A Week of Cultural Enrichment in Europe

The incidents described in the news stories below did not necessarily occur during the past week, but the translations about them all landed in my inbox during that period.

First, from Germany, yet another travesty perpetrated by a (failed) “asylum seeker”. Hellequin GB, who translated the article, refers to the incident as “another sacrifice on the altar of Political Correctness in Germany”.

The story from Politically Incorrect:

SPD Lord Mayor Mädge downplays the act

Lüneburg: 19-year-old brutally murdered by “refugee”

by Manfred W. Black

19-year-old Jana D. was found stabbed to death in her car in Lüneburg four days ago. “The officials already have a suspect” (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung). For days, media such as the HAZ, the Lüneburger Landeszeitung (LZ), the Hamburger Abendblatt and the NDR have hardly published any details about the perpetrator. Although the police and the media seem to know that the assailant is a rejected asylum seeker. Scandalous: The mayor of Lüneburg belittles the cruel act.

The father discovers the body of his own daughter

It said in the LZ that the alleged murder weapon was found near the crime scene, as the suspect is a “friend” of Jana D. Other media write that the murderer is the “friend” of the victim. The LZ reported that the 19-year-old’s father discovered the body of his own daughter in the early morning, around 3am. In a parking lot in the Lüneburg district of Schützenplatz — in a car used by the daughter. According to the police, the victim had “several injuries” that allegedly led to death. The father was looking for his daughter; previously he had waited in vain for her at home.

According to media reports, the evening before the crime, the victim worked in a Lüneburg restaurant that offers take-away sales.

First, the Bild newspaper puts the facts on the table

On January 20, the Bild-Zeitung did not provide any more detailed information about the knife. It only said: “The public prosecutor’s office did not want to provide further information on the (professional) background of the accused for reasons of privacy protection.”

On January 21, during the day , the Bild — as the only media outlet — published details on the perpetrator. The daily reported that last month Jana D. and her later murderer named “Fares A.” celebrated Christmas together. Bild even presented a — pixelated — photo in which the unequal couple is kissing.

It was also stated that the perpetrator, who apparently lives with his parents, is an asylum seeker whose application for asylum was rejected long before the offense, and who should have been deported long ago. The knife assailant was therefore — like millions of other “immigrants” whose asylum applications were officially denied — simply “tolerated” here. Certainly with all the usual social benefits around the clock. This widespread wrong decision by the responsible authorities has now cost this young woman her life.

Bild bows down — the PC-Mayor of Lüneburg trivializes the crime

In later versions of the Bild report, however, all information on the “refugee” status of the knifeman has been deleted. Apparently the editor in charge has been recalled. If at all possible, nothing should leak to the public about unpleasant facts about Angela Merkel’s “refugee” policy.

The Bild newspaper is apparently also supposed to bow to the mendacious Political Correctness (PC).

The Lord Mayor of Lüneburg, Ulrich Mädge (SPD), reacted scandalously to the terrible act. According to the Heilbronner Zeitung, he played down the knife murder with words that must sound like sheer mockery to the parents of the victim: “We all know that wherever people live together, the worst things can always happen, including in the neighborhood — but knowledge is one thing. When it actually happens, you can hardly believe it. “

How would the media have reported on a murdered Muslim woman?

If the victim had been a Muslim and the murderer “of German origin”, all newspapers in Germany would certainly have published all available social data on the victim and the killer. But when it comes to a violent criminal “refugee”, there is suddenly a booming silence in the forest of leaves when it comes to informing the population with at least an approximation of adequacy about the background of the respective crime.

Such comprehensive, manipulative reporting takes place every day in this country, although there is supposedly “freedom of the press” in Germany.

