The Diet of Worms

The following video shows Dutch schoolchildren and their teachers being plied with insects, especially mealworms, as a new part of their diet. The most distressing aspect of this clip is the way young, impressionable children — who have obviously been softened up in advance with indoctrination about eating bugs to save the planet — are so ready to accept this new source of food, and even show enthusiasm for it.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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All the Little Animals

The following report from Germany concerns the increasing visibility and mainstreaming of “Furries”, also known as “Otherkin”. I first learned of these strange creatures about six or seven years ago. Back then they were a fringe phenomenon, but nowadays they’ve become quite mainstream — along with polyamory, incest, bestiality, and (eventually) pedophilia. Once you start normalizing perversions and psychosis, there’s no limit to what must be tolerated.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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That Deadly Red “Z”

I reported last night on the German brewery Moritz Fiege, which decided to eliminate the prominent red “Z” on the label of its Zwickelbier. By this means it hoped to thwart the evil black magic of Vladimir Putin and his satanic Russian forces. Or something.

In my introduction I remarked that I was unable to find a photo of the offending label with the red “Z”. It seemed that Internet had already been cleansed of the doubleplus ungood image.

Fortunately, our Hungarian correspondent László is a skilled digital sleuth, and found the photo shown at the top of this post. He includes these remarks:

I was interested in the picture of the bottle with the red Z, and I found several photos in DuckDuckGo (using the search words “Zwickel beer Moritz Fiege”).

But yes: it is being scrubbed from cyberspace. They could not scrub it from the entire Internet, because it can still be found in the general search results, but it was deleted from the ad agent photographer’s site.

Google cache still has it.

From that web cache you can get to the original upload (which is now somewhat hidden in the direct search results) of the photo agency.

At the risk of giving ideas to the idiots who act as the proctors of our online culture, I must point out that the letter “N” is simply a “Z” turned on its side. What if innocent unsuspecting citizens were to see a bottle, can, box, package, or other consumer good featuring a prominent “N”, while laid on its side? Might they be inspired to commit atrocities in the name of Putin, or even — gasp! — doubt the veracity of official government reports?

We can’t have that. The “N” must go, too.

Rape Victims in Austria Would be Well-Advised Not to Defend Themselves

The following article concerns a case that I mentioned several days ago in the news feed. A young woman fended off a Syrian culture-enricher who attempted to rape her, stabbing him with a knife that she grabbed out of her handbag. The perpetrator has been arrested, but his victim is also being charged with inflicting bodily harm for defending herself.

I’ve had this translation in hand for a couple of days, but neglected to post it until now. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung. The translator remarked: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the sick judiciary were to acquit the perpetrator and punish the victim for using a knife.”

He Got the Wrong Person

Krone made attempted rape public

A rape on Tuesday evening in the Vienna district of Meidling remained an attempt, solely due to the resistance of the actual victim of the attack, a 22-year-old woman. She pulled out a knife and inflicted several cuts and stab wounds on her attacker. The Vienna police made the despicable case public on Friday afternoon, i.e. after a three-day delay, in a broadcast — but only at the request of Kronen Zeitung.

It is the absolute horror a young Viennese woman had to endure on Tuesday evening: Shortly before midnight, when the 22-year-old wanted to enter the entrance area to her apartment building on Schönbrunner Straße in Meidling, she was attacked out of nowhere by an unknown person. The attacker pushed the woman into the courtyard, immediately grabbed intimate parts of her body and pushed his victim to the ground.

The perpetrator had chosen the wrong victim

But then the attempted rape took a dramatic turn: the woman, with presence of mind, managed to pull a knife out of her handbag. She stabbed her tormentor several times with it until he let go of his victim, grabbed her handbag and ran away badly injured. The failed rapist was discovered by the police a short time later with cuts and stab wounds at a nearby subway station and taken to a hospital.

After the first aid, the handcuffs clicked for the 24-year-old. The man is a Syrian asylum seeker who is said to have a lot on his rap sheet. When he was arrested, the suspect had alcohol in his blood and a small amount of marijuana in his pocket. The Syrian initially denied the crime.

Krone was informed by readers

The Vienna police made the despicable case public on Friday afternoon, i.e. with a three-day delay, in a broadcast — but only at the request of “Krone”, which was informed by attentive readers. They accuse the police of cover-up, which the state police department denies.

