to the stigmatizing raids in shisha bars and Spätis [ethnic convenience stores]. A work-up is necessary here,” Nagel announced a few days ago.

Amazement in the Senate

The announcement also caused astonishment in the Senate Department for Home Affairs. “Police measures are generally directed against individual criminals or groups regardless of ethnic, cultural or family affiliation,” Die Welt quoted a spokesman as saying. The large number of breaches of law found shows that organized crime can only be combated by maintaining control pressure and punishing corresponding violations.

According to the paper, there are also upsets among the SPD and the Greens. According to a joint draft program, the district should continue to work together with the police and the public prosecutor’s office “to support the fight against organized crime, including in the form of so-called criminal clan-based groups and their dominant appearance in public spaces.”

Neukölln is considered to be the stronghold of organized crime in Germany. District Mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) took action against it in the past, among other things with so-called association missions. Last year he defended this strategy: “It is not racist to fight crime,” he told Tagesspiegel.

The term “clan crime” should be deleted

But even in his party there was not unreserved approval for the consistent action against clans. In 2020, the Migration and Diversity Working Group tried to abolish the term “clan crime”. A motion for “Protection of the migrant Berlin trade. Against the use of the term clan crime” was not accepted.

The left-wing politician Niklas Schrader had previously criticized: “Crimes are deeds, not families. Crimes are committed by individuals or groups.” The term clan crime is directed against certain families, although there are numerous members who are completely innocent. As a result, people with the same surname could no longer find apartments, for example.

The Death Knell of Sweden

Sweden as a society is currently run by women, specifically feminist women. The prime minister is male, and numerous members of parliament are males, but important cabinet posts and administrative positions in the bureaucracy are filled by women. Female social workers. Female police chiefs. Female directors of enterprises, both public and private. And the ideology that animates public service and cultural institutions is avowedly feminist.

It is this feminist, feminized ideology that requires Swedes to welcome immigrants and celebrate them. Sweden has no legitimate culture of its own, so Swedes must embrace the multiculturalism that immigrants bring. Even if those culture-enrichers abuse, mutilate, brutalize, rape, and murder women and girls.

By 2050 — in less than thirty years — Sweden will no longer be run by feminists, because there won’t be enough of them left. Oh, there will be plenty of women, but the majority of them will be the property of patriarchal polygamous men who have been welcomed in from the Third World to enrich Swedish culture.

Unless there is a general societal collapse in the interim, Sweden in 2050 will be governed by patriarchal polygamous men under some form of sharia law. I don’t know what will become of the feminists under those circumstances. Perhaps they’ll become the obedient veiled third or fourth wives of the dominant males.

The following documentary discusses the anti-feminist consequences that Sweden’s gynocracy has brought down upon the country through its love affair with Third World immigrants. The video is in both Swedish and English, with the Swedish portions subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (Swedish portions):

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Fake News, Fake Interpreters, Fake Refugees

It seems that just about every more-or-less secular Afghani has stood up, raised his hand, and said, “I, too, was an interpreter for the Bundeswehr!”

At least that’s the way it looks as the Afghan “refugees” pour into Germany, aided and encouraged by various factions of the German government.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

Fake local staff!

An Afghan unpacks: Good contacts brought me to Germany

In Brandenburg it turned out that more than half of the evacuated Afghans were not German local workers. The reception centers were bathed in the sloppy politics of Berlin. At the same time, unbelievable stories came to light and were silently swept under the carpet

Brandenburg remains a target country in several ways. Not only do hundreds of irregular migrants arrive at the Polish border every day, the Berlin-Brandenburg airport also regularly brings more “visitors” into the country, also from safe transit and countries of origin such as Turkey or Greece. Everyone is currently backing up in the Brandenburg asylum system, whose employees are unlikely to have any breathing space.

In addition, as early as August some of the “local staff” from Afghanistan and their relatives, who had initially landed in Frankfurt am Main, were distributed to the federal states by buses. All in all, 266 Afghans came to Brandenburg this way. Now it turns out that only 25 of them had actually been local government employees in Afghanistan. That was the result of the examination by the Brandenburg immigration authorities. A total of 91 relatives had entered the country. This in turn means that more than half of those flown in were neither local workers nor some of their family members — even though the federal government has expanded its definition of local workers more and more in recent weeks. The term ‘local force’, which has now become politically contaminated, has been obscured more and more in the past few weeks, filled with new content, and meaningless.

