Excess Mortality in Germany, Part Five

The following video is the fifth and last segment from a recent press conference called by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) to discuss the massive increase in excess mortality in Germany, as shown by multiple sources of official statistics. Previously: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.

In this final installment, the data analyst and programmer Tom Lausen concludes his presentation of statistics which provide evidence of adverse (and fatal) effects of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. He and Martin Sichert, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD, then summarize their findings and take questions from the audience.

What is striking about this material is the obvious misfeasance (and possible malfeasance) of public institutions such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Robert Koch Institute. Messrs Lausen and Sichert make an irrefutable case that these institutions have failed to perform their duty under the law, which requires them to collect the relevant data on the effects of “vaccination” and make it available to the public. The AfD researchers have demonstrated that the data is all available in the public domain, but the health authorities have simply, for their own inscrutable reasons, failed to gather it.

MissPiggy deserves a special round of applause for her dedicated work in translating this long and complex video. Thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, they go to get the vaccination and die on the same day.
00:04   I would say that they were healthy at first, especially if they were between 18 and 59.
00:11   This was in 2021 and only with BioNTech. The first day, 85 people died
00:16   who got the vaccination. Possibly a few minutes or even a few hours later they dropped dead.
00:23   These people could possibly be considered as belonging in the R96 category
00:27   “Suddenly Death” or I46-1. Statistically they already are, but only 85 were reported
00:36   on the first day. The first day. The list goes on.
00:40   We also have the 12- to 17-year-olds. There were even three and they were only vaccinated
00:44   towards the end of the year. Among the 12- to 17-year-olds there were three deaths.
00:49   So a young teenager goes to get the vaccination and is dead a few hours later. Three of them.
00:56   Following that we have a lot of older people, over 60, on the first day —285 people died.
01:02   Only with the vaccine from BioNTech. So of course that is a signal.
01:06   So once this information is received and doctors aren’t doing the reporting.
01:13   These cases here are not reported by doctors either. Actually, 90% of these cases
01:19   are reported by the relatives. That is official information from the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
01:24   As one can see here already, just by the statistical computation, since they have no possibility
01:30   of ordering an autopsy, then they’re obviously hoping that nobody calls. And even then,
01:36   I’ve also heard of cases of deaths that involved suspicion, in which there was no recall.
01:41   Of course, I compare my statistics with the reality of life and what actually takes place.
01:48   As you can see, with figures like these, they actually should do something.
01:52   Now, I’m not saying that every death has to do with the vaccination itself. However,
01:57   here’s a study from 2004 that was about sudden and unexpected deaths after the administration
02:03   of hexavalent vaccination. Diphtheria and so on. Just read the conclusion below, “based on
02:08   spontaneous reporting.” Yes, when a relative calls, that’s what the Paul Ehrlich Institute
02:13   considers to be spontaneous reporting. “These findings, based on spontaneous reporting,
02:20   do not demonstrate a causal relationship between vaccination and sudden unexpected deaths.
02:24   However, they do provide a signal for one of the two six-dose vaccines, which should lead
02:30   to intensified surveillance for unexpected deaths after vaccination.”
02:35   So this isn’t about trying to claim that it’s all from the vaccination,
02:40   but they are obliged to people and of course also to the physicians.
02:43   They must also take into consideration the physicians,
02:46   because they assume that everything is safe. If they haven’t examined the data at all
02:50   and still maintain that everything is safe over a long period of time then they must do their duty.
02:57   They should examine the data which is already available. If they don’t do that, then they can’t
03:02   claim that it’s safe just because they tell relatives when they call, “my sincere condolences.”
03:07   Then they are no long a relevant safety authority. In my opinion, first of all, those responsible
03:15   at the Paul Ehrlich Institute should be asked very clearly what they were thinking
03:20   when they came up with this nonsense. This is a higher federal authority. Of course, I know that
03:26   I’m pushing myself into the foreground with this, but I would like to carry out this questioning.
03:32   If I may briefly say something in addition to that: we’re aware that at the beginning
03:38   of the vaccination campaign, for example with AstraZeneca, there was a reaction due to the
03:43   deaths that occurred from the vaccines. Due to the cerebral vein thromboses.
03:48   They accordingly eliminated certain age groups from receiving the vaccine because of these deaths.
03:53   The political scandal here is of course that although
03:57   the data of the Insured Doctors’ Association was available, this possibility wasn’t used.
04:05   Now we analyzed the data and it reveals a massive increase in these deaths
04:10   that occurred suddenly and unexpectedly.
04:16   The Paul Ehrlich Institute would have had this possibility much earlier to collect these data,
04:21   to analyze and evaluate it. They have a legal obligation to do so, but they failed to do so,
04:28   despite the fact that they were aware of deaths following vaccination.
04:32   As I said previously, after AstraZeneca, they completely changed the vaccination procedure,
04:36   due to deaths occurring. —May I ask if anyone is present from the taxpayer-funded media?
04:41   I’m very inexperienced with press conferences. Anyone? No.
04:46   Okay, that actually fits. Excuse me. That actually fits into the pattern that I have noticed.
04:53   This kind of reporting and data analysis is not discussed, because that’s exactly
05:00   what’s happening at the Paul Ehrlich Institute from my point of view as well.
05:04   I strongly deplore that as a data analyst. I’m not doing this work because I think it’s so great.
05:13   I do it because it is urgently necessary. In this respect, I just wanted to establish
05:19   that no one from the taxpayer-funded media is present.
05:23   We have two more questions, I believe. Mr. Borat? —Yes, I have a question
05:30   for Mr. Sichert; you’re dealing with this issue
05:33   on the political level. If I understand it correctly,
05:36   you criticize the fact that the Paul Ehrlich Institute hasn’t used this data.