In addition, the public prosecutor’s office reported the woman (!) for bodily harm. “An absolutely insensitive approach,” says her upset lawyer DDr. Michael Dohr because the victim is still traumatized.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

This is Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Governor Brown recently dropped all reading, writing and math proficiency standards for graduation from high school because such requirements were unfair to “people of color”. Expecting non-whites and non-Orientals to pass tests is evidently racist.

Governor Brown also required that masks continue be worn indoors and out, regardless of whether the wearer has been “vaccinated”.

The governor’s tweet of her latest fashion statement is here.

Wearing a face mask has been shown to significantly reduce oxygen intake. Do you think oxygen deprivation has contributed to Governor Brown’s present condition? If so, I don’t see how this new mask can avoid making it worse — it looks like the nose dome with the deer in it is a fully sealed plastic shell. How does she manage to get any oxygen at all? Does it diffuse through the floral arrangement?

If she survives wearing it throughout the festive season, it will be interesting to see what design she comes up with for her Easter mask.

Hat tips: both WRSA and Conservative Tree House.

Rapists Have Human Rights, Too!

A convicted culture-enriching rapist can’t be deported from Germany, because… he doesn’t want to leave.

You can’t make this [solid waste] up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Iranian is allowed to stay with us despite being a rapist

Reza B. (44) raped a woman, spent four years in jail, and is still classified as dangerous by the police. But the German state cannot deport the Iranian. Because he simply refuses to leave — and that’s why he stays here!

The case shows once again: Germany has a massive problem with the deportation of serious criminals. Bild am Sonntag reporters found the Iranian in a home for asylum seekers in Bavaria. He told his story: “In 2005 I had to flee Iran. My life was in danger; three of my friends were killed by the police. I fled to Syria, in 2011 to Germany, applied for asylum.”

He doesn’t tell how the story continues. But you can read that in court files: At noon on June 15, 2015, Reza B. asked a woman (21) at the bus station in Schwandorf (Bavaria) where the market square is. Since he did not understand what she was saying, she showed him the way. On the way he pushed her into a bush, tried to kiss her, groped her and raped her.

Four months later she recognized him at the train station in Regensburg and called the police. She had nightmares after the act, woke up screaming at night. So it is recorded in the judgment of the Amberg Regional Court (a copy is in the possession of Bild am Sonntag).

Reza B. denied everything. He made up a fake alibi for the police. He later claimed: The woman went for him — not he for her. He didn’t know she was a lesbian.

Reza B. was finally sentenced to four years imprisonment for rape, but still claims today: ”There was no rape! The woman reported me because she wanted €20 from me — and I didn’t have any money with me.”

In 2018, the Schwandorf District Office ordered his expulsion. On the other hand, he sued the administrative court in Regensburg — and has now lost. The court sees the danger that he could commit further crimes. He is therefore also under supervision of conduct.

Nevertheless: the criminal cannot be deported! Because he doesn’t have a passport. And the Iranian state will only give him a new one if Reza B. declares that he will return to his homeland voluntarily. But he refuses and says to Bild am Sonntag: “I am not signing anything. I want to stay here.” Germany must therefore continue to tolerate the Iranian. That means: He lives in the asylum seekers’ home, is not allowed to work, and collects Hartz IV (€446 per month).

Reza B. is not an isolated case. In 2020, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 57 percent of Iranian asylum seekers did not have a passport. Philipp Pruy (34), a lawyer and migration expert, reports: “Since 2015 I have represented over 100 Iranians in the asylum procedure. But as far as I know, none of the rejected Iranians who were obliged to leave the country signed the declaration of voluntary agreement. None of them wanted to go back to the mullahs’ regime.”

Afterword from the translator:

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The Punking of Ann Linde

A pair of Russian hoaxters who go by the pseudonyms Vovan and Lexus are renowned for impersonating famous public figures in order to induce other famous public figures to make fools of themselves. Their latest prank has made a fool of Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, who thought she was taking a phone call from Julia Navalnaya, the wife of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny — who is currently languishing in prison — and his chief of staff, Leonid Volkov. The foreign minister had no idea that her words were being recorded, and that they would be released to the media.

Ms. Linde’s faux pas has given the Swedish tabloids plenty of fodder for sensational news stories. In the recording she indicates that she may be able send Swedish taxpayers’ money to help Mr. Navalny. She also brags about her work against Vladimir Putin, and her reluctance to support sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, due to the involvement of Western European companies in the project.