From Sweden, yet another murder by a culture-enricher who had had an earlier sentence reduced. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

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So Here There Be Dragons! (Part IV)

The essay below is the fifth in a series by our English correspondent Seneca III. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

So Here There Be Dragons!

by Seneca III

Part IV — Lacunae

This part of the series is a short list, with commentary, of some factors contributing to the moral, cultural and political dilemmas we face today, i.e. those either not covered in the preceding parts in detail, not at all or at best only alluded to. A Summaries and an Afterword follow in Parts VA and VB.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
— William Pitt the Younger — Speech in the House of Commons (18 November, 1783).

“The tyrant’s plea, / excus’d his devilish deeds”
— John Milton — Paradise Lost, Book iv, line 393.

1. Language — its function and evolution

Language uniquely separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It enables us to organise and cooperate in complicated ways, to clearly communicate ideas (even abstract ones), emotions, intentions, and much else. It is not a sessile but a motile, dynamic construct constantly being expanded by the introduction of neologisms and also contracted through words and definitions, ‘archaisms’, falling into disuse. Language allows and inspires us to jointly explore and mutually contemplate ourselves and the world and universe around us in a variety of ways practical, philosophical and metaphysical. In competent, successful speaking or writing, language and thought are contiguous, and the words chosen offer us an immediate presentation of some aspect of reality.

Yet, we simply don’t know how language originated. We do know that the ability to produce sound and simple vocal patterning (a hum versus a grunt, for example) appears to be in an ancient part of the brain that we share with all vertebrates, including fish, frogs, birds and other mammals. But that isn’t human language. It is suspected that some type of spoken language must have developed between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago, well before written language (about 5,000 years ago). Yet, among the traces of earlier periods of life on Earth, we never find any direct evidence or artefacts relating to the speech of our distant ancestors. Perhaps because of this absence of direct physical evidence, there has been no shortage of speculation about the origins of human speech. An understanding of how and why human languages developed is a rich field. Darwin was of the opinion that:

“Music, rhythms, frogs, birds, the nightly howling of canis simensis across the Ethiopian high plateau, the song of whales, communicate in ways limited to their immediate environment, establish but limited or for mating purposes, not that our ways in that circumstances are worthy or would stand well under scrutiny.”

2. The use and abuse of tone poetry and figurative language

Languages come in many variants and from different roots yet most are composed of nouns, verbs adjectives, etc. expressed through vowels and consonants. One exception is the ‘click languages’ of Africa, a group of languages in which clicks function as normal consonants. The sole example of a language using clicks outside of Africa is that of ‘Damin’, a ritual vocabulary of the Lardil tribe of northern Queensland, Australia.

In written language punctuation primarily serves to create sense, clarity and stress in sentences, to indicate pauses in the flow and to emphasise or explain certain ideas or thoughts through words, facts and phrases that are presented in the text, thus structuring and organising the written word. If punctuation is missing, as in the [paragraph] below, and as it is in many legal documents, or in what passes for modern journalism, then the use of emphasis, obfuscation, opinions, conflation, relevance and disambiguation can lead to different or preferential interpretations thus, permitting a situation where to precisely define what is true and what is not is difficult or near impossible.

[In written language punctuation primarily serves to create sense clarity and stress in sentences to indicate pauses in the flow and to emphasise or explain certain ideas or thoughts through words facts and phrases that are presented in the text thus structuring and organising the written word If punctuation is missing as in the paragraph below and as it is in many legal documents or in what passes for modern journalism then the use of emphasis obfuscation opinions conflation relevance and disambiguation can lead to different or preferential interpretations thus permitting a situation where to precisely define what is true and what is not is difficult or near impossible.]

However, oratory and rhetoric, which are essentially verbal streams of consciousness used to educate, motivate, deceive or misinform are slightly different, whereby emphasis or the lack of it, pauses, tautologies, gesticulations and responses to audience responses can and often do project and affirm falsehoods favouring the position supported or being proposed by the orator. Skilful lawyers can and do utilise such techniques during the course of a trial and when making closing statements to juries; politicians, particularly on the hustings when trying to con the electorate, do the same, which is why so many of them manage to slither into Parliament in the first place. Media audio-visual presenters do this as well, and they are pretty good at it. Instead of actually addressing the argument itself they focus on a rhetorical flourish that you may consider overly dramatic, inappropriate or irrelevant then, if you question this, they imply that your emotional response invalidates your case. That is tone poetry.

