When Putsch Comes to Shove

As you all know by now, earlier today German security forces arrested 25 people for allegedly plotting a putsch to overthrow the federal German government.

I have no idea whether such a plot was really in the works, but there’s one thing I’m sure of: if 25 plotters were arrested, then there were at least ten additional conspirators (probably more) who were planted in the group as agents of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV), Germany’s domestic intelligence agency. Like the FBI, the BfV is notorious for having a large presence in all right-wing dissident groups.

Another interesting point about the arrest of the putsch plotters: in a Skype discussion this morning, one of the German translators floated the possibility that the arrest was timed to distract attention from the murder of a schoolgirl in Illerkirchberg by an Eritrean culture-enricher.

The following report concerns apparent leaks to the media about the arrests before they occurred. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

The day before the tricky putsch raid: ARD journalist made allusions on Twitter

One day before the much-noticed GSG9 raid against a terrorist cell in the Reichsbürger scene, which according to investigators was planning a violent coup, an ARD journalist made allusions to the top-secret planned arrests on Twitter.

More than 3,000 security forces were deployed across Germany, including GSG9 and SEK units. During the action, 137 apartments and commercial buildings were searched involving 52 suspects, and numerous arrests were made. They are accused of planning a coup d’état. [Right, how is such a small number of people going to do that? Especially without the military behind them?]

The plan was to storm the Bundestag and overthrow the government. The Reichsbürger [imperial citizens] then wanted to install Prince Heinrich XIII Reuß as “regent”. The terror cell surrounding the prince is being investigated on suspicion of forming a terrorist organization and planning a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state. The Attorney General in Karlsruhe is investigating.

What is remarkable, however, is how early many media reported extensively in background reports this morning. This indicates that the information about the raid was leaked to quite a few media in advance. [I smell a real nasty sewer rat here.]

Even more explosive: The day before, the ARD journalist and Kontraste head Georg Heil tweeted: “I’m afraid tomorrow there will be many ‘exclusive’ reports.” With this he alluded deliberately and publicly to the raid, which was still highly secret at the time for the next day.

I have the sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot of “exclusive” messages tomorrow.

— Georg Heil (@Georg_Heil) December 6, 2022

Such a public allusion is actually an absolute no-go. Normally, such information is given to journalists on the unequivocal stipulation that none of it will be leaked before the action.

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Funeral in Illerkirchberg

I reported yesterday on the knife attack on two schoolgirls in the German town of Illerkirchberg. One of the girls was killed, and the other was severely wounded. The alleged perpetrator of the attack was an Eritrean immigrant.

Based on her name (“Ece”) and the context of the reports, the girl who was killed was an ethnic Turk.

The article below reports on the funeral in Illerkirchberg for the murdered schoolgirl. Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this piece from Pleiteticker.de:

Funeral service at the cemetery: The heartbreaking words of Ece’s mother

Jan A. Karon and Pauline Schwarz report from Illerkirchberg.

“She always smiled and was always cheerful” — when Nuray S., the mother of the murdered Ece, utters these words at her daughter’s grave, she breaks down. The loss, grief and anger over the terrible event seem almost impossible for her to cope with. She cries out her pain to the world.

No one at the cemetery can relate to this pain of the mother that tore her heart apart. But the family is not alone. Hundreds of people came to Ece’s funeral at noon Wednesday at the small cemetery in Illerkirchberg.

Before the funeral procession reaches the cemetery, there is a dead silence in the village. Friends, family, classmates; the immediate environment wants to stand by the family in this indescribably difficult time, but also people from Mannheim, Ulm, Stuttgart and other cities have come to say goodbye.

Hundreds of people wear a photo of Ece on their jackets, with the date of her death — the day on which a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea took the little girl’s life.

It is a moment of grief and anger. A family member finally takes the floor and speaks to the police officers present. The man loudly affirms that he does not want the subject, the crime, to be forgotten. He does not want any politicians to express condolences, but in a few days’ time no one will care about Ece’s death. No one here knows or understands why the little girl had to die.

Meanwhile, Ece’s friends, her family, neighbors and acquaintances have gathered around the grave. Among them are many representatives of the Turkish communities, one of whom gives a moving speech for Ece. The man says in a quivering voice that the Alevi community condemns the heinous act in the strongest possible terms — “we share this deep pain with Ece’s relatives.”

