Is the Pope Catholic?

The title of this post is a reference to an old rhetorical question — which was also usually accompanied by an allusion to the defecatory habits of ursines in an arboreal environment — intended to convey the idea that one’s interlocutor was stating something obvious. Concerning the Pope, however, the question is no longer a rhetorical one. He’s not really Catholic, but what is he?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Unbelievable: Globalist Pope wants people to donate their savings to Ukraine

The one-sided warmongering never ends, even if it is of course formulated in a cryptic way in this case. The incumbent Pope Francis demanded in all seriousness that the people of the world celebrate a “humble Christmas” and “send their savings to the people of Ukraine”. It remains a big mystery how much of the money from the donations to Ukraine has ever arrived where it really helps poor and war-torn people. Meanwhile, the West is being impoverished. [Only the “little” people of the West are being impoverished; the elites are coining it. Is it then a wonder that Zelensky’s wife can spend over €40,000 within an hour in Paris on “Designer” stuff?]

Since the beginning of Pope Francis’ term of office, it has been clear that he is the Pope of globalism and that his actions are based on earthly goals. These seem more in line with WEF plans than with the welfare of the Catholic flock in mind. You could also say that if God had wanted people to become immune to Covid-19, they would have been born that way. In itself, it is a monstrosity that this important spiritual and moral authority has gone full force on almost every globalist agenda to date. All that’s missing is globohomo, transgender and rainbow submission and the catalog is complete.

Now this same globalist Pope suggested that people should not only pray for peace, but donate their savings to Ukraine.

Brothers and sisters, I say to you: in Ukraine there is a lot of suffering, a lot! I would like to draw attention to the approaching Christmas, to the celebrations: it’s nice to celebrate Christmas, to celebrate festivals… But let’s — yes, they say — lower the level of Christmas spending a bit. Let’s celebrate Christmas more humbly, let’s give smaller gifts. Let’s send the savings to Ukraine; they need help. There is a lot of suffering there: they are starving and freezing and many are dying because there are not enough doctors and nurses on site. Let’s not forget: Christmas, yes, at peace with the Lord, but with the Ukrainians at heart. And let’s set concrete signs for them!

— Pope Francis, Vatican News, 12/14/2022

This desire may at first glance correspond to the Christian idea, but the second look must be directed at the whole world and the entire human family. And indeed, there is war not only in the Ukraine, not only in the Ukraine is there suffering and misery, not only in the Ukraine is there bitter need and poverty. Now the question arises as to how a pope can come up with the idea of just picking out one scene of injustice and violence and forgetting all other people in need. This at a time when totalitarian and absurd political measures are rapidly leading to the total expropriation and impoverishment of the people of the West.

When donating to Ukraine, great caution is generally advised. Even before the war, the country was considered extremely corrupt — nothing has changed about that. Even weapons are sold from there all over the world, so that individuals can cheekily enrich themselves. Rumors keep popping up that President Zelensky is corruptly allowing his own family to nibble on millions in donations — evidence of this, however, is scarce. It should not be forgotten that the Russian side is also employing disinformation and rumours. It is clear that every war leads to great suffering — but many NGOs operate as war profiteers and divert lavish “administrative shares” from donations for themselves.

Afterword from the translator:

Maybe he could set a good example. After all, the Catholic Church, which has been squeezing wealth for itself out of people for centuries, now has the unique opportunity to donate a few billion of its enormous church assets to the war games of some world changers…

Also the EU member states have only just decided on an €18 billion package for Ukraine, with Germany likely to bear the brunt because of its “economic output”. Are the payments linked to one or several purpose(s)?

Then, the Christmas gifts are likely to be rather sparse this year — I know in my house they are, and I don’t even live in Europe. In January the bills for electricity and gas are going to flutter into their homes and quite a few citizens will then have to use the little they managed to “save” to cover the additional costs.

28 thoughts on “Is the Pope Catholic?

  1. Cardinal Vigano gave a speech about Christian charity and he emphasised that “charity begins at home”. This is what we all understood that one helped those nearest and dearest and in our community, not sending our money to foreign countries. He is right, we stupidly allow our own people to live in the street and send our money to dictators, corrupt politicians in other countries and feel clever.
    he attacks Klaus Scwabb. I am surprised he hasn’t had an accident.

  2. This “Pope” is why I no longer contribute anything to the Catholic Church, and I only wish there was more I could do against him and his ilk.

    • It seems that Bergoglio wants to transform Roman Catholicism into an ecumenical universal super-religion which would ensure him and his successors an unprecedented amount of power over humanity. To attain this goal he is ready to worship Pachamama (and the first Christians preferred death to worshiping idols), to suck up to LGBT activists, to wash the feet of Muslim occupants, to smother the leaders of other Christian confessions in his bear-hugs, to hobnob with the financial elite (who obviously worship the Golden Calf and not Christ) and to prostitute his supposed faith in any way that would help to lay his hands on as much power as possible.

