Lion or Gazelle?

The aristocrats of the ecology movement are the predators, while ordinary people like you and me are the prey. In order to Save the Planet, we will be culled the same way a pride of lions culls a herd of gazelles.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German site

The elite 1001 club behind the eco-agenda

Prince Bernhard [of the Netherlands] created “The 1001: A Nature Trust” together with Prince Philip to finance the activities of the WWF [World Wildlife Foundation]. On board was Anton Rupert, an African tobacco billionaire of Dutch descent who was involved in the secret society “Afrikaner Broederbond”, which controlled South Africa and which had implemented apartheid.[16]

For a long time, public information about 1001 was almost completely unavailable, and all that was learned was that handpicked members had to pay a membership fee of $10,000.

Similar to the Bilderberg Group, the principle of confidentiality applies, and you can at least learn from a leaked internal report that the 1001 Club holds regular meetings in Windsor Castle, at the residence of the Spanish royal family, and in distant places like Nepal.

According to leaked membership lists, the 1001 Club includes people such as:

Maurice Strong: Member of the Privy Council in Canada (British Commonwealth), Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada.

In the early 1970s he was Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment before becoming the first Director General of the United Nations Environment Program in 1972.

He is considered the inspiration for former US Vice President Al Gore, who released the eco-propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth.

Sir Max Aitken: Politician and Chairman of Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd. His father was Max Aitken, First Lord Beaverbrook, member of the Privy Council, owner of the extremely influential Daily Express newspaper and sometime Minister of Information. His friend Winston Churchill made Max the Senior Minister for Aircraft Production during World War II.

Sir Eric Drake: Chairman of British Petroleum (BP)

Baron Conrad Black: He owns major newspapers and companies and has been involved in many scandals. At times he was on the Privy Council of Canada. His friend, US President Donald Trump, pardoned him in 2019.

King Juan Carlos of Spain: Juan Carlos, who came from the house of the Bourbons, is a member of the powerful eco-organization the Club of Rome.

He is the eldest son of Juan de Borbón y Battenberg, whose mother was Victoria Eugénie von Battenberg, from the Welfen lines Hessen-Darmstadt as well as Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the same lines as Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth).

Henry Ford II: From the highly controversial family of automakers. The Ford group goes back to the scientific network of the Royal Society or the Guelph nobility (see chapter in this book about the auto industry). His grandfather Henry Ford was one of the leading anti-Semites, supported the NSDAP and provided both the Nazis and the Soviets with technology that was essential to the war effort.

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“They Will Really Bring Everything to a Complete Collapse”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer and politician who leads a regular podcast called Corona Ausschuss (“Corona Committee”). The following video is the last of three excerpts from a recent podcast by the group (previously: Part 1, Part 2).

In this segment Ernst Wolff, a journalist and author who specializes in the economics of globalism, elaborates on the Great Reset and the form that the New World Order will take after the old one has been thoroughly destroyed. He pays particular attention to the coming global digital currency that will supplant the dollar, and the expected Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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NWO Idol Pops up on a Budapest Street

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends the following disturbing report on the latest globalist machinations in Budapest. Before the “pandemic” began, I thought of Hungary as a model for the West, but it’s becoming clear that country of the Magyars is just as much a puppet on the New World Order as the rest of Western Europe and the Anglosphere.

Due to my previous career as an artist, when I look at a design like the mural of Mother Vax, I automatically assess its technical proficiency. In this case I notice that the left earpiece of her eyeglasses disappears into her hair at a bizarre angle, way above the top of the ear. When they’re spending so much money on monumental Soviet-style hagiographic art, you’d think they could at least hire a competent artist.

Also: what are those strange things at the top in her hair that look like apostrophes or quote marks? They seem to be in the positions where horns might appear. Just sayin’…

NWO Idol Pops up on a Budapest Street

by László

An enormous mural of a cultish portrait, honouring Hungarian mRNA-jab developer Katalin Karikó, is being painted on the wall of a house in Budapest. Communism reloaded. The writing is on the wall.