05:42   Now the PEI is accusing the KBV [National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians]
05:46   of not providing this data.
05:50   At least, that’s the claim by Mr. Menzel, who said the KBV wasn’t releasing the data and
05:57   the speculation is that there is concern the data wasn’t sufficiently anonymous — that’s
06:03   the accusation. —I can clearly say, definitively: that is a lie.
06:10   As you’ve seen here, I received the data, publicly, through the “Ask The Government” website.
06:16   All the data is available, and it is all anonymous.
06:21   The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians told the Bundestag quite clearly
06:25   in one of the last hearings that as soon as the data was tallied it could be made available
06:30   to the German Bundestag and the corresponding parliamentary groups. This statement
06:35   from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians has remained the same.
06:39   From the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Robert Koch Institute the response was quite the opposite.
06:44   Both Institutes always had excuses to avoid parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag, by
06:48   saying: “We’re now setting up another portal and the whole thing should then run via this portal”
06:52   and so… To put it simply, they were massively dragging their feet. They could have just extracted
06:58   the data and put in an Excel tool, or got it with Excel and then run the corresponding evaluation
07:03   with this data and simply to look for any statistical outliers. Both the Paul Ehrlich Institute
07:10   and the Robert Koch Institute could have done this
07:14   without much effort and they are even required to do so.
07:18   The Paul Ehrlich Institute and Robert Koch Institute are definitely not doing their job properly.
07:23   It’s not the fault of KBV, because they actually have the data
07:27   and also make it available to the public.
07:30   They made it available and it can be requested at “Ask the Government”.
07:34   I would like to add something briefly about obtaining this data. I know from Mr. Menzel, because
07:40   I asked him personally. Mr. Menzel told me that the Association
07:44   of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians does not cooperate.
07:47   So what was just said is correct, but the non-cooperation
07:51   is with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. I contacted them myself.
07:55   I called the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Hamburg.
07:58   They said they had no obligation. The law states that they have an obligation.
08:01   This matter can be solved very easily.
08:04   It is a corporate body under public law, all Associations of Statutory Health Insurance
08:08   and not just the Federal Association, although it released the data.
08:11   All Associations of Statutory Health Insurance
08:14   have not fulfilled their obligation. They haven’t even started discussions on the topic
08:18   of not fulfilling their obligation yet. The only reason we know that they haven’t even spoken
08:23   to the Paul Ehrlich Institute is because of a Bundestag inquiry.
08:26   So, the Paul Ehrlich Institute hasn’t contacted
08:29   the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, nor did the Association
08:33   of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians contact the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
08:37   That’s the actual scandal here. There’s data available that would have shown immediately
08:42   that the safety of the German population, those insured in Germany, has been compromised.
08:47   As I have shown you before, starting in the second quarter (2021), studies were promised.
08:55   We were told data would be collected from the Statutory Insurance from that point forward.
09:00   Ms. Keller-Stanislawski from PEI said that and it wasn’t done. That’s the actual scandal.
09:05   This right here. The second quarter of 2021. That was one and a half years ago.
09:11   Mr. Ratsch, you had a question? Then, here in front. —Yes, hello.
09:16   I have a question. Is it conceivable that these increases
09:20   that you’ve found, that no one noticed before?
09:24   That’s the first question. The second question is: What are the results
09:28   for other diagnostic codes? Other codes that aren’t about death. You mentioned earlier,
09:33   intestinal diseases, cancers — if I heard correctly. Are there conspicuous increases for those,
09:38   and if yes, will be there an evaluation presented here by you?
09:44   For the first question, “if no one noticed it?” I honestly don’t know.
09:49   I can’t accuse anyone of anything now that I can’t prove.
09:54   The fact is, this data is available and it should have been evaluated.
10:00   That this didn’t happen or even worse, if the data had been evaluated somewhere,
10:07   that would be an even bigger scandal if it wasn’t communicated accordingly so the
10:14   government could act accordingly. And yes, we have, as I said, seen with different diseases
10:22   corresponding developments. Those factors are being evaluated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute,
10:31   in the scope of medical product safety.
10:37   The factors, such as I46-1, R96 to R99 revealed
10:44   such a dramatic development that we have focused on this accordingly. That’s my view, but
10:50   I will just briefly hand over to Mr. Lausen, so he can respond to the question of the other data.
10:55   Yes, as I said, you can now analyze the other data yourself.
11:00   It’s available at the website corih.de —
11:05   Corona Vaccine Injury Help Center. You can analyze everything there yourself.
11:11   There’s a cockpit where you can create a profile for a disease, for example cancer.
11:15   Well, cancers are not in the coding, so you have to stick to the coding.
11:19   You could enter “Sudden”. You could enter “Malignant”. You could enter “Lung” or “Kidney”.
11:24   If you know the code, you can also enter the code. I would like to point out one last thing.
11:29   The possibility for failure is also present regarding this situation. Whenever you roll out
11:35   a mass vaccination program for an entire population, then it’s a damned good idea
11:42   to enter the last vaccination date on the death certificates. Of course, that wasn’t done.
11:50   If that had been done, all death certificates could have been examined, and you would have
11:55   a wonderful idea of what approximately two million died of since the beginning of the vaccination.
12:00   You could have seen whether they died from a natural cause or from something else.
12:06   However, the temporal connections to the vaccination could have also been established.
12:11   It would have been a simple addition to post mortems,
12:17   in which the Coroner or General Practitioner
12:22   registers when the last vaccination occurred. Everyone has their vaccination booklet
12:26   and the dates could be listed. That would have made everything much easier.
12:33   Are there any further questions? Doesn’t appear to be the case. Thank you very much
12:39   for your interest. —Thank you. —Thank you.

