Beclowned in Virginny

The Baron has been compiling a file of material and links on the ongoing Governor Coonman crisis. To entertain himself he includes nicknames, side remarks, etc. of his own composition. I’ve become alarmed, because it seemed he might crack a rib from laughing at everything, so I thought I’d better post this and put his mind at rest.

Note: I’ve redacted some of the naughtier soubriquets.

  • Governor Ralph Northam (white Democrat) a.k.a. Coonman

    Had a photo of someone in blackface & the KKK in his med school yearbook. Admitted putting shoe polish on his face to do a Michael Jackson act, including a moonwalk.

  • Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (black Democrat), a.k.a. Junior Assistant [Clown]man

    A woman named Vanessa Tyson, also black, accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex on her years ago. He says the act was consensual.

  • Attorney General Mark Herring (white Democrat) a.k.a. Ras[cal] Honky

    Told Gov. Coonman he should resign after the scandal broke. Later admitted wearing blackface to mimic his favorite rapper.

  • Next in line: Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox (white Republican)
  • Supporting cast: Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott (black Democrat), a.k.a. Congressman [Clown]

    In 2017 Ms. Tyson told his office about Justin Fairfax’s alleged molestation of her. Bobby Scott also has a #MeToo shadow in his past.

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Conservatives, Liberals, and Leftists

This could as well be titled “The Death of Civility”. I would say “public civility” but you’re not even safe at Thanksgiving Dinner anymore.

If there is one thing that defines leftists, it’s their rude, nothing’s-too-crude forms of rhetoric and their favorite past time, scapegoating.

Prager U’s brief delineation of the problem is spot-on.

There is any number of recent examples of this sad phenomenon; you can see them in our nightly newsfeed. Just to name two of the most egregious, see the attempted slaughter of that schoolboy, Nicholas Sandmann. He had the hate-filled audacity to stand gazing at a stranger who walked up to him banging a drum in his face. The man – a professional “Native American” – clearly invaded the young man’s personal space (not to mention damaging his hearing by pounding on that drum up next to his ear), but it was Nicholas who was excoriated repeatedly for his so-called “smirk”. It was just one more group demonization by leftists hungering for scapegoats. And, no, “slaughter” is not too extreme a word to employ in this case; there have been calls from rabid leftists to hurt/kill him and his family.

The scapegoats du jour are white males, of which Nicholas Sandmann is one.

A further example is Virginia’s governor, Ralph “Coonman” Northam, who expressed agreement with a proposed bill in the Commonwealth’s legislature that would permit infanticide. That bill has since been removed from consideration but now it appears ol’ Ralph is about to resign/be impeached. For supporting this dead-letter piece of legislation? Nope. He’s guilty of having posed in a racist picture back in the 1980s; that is his mortal sin. “Racism” is the current unforgivable. Infanticide is okay, though; witness New York’s new abortion law.

Governor Northam is an unexceptional politician. Most Virginia governors are unexceptional; they are limited to one six-year term so the office is used as a stepping stone to bigger political plums. While the state tends to vote Republican in national elections, our governors are usually Democrats. Those who ran against Northam in the primaries are kicking themselves for not having found his medical school yearbook photo, but you can be sure that in the future all political “oppositional research” will include digging into yearbooks, looking for dirt on potential candidates.

The main thing that concerns me about a new election (besides the state and local expense) is that a former candidate, Tom Perriello – defeated in the primary – will jump at the chance to run again. Our Congressional District knows Perriello all too well. He’s a Soros boy, working somewhere in the bowels of George’s “Open Society” leftist org. During the 2008 election, he rode in on Obama’s coattails, only lasting one season. Back then, the B and I were part of a group who questioned him about our rights as citizens. The question posed to this Yale-graduated lawyer was, “what is considered to be the origin of individual Americans’ rights?”. To which he answered, “the government”. Someone then reminded him that our rights were stipulated in The Declaration of Independence when we formally rose up against England. So our rights pre-date the U.S. Constitution. Lucky for us, we won that War of Independence.

It is now open season on white males all the way back to their potty training, maybe even to misdeeds discovered on their mothers’ sonograms.

Oh, Craven New World!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The next in line for governor when Northam resigns is our Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax. He should be a shoo-in, given that he’s an African American, right? Wrong. There is now an accusation of sexual assault dating back to 2004.

Are you news-fatigued yet? That’s life with those leftists, or as Mark Steyn calls them, the Wokestapo. They are indefatigable…and deeply. eternally resentful.

A Gallic Sense of Priorities

Ivan Winters lives in a very culturally enriched area of West Yorkshire (formerly the West Riding). For a change of pace, the following report from him has nothing to do with the cultural enrichment of the UK.