An Ominous String of Events

A string of events in Budapest herald the victory of the New World Order:

  • The portrait of the Hungarian mRNA-jab developer, Katalin Karikó, is being painted as a five-story-tall mural, on the wall of a house in Budapest, Hungary. The project is supported by the government.
  • At the same time, Hungarian FM Péter Szíjjártó holds a press conference in Budapest with Communist WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, who praises the jab-developer for her ‘pioneer’ achievement. Mr. Szíjjártó calls the genocidal WHO-chief ‘my old friend’.
  • On another note, the Hungarian FM insinuates that the unjabbed are ‘harm-doers’.

What seems to be just a pile of unrelated events at first sight in fact draws a dark overall picture.

An Immortal Idol From the Future

The ‘artwork’, which is being created on Krisztina Boulevard in Budapest, is also supported by the government. The five-story-tall mural that is being painted to honour Katalin Karikó, the Hungarian-born developer of the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine, seeks to ‘immortalize’ the scientist.

As the English-language Daily News Hungary puts it:

An immense wall painting to immortalize vaccine developer Katalin Karikó in Budapest

The Hungarian issue of Forbes seems to know even more about the mission of the project:

The future will be written by Hungarians — this is the motto next to Katalin Karikó’s portrait on the giant mural.

Forbes_hu also informs its readers that the makers of the mural target young people:

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The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

by David Boyajian

Millions of illegal aliens swarm across our borders, yet little is done to stop them.

As big cities’ homicides soar, their police departments are being defunded.

Such destructive domestic policies remind us of this destructive foreign policy: Successive administrations and the State Department have often shut their eyes to international terrorism and even covered it up.

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and America’s Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) looms, this shocks the conscience. It also endangers the homeland and our military men and women overseas.

We’ll prove that Turkey and Azerbaijan remain among the most egregious sponsors of international terrorist organizations and that the U.S. covers for those countries.

Among these organizations: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Ansar Al-Din, Hamza Division, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Sunna, Sultan Murad Brigade, Sultan Suleyman Shah Brigade/Al-Amshat, and more.

Terrorist Turkey

  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-13, has acknowledged that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”
  • Veteran State Department adviser Dr. David L. Phillips directs Columbia University’s Peace-building and Human Rights Program. Its research confirmed Turkey’s alliance with ISIS: ISIS-Turkey Links (2014) and Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade (2015/2016).
  • In Turkey: A state sponsor of terrorism? (May 28), Phillips wrote that if a “non-NATO country behaved like Turkey, it would warrant designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism,” like Iran and North Korea.

    He also describes Turkey’s sending terrorist mercenaries (some listed above) into Azerbaijan against Armenian-populated Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh in 2020.

  • In 2014, the New York Times reported that “Western intelligence officials… track the ISIS oil shipments… into Turkey” and that Turkey has failed “to help choke off the oil trade.”
  • In January and July, the U.S. Treasury Department identified Turkey as a financial base for ISIS and Al-Qaeda. However, the U.S. has penalized only some Turkish individuals and companies, not Turkey itself. Regardless, the effect has been minimal.

As with Turkey, the State Department has largely ignored utterly corrupt Azerbaijan’s long record of supporting terrorism.

Terrorist Azerbaijan

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Paul Weston on the Great Reset

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the Great Reset, the grand scheme for a New World Order as proposed by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. Digital currencies, universal surveillance, and universal digital IDs (a.k.a. “health passports” or “vaccine passports”) are integral components of the plan.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard Left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: Steen.

SARS, Gain of Function, COVID, and the Vax: A Timeline

MissPiggy compiled the following timeline for our skype group. I’m not going to tell you what to think about all this; you can easily draw your own conclusions.


November: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) researcher Ralph Baric publishes a “breakthrough work” in gain-of-function research (studies that alter pathogens to make them more transmissible or deadly), describing the creation of a synthetic clone of a natural mouse coronavirus.

November: China’s Guangdong province reports the first case of “atypical pneumonia” (later labeled as SARS).


October 28: A paper by the Baric research group at UNC describes their synthetic recreation of the “previously undescribed” SARS coronavirus. (Writing in 2020, a scientist states, “The speed of the Baric group illustrates how quickly a qualified team of virologists can create a synthetic clone from a natural virus, and therefore make genetic modifications to it. Moreover, that was back in 2003. Today, a qualified laboratory can repeat those steps in a matter of weeks.”)