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Italian Court Nullifies “Green Pass” Judgment

I went to the retinologist’s office today to get a periodic injection in my left eye. As a result I’m moving a bit slowly this evening.

However, I can at least post a few videos. The first one is from Italy, and concerns the nullification of a judgment against an unvaxed woman who went to work without a “green pass”. The horror! (The later ruling of the Constitutional Court was discussed here a few days ago.)

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Confession and Apology First, Then Amnesty

As most readers will know by now, a popular progressive writer named Emily Oster has called for a “pandemic amnesty” that would absolve the Coronafascists and vax-pushers of guilt for their actions in the past three years. As of this writing, she has found few sympathizers among the Purebloods and vax-skeptics.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends his take on the proposed pandemic amnesty and related matters.

Confession and Apology First, Then Amnesty

by MC

We are not very good at holding our leaders to account, and even our direst enemy’s leaders mostly get away with it.

Yes, we hanged a few as a result of the Nuremberg trials, but it is always surprising how many Nazi murderers covered up their spots and became leaders of the German ‘recovery’ or the American/Russian space efforts.

The German hierarchy destroyed millions of Jews and Slavs, leaving the common German people to carry the can, some of whom had a probably only the vaguest idea of what was actually going on. One had to be very, very brave to put one’s head above the parapet.

We in the West assume that ‘we’ are the good guys, and maybe that was mostly correct some seventy years ago, but Stalin had due cause to be wary. The dealings between Dulles and Wolff, and possibly Kammler, led to a transfer of technology to the US, but what was the quid pro quo? We may never know.

But then, we have just been through much the same thing:

First they injected the elderly and they died alone.
But I was young and fit; I did not care.
Then they injected the care workers.
But I did not care; I was not in danger.
Then it was the military; they died by numbers.
But I did not wear a uniform.
Then the pilots dropped out of the sky.
But I do not fly.
But when my time came, I bared my arm lest I, too, be outcast.
Masked, distanced, locked down and finally, dead.

We have just lived through a ‘holocaust’, but this time it was not the bullets of the Sicherheitsdienst or the gas of the Schutzstaffel.

The Holocaust itself was preceded by Action T4, which had the object of removing many ‘useless’ eaters ( the disabled, the mentally ill). These became the lab rats: they were injected with things like phenol and potassium, or they were gassed with ‘experimental’ lethal gasses (mainly bottled carbon monoxide).

In mid-1939, Hitler authorised the creation of the Reich Committee for the Scientific Registering of Serious Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses (Reichsausschuss zur wissenschaftlichen Erfassung erb- und anlagebedingter schwerer Leiden) led by his physician, Karl Brandt, administered by Herbert Linden of the Interior Ministry, leader of German Red Cross Reichsarzt SS und Polizei Ernst-Robert Grawitz and SS-Oberführer Viktor Brack. Brandt and Bouhler were authorised to approve applications to kill children in relevant circumstances, though Bouhler left the details to subordinates such as Brack and SA-Oberführer Werner Blankenburg.

Extermination centres were established at six existing psychiatric hospitals: Bernburg, Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim, and Sonnenstein. One thousand children under the age of 17 were killed at the institutions Am Spiegelgrund and Gugging in Austria. They played a crucial role in developments leading to the Holocaust. As a related aspect of the “medical” and scientific basis of this programme, the Nazi doctors took thousands of brains from ‘euthanasia’ victims for research.

From August 1939, the Interior Ministry registered children with disabilities, requiring doctors and midwives to report all cases of newborns with severe disabilities; the ‘guardian’ consent element soon disappeared. Those to be killed were identified as “all children under three years of age in whom any of the following ‘serious hereditary diseases’ were ‘suspected’: idiocy and Down syndrome (especially when associated with blindness and deafness); microcephaly; hydrocephaly; malformations of all kinds, especially of limbs, head, and spinal column; and paralysis, including spastic conditions”. The reports were assessed by a panel of medical experts, of whom three were required to give their approval before a child could be killed.