A Gallic Sense of Priorities
by Ivan Winters

I was onboard a ‘Barge Cruise’ on the River Aire in Leeds in early December. The reason for this is that I was invited to attend as a guest by a member of the Leeds Orange Lodge. I have always been a staunch Unionist, but in fact could never legally be a member of an Orange Lodge. I have been asked a couple of times, but Orange Order rules state that a candidate for membership must be a Protestant, and I have had to point out I am in fact a (non-practising) Jew.

In addition to enjoying the (excellent) buffet, the bar and a very friendly DJ playing music suitable for an older person’s tastes, there was also an official event partway through our cruise. This was the ‘official presentation’ of a medal to a lodge member. The medal was the French Légion d’Honneur!

How did this happen?

The member is called ‘John’ and he is a bricklayer by trade. He also teaches bricklaying and a couple of other trades at a local college. John was in Lille in France in November to attend one of the centennial events marking Armistice Day. He was staying at a local Novotel when there was a disturbance in the hotel lobby in the evening. The night porter was trying to eject two Albanian migrants who were making a nuisance of themselves. John went to the night porter’s assistance and helped him eject the migrants. Someone either in the local gendarmerie or the Novotel Hotel management reported John’s assistance up through their chain of command. The result was the issuing of a ‘Légion d’Honneur’ to John complete with a medal and a (bilingual) certificate detailing the circumstances which had caused the issue of France’s highest award for bravery. The certificate was signed by ‘President of the Republic’ Emmanuel Macron!

The official presentation was carried out by the Lodge Secretary and the Deputy Lodge Master. Following the presentation the DJ played The Marseillaise. Everyone on the boat stood for the playing even though many of those present will have been ex-Servicemen, and most British ex-Servicemen have their own robust opinions of French bravery.

This of course led me to think about the French President’s sense of priorities. For the past several weeks the media have covered the strikes/riots against Macron’s rule by the ‘Yellow Vests’. He has gone from being a president who has lectured world leaders, including President Trump, about their policy decisions, to having his policies very publicly rejected by his own electors! In addition to this very public humiliation, massive damage has been done to the French economy. Tourism is a major earner for the French economy but the seasonal tourist trade has been wrecked. In addition to the damage to buildings, vehicles, etc., the retail centres of major cities such as Paris have lost most of their expected Christmas and New Year’s seasonal sales revenue.

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I don’t actually have any commentary on this one. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Freiburg: Eritrean arrested — Sexual assaults on women and animals

Freiburg — The investigators of the Criminal Police were able to arrest a 28-year-old man from Eritrea last Friday, October 26 2018, who is sought for several offenses in question.

The meticulous forensics of investigators in the case of a sexual assault on May 11 2018 revealed that DNA evidence collected from a 30-year-old victim matched already-existing DNA evidence. These could be secured in the context of violations of the Animal Welfare Act of 2017. The then-unknown culprit was charged with sexually targeting sheep and goats on a farm in Freiburg.

Thank You!

After a long hiatus, Jonathan Hanks returns with a guest-essay on Brett Kavanaugh, Elizabeth Warren, and the carnival freak show that American politics has become.

Thank You!

by Jonathan Hanks

The past few weeks have been a tumultuous time for the nation.

With the extraordinary spectacle of the Kavanaugh hearings we were all brought to the brink: not only of losing our democracy, but our collective sanity, as well.

You, and I, and millions of other decent and concerned citizens from wide-ranging points of view were horrified, and spent many sleepless nights over the Kafka-esque and circus-like atmosphere which commandeered not only the confirmation proceedings, but the life of the nation itself.

Supposedly wise and prudent lawmakers publicly undermined the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic, all while poring over high school yearbook entries from the early 1980s with the gravity one might have expected from a Stalinist tribunal.

And then, when it seemed like we were right at the breaking point, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine stepped onto the senate floor and addressed her colleagues, and her fellow citizens, and the world — and dispassionately, and intelligently, and articulately brought us back to our senses.

She reminded us that the rule of law was vital, and the presumption of innocence was paramount, and just as importantly she reminded us that we, too, believed these things. And we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Yes, some of us wept. But for many, and I suspect even most, this was ultimately an insufficient catharsis. The sturm und drang of the preceding weeks required even more serious medicine:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In one fell swoop, and in what must be one of the most ill-advised political stunts in recent memory, we were finally free to do exactly what was needed most: Laugh!