December 30: Dr. Fauci promotes gain-of-function research on bird flu viruses, arguing that the research is worth the risk. The risks worry other “seasoned researchers.”


Christine Grady, wife of Anthony Fauci since 1985, becomes head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, opening up the possibility of numerous conflicts of interest concerning vaccines, HIV and COVID-19. Grady previously served in the Department of Bioethics as an investigator (2004-2012), senior staff bioethicist (1996-2004) and head of the Section on Human Subjects Research (1998-2014). Like her husband, Grady has made HIV a central career focus, including stints on the Scientific Advisory Board of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (which Fauci helped launch), as a paid consultant for the WHO and UNAIDS and, in 1987-1988, as a staffer for President Reagan’s Commission on the HIV Epidemic. Grady’s 1995 book is titled The Search for an AIDS Vaccine. Fauci, who became NIAID director in 1984 under Reagan, holds a number of HIV vaccine-related patents.

April 20: Baylor College researchers publish their evaluation of four vaccine candidates for SARS, concluding that “Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.”

May: The 194 Member States of the World Health Assembly endorse the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with NIAID, WHO, Gavi, UNICEF and others. Dr. Fauci is one of five members on the GVAP’s Leadership Council.

October: Fauci writes article in the American Society for Microbiology saying “gain of function” benefits outweigh the risks.


May 7: Email from Kary Mullis to the widow of boxer Tommy Morrison, whose career and life were destroyed by an “HIV test,” and who litigated ferociously for years, against test manufacturers. Dr. Mullis wrote on May 7, 2013:

“PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment.”

“If things were done right, ‘infection’ would be a far cry from a positive PCR test.”

“PCR is a needle in a haystack technology that can be extremely misleading in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”


Merieux (former employer of Moderna CEO) is instrumental in creating high-security P4 Lab that opened in Wuhan in 2014.

Dr. Deborah Birx takes the helm of PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), which Dr. Fauci helped launch (in 2003) and which benefits from generous Gates Foundation support. Birx and Fauci are long-time allies, having worked together during the early years of AIDS and sharing overlapping career paths.

October 7: National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins announces a “new phase of cooperation” between NIH and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, including partnering for vaccine development.

October 17: U.S. funding of SARS to create a biological weapon is paused due to the extreme risk of a pandemic. However, the pause allows agencies within the U.S. government to continue funding if they determined “the research is urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security.”

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The Origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus

The French virologist Luc Montagnier led the team at the Pasteur Institute that discovered HIV in 1983. In 2008 Professor Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition of his work. The following video about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 includes remarks by Prof. Montagnier, who assigns ultimate responsibility to the Pasteur Institute. The professor also emphasizes that it is not COVID-19 that is dangerous, but the “vaccine” against it.

(Luc Montagnier has been featured here several times since the Coronamadness began. See posts here, here, and here.)

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Pandemic Panopticon

The savants who manage global affairs never let a crisis go to waste. Our political and social betters have seized the opportunity provided by the Wuhan Coronavirus to expand their control, management, and surveillance of ordinary citizens, who are required to obey the new rules that were imposed in response to the “pandemic”.

The following article reports on a meeting in Davos where the issue of pandemics was discussed. The emphasis was on globalism — the global nature of the crisis, the necessity for trans-national co-ordination, shared information, and above all a binding international pandemic treaty.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this essay from the German portal Multipolar Magazin:

International Pandemic Treaty: A Global Automatism is Installed

A new contract should prescribe an internationally binding procedure in the event of health emergencies. At the same time, false information about pandemics and vaccinations should be combated. What is it about, and what is planned?

In her speech at the Davos Dialog of the World Economic Forum in January, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated:

“If we look at what the pandemic has done to us, my conclusion is that it can be seen as a confirmation of everything that has always made up the spirit of Davos in recent years. […] But I believe that the pandemic has also made it clear to us that a time for action is coming, in which we will act as concertedly as possible, as jointly as possible and as far as possible according to the same and jointly discussed principles, in which something is done in order to overcome as far as possible the weak points that we have all experienced.”

