Excess Mortality in Germany, Part Two

The following video is the second of five segments from a recent press conference called by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) to discuss the alarming increase in excess mortality in Germany. It picks up at the exact point where Part One left off.

The presenter is the AfD politician Martin Sichert, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD and the Bavarian state chairman for the party. Partway through this segment hands over the mike to a data analyst named Tom Lausen, who, as I mentioned in Part One, is a programmer who has been doing data research on the Corona “pandemic” and the effects — as suggested by the medical statistics — of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the virus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   that could have been avoided. What are our expectations? The political demands
00:05   that arise from this for us as the AfD, are the immediate suspension of vaccination
00:12   with the Corona vaccines until it can be ruled out that this massive increase in deaths
00:17   was caused by the vaccination. As I said, we can’t say it’s definitely from the vaccination,
00:22   but it’s one of the factors that we know started in the first quarter of 2021.
00:29   Until the opposite is proven, the suspicion that there is a connection is so strong that
00:35   the inoculation with these vaccines should be suspended,
00:39   just as it would have been with all other medicines.
00:42   In light of the fact that we have had a massive increase of sudden and unexpected deaths,
00:46   our government must take the initiative by ordering autopsies and having the corresponding data
00:55   compiled and analyzed to understand why these people die suddenly and unexpectedly.
01:00   When four to five times as many people die suddenly and unexpectedly
01:05   per day than previously, the government must
01:09   follow up to prevent even more people from suffering a sudden and unexpected death.
01:14   We presently have a mysterious cause of death in Germany that must be addressed.
01:18   As I said, we’re talking about more than sixty deaths per day.
01:23   We want a compulsory registration of Corona vaccination status and the vaccine type used
01:30   for the deceased. As well as the regular publication of this data to determine how people died
01:38   who may have been vaccinated. Could there be
01:41   a different pattern of death in people who are vaccinated, as compared
01:44   to people who are unvaccinated? Are they dying due to other causes of death,
01:47   or does the whole thing balance out? Of course, we demand the immediate evaluation
01:52   of the KBV data by the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Robert Koch Institute.
01:56   They must now finally fulfill their legal obligation after two years and then also inform
02:01   the population and the doctors about
02:06   what correlations have arisen. Exactly.
02:11   This presentation and the data from the KBV
02:16   are both available online for everyone at the AfD website.
02:22   There is a page activated, a subpage with data evaluation of vaccination side effects.
02:29   On this page, both the KBV data and this presentation can be viewed
02:34   by everyone who is interested.
02:39   Due to the size and the complexity of this data and of course to ensure that the data is valid
02:45   and to explain how this data was analyzed and so on,
02:52   I now give the floor to Mr. Lausen, who will share his remarks.
03:01   Take it from the Desktop please. From the Desktop, down here,
03:06   I’m not sure how to get it there. —OK.
03:11   Is that the most current version? —Yes. —Good.
03:17   Good Morning. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Tom Lausen, I’m a data analyst from Grünen Deich.
03:24   Grünen Deich is located near Hamburg in the old country. I arrived yesterday.
03:29   Since October, August till September 2020, I’ve been analyzing data of the Corona pandemic.
03:38   I think today is a pretty important day, because today data will be published or made public
03:46   that are of great importance. I would like to point out in this context
03:51   that the statement that Mr. Sichert just made
03:56   contained very fundamental topics that I will re-present.
04:04   I would like to explain it as follows: When mass vaccination is implemented in a country,
04:10   Usually, of course, it must also be considered that a potential new danger is created.
04:17   If a new danger is created, one must be familiar with the risks.
04:23   The population must be informed that risks are involved.
04:29   This provides individuals with information they need to make a decision about vaccination
04:36   and whether it is something good for them or not.
04:40   Secondly, once people have made up their minds and trust
04:44   that it all works, then of course this potential new danger,
04:50   in the form of medication or vaccine, must be monitored.
04:56   Security provisions for this kind of monitoring exist in Germany,
05:00   in the form of institutions such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute,
05:03   our supreme authority for drug safety and vaccine safety.
05:08   The Paul Ehrlich Institute must of course consider
05:11   which method to use. If they decide for mass vaccination,
05:15   using new drugs or vaccines, they must also consider what to investigate.
05:21   In particular if deaths are reported,
05:26   which was known very early on. At a press conference on Dec. 3,
05:30   Mr. Wieler stated that we will have deaths
05:33   contemporaneously with the vaccine administration. If deaths were reported, then we should
05:40   have the possibility of finding out if there is a connection
05:45   to the vaccine. Is the vaccine to blame or not?
05:50   That must be carefully examined. Perhaps you are unaware of
05:54   the fact that The Paul Ehrlich Institute
05:58   is only able to investigate using very sparse methods. The Paul Ehrlich Institute has no authority
06:05   to order an autopsy or to open up a corpse.
06:09   The only possibility Paul-Ehrlich-Institute actually has is to wait
06:13   until someone reports that someone has died. That has happened 3,000 times in Germany.
06:18   Someone died and it is suspected that it was in connection with the vaccination.
06:25   So now there were 3,000 suspicious deaths reported to the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute.
06:28   I personally spoke with Dr. Menzer,
06:31   who is the head of the pharmacovigilance department of the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
06:36   He was questioned as an expert party by Federal Administrative Court in a case involving a soldier.
06:41   I asked Dr. Menzel how the Paul Ehrlich Institute was informed about these deaths,
06:48   and he told me 90% are reported by relatives.
06:51   So it isn’t the physicians reporting these suspicious deaths.
06:54   So, that was a brief introduction, and now the question is what can the Paul Ehrlich Institute
07:00   investigate at all if it wants to monitor whether deaths
07:05   as a result of vaccination can be attributed to vaccination or not?
07:10   They cannot order that autopsies be performed. Comparably, in my work as a data analyst,
07:18   I don’t just look at the data, but determine the connections
07:22   within the data in order to understand.
07:26   What I discovered is that the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute made things easy for themselves.
07:31   We have statistics, but I’m here to give them some context.
07:36   In 2007, The Paul-Ehrlich-Institute had a similar situation with the Gardasil vaccine.
07:41   At the time, the Gardasil vaccine had been utilized, I think, 15 million times, and one girl died.
07:49   The case was examined to determine whether or not she died from the vaccine.
07:55   Following that, for the first time, the Paul Ehrlich Institute stated publicly,
07:58   and I couldn’t see any other,
08:01   that in order to determine this, they would not investigate deaths
08:04   in Germany. They would only investigate
08:07   unclear deaths, meaning, those that are unexplained and happened suddenly.
08:12   These deaths, I’ll just jump right to the slide.
08:20   OK, Gardasil, had that. The deaths.
08:23   I started a little differently than I had planned. Just a second.