The Ministry used deceit when dealing with parents or guardians, particularly in Catholic areas, where parents were generally uncooperative. Parents were told that their children were being sent to “Special Sections”, where they would receive improved treatment. The children sent to these centres were kept for “assessment” for a few weeks and then killed by injection of toxic chemicals, typically phenol; their deaths were recorded as “pneumonia”. Autopsies were usually performed and brain samples were taken to be used for “medical research”. Post mortem examinations apparently helped to ease the consciences of many of those involved, giving them the feeling that there was a genuine medical purpose to the killings. The most notorious of these institutions in Austria was Am Spiegelgrund, where from 1940 to 1945, 789 children were killed by lethal injection, gas poisoning and physical abuse. Children’s brains were preserved in jars of formaldehyde and stored in the basement of the clinic and in the private collection of Heinrich Gross, one of the institution’s directors, until 2001.

Rather than liken the Covid-19 turmoil to the Holocaust, which was an exercise in real race-hatred of both Jews and Slavs, I would compare it to Aktion T4 because of its targeting of social groups rather than racial groups, and for its high level of deceit where the victims were wrested away from loving families and killed, possibly for revenue. And the medical professions must, once again, carry the burden of guilt.

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Ukrainian Refugees in Poland Will Help Pay Their Way

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Berliner Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Poland: Ukrainian refugees will soon have to pay for food and shelter

Poland spends a lot of money on accommodating and feeding Ukrainians. Therefore, the war refugees should pay part of the costs themselves.

Poland has taken in more Ukrainian war refugees than any other European country. This means that Germany’s neighbors have spent comparatively more money on accommodation and meals than other EU countries. As the New York Times reports, the Polish government is therefore planning that from the beginning of next year, refugees from Ukraine will themselves have to pay for some of the accommodation and food provided by the state. [I’ll make an educated guess that the German Greens will invite them all to cross the border, with all expenses paid.]

That means Ukrainian refugees housed in state-funded shelters will be charged 50% of the cost, up to $8.83 per day per person. This rule applies if you stay in Poland for more than 120 days. Refugees who stay longer than 180 days will be charged 75% of the accommodation cost, up to $13.25 per day per person, according to The New York Times.

The Council of Ministers has already passed a corresponding draft law, which should be passed by Parliament without any problems. The newspaper refers to a statement by the Polish Prime Minister.

1.5 million Ukrainian citizens registered as refugees in Poland

Poland was said to be bearing the brunt of the largest exodus in Europe since World War II. While most Ukrainian war refugees have since traveled to other countries or returned home, as of this month nearly 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens were still registered as refugees in Poland, according to The New York Times. Poland will spend more on housing, healthcare and other services for Ukrainians than any other European country by the end of the year, according to a recent study by the Polish Economic Institute. As the country, like much of Europe, struggles with inflation and high gas prices, there are signs that some of Poland’s electorate may be beginning to feel fatigued.

In June, the government announced significant cuts in support towards Ukrainians, saying it would scrap daily allowances for refugees and end payments to Polish families who take them in. However, most of these cuts, which were due to start months ago, have not come into effect because of opposition from local governments. The new measures announced by the central government, which are due to come into force on March 1, will apply to Ukrainian refugees staying in the country for more than four months.

Afterword from the translator:

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The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom

Our Hungarian correspondent László takes a look at the long-term consequences of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

The Peasants of Elon’s Digital Fiefdom

Is Elon Musk Actually Building a Social Credit System Apparatus?

by László

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” (Murphy’s Law)

Elon Musk’s admitted strategic goal with Twitter is to use it as an “accelerator for an everything app” that he plans to create in the future. But where will it all lead? I have been trying to read between the lines and figure out what is behind Musk’s mask, by ‘doing my research’ and looking further into the future, in order to reconcile his stated plans with those of his fellow globalists. I had to use my paranoid fantasy a bit, in order to fill in the gaps that the propaganda on all sides leaves in the Narrative, and get to a point that is nearer to the truth.

In a simplistic view, an “everything app” or “superapp” is something that can do virtually everything for you, from chatting to payments. But there is much more to it — even if it is something St. Elon the Savior himself creates for us.