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An Italian Mujahid Returns Home to Jail

The following news story concerns an Italian convert to Islam who journeyed to Syria to fight in the jihad. He has now been arrested and brought home to serve his sentence in Italy. One presumes he finds the accommodations in Pescara to be far more congenial than those in a Syrian prison.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Sick Lifestyle of a Culture-Enricher in Hjällbo

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag

Social media figure acquitted of murder— beaten in suburb: “Once again, we see you here”

[Photo caption: Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi confirms beating in an Instagram post.]

Gothenburg: The social media figure Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi was beaten up in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. A video that shows the beating is being disseminated on social media, and is dedicated to Alsaadi’s ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, whom Alsaadi was acquitted of murdering. Alsaadi was instead sentenced to a short prison term for violation of a woman’s freedom, and assault, and after his acquittal, promised to continue his “sick lifestyle”.

The social media figure Abbe “Blattelito” Alsaadi was sentenced in April 2019 to 18 years in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend by drugging her and laying her in a bathtub. The motive, according to the prosecutor, was that Alsaadi wanted to protect his reputation as a social media figure.

But the appeals court overturned the judgment and sentenced him instead to 3½ years in prison for, among other things, aggregated violation of a woman’s freedom and assault.

In November of 2020, Expressen reported that Alsaadi was released on parole. “I will continue with my sick lifestyle every day and lay it all out to hurt your eyes. I am not afraid of anyone; you are all little cockroaches!” wrote Alsaadi in a Facebook post in connection with his release.

Now Alsaadi has been beaten in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. In a video disseminated on social media, one sees a man chased by a group of men from a parking lot. The man falls and is beaten in the snow. “Once again, we see you here,” a person says in the clip while others shout the name of the location, Hjällbo.

According to the video, which is dedicated to the deceased ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, it is Alsaadi who is being beaten. That is also confirmed by Alsaadi in an Instagram post.

In the post, Alsaadi claims that he has been showered with love, and that people are worried about him. He denies rumors that he was “pissed off”, but since then says that the video is genuine.

After a long harangue, in which he dares to go wherever he wants, says that he is protected by a large group of “guys”, and that “nobody dares open his mouth” against him personally, Alsaadi says that he was beaten. According to him, he was attacked by “more than 15 persons”.

Jumping the Fence Into Melilla, Yet Again

Yet another batch of illegal migrants attempted to get across the fence into Melilla, the Spanish enclave on the coast of North Africa.

Those who get through gain comfortable accommodations, food, clothing, and spending money. Under law, their applications for asylum must be considered, and will be formally processed by the authorities. Those who are denied asylum will in all likelihood never be deported, and will have the run of the EU.

There’s no downside to this for the culture-enrichers, except for the possibility of falling off the wall and breaking their necks when they attempt to enter Melilla.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Culture-Enriching Cruelty to Animals in Austria

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Unprecedented Cruelty to Animals by “Refugees”

Syrian ties up sheep and uses it as a toboggan

by the Analyst

Several cases of animal cruelty were recently heard before the district court in the Austrian city of Linz, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of sadism and brutality.

Two 24-year-old “refugees” were in the dock, one from Syria and the other from Iraq. In June of this year, the Syrian in Grammastätten (Upper Austria) made had fun by immobilizing the legs of a sheep with cable ties, then sitting down on the defenseless animal lying on the ground and running down a steep slope as if on a toboggan. And on he went …

The Syrian then sicced his Staffordshire Terrier onto another sheep, which he had previously also tied up with cable ties and thus rendered unable to escape. The sheep was helplessly exposed to the dog’s bites. And because that wasn’t enough, he finally tied up the dog, hit and kicked the defenseless animal for the fun of it.