Within hours of these solemn and pretentious and supercilious pronouncements that somewhere far in the distant past, somehow one thousandth of a remote ancestor’s DNA had managed to make its way into her genetic makeup (and thereby made her way up the academic ladder a whole lot easier), the well-deserved cacophony of contagious lampooning and old fashioned belly-laughter broke out.

Names like Faux-cahontas, and Liar-watha, and Fake-agawea were freely bandied about in public: we all started cackling like a high school sports team who’d drunk a few too many brewskies after a Friday night game.

But it was OK, because this was just the medicine that the nation needed most.

You see, sometimes the lie is so great that the best and only effective retort is hilarity.

Pure and simple.

And people with a functioning Bill of Rights can afford to laugh.

So thank you, Sen. Collins and Sen. Warren.

Each of you had your part to play in our national healing, by reminding us who we are.

And, who we aren’t.

Previously by Jonathan Hanks: A Picture is Worth…

Tommy Robinson, The UK Political Football

This persecution of TR would be illegal in America. Here, anyone facing trial is entitled to have a formal written document outlining the charges under which the government plans to try him. Evidently, that’s not the case in Old Blighted.

What has the UK become?

This is beyond dreadful, veering into sadistic, cruel and unusual. They’re playing “Kick the Can Down the Road” – in hopes his public following gets bored and the furore dies down, perhaps? The can they are kicking so hard is Tommy Robinson and his family.

As I’ve said before he is damaged from his previous stays in prison. I hope he can sue some bureaucracy or other for sufficient treatment of the sequelae from the last two imprisonments before they send him back. That probably won’t happen; they’ve stitched up the man and due process be damned.

Paul Weston Buries The Daily Mail

Evidently, that ignominious “report” the Mail ran online yesterday is still closed to comments. Don’t you wonder why? The lack of objectivity by the Mail is truly gob-smacking. Separating “news” (Tommy Robinson on vacation) from “views” (right-wing thug, etc., ad nauseam) seems to have been left behind in the 20th century.

Here is Pithy Paul, giving the archaic media the roasting it deserves:

ANOTHER Trial for Tommy – This Time at Old Bailey

UPDATED: Here are the links —
Sign the petition

Ezra Levant discusses Tommy’s ill health and the gob-smacking new trial in a new venue, more or less a month from now. So much for his vacation.

Tommy’s status is now definitely “political prisoner”.

I’ll post the crowdfunding and petition links later.

Chapter 2: Watching Liberals Tie Themselves Into Illiberal Knots

By their own logic, liberals have to quit wielding the brush when they find they’ve painted themselves into The Krazy Korner. Dr Turley explains what they’ve done regarding Alex Jones (and, en passant, Tommy Robinson). As I do, Dr T. thinks this is not the last act:

A conundrum for the Left. A battle in which they are hoist with their own petard.
The non-Left need do nothing but observe their ‘the-end-justifies-any-means’ frenzied antics.

What’s not to love?

Trump’s Visit to the UK: Paul Weston’s Commentary

Paul’s video went up several days ago, so it’s a bit out-of-date for “breaking” news. I so utterly sympathize with his being late to the party. I’m always late; it takes time to consider events, “breaking” or not.

I tried to have this begin just prior to the point where some Brit TV reader “interviews” Sebastian Gorka [you can push it back to the beginning if you like; some good moments there]. As Paul noticed, Gorka was laughing at this fellow…it was almost a ROTFLMAO moment. That is wasn’t moreso is due to Gorka’s self-control since this little beaver isn’t required to listen or think, but his utter lack of self-awareness here is at least of clinical significance. Fascinating for the rest of us. He just rolls on like The-Little-Engine-That-Could. Whadda moron.

I feel sorry for anyone in the UK who has a TV.

RE: Mr. Gorka. He served in the British military as a part-time volunteer, in Intelligence. He also worked for the Hungarian government – and previously, for Viktor Orban, during his time in Hungary. Gorka’s family comes from Hungary, so of course he’s a nationalist. NO, that doesn’t make him an anti-Semite, any more than it does us.

The put-downs and smears of Gorka by the Vast Leftwing Loudmouths are just the price people pay for being part of Trump’s attempts to drain The Swamp.

Need to Get Consent From Her For Sex? There’s an App For That — In Sweden

At first glance this story would seem to be a spoof or an April Fools’ joke, but it’s not — Sweden really will implement this new law next week.

Many thanks to K. From Germany for translating this article Fria Tider.

Sex Law to Apply From Next Week on: Consent App Launched

June 24, 2018

From next Sunday on, the new consent law will apply, and then all intercourse will be forbidden in Sweden — voluntary or forced — which is not preceded by express agreement of consent. The app ‘Libra’ is being launched now, which will make it easier for women to issue their express consent.