You might have suspected, just like me, that Musk may have some other goals with Twitter, beyond the honey trap of ‘free speech’ he is promoting it with. Coinmarketcap writes:

In a cryptic tweet shared with his 107.9 million followers, the billionaire declared: “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.” And when asked whether it would have been easier just to start “X” from scratch, he replied: “Twitter probably accelerates X by three to five years, but I could be wrong.

“Everything apps” haven’t really made a lasting impression in Western economies yet — but over in China, super apps have taken the economy by storm.

In China “super apps have taken the economy by storm” — and the society as well, I may add. In that light, the urgency of “Twitter accelerating X” is strange, to say the least.

Why does Musk want to have an “everything app” ASAP? Is that the zeitgeist, perhaps? Sure it is. But why? What does such an app do for a globalist? Why do globalists want so desperately to have “super apps” that take the economy [and society] by storm”? What do globalists want from the whole of the economy?

We all know the answer, but dare we say it?

In my opinion, as users of an “everything app”, (almost) everyone will be turned into a node in The Grid. The profit and power an “everything app” can generate will stem primarily from its ability to influence and control human behavior en masse.

And “information”, in this context, is nothing but your life: all what you do, say, think (!), buy and sell. According to Livemint:

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Knife Jihad in Illerkirchberg

One teenage girl was killed today and another seriously wounded during a knife attack in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

The following reports describe what happened, but do not mention the fact that the alleged perpetrator is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. However, numerous other reports (including this English-language one) do record that salient fact.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the attack from the Berliner Zeitung, also translated by MissPiggy:

In southern Germany

Brutal attack on way to school — Girl (14) dies in hospital

Inconceivable scenes must have taken place in the early hours of the morning in Illerkirchberg, south of Ulm. Bloody attack on innocent children at a school.

What happened: An unknown man attacked and seriously injured two schoolchildren on their way to school in the community of 4,700 inhabitants. Eyewitnesses immediately called the police and the emergency services. The latter treated the two girls, 13 and 14 years old according to previous findings, and took them to a hospital with serious wounds. According to the Ulm police, the children were probably on their way to catch a bus to a neighboring community to attend a secondary school there. The attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau district) did not affect a neighboring elementary school, as first thought, according to police. “Contrary to rumors, there was no amok alarm in a school,” a police spokesman said. The perpetrator fled to a residential building. It is not yet clear whether he lives there. Police surrounded the building, stormed it and arrested all residents. “We assume that among them is also the perpetrator,” said a police spokesman. The operation with the help of a special task force was completed, and there was no danger to the population. It is still unclear whether the perpetrator used a weapon and if so, what kind. There is no motive for the crime itself. It is also unclear whether the children and the perpetrator knew each other. The investigation is in full swing.

Video transcript:

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The Greening of the Bundeswehr

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Crazy climate plans: Bundeswehr should go “green”!

The Bundeswehr recognizes that war damages the climate and the environment. [They only notice this NOW? What an insight!] But now she is planning the “transformation of the armed forces into a sustainable army.” This should have extinguished the last spark of hope for the military capability of the Bundeswehr.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht stumbles from one embarrassing appearance to the next. Now they want finally make a laughingstock out of the Bundeswehr. [Is that still possible after Shotgun Uschi and AKK?] Whether with photovoltaics on barracks roofs, synthetic fuel or “green” stickers for new acquisitions: the Bundeswehr should transform itself. Transform ecologically. “Green” was once only camouflage for the troops — now it should be for the whole troupe. The Bundeswehr should become climate-neutral. [Wouldn’t the outright disbanding of the Bundeswehr be so much simpler? That’s what this boils down to in end, doesn’t it?]

The Bundeswehr would like to use photovoltaic systems to increase its independence from external electricity providers. A look at the current electricity mix is enough to show that photovoltaic systems have hardly generated any energy in the last few days. Only an average of three gigawatt hours were generated at lunchtime, just under two percent of the total. That’s not how you run an army. [Certainly, that’s the way to run an army, especially when your aim is to run the army into the ground.]

Things are looking rosier for synthetic fuel, if you trust government experts. The Bundeswehr’s group of experts agree “that the majority of vehicles can be operated with synthetic fuels in the future.” In fact, synthetic fuels are a thing of the future — and de facto not an option for many means of transport such as cars due to their energy inefficiency.