Deeds posted on Instagram

The Iraqi filmed the deeds, about which the public prosecutor said they were “looking for their own kind” and published the scenes on Instagram so that the whole world could see for themselves the heroic men, from the regions of the only true faith, with which Austria has been enriched.

Commensurately with their intelligence, the defendants justified their actions in court by stating that they “DID NOT DO IT ON PURPOSE”. Even the lawyer for the Syrian refused to accept this assertion. However, after the facts were admitted, the court refrained from further research into the background of these heinous acts.

The verdict: five months probation and a fine of 3€,600 for the Syrian; four months probation and a €1,200 fine for the Iraqi.

It remains to be seen whether the money can be collected.

Open questions

The matter is now legally closed. What remains are a few unanswered questions: How crazy do you have to be “knitted” in your head to commit such atrocities? Do people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time also have to expect to fall victim to the sadism of these “people seeking protection”?

And last, but not least: Shouldn’t one rather protect people and animals in Austria from the two by sending them as quickly as possible back to where they came from?

Fjordman Interview, Part 1: The Mark of Cain

July 22 of this year will mark the tenth anniversary of the explosion and massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in the city of Oslo and on the island of Utøya. Seventy-seven people were killed, many of them teenagers attending a left-wing summer camp on Utøya.

The Butcher of Utøya implicated our Norwegian correspondent Fjordman by citing his writings in his (Breivik’s) “manifesto”. Longtime readers will remember that Gates of Vienna was drawn into the center of the whole ugly affair because we happened to be the principal venue for Fjordman’s essays. Life was nasty for a while here at Schloss Bodissey as a result.

Any consequences we may have suffered, however, pale in comparison to what Fjordman went through. For months there were calls for him to be arrested, especially as the time of Mr. Breivik’s trial approached in the spring of 2012. Fjordman was forced to flee the country, and resided outside of Norway for a number of years. When the situation became less ominous he returned home, but had been so thoroughly stigmatized that he was unable to find a job, and is now planning to leave the country again.

For a sample of Fjordman’s observations on the Breivik trial, see the essays “Fjordman’s Suggested Testimony for the Trial of Anders Behring Breivik” and “Fjordman on the Verdict in the Breivik Trial”.

For the first time since he was publicly identified during those fateful events, Fjordman has given a video interview under his real name, Peder Jensen. The interviewer is Hans Rustad, the editor of the independent news website Document.no. The interview was taped on January 7 and published online on January 11.

The full interview is more than an hour long. The following clip covers the opening seven minutes. It was translated for subtitles by Fjordman himself.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Yet Another Culture-Enriching Kuffar-Pusher at the Railway Station

The Nigerian culture-enricher in the story below evidently was unable to read the Ungläubigenschubsen verboten signs on the railway platform. If only the rail authorities had posted the pictogram version (shown above), perhaps the high-spirited youth would have reconsidered his mischievous actions.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Frankfurt: A Nigerian who is known to police pushes German (60) onto the railway bed

While fleeing from ticket inspectors at the regional train station at Frankfurt Airport yesterday, a 46-year-old Nigerian pushed an uninvolved traveler onto the railway bed. Civil investigators from the Federal Police followed the perpetrator and arrested him in front of Terminal 1 a short time later. The 60-year-old German injured her head in a fall, lost consciousness for a short time and had to receive medical attention.

A inspection team from Deutsche Bahn AG first found the man in the S9 from Wiesbaden to Hanau. Since he could not show a valid ticket, the inspectors at Frankfurt Airport excluded him from continuing his journey. After leaving the S-Bahn, the man pushed an employee of the inspection team aside and fled across the platform and staircase in the direction of the terminal area. In doing so, he ruthlessly pushed a traveler so hard that she fell headlong into the railway bed.

