The Droning of Transnistria

Map of Moldova showing Transnistria (predominantly Russian) and Gagauzia (predominantly Turkic)

Transnistria (“across the Dniester”) is a region of Moldova located between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. It is inhabited mainly by ethnic Russians, and has been quasi-autonomous since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Moldova proper is populated by ethnic Romanians who speak a dialect of Romanian. Another fragmented ethnic region in Moldova, Gagauzia, is populated by descendants of Turkic people who settled there during the Middle Ages.

Since the war in Ukraine began, Transnistria has been targeted by drones launched from outside its borders. Mysterious explosions have been reported on multiple occasions.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

More attacks on Transnistria from Ukrainian territory

Unnoticed by Western media, attacks from Ukrainian territory continue and a Ukrainian presidential aide has openly threatened war.

There are topics that don’t appear in Western media. This applies, for example, to all the overly frank statements made by Ukrainian President Zelensky’s most important adviser. This is Alexei Arestovych, whose name you should remember; see here for details.

Arestovych openly said that Ukraine is ready at any time to expand the war to Transnistria. Since Russian peacekeeping troops have been stationed there since 1992, this would be a very unpleasant situation for Russia, because the Russian troops there would be effectively cut off from supplies. Russia would either have to abandon them there or massively change its strategy in Ukraine to come to the aid of the soldiers there.

Western media recently reported on an explosion in Transnistria, but Western media have not heard anything about the fact that there have been constant new explosions and overflights by armed Ukrainian drones since then.

Russian television reported on this, and I translated the report. Before we get to the translation, however, I want to remind you once again what the region is about, because perhaps not all readers will be aware of it.

Moldova and Transnistria

Moldova is a small country with a short but difficult history. Located between Ukraine and Romania, the country is a former Soviet republic that experienced civil war after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since then, the country has been divided and consists of Moldova, which is recognized under international law, and the breakaway Republic of Transnistria. The civil war was ended by an agreement between Moldova and Russia, and Russian peacekeepers have been protecting the former front line for almost twenty years now.

Moldova is comparable to Ukraine because it is a multi-ethnic country where the dominant Moldovans, who are often referred to as Romanians, discriminate against the languages of other minorities. For example, although Russian is widely spoken and used primarily in cities and in business, it does not have the status of a national language. Exactly these ethnic problems were the reason for the civil war at the time.

Moldova has written into its constitution that it is a neutral state. However, in late 2020, the pro-Western, US-educated politician Maia Sandu, closely associated with George Soros, narrowly won Moldova’s presidential election. After that she also replaced the government with controversial political maneuvers in 2021 and has been consistently leading the country West since the summer of 2021.

After taking power completely, she openly announced a “cleansing” of the country’s judiciary in the summer of 2021, which was presented positively in the West and as a measure to fight corruption. In truth, it was a political purge, as Sandu wants to cement her country’s westward course and remove its opponents who want to preserve the country’s neutrality. Sandu also spoke of needing support from the USA for the upcoming reforms and shortly thereafter described the USA as an important strategic partner.

As early as January there were indications that the situation in the region was getting worse; you can find details about that here.

Now we come to the translation of the report from Sunday evening’s news review from Russian television on the current situation in Transnistria.

Start of translation:

Transnistria: Moldova tightens blockade

Officially, Transnistria is on the “red” terrorism threat level. As recently as Thursday a drone with explosives launched from Ukraine was neutralized over the territory of the republic. Four explosions occurred near the village of Voronkovo, near the Ukrainian border, on Friday evening. A report from Transnistria.

The site of the explosion is cordoned off. The area may not be entered. Behind the cordon is a Military Unit that has been the target of several terrorist attacks over the past two days. Another provocation by the Ukrainian Secret Services.

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Ukraine: The Pfizer and Moderna Open-Air Testing Laboratory

The following article contains a lot of Russian material which may or may not be fully factual. Readers are advised to activate their inner skeptic when reading this essay.

That said, much of what the article talks about has already been published, at least partially, by non-Russian sources. And the United States government, in the person of Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, acknowledged the existence of US-sponsored “biological research” facilities in Ukraine. She did not use the more loaded term “bioweapons laboratories”, but attempting to parse the difference would require casuistry. Given the nature of the pathogens that were mentioned as objects of “research”, biological weapons must have been at least part of the mix.

We may learn more about all this if the Russians ever hold their promised public hearings on the topic, and also if those alleged NATO military officers are eventually rousted out of their tunnels under the Azovstal plant in Mariupol and taken into Russian custody.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Test area for Pfizer & Co.

New documents released on US bioweapons program in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released new documents about the US bioweapons program in Ukraine, in which Pfizer and Moderna were also involved.