Residue-free removal of one’s own work

Strictly speaking, “local staff” are to be understood as the employees of the Bundeswehr during an assignment abroad. To this day, the Ministry of Defense insists that local staff can only be those who “worked for a department on the basis of an employment contract”. For the Bundeswehr, a spokesman for the Bundeswehr Operations Command told TE , this means that around 1,300 people worked for the Bundeswehr during the entire twenty years of the Afghanistan mission. That’s a relatively limited number, and not all of them — maybe only half — would be eligible under today’s rules.

However, not all ministries are so strict about evacuation. It was the Foreign Office under Heiko Maas that expanded the term local staff to include “people from the fields of science, politics, judiciary, NGOs, culture and the media” and thus completely devalued it. If it’s up to the Foreign Office and the accommodating Ministry of the Interior, tens of thousands of Afghans now have a right to humanitarian protection in Germany. In the end, this endless expansion serves only one goal: the most complete possible relocation of the new Afghan intelligentsia to Germany. But what have you been committed to for twenty years, only to remove the results of your own work today with practically no residue? Shouldn’t one rather advertise that parts of the former “civil society” keep their place under the Taliban and thus ensure a somewhat pluralistic Afghanistan? Can’t we at least expect this much heroism from the champions of the Western way of life in Central Asia?

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Croatian President Zoran Milanović on Masks and the Vax Passport

The following clip is excerpted from a recent press conference given by Croatian President Zoran Milanović. When questioned about the Wuhan Coronavirus, Mr. Milanović’s remarks deviated significantly from the Narrative imposed by the New World Order.

My favorite line: “Those are the measures that have infringed on human freedoms, not rights; those were fundamental freedoms, at the level of the right to photosynthesis, really.”

Many thanks to Vortac for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on the two great shibboleths of modern political correctness: COVID-19 and climate change.

Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

(Or the confessions of an inveterate kludge)

KLUDGE (Klooj) — N. Disparaging term for genetically unmodified human being; see also “uber”.

These are words that blend nicely: Medical tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten days’ time; climate tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten years’ time.

In a godless environment these are real and morbid fears, fully justified when mankind boasts invincibility but cannot hold back the waves of nature. “DO SOMETHING — ANYTHING” people scream at their leaders, and expect a response.

People get very angry when they go to a doctor and don’t get a bunch of pills to pop. Prescribing placebos is not uncommon so I am told.

About three years back I had a heart attack, not a big one, but painful and a shock. Cardiovascular disease is a symptom of an underlying failure. Modern medicine assumes it is all to do with ‘cholesterol’, at least that is what it tells its clientele, and cholesterol is what has, in the past, been taught at med school. First it was all cholesterol, and we had to give up butter and chicken skins. Then it was low-density cholesterol, and we all had to take statins. Then along came vLDL and we all had to lose weight. The cholesterol-centric view is outdated, but is still mainstream in the doctor’s surgery and in the pharma advertising. The underlying inflammation causing the cholesterol/plaque is largely ignored.

So I was given a handful of pills and told to make a will. There was no attempt to find out what the underlying cause(s) might be. Modern medicine is a profit-making concern, so it treats the symptoms, and is not the least interested in ‘healing’. To heal, one must find the cause, and that is not instantly profitable.

Luckily, I could afford private medicine. I went to a real healer: my daughter is studying to be a naturopath. I asked her advice, and I subsequently met Etti.

I spent almost a whole morning with Etti going through my back history, starting with childhood problems.

She then arranged for me to have a full GI tract analysis. It came back with a surprise: malnutrition — fat malabsorption, and subsequent problems with fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K. The vitamin D deficiency was serious and debilitating and had been so for many years.

I was a scrawny child, so much so that my mother took me to the doctor as a ‘fail to thrive’ problem. The doctor was dismissive — “children don’t starve themselves.” Nobody bothered to ask me; I could have described the gagging (GERD) and the overwhelming tiredness, the aches and pains in my limbs…

This was within ten years after the end of the war — British society had all sorts of consequential hang-ups over food, and a little boy gagging and vomiting was just prima-donna behaviour.

I came to dread mealtimes, at school and at home. I had a reputation which I just could not live down.