The extent to which the pandemic confirms the “spirit of Davos” remained cryptic. What the concerted action mentioned should look like can be seen in a prominent guest article published in the FAZ [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung] at the end of March. Under the heading “A great treaty to combat pandemics”, more than 20 heads of government are calling for globally binding measures to combat pandemics — including Merkel and the heads of state of Great Britain, France, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, Ukraine, South Korea, Chile, South Africa and Indonesia; also the President of the European Council and the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Contract without prior processing of the measures

The initiative is being put forward before a transparent political and legal review of the previous pandemic measures can take place, for example:

  • to influence the population through fear in order to justify encroachments on fundamental rights,
  • on the basis of the declared epidemic emergency and on the role of the PCR tests as alleged evidence of infections,
  • on the question of treatment recommendations (early intubation, no medication) as well as the misappropriation of successful treatment concepts that could have reduced the death rate among sick people if they had been widely communicated and implemented,
  • related to the question of the justification of the emergency approval for the mRNA and DNA preparations (vaccines),
  • through country comparisons, to answer the fundamental question as to whether the so-called “non-pharmaceutical interventions”, in particular the lockdowns, are a suitable means of combating infection,
  • on the health, existential and economic consequences of the lockdowns and thus on the proportionality of the encroachments on fundamental rights.

Lack of “Global Political Leadership”?

The independent panel “Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response” set up by the WHO General Assembly in May 2020 does not do justice to these concerns in its report. The questions listed above are not even asked; that which should actually be examined is presupposed.

The preparation for a pandemic was inconsistent and underfunded, and the early warning system worked too slowly. There was a lack of “global political leadership”. Right now the priority is to end the illnesses and deaths caused by Covid-19. Every affected country should systematically take non-pharmaceutical measures. Demands include that rich countries should finance one billion vaccine doses by September 1 and two billion vaccine doses for poorer countries by mid-2022.

The authors of the aforementioned guest article in the FAZ share with Bill Gates and a plethora of pandemic scenarios the assumption that pandemics should be seen as a growing global threat to the future for which one must prepare. At the beginning of the text, a comparison is made with the situation after the Second World War, which the Chancellor had already made in the spring of 2020 to justify the first lockdown:

“The Covid-19 pandemic posed the greatest challenge to the global community since the late 1940s. Back then, after the devastation of two world wars, leaders came together to lay the foundation for the multilateral system. […] The states should act more together, the temptations of isolationism and nationalism should be averted and challenges addressed that could only be overcome together in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation — peace, prosperity, health and security.”

The UN Charter is alluded to as the basis of international law. Analogous to the UN, “a more robust international health architecture” is to be built on the basis of an international treaty on pandemic prevention and control based on the so-called “International Health Regulations” of the WHO.

A joint approach is intended to achieve “closely coordinated pandemics to be better predicted, avoided, recognized and assessed, as well as to effectively combat them.” The necessary instruments are in particular warning systems, the “shared use of data”, tests for diagnosis and immunization through vaccines. There is also talk of fair access to safe and inexpensive drugs, but this goal is no longer pursued, in contrast to the emphasis on vaccine development, as immunization through vaccination is “a global public good.”

In the context of preparing for the next pandemic, the proposed contract aims to “recognize a ‘One Health’ approach […] that links the health of people, animals and the entire planet.” Instead of going it alone at national level, a stronger obligation through “more mutual accountability and shared responsibility, transparency and cooperation in the international system in accordance with its rules and norms” must be introduced. Pandemic preparedness requires “global leadership for a global health system that can cope with the demands of this millennium.” In addition to the heads of state, “all stakeholders, including civil society and the private sector” should be included in global leadership.

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Denmark Wants to Process Asylum Seekers in Africa

Denmark must be doing something right, because both the United Nations and the European Union oppose its plan to move its asylum application facilities to the African continent.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT:

Denmark: Asylum procedures are to be moved to the African continent

Denmark wants to transfer its asylum obligations to a third country. Tunisia, Ethiopia, Egypt and Rwanda are eligible. Reception centers for the Danish government are to be set up in one of the countries in order to decide on asylum procedures. The United Nations and the EU are against it.

According to the United Nations and the European Union, Denmark’s project undermines international cooperation. Amnesty International, the International Red Cross and the international NGO “Save the Children” also strongly criticize Denmark’s plan to decide on refugees’ asylum applications to Denmark on the African continent.