Let me remind you that the Russian statements about the US bioweapons program are not Russian propaganda, but that I and my informant, with whom I did research for the book Inside Corona, already have much of the information now published by Russia, known from publicly-available sources. However, the Pentagon recently took most of it offline to cover their tracks, as I have pointed out here.

The publications of the Russian Ministry of Defense did not surprise me, because, firstly, there had already been publications by investigative journalists, and secondly, after researching Inside Corona, of which I was already aware, because in Ukraine, for example, the same Peter Daszak researched coronaviruses from bats, who also researched them in Wuhan, China.

None of this is bad Russian propaganda; you can find that out on the website of his NGO EcoHealth Alliance, details to be found here.

The chronology of Russian publications

At the beginning of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published documents proving that Ukraine rushed to destroy dangerous pathogens after the start of the Russian military operation. In the West, meanwhile, it was denied that these pathogens even existed in Ukraine. Also in early March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published details about the pathogens that were being researched, and also announced which American organizations were researching them.

What was still “Russian propaganda” at the beginning of March was confirmed under oath by US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland a few days later at a hearing in the US Congress, but the Western Media did not consider this newsworthy. The Western media also did not find the fact that meanwhile the WHO called on Kiev just a few days later, mid-March 2022, to destroy “highly dangerous pathogens” that Kiev allegedly did not have, according to the Western media and politicians, to be interesting enough to report on it. That’s why hardly anyone in the West knows about it, while Russian media have reported on it in detail.

At the end of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published further details and documents on the US biological weapons program in Ukraine, which revealed, among other things, that a New York company called Rosemont Seneca was involved in the financing.

Regular readers of Anti-Spiegel are familiar with the company because it played an important role in Ukraine in a different context. Incidentally, the company belongs to Hunter Biden, the son of the US President.

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Does Poland Have Designs on Western Ukraine?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

Poland’s president speaks openly about annexation of western Ukraine

It’s not reported in the West, but Poland’s president spoke openly in a speech about Poland’s ambitions to annex parts of western Ukraine.

I have already reported that in Russia it was reported that there are ambitions in Poland to occupy parts of western Ukraine that Poland considers to be its historical possessions. Poland wants to send “peacekeeping forces” to Ukraine for this purpose, but the US has clearly said that in the event of a clash with the Russian military, Poland need not hope for NATO protection, because it would not be a Russian attack on Poland if Poland invaded Ukraine.

This and many other interesting details were reported by Russian TV on Sunday in its weekly news review and I have translated the Russian report on the subject. Based on the pictures shown, I recommend that you also look at the report, because together with my translation it is understandable even without knowledge of Russian. You probably need a VPN to view the report, though.

Start of translation:

Who drives Ukraine to war the most

Poland has even stopped hiding plans to capture several regions of western Ukraine. There it is presented as “reunification” with historical Polish possessions. Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed this on Friday: “There will no longer be a border between our countries, Poland and Ukraine. That we live together on this land, building our common happiness and a common strength that enables us to ward off any danger or threat that may arise.”

One more detail: In May, the large-scale military exercise Defender Europe 2022 will take place in Poland. 18,000 soldiers and several thousand pieces of weapons technology will be involved in the maneuvers. The Polish Ministry of Defense has warned citizens that military equipment will be on the move in the country during the month. It was requested that they not photograph the movement of the equipment and not post any photos on the web.

Does President Zelensky understand what the Poles are planning? Probably yes. But he can’t do anything. He will do what his Western Lords and Masters tell him to do. If the West tells him to give it to the Poles, he will. Ukrainians are becoming a national minority.

A report from Ukraine

The Ukrainian territorial defense was sent to the front; the decision was made by the Verkhovna Rada. Demonstrations of relatives immediately formed in front of the military recruiting offices. This is the Transcarpathian town of Hust, where most of the residents are of Hungarian descent, but for some reason they are the first to be drafted into the Ukrainian army. And after these spontaneous protests, Hungary found itself among the enemies of Ukraine. It is also against the anti-Russian sanctions. The Prime Minister of Hungary is listed on the Mirotvorets website. (Russian translator’s note: Mirotvorets is a website run by Ukrainian nationalists where they post the personal information of people they consider to be opponents of Ukraine, and many of the people listed there were murdered. The site is supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, by the way .)

“Hungary is openly committed to its cooperation with the Russian Federation. Besides, it thought it could take part of our territory from us,” said Alexei Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry replies that this is a lie.

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A New NATO For a New Cold War

Sweden is poised to become the 31st member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It will be the third Muslim country in NATO (after Turkey and Albania).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Dagbladet:

Reports: Sweden will apply to NATO on Monday

The new Cold War

by Jan Sundstedt

Despite assurances of extensive discussions about Swedish membership in NATO, it is becoming increasingly clear that a decision has already been made that Sweden will join the US-dominated alliance. According to information, the government will send in an official application on Monday.