First the video (audio only, with still photos of Leonid Volkov, Ann Linde, and Julia Navalnaya), in English with Russian subtitles:

Many thanks to LN for translating this article about the prank from Fria Tider:

Ann Linde is revealed by prank callers — promises Swedish tax money to Russian politicians

A couple of infamous Russian pranksters managed to get a call with Ann Linde. In the conversation, the Swedish Foreign Minister discusses how to use Swedish development aid money to finance Russian opposition politicians.

Behind the coup are the infamous pranksters who call themselves Vovan and Lexus, who have previously managed to deceive a number of high-ranking people in the Western world.

In May, Fria Tider reported on how the duo got the American National Endowment for Democracy, NED, to boast that they funded and organized the mass protests in Belarus last year.

In the new conversation with Ann Linde, Vovan and Lexus pretend to be Julia Navalnaya, wife of the imprisoned opposition politician Alexei Navalny, and Navalny’s chief of staff Leonid Volkov.

In the phone call, Anne Linde talks broadly about the Swedish government’s work against Putin.

At one point, she is asked directly whether she can help fund Alexei Navalny’s movement.

“It would be fantastic if Sweden could help us, for example through the development assistance authority (Sida),” the man says in the conversation.

Ann Linde replies that Sweden has already set aside €38 million to support “civil society and human rights” over the next five years.

“I’m not entirely sure of the details, but I think it is possible that… if you have a contact… with you or through the embassy. If possible, because I do not know the technical details.”

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Suspect Identified in Times Square Shooting: Martin Luther Jesus Christ

No, that isn’t really the name of the alleged suspected shooter in last Saturday’s attack in Times Square. But it would be the rough equivalent if his identity were switched to a Christian one instead of a muh… muh… member of a monotheistic religion whose name we must not mention.

It’s also worth noting that the incident, which fortunately resulted in no fatalities, has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

I don’t think religion had much to do with young Farrakhan’s shooting rampage. He’s probably just the scion of a Nation of Islam family whose father was a devotee of the sect’s current leader.

And he wasn’t trying to shoot any of the victims — he was aiming at his brother. Keeping it all in the family. His brother is presumably also a person of color, which just goes to show that America is a systemically racist society that targets black people for extermination.

Below are excerpts from a report at Yahoo News:

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Jesus, Mohammed — Same Thing

The dhimmitude of Swedish Christians — who are in any case not very numerous — seems to be getting worse. Now they can hasten their conversion to Islam by accepting Mohammed as their very own Christian prophet, according to a leading theologian.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Swedish Church leader: Christians can have Mohammed as prophet

March 20, 2021

[Photo caption below: Jakob Wirén is a theologian in the Swedish Church and is on the archbishop’s staff.]

DIVERSITY. Can Islam’s foremost prophet, Mohammed, also be a prophet for Christians? Yes, believes Jakob Wirén, who is one of the Swedish Church’s foremost theologians.

That is in a newly-published book entitled, “To make a place for the other?”, in which Wirén devotes a chapter to Mohammed and the role he can have for Christian people. Wirén is a theologian and is on the archbishop’s staff in the Swedish Church.

Wirén claims that Christians may well also consider Mohammed as a prophet for Christians, if not only because he was a “defender of monotheism.”

“As for the concept of prophet, it is quite open. There are prophets and prophesies even after Jesus’ resurrection, not the least of which in the New Testament,” he tells the Christian newspaper, Dagen.

Wirén believes that Christians can think of Mohammed as a Christian prophet out of “respect” for Muslims. In a follow-up debate article, he regrets that so many Christians reject Mohammed and that “the public conversation on Islam is often poisoned by extremism and hate.”

However, claiming that Mohammed can be considered as a Christian prophet meets with opposition from, among others, Dagen’s lead writer, Frederik Wenell. “The idea that Mohammed can also be a prophet in Christian tradition goes both against Christian and against Muslim tradition,” he writes among other things.

The First Arrest of a Domestic Terrorist

Conservative Tree House has just posted a report about the arrest of a domestic terrorist named Ricky Vaughn who tried to subvert the electoral process by posting on Twitter.

I’m far enough down the Internet food chain that the feds won’t be knock-knock-knocking at my door all that soon. However, just in case, to make my position clear, I must emphasize that last November’s presidential election was the freest and fairest in the history of this great country. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Joe Biden as my president. And I can sleep easier at night now that I know that vicious extremists are being hunted down and neutralized by diligent agents of the federal government, who work day and night to preserve our democracy and protect our freedoms.