      He is Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor on steroids.

  3. Ukraine is corrupt, yes. It is arguably much less corrupt than the west. Canadastan is unbelievably filthy, for instance. Worse, in my estimation, than Ukraine.
    Pope Baal’s evil is well understood.
    He is a commie pig. I would not listen to the [epithet]. Hopefully, a best of all people person will love the pope in the islamic manner at some point.
    The fact remains, however, that the rashists are gawd-awful pigs who are going way out of their way to murder civilians. The Budapest Memorandum? Feh! We should give Ukraine back the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world that they surrendered for worthless guarantees from a nuclear-armed third-world terror state.
    I am sorry that the rashka’s cannot get their schvitz in one sock. It’s too damned bad they are broken from communism and cannot heal. The west did not help over the last 30 years, and certainly gorged in that orgy of crapulence, right hilldawg and corn pop?
    But the blame falls squarely on the vatniks.
    In a just world, rashka would fumigated. Steam clean the mess along with any other communist sakukakka, and China, the muslims, and probably everything south of Lampadusa, in the interest of the species surviving. Oh well.
    Worry not. This war will be good for humanity. Hundreds of millions of commies and alphabet creatures will be incinerated, and this is good. Our governments will be destroyed. This is also good. Cleansing nuclear fire , at this point, is necessary, and not to be feared. Our society needs the parasites burned off, and a good beating will toughen these worthless fatbodies up.
    Besides. It cannot be stopped, and should not be.
    It will not be pretty. But look at LA, SF, NY, DC, Ottawa et al, and tell me, what is there to save, what is there to conserve?
    So, quit worrying, and learn to love the bomb. It’s not the end of everything.
    And it’s too late to stop it.

    • Agree with the nuking of the cities and extremely hard times to weed out the parasites, trim the fat, and toughen up the surviving species.

      How much better would life be if their was no more federal government, IRS, deep state, central bankers and usurious banks raping the wallets of those who live by their labor. No more rentier class or hyper wealthy elites vacationing at Martha’s Vinyard or jetting off to Davos.

      Definitely worth the price of nuked cities.

      • Just look up ‘Rashka the Vastnik’. Very funny, and he encapsulates the dominant mind set of the majority of russian zeks.
        He was created by Anton Chadskiy, who subsequently had to flee russia.
        Rashka is a bleakly sardonic portmanteau of russia and fascist, with the diminutive suffix. It emerged in 2011 to describe Putin’s new russia, da? Vatnik is used in eastern europe and rashka to describe the typical jingoistic, thoughtless, frequently drunk and unquestioning post-soviet consumer of that bizarrely unhinged russian state propaganda, a true believer who longs for good old stalinisim, and supports the regime out of fear, hatred of others, or most often a combination of both
        It is from soviet-era cant for the Telogreika ‘body warmer’ padded cotton-wool jacket issued to soviet, PLA and DPRK troops until the mid ’60’s. The english equivalent is a ‘Tankie’, which was coined to describe the British Communist Party’s support for the invasion of Hungary in ’56, the ‘tankiest tankies’.
        Mobnik is another portmanteau, describing the ‘mobilized vatniks’ in Ukraine.
        Those of us that understood russians called them ‘larval corpses’ back in my days of fire 😉 They’ve never been worth much militarily, there’s just a hell of a lot of them.
        Moon gets it, but then, he’s a Heinleiner…So let’s take off, and nuke them from orbit, starting with DC, Davos and Brussels.

    • No country in the world can be more corrupt than Ukraine. It is not humanly possible. But it is not purely Ukrainian achievement. Ukraine’s American puppet masters and their EU vassals have done a lot to make this possible.

      • Hohoho.