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    – Our support for Covax is vital. Thanks to Sweden’s donation, people in low- and middle-income countries can be given refill doses of the same type of vaccine that is included in the ongoing Swedish vaccination campaign,” says Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell (M).

    Globally, 71% of the world’s population has received at least one vaccine dose against covid-19. In low-income countries, the proportion is 23%, and although the vaccination rate has increased in recent months, it remains significantly higher than in high-income countries.

    Around four million doses are given daily worldwide. A total of 12.8 billion doses have been administered.

    The government says it is prepared to donate more doses to countries that have the capacity to vaccinate their population.

    • At this point I actually support this.

      Anyone who takes one of these vaxxicide shots after all that has started to come out discrediting them, and after a cursory examination of non-mainstream opinions still opts for the jab is not an ally and is too brainwashed or stupid to be of much use in the fight to come.

      The best that can be done is to encourage all the woke fools, those dependent on the system, the over educated, the management class, and those who would be future informants or enablers of the Great Reset to take these shots over and over until dead. Kill as many of them with their own weapon as possible and it will be that much fewer to kill when things turn kinetic.

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  2. thank you for this great effort you did
    Young collegue (a dancer) from our sun died after second jab with heartfaillure and died in the night (he was a very healthy young man)
    So we are very thankfull that someone like you is looking at those data and the corroption in those institutions who are supposed to work for our health but are mostly subsidied by Pharma
    Gert en Annette

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