Sweden’s government will hold a meeting on Monday, where the formal decision on entry into NATO will be made. According to sources to the Bonnier* newspaper Expressen, the decision has already been made, and immediately after this meeting, an official application will be sent in.

It is considered especially important that Sweden and Finland apply together, and the Finnish political leadership declared Thursday that “without delay” they will apply to join NATO.

Officially, several meetings and debates will first be held where the question will be discussed, among others, by the Social Democrats’ members in Parliament, and the security political analysis group, which will prepare a report at a press conference. On Sunday, the Social Democrats’ party leadership will make a formal decision on membership.

In practice, however, it is already clear if one can believe the sources, and on Monday Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will call for an additional governmental meeting where the decision will be hammered through, and immediately after this, an application will be submitted to NATO.

The Social Democrats’ official line is that NATO membership is still “an open question”. As Nya Dagbladet reported earlier, the main reason for this is to give the image of a living internal democracy within the party. Members say at the same time that party leadership has for some time decided on entry into NATO — even though a large part of its members are opposed.

“All who were physically present at the meeting yesterday were positively inclined towards NATO. This was more of an information meeting on the Social Democrats’ about-face on this important question. On paper, it’s good to say you are having a dialogue, but you must also actually have it,” says the Social Democrat Kent Vilhelmsson, who participated in the virtual meeting where the question was reportedly firmly established and discussed.

“None of the 1,800 participants was allowed to speak during the barely one-hour meeting, which the party leadership tightly controlled,” he further stated on Facebook.

The only political parties expected to remain opposed to Swedish NATO membership are the Environmental Party and the Left Party.

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Turning Off the Tap

It looks like sanctions against Russia are beginning to bite, but in this case they’re biting back against Poland and Germany.

The German economics minister is confident that Germany will be able to make up the gas deficit from other sources of supply, but here is the key clause: “albeit at higher prices”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from (which seems to be RT’s workaround after it was banned in Germany):

Gazprom stops transit of natural gas through Poland

Russia responded to the European sanctions on Thursday with countermeasures. The effects of the counter-sanctions on the European energy market are gradually becoming apparent: now, with the gas transit through Poland, one delivery route is no longer available.

The Russian gas supplier Gazprom announced on Thursday that it would stop supplying gas to and through Poland. The reason is Russian counter-sanctions, which also affect the owner of the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

Russian sanctions imposed on a number of foreign energy companies prohibit Gazprom from using the pipeline, owned by EuRoPol GAZ (a joint venture between Gazprom and Poland’s PGNiG, which owns the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline) to supply Russian gas through Poland, said today the spokesman for the holding company, Sergei Kupriyanov.

“A ban on transactions and payments in favour of sanctioned persons was imposed. For Gazprom, this means, in particular, a ban on using the gas pipeline owned by EuRoPol GAZ to transport Russian gas through Poland,” as Kupriyanov justified the decision.

As he further explained, the Polish side has repeatedly violated the rights of Gazprom as a shareholder of EuRoPol GAZ, and at the end of April put the Russian company on a sanctions list, which means that it is no longer able to exercise rights to shares and other securities of the joint venture exercise, nor to receive dividends.

It also became known on Thursday that Gazprom will no longer supply gas to its former subsidiary Gazprom Germania due to counter-sanctions imposed by Russia. In the past, at least part of Germany’s gas imports from Russia were handled via Gazprom Germania.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck announced today that he was not concerned about the security of gas supplies in Germany. The affected gas volume could reach Europe and Germany via other contracts and new bookings, albeit at higher prices.

Previously, Ukraine had halted the part of the gas transit using a compressor station in the Lugansk region. According to estimates, around a third of the transport capacities of the Ukrainian gas pipelines were lost as a result.

Kupriyanov’s message on Gazprom’s official Telegram channel.

Afterword from the translator:

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The Kosovo Question Applied to the DPR and the LPR

In the following video Russian President Vladimir Putin explains the reasoning behind his recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) as sovereign entities. I find his logic compelling, but it leads me to an entirely different conclusion: that Kosovo should never have achieved international recognition as an independent state.

This clip was translated from the Italian voice-over. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Evacuation of the Last Civilians From Azovstal

I posted a translation a couple of days ago alleging that the Azov Battalion was demanding a set price for allowing civilians to be evacuated from the Azovstal plant in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. According to the following report, the last of the civilians have finally been permitted to leave. Der Spiegel and Anti-Spiegel have very published different versions of what happened.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

The last civilians were evacuated from the steelworks and how “creative” Der Spiegel reports about it

Azov militants have finally let the last civilians out of the Mariupol Steel Plant.