According to Aftonbladet, the app makes use of bank-ID technology[1] to secure consent before intercourse, which can lower the risk of getting convicted for rape after having had voluntary sex. This risk predominantly threatens men who engage in sexual activities from next week onwards, when the controversial Swedish consent law begins to apply.

The app is being launched by the female lawyer Baharak Vaziri, who states on her website that she works as a plaintiff’s attorney[2] and defence attorney.

On the app’s homepage, the company behind it writes that the new legislation can imply great difficulties in proving consent between two parties who want to engage in intercourse.

“The app is designed to facilitate and strengthen [the concept] that persons who are about to enter a sexual connection shall do so voluntarily and consensually”, it says, inter alia, in the description in the App Store.

In an article in Aftonbladet, the reporter Miriam Bratt speculates that the app might make it more difficult for women to “change their mind” in the middle of intercourse and subsequently assert claim of criminal liability for rape. But the attorney disagrees with this criticism.

“This app is not meant for cases of sexual assault or in which women are in an exposed situation. This is only for those cases where things are unclear in some way, and such cases occur quite often,” says Baharak Vaziri to Aftonbladet.

However, one can never be entirely sure of not committing rape. This is because the law demands that consent be obtained “before each new moment” during the sex act, and it is dubious whether one can avoid criminal liability by obtaining consent for all moments beforehand, which is the idea behind the app.

“Witch hunt” against Swedish men

The new sex law has received harsh criticism in other countries, but completely evaded debate in Sweden’s so-called established media. Germany’s biggest daily newspaper Die Welt stated recently “Sweden Drives Sexual Correctness to the Extreme”.

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Does This Drone Make Me Look Fat?

If you’re an impresario who wants to stage a fashion show in Saudi Arabia, you obviously can’t have any of those lascivious harlots parading down the runway in skimpy attire in front of men who are not their fathers, brothers, uncles, or sons. So what to do?

A Saudi entrepreneur has found an ingenious solution: use special-purposed drones to carry the garments through the room above the heads of the audience, creating what Vlad calls “Ghost Wives”.

This would have seemed a far-fetched gag if it appeared in a late-night TV spoof. Yet here it is — you definitely can’t make this excrement up:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

German Judge Throws the Book at Culture-Enricher: Six Years for Raping an Old Lady Five Times

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Six Years For Enricher Who Raped 82-Year-Old Lady Five Times, Finds German Court

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Focus:

He Raped An 82-Year-Old Five Times: Now Dzengis D. Faces Jail

March 27, 2018

What Dzengis D. allegedly did is hard to bear: it appears that last summer he abused an 82-year-old, raped her five times.

The old lady was under his control for about an hour, and had to endure the humiliating torment. Now Dzengis D. has been sentenced.

The crime took place in Wilhelmsburg [Hamburg]: On the morning of July 8, 2017, the 29-year-old broke into the apartment of the old lady through her open balcony door. This was the beginning of the 82-year-old’s torment: for about an hour, Dzengis D. repeatedly raped her, five times in total. Before he fled, he stole €100 from the 82-year-old.

There is evidence beyond doubt that the defendant was the perpetrator, announces the judge on Tuesday. In the apartment of the 82-year-old, the investigators found among other things the defendant’s mobile phone, which had slipped from his trousers during the crime.

The old lady suffered several injuries. Since the 29-year-old is HIV positive, she had to undergo HIV prophylaxis with severe side effects, and until this day, she suffers from the long-term effects of the deed. According to Georg Haller, chairman of the criminal chamber, the old lady barely dares to leave the house anymore, or even to open the windows for fresh air. She suffers from a sleep disorder.

On Tuesday the court found the defendant guilty of grave rape and intentional battery and theft. He will have to go to jail for six years. The Federal Prosecutor had demanded six years and ten months jail time, the defense lawyer had pleaded for four or five years.

The deed evoked disbelief and shock among everyone involved in the trial, said judge Haller. “To rape an 82-year-old woman for one hour can only be met with absolute lack of understanding.” He added, unusually emotional for an experienced judge: “The whole crime is just reprehensible.”

The 29-year-old was calculating and careful during his deed. Before he raped the woman for the first time, he handed her her asthma spray that she asked for. “To put it bluntly: The defendant isn’t ill, he is simply evil,” said Haller. The 29-year-old, measly and bald, held his hands in front of his face and accepted the verdict with lowered head.

[Whimsical interpolation from the Baron:

The judge added, “I’m warning you, young man: next time it will be the comfy chair!”]