While the Ministry of Defense is planning the transformation of the Bundeswehr, the huge supply gap continues to widen. However, little has happened since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine and the decided-upon special fund. The Bundeswehr is now even in a worse situation than before. The reason for this is the donations in kind to the Ukrainian army. However, Ms. Lambrecht insists that Germany is defensible. With deficiencies in everything from munitions to personnel and heavy equipment, our soldiers may not be able to defend our country. While Lambrecht blabbers about “green transformation”, the troops haven’t even had ammunition for years. In the Bendlerblock [Ministry of Defense], people apparently no longer know what’s going on in the Bundeswehr.

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Italian Constitutional Court Upholds the Vax Mandate

Back in October the new Italian government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni pledged to overturn the “vaccine” mandate introduced by the previous government under Mario Draghi. However, the country’s Constitutional Court has just ruled that the vax mandate is constitutional, and must remain in place.

The following Italian video features commentary about the Constitutional Court’s action, which the commentator sees as a purely political decision.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For an English-language report on the Constitutional Court’s decision, see The Local.

Video transcript:

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The Ingratitude of the Ungrateful

Migrants in Austria have taken to the street to protest the humiliating conditions they are forced to endure in their asylum accommodations.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Inhumane”: Migrants are now demonstrating against their asylum quarters

The asylum situation in Austria has recently caused a lot of excitement. Because of the “inhumane asylum policy”, the migrants are now taking the floor themselves. A rally and a demonstration will take place in Innsbruck on Friday. [I’m pretty sure that this turned out “peaceful”]

After the asylum situation recently caused a stir, the migrants themselves took the floor in Innsbruck today. They call for a day of protest against the “inhumane asylum policy of Tyrol and Austria”, reports the Kurier.

A rally has been underway in front of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum since 1pm. In the evening hours (6pm) another demonstration is planned at the Anna Column in the city center. In addition to the “grueling asylum procedures”, the “inhumane accommodation” is also criticized.

Tents have “taken the situation to the extreme”

“The problem begins with mass accommodation or containers in which refugees live with several people in one room for years and thus have practically no privacy,” says an advertisement. This was “taken to extremes” when migrants were housed in tents all over Austria or “in makeshift halls such as in Kufstein, where more than thirty people sleep in one room.”

Afterword from the translator:

I somehow cannot imagine that these people stayed in 5-star hotels all the way into Europe on their “flight”? Can anyone? I rather doubt it.

I believe it was Elbert Hubbart who said something along these lines: “The ungrateful is one who has got something for nothing and wants more.” And that is exactly what these invaders are doing, demands after demands, as if they had been invited. As far as I remember, when my grandfather’s eldest brother had to flee the Nazi regime, at first into the Soviet Union and then from there to Canada, he never got anything for free — maybe a meal here and there or a lift — otherwise he had to foot the bill himself with casual work or the selling of his ever-shrinking valuables. No money for roof and food from the Russians or Canadians for a German refugee. And these people? They most likely want even their travel expenses paid back by the Austrian or German taxpayers. These people are all, by the looks of it, UNGRATEFUL and HATEFUL towards their “host”.

“Do the ungrateful no favors lest you make an enemy of them. The guilt of gratitude weighs heavily on him and makes him angry.” — Andreas Laskaratos (1811-1901)

The Lying Liars of Pfizer

The following German-language report discusses the determination by a British medical oversight board that the Pharma giant Pfizer/BioNTech had elided the truth just a wee bit in its promotion of Corona “vaccines” for kids.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Pfizer advertised child vaccination with misleading claims

British regulator confirms breaches of code of ethics

You have to give Uğur Şahin (BioNTech) and Albert Bourla (Pfizer) one thing. The CEOs of the two pharmaceutical giants have never lacked a rock-solid belief in their own products. The “vaccination hero” (Bild) from Mainz was already absolutely certain in February 2021 that vaccinated people would no longer be infected. At the time, nobody wanted to know where Şahin got this conviction from, especially since the “constant questioning” of everything related to Corona had long been considered unacceptable at that point.