The fighters of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion have finally withdrawn the last civilians from the Mariupol steelworks. The report was also confirmed by the Ukrainian government, which does not prevent Der Spiegel from presenting it differently. I’ll first translate the Russian news agency’s report on the subject, then we’ll see what Der Spiegel makes of it.

Start of translation of TASS bulletin:

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister confirms that civilians have been evacuated from Azovstal

According to Iryna Vereshchuk, “this part of the humanitarian operation is over.”

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirmed on Saturday that civilians have been evacuated from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

“All children, women and old people have been evacuated from Azovstal,” she wrote on her Telegram channel. According to the deputy prime minister, “this part of the humanitarian operation is complete.”

Earlier, the DNR’s territorial defense staff reported that a group of 50 people were evacuated from the facility on Saturday. Thus, the total number of civilians evacuated from the facility reached 176 people.

A day earlier, 25 people, including women and children, had been evacuated from the site area.

Fighting for Mariupol began on February 25 and the city was completely blocked. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian nationalist groups have been expelled from the residential areas and the Azovstal plant has been blocked. According to the Interdepartmental Coordination Center for Humanitarian Aid of the Russian Federation, on May 5, 6 and 7 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Russian Armed Forces opened a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians from the plant premises, their presence in the underground structures of the plant reported by the Kiev government. Russian and DNR forces have been systematically opening humanitarian corridors since late March.

End of translation

Der Spiegel‘s lies were discussed in the UN Security Council

Der Spiegel lies so blatantly that one of its articles was even discussed at the UN Security Council meeting on May 6th. Der Spiegel had shown a video in which a woman who had escaped from the steel mill reported on her experiences. Der Spiegel had presented it as if the woman had accused the Russian armed forces of not letting the civilians out of the plant.

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Viktor Orbán: The Red Line is the Energy Embargo

In the following video Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about where he draws the line on sanctions against Russia. He makes it clear that an energy embargo is off-limits because of the damage it would do to the Hungarian economy.

This clip was translated from its Italian subtitles. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the English subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Anti-Narrative on Ukraine

It’s all but impossible for Americans to acquire information about the war in Ukraine that does not consist of propaganda and/or disinformation. Almost everything we encounter is derived from Western governments or the mainstream media, which act uniformly to promote the globalist party line. Nothing is allowed through that does not support the Narrative on Ukraine.

To find anything different, we have to examine sources that derive their information from pro-Russian propaganda and/or disinformation. Those are our only two choices. For all intents and purposes, truly independent and objective reporting on the ground in Ukraine simply doesn’t exist.

Since most of the material available to us is drawn from pro-Zelensky propaganda, I like to post reports drawn from the propaganda for the other side, in an effort to achieve a sort of balance.

Hellequin GB has translated three articles from Anti-Spiegel, a German-language site that presents the Russian viewpoint, and uses translations from Russian media. Call it the “Anti-Narrative”.

Concerning the first article, the translator says:

Since none of us really knows what is going on over there, I leave it to everyone to make up their own mind about this article from Thomas Röper. But still, it should give people some food for thought about why the “Azov Battalion” and the Ukrainian state, which were not so long ago branded by the mainstream media and Western governments as “neo-Nazi” and the most corrupt place on Earth, became almost overnight the West’s darling.

The translated article:


Azov demands: “15 civilians for a ton of food and medicine”

The Azov Battalion’s latest “proposal” for the “evacuation” of civilians is that they are willing to exchange 15 civilians for a ton of food and medicine.

Since the Azov battalion let the first (and so far only) group of about a hundred civilians out of the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol on Sunday, further offers from the Russian side to let civilians out of the steelworks via humanitarian corridors have gone unheeded. Civilians who escaped from the steel mill on Sunday have confirmed to the international press that they were being held there against their will by Azov militants. Der Spiegel, for example (Beim Lügen erwischt: Welt und Spiegel verändern (heimlich) ihre Artikel — Anti-Spiegel), brazenly lied about it and, against its better knowledge, completely misrepresented the statements by the witnesses.

Since the civilians who escaped also said that there were several hundred other civilians in the catacombs under the steelworks who were not being let out, it is clear that the Russians were right in their accusations against the Azov fighters: they were holding the civilians hostage and as human shields. That became more than clear afterwards, because since the first civilians came out a few days ago, the Russian army has opened humanitarian corridors every day, but no one has come out.

Now the Azov fighters have finally dropped their masks and made a new “proposal” to the Russian army: they are ready to let the civilians go, but only in exchange for food and medicine. They even named a “price” for the people: 15 civilians in exchange for a ton of food and medicine.