Furthermore, the nation that controls magnetism will control the universe.

Masks Are Good For Your Lungs!

The translator referred to the following video as propaganda from German mainstream TV, but it seems like it must be a spoof. German readers: please let us know if this is for real.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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A Gatophage in Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima is a village in the Italian province of Livorno. Last Tuesday a young culture-enricher from the Ivory Coast killed and cooked a cat over a makeshift fire near the station in Campiglia Marittima, outraging several passers-by, who used their phones to take videos of the incident. The police briefly detained the puir wee bairn, but released him without charge, since apparently there was no violation of any law.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article about the incident (also translated by FouseSquawk) was posted at neXtQuotidiano:

Man who cooked a cat at Campiglia Marittima

Since this morning, a video has been circulating, posted by a Facebook user, in which a man can be seen who is cooking or burning a cat at Campiglia Marittima. According to the press agency ANSA the man killed the cat and started to cook it lighting a fire on the sidewalk near the city station (Livorno/Leghorn). And from what has been reconstructed by the Carabinieri, who intervened this morning after more notifications, and who have identified the perpetrator as a 21-year-old foreigner who will be reported for killing an animal. The young man was then accompanied to the Carabinieri station pending clarification of his status in Italy. At the moment, he does not appear to be listed as legal. The Carabinieri intervened this morning shortly after 7 in response to numerous calls from citizens.

According to what the mayor of Campiglia Marittima, Alberta Ticciati, wrote, the man has been identified but not arrested. Repubblica Firenze (Florence) writes that the young African man is 23 years of age and comes from the Ivory Coast, and confirms that there has been no arrest because the laws do not apply.

He was a resident at a reception center in the area of Livorno from which he left (or was kicked out — an aspect to be clarified) and now is listed as without fixed abode. The young man has made an application for refugee status, but the request was rejected, and he presented an appeal: the proceeding is now at the Tribunal of Florence. There has been no arrest, as Ceccardi writes (no violation is specified in article 544 bis of the penal code, explain the investigators), but there is a report with release.

Article 544 bis of the penal code specifies that anyone who, out of cruelty or without necessity, causes the death of an animal may be punished by a period of incarceration from four months to two years. The episode has been posted on the Facebook pages of Susanna Ceccardi and Matteo Salvini complete with video.

“A chilling episode in its brutality, but unfortunately all true,” also writes Susanna Ceccardi. “I congratulate the Carabinieri who took the torturer into custody; now we ask for punishment as an example, because in our civilization the domestic animals are left alone and deserve maximum humaneness and respect for all the unconditional love they offer without asking for anything in return,” concludes the candidate for the Lega in the next regional elections in Tuscany.

The story has also been propagated by Matteo Salvini, who increased the dose: “An upsetting scene, cruel and monstrous this morning in Tuscany, near Livorno. They tell me that the delinquent will be arrested, I hope that will be confirmed. It merits jail, and, if he immigrated illegally, expulsion; we don’t want to see him walking around again!”

Both speak of an arrest which in reality has not occurred.

Video transcript:

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We Were Socialists Once… and Young

The Deplorable Wing of the Internet — which is where I usually hang out — has been convulsing itself with mirth for the past couple of days over the shenanigans at the Democratic Socialists of America convention that was held last weekend in Atlanta.

If you watch enough footage from the event, it becomes clear that there is only one commandment in the Socialist catechism: “Thou shalt not trigger a comrade.” All other policies are simply elaborations on, extensions of, and footnotes to this woke mantra. Social justice stuff is what doesn’t trigger them, so that’s what they do. Anything that runs counter to it triggers the comrades to varying degrees, making them hightail it to their safe spaces to recover their composure.

It’s not surprising that the non-canonical use of gendered pronouns was a central preoccupation of the convention. See this Fox News report for more on this important topic.

Below are three videos with highlights and commentary on last weekend’s events in Atlanta. The first includes a selection of brief excerpts that provide an overview of what the policy wonks at the DSA consider really, really important:

The second clip contains an exhortation by a moderator about triggering, and how not to do it. Notice that just before the end he inadvertently uses the word “trump”, and then realizes the gravity of his error. That must have been a Category 5 triggering event for his audience:

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