Fortunately, no train arrived at that moment, so the inspectors were able to rescue the injured person from the danger area immediately and call the emergency services. Civil investigators from the Federal Police observed the incident, pursued the man and finally arrested him in front of Terminal 1.

The federal police have initiated investigations into suspicion of assault and fraudulent obtaining of services. Because of the suspicion of extortion, the known-to-police suspect was then handed over to the responsible State Police of Hesse.

A Call for a General Strike to Protest COVID Restrictions

The following video is a call for a general strike in Germany to protest undemocratic governmental measures being imposed in response to COVID-19. The strike was called for this past Monday, but I haven’t read anything about it in the news since then.

The man calling for the strike is Ralph-Thomas Niemeyer, a journalist associated with Die Linke party (The Left). He is the author of Germany After Capitalism.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Afterword from the translator:

I have no clue what to make of this, since Niemeyer was married to Sahra Wagenknecht, a well known German progressive, until 2013. Both are associated with Die Linke.

I scanned reader comments, trying to find an answer, and this is comment by Davi55 stood out:

A lefty calls for a general strike, and the right is outraged. Exactly like: Antifa breaks the windows of the Capitol and Republicans marched right in.

Into the trap.

And there you have it.

Video transcript:

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Löfven’s Dictatorship

A Swede Holds His Mouth Shut

Ingrid Carlqvist and Maria Celander are Swedish journalists who are considered “extremists” by mainstream outlets. They have become virtual outcasts for their politically incorrect opinions, so they now collaborate on the website “Ingrid and Maria” (Ingrid och Maria).

The following clip is an excerpt from a recent video report by Ingrid and Maria. In addition to the two hosts, the principal characters are Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the leader of the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna), and Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna).

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Business of Germany is Anything But Business

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Germany is becoming less and less attractive for companies

According to a study, Germany has clearly lost its attractiveness in an international comparison. In the current location ranking of the “Country Index for Family Businesses” by the Mannheim economic research institute ZEW, the economically largest EU country slipped three places to 17th place out of the 21 industrialized nations.

Germany thus achieved the worst position in the index, which has been published every two years since 2006 and was commissioned by the Family Business Foundation. The USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands are at the top.

The ZEW announced on Monday that Germany is clearly lagging behind when it comes to taxes as a location factor. In addition to “Taxes” and “Financing”, the ZEW researchers also evaluate the subject areas “Productivity”, “Human Capital”, “Infrastructure and Institutions” and “Energy”.

Translator’s afterword:

I know that there was a plan to turn Germany into an Agrarian Society after WWII, but the Western Allies quickly realized that this would not do, because they would have a need for German engineering and innovations if they want to stay a step or two ahead of the Communist menace.

But since the Communist menace has taken over each and every aspect of the former Free World and turned those countries — with a little nudge by the CCP — into full authoritarian states that are up for grabs by Communist China, I’m not surprised that German engineering and innovativeness have become OBSOLETE. Those characteristics now stand in the way of Progressiveness, and need to be destroyed.

For that purpose they successfully installed Angela Merkel, and she’s almost done with the utter destruction of Germany, but this time not even an agrarian society will be allowed to survive.

Palestine Comes to Antwerp

The following article concerns two Palestinain brothers in Antwerp who have been harassing Jews on the street. It includes a video with an audio entirely in Arabic, so it has not been subtitled.

Gary Fouse, who translated the text, includes this explanatory note:

Michael Freilich is a member of the conservative New Flemish Alliance Party (N-VA) and the former editor of Joods Actueel, a Flemish-language Jewish news outlet in Belgium.

The translated article from Joods Actueel:

Video of Palestinian skaters harassing Jews — Millions of views

In YouTube videos we see Amjad and Adham Saleh, twin brothers from Gaza, literally making the streets and sidewalks of the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp unsafe. They ride with a Palestinian flag at high speed past people and shout, “Free Palestine”. They harass Jewish passersby, do not obey traffic rules, and are a downright danger to their fellow citizens. The videos have been viewed more than two million times.