This is not Russian propaganda, by the way, because no denial came from Kyiv or from Azov after the Russian army reported it. Why deny? In Kyiv, one can rely on the Western media not to mention this.

Russia has not yet rejected the “proposal” and has not agreed to it either. The comments in Russia speak instead of “methods used by terrorists” and of “hostage-taking” and “human trafficking”.

Unlike Western media, Russian TV reported this news on the evening news in a report I translated on the current situation in Mariupol.

Start of translation:

The Russian military reopened a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol today. It will remain open both tomorrow and Saturday to allow civilians to leave the Azovstal plant and nationalists to lay down their arms and surrender. But the militants responded with a new, this time particularly cynical, offer: the exchange of civilians for food. They even made a price offer: 15 people for a ton of food and medicine. The Kremlin has already pointed out that such demands are usually made by terrorists. A report from Mariupol.

The captain on the bridge stares out to sea through the glass pane shattered by Ukrainian shrapnel. His Tsarevna, as the dry cargo ship is called, has not been able to leave the berth for three months. The port of Mariupol does not let the sailors go.

“On February 21 they came into the port and on February 24 at 10 a.m. the port was closed. The other ships were evacuated because one burned down and the other, the Lady Augusta, has technical problems. We are waiting for the blue corridor to open and we can set sail,” says Pavel Pavlov, captain of the ship Tsarevna.

But now it is simply impossible to sail — the Ukrainian nationalists, who have made what was once the largest port on the Sea of Azov their fortress, have hidden behind the crews as if behind human shields. (Russian translator’s note: During one of my trips to the conflict zone, I met crew members of one of the ships, since after their liberation they stayed in the same hotel as us journalists, during which time I spoke with them at length.)

When the nationalists withdrew from their positions in the port of Mariupol, they blocked the fairway with a sunken ship. Leaving the port is now impossible. In addition, the militants of the Kiev regime laid nine sea mines in the port, which are now chaotically moving somewhere in the area waters.

Specialists from the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] Ministry of Emergency Situations are working on clearing the port and have already been able to defuse several anti-ship mines. The reconstruction of the port infrastructure has also begun. According to the authorities of the republic, the first cargo ship is expected to leave Mariupol at the end of May.

Today the artillery cannonade over the city’s industrial area has subsided. After the coalition forces of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic unilaterally ceased fire, they again opened a humanitarian corridor for the civilians staying at the Azovstal complex. It will remain open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until May 7 inclusive. The Azov nationalists, who continue to hold civilians there without giving them any information about the possibility of leaving the plant, are now safely blocked in the remains of the steel mill.

“We were intimidated: ‘You’re not going out here. Then you will be shot.’ They put it this way: Nobody is holding you, but there is no guarantee that you will get out,” people said.

Thanks to the efforts of the Russian military, more than a hundred people were able to leave Azovstal on April 30 and May 1. However, immediately after this, the Azov fighters again went into firing position and tried to break through in small groups. This was followed by massive artillery attacks on the positions of the nationalists.

And now the Russian side is again declaring a ceasefire. Today, however, the humanitarian corridors are empty. At the same time, the Azov militants have stated that they do not intend to release more civilians and have set conditions: Hostages in exchange for food and medicine. They even set their own exchange rate: 15 people for a ton of food and medicine. This is how terrorists usually negotiate, like they did for example in Syria. However, the similarity between the methods of the Middle Eastern radicals and the neo-Nazis in Ukraine does not end there. The fighters of the Kiev regime also prefer to fight the civilian population than the Russian armed forces and continue to shell civilian targets in the cities of Donbass on a daily basis.

“The kids don’t go out because they’re scared. You don’t know what could come from above at any moment. They sleep in the basement or under the bed,” says this woman.

Since the end of February, attacks by Ukrainian armed forces and nationalists have already killed a hundred civilians in the DNR and wounded five times as many.

end of translation

The second article talks about the deceitful games being played concerning the flow of Russian natural gas to Central Europe:

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Orbán Must Die! And Also Pope Francis, While We’re At It

In Ukraine there is an unofficial internet hit list of the enemies of the Ukrainian state. It is “unofficial” in the same way that the Southern Poverty Law Center is “unofficial” in the USA: it provides a convenient resource that the state can utilize while preserving plausible deniability. The main difference with the Ukrainian version is that the targets on the hit list are specifically recommended for assassination.

The Ukrainian enemies list recently added Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović as targets.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Enemies of Ukraine: Kyiv puts Orbán and Milanović on death list

It is actually an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary, Croatia, and thus against NATO and the EU. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović now find themselves on a state enemy list.