It was sixty years later that Etti found the problem, Celiac disease — to me the gluten in wheat, barley and rye is poisonous and over time, stops the small from intestine digesting food and causes leaky gut syndrome and its subsequent cytokine storm and rabid inflammation.

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What Would Vladimir Ilyich Do?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about FedGov infiltration in advance of the “Justice for J6” rally in D.C. on September 18. As it happened, fortunately, not many people participated in the rally. Some of those who attended said it looked like the media, the feds, and the Capitol Police outnumbered the actual protestors.

Donald Trump helped discourage his supporters from showing up by telling them they were being set up, which of course they were. A hilarious photo of a group of look-alike “undercover” federal agents inspired hundreds of memes. With their shorts, their shades, their haircuts, and their identical watches, they looked like they had been 3D-printed using the same template.

This wasn’t the first time the feds have massively infiltrated a “deplorable” event in an attempt to set up the patriots, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, it’s encouraging that the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy seems to have wised up about what’s being done to them.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The responses to my post on infiltrators prompted further thoughts on the topic. However, before I get to the meat of this essay, I’ll post a selection of the comments from that earlier post, followed by expanded versions of my replies.

Charley Waite said:

Reminds me of Gen Joseph Johnston facing the Union advance at Richmond. He retreated and retreated and retreated because the circumstances were not favorable until he found himself “at the gates of Richmond” about to lose. At what point does “cool heads” keep waiting until it’s almost too late?

Our problem is that we can’t assemble the troops into a force large enough for a general to command. Anything above squad size has been infiltrated.

Any operation that we plan is known in advance to the enemy. Every detail of strategy and tactics is passed back to Leviathan, which then marshals all its immense resources to counter us.

And Leviathan is very skilled at psychological warfare. That’s what we’re seeing now. The heavy-handed push for a forced vax is a deliberate psy-ops strategy designed to bring the patriots onto the field bearing arms, with every fifth man being a federal government plant.

Any general — if one ever arises — will have to take those facts into account. He will have to design his operation knowing that every detail of the plan will immediately be relayed to the leaders of the opposing force, which is much better funded and supplied and has been wargaming this situation for decades.

I have no idea how a successful operation might be organized under such conditions, but I do know that any plan that does not take the above into account is doomed to failure.

This hypothetical general has a handful of trusted subordinates that he knows are not enemy agents. Below that level in the chain of command, he is certain that he is riddled with informers. How does he deal with that fact?

I realize I’m being a broken record, but COUNTERINTELLIGENCE must be the primary focus. No large, concerted, coordinated action can be undertaken successfully without addressing this issue.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mens Bellator said:

If I might ask, because I see this advice a lot — that is, wait, it is not yet time for armed resistance — when will it be. It is like Picard and the Borg — they advance, we fall back. When will it be time? Will it be too late? At some point patriots will need to do things that make them look evil — they will have no choice.

The time for action is when the infiltrators have been identified and neutralized. By “neutralized” I don’t mean killed; I mean rendered harmless by feeding them nothing but innocuous information — or better yet disinformation — to be reported back to their superiors.

Until you neutralize the informers, planning meaningful action that has even a remote chance of success is simply impossible.

A corollary to all this is to stop using smart phones and similar devices for communications, except for sending false information as a diversion. Over the last few years it has become abundantly clear that all standard forms of electronic information are fully available to federal intelligence agencies. You might as well just phone it in to the FBI.

I consider cell phones to be baby monitors. If you have one, and the battery is in it, it can report your location and relay audio, even if it’s turned off. Those features are highly prized by the CCP. When Chinese dissidents meet, they not only turn their phones off and leave them in a separate room, they take the batteries out.

WRSA frequently posts links to detailed resources on the use of more traditional forms of communication, which may be cumbersome to use, but are far more secure.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Night Driver said:

The Bundy Ranch stand-off is a situation which shows what happens when FREEFOR surprises FED/LEVIATHAN. NO ONE on the FED side expected the numbers of FREEFOR people that showed up. YES, they were infiltrated, but most of the infiltrators were eventually neutered.
LEVIATHAN was COMPLETELY taken aback at the numbers.

MANY of the FED troopies had never seen opposition and CERTAINLY were HIGHLY unfamiliar with the view from the OTHER end of the scope when FREEFOR folks zeroed in on them.