N-VA Member of Parliament Michael Freilich condemns the behavior and warns against the importation of the Middle East conflict onto our streets. “These twin brothers are from Gaza and fled five years ago to Belgium. They were granted asylum here, housing, and a job. So it is especially regrettable they harass people, and they should know better. Jews in Antwerp are not Israeli citizens, but rather Flemish.”

Jewish Forum

The FJO (Forum of Jewish Organizations in Belgium) lodged a complaint with the UNIA and asked that the case be investigated. According to lawyers, there are several crimes, such as offenses against traffic rules, and harassment, with the aggravating circumstance that Jews were specifically targeted (anti-Semitism). And this could be described as an unauthorized demonstration. Finally, the videos concerned may raise questions about the assimilation of refugees.


Finally, Freilich extends his hand to the brothers. “It would be nice if they made a video about and with the Jewish community instead of inciting against them. Surely, given the enormous number of followers they have reached with their videos. That would be a positive message for society.”

“You Really Think We Are All Stupid!”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this culture-enriching news story from Dresden:

Drugs for Sex — Judge to Syrian “Refugee”: “You really think we are all stupid!”

In February 2020, the Syrian Habash H. (28), who fled Aleppo in 2015, approached a girl (14) from the neighborhood. Via internet chat he asked her age, sent her porn pictures and a photo of his penis, offered her drugs: “I want you, what do you take?”

In front of the Dresden district court, the girl described how H. first wanted to give her cocaine, then tried to put an ecstasy tablet into her mouth. He held her, kissed her and brutally grabbed her between the legs.

Habash H. only admitted drug possession, claimed: “ I just hugged the girl in a friendly way!” Judge Markus Maier burst his collar: “You really think we are all stupid!”

He convicted him of drug trafficking and felony sexual assault with a sentence of two and a half years in prison.

Source: Bild.de

Make Sure They Wear the COVID Patch

Rumors of detention facilities for COVID-positive citizens first emerged in Canada a few months ago, when the federal government solicited bids from private contractors for setting up and managing such establishments. More recently, a bill was submitted in the New York State legislature that would mandate detention camps for citizens whom the governor decides pose a danger of contagion.

Now Germany is establishing facilities for people who refuse to quarantine when ordered. The video below concerns one such facility in Dresden. It made me wonder whether the German authorities will honor their ethnic traditions by requiring residents of Corona camps to wear a stylized yellow COVID patch on their sleeves.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Hellequin GB has translated two articles about the COVID detention centers being established in Germany. First, from Norddeutscher Rundfunk, the public broadcaster for northern Germany, concerning plans for Schleswig-Holstein:

Corona: those who refuse to quarantine will be forcibly committed

Anyone who has to be quarantined because of the corona pandemic and refuses to comply with the rules may soon come to a facility in Schleswig-Holstein to isolate those who refuse to quarantine. In extreme cases, those affected will be forcibly committed to a central facility in the country — which is located on the grounds of the Moltsfelde youth detention center in Neumünster.

According to the Schleswig-Holstein County Association, the site could be ready for use in the second half of January, but no later than the beginning of February. People from all districts and municipalities are to be accommodated here. When the operation will commence is still open.

Placement a last resort

This affects people who show with their behavior that they are not adhering to a quarantine order and thus may pose a risk of infection for other people, according to the district association. The accommodation takes place according to a judicial decision at the request of the municipal health department. According to the county council, there must have been numerous other measures beforehand, such as addressing the threats. Isolation in a locked facility is the final step. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been a handful of quarantine objectors in every district and municipality.

Pensioners from the prison service will be responsible

The accommodation on the grounds of the youth detention center is to take place in an area that is currently not in use. The transport and care are to be taken over by pensioners who previously worked as prison officers. Initially there will be three rooms.

The second article, also from Norddeutscher Rundfunk, concerns other German states where detention facilities are being established:

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