Similarly, in late 2021 Albert Bourla rushed to the public in Great Britain with exclusive insights into childhood vaccination. On December 2, 2021, in an interview with the BBC, the Pfizer CEO claimed that children between the ages of five and eleven would particularly benefit from the vaccine. “In my opinion, the benefits are entirely in favour of vaccinating children in this age group against Covid-19,” Bourla was quoted as saying at the time. Corona is spreading rapidly in schools, the Pfizer boss asserted in one of the most capital misjudgments of the entire “pandemic”. Only the coming years and decades will probably show what damage was really caused by this.

But that’s how it was back then, in December 2021. As long as it fit the narrative, everything could be said and asserted. Even Albert Bourla’s obvious bias in making such statements or the fact that child vaccination was not yet approved at that time hardly seemed to bother anyone at the time either.

Parent initiative goes to the barricades

The only resistance worth mentioning came from the group “UsForThem”. This parents’ initiative had been founded in Great Britain just a few months earlier to draw attention to the considerable disadvantages children suffered as a result of the Corona measures. In the unsubstantiated statements of the Pfizer CEO, the parents saw a “disgraceful misleading” with “extreme advertising character,” and submitted a complaint to the British Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA). There is simply no evidence that healthy children in the UK are at significant risk from Corona, argued UsForThem. Claiming or suggesting such a thing is a breach of several clauses of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Association (ABPI) code of ethics. [To break a code of ethics, you need to have them to start off with, something, I’m pretty sure, Albert Bourla does not have or has ever possessed.]

As The Telegraph reports, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) only emphasized in September 2021, just over two months before the controversial BBC interview, that the benefit of child vaccination was to be regarded as “small” for healthy ones, and children are hardly at risk from the virus. Regardless of this, the first young people in Great Britain were vaccinated from the beginning of October 2021, initially without an official recommendation from the supervisory authority. For children aged five to eleven, this only followed in February 2022, but with the express proviso that the last word must always lie with the parents.

PMCPA upholds parent’s complaint

Taking into account all of these and some other aspects, the PMCPA considered the parents’ initiative’s complaint in the spring of 2022 to be justified. In particular, it was found that the pharmaceutical industry’s code of ethics had been breached on a number of occasions, including by misleading the public, making false claims and failing to present information in a factual and balanced manner.

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“You Will See That Russia Can’t Lose”

Pyotr Tolstoy is a Russian politician and media figure, and the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma. He speaks French, and in the following video is interviewed on French TV. His questioners are uniformly hostile to Russia, but his answers to them are very interesting indeed.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes?

I posted on Saturday about the COVID-related news concerning the famous German virologist Christian Drosten. Now Mr. Drosten is in the news again, due to what was apparently a little white lie about his participation in a conspiracy to suppress information concerning the laboratory origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de:

New explosive emails surfaced: did Christian Drosten lie about secret agreements?

by Janina Lionello

At the beginning of the year, the virologist Christian Drosten swore under oath that he had never tried to cover up a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. E-mails that have now been published suggest that this is not true.

The most explosive passage is hidden on page 59 of the 174-page dossier. “Didn’t we join forces to challenge and, if possible, reject a particular theory?” it says. The message was written by Christian Drosten on February 9, 2020, and it refers to a conference call in which several scientists discussed a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The journalist Jimmy Tobias received the bundled emails on November 22 with the help of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and published them online as “Farrar Fauci Comms”).

So, Drosten speaks here quite openly of the collusion of several international scientists in order to systematically discredit the laboratory theory.

The words also cry out for an explanation from Drosten, because in February 2022 he had taken legal action against the Hamburg physics professor Roland Wiesendanger, who had accused Drosten of precisely such a secret collusion. At the time, Drosten swore: “During my participation, no agreement was made to cover up the possibility of a laboratory origin in public. I am also not aware that such an appointment was made at a later date.”

Wiesendanger sees his assumption that scientists agreed in February 2020 to “cover up” a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by the current publication, as he explained to Pleiteticker.de. He also wants to keep further legal action against Drosten open — including the “disclosure and prosecution of potentially criminal acts at an international level.”

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Shootout in Horgoš

In Serbia, near the Hungarian border, a group of at least six hundred culture-enrichers got a little bit boisterous, and engaged in a round of intramural diversity that involved firearms. Serbian police, unlike their counterparts in the EU, acted decisively against the rambunctious youngsters.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating the German subtitles on this Serbian report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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