We need to keep FREEFOR actions to be a surprise every time. A surprise of SOME sort, whether of numbers, or character, or venue or design. GOTTA keep them on their toes.


The events at the Bundy Ranch took the feds by surprise. However, they learned their lesson that time, and planned the next one carefully. That’s why the Malheur Wildlife Refuge fiasco happened the way it did.

From the first-hand reporting at the time, I remember that the groups at the ranch knew they were infiltrated, and had sussed out at least some of the plants. The infiltration wasn’t thorough enough to allow the feds to control the situation.

By the time we got to January 6, 2021, however, the FBI had learned to play the patriot movement like a fiddle.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After thinking about these issues for a while, I realize that I’ve been doing a disservice to all those groups who have dealt with the issue of infiltration shrewdly and effectively. I’m certain they’re out there.

Since I’m a lone operator, I don’t know any of them. I’m acquainted with a few patriots here and there, but I know nothing about their groups. And that’s the way it should be — I don’t want to know. If they’re any good at operational security, they’ll keep such information from me, which is what I prefer. That way, when the sunglassed operatives from the Bureau for the Protection of the Republic show up and drive the bamboo shoots under my fingernails, I won’t be able to tell them anything.

Moreover, if skilled patriot groups are thoughtful about what they do, they’re invisible. They blend into the background of the communities in which they live. They don’t show up at the Capitol and do stupid things. They just train quietly and methodically, preparing for the grim time they know will eventually come. Why would they expose themselves by saying, “Hey, Baron, you’re wrong — we’re not infiltrated by the feds.”?

So here’s to the pros, who know how to do the job right. Skol!

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You Won’t Have Angela Merkel to Kick Around Anymore

Angela Merkel is the soon-to-be-former chancellor of Germany. When she finally departs, she will leave behind more than sixteen years’ worth of expanded cultural enrichment as her lasting legacy.

The following piece from PolitikStube reports on an analysis of Merkel’s tenure by László Földi, as broadcast on Hungarian state TV. I’ve put out the word to the Magyars, so if we’re lucky we may get a subtitled version of the original video.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating the article:

“Refugees” — Hungary’s ex-head of the secret service: “Merkel harmed Germany more than Hitler”

The Hungarians really do not mince their words. They openly address the problems and, if need be, they put their fingers in the wound. One such Hungarian is the ex-secret service chief László Földi, who dismantled Merkel’s chancellorship in a talk show on the TV channel M5 and made a statement that can only be made abroad (with impunity).

Euronews: With the “opening of the German borders for refugees” Angela Merkel has done more damage to the country than Hitler, László Földi rumbled on the Hungarian state television on Sunday. The former head of the Hungarian secret service is not at a loss for any provocation.

On the day of the general election, talk guests on the “Commentator Club” — a broadcast on the Hungarian public television channel M5 — analyzed the events and talked about Merkel’s 16-year chancellorship. László Földi was invited as an expert on security policy.

Földi, a regular on public television, said the last creative force in Germany was Helmut Kohl. He described Merkel as a “destructive force” that “has used up everything that her predecessors built.”

According to the former intelligence officer, Germany is the real driving force in Europe, and therefore Merkel did not have to create anything new; she just maintained the level. However, she wasn’t able to do even this, and only dismantled Germany’s position.


Dr. Silvana De Mari is an Italian physician, psychotherapist, and surgeon who has also written a number of fantasy novels.

In the following video Dr. De Mari calls out her fellow physicians, the medical establishment, political leaders, and trade unions for their complicity in the disastrous actions (and inaction) against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The excerpt below from an Italy24 News article provides some background on Dr. De Mari:

How Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Order of Doctors (not very well)

Doctor Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Turin Medical Association because she did not want to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. In a video posted on her Facebook page and in a post on her blog De Mari responded to the sanction in her own way, using the metaphor of chess and claiming to have been suspended “by the Order of Chess but they did me no harm because I’m so retired. But there are many painful chess players who are facing dramatic problems in order not to suffer something in their body that they do not want. They were the best chess players and I’m proud to be part of that number.” For De Mari, the suspension “was an act of heroism. We will appeal and win because sooner or later courage wins.” In addition, she announces “a social network where we can talk for the cost of a cup of coffee, and sooner or later the Black Queen will checkmate.”

Video transcript:

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