Do you know the website No? Well, it was created by Ukrainian government officials in 2015, just a year after the Maidan protest leaders took power in Kyiv, to publish the names and personal details of thousands of people considered “enemies of Ukraine.” This site (whose name literally means “Peacekeeper”) is allegedly managed by the Ukrainian Security Service and officials from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. It is thus a kind of death list for politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and other public figures who have been “cleared for shooting” by Ukrainian patriots.

Now the names of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović have been added. A step that can be seen as an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary and Croatia, and consequently also against NATO and the European Union. After all, this can certainly be understood as an incitement to murder high-ranking government or state politicians — and that by official Ukrainian government representatives. But so far there has been no criticism from EU or NATO representatives, nor any consequences from these state alliances.

“Accomplices of Russian War Criminals”

For example, Viktor Orbán is described on the site as an “accomplice of Russian war criminals”, “an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens”, for his “participation in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine”, as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist”, and listed for his general “collaboration with the Russian aggressor”. Orbán’s specific “crimes” include his refusal to allow weapons destined for Ukraine to be shipped through his country’s territory and his decision not to refuse Russian gas supplies in the long term. The prime minister’s willingness to pay for Russian gas in rubles is also mentioned. The website also recalled Orbán’s April 4 statement on the forces Hungary faces in order to remain independent, ranging from the local opposition to “the bureaucrats in Brussels, money and institutions of the Soros empire, international media as well the Ukrainian President”. […]

Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović is listed as an “accomplice of Russian invaders” for his alleged “humanitarian aggression against Ukraine,” “distribution of Kremlin propaganda,” and so-called “support and justification of Russian aggression against Ukraine.” The site recalls Milanović’s comments on February 2, 2022 that Russia must be “a factor” in the “equation” of pan-European stability and his opposition to Ukraine’s joining NATO. The Croatian President recently announced at an event in Vukovar that he would veto the invitation of Sweden and Finland to the NATO summit and implement a patriotic policy for his country.

List releases personal information — reports of death threats

In 2015, the website began publishing personal data of Russian military personnel involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. The Interior Ministry adviser at the time, Anton Gerashchenko, publicly called on the “Islamic State” to “proceed” with the Russian troops according to Sharia law. In 2016, Myrotvorets obtained detailed personal information on about 5,000 Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists who had worked in Donbass. The leaked records included detailed personal information such as phone numbers and addresses, and many of the journalists reported threats against their lives.

Orbán is not the first Hungarian to be included on the Myrotvorets list. In 2018, the website listed over 300 ethnic Hungarian residents from Zakarpattia who had “illegally” acquired Hungarian citizenship (Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship, but much of the country’s political and business elite nonetheless hold two or more citizenships). In October 2018, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó criticized the site and the Ukrainian government, claiming authorities in Kiev were using the site as part of a “hate campaign” in a desperate attempt to boost then-President Petro Poroshenko’s plummeting approval ratings.

If Viktor Orbán has to die, what about Pope Francis? The Holy Father recently criticized NATO for “barking at the gates of Russia”. Surely Comrade Bergoglio also deserves to die…?

The following article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick was also translated by Hellequin GB:

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The Green Nuclear War Machine

Or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

The foreign minister of the new coalition government in Germany is a politician from the Green Party named Annalena Baerbock. Ms. Baerbock seems to be preparing her constituents for the possibility that Germany’s (and the EU’s) aggressive support for Ukraine may result in the onset of nuclear war with Russia.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

German Government also prepares for nuclear weapons scenario

According to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens), the Federal Government is also preparing for the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war.

Baerbock told the Rheinische Post and the Bonn General-Anzeiger (Tuesday): “A nuclear power is waging a war of aggression on our doorstep, which is why it is our responsibility as a government to take even the worst-case scenarios seriously. Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling is irresponsible in the current situation, even though we’ve heard similar tones from President Putin before.”

However, one cannot use nuclear weapons without harming oneself. The Russian President also knows this. At the same time, Baerbock threatened the ruler in the Kremlin with an indictment before the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

“The Russian President is breaking with international law and international humanitarian law in the most brutal way. You don’t bomb mothers, fathers, children, the elderly or the sick. People who do this commit the most serious war crimes. These crimes must be brought to justice. We owe that to the victims,” said Baerbock.

Afterword from the translator:

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Red Dragon, Dead Dragon

They say demography is destiny. According to the following report by H. Numan, China’s destiny is in an accelerating tailspin.

Red dragon, dead dragon

by H. Numan

I’ve written an essay in which I showed that the People’s Republic of China (‘China’) isn’t going to attack the Republic of China (‘Taiwan’). They probably still won’t, but the whole situation has changed with the advent of the Russo-Ukrainian war. China is on the way to oblivion. In 2050 the country will have fewer than 700 million citizens. Worse, the Chinese government knows it. That changes everything.