        Let us consider the Soviet Peoples Little Gulag on the Prairie, formerly known as Canadastan.
        Canadians have no unalienable rights.
        Our soi-disant Charter of Rights and Freedoms clearly states that the Federal Government is absolute suzreign in name of the Crown, and owns every thing and every one in the Dominion of Canada, in fee simple.
        Arbutus biotech, creator of the Nano lipids in every MRNA serum, is majority owned by unterstumnband kommisar Tudeau 2.
        800% increase in net worth for Trudeau since the mandate.
        We have political prisoners.
        200 plus armed stormtroopers jack boot a church. That’s A-OK.
        The RCMP proudly states that they have a business model, and revenue streams.
        The RCMP have a long history of arson, bombings and political murder directed from the Prime Ministers office.
        The Federal police, the RCMP, function as a paramilitary, with predictable results- 1400+ people are murdered annually.
        The RCMP turns in a fat bill to municipalities at gunpoint.
        Yes! When the RCMP administrators come to a municipal meetings, they are fully armed and armored.
        The RCMP sell contract services to corporate entities . It’s a core business. Corporate-Government monopolies maintained by state violence and election suppression is the norm – see the RCMP, SNC-Lavalin, BC gas, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, CBC, Alta Energy, ICBC. The list is endless up here.
        All of these corporate entities have instant and often homicidal enforcement at the behest of the company executives.
        Banks regularly seize the bank accounts of political dissidents, at the direction of the PMO. This has been going on for 30 years.
        State issued death is the leading cause of death in canada. This is described as a revenue stream for health canada, on top of a 385 million dollar savings.
        We have concentration camps. These are run by ‘service providers’.
        The Canadian Revenue Agency has a business model, and it’s own heavily armed and armored paramilitary force.
        Dominion Voting Systems was owned by the Federal Government, until it’s sale to the Chinese Communist Party in early 2016. Trudeau received nearly a quarter billion dollars from the CCP for that.
        Colt DeMarco, GM Canada, Bristol Aerospace and many others sell arms to the worst regimes on the planet-mostly muslim, with the blessing of the federal government, who own significant portions of Canada’s armaments makers. Arms are our third largest export.
        We have PRC police, Chinese paramilitary organizations, US police, DEA, and FSB operating freely through out canadastan, with the blessing of the PMO, who are paid for access.
        Pot/kettle, tankie.
        It’s all filthy.
        Again. The russians are going far out of their way to attack civilians in Ukraine. I also note that the Ukies, who are fighting for national survival against a state who has plainly articulated
        genocidal intentions, are executing war profiteers.
        Is there corruption? Of course!
        Unlike this stink-hole of the north, they seem to be doing something when the corrupt are caught. Compared to the dictatorial fascist government of canadastan, Ukraine seems almost clean, and they are smoking rashka’s in job lots, which measurably improves the species.
        Ye gods. It’s a miracle that some folks skulls do not collapse under ambient atmospheric pressure…

    • Amen! I don’t think they will use the bomb, but cities will burn and millions will be consumed by what is coming, the Great Purge I call it.

  4. One can see why the RCC had to set aside the teachings of Aquinas because this proxy war is not a “just war” under the criteria of St. Thomas. Borgoglio is too much of a windbag to delve into proportional means to an end. He ignores the lies from the West (admitted by the Frau) as NATO dug trenches and supplied armaments all over Russian irredenta, denying these souls the right of self-determination. He’s apparently unaware of NATO deliberately boxing in Russia to isolate it, as soon as it threw off the Marxist tyrants. What’s most lacking is what every 7 year old was told, to make a good examination of conscience before engaging in the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion.

  5. I dont think that this pope is a true christian.
    He is a schill for globalization, the WEF, etc.

    I read about rumors that Benedict XVI was removed by the elite to make way for this “pope”.

    I must admit I loose faith in Christ.
    There is a joke that goes this way.
    Jesus and a normal man are sitting on a bench and the man asks Jesus (and with it God) how he can allow such evil to exist in this world.
    And Jesus counters: Thats what Iwanted to ask you too.

    Now if I would be in the place of this man I would counter: Because I dont have the power to change anything. I am alone and the majority of the people around me would betray me in one second. But you on the other hand, you just snip your fingers or can send an Angel with a flaming sword and clean up this mess. So, why dont you just give me this power and ask me your question in afew days?

    • God gave Man freedom to choose between good and evil. Unfortunately, throughout history men (and women, for that matter) have chosen evil much more often than good.

      Freedom presupposes responsibility. Being a free agent, Man suffers the consequences of his choices. And not just of his personal choices. All human beings are spiritually connected with each, so each individual action (including words, thoughts and emotions) has repercussions over the whole human race.

      If God, as you say, “snapped His fingers” and sent an angel to put right every stupid thing that anyone has done, that would have taken away our freedom. And that would make us absolutely irresponsible, immature and unworthy of our high calling. In the past, most people understood that simple truth and didn’t expect God to act as their baby-sitter.

      However, our civilization in its final stage of decay has taught people to be horrifyingly irresponsible. We are all – to a varying degree – spoilt brats who want to do and to have whatever we want and immediately but refuse to accept the consequences of our actions and desires.

      If you, as a grown-up man, were put in charge of a bunch of spoilt, cynical, selfish, lazy, feckless, materialistic, terrifyingly stupid and utterly unhappy adolescents, what would you do? Would you give them everything they ask for and clean up the mess? Would you let them dance on the roof and catch them when they fall? Would you let them get plastered and nurse them through their hangovers?

      If we want to be free we have to assume the responsibility for all the suffering in this world.

    • The first lady must look beautiful – she is the face of the nation – and beauty costs money. For Ukraine this is especially important. Beautiful women are the only economic resource left in the country.

  6. The first lady must look beautiful – she is the face of the nation – and beauty costs money. For Ukraine this is especially important. Beautiful women are the only economic resource left in the country.

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