The Danish government argues that this will foil the criminal networks of smugglers, and asylum seekers will be spared the life-threatening journey to Europe by sea.

In April the Danish Minister for Immigration and Integration, Mattias Tesfaye, traveled to Rwanda. However, no concrete negotiations resulted from this, and no consensus could be found on the establishment of an asylum center:

“We have agreed to continue to discuss refugee and asylum policy, but also development issues, investments, green change, tourism and many other things.”

Denmark has a rigid asylum policy. For several years it has not been possible to apply for asylum in the country through Danish consulates or embassies. About the planned asylum centers, Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, a lecturer at the Center for Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen, said:

“This would be one of the biggest changes in Danish asylum and refugee policy since 1951. That is why the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has very clearly distanced himself from this idea and criticized it, which the EU has also done.”

The director of the Danish Institute for the Protection of Human Rights, Louise Holck, criticizes that one cannot simply export the “protection of human rights”. The bill is far too imprecise. A “legally secure asylum procedure” could no more be ensured than the non-prosecution of refugees.

Culture-Enriching Jew-Hatred in Germany — It’s the AfD’s Fault!

Beatrix von Storch is the deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. She gave the following speech in the Bundestag in the wake of the orgies of Jew-hatred on the part of culture-enrichers during a recent pro-Palestinian demonstration in Gelsenkirchen in the midst of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Below is the introduction to the video written by Beatrix von Storch, also translated by Oz-Rita:

May 20, 2021

When Merkel, [President of the Bundestag Wolfgang] Schäuble and company have to admit that Jews cannot move freely in our country, this is more than ‘just’ the capitulation of the German constitutional state to imported Islamic anti-Semitism. Under Merkel, the fight against Jew-hatred has become an empty phrase, just the usual blather of consternation instead of decisive measures to protect Jewish citizens and institutions. There is no need to talk about the insufferable CSU man [MEP Manfred] Weber in Brussels, who blames the AfD for the riots, given his obviously massive intellectual deficits.

Imported Islamic Jew-hatred and its organisations must be fought with the utmost force or banned in Germany, and the foreign financing of mosques in our country, especially by the anti-Semite Erdogan, must be stopped immediately.

The terrorist organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip and its rocket attacks on Israel must no longer be supported through German and EU funding of the so-called UN relief agency UNRWA. Germany funded UNRWA to the tune of €173 million in 2020 and the EU funded the terrorist supporters to the tune of €157 million.

The BDS movement is the connecting link between left-wing and Muslim anti-Semitism. This common front is directed against Israel, Germany and the West. It reaches from Iran to the Greens, from Hezbollah to Black Lives Matter, from Hamas to Fridays for Future.

As the AfD parliamentary group, we call on the federal government to finally act decisively, to protect Jewish citizens in Germany and Israel from their Muslim enemies and to close the decades-old dictionary of platitudes. The time of hollow phrases is over.

The article below discusses MEP Manfred Weber’s blaming of the AfD for the upsurge in Islamic Jew-hatred in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube:

Disgusting agitation: Manfred Weber (CSU) gives the AfD joint responsibility for anti-Semitic protests

Those responsible for migration policy have opened the gates for the massive influx of Muslims and also for Islamists and Jew-haters, and thus additionally promoted anti-Semitism in Germany.

In order to distract from their own failure and guilt for the situation, Manfred Weber (CSU) says the AfD, of all people, the only party that has repeatedly warned against these conditions and the immigration of radical Muslims for years, shares responsibility for the anti-Semitic protests in the wake of the escalating Middle East conflict.

Manfred Weber is certain that the AfD is jointly responsible for the hordes of Muslim Jew-haters who roaringly spread their anti-Jewish chants in German cities.

Can one speak of character assassination against better judgment when a CSU politician tramples or twists the truth in such a way?

Berliner Morgenpost:

Manfred Weber (CSU) assigned joint responsibility to parties like the AfD for the anti-Semitic protests in the wake of the escalating Middle East conflict. “Radicals like the AfD in Germany or Le Pen in France have fueled border shifts in anti-Semitism,” said the chairman of the EPP group.

“You have to be named as the founder of such excesses.”

Anti-Semitism shows itself on the streets in Europe and on the net in a terrifying way, complained Weber.