It won’t be through war, thank God. Nor by famine or diseases. Though all will definitely play a part in the future. It’s because of demographics. The One Child Policy has been way more effective and has lasting effects far beyond what policymakers could imagine. China will die slowly of old age. Not in the distant future, but (Mark 9:1) within the lifetime of those here standing. By 2050 the Chinese population will be half of what it is today. The shrinkage didn’t start this year, as was expected by the Chinese bureau for lies statistics, but had already begun around 2010. They miscalculated and included about 100 million that should have been born but weren’t due to the one child policy.

Demographics are complicated

Let’s have a look at how demographics work. We can’t foretell what individuals will do when they reach a certain age, but we can do that fairly accurately for large groups. Those groups are called cohorts in demographics; they consist of males and females of the same age bracket, in periods of five years. A generation is the period a cohort needs to start reproducing, usually 20-25 years.

We can split the population into roughly three groups: juveniles (< 21), adults (21-65) and pensioners (>65). Every five years a cohort moves up one spot on the graphs. On the left side are males, on the right side females.

The first graph is Niger, a country with a fast-growing population. Observe a huge number of infants and a very small number of pensioners. This kind of growth is disastrous. In 15 years the largest cohort (bottom) will start reproducing. Making the bottom cohort even larger. A country like this runs out of resources quickly.

The next graph is Sweden, which has a stable population. Though when you look at the bottom, they are slowly shrinking. The last graph is Singapore, which has a declining population. How can you see that? Look at the bottom. Move up the bottom cohort, with a small reduction for death. The Singaporeans aren’t replacing themselves. The bulge in the middle are the people that are the most productive for the economy. By looking at those three graphs, you can see that Niger is in trouble, Sweden is doing all right and Singapore is booming at the moment.

The Chinese graph is worse:

In both graphs you see more males than females. That’s deadly for any civilization. Imagine a war kills off 50% of all males in a country. It will take a while, but they can recover. Imagine the same, but now 50% of all females are killed/removed. That country will never recover. Impossible. It’s gone forever. An observant reader will say: in the right graph are far more females than men. Correct, but have a look at their ages. They start catching up from 55 years and older. Not too many women in those age groups are likely to give birth …

The One Child Policy started in 1980, and was abolished in 2015. That means 35 years or seven cohorts (!) were raised as single children. That’s far more than a generation. Not only that, but Chinese prefer boys over girls. If they only can have one child, it better be a boy! That single boy is far more precious than you think, because he eventually has to provide not only for his parents and grandparents but those of his wife as well, if he can find one. China does not have an old age pension, and does not allow its citizens to invest for retirement.

This created three unforeseen effects. Once those single boys grew up, they started to look for prospective wives among the surviving single girls. For girls a dream come true: they could marry a young handsome millionaire! If a prospective groom doesn’t bring at least two houses (pauper!!) and a BMW he doesn’t have to waste his time wooing her. Yes, even in this woman’s paradise there are still leftover women. The grass is never green enough. Some things never change.

The other effect nobody thought about is that children raised as single children have great difficulties socializing and do not want more than one child themselves. If they want children at all, that is. In 2015 when the Chinese government allowed for two children, nobody responded. A bit later they encouraged three children, but that was ridiculed by the people. A poll was quickly taken offline, because the results were not exactly what the government wanted to be. +90% of respondents stated that they don’t want any kids at all. None. In very plain language. Not a word of Chinese in it (in a matter of speaking, of course)!

The third and most important effect is that the emperor cannot send countless soldiers to die in a vain, glorious war. Invading Taiwan will immediately cause widespread revolution. Because the parents and grandparents of those soldiers would have lost the means to subsist in their old age.

What’s the complexity of demographics?

First nothing seems to happen, then it happens all of a sudden. It takes 20 years (four cohorts) to become a productive adult. It takes 45 years (nine cohorts) to reach the age of retirement. Then, all of a sudden … boom! … retirement. One day you are working, the next day you’ll never work again. It’s not a gradual process, it happens from one day on the next.

From 1980 onwards Chinese people became prosperous. Less poor, for the most part. But some people really became wealthy. Here China loves to play the numbers game. “We have more millionaires than The Netherlands has inhabitants!” True enough, but China also has 1.4 billion citizens. If we look at the percentages, China has less than 1% of it citizens as millionaires. In The Netherlands that’s 3%.

The prosperity of China is over. Forever. Demographically, they borrowed from the bank. Now it’s payback time. Raising children is very expensive. From 1980 onwards Chinese didn’t have to spend their money on raising children. They could spend it on whatever they wanted. That’s the reason why Thailand became — until Covid — the most popular foreign tourist destination for the Chinese. Chinese tourists amounted to one-third of all arrivals. That money would otherwise have been spent on raising children.

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All Your Gas Are Belong To Us

The following article discusses the issues surrounding Russia’s insistence that in future it be paid in rubles for any natural gas it ships to Europe. The writer points out that a major problem for Russia is that it effectively received no payment whatsoever for past shipments, due to the freezing of the bank accounts involved. When its accounts were frozen, it lost the money it received for gas that had already been delivered, meaning that the EU essentially got the gas for free.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel:

The intricacies of the gas dispute with Russia: “Germany wants to get Russian gas for free”

There are nuances in the dispute over Russian gas supplies that are not mentioned in Western media. So I want to do this here.

In the dispute over Russian gas supplies to Europe, there are some details that the Western media are hiding. Politicians and the media in the West have been upset for four weeks that Russia is now demanding payment for Russian gas in rubles. First of all, that’s not worded correctly, and secondly, the EU provoked it itself. We will now take a closer look at this.

Ruble payments for gas

The new regulation primarily stipulates that European importers will have to make payments to special Gazprombank accounts in Russia, and payments to accounts in Europe will no longer be accepted, but will be returned. However, payments can be made in euros or dollars, as stipulated in the contracts. However, the gas is considered paid for only when the bank converts the money into rubles and transfers it to a Gazprom account.

Russia introduced this rule for two reasons. The first and most important reason was that the EU sanctioned and froze various Russian banks and various Russian accounts in the EU. Among them were accounts that previously received payments for Russian gas. In plain language, this means that Russia supplied the gas, that the importers paid for it, but that Russia was then denied access to this money. Or to put it even more clearly: In fact, Russia supplied some of its gas free of charge. For this reason, Russia has decided that from now on payments must be transferred to accounts in Russia, because they cannot be frozen by the EU.

The second reason for this arrangement is that it supports the Russian ruble. The West imposed sanctions with the aim of weakening the Russian currency and causing the Russian economy to collapse. However, this failed completely, because after the ruble initially plummeted, it quickly recovered and is now worth even more than before the start of the intervention in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed as a result.

This annoys Western politicians. Their anger about the so-called ruble payments for Russian gas has nothing to do with the new regulation itself, but rather that they can no longer freeze the funds, and that the Russian economy or the Russian state budget have not been significantly weakened.

That’s what the current excitement is all about.

The supply contracts

And something else is not discussed in the West. It is about the long-term supply contracts that Gazprom has concluded with European importers. In the contracts, Gazprom undertakes to deliver a certain amount of gas within a specified period, and the importers also undertake to purchase and pay for this amount. In plain language, this means that if the EU stopped importing gas tomorrow, the importers would still have to pay for the agreed amount of gas, even if they didn’t buy it.

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To Defeat Putin, You Must Go Without

I wrote yesterday about the plans that the architects of the New World Order have for us. According to the latest word handed down from on high by the World Economic Forum, those plans include the demand that ordinary citizens endure severe privation and hardship in order to defeat the evil Vladimir Putin, and also save the planet.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

They take everything from us…

WEF decrees total renunciation: We should freeze, cycle and dawdle against Putin

The vexatious sanctions against Russia are hitting the civilian population all over Europe hard, and people are suffering from an unprecedented wave of inflation. The World Economic Forum around “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab has now presented its unworldly and disturbing solution: people should simply do without everything if possible. That saves them money — and hurts Russia the most.

Globalists want collapse and make regulations

Wochenblick has already broken down the way globalist circles would benefit from the impending collapse across Europe in order to force us even further into dependency on them. But apparently the rulers of the world are so sure of victory that they no longer make any secret of their intentions. It is no longer enough to stink for sustainability and against evil rogue states — a recommendation that German authorities have long been making. According to Schwab & Co., cold apartments, rusting cars and human capital walking on foot are the order of the day.

At least that’s what a new WEF video suggests. The think tank, under whose wing the powerful of this world like to blather about their radical transformation, falls back on the proven method of educating people with short 80-second clips. The title of the latest work: “Nine ways Europeans can reduce their energy consumption, save money and help Ukraine”. This compilation alone shows clearly: They want to sell us radical renunciation as a “good thing” that should save us, our fellow human beings and the planet.

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Unworldly recommendations beyond all reality of life

The WEF also refers to the “Energy Action Plan” of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The OECD subsidiary organization was considered the driving force behind the “Agenda 2030” resolution, which wants to change the world in the interests of the Global Elite under the guise of “sustainability”. In the past, it was often notable for grossly incorrect forecasts. The head of the Agency, which has strategic oil reserves with which it can intervene in the price level on the energy market, is the Turkish Fatih Birol, who is considered an important reference point for German climate and energy policy.

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