“Politicians must take a clear position against anti-Semitism in every form; the rule of law must act consistently.”

Video transcript:

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Sderot: Day Five

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this update with the latest on the situation in Sderot.

Sderot: Day 5

by MC

It is Shabbat and quiet. There are still a few projectiles flying around, but the tempo has decreased dramatically. News station that operate on Shabbat are reporting street incidents between Arab rioters and Israeli vigilante groups.

Arabs in Israel are split between Christian (Maronite) and Muslim, with the Muslims in the majority, but some of those Muslims are Druse, who tend to be more pro-Israel. The street fighting is worrying, but on the whole Israeli Arabs are better off in Israel than in any of the surrounding states and they know it. The have full and complete Israeli citizenship, enhanced by a form of positive discrimination in higher education (there are many in the universities who believe in equality of outcome).

Islam tends to endow its victims with a paucity of ‘spirit’. The curiosity is that Jews and Christians who have been despised minorities in Arab lands continue to display this paucity of spirit. The generations of Jews who fled North Africa in the early fifties brought with them the Dhimmi attitude, which is only now dissipating in the third generation.

One of the major unheralded achievements of Israel has been the absorption of millions of desperate immigrants, first those fleeing from Czarist Russia, followed by refugees from Nazi Germany, then from the Muslim world after the war of Independence (1948), and finally from the USSR. Recently we have seen those who are fleeing the growing wokist anti-Semitism in Europe and the USA.

That latest batch includes me and my family, of course. Those who survived the Germans were the ones who got out early. There is a constant undertow of anti-Semitism from the Left in the UK, and as the so-called ‘Conservative’ party moves slowly to the political left, increasing Muslim anti-Semitism goes unchecked.

But all these immigrants to Israel had/have things in common: their Jewish identity, and a desire to become part of Israel. There are no ‘economic’ migrants to Israel. Nobody comes to exploit and asset-strip; they come here for safety. Perhaps the biggest problems have been with Russians pretending to be Jews and the Yemenites who, through no fault of their own, were exploited by the socialist government of Ben Gurion.

Much of the Arab/Israeli problem is the result of the British preference for Arab/Muslim over Jew, and thus huge Muslim immigration in the late ’20s, ’30s and ’40s (Biden beware). In 1922 Britain wanted a colony, but instead they got a Mandate (thanks to the USA) to build a Jewish homeland. Britain allowed unrestricted Muslim entry, but strictly controlled Jewish resettlement. Of the ‘refugees’ who fled during the War of Independence, a huge majority had only recently been brought in by the British for war work. They have lived ever since courtesy of UNRWA and the taxpayers of the USA and Europe.

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Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Religion of ‘Peace’

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends a first-hand report from Sderot on the latest barrage of Palestinian missiles from Gaza.

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the religion of ‘Peace’

by MC

Israeli civilians get bombed out of their homes by the Muslim Brotherhood, but the UN calls upon Israel to show ‘restraint’.

And Israel knows that taking effective measures against Muslim Brotherhood war crimes will bring even more approbation on Israel. Such is the life of Jews and a Jewish State, for Jews are ‘special’ in a uniquely negative way. Hamas blatantly fires missiles at civilians, and the ICC ignores it and threatens to investigate Israel for defending itself. This is the left-wing way, the Biden way.

Last night the rain (sic) of terror for us here in Sderot began around 6pm as the first missiles started to come in. Further down the Gaza envelope it started even earlier, with incendiary balloons creating about a dozen large conflagrations.

Gaza is not ‘occupied’: Israeli Jews were forcibly removed from Gaza about sixteen years ago, having resided there continuously for millennia. For the first time since King David, Gaza was now Judenrein.

But it is not enough for the cruel Muslim psyche, they want it all — from the river to the sea, ‘Palestine’ will be Jew-free. The intention was to literally bring Auschwitz to Palestine and incinerate every last Jewish man, woman and child, but the Nazis lost (and live on in Hamas). But this Holocaust Mark II is still the intention of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, its local operative, and is also the intention of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood pressure group in the USA.

The arrival of a volley of rockets is announced by loudspeakers “Sever Adom” (condition red) and almost simultaneously comes the roar of the Iron Dome. If it is a successful intercept, then there are two loud bangs and a shock wave if it is within a few hundred yards, maybe followed up by the whizzing pinging of fragments. Sderot is small, less than a square mile in area, so the missiles are nearly always close — see the photo taken by me yesterday evening from our porch.

The updated Iron Dome intercepts give smoke rings…

If the intercept fails (rarely) then there is a different sequence: the incoming missile is knocked off course (it is gliding by this time) but not destroyed; it explodes as it hits the ground with a different quality of bang.

It is 9 o’clock the next morning as I write. The bangs are still going on — there is a war going on out there. Sderot itself is very quiet, no traffic. The trains have been stopped and some roads are closed — almost everyone stays under cover; we all know the drill.

Many of the children have grown up with this. They, too, learn the drill from Gan (kindergarten) upwards.

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The Horror in Mozambique Continues

I’ve posted several times previously (most recently here) about the violent jihad in northern Mozambique. The article below reports on the continuing carnage in Cabo Delgado.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Portuguese daily Publico:

More than 9,000 people have fled from Palma due to attacks

Almost half of the dislocated who fled from the Mozambican locality in the last week are children. UN official describes “absolute horror”.

[Photo caption: Arrival at Pemba of hundreds of dislocated from Palma]

April 2, 2021

More than 9,000 people have fled from the town of Palma, in the northern part of Mozambique, since the attack by jihadist groups on March 24, revealed the cabinet of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

“At least 9,158 people — 45% of whom are children — arrived in the districts of Nangade, Mueda, Montepuez, and Pemba, according to the latest update from the World Organization for Migration,” states OCHA, in a statement released this Friday.

Prior to the attack at Palma the terrorist attacks upon the populations in the north of Mozambique had already forced almost 670,000 people to flee, including among them 160,000 women and adolescents, 19,000 of whom are pregnant.

Of the people who fled from Palma, 67% managed to stay with families of reception who received the displaced people in their homes.

OCHA stresses that “the situation remains volatile and thousands of people are on the move searching for safety and assistance,” after the terrorist movement Daesh (ISIS) claimed control last Monday over Palma, next to the border with Tanzania.

In Pemba, the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado, a reception center was set up in the port and a triage center in the sports pavilion. Humanitarian workers are distributing food to the displaced people, setting up sanitary facilities, and referring people who need more urgent medical care.

On Tuesday, the spokesperson for OCHA, Jens Laerke, told the news agency Lusa that the situation in Palma is “an absolute horror inflicted against civilians by an armed, non-state group”. “They did horrible things and continue to do them,” said the official, stressing that the attacks will continue to make thousands of people flee.

OCHA says that there are thousands of people still walking through the bush in order to reach safe places, and that there are still an unknown number of displaced people at Quitunda, 15 kilometers south of Palma.

Sanction the Axis of Mercenary and Terrorist Evil

Here’s the latest from David Boyajian on the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Artsakh.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev — Credit:

Sanction the Axis of Mercenary and Terrorist Evil: Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia

by David Boyajian

Azerbaijan deployed thousands of mercenaries in last year’s 44-day war that it and Turkey waged against Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia.

Azerbaijan thereby flagrantly violated the UN’s International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries (UNMERC) which it signed in 1997.

Forty-six countries have signed UNMERC, including Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Poland.

These mercenaries are not clean-cut military men. They’re terrorists, thugs, jihadis, and fanatics.

The Evidence

They include former ISIS commander Sayf Balud, and members of the Hamza Division, Sultan Murad Brigade, Al-Amshat Militia, Free Syrian Army (FSA/SNA), and other factions.

Many were brought into Azerbaijan before the war began on September 27, 2020. Unknown numbers remain there despite the November 9 armistice.

Armenian forces captured two mercenaries who came from Syria’s Hama and Idlib provinces.

The independent UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has confirmed Azerbaijan’s employing mercenaries. In October, it numbered them at over 2,050 with 145 dead.

Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights has named the chief mercenary commanders, such as Fehim Isa of the Sultan Murad Brigade, and their organizations.

Video and audio recordings have identified many of the mercenaries.

Azeri soldiers have forced some of them into battle at gunpoint and lied about the combat conditions. “Haji… don’t come,” warned one mercenary. “We have been deceived… this is a